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Below, the latest contestant to be booted from Diddy talks sobriety, his background in entertainment and why he came this close to snapping at his fellow contestants.

How was your experience on the show?

It was great. I couldn’t afford to have that experience on my own. It’ll be memorable forever.

I know that you considered yourself a threat to your teammates. Did that lead to your undoing?

I think it was more the judges. Capricorn may have felt belittled by me standing up to our ad. She was taken aback that someone stood face-to-face with her and showed that they believed in something. I truly believe that our ad was better. All the minor technical difficulties regarding spec-ing and cleaning-up, that stuff is easily fixed. Aesthetically, overall our ad represented supreme living. It upgraded the upgrade. It’s what Mr. Combs is about.

It seemed like you backed off supporting it, though, once Capricorn shot back at you. Was that editing?

Editing made me look like a dopey, lazy, uncreative being. I came up with “the Final Touch.”

It seemed like Kendra was your main adversary on your team.

Yeah. But what did she contribute other than, “That’s wack?” She didn’t drum out any ideas. In my opinion, she was Stephanie’s yes girl. I don’t think she can stand on her own. But aside for that, I think she’s a lovely young lady. She’s pretty and bubbly. But her work ethic is marginal.

You were in the Bottom 2 with Boris. The team clearly wanted to get rid of him. Instead you went home. How did that feel?

Boris did the best he could given what he knows. I did the best I could given what I know. I can’t change what happened. Boris is good for TV – he’s someone people either love or hate. Stepping back and looking at everything, he did the best job he could do. I did the best job I could do.

Did you bond with anyone in the house?

Mike and I were cool. Kim and I are cool. We’ve spoken since the show. Laverne called me about a month before the show aired because I was writing a song with her in the house and it turned out that she still wanted to use it, so we finished it over the phone. It was called, “Can You Dig It?” I write a trillion songs. I come up with great melodies. It goes, “Can you dig it? Can you dig it? Can you dig me? Can you dig it? Can you dig it? Can you dig deep? Can you dig it? Can you dig it? Can you thrill me? Can you feel me?”

Did the fact that you’re a musician influence your participation on the show?

It’s just one of the cards I held close to me. You can see my demo reel on my FamousVH1Friends profile. I did a video with 2Pac. I’ve done tons of print ads. I just became the face of a skincare line called Therma-Clear. I wasn’t going to let you know that upfront on the show. I have a very professional background. I’ve worked in the industry from years. From guest-starring on 90210 to a season on The Young and the Restless to after-school specials to gangsters on America’s Most Wanted. I’ve done a bunch of things. But I did this show sober. I have less than a year of sobriety. There was more going on with me than the average bear.

You seemed particularly agitated when Mike put the pretzel in your mouth while you were sleeping.

That set me off. I was really pissed off. I wasn’t there for that. I’m not a f***in’ toy. I’m not your 20-year-old pal. You don’t even know me, man. What’s my goddamn last name? You don’t know me. Instead of me going crazy, since I knew if I punched somebody, I’d be going home. Boris was going to be the first one I punched because he was laughing so much. But then my right mind came to me and said, “You don’t even know who did it. You’re off a little, bruh. Slow down.” I was gonna start turning over furniture and taking down refrigerators. That’s where I go. I was ready to start breaking s***.

Now, that sounds like a reality show.

That’s real spit.

What’s next for you?

I can’t predict it. My job is to stay in the moment. The moment is where it’s at. I can’t future-trip. But I work at Latham & Watkins now. I work in conflicts, doing background investigations on our clients before we take them on. I investigate conflicts of interest.

It sounds like you’re doing well.

One day at a time. I wish everyone the best on the show, and I’m so thankful to Mr. Combs and his team for this experience. It’s not about me, it’s about somebody else looking at me and saying, “He did it sober. He got on the show. I can to.” If I did it, so can you.

Keep up with Deon via his profile.

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