Poprah Keeps It Real – Episode 4


Once again, we present the always-outspoken Poprah’s take on the latest episode of I Want To Work for Diddy. Below, she discusses the Downtown Team’s crumbling infrastructure, her conflict with Red and Brianna’s sad, sad departure.

As always, you know I’m gonna tell ya like it is. And there’s no need to rehash the whole episode because I’m sure you saw it, right? But I’ve got some juicy stuff to tell you that you didn’t see. Where should I began?

Okay, first of all when I’m watching the show, some of the stuff that happens on the other team, Downtown, of course, is as big a shock to me, as it to you. Because we don’t always see what they’re doing while we’re doing our tasks, there’s no time to worry about them, we’re just trying to save our sorry-ass team. We did not know they were spying on us, and that gave Boris, the balls to wear the super-hero gear. They might have lost without that. Damn.

Anyway, I was also shocked and delighted to see that Downtown is not the model of perfection that they put on to be. We all already knew the tension between Laverne, and Boris, the Annoy-is, but who would have thought that the “Bobbsey Twins,” Kendra and Stephanie were having some serious issues, and not everyone thinks Mike is a God, even if he does. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t looking for problems on their team, I honestly thought they were just this “supercrew” that clicked so well, and our team was just the anal retentive “house of doom.” But it really gave me some clarity because they really acted like there was never any tension on their team. Was it sheer genius or are they the masters of “the fake?” Cuz they had me fooled.

If I don’t like you, you will know it, because I will straight up tell you. But I will let you know that I can respect you enough to get the job done. This industry requires a lot of ass-kissing, and phoniness, and that’s the part I hate about it. But I did realize that for me to stay in the competition, I’d have to start playing that part of the game, even if it is sooooo hard for me. Cuz I just I like to keep it real. Let’s just do our freaking job and keep moving. I don’t have to be your friend and I don’t care if you like me. I act when I’m in a movie, for me, this opportunity was for real, and I was real about it.

I was surprised that they didn’t include our team’s interview with Cassie, a gorgeous and talented, Bad Boy recording artist, as part of our viral video. Unfortunately, ninety seconds was so short that couldn’t use her footage in our video edit, so maybe that’s why it didn’t make the show. But Red, was like a “groupie’ when he met her, and once again, that exemplified that he’s so out of touch with the real industry. During our interviews he was interjecting questions, even though he was the camera guy, not the host. For the record, people, that is a major no-no. Camera people do not interrupt the interviews unless there is a major technical error, or they are also producing which was Brianna’s job.

Red must have short-man syndrome (Napoleon complex), or something because he never wants anyone, especially me (a woman) to tell him anything, even though he knows, and we know, he doesn’t know jack. Talk about frus-tra-ting! What do you call that? Diddy would call that, “bitchassness”.

This is why I was determined to get rid of him, knowing that he was still working against me with a vengeance for no reason, other than needing someone to blame. This time, thank God, it wasn’t working. I just didn’t want to risk him badmouthing me again, when I was finally making headway with the rest of the team. That’s why I pulled the “girl power” speech. It’s a game people, and they’re forcing me to play, sheer talent is not enough here, it’s a microcosm of bulls***. And I’m here to win.

Before I go, I have to talk about Ms. Brianna. As you guys know, we did not hit it off when this show started, it almost came to blows. But we squashed that, like real women do, and I really started to get to know her. She, unlike most of the people in the house, was real. Angry or sad, like you or not, she was real. That I respect. She really does pull out her lashes and refuses to eat the ends of French fries. But quirks, attitude and all, I really was sad when she left and Red’s dumb ass stayed. Her attention to detail was an asset to the team. She was just out of her league. When it came down to it, she was honest. She didn’t vote against me just because, she supported me when it came down to being fair and I can work with someone like that all day. I cried when she was eliminated, I really felt her pain.

Now, word to the wise, watch fake-ass Suzanne. She’s the wolf in sheep’s clothing, for real. She told the other team that she really poured Ciroc in her nose for our viral video, knowing damn well it was only distilled water. Boris called her out on it like, “Suzanne, didn’t you tell us you really poured Ciroc in your nose?” She was like, “Uh, I just said that for TV, you know how it is.” Me and Boris both knew it was bullcrap. Suzanne will do anything, in this competition or in real life, to get over or look good. Diddy BEWARE! It’s that serious, she’s got some serious integrity issues and you can’t afford that no matter how rich you are. Thieves and liars will destroy an empire. Can you say, En-ron?

Love you guys, always real, your girl,


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  1. Diana says:

    Hi Diddy,

    I am a fan of you and your work. I wish I could meet you and work for you put that is imposible I don’t have the money to live my home town. I work paycheck to paycheck. Sorry to tell you this but I don’t think non of the cast members has what it takes to be your (@^((#@!`!%##`@ istant. Have them be more qualified like the apprentice show. Then you have a smart people really competing and showing there talents.

  2. TRACEY says:

    POPRAH IS EVIL !!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mo says:

    Well Diana I believe Diddy would want an $$@_)~!+_!~`))` istant that can spell and use proper English.

  4. yourtongueispowerful says:

    Poprah I love you, your personality, your drive, you’re a real go-getter. I have to be honest with you, if you expect to stay in that house any longer. You’re going to have to bite your tongue a little harder. I see how determined you are to make it, but you can’t keep putting your team down. Even if you hate them, keep it inside. I know you want to keep it real. But we always say in the business world FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT!!
    You’re my favorite, and I want you to win.

    Good luck

  5. iknowitall says:

    Ummmm – Kim:

    You REALLY think you’re playing this game with some integrity don’t you? You feel you’ve become the “STAR” of the show and therefore are proud of your track record. Your larger than life presence and mouth is what’s keeping you on the show – but it will not get you very far off camera.

    First of all – remember this is a team. If you can’t master the art of tactfulness and delegation then why does the Combs empire need you? YOU DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING. Do your teammates a favor and stop acting like you do.

    Secondly – why do you get so upset when your teammates diss you? YOU DISS THEM EVERY CHANCE YOU GET. If they are so incompetent why are YOU there? Do you think Cap’s … Phil’s … or Kevin’s candidate selections were wrong? Realize that everytime you call your teammates stupid or incompetent you are – in turn – suggesting the judges don’t know what Combs’ needs are (even though they worked with him for years). If you were THE BEST person for the job – true talk – they woulda hired you without putting you on the show.

    Kim you need MAJOR renovations. The ONLY time we don’t hear you talking is during eliminations (which hasn’t been much since you’ve been nominated twice). Do Diddy fans and fans of the show a favor …. sit down and shut da hell up!!!!!

  6. STOWNSEND says:

    I wish Kim would get sent home, once and for all. Her big mouth, and I know it all attitude is such a turn off. I am sure that Diddy would not, nor could not tolerate this for long. I also think it would be wise for Kim to loose some weight and go to the dentist and get that tooth that sticks up, shaved down. This is all I see when I look at her, or hear her irritating voice. KEEP YOUR YUCK MOUTH CLOSED FOR A WHILE. YOU DONT KNOW IT ALL. AND YOU HAVE PROVED THAT,,YOUVE BEEN UP FOR ELIMAINATION 2 TIMES..3 STRIKES YOU WILL BE OUT.

  7. joy says:

    it is too good

  8. larence says:

    It is said diddy is dating a rich model at Billionairepal.com. what a mess

  9. lawrence says:

    It is said diddy is dating a rich model at Billionairepal.com. What a mess~!@

  10. Elle says:

    “Poprah” :

    Get over yourself. You’re a fat $$#+%#*)()*$%@((% who thinks you’re better than everyone else. I feel so sorry for everyone on your “team”. There is something seriously wrong with you! There’s a difference between having drive and being a go-getter and being a straight up $$#+%#*)()*$%@((% like you are! It can’t even be called a team because you think you run the show! You must be completely blind and ridiculously stupid to realize that NO ONE likes you.Your know it all attitude and that stupid laugh of yours need to go! Along with a couple hundred pounds. Iknowitall is COMPLETELY right. You want to keep it real? Stop putting on that act in front of the judges! You act all “nice” when youre at elimination and then use a different face outside that room. Think about it, if you really were that good don’t you think they would have hired you without this show? Get real with your self sweetheart

  11. Jeannette says:

    Hi Everyone,
    First let me start out by saying for every person that can’t stand Kim and would like her gone “Kim is a survivor, like a _^)~)^$+~*$~*%$# a-roach no matter what you do you can’t kill her”. I would like to point out the only reason that Kim is still on the show or even selected to begin with is because, let’s face it she make’s for good TV. Reality TV is what is hot right now, and these apprentices knock off’s are what sells. Kim will be gone, but unfortunately we will have to deal with that mouth and that child temper for a little longer. Let’s be honest we eat it up and Love to hate her, in fact when all is said and done she gotten exactly what she wanted to be the center of attention and in the spot light.

    Not that her career will last long or maybe it might last for a little while, but you want people laughing with you not at you. I mean do you really want to be another New York (Flavor Flav) or Omarosa (Apprentice) it’s been done before. Kim prides herself on being real yet there is a horse in central park freezing in the winter because of that weave but I digress, not to mention that Oprah would be insulted.
    Lastly before I split can someone tell me why Kim felt the need while being brought up for elimination again to compare herself to the Reverent Dr. Martin Luther King, and Christ?

  12. Terrell aka Diamante says:

    Kim is the most ambitions, carnivorous one of the cast with the real slick, entertaining skills I would like in a personal #&%_&(%`)#$)@_@ istant. Not only I find her her personality and skills pleasing, she is very physically attractive for a plus-sized diva in the DiddyTropolis mogul World of Bad Boy Entertainment.

    Omarosa ain’t no competition with Kim, she can make Omarosa look like a nun. I trully love Kim and I hope she makes it through. With having Kim making drama really makes ratings go higher, and her opportunities, too.

    Do it for you!!!!!

    Terrell W.

  13. cellis3 says:

    Why is it everytime they have a loud mouth big fat women on TV she has to be fromthe South? I am from the South but I am not anything like the women that are in the entertainment industry.They either show us as opininated, loud, crude, and always over weight. There are some very loving, intelligent women in the South that get things done without putting others done. Kim is a turn off. Some men claim they like her type but they eventually call her a ^&*(#$&%%*%#)_(+! or worse. The report is out that the South has thefattest people and Kim is proof of that.

  14. Dr. Blake says:

    You need to collect yourself and get it together. You are an over barring clownt, loud and a disgrace to African Americans. I don’t mind ambition but being an a stereo typical black woman and shrewd is straight sickning. You remind me of New York’s mom sister patterson.

    Take two of these and call me in the morning the ya dig!

    Dr. Blake
    aka. “The Professor for the thug nation”
    “tough love, for tough people”
    and im down

  15. Dr. Blake says:

    You need to collect yourself and get it together. You are an over barring clown, loud and a disgrace to African Americans. I don’t mind ambition but being a stereo typical black woman while trying to be shrewd is straight sickning. You remind me of New York’s mom sister patterson.

    Take two of these and call me in the morning the ya dig!

    Dr. Blake
    aka. “The Professor for the thug nation”
    “tough love, for tough people”
    and im down

  16. angie says:

    hay girl keep up the good work of getting them off you really make the show cause every week i like to see what happens with u don’t let them take u down they have to remember that only one person will win so keep knocking them down cause they don’t have ehat it take to work for diddy