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“Hang on one second, I’m moving a piano real quick,” said 12 Pack during the course of our conversation. And though I admire his unabashed Jersey muscley-ness, that’s not even my favorite thing he said (“I got more chicks around me than gay dudes do,” earns that distinction). Below, 12 Pack talks strategy, his house hook-up Heather and returning to reality after being consumed by reality TV.

You put asked people to vote you in the box this week, which ultimately led to your elimination. Do you regret offering yourself up so freely?

Yeah, hands-down. Me going in that box was probably the only chance they had of getting rid of me. I was close with Real and Hoopz, so if Whiteboy had gone, I would have taken his spot in their alliance. There’s no doubt in my mind that I would have been Final 2, unless I lost the last challenge. From Day 1, I was planning two episodes ahead, which is why I got sent home. I didn’t even think about going home that night, I was just thinking about winning the finals. I was playing to win.

Does that mean that you had a secret alliance with Real and Hoopz?

We talked about it a couple of times in front of the cameras, but it was probably too confusing to make it to the show. Had I stayed longer, it probably would have come out earlier. But there were a few times when Real and Chance and I talked about not voting each other out. Megan found out about that and that’s probably another reason why I left.

All the alliances are complicated to sort out as a viewer. Was it just as confusing as a participant?

Yes and no. In everybody’s mind, everybody’s cool with everyone and they feel if they go in the box they’re fine. A lot of people feel they’re safe. Rodeo probably felt like no one was going to vote her out, since she talked to everybody. I felt completely safe. A lot more comes out after the fact and especially after watching it. But I had a clear idea of how things were working out from the get go. The only thing that was really unknown to me was Pumkin, Toasteee, Megan and Brandi’s secret alliance. I knew Pumkin and Toasteee were floaters from the get go, but I felt that because we took them in and we were five strong in that bedroom, we had the majority.

Do you have any resentment for Toasteee because she eliminated you?

After watching the show, I couldn’t sleep thinking about how I could have won the game if I hadn’t put myself in the box and trusted the girl. But it’s a game. At the time, I was mad about the way she handled things. Had she told me I was in jeopardy and asked me why she should keep me, instead of assuring me that I was safe all the time, I could have come up with something good.

There was a sort of passing mention of your romantic involvement with Heather, but it was never a real focus of the show. Was it just a hook-up or what?

It’s weird, these situations, you don’t really know what’s going on. It’s so surreal that you can start to like people for a little bit. At the beginning, I liked her but as time went on…it wasn’t like that whatsoever. I don’t think I kissed her for the last two weeks we were in the house. Right now, Heather and I are on non-speaking terms. I guess she couldn’t deal with the fact that I had other girls around when she visited New York this summer. She wanted three other dudes around, but I couldn’t have other girls around. She sent me a lot of mixed messages. I told her that she had inner demons and then she flipped on me and started playing the whole Christian role. There’s no telling what she’s capable of, so I told her I was done.

Well, at the very least, that relationship removed some if not all of the gay speculation that followed you since I Love New York.

Realistically, everybody knows when they meet me for two seconds that I’m not gay. There’s no question about it. I got more chicks around me than gay dudes do. But obviously, there are girls so you got to see me in my natural element. You put me with 20 dudes, I’m a friendly guy, I come off however I may come off. My buddies know I might do something stupid like twist their nipples or whatever. Put anyone around 20 guys and they can come off gay. The only regret I have in this situation is not being a neutral player, just siding with Heather. That also led to my downfall because that girl had no idea to play the game. She was starting fights with everyone in the house. Megan was scared of her.

What are you up to now? I saw that you’re DJing.

Yeah. Last time, when I did the club-appearance thing, I realized that it kinda dies down after a while. After a point after doing these shows, you’re back to square one. It’s resume time and you feel like you’re just out of college again. So I invested in some equipment, this way come winter, I can still get paid on a regular basis.

What about the Party Boyz? What’s going on with that?

Nothing’s going on with the Party Boyz. I talk to Heat now and again. It’s not that I don’t like the guy. But I don’t see the Party Boyz going anywhere. I think if the Entertainer and I met earlier and promoted ourselves like that, there’s no telling how far we could have gone.

Why not do that now?

We are. We’ve been filming skits, some low-budget, hidden-camera-show stuff. I’d love to do a dating show with girls in the house competing for the two of us.

So you’re not looking to get out of reality TV any time soon.

Well, I’d like to get into soap-operas or any long-term contract type of deal. I’d love to branch out. But I am a reality star, no if, ands or buts about it, so why not keep going with it?

Keep up with 12 Pack via his profile and his MySpace.

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  1. shayla says:

    i feel sorry for 12 pack but in the way i dont so cause it was his bith day so and rodeo just dissresected him and if i was there i would of slapt her back to texas just like where shes sopurse to be but other people think other wise so 12 pack wish you well oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. James says:

    It’s always nice to see the human side of a celebrity. Reading this interview helps point out the down-to-earth qualities in 12-pack.He seems like a real cat whos’ going places in life. Keep your head up and keep pushin. It aint the end of the road.

  3. smack says:

    WTF!!!! Where the hell did you learn english Shayla.

  4. Jen says:

    I had always thought this guy was an idiot but after watching the show and reading this interview – he’s actually cool and kind of smart. He needs to get a real life though….. djing ???? come on man no one knows you for that.

  5. betty says:

    We love you from san diego

  6. Michelle says:

    “smack Says: WTF!!!! Where the hell did you learn english Shayla.”

    LOL…I thought the same dam thing!

  7. El Gordo says:

    This interview reminds me that we are not watching everything, we are only watching the story that is presented to us. We are making judgments about characters based off of how the characters are displayed on the show. VH1 could have made each person more or less likeable if they wanted.

    I still would never root for White Boy though. He is this show’s version of Buckwild from Flavor of Love, except he wears Buddha’s cheesy bib style wife-beaters.

  8. Mikayla says:

    i would love to see 12pack and entertainer do a dating show

  9. stasi says:

    ENTERTAINER and 12 PACK do a dating show???
    more like CHANCE and REAL

  10. Kimberly says:

    12-pack, I could not believe that you were eliminated. I’m a 41-year-old African-American mother and I enjoyed watching you on the show. Don’t get the big head, just thought you would get a kick out of how many different types of people are watching. I hope you find some niche for yourself out there. Well, I’m not one for posting comments, blogging, or any of this stuff. Don’t ask me what compelled me tonight, but I just thought you would smile knowing that I was routing for you.

  11. Cali_Gal says:

    12 pack. You were great on the show. You and Destiney messed up trusting a porn star/stripper. You shoulv’e know Toastie was a liar after what happened with Destiney. That was pretty messed up how she played the 2 of you. I was hopig Toastie and Pumpkin were the first 2 booted off. They are so classless. They both act like $#&^@~~`~$*~!#_++ s. Good luck in whatever U pursue. Vh 1 should give U a reality show. Good Luck. Can’t say I blame U with Heat. He’s not as good looking as he thinks. Modeling. LOL………That’s hilarious. Heather good thing U let her go. You can’t trust a stripper. She acts and looks lke 1. U can definately do better…….Good Luck

  12. GibSonGyRL says:

    Totally agree with you Cali_Gal! (with trusting Toastie). If she can’t have a mind of her own, always having Pumkin tell her what to do, than she’s worthless!

  13. Lindsey says:

    omg.. he totally looks like a G.I Joe in this pic…hahaha

  14. nky62 says:

    I didn’t watch 12 pack on ILNY but he came across as very level headed on this show. I was hoping he would win, but he has got what it takes to win in life even without the money.

  15. kit9 says:

    Hey 12 Pack..good luck in your future…good thing you got rid of Heather,she’s a head case! Toastee is just plain weird, and dirty looking.YUK!

  16. Lizzie says:

    I like 12 Pack and all – he was much more entertaining on I Love New York though- but I think its funny how he slams Heather for “not knowing how to play the game.” She made it farther than you sucka!!! Even if she gets voted off next (which would not suprise me), she still “beat” you.

  17. sandy says:

    12 pack you are one hot $$$$$$$$ I wish you were still on so I can enjoy watching the show. Hope to see you on your own show or another realty show.

    You are GREAT!!!!!!!!!! AND NOT TOO SHABBY TO LOOK AT.

  18. kathy says:

    i dont even want to watch the show now, i gues you have to be really dirty to when a game like that, i hope you do pursue your career in tv, i will definatley be looking for you, good luck.

  19. marci says:

    i’m glad 12pack didn’t really like heather. hes waytoo good for her

  20. Topaz10 says:

    He actually sounds kind of normal. I am impressed that he acknowledged his “reality star” status. huh i never would have guessed that!

  21. dee says:

    twelve pack, you were crazy as hell for putting your trust in toastee. You should have had your guard up after chance got sent home. I hope my girl hoopz has a back up plan if entertainer becomes paymaster. Heather u should have been making friend a mies girl like meagan!

  22. Tony G. says:

    12 Pack, You put yourself in the box because you knew your butt was going in there anyways. You don’t fool me. lol.

  23. Cant touch this! says:

    First of all 12 pack, Dave or whatever you call yourself, get your face outta da mirror. No one cares how many chicks you say you have and you gotta be at least 35 not 24 cause your face looks really old! You and Megan would have been the perfect couple on this stupid show because neither one of you can play the part well and you’re both liars and have no real jobs. I don’t know what Heather was thinling when she hooked up with you. I know that she is an intelligent girl and makes for good tv, something you or Megan either one have. If Heather would have stayed strong and stayed away from you, she would have ruled this +~*_^&~)&)_~^&^& ing show. Entertainer is much better looking and a much better actor than you’ll ever be so don’t hold your breathe on getting your own show – it would be to boring. Go DJ go DJ! Good riddens, now maybe the show will be halfway good anyway!

  24. crevelicious says:

    Dave, you screwed up, you Magilla Gorilla lookin’ fool!

  25. An American says:

    It just wasn’t meant for you to win, you played a good game. Being a reality star seems like fun work, I wish you the best

    I think your Hot!

  26. Kevin says:

    12 pack was good competion but it was fa money so tostee had to get rid of him it was sad but dats the way da cookie crumbles bby i want Hoopz to win luv u Hoopz

  27. cameron ricker says:

    omg 12 pack!!!111 u shuld had wun!!!!!11

  28. adfadf says:

    hahah this picture does look like magilla gorilla

  29. yy says:

    haha this picture does look like magilla gorilla

  30. chic says:

    I am so glad you saw thru Heather, she has emotional issues………… but you are right she led you to your demize. I can’t stand Heather and so many others can’t either and that’s why people didn’t like you either because you were @)@@^)&#*!&!!%! ociated with her.

  31. LadyinRed says:

    Heather thinks the girls are jealous of her…You know what Heather, nobody jealous of you. You comes across as a hardcore stripper and what you perceive as jealously is not what it is, its no respect. So if you think the girls are jealous of you, you need a reality check because your just stupid.

  32. Klown says:

    why you want a skanky ho like heather you shoulda hooked up with megan or brandi c those chicks are hot

  33. Connie Miller says:


  34. cat says:

    You are so totally hot and well built, there was no doubt in my head you are straight. Guys who are gorgeous and well muscled get pinned as being gay since they are such a threat to another guy’s manhood. I understand the NY guy behavior and would have loved to hook up with you to explain it in detail………You yummy-yum morsel.

    Glad you had Heather, she’s a hot body, as long as you shut her mouth up and put a bag over her head…WOOF! But DUUUUDE — how could you even get NEAR that hideous drag-queen-poser NEW YORK???? EWWWW!!!! I hope you were only there for tv exposure to get a career in showbiz going. She is so nasty in every perspective.

    Entertainer Frank and you would be a great pair at the clubscene and we’d all be there for sure…Come to Phoenix!

  35. ashleen says:

    OMG….i cannot believe my 12packerss went hme i loved him so much and he is so EFFIN sexii i mean like just give me one hour with you 12 pack and i will show you what love realli feels like babi!

  36. nitra-j says:

    he sound like a punkass (^~`__+#(!*^%`~(& _+#_&)&(^)$~ _!`@%!%`^@)“@&% head 12 packp

  37. jessica says:

    like omg i really hatte it u were fine and all in beteeen but hey u didnt deserv it i love u 12 pack an i here like why mang!!

  38. CC says:

    BRANDI and MEGHAN are both SKANKS!!! And if you all remember at the ROL2 reunion, the reason Heather and Daisy got into was over 12 Pack…that was after they filmed I Love Money…and Daisy was down there interviewing all the players…and 12 pack liked her…their fight wasn’t over Bret…it was over 12 Pack!

  39. Billy says:

    That fight between heather and daisy was over 12pack? Thats interesting-whered you hear that, CC?

  40. bee bee says:

    first of all Heather is way out of your league, yeah your hot but youv’e got the personality of a bag of rocks, plus you f’ed up way back when you were paymaster by not sending Megan home when you had the chance. We know you’re homophobic after how they portrayed you on “I Love NY” , which Heather and any other girl that wants to get with you could care less, b/c if we are atrracted enough to a guy we don’t care if he’s gay b/c we know we can change that, at least for a night anyway:). So Heather probably hit a nerve, but she was one of the only honest people on this show. She is a really cool person, yeah she probably has some trust issues & shldn’t have gotten emotional over a guy like you, but I think her being w/ you was like dangeling pearls before swine, you didn’t even appreciate what you had or know what to do w/ it.

  41. 12pack #1 says:

    12pack you were way to good for that has-been washed up stripper. She has anger and jealousy issues. She can’t control herself. Heather is a loser and I am glad you dumped her.

  42. Leana says:

    12pack, you needed to leave that skank

  43. ashleigh says:

    i think thats good for ur &`(!~!!$(%_~`(+ dat u got eliminated..u should of trust heather and not listen to them stupid hoes megan and brandi

  44. dudess says:

    I’m glad you finally saw thru that loser skank and dumped her. It’s an embarrasment to be with Heather, that’s why Brett didn’t hurt.

  45. Hi says:

    1st of all, I can’t believe you were even with that emotionally crippled loser Heather. But I am glad you saw thru that and dumped her. Heather is mean and she expected everyone to have her back even when she started fights.

  46. Tammy says:

    are you still with heather ?

  47. furious says:

    Tell this brain damaged clod to stop smoking on television. It isn’t cool to tell the young kids who watch that “it’s ok to smoke.”

  48. adriana says:

    my are you so ugly and stupid. you only like fake girls because you are fake

  49. Alana says:

    Is that why you went on Daisy of Love? Because you are a reality star? Not because you wanted to be with her!

  50. Megan says:

    Will 12 pack have his own reality dating show??? If yes how do i sing up?????

  51. JM says:

    VH1 please give 12 pack his own show. I am so tired of him getting his heart broken and not winning. He seems like a great guy and I am sure your viewers will definitely respond to him.

  52. MyHime says:

    Dave u should do ur own show trying to find love instead of being that guy trying to win that girl heart….,

  53. tina says:

    Dave//you’re a fantastic guy! I watched you on Daisy of Love and that was COLD!! what the?

    to leave you like that.. Man, well//remember karma.

    Anyway. Don’t cry for chickas like that.. they always pick loosers like London. In fact I wrote Londons name down and put it in an envelope when the show started and had my friend open it during the finale. (I wrote it that day the “nick names” episode aired.)

    That was NO surprise to me at ALL> us ladies all know a girl like Daisy.. Not all of us have money to trick ourselves out to that extent- but there’s a Daisy everywhere. She’s a dime a dozen. Dysfunctional and full of herself. I wonder what happened to her a child to make her obsessed with guys like London>>weird. She has a terrible self esteem..

    girls that messed up never really pick the guy best for them. They string those nice guys like you anf FLex along and then..use them.. send them *`$*$^#`@!!@)!!(! ng and exit stage left with the fool who did the least amount of work to be with her..

    What was the point? In the beginning- its supposed to be about competing for her.. in the end she chooses that guy who didn’t bother.
    That guy London is a “sex addict” and that was said by his “best gal pal” … I wonder.. If he’s just not cashing in on the accidental success of this girls stupidity.

    DAVE.. don’t let youself be sucked into another reality show unless its YOU and FLEX look for Love!

    all my love..
    PS my hubby thought you guys were great! He never watched that kind of TV.. But, he did enjoy your skunk episode (clipshow)

  54. sheila says:

    Daisy was a fool. She should have picked you-you seem like a great guy-you will find the right one-don’t give up.

  55. kerri says:

    hey this comment is for 12 pack. I think that you need to have your own show. I would love to see you settle down with some one that will not break your heart. I was so not happy with the choice Daisy made. So I am hoping that VH1 will let you do your own show. I hope to see that on soon.

  56. ebee says:

    give 12 pack his own show. with flex! those two are great together

  57. SHOW ME says: