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“Hang on one second, I’m moving a piano real quick,” said 12 Pack during the course of our conversation. And though I admire his unabashed Jersey muscley-ness, that’s not even my favorite thing he said (“I got more chicks around me than gay dudes do,” earns that distinction). Below, 12 Pack talks strategy, his house hook-up Heather and returning to reality after being consumed by reality TV.

You put asked people to vote you in the box this week, which ultimately led to your elimination. Do you regret offering yourself up so freely?

Yeah, hands-down. Me going in that box was probably the only chance they had of getting rid of me. I was close with Real and Hoopz, so if Whiteboy had gone, I would have taken his spot in their alliance. There’s no doubt in my mind that I would have been Final 2, unless I lost the last challenge. From Day 1, I was planning two episodes ahead, which is why I got sent home. I didn’t even think about going home that night, I was just thinking about winning the finals. I was playing to win.

Does that mean that you had a secret alliance with Real and Hoopz?

We talked about it a couple of times in front of the cameras, but it was probably too confusing to make it to the show. Had I stayed longer, it probably would have come out earlier. But there were a few times when Real and Chance and I talked about not voting each other out. Megan found out about that and that’s probably another reason why I left.

All the alliances are complicated to sort out as a viewer. Was it just as confusing as a participant?

Yes and no. In everybody’s mind, everybody’s cool with everyone and they feel if they go in the box they’re fine. A lot of people feel they’re safe. Rodeo probably felt like no one was going to vote her out, since she talked to everybody. I felt completely safe. A lot more comes out after the fact and especially after watching it. But I had a clear idea of how things were working out from the get go. The only thing that was really unknown to me was Pumkin, Toasteee, Megan and Brandi’s secret alliance. I knew Pumkin and Toasteee were floaters from the get go, but I felt that because we took them in and we were five strong in that bedroom, we had the majority.

Do you have any resentment for Toasteee because she eliminated you?

After watching the show, I couldn’t sleep thinking about how I could have won the game if I hadn’t put myself in the box and trusted the girl. But it’s a game. At the time, I was mad about the way she handled things. Had she told me I was in jeopardy and asked me why she should keep me, instead of assuring me that I was safe all the time, I could have come up with something good.

There was a sort of passing mention of your romantic involvement with Heather, but it was never a real focus of the show. Was it just a hook-up or what?

It’s weird, these situations, you don’t really know what’s going on. It’s so surreal that you can start to like people for a little bit. At the beginning, I liked her but as time went on…it wasn’t like that whatsoever. I don’t think I kissed her for the last two weeks we were in the house. Right now, Heather and I are on non-speaking terms. I guess she couldn’t deal with the fact that I had other girls around when she visited New York this summer. She wanted three other dudes around, but I couldn’t have other girls around. She sent me a lot of mixed messages. I told her that she had inner demons and then she flipped on me and started playing the whole Christian role. There’s no telling what she’s capable of, so I told her I was done.

Well, at the very least, that relationship removed some if not all of the gay speculation that followed you since I Love New York.

Realistically, everybody knows when they meet me for two seconds that I’m not gay. There’s no question about it. I got more chicks around me than gay dudes do. But obviously, there are girls so you got to see me in my natural element. You put me with 20 dudes, I’m a friendly guy, I come off however I may come off. My buddies know I might do something stupid like twist their nipples or whatever. Put anyone around 20 guys and they can come off gay. The only regret I have in this situation is not being a neutral player, just siding with Heather. That also led to my downfall because that girl had no idea to play the game. She was starting fights with everyone in the house. Megan was scared of her.

What are you up to now? I saw that you’re DJing.

Yeah. Last time, when I did the club-appearance thing, I realized that it kinda dies down after a while. After a point after doing these shows, you’re back to square one. It’s resume time and you feel like you’re just out of college again. So I invested in some equipment, this way come winter, I can still get paid on a regular basis.

What about the Party Boyz? What’s going on with that?

Nothing’s going on with the Party Boyz. I talk to Heat now and again. It’s not that I don’t like the guy. But I don’t see the Party Boyz going anywhere. I think if the Entertainer and I met earlier and promoted ourselves like that, there’s no telling how far we could have gone.

Why not do that now?

We are. We’ve been filming skits, some low-budget, hidden-camera-show stuff. I’d love to do a dating show with girls in the house competing for the two of us.

So you’re not looking to get out of reality TV any time soon.

Well, I’d like to get into soap-operas or any long-term contract type of deal. I’d love to branch out. But I am a reality star, no if, ands or buts about it, so why not keep going with it?

Keep up with 12 Pack via his profile and his MySpace.

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