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Good news! Despite her highly emotional exit, I Want To Work for Diddy‘s most recently booted contestant has gotten over her heartache enough so that she can now talk about her time on the show. Below, Brianna talks about that final “diva moment,” the joy that comes from assisting and her habit of pulling out her own hair.

Your exit was really emotional. Was that hard to watch?

No, because I know where I came from and I know where I am now. I see this show as a stepping stone. I was just having a moment.

Did it come from the shock of being eliminated?

I was shocked. I still feel that I should have stayed over Red, but it was the judges’ decision, so I couldn’t do anything about it. I didn’t know what they were thinking, and I was going through all these emotions so I was just like, “I don’t want the cameras around. Stop the cameras. Get my mic. Give me two minutes to myself.” It was a brief diva moment, but I got myself together. It really was a disappointment to me. It really hurt. It was really serious for me.

Was this something that took you a while to get over?

Pretty much after I did my final interviews and got to the hotel, I was over it. There was nothing I could do about it. I learned early that there are things in life that you just can’t control. I did think it was a joke, like maybe they were gonna call me and say, “We made a mistake,” but then I had a reality check.

So you were ready to work for Diddy?

Definitely. I don’t think I was able to show my expertise and what I can do or what I have to offer. I was the only person that was a true assistant. I could have shown a lot more and I could have done better than I did.

So, wait, you aren’t just planning lunch and going to Starbucks all day?

Yes! I actually do work. I actually have a lot going on. As we speak, I’m at work. I definitely put my hours in. I don’t work for a senior manager for nothing. I sweat and don’t go home sometimes and do things that other people don’t want to do and sometimes feel degraded. I’ve been through that and I feel like a lot of people don’t understand that feeling and what it’s going to be like to work for Diddy. This is not a position where you get put on a pedestal. You barely get recognized.

What makes you seek out a job that sometimes makes you feel degraded?

I didn’t see this show as a casting call, I saw it as a job, which I saw as the next step. You want to move up. The higher the person you work for, the higher you move up and the more respect you get as an assistant. I don’t want to be an assistant for the rest of my life, but while I am doing it, I want to be the best.

So is it just about the next step, or is there anything immediately rewarding about it?

I find it rewarding knowing that I helped someone complete their day. I helped make somebody’s day better.
Are you doing the same assistant job you were doing before the show?

Yes. I took a leave of absence and my boss allowed me to come back because she likes me and the work I do.

Where do you work?

I work for a large chemical company.

When you pulled out your eyelashes, it was kind of weird.

I do that on a regular basis, as a form of OCD called trichotillomania. I’ve been doing it for a long time. It’s just a quirky thing.

Are you looking into treatment?

I’m sure this is making me sound crazy, but it’s treatable if you go see a psychiatrist. They prescribe antidepressant medication for it, and that means I have to be calm and numb, so I haven’t even tried that.

It doesn’t impede your life in any way? It’s just a habit?

It’s a form of release. If my nerves are bad and I start doing it, it’s a source of relief. It’s a mind thing, I guess.

What are your goals?

I have a blog called SomebodySaidIt that’s about celebrity news and I post clips from the show. I like to talk, I’m nosy, so the blog is one of my main things. I also have a company called Corporate Placement that helps people find jobs. I work with different companies that need employees and I do direct contracts to fill those positions. I’m also working on a campaign to get young people to vote. I hope to get into acting. I want to get into media. I feel like I speak well with people.

Keep up with Brianna via her profile and her MySpace.

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