It’s Prom Night for Brooke Hogan!


On the next episode of Brooke Knows Best the lovely Miss Hogan achieves the hat-trick of helping out the disadvantaged and getting her prom on. Check out this sneak peek of Sunday’s show.

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  1. Taylor w says:

    Hi Ashley,
    it’s Taylor.
    you’re on TV! that’s so cool….i think. it is right?
    well have fun!!!

    wait….do you remember me?

  2. crystal says:

    i just want to say u r so hot an it is so awsum ur holks daughter mii dad always looked up 2 him when i ws growin up holk hogan was mii dads main model omg ur so cute

  3. DC says:

    HI i watch your shows all the time and i hope i could c u around sometime i think u sexy

  4. Casey C. says:

    im such a big fan!!!!
    i love watching the show…….
    i wanna see the prom night one
    soooo bad!!!!!
    well yall are so great and it looks like yall have lots of fun………….
    well peace&much love!