Lohan Is Presenting Awards At the VMAs


Yep, LaLohan has signed up for a fun evening at the MTV VMAs show in L.A. on Sept 7. Can’t say if her honey-bunny constant companion Samantha Ronson will be tagged along, but ‘cmon, when aren’t these two together? If you’re a sports freak rather than a gossip hound, perhaps you’re more impressed by the fact that Michael Phelps (kingpin Olympian, beer pong genius, and Saturday Night Live host), is scheduled to present awards, too. And if you’re 14-year-old girl, you’ll be giddy to know that Ms Miley will participate.

You can read all about the latest updates to the VMAs presenters’ slate right here.

Watch videos of all the nominees, now. Watch the show on MTV, Sept 7 at 9 pm ET.

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  1. smack says:

    Christ Lindsay!!!! Lose the f_cking `@(_~&+*~*^*@#@# already.

  2. John says:

    I luv LL
    She should kiss Sam on stage

  3. brandy says:


  4. LiL_suave183 says:

    WOW this girl is now Bi… This proves it these girls in these days just want to be “in”.. parents have nothing to do with there decisions anymore.So dont blame her parents because her mother is a very good parent and look how this girl repaid her SMH These freaken retarts in hollywood these days look and,look who she is with Paris Hilton must be Crakenup !!

  5. Whitney Ro says:

    I absolutely love Lindsay Lohan! I want to see her and Samantha @ the VMA’s! keep on doing it LL we luv ya!

    Obama ’08

    xoxo Whitney Ro

  6. Whitney Ro says:

    Oh and Lindsay if you are happy then do you! You have to live your own life! Poeple are always gonna talk, don’t worry about them! Start to worry when they stop talking! I know you feel grand knowing that you stay on peoples mind like that and you dont even know they exist!! LOL You and Samantha continue to do what you want! F&#k everyone! Stay true to yourself and your fam! You are F#cking Fabulous!

    Vote Obama ’08

    xoxo Whitney Ro

  7. Jet says:

    Why do so many individuals give this young lady any time to spout her dislikes with others that do not agree with her? Young people listen, she is NOT a role model. Just like Lindsey she has an opinion and many individuals in the United States do NOT like her or her persona. Lindsey take care of your own life and leave others alone. Yes I pray for our Country if this is what the young people of the world act like. Time to grow up young lady.

  8. Heather says:

    So, lindsay called Obama our 1st “colored” president. Seriously. What a complete moron. She should really just keep her mouth shut at all times unless it is to read scripted lines.