Deleted Scene: Brooke Hits On, Kisses Virgin Prom Date


Things get a little awkward in the limo after the prom in this week’s episode of Brooke Knows Best. Brooke starts to awkwardly hit on the Virgin prom date, proposing he take “Horny Goat Weed”. Not sure how things are done in Miami but the talk gets slightly inappropriate. It all ends sweetly, however, at the door of her building when Brooke kisses the young suitor on the lips and says “goodnight”.

Watch more of this week’s Brooke Knows Best Extras including the Afterhours and Video Diary clips.

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  1. corey says:

    Why is she portrayed as this hot chic? She as average at best. No way she has all these guys after her. Hogan Knows Best wasn’t too bad but this show is so scripted the viewer can almost read it.

  2. desi says:

    I watched this episode and I was shocked with the scene of the girls trying on the prom dresses. You showed all of the caucasion girls trying on their dresses and modeling them. When it came down to the ONE african american girl showing her dress the camera flashed right by her. It didn’t even show Brooke having a conversation with her as she did with the other girls. I watched this show faithfully… Not anymore…

  3. mary-kate says:


  4. mary-kate says:

    Wow… I have never seen a skank before.seriously. I HAVE NOW. It,s name is `&~$~*!^`@!%“)*! immature, silly, manly, must I go on?please. join the rest of your trashy family. you should take lessons on how to be a lady from Shopie,ll look back on this ^)*$^*^^%&#&$~`^ one day, and, cry, and blame your family for that.. WTF are you thinking??? M.

  5. Brandon says:

    I think that was adorable and i see more and more of u and it gets greater everytime i see it keep it up.

  6. dustin hopes says:

    hey beautiful i kno a lot of ppl hate on u but i want u to kno that your smile just makes my heart melt and if i had a chance i would show u how a queen is to be treated love, dutin from baton rouge

  7. johnathan rodgers says:

    what did you feel like doing to glen after he told your dad there is something brook needs to tell you

  8. johnathan rodgers says:

    did you regret getting the tattoo after you saw how your dad felt about you getting it