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Once again, we present the always-outspoken Poprah’s take on the latest episode of I Want To Work for Diddy. Below, she discusses the what it was like to work closely with Mama Combs, Boris’ value to his team and why the no-elimination twist of this week’s episode left her feeling bamboozled.

Can you say “shocked”? Because that’s the first word that came to my mind when I watched this episode, but for more reasons than you might imagine. There’s so much that you guys didn’t see, that I don’t even know where to start. On top of that, I was really shocked and actually angry that no one from the Downtown team went home even though “we” won the challenge. But we’ll come back to that!

Okay, as you know, we were assigned to assist Diddy’s mom, Mama Combs. And needless to say I knew this would be a challenge, because people don’t play when it comes to their “mama” no matter who they are, celebrity or not. So I knew I was taking a big risk volunteering to be the point person. But I did it for several reasons, one of which most people may never understand. Of course I felt that since I’ve worked with so many celebrities, I wouldn’t be star struck, nor intimidated by her, and as you can see on this episode, I was really calm the whole time, especially in front of Mama Combs. Unlike the other team who was all over Kim Porter likes some freaking groupies, and that’s why they lost. That’s probably why Mama Combs made the comment, that I wasn’t aggressive enough. That’s the last thing I wanted her to see, aggression, because I didn’t want to offend her, or have her misunderstand my aggressive side, as has been the case throughout this experience. Who would have ever expected to hear, “Kim is not aggressive enough”? I almost hit the floor when I heard that, since I didn’t know she said that until I watched the show. But I’m still glad she said it, because I think the opposite response would have been worse. I can pull back people, and I do, for people I respect.

Anyway, I actually cried when I asked if I could assist her, which Laverne thought was being over-dramatic. But what Laverne, “the transformer” doesn’t understand is, that I’ve lived without either of my parents since age 16 and sometimes I reach out to other people’s parents or just older people I meet because I need that. My parents never got to see me have hit records, be on my own tv shows, live in my own 7000 sq ft. mansion in a gated country club, none of it. And I just really felt that sharing her moment, honoring Diddy, somehow was like me living that experience, a mother’s pride, vicariously through Diddy. I chatted with Mama Combs extensively as we road around LA in the limo, shopping, and as she told me how proud she was of Diddy, it was hard to keep back the tears, I know she knew it was emotional for me after I told her my story and I think she understood why. So “F-U” Laverne, or your assumption that it wasn’t real. Just because you fake drama for tv and your life is a farce, doesn’t mean other people aren’t real.

The other thing you guys may not know is, that when I agreed that we would find Mama Combs a Southern breakfast, I felt confident we could because L.A. has a place called Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles that specializes in southern food. You know I know where to eat, if I don’t know anything else, so there was no reason we couldn’t accommodate her. The fact is that my teammates didn’t go get what she wanted. Laverne failed to iron her clothes properly, which was the first time she got really mad, and then Red and Suzanne didn’t find the things she wanted from the drug store which she requested in a specific color. She probably thought I should have been harder on them as her representative, for failing to deliver what she requested, but I was trying not to belittle my team and be accused of not being a team player. So as they say, damned if you do, damned if you don’t. I was required to stay with her the whole time, so I had to depend on my team.

But by the end of the day, I catered to her hand and foot. I did things for her I don’t even do for myself. I don’t clean hotel rooms, set tables, wash dishes, shop for other people (unless I’m buying them a gift), cut up fruit, cut up soles to go in someone’s shoes and touch their feet over and over to size them for the right fit, and let them talk to me like a Hebrew slave at the same time.

I was truly the most humbled I’ve ever been, and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, biting my lip and just saying, “OK, yes ma’am” to a total stranger. All my friends and associates are calling me like, “I can’t believe you did that stuff for her, you must really want that job.” I guess I really must, cuz that was only a taste of what I’d have to do for Diddy.

When we found out at dinner we had won, I felt it was well deserved, for our team, of course, but for me especially, because I broke through some walls on this one. I was really disappointed that they didn’t show you guys all we did for her, but its TV, ya know?

As far as Downtown goes, it was nice to see more of the façade broken down about their team. Number one, Mike is definitely a hype man, and really doesn’t have solid business skills to back it up. Boris did the negotiating and the thinking, that’s probably why he and I are cool to this day. He thinks on his feet and we both have more industry experience than anyone else on the show. He defends himself well too, and just calls it like it is. Other people don’t like that because they don’t want to hear the truth.

Speaking of truth, Mike and Kendra definitely had a personal relationship brewing. She made his plates, cut his sandwiches for him like a baby, and he defended her no matter what; and it affected his business decisions and vice versa. So I have to agree with Boris on that. Mike was definitely intimidated by Boris’ resourcefulness, and never wants to be wrong. Did you hear him, “Oh, Boris namedropped to get stuff, I could have done that”? But he didn’t. And even when he complimented Boris, it was resentful, even Stephanie recognized this. Mike bragged about his solid, long-time committed relationship with his girlfriend the whole show, but he messed around with Kendra the whole time, even slept in the bed with her. I can’t say they screwed, but what they did do wouldn’t be cool with his girlfriend or any girl, for that matter. And no, I’m not hating on the player, but don’t go around being judgmental about everyone else’s character and values when you are a hypocrite, that’s all I’m saying. Mike is a good servant, a kiss-ass, anything that requires thought, negotiation, business acumen he fails, and hates on anyone who is what he’s not, like me and Boris. It is what it is.

Lastly, the ultimate shocker took place after we won. Yes, we (me, Red, and Laverne) went to Diddy’s incredible Hollywood Celebration for his star on the walk fame. It was star-studded, all the way. For me it was like a family reunion, I ran into so many people I knew already in the business but had not seen in a while, and even met some others. I saw Ryan Seacrest, Suzanne Depasse, Billy Dee Williams, Randy Jackson, Sanaa Lathan, Nia Long, Russell Simmons, too many to name. I even met Terrence Howard who is one of my favorite actors (a master of nonverbal communication) and God, he is soooo fine.

But the next day, when they brought the Downtown team to our suite, and all the same people were still on their team though they had just gone to elimination, I was livid. I almost quit the show. I felt so cheated, deceived, used, and just bamboozled. How could they lose the freaking challenge, we win fair and square, and they get a free pass because Diddy says he want to keep the whole weekend in a celebratory mood? Bulls***! Uptown would have been celebrating getting another one of their members sent home. That was so unfair, and I don’t think for a second, Diddy really would have celebrated any less because one of them went home. This was a horrible reminder to me how life can be so unfair, but I survived my other travesties so I just decided to endure this one too, but I really had some second thoughts, Is it really worth it? I guess we’ll see, won’t we?

See ya next week, still your girl,


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