New Kids on the Block: Win Concert Tickets, Watch Their “Behind the Music” Special, Catch ‘Em In Concert


By now, New Kids fans know that VH1 is giving away tix to a handful of the group’s fall shows. We’ve had lots of great responses to our “Ultimate Fan” contest. People have sent in photos and stories about why they’re the most rad NKOTB lovers ever. No one has been more impressed than the guys themselves. Last week, they stopped by our NYC offices and checked out a few of the entries.

In the above clip, Donny, Jordan, Jonathan, Danny, and Joey urge everyone to participate in the contest. After the jump, they read of a few of their fave submissions. Don’t miss the one about the girls who went to Boston to actually kiss the porch of the house the Knight family lived in…

Every fan, ultimate and otherwise, will be hopped-up about the arrival of VH1′s “New Kids on the Block: A Behind the Music Special,” which premieres on September 28 at 8 PM ET. It’s a great overview of the group’s phenomenal early success and their recent reunion. Best of all is the fact that during the show, VH1 is cutting to the Kids’ sold-out Boston concert to see a live performance of three songs. Do Not Miss!

Find out how to participate in the “Ultimate Fan” contest and see the New Kids in concert.

Watch the New Kids talk about their favorite videos in VH1′s “My Playlist.”

See pictures and read some crazy fan stories here.

Check out our two winners so far, Kim and Torrie.

Here are the guys enjoying a few of the better contest entries. Watch!

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  1. lollee says:

    i just want to say that i am glad that they are back and better than ever!!!!!! these guys look even danny is lookin good to me. he finally grew into his face and they are hot hot hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good luck guys and i wish you the best this time around and hopefully many more to come…..

  2. STACEE` says:


  3. miss*beth says:

    Haha!!! That was great! They are so funny!
    Good luck everyone!

    I ? NKOTB!

  4. Melissa says:

    They are so hot. I am so glad they are back together. Just like they were ten years ago.

  5. Angelia says:

    I wanted to say that I’m so hapy that NKOTB are back…I’ve always loved them and have been a fun since a teen. I love love the new CD, I can’t stop listening to it. All the guys look hotter tan ever….But joeys my fave. Hope to see more you them.

    much love angelia

  6. CHRISTINA says:

    Hah I had the sheets too!!

  7. Mary says:

    Hahaha those were great! I think that a lot of us can relate to these entries :)

    I think it’s great that the guys are back and I am looking forward to my own “face time” in November. Woot woot! :)

  8. Jess says:

    omg i love these guys, i have loved them since i was a lil girl…
    i will marry donnie, right now!
    and i know u guys hear this every day but like really…
    we would be a beautiful thing…

  9. Danielle Tardif says:

    I can die happy now.
    They picked mine and Jordan said my name.


  10. Joanna says:

    I am hoping against hope that I win this contest. This year has been filled with soooo much pain, that when the guys came back, it brought light into the darkness! I even spent the last of my money (meant for gas) on the new cd, and ended up running out of gas! I am so happy they are back, hopefully it won’t be like the first time around where my opportunities to see them live were ripped away from me! Good Luck All! We all know that for the length of time we have supported them, we are all number 1!

  11. Kmcampisi says:

    Now I know I have no chance afer those entries….:(((((

  12. Eileen Castro says:

    Geez, I hope they liked mine!! My friends and I (The Bean and Bagel Crew), did some crazy things back in the day, including what I submitted, and it was crazier than any of those stories. Unfortunately I don’t have any pix form back in the day cause we video’d everyting and our friend who owned the video camera kept all the vids and we have no idea what happened to them all.

  13. Samantha says:

    Damn! How do they just keep getting better looking EVERY SINGLE TIME I see them?! Whatever they’re doing we all need to be doing it! If they get any hotter I’M gonna burst into flames. It’s so fun to see them acting goofy in the videos. Love it!! Keep singin those tunes & shakin what you’ve got guys! We’re loving every delicious minute of it!!!

  14. Nicole says:

    I love you guys, your funny, down to earth, great entertainers. The fans are great as well, everyone I have talked to so far has been nice and fun to talk to. I love hearing all the stories! Nkotb glad your back, you have so much to offer the world. Take care and remember to have alot of fun! :)

  15. Jen says:

    This is exciting…very exciting!! I have so many stories and they take so many more words than 50! This is going to be a task that will have to take some editing! NKOTB fan forever!!

  16. Keria says:

    I was going to send in a photo but I didn’t since… I doubt that I would of won anyway. But good luck to those who who have entered.

  17. lisa says:

    Can I watch the rest of that footage somehow????

  18. Eryn says:

    I’m the ULTIMATE FAN!! I was pulled up on stage at Celebrity Theatre in Arizona. It was 1989!! I have the ticket stub and the official concert patch.Donnie pulled me up on stage and sang “Cover Girl” to me! I’m sad to say I have no pic’s. But Donnie said he wanted to meet all the girls he pulled up on stage and I was one of them. I will be at the Arizona concert on October 13th and I hope I can meet you!!!

  19. cheree says:

    I have been a blockhead for 20 years. since I was 13 years oldI had pictures of Joey plastered all over my walls and my ceiling. I still have the pictures to this day. i am disabled and in a wheelchair.

  20. Amanda T says:

    Remember getting 12 dozen white roses when you guys were in Louisville, Ky? That was me!! Can’t wait to see you in Cleveland, Oh on the 3rd! We are staying right across the street from the arena…can’t wait!!!!!!!!

  21. Kelli says:

    Hi this is Kelli from Houston, TX. I have been NKOTB’s Ultimate Fan since they came out!!! I went to ever concert they had in Houston. One of them was @ The Summit, now it is Lakewood Church. But the New Kids were riding little motorcycles around the block and we followed them. Well Donnie’s motorcycle ran out of gas and here comes Biscuit(one of their bodyguards). Well Donnie is smiling and talking to us and I was SPEECHLESS!!! He kinda waved his hand in front of my face,LOL. Well he turned around and I took a pic of HIS BUTT!!!! I have that pic BLOWN UP and it is still on my wall today. When he comes on TV or a new movie comes out…I go buy it! Their posters were my wallpaper. I tried to get my parents to move to Dorchester or Jamaica Plains,MA I couldnt tell ya how many times…it never worked! But anyways I am ur biggest fan! Oh and Jordan…ur bday is the same as my mom!!! Love yall!!! XOXOXOXOXO

  22. Kimberly says:

    I love seeing those. I wish the site would do a slide show of the entries. It would be cute to see all the pictures. My 3 year old loves singing the New Kids songs. We have Singstar for playstation and her favorite song to sing is Step by Step. I LOVE IT!!! I have click click click as my ringtone and she always askes me to play it on my phone when we are out. Make me so proud!!! :)

  23. Tina Hatcher says:

    I had a lot of things too! Sorry 2 say that I don’t know what happened 2 them but think I got 2 puzzles from back in the day;and a box chest with their pics on it. And yes!,they are hotter than ever and it was cool meeting them in Ny on 9/3/08. They were all very nice,but I gotta say that Jordan is still my #1 fave!:)

  24. Tara Burke says:

    My daughter, Tara Burke, IS YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!!!!!!! She is a 28 yr. old mentally challenged greatest individual you will ever know. NOT one of your fans can say that they have listened to your music from the moment they wake up to the moment they get home and go to sleep by, for 17 years, I mean EVERY day for 17 years. As a mom you would think I would be sick of your music, but I’m not, even now I saw you guys on one of the morning shows, you still look great. I have tickets to the Cleveland show on Oct 3rd. Our seat are not good, as I am a single parent to Tara, They are behind the stage. This is a surprise for Tara, she will be so excited. anyways. If there is any way you could say her name out loud or I know this is crazy, but let her meet you guys OR closer seats. Tara also didn’t make it last year due to medical problems, I played your tapes in the hospital and I know it helped. Please do something for her. My email is You guys are great and have a heart, please share it with Tara

  25. tara burke says:

    SOOOOOOOOOOOO Sorry! It sounded like Tara didn’t make it thru her health problems last year, I left out a few words. She is still her with us. I mean why would i buy her tickets if she were not still with us. Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She would be sooooooooooooo excited if you would do something special for her, even if it were to say her name at the concert in Cleveland, Oct 3rd. Tara Burke

  26. Nicole says:

    Thats so fun to see!!! I love it you guys seem so down to earth!!! I would love to meet you guys, but I do not have any pics of me with all the stuff I used to have you guys nor do I have a story to tell. I will be at your Oct. 8th concert in L.A. Can’t wait, I’m super excited!!!!!!! :)

  27. alice says:

    I would so love to do the contest! But unfortunately i do not have pictures of myself sleeping on New Kids sheets or me doing crazy things to see you guys! But trust me if i would have had the money to go and see you guys anytime i wanted to back then i would have! I do have the the Donnie dolls, the pins, the hat and ya’lls pictures basically were the wallpaper for my room! The pictures were from ceiling to floor and from wall to wall! Of course stupid me never thought to take a picture of that! Oh well! I was hinting to my best friend that going to your show on October 13th in Phoenix,Az would have been a great birthday present but i don’t think she was able to do it! I feel that i will get to meet you all one day because that would be my ultimate dream come true! I love you guys, especially you Donnie! Have a great tour!

  28. alice says:

    Oh! I know that you guys appreciate all your fans! but just so you know! No matter if a fan has traveled you around the country to see you or have gone to all the concerts in their town. That doesn’t mean that the fans that can’t do that are any less of a fan! I feel that we are all your ultimate fans! It just so happens that some can do more than others to see you in person or in concert! I hope that you guys eventually put out another album after this one and do another tour because just maybe i’ll get to see you then lol!!!!! Love you Donnie!!!!

  29. jessica says:

    i was about 11 years old when new kids on the block came out on the radio.all it took was to hear them for the first time and i was hooked.the first song i ever remember hearing was hanging tough.i was a big joey fan i loved the song please dont go girl,jordens ill be loving you forever,donnies cover girl ,then their was the danny and johnathon that were very cute as family never had very much money so my brother and i alway’s asked for what we wanted or needed for our birthdays or christmases.i of corse alway’s asked for something new kids on the block.the one thing i asked for though that my parents could never afford was to be able to see new kids in concert!so for me if i am chosen as one of the winners on the giveaway,you will be fulfilling my child and teenage dream.i love you guy’s take care jess:)

  30. christina thrrien says:

    I have got a story while living in washington state, I believe that it was the No games tour; my friends and I skipped school and left on the city bus at 3:00 am in the morning, and stayed outside of the sheraton hotel in tacoma to meet the New kids and at 9 am they finally arrived. well, by 11am every NKOTB fan was there and poor danny was trying to go to the gym up the hill and all of us girls ran after him. then we heard donnie and we saw thi black van trying to sneak out well it was all of them and so we all hitched a ride and they went to the Tacoma Mall and we all had a blast, but i think Donnie was having more fun then us girls!!!!! I also let donnie know that my school teacher was his next door neighbor in dorchester and if donnie see’s this, you never met with me so i coul give you gavin’s phone number!!!!!! Needless to say i got my backstage pass and was so happy to have this beautiful picture of danny and i that i will cherish forever……..Love you guys and will be seeing you at the tacoma dome…… your girl forever girley cee that’s my stage name

  31. Victoria says:

    Well when I was young I could not do all ‘that’ fun groupie stuff. I had to take care of my mother wth breast cancer at a very young age, However I’m making up for it now…..My boss, husband, son customers and family all believe I’ve lost it! It all started when I got word that it was true…the boys are back.. that I threw a NKOTB Bar Night Out at the sports bar I bartend in….. I made named New Kids drinks with matching flag faced straws, 5ft by 5ft poster all over the walls of the bar, printed up 50 t-shirts for the first 50 ppl to walk in and played old school NKOTB music with big screan video footage all night long. To sum that night up… I trppled my sales and had to lock the doors at 10pm because we were over capasity.
    Then for the first tme ever I decided to venture out of my Scarborough bubble and take a road trip…. I drove 12hours to NYC with out a full licence, linned up for 8 hours in the frezzing rain just to view their first appearence all together after 14 years on the Today show, then drove back to Toronto to start my bar shift the next night.
    Then I took 3days off of work to line up again in the streets of NYC for 2days and 2nights just to make sure I had a good view for there first performance after 14 years on the Today show. I was the first chick out of 4000 ppl. I also flew to Minniappolis for 2 days to make sure I saw there pre-tease performance at the MOA, linned up for another 17hours… however dispite they only sang 3 songs… I grew balls from somewhere and asked Donnie to sign my boobs that day…. luck me Danny signed aswell! After promissing my family that I was done 2 weeks later I took a 14 hour bus ride back to NYC to line up for 4 days and 4nights for yet another pre-tease performance unforchunitly it got canceled 12 hours b4 they were supposed to perform due to the hurrican.
    I am going to 3 Toronto concerts and after buying tickets over and over again … I am now happy with my tickets! So overall I guess you can say I love my boys!!!!

  32. REBECCA HARRIS says:

    I have always been a big fan of the new kids…I had posters from ceiling to all the way down the floor, buttons, dolls…Jordan has always been my fave…I’m a bit shy so I wasn’t a crazy fan to go to all the concerts and never went when i was young. I’ve seen Jordan twice here in Dallas, tx..just for signings for his first album but never seen him perform because I have four kids. I know a lot lol.. I have been a single mom forever …anyways, my sister always loved Joey…and I kept asking is sure sure she don’t want to meet him just once…she said yes, but we have no tickets for her…I only had money for one vip package and i’m going alone …i’m a bit scared but I know it’s worth to finally meeting my fave guys all these years up close and hoping to get pics with all of them and get hugs and kisses I love you guys so much ya have made me so happy with ya’s music and ur positvity thank you so much i will always be a nkotb fan have been since 1988…and my kids they love their music… I played ya’s music when my oldest was young…he’s 13 now ….my daughter loves ya’s music…she is so cute dancing to ya’s music she is 4. I wanted to name my son jordan but the father at the time said no and finally after 13 years I told him since i couldn’t name him jordan I put nathaniel in his middle name and he didn’t like that lol oh well ….lol i love you guys so much can’t wait to see ya.. i’m on myspace and i write here and there…its just u have a lot of fans that love you so you probably dont’ see me…

  33. Pamela says:

    Well it all started when I was 7 1/2 to 8 years old when I heard of New Kids On The Block. I was young and didn’t have very many friends. My mom didn’t have any money to take me to any concerts, so I would sit and listen to them on cassette. Which my aunt that was on drugs stole for me. The most song I cherish and love is “PLEASE DON’T GO GIRL”. The reason is because it reminds me of her. She was my best friend, and she would be there to make me smile then she’d leave. My mom worked so hard and for Christmas she had brang me all these HUGE pins that were the size of plates!!!!! From the smallest ones I kept on my jackets. Posters oh my they took over the white walls in my bedroom!! I’LL BE LOVING YOU FOREVER”, made me realize that my mom may have not had all the money but she gave me nothing but love. STEP BY STEP was a song that my baby sister first learned how to sing. Dancing all day and night. We even had a ruteen to it. Words can’t explain how much in love i was with NKOTB. They were my world I didn’t need anything else, and with not having anything I was satisified with them. I don’t have any of the old posters or the pins or anything because of certain situations back then we had to walk away from everything. NKOTB was my childhood. When you are poor living in the middle of drug addicts and no one to turn to their music was there for me. I can now listen to them now and I REMEMBER WHEN my young life was horrible, and I sit and say I NEED U!!!!! Now at 25 years old sitting up watching VH1 and seeing that I could actually win some tickets to go see a group that I’ve loved forever and never forgotten even when they took a 14 yr break made my heart drop. My daughter sits next to my right now asking so many questions like you don’t care for music now why are you showing so much emotion over them. I respond by saying their music is my heart, and they have the RIGHT STUFF……

  34. Betty says:

    I’m a big NKOTB supporter. I am going to the September 23rd show but i would like to see them more than once. I live in NYC and Madison Square Garden would be great. Hook up the tickets..LOL

    Donnie, you’re the man!

  35. Betty says:

    ..can’t wait to meet them again..they are always so sweet. September 23, here i come. have been supporting the guys since i was 14….

  36. cInDyaNn says:

    omgosh, i never thought i would feel 11 again, but i so do and it is crazyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I am dreaming nkids and thinkin of donnie. wow, my husband it gonna kill me. but i love you guys, and the best thing that you ever did was get back together. I am so proud of ur dedication, strength, boldness…i am jus proud. God bless you and once again…i LOVE you, especially donnie. xooxox

  37. Tammy Novak says:

    I was an absalute die hard. I skipped school to go where they filmed their Coke commercial in San Pedro Californai. I camped out at tower records just to get tickets to their concert. I was 16 and it was so much fun. I got fourth row seats and waited a whole year for the concert only for my mom to ground me and lock me in my room the night of the concert. I paid for the tickets with my own money and didnt even get to go. I was so mad and still dont forgive my mom for that. I even had to hide those tickets from my brothers who wanted to rip them up every time they got mad at me. I had every shirt, every button, sheets, AND i still HAVE THE dolls! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT. I even had the jacket but I dont have any pictures cause my mom trashed everything else when I left home at 17 with only the clothes on my back. My sister was nice enough to steal the dolls before they got ruined and sent them to me when she felt she would not get caught. I want so badly to go to the concert in Glendale Arizona but my husband wont go with me. Thats what happens after 14 years of marriage; the chick flicks are done for and so is any chance of him taking me to see five hot guys shake their stuff…tee heee. But I am so happy they are doing great and I cried when I saw them on t.v, it brought me back to my fanatic fan days. Its cool to be able to listen to them and I hope, hope one day I will meet them. Congrats guys on all your success, in life, music and with your families. I am so happy for you all. And thanks for bringing back so many memories. You were my only release in a disfunctional abusive home. You gave me the strength to get through my tough teen years. My mom was abusive and I escaped when I listened to you all, I escaped when I had your music to block out the yelling…Forever Thank you.

  38. Carrie says:

    I haven’t really done alot of crazy stuff, i live in a pretty small town and always have, in upper Michigan. But i have always been a HUGE fan. I still remember the first time i heard “please dont’ go girl” on the radio, it was on a raining saturday when i was doing my paper route , i got in the car (my mom was taking me) and i screamed… my mom didn’t know what to think. I was obsessed with the new kids. I taped every preformance on tv, i have them on today show, award shows, when they were on nickelodeon, i still remember the please don’t go preformance when joeys voice cracked. I still have all the old vcr tapes. My mom was a single mom with 3 kids, we didnt’ have the means to go to a big town to see them let alone buy tickets. i had the posters plasted all over my walls in my room. on the ceiling, the closet, the bunk bed, i have never been to a big concert hall for a concert. just local stuff. So when i heard they were coming to wisconsin, i had to buy tickets. I am taking my 13 year old son. I can’t wait!!!! The boys are back and i couldn’t be more thrilled. There are alot of negative responses from people about “that old boy band” but i have never agreed, I am nurse and work at a nursing home, i have told all my patients that i am full filling my dream to see new kids on the block, ahhhhh to feel young again. YOU GUYS ROCK, Oct 22 i will be there!


  39. Katie says:

    I have been a fan of NKOTB since I was 3 years old…I am 23 now and still am a HardCore New Kids fan! I taped the New Kids when they were on the Oprah show back in like 1991…and still have it to this day… When I was little I didn’t get to go to any of the concerts,obviously because I was like 5…So one day I hope I will finally get my chance… I remember when The New Kids hosted T.G.I.F, and had there concert from The Magic Kingdome! I cried and screamed the whole time! My mom was shocked that I could be so obsessed with a band that it would make me cry! I didn’t care though, because I was IN LOVE!!!! Then when the New Kids came back with Face the Music, I was Extatic!!! It was like the greatest day in history! I ran and I mean Literally ran 7 blocks all the way to Wal-Mart to pick it up, and fell in love all over again!!! I was so deviatated when they decided to call it quits AGAIN…I cried for days…. But Now I am Extatic Again! Jordan and Joey were my fave when I was little, but now that I am grown, I love all of them equally!!! You Guys Are Amazing, Thank you for still doing what you guys do best!!! Love Always and forever~ Katie

  40. nikki says:

    I have loved the new kids since I was 12 years old I am now 30 and a mother of 3 and I have never been so happy then the day I found out that they were back together. I use to have posters all over my walls in my room, I had everything the t shirts,buttons,hats etc……… i went to there concert on september 8 1991 in oakland,ca it was one of my birhtday presents. Absoutly the best present I have ever gotten. My kids love there music now,unfortanily I dont have any of my new kids stuff anymore, but I still have the memories of loving them ,only now I get to see the joy of watching there videos and listening to there music through my childrens eyes especially my 8 year old daughter. I still love them and I always will , sure my husband gets upset that I am still obsessed with them but he will get over. I am hoping my husband will let me go get tickets to see you when you come to oregon in november I am sure he would be happy with me wanting to go see the 5 sexiest guys in the world. well THANK YOU GUYS!!!!!!!! very much for everthing you have done , you guys are truley the best and Jordan you are the SEXIEST man I have ever seen!!! love you guys! hope to see you again~ Nikki :)

  41. Jamd says:

    YOU ARE SO GAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE YOU GUYS AND I HATE EVERY OTHER BOY BAND IN THE WORLD other than Day 26…they’re gangsta. But you guys are so old and dried out and gay. I can tell you guys are like NSYNC you are all gay but don’t want to admit it and you play with eachother when no cameras are around. HAHA! i’m so funny and truthful…but seriously retire already and go marry some desperate GUY that is an idiot for loving all of you.

  42. Evie G says:

    I am 37 y/o and turning into a fanatic again. Lots of my friends have contacted me to find out if I have been obsessing again. The answer is yes! I hope we get more than one album out of this. I am just so sick off all of the horrible music that is out right now. We need something in between the rap and the pure pop…

  43. jaydn615 says:

    As a reply to Jamd’sresponse on Sept 14th, WOW who is the loser here!!! You actually took the time to post this comment about a band that you don’t even like. Find a life dude!!! Seems like your a little bitter!!! Whats wrong have male issues????

  44. basia says:

    I love new kids ever since they came out. My dad bought me everything I wanted from the guyz CD,buttons,videos,etc.. My favorite is Joey, saw him a couple of times in concert solo. He gave me his towel from when show. Got a picture with him from the house of blues, took my9 year old son to that show(when he sang ol’ blue eyed songs). What can I say to win still love you guyz can wait to see you in chicago-1st. show bringing my son with.Would like to give Donnie one of his million hugs he’s looking for.Any sympathy for an unemployed mom. Hey where are you guyz going to hang out in chicago? Go CUBS!!!

  45. HEATHER TAYLOR says:


  46. SANDRA23 says:


  47. SANDRA23 says:


  48. Lucy says:

    50 words or less! That was almost impossible! All u have to do is look at me and my life and know I’m NKOTBs biggest fan!!!!

  49. Veronica Westerfield says:


  50. JoAnne Mason says:

    This is the best thing since sliced bread. I am sooooooooooo happy to see the guys back together after all these years and can not wait to see them in GA. I think we can all remember what happened back in the day when they came to GA & hopefully there will be no @`)+_&^@%~`$*#*&@ ASSNESS. LOL. This is the best thing that has happened to me since the birth of my son-Jayden-in 2006. I can wait to see the guys again and scream my head off like I’m a teenager. I just wish my best friend, Kim, was here to see this. This will be a nice break from work and school. Mommy needs some FUN too. Best of Luck to everyone who has entered.

  51. Kelly Buchla says:

    I have been a fan from the day my dad brought home one of those NKOTB collector cards and said it was for me. I ran out and bought their first album… When all the kids at school started liking whatever new had come out… I stayed loving those guys. I bought every album that came out… in the 8th grade when face the music came out… I bought it despite what everyone else said and in my year book at the end of that year, people wrote messages about my liking the NKOTB (mocking me) but I didnt care… I Liked their music and I wasn’t going to give up on them(DONT YOU GIVE UP ON ME)I held onto all my stuff, my pajamas… my tshirts, my sleeping bag holder, my cards, posters, you name it… I still have it. My first year in high school I had a picture of Joe in my notebook and this girl came up to me to ask if it was who she thought it was and started the conversation that began our friendship. We’ve been friends now 14 years and counting… All thanks to my love for the new kids on the block. Thank you guys… for being there for me.

  52. tammy charron says:

    hey guys i have been a huge fan of u guys since i was 9 years old and it will be a dream come true for me to meet u guys i love u guys so much PLEASE PLEASE PICK ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Maria Blasi says:

    I knew some of the guys before they were NKOTB, they were the nicest, most genuine guys then and it so great to see they haven’t changed. I can’t believe all the memories of the songs that keep flooding back! It’s so crazy that my 14 year old is now into them and asks me about their old songs & watches their old videos ON DEMAND. I would love to win tickets to their show, their Boston Concerts are both sold out!

  54. Renee Volle says:

    It is so great that all of us NKOTB fans are still out there and supporting them! I, too, entered the “Ultimate Fan” Contest….it was back in 1989 when my girlfriends and I attended a local homedays (aka city-wide carnival) and saw another group of girls entering a lip-sync contest as NKOTB. We watched in horror as the girls did an awful job…botching up the moves and everything! We immediately signed up for the contest and performed the following day. We had the entire crowd waving their hands in the air to “Hanging Tough”…it was awesome…talk about an adrenaline boost! The DJ hosting the contest asked us to perform at a local pool party the following month and so we did….adding “The Right Stuff” and “I’ll Be Lovin’ You (Forever)” to our set. We even went so far as to video tape our performance and when we had 1st row seats at a NKOTB concert in Medina, OH, we got backstage and gave NKOTB’s road crew our videotape as well as the HUGE stuff animal we won from the lip-sync show. The next day we traveled to Columbus, OH to attend another NKOTB show and got to speak with another road crew who swore that the boys watched our tape! We were ecstatic! He was even able to name which of my friends performed as which New Kid!
    Let’s keep the support for NKOTB going so we can have many more years of the boys!! Guys – Welcome Back – we’ve missed ya!

  55. NMiller says:

    OH-IO Definatly has the MOST diehard-Ultimate fans!
    Cleveland (and surrounding areas) Rocks!

  56. Barbie says:

    My Mom sent in a picture of me and my Grandmother holding a king size sheet that we decorated for days, with at least 100 Sharpie’s,(at least it felt like 100). It said New Kids Barbie loves you, Sebring, Florida.She also mentioned my lovely garbage dumpster episode which was well worth it because I got a hug from Danny, who was very nice, Biscuit was following between Danny and Jordan so I got chased away, (do you blame me for running?) Did I get an autograph—NO I was to busy trying to breath, and Biscuit scared me to death.

  57. Brandy says:

    It is nice to know there were others out there that were as big freaks as I was. I only got to see the guys once, Costa Mesa, CA. September 1990. I have the stub framed in my Box o’ New Kids. We arrived at the venue about 2-3 hours before the start of the opening act (Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch), once inside I nearly passed out. I remember the lady that took us having me sit on the grass with a paper bag and breathe into it. It was nuts, I can’t wait till November 25th when I get to see them again. I will be sure to have a little brown bag with me, Just in case. :)
    I’ll Be Loving You (Forever) guys!

  58. Gail says:

    Following the rules completely was sooo hard. My entry picture could only include a third of what went with it because of the nothing commercial being allowed. That still confuses me because why are people with NK dolls, sleeping bags etc allowed??? Those are commercial & I stuck to the rules literally. I hope they got the comment I made in my blog that there is so much more. Then trying to skim the surface of what I did in 50 words was even worse!!! I probably do sound crazy doing what I did w/o the other items & explaining why I did it, LOL…I hope that helps, haha. It was fun at any rate even though I could barely move after doing the entry…especially not wearing my removable cast in the picture because I couldn’t unpack everything with it on…BAD GAIL. I’ve loved NKs since the day I saw them & never stopped despite endless criticism of them & my taste. I feel completely justified! I was & still am completely proud of my 5 guys from Beantown!!!!!!!!!! Loving them FOREVER!

  59. Malissa says:

    It was really hard to decide what story to tell and how to condense it into 50 words. Then only getting to submit two pics was a difficult task. Hopefully my entry will intrigue the folks at VH1 enough to pick me and hear the rest of my stories. My four friends and I are counting down the days until the winner is announced on Friday for the Boston show.

  60. Leigh Sullivan-Fontneau says:

    OMG!! That’s me the New Kids are talking about! That’s my entry! I can’t believe it, I’ve been such a fan for 18 years, this is the ultimate! I don’t even care if I win, just knowing that they said my name and held up that horrible dorky picture of me is enough! Don’t get me wrong, I would absolutely die if I won! Wish me luck! :)

  61. NMiller says:

    I KNOW Leigh! I about died when Donnie said MY name! I really hope all of us that they showed gets to go to one of the shows! I am dying just waiting around now! This has been a forgotten dream of mine since I was like 13! (Almost 20 years ago!) I cried the whole time my sister was on stage with Donnie! She actually had to be bribed to get on stage (By my mom) because she was so shy!
    I was such a huge fan, like most, walls crazy plastered with photos, dolls,watches, sheets, pillowcases, doll, my mom made curtains out of a 2nd set of sheets! I even went to our local library and photo copied every McIntyre page out of the Boston phone books, wishing one day I could get there to maybe bump into him! LOL! I remember standing in line for tix for HOURS! I actually got to meet Joe when they were in town playing at a fair, he was shopping with his body guard at the local mall in Akron, OH!
    This video clip is something to remember forever!

  62. Nichole Miller entry number 2 above blog says:

    Anyone from Ohio friend me on myspace dot com slash nicholelliotmiller

  63. Blair (NMiller's Sista) says:

    Fo sho!!! Haha. I’m glad someone else noticed their picture on there! That’s awesome Leight…let’s all keep our finger’s crossed! And yes, my sister’s face was probably priceless the moment her little sister (me) was pulled up on stage. Seeing my picture on there, and then Donnie saying he wanted to meet me was unbelieveable…and great to hear! I really hope too that the girls they showed in that clip win one of the 4 shows. But of course all of us want the Boston show to share with our friends! Leight, if you have myspace…find me!

    Good luck gals!

  64. Blair says:

    …yes, Biscuit was scary…but so glad he chose me out of the crowd haha.

  65. Leigh Sullivan-Fontneau says:

    hey Blair and Nicole,
    I was just like you guys, I was 12 when I went to my first NKOTB concert at the Citi club in Boston on April 24, 1989. My father had passed away due to cancer shortly before that. New Kids gave me something positive to believe in and I was completely obsessed with them, posters, pins, sheets, concerts, etc. Joe has always been my favorite but I really love them all. I live about 45 minutes outside of Boston so back in the day, my two best friends and I used to get dropped off in front of Donnie’s house just trying to get a glimpse of him. I too did the phone book thing and called every number hoping one would be Joe. I used to send him Christmas cards and birthday cards every year, hoping one would get to him. When the New Kids took their break, I went to three of Joe’s concerts and was fortunate to meet him twice. I’ve never met any of the other New Kids and would just die to be able to tell them what they’ve meant to me. I honestly think I would have lost my mind if it wasn’t for their positive influence. My obsession continued throughout the years. I have always kept a picture of new Kids in my cube at work and listened to their music. I’ve seen almost every movie/tv show Donnie has ever been in. I was so happy to hear that they were reuniting. I honestly can’t even let myself think of the possiblity of winning the contest. I would die to meet them. They recently did an autograph signing at newbury Comics in Boston and all you had to do was buy their album and wait in line for12 hours and you could meet them and take pictures with them. I didn’t have a babysitter for my daughter so I couldn’t go. I was so disappointed. I would have slept overnight on the street if I could. I’m sorry I don’t have my space. Good luck to you guys. I emailed vh1 to see if I can get a copy of the video. I’m hoping they get back to me, I’ll let you know if they do. I need to have this to show my daughter how crazy her mom was/is for the New Kids.

  66. Nichole Miller says:

    Leigh- Please keep in touch after the contest! Its great to be able to share stories and the excitement of NKOTB! And who knows! If WE win the Boston trip, we may be able to share our prize! Especially since you are already in Boston!
    Good Luck to you! Hope all is well with you! email me sometime!

  67. Donna says:

    You guys are hilarious…I don’t have any pictures. I have always been a fan of you guys. My daughter loved you…She had (still has) watches, a Donnie doll, a nightgown and a sleeping bag. Anyway…I just wanted to say hello(even though you don’t read these responses) I just had to tell you that. Also…the new disc rocks…I hope you guys put out some more cds…And Donnie..”Do you like older women”?..


  68. Brooke says:

    I still have my box marked “NKOTB stuff”. I stuffed many of the 1,200 pics I collected into folders and large envelopes. I was one of few that actually collected the comic books, I kept those and they are still in amazing shape!

    Donnie you brought out the outspoken part of me; Jordan you brought out the creative part of me. My world froze every time one of you spoke or sang…

  69. Nichole says:

    LOL, kinda funny, but this is like some kind of “SAW” torture waiting to see who won! LOL! Longest week ever!!!! Can we just pretend its Friday?

  70. Danielle says:

    Leigh,NMiller and Blair….GOOD LUCK!!

    They also showed my picture. I am the one sleeping with her Joe and Jordan dolls. I just about died when I saw that on here. Last friday was a great day!!

    I hope one of us wins at least one of the trips(I am hoping for Vegas it is closest to home for me), if I don’t win I can still smile Jordan said my NAME..HAHAHHA!!

  71. Nichole says:

    Blair and I are hoping to win the Boston prize! When I was 12, I used to BEG my parents to take me there in hope that I would somehow bump into them! LOL!! So it would be like a childhood dream come true!
    Good Luck to you as well! Hope you win the Vegas trip! Whomever wins these next few weeks, please post to let us know!

  72. Blair says:

    It is almost 10 and I’m still on here checking things out. Ever since I saw my picture on here, I’m so anxious to see who will win! It made it worse seeing it up there! haha. Good luck Danielle and Leigh!

  73. Renee Volle says:

    You girls are cracking me up right now! I’m reading your blogs and can relate with you guys totally (although NKOTB didn’t read my submission online :o( ) . My friend Stacy and I used to talk about driving to Boston to visit Jamaica Plains and Dorchester in the hope of “running” into the guys. Granted we were only 14 at the time…but once we turned 16 we were going to go on a road trip!! Anyway, I wish everyone good luck with the concert – although I’m secretely hoping my entry gets picked for one of the Grand Prizes!!
    Hey, Do you girls think that NKOTB are reading these blogs?? If so, they can see what die-hard fans they have out there!

  74. Nichole says:

    LOL! Yep! That was our plan too! Come 16- ROADTRIP! Its funny the plans we made for when we were able to drive! I highly doubt my parents would have ALLOWED me to do something like that! But, all that mattered was that it was a dream, and whats life without dreams?

    I doubt NKOTB is reading these…they are in Canada, prolly busy as all H*LL!
    Good Luck to you!

  75. Blair (Cover Girl) says:


    The photo tag to the right of Laci from “Charm School” irritates me everytime I open up this page. Her facial expression drives me nuts. Is that supposed to be attractive? Just a “FF”.

  76. Danielle says:

    This is horrible. This wait it awful.

    Come on…pick pick!!

    *waves* to the girls.

  77. Blair (Cover Girl) says:

    *Waves* back to Danielle

    Seriously, this wait is not fun at all. I can’t even work! haha! I’m seriously on here like every 15 min looking for any type of update. How are you holding out Danielle and Leigh?

  78. Danielle says:

    I am apparently doing so bad I can not type correctly Blair.

    In my last post I said…”This wait it awful.”..I am fairly certain I meant the wait is awful.
    God lord. I am 32 years old, when did I become the 12 year old ball of goo again.

  79. PANNA says:

    I have been an NKOTB fan since i was 11 years old im 31 now- i thought i was going to marry Jordan Knight I called myself Mrs Knight for years, even did the signatures like Jordan. i bought every single magazine with nkotb, entered evry competition (never won) aaah. I made badges, scrap books containing all cut outs, taped every television interview from Oprah Winfrey show to Smash hits poll winnners party. Even though Nkotb split up after years of hearing they shall return in ‘the fall’ i was devastated to hear they had split up. Blockheads waited then found out their were gone!! I still didnt give up on listened to their music, searched for them online to see what their up to. I aways kept their tapes in my car and listened to it , i held my head up high when people slated them i stuck up for them. i knew Donnie was doing movies and i watched Jordan on ‘Hit me baby one more time’ doing his solo music, and i watched Jordan on Holiday reps it got me very excited!! I did go to an NKOTB concert when i was 14years old but tickets sold fast and i was near the back of the arena all i saw was 5 match stick men. but i treasured that moment for years. Glad your back NKOTB from your greatest fan. love youx

  80. RO says:

    Im the younger sis of Panna she also sent a comment here. We are from the UK and are NKOTBs NO1 fans. I got into NKOTB by watching my sisters drool over the boys. Im 24 now but didnt stop me fancying donnie lol We made banner s for the concert, now we hope to meet and greet NKOTB at the Birmingham NIA show on JAN 17th 09 sis promised me VIP tickets – U will spot us boys we are the ‘asian babes’ from uk.

  81. Blair (Cover Girl) says:

    Haha…Don’t feel bad Danielle…I even read it has “This wait is awful…” I didn’t even notice the word “it”…I guess I’m out of it a little.

  82. Blair (Cover Girl) says:

    So, I was just chit chatting with my sis…and she also agrees that we think they already picked a winner and it might be porch girl. Just because she is the only one out of the 4 submissions shown who hasn’t come on here to chit chat. She either doesn’t pay attention to this kind of stuff, or she won and is not allowed to say anything. It might just be crazy talk :) You never know, that’s a thought :(

    Seriously, just let us know so we can move on to the Vegas show! haha…and be obsessed with that one.

  83. Nichole says:

    *Waves back to Danielle and Leigh* HEeeeeeeyyyy Girls! They should call this the “Nichole-Blair-Danielle-Leigh-NKOTB Blog!” LOL!
    Yeah, Im gonna be 33 next month (ugh!) and I feel like Im 12 again as well! Its nice to feel like a kid sometimes! If only we realized how lucky and easy we had it back then!
    The wait is crazy aweful! LOL!
    Yeah, maybe Porch-kiss girl did win… we haven’t heard from her at all!
    Im gonna try concentrating on work now, so that I can prepare to wait around tommorow!
    Good Luck again to you girls! And please let us bloggers know if you get the call/email!

  84. Danielle says:

    Oh maybe porch girl did win.

    Well it looks like in the rules it said they would say who won tomorrow.
    So you would think that person would know today. So maybe it is her.
    Or maybe someone else sent one in and blew us all away. How they could, I don’t know?? hehehe

    This is just too much. I wish they would just say all 4 winners now. All this waiting is so not good for me.

  85. Nichole (Cover Girls Sister-Entrant) says:

    I think once Boston is picked, I won’t be AS anxious! BTW…I seen this GREAT restaurant on a “food” show that is located in Boston last night…They have a chocolate buffet on Saturdays, so whoever wins, they MUST go there and indulge for me! LOL! YUM-O!
    I bet it was porch girl! MAN! I really wanted to win Boston! I think our stories rocked the casbah!
    And look! We are soooooo attentive! LOL!

  86. Nichole (Cover Girls Sister-Entrant) says:

    “The potential Grand Prize Winner results will be posted on the Web Site on or around the following dates” ~ Taken from the “official rules”.
    So really, it could be anytime now!

  87. Daniela Jara says:

    What can I say but that during my high school years I felt I was the “biggest fan” of NKOTB. Innocence back then lead me to believe I would actually meet them at some point, during which time I attended 3 of their concerts with another “big NKOTB fan” who had “Donnie” plastered everywhere on her school stuff. For me it was “Jordan” stuff. But I always loved how when you went to their concerts, you always felt they were singing just to you, the whole group. It was mind-blowing!!! The ballads, the catchy melodies, making the dance routines look easy while dancing. I do alot of musical theatre so I know how that goes. But though I came reall close, when they were filming a Coke or Pepsi commercial at the pier in San Pedro, near where I lived back then, I never got to meet any of them.

    But most of all, it would be a complete dream come true for me to meet all of Donnie, Danny, Jordan, Joey and Jon becuase of the past 2 1/2 year struggle I’ve had!!! I’m a single mom to my little 4 year old girl, after a tough separation/divorce, leading to financial trouble, a phase of deep depression, but eventually picking up the pieces, staying positive for my baby girl, losing 40 lbs, getting into healthy physical shape, having my daughter as priority, and returning to my passion of musical theatre and dance, which I had to neglect during my marriage years. There’s been so many ups and downs in these last two years, and I can only imagine what a “pick-me-up” it would be to get to meet NKOTB in person. I’ve seen the Single video filmed at Jet Nightclub in Vegas, which is where I went a few months back t get out of my “single blues”, and when I saw the video, NKOTB made me feel like that girl “they were just singing to ” once again.

  88. Blair (Cover Girl) says:

    This is so stressful…I’ve been eating like there is no tomorrow. No good at all…. haha :)

  89. Nichole (Cover Girls Sister-Entrant) says:

    I HEART VH1 and NKOTB whoot whoot!

  90. Leigh says:

    Hey Ladies,
    Good luck to everyone! It’s definately going to be hard waiting to hear until November to know whether or not we all won any of the prizes!

  91. Blair says:

    I def have a feeling that the winner already knows…I’m just going to try to go on with my day thinking that we didn’t win. (I need to get some work done! haha) Me and my sister both had dreams that we won the Boston show…at least we can dream :)

    Good luck though to all of us for the next 3 shows!

  92. Blair (Cover Girl) says:

    Just a comment…I keep finding myself wondering and day dreaming haha. In a “zone”. Shake it off Blair, shake it off.

  93. Danielle says:

    It is 6:55am in CA, Friday morning. What is the first thing I do when I walk into work?
    Come on here. Danielle you are 32 and getting married in 3 months. Stop it. I am just so excited.

    I agree I think the winner already knows.

    3 more shows ladies. Good Luck!!

  94. Blair (Cover Girl) says:

    You are hilarious Danielle.

    So, I’m listening to NKOTB on my computer and found myself just staring at the Windows Media Player cool designs it shows…I just don’t know what to do with myself. I just want to know who won the Boston show, that’s all :)

  95. Mandi and Angel says:

  96. Blair (Cover Girl) says:

    This is going to kill me…I can’t eat my lunch (too anxious) and then I have a meeting at 12:15…like I’m going to be focused! Ya right…unless we find out before then ;)

  97. Blair (Cover girl) says:

    OH! and my sister Nichole just updated me of her status….she just got lost while driving home (which she does all the time) because she is also anxious and was jamming to NKOTB out in Lala land! haha

  98. Nichole says:

    12:05p ~ Good thing I have an inner auto pilot! Jeesh! Then my mom called at 11:56!
    I definatly agree, the winner has to know already? Right?

  99. Danielle says:

    Blair and Nichole, do you think the VH1 peeps are reading these posts of ours? They probably think we are nuts.
    If so, peeps have pitty on us. Come on…who is it??

  100. Nichole says:

    Im not sure if they are reading this, but you have to admit…WE ARE DIEHARDS! LOL!
    We know thus far its not any of us bloggers!

  101. Nichole says:

    P.S. My sis (blair) is in a meeting for the next hour or so, so you know its killing her not to be able to check in!

  102. Blair (Cover Girl) says:

    You are a mean sister! haha…jk. Yes, It did kill me. I kept sneaking a peek at my phone…I’m not sure what my meeting was about.

  103. Nichole says:

    ( In her best Merideth Gray voice) Pick me…choose me…love me…!

  104. Blair (Cover Girl) says:

    I even just had a co-worker ask if I’ve heard anything yet…haha.

  105. Blair (Cover Girl)...wanting to win! says:

    I am such a DORK…

    So, I’m listening to the Right Stuff and found myself changing the lyrics around.

    Like, instead of the “Oh, oh oh oh ohs”…I changed it to, “I, I, I can’t work, I, I, I can’t, I, I, I, can’t work..nope nope nope….haha.

  106. Blair (Cover Girl) says:

    If we win any of the shows…wouldn’t it be funny for Donnie to sing “Cover Girl” to me again…it would be hilarious to have a then and now picture of the whole incident. haha.

  107. Nichole says:

    It would be a GREAT thing for their HOMETOWN show! LOL!
    Put the original pic on the jumbo tron and then pull you up on stage, and then I can just
    stand there and cry cry cry! Or they could pull ME on stage and sing to me!
    That would be fantastic! Maybe give ME a chance to have Donnie sing to me, you already had your shot! LOL!

  108. Nichole says:

    OH, and A BIG CONGRATS to the winner! You’ll be doing something many girls can only dream of!

  109. Mindy (The porch kisser) says:

    I am DYING over here!!!! I’ve been checking my email all day & my heart and stomach SINKS everytime my phone rings. I know the rules say that the winner will be notified within one business day, meaning it could be Monday, but this is killin me… LOL

    Good Luck to all!

    The NKOTB Boston Porch Kisser!!

  110. Mindy (The porch kisser) says:

    I just posted a comment & now I don’t see it.

    Nichole, you said big congrats to the winner. Did they announce it yet??
    OMG, I’m dying over here!!

    The NKOTB Boston porch kisser

  111. Nichole Miller (covergirl pic girl) says:

    LORD ALMIGHTY MINDY! We have been waiting for the last 3 days for you to blog on here! LOL!
    We all thought that maybe you won, and weren’t allowed to talk about it on here! Quite the scare!
    Just shows you how imaginations can run wild!
    And we all completely understand!
    I have had my phone glued to me, I had a salon appointment this morning and didn’t even pay attention to where I was driving because I was in NKOTB land, and anytime my phone rang, my heart would skip like 10 beats!

    Lemme catch you up and introduce you to our bloggers!
    Im Nichole, I entered the “Cover Girl” picture and story
    Blair, is my sister, she is the little girl in the photo.
    Leigh, is the one who married the Donnie Look-a-like
    Danielle is the one sleeping with the dolls.

    Weve all become blogger friends, and have been waiting on you the whole time! LOL

    Im thinking, NKOTB are performing for the 2nd night in Canada, and IF they are helping with the judging, VH1 is prolly waiting to discuss with them, and they are fiercly busy!

    Anyhoooo, not that I caught you up, how things?

  112. Mindy (The porch kisser) says:

    Hey everyone!! Thanks for the recap, Nichole. OMG, I’m sorry I had you guys worried! I WISH I knew that I had won. The rules said they would announce the winner on their website today. How much longer?! I loved all of your guys’ entries. We have some great stories huh? Maybe they picked someone else entirely! LOL

    I know it says above the video that our entries were a few of their faves, but I don’t think the guys are actually judging. I have read the rules over and over and over. They are waaaaaaaaay too busy now with the tour just starting.

    Just think, though, we have won NO MATTER WHAT!!! The guys sat around and talked about us! They said our names!! Bring that up if you’re going to any concerts!!

    Good luck everyone!


  113. Nichole says:

    Wow, still no word huh? At least Im not so wound up anymore! Im suprised that if they have already chosen an entry, that they weren’t any of the 4 of the “better” ones!

  114. Brandie says:

    I can’t believe that their is no winner yet!! Their is still hope!!

  115. Blair (Cover Girl) says:

    I cannot take it anymore! haha.

  116. Leanne says:

    I have been keeping track of the blogs….this is my firts blog…..I entered the contest last weekend. Has anyone heard anything???? How much longer until it is announced. I am going crazy out here!!!

  117. Danielle says:

    Nothing yet Nichole?? Oh my goodness.



    The girl sleeping with her dolls

  118. Nichole says:

    Nope, Nothing…Absolutly nothing! Ive almost given up hope!
    It was nice hearing from Mindy tho, huh? LOL!
    Im much less anxious! I figured they would have at least emailed or
    called the winner so they could prepare?
    Anyhoo, I bet it will all come to the surface on Monday.
    Nothing like a bit of suspense!
    The mystery shall soon be solved!
    If you watch the video closely, you’ll notice that Jordan has more than 4 entries on his lap,
    so that could indicate that, yes, ours were some of the “better” entries, but maybe the ones they didn’t show were the winners, and they taped the whole thing on that one day, and when they post the winner, it will be them saying who won! This is my “thesis”! While I really hope that is not the case, I just wonder about it. LOL!
    Im done checking for the weekend, so I guess we’ll chat on Monday when the big secret is revealed!

    Nichole Miller, Cover Girl pic entry

  119. Nichole says:

    States on the “entry” blog that the winner was chosen. Reina’s friend! Now we can all relax until October!LOL!

  120. Mindy (The porch kisser) says:

    Damn!! Oh well…….. like I said, I’ve already won…… so, it’s all good :)


  121. Nichole says:

    Yeah. I truely thought it was one of the ones shown in the video! I too, am very happy with NKOTB even looking at mine! I feel very privlidged! At least I will be able to work tommorow! LOL!

  122. Danielle says:

    I agree Mindy and Nichole.

    Of course I would have liked to win..but they said my name. I am really excited and happy with that.

  123. Blair (Bummed Cover Girl) says:

    I’m so bummed :(

  124. Nichole (sad, sad, girl) says:

    Sad, but very happy the wait is over, and very happy for Reina’s friend!

  125. Leigh (the one who married Donnie) says:

    Hey Ladies (Nicole, Blair, Mindy, Danielle),
    Don’t be sad, remember there’s three more concerts. It is awesome they read our entries though. I’m going to the concert Sept 26th in Boston and was thinking of bringing a sign that said “I’m Leigh from Vh1′s ultimate fan contest.” Maybe it would catch their attention? I figured from the beginning that there would be such a remote chance to win because I’m sure they got a million entries. So like you all said, it’s really an honor the New Kids read ours. I can’t seem to get vh1 to write me back and let me know how I can obtain a copy of that video blog though. I want to be able to show my daughter when she’s a little older what a huge fan of New Kids her mom is. Congrats to the winner and I’ll be hoping for all of us for the next three!

  126. Nichole says:

    I almost started crying just now! LOL! Now I REALLY feel like Im 12 again! hahahah!

  127. Nichole says:

    Hey Leigh! Its funny! My sister and I were just talking about getting better “floor” tickets for the Cleveland show, and making a sign to try to get their attention!
    I was watching one of the video blogs on, and Donnie stated that he “gave away like 400 backstage passes” in Canada, so maybe if we make signs, and he DID say he wanted to meet his Covergirls as adults, maybe our dream can still come true!!! LOL!
    Yeah, we know that there is 3 more, but Ive almost lost hope… :(
    I hope you win the Vegas show like you wanted! Good Luck! AND PLEASE let us know how the Boston show goes! Ohhhhhhhhh how I wanted to be there!

  128. Nichole says:

    Leigh… P.S~ You must post a pic somewhere so we can see your “Donnie” hubby! My hubby looks like Josh Lucas (Sweethome Alabama style!)

  129. Blair (Cover Girl...still bummed) says:

    Almost lost hope? My hope has been gone since Friday :( I made a pact with myself not to check these blogs…so ++##^((&$`%`$~^ tit…let me know if anything good happens on here….. :( sniff sniff

  130. Mindy (The porch kisser) says:

    Hey girls,

    I know it sucks none of us won Boston, but like Leigh said, there are 3 other shows. We all still have a chance. And I heard there was only like 200 entires, so you never know!! I still cannot believe that the guys sat around & talked about US. They haven’t seen all the entries, nor will they, so they won’t even know who the winner is. But, they will know us!! That’s why I said we have already won.

    I have 5* VIP to my show in St Louis. I’m bringing my pic with me so I can show them & tell them, I’m the porch kisser!! LOL And they will totally remember my story and know who I am. How cool is that??

    Keep your heads up girls. It’s not over yet!! :D

  131. Blair (Cover Girl) says:

    Hahaha…I know what you mean Mindy.

    I so want to go to our show and take my picture and wave it around and be like, give me kisses again! haha. They would be like “Hey, isn’t that the picture of that Cover Girl we were talking about???”…Ya, right…wishful thinking :)

  132. DotGirl says:

    WICKED AWESOME!!!!! I’m OFD and when I was a pre-teen/teen girl during the NKOTB hype I unfortunately never got to see the guys in concert. (I dunno, Mom didn’t have the money or didn’t want to take me and listen to screaming girls, who knows!) I was although fortunate enough to see some of the guys around town a few times (or at least see them in a car driving by) Watched Danny play basketball once at Mill St. park (with his shirt off…NICE BODY btw) Anyway, I’m going to see them for the first time in concert this Friday in Boston…with my own pre-teen daughter who now loves them and is going to be wearing my tour jacket I got when I was her age! This just seems so crazy!

  133. Blair says:

    Congrats Kim! Don’t let the sore losers bring you down…enjoy your prize and just ignore the haters! :)

  134. janety says:

    Hi my name is janet and l always like nkotb since l was small , l remember when l have all your record, posted, and alot of thing so l will to please send me a free ticket to see my favorite group always……..

  135. Melissa says:

    I was at the sold out concert last night in Boston and it was incredible!!! I am also going to the one in November in Providence. They have not lost any of their touch, and the crowd was wild!

  136. Bellia Ramos says:

    To my Favorit group, you all the best thing that came out. I wish that I will ge to me you all soon. Im a big fan on the N>K>O>T>B>. I have a 9 year old that likes them too.!!!!

  137. shanna says:

    I love New Kids. They were the only band that made me want books, and t-shirts and BEDSHEETS. I watched the cartoon, they were one of my first cassette tapes. I’m so glad they’re back together. And Donnie, I’m SINGLE.

  138. Toni says:

    I sent a pic too! My two friends and I video taped ourselves in the middle of the Minnesota winter!! It was freezing! We taped around our town in hopes they would come and do a show here. I have seen them twice in High School. I taped any and all interviews and shows they were on back then and continue to tape them now….. My 14 year old son, who likes Rap and other music loves them too and would love to see them. He shares my love of music. The New Kids also helped me battle depression as a teen and gave me something to look forward too. I became a member of the fan club and spent all my babysitting money on magazines,posters and other items of theirs! My oldest son even wore their p.j.’s when he was little. Just would love to meet them once and say Thank You for the awesome memories and getting me through high school!!!!

  139. Danielle says:


    I have not gone yet. It is a week from today.
    I am so excited. I saved your email and I will email you all the details.

    I am still trying to decide what to wear. If I wanna go old school and wear an old shirt(which will look alot smaller now..haha) or just wear my regular clothes.

  140. Leanne says:

    Does anyone know if a winner has been picked yet for Vegas????
    I feel like a 12 year old girl again. I can’t stop checking the computer, then my phone, then my computer, etc….the cycle just won’t stop :-)
    Good luck ladies

  141. candie kennedy says:

    i went to the cleveland show with my 7 month pregnant sister and i thought i died and went to heaven! lol

    NKOTB- the cleveland show was hype and i will never forget that show as long as i live….other than birthing my children- seeing you all in concert was the most beautiful moment of my ENTIRE life!!!!! i am so glad that at the end of the show donnie said “SEE YOU NEXT YEAR CLEVELAND!”

    good to know they will be back lol i wish i could re-live my weekend. this was the best weekend of my life! hands down! i love you nkotb!

    ps: i want some full service pronto! lol

  142. Heather says:

    I went to the Cleveland concert last Friday and what an awesome performance. down on the floor, center stage, 3rd row back…doesnt get much better than that! The guys were just as great in concert this time around as they were 15 years ago! They were the first concert i ever attended. i went with my mom and it was awesome to be able to take my kids to their first concert and it be the NKOTB. My son, Jordan, finally got to see the man he was named after. i’ve waited for this for soooo long and now that it’s over i’m going through withdrawals. its quite sad if i sit here and think about it…but ill always have the memories of those 5 sexy grown men dancing on stage…and like candie said..they’ll be back next year! and yes, ill be there hangin tough with the rest of the BLOCKHEADS!!!!!

  143. andrea says:

    I hope i winn anyway’s i already cut my hair to give to the breast cancern awarness month . I got to anxious to enter the contest so i don’t know if i could winn or not . Anyway’s i may try to send it out by today with my aunt i need to get out of this dumpy appartment for awhile anyway’s these people just can’t cut me some slack . I didn’t go sehnea o coner style but almost did Donny stop trying to cover up your bold spot man your not that bold . Like i said before i have seen worse My brother in law dad use to use a wig and i don’t know if he still does but if that’s how you feel about your hair i can still give you some of mine lol . Or like i mention before use rogain and stop putting yourself down samething jonathan i am tired of seeing the both of you guy’z doing that . And jonathan i am still taking cymbalta maybe you should tried that for your panic attack’s my family and i suffer from that too Just stop your smoking it’s making you look bad on tv and i don’t want to hear that you have lung cancern man i sick and tired of hearing about celeb’s dying or quitting .

  144. andrea says:

    I ment to put for my email add. Like i said jonathan i don’t know if your still on medication but i also have tried like four different medichine whatever i give up on the first try because i still feel like i am going to pass out when i am around people and i didn’t like how that guy on tmz mistreated you like that he is a jerk i don’t really watch that unless it’s something about you all. I do get tired of you guys being made fun because your a boyband they are already spreading rumor’s about you being gay which is kind of stupid and childish they mine as well call me gay too lol.

  145. Carolyn says:

    I went to the Cleveland show too, and I was totally blown away!

  146. Blair (Cover girl) says:

    I went to the Cleveland show too….GREAT show. I could see them again easily haha. Donnie is nummie nums.

  147. Janet says:

    did they say who the NY winner is yet?

  148. candie kennedy says:

    who takes a vote that vh1 let us all win???? lol wouldn’t that be sweeeet? i think i would pass out lol

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