New York Goes To Hollywood Recap – Episode 7 – Make Up To Break Up


Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Except in this case, “sweet” means “good TV.” If ever there were a modern translation of Shakespeare, surely this is it.

We begin where we left off: after a romantic-or-is-it-just-acting-oh-no-wait-it’s-romantic afternoon with Vos, he drives New York home where her estranged reality TV-hatched beau Tailor Made awaits and prepares a romantic meal for just the two of them. A romantic meal that involves champagne on ice and burritos in wrappers.

Yep. That seems appropriately classy.

New York is surprised to find Tailor waiting for her. But her level of excitement isn’t exactly high — she reacts not so much as you would to a surprise gift, but to, say, a surprise period.

“I’m so not happy to see Tailor Made,” she interviews. Well, at least she isn’t pregnant!

What Whiteboy would call “scrappin’” begins almost immediately.

“You don’t f***in’ love me!” she yells at him. Clearly, resentment has been building up in her for some time. Perhaps that is why she’s looked so busty lately. The bickering continues. At one point, New York turns to Vos, whom Tailor condescendingly tipped as though he was Tiff’s chauffeur when they walked in, and says, “I’m just sorry that you had to bear witness to this s*** stain on my life!” What Deelishis’ birthmark is to her eyebrow (per New York’s words), so is Tailor Made to New York’s life. That really puts things into perspective.

Cartoonishly (which is to say, in a completely normal fashion for New York), she and Vos rehearse their scene in the midst of this bitchfest.

Tailor critiques Vos’ delivery. He stands up so as to underline how non-menacing he can be.

Vos asks him if he works out and he says, “No, I don’t need to.” “Yes you do,” is Vos’ retort. Ha! Not that someone like Buddha couldn’t use Vos as a toothpick or anything, but you know, at least he was momentarily witty.

Vos leaves and Tailor Made and New York share what she deems “an adult dinner,” the distinction being that it doesn’t involve sippy cups or chicken fingers.

Because it’s otherwise childish. Tailor Made says something about supporting Tiffany, and she takes issue with that word. She also says it’s big. I suppose support is a large concept for New York, considering the amount she needs to stand up straight. Tailor Made says something about this visit helping their relationship and Tiff snaps back, “What relationship?”

She also takes off her ring and waves her fingers at him so that he knows that she means business.

Unsurprisingly, this leads to a huge blowup, which in turn leads to Tailor Made storming out of the house. Tiffany takes his framed picture…

…and when she realizes the trash can is too small for her to stuff it in…

…she lays it on the top, face down.

Hmmm. It would seem that, if only for a brief flicker of a moment, the trash can has forced Tiff to abdicate her role as H.B.I.C. Kind of humbling, it must be.

No matter, the next day finds Tiffany revitalized. She’s nice to Lizza, for one thing.

Don’t you look…sluttish,” she tells her assistant. At first it seems like an insult, but then she follows it up with, “You better work, bitch!” so you know she means it as a compliment. But then considering her beauty standards, of course she does.

She practices for the day’s Shakespeare showcase with a pillow.

Well, at least it’s more animated than Vos.

She calls Tailor Made to invite him to today’s theatrical festivities, but he doesn’t pick up. She leaves a voicemail. It’s uncommonly kind. And then, she gets to acting school, where she and her classmates will perform their scenes as sort of a graduation.

She sits and awaits being called up by Scott. Right before she’s set to go on, Tailor Made strolls in. Aw, he does care! Tiffany performs that nightingale/lark scene from Romeo & Juliet with a shirtless Vos.

She’s seriously not bad. Seriously. She even cries real tears! And since Shakespeare (or whoever) undoubtedly realized that punctuating this scene with a kiss would make a wonderful point of romantic ambiguity in a reality show one day, New York kisses Vos with much gusto in plain view of Tailor Made.

Tailor, for the record, isn’t a jerk about this. He commends New York on the way out…

Similarly, before she left, New York’s acting teacher Scott says that while he wasn’t certain when Tiffany entered the class, he’s now sure that she has the acting gene. At last, Scott realizes what the rest of us have known since early 2006.

Because she “loves him” and hopes that things will “work out,” New York takes Tailor out to lunch to Dolce.

He says supportive things regarding her acting. He’s her spiritual bra. Such a task. She’s not really having it, though, and she admits that she resents him for abandoning her. But she’s the one who moved to Hollywood! But the relationship was over long before! They go back and forth. It’s impossible to get a grasp on what actually happened. She thinks fame went to his head and he changed after I Love New York 2 began airing; he thinks that she just can’t handle all the time he spends on his work. He says he doesn’t feel like bringing up her emotional volatility, which puts them at a stalemate.

A standoff even. With nothing resolved, it’s time for them to part ways, which they also bicker about. Finally, New York says, “Oh, this is my table. You walk from here. I’m not getting up.” Ha! That makes putting up with their squabbling totally worth it. Tailor slams his chair back and flounces off.

Why so babyish? New York tells us definitively, “It’s over.” Then, in the previews for next week, we see her in negotiations for I Love New York 3. So that way she can do this all again! So much for “over.”

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  1. Nicktastic says:

    I can’t believe she is breaking up with him. I think she is being selfish. I love New York and Tailor but, they both need to stop acting like children. The conversation didn’t get anywhere. They both were talking over eachother. How can either of them listen to eachother. Come on Tiff and Tailor be adult.

  2. keepin-it-real says:




  3. dianna c says:

    i think she should lose the loser.. he is sooo different from the I love ny show… he kissed her *#^_$*^_`#+)~#@ on the show and now he’s acting like he’s the one with all the fame

  4. L says:

    This show was pretty good. New York had a lil more class about herself on this. Taylor Made should be happy. He can go do his thing now. He and NY had clashing attitudes, she needs a hoodrat that can handle her hood a**. Boss, (whatever her acting partner’s name is) needs to bring his girlfriend to some of the acting classes. I’m sure she’s classy and pretty. Not calling NewYork the u word cuz looks are always an opinion…Anyways this show was pretty cool. Glad to see she was nice to Lizza. Her weird manly mom didn’t show up. Of course NY had to act up and show what type of person she really was but I was expecting that. Again…pretty good episode nothing just really aggravated me about her ignorance. Best of luck NY for whatever decision you decide to make between reality and acting. Apparently ignorance sells so you’ll do well in either…but please get a better weave. Holla

  5. cecedabaddest27 says:

    I feel like Taylor made could have listened to what she had to say. He has changed it seems, and he ain’t hit that in 3 months that’s too long to go without some d#$@ from your fiance’. I love Tiffany though, F$%k him girl he ain’t ready. I think she should hook up with her acting partner, he was cute.

  6. Cecedabaddest27 says:

    Taylor maid needs New York keep doing your thing thing, I love you girl. I think she should kick it with the acting coach, he’s cute.

  7. Black Velvet says:

    You go New York!! I love you girl!! I am so happy you getting rid of Tailor Made! You are doing your thing now and he thought that you coulndt do it. If you do do a new season of I love New York, I want to be the first candidate.(lol) Much Blessings to you, and please keep me in suspense. I even took off on Mondays just to see you! Holla!

  8. Angel says:

    i hope she gets with Vos hes sexy and seems to like her. And plus reality tv is what she is…thats her money shes not gonna get money by her acting forsure so she needs to sick with that thats forsure money. And plus New York isnt a charcter thats who she is just with a different name.I LOVE NEW YORK! No Homolol

  9. new york says:

    new york u r a +%$@*(_#@(%_&%)!^ to people but i like u your just like me my name is chantanice and im a diva and i know im the ~%(^^`#`_@$@^*`~ just like u i look at your t.v. show all the time i want to be just like u.i am 20 years old and i live in sacramento CA and i just wanted 2 say keep up the good work

  10. g-bean says:

    It seemed from the beginning of the episode, or maybe even for some time now that Miss Tiff was simply looking for reasons to dump Tailor, and making up excuses out of nothing to drive him away because she obviously has the hots for her acting partner, and wants her freedom to do whatever she wishes. Ya’ know Miss Tiff, it isn’t cool to play with other peoples feelings, to just use them when they’re needed then just discard them. Tsk,tsk,tsk, shame on you.

  11. LaurenM says:

    she’ll never settle down.

    don’t know what the hell her problem is. of course he loves her. urgh.

  12. victoria says:

    I can’t believe she is breaking up with him. I think she is being selfish. I love New York and Tailor but, they both need to stop acting like children. The conversation didn’t get anywhere. They both were talking over eachother. How can either of them listen to eachother. Come on Tiff and Tailor be adult come on i kno that u love him girl don;t maked him leaves like that stay with him he loved you girl go n get your man k don;t listen to no body listen to your heart k girl

  13. johnyboy4321 says:

    i believe that N.Y. “hit the nail on the head” when she told Tailor that he tasted fame and she was an end to a means. having said that i’m certain that whom ever she had picked to that special person in her life amongst those guys would eventually do the same. this is not a reflexion on Tiffany but to find true companionship in glare of reality t.v. i would think to be next to impossible. in the celebrity and fame driven entertainment industry there will be many who will try to ride her coatails to gain fame and i’m sure she has already prepared herself for that. this diamond may need a little polishing but i pitty anyone who underestimates how bright she is!!! i’m not worried about Tiffany in the least. she clearly has talent and i expect great things from her. if it means anything Tiff you have a lot of people who feel like me and know that you will achieve your goals!!! just remember honey no matter what they throw at you take the high road cause the low road is too crowded!

  14. Dominique says:

    I am glad that Tiffany broke it off with Tailor Made. In the beginning watching him on I Love New York 2, I thought he was the perfect guy for her. But seeing his actions on this show made me think that the whole celebrity thing really did get to his head. I would not be suprised to see or find out if the only reason he went to see her at her house was to refreash America of who he is, and where he is now. Once a punk always a punk-did you see how his childish behind stormed out on Tiffany several times. She has the right, absolute right to feel the way she does. I am glad she stood her ground to Tailor, and I hope she finds the right guy in her life that will be good to her. Like Johnyboy said, she is talented and I think she has a lot to offer when it comes to the right guy!

  15. brittany says:

    Dear johnyboy4321,
    The word is reflection not reflexion.

  16. RoseOfLove says:

    I would have to agree with Dominique. I really liked him on ILNY2 but now he seems a bit +!^(`@`^!_&“`^( y. Vos is gorgeous and seems like a gentleman …

  17. RoseOfLove says:

    My last entry was not a curse word, by the way. They block out everything on here … grrr … He just seemed full of himself and not really all that into her. Although why is she still calling him Tailor Made and not George??? Hmm …

  18. rose says:

    Newyork u only rejected tailor made cause u met another guy. u are just so slutty and )()(~_!%*@_`#(~*! y. why can’t u listen to him and respect him while he’s talking don’t interject and he won’t do the same to you. you are just so full of yourself its not funny. the world does not revolve around you, other people’s feelings do count and not only your sour ones.

  19. palinbot says:

    I knew it!!!
    Megan and Brandi had sex

  20. Lee Lee says:

    I like New York, she is cool!!

  21. Glam Girl says:

    NEW YORK IS A GARDEN TOOL. she dont even deserve to be with a man like tailor made. he is a successful business man, a lawyer. she use to those low budget Mcdonalds working men. She saying the fame went to his head, no boo boo it was the bad s. e. x. i know you dont got any walls to hold his small pencil stick. we know five men you did without even meeting you, flava flav,budda, tailor, chance, that other man who treated your apple but. and you thought those fake melons was going to attract attention. guess the laughs on you. only do a new york three for the money, cuz you’re not going to find love on tv, you just dragging yourself into and even bigger hole. next time left that coroaded(laugh)looking thing you call a mother in the zoo.thanks to that gym commercial i know how to talk bad without saying the bad words(laugh)

  22. lisa says:

    I m not fond of ny but im glad she stood up to tailor made!

  23. SunKissedChic says:

    Please take this show off the air, NY is a FOOL! She make’s Black Successful women look bad, Hell black women period !She is not cute, not sexy, trashy, low class, and this is not funny to me anymore. This is ridiculous I used to watch her because I she was purely hysterical but now She is going to far, She can’t not act she is overly dramatic and you call this reality TV. PLEASE TAKE NY OFF IM going to start a petition, Her and Flav should be together, No one else in the world is good enough for the two of them and I really mean that.

  24. victoria says:

    NEW YORK IS A GARDEN TOOL. she dont even deserve to be with a man like tailor made. he is a successful business man, a lawyer. she use to those low budget Mcdonalds working men. She saying the fame went to his head, no boo boo it was the bad s. e. x. i know you dont got any walls to hold his small pencil stick. we know five men you did without even meeting you, flava flav,budda, tailor, chance, that other man who treated your apple but. and you thought those fake melons was going to attract attention. guess the laughs on you. only do a new york three for the money, cuz you’re not going to find love on tv, you just dragging yourself into and even bigger hole. next time left that coroaded(laugh)looking thing you call a mother in the zoo.thanks to that gym commercial i know how to talk bad without saying the bad words(laugh) and he love you somuch

  25. I Can't Belive I watchthisshow says:

    As a young black women dating a white man I was interested in the show and New York’s romantic life. I watched the show last night and was torn from sadness to confusion. Why do these people go on these reality dating shows, claim they have found eternal love, then break up before the final episode even airs? I actually hope she had found something REAL. When they got engaged I thought it was the real deal. The relationship ending was a result of a combination between Tailor Made working and Tiffany’s unquenchable thirst for attention. At least Tailor made did visit her he was trying, but it was wrong for him not to hear her out. He knew how $`!^@&(~#~$(#%!%_ y and selfish she was from day one he got blinded by love thinking he could change her. No one can change her except her Mama. PLEASE DON’T LET THERE BE ANOTHER I LOVE NEW YORK THREE. If she wants to be a real actress she won’t take the deal.

  26. victoria says:

    NEW YORK IS A GARDEN TOOL. she dont even deserve to be with a man like tailor made. he is a successful business man, a lawyer. she use to those low budget Mcdonalds working men. She saying the fame went to his head, no boo boo it was the bad s. e. x. i know you dont got any walls to hold his small pencil stick. we know five men you did without even meeting you, flava flav,budda, tailor, chance, that other man who treated your apple but. and you thought those fake melons was going to attract attention. guess the laughs on you. only do a new york three for the money, cuz you’re not going to find love on tv, you just dragging yourself into and even bigger hole. next time left that coroaded(laugh)looking thing you call a mother in the zoo.thanks to that gym commercial i know how to talk bad without saying the bad words(laugh)

  27. Sandra says:

    She is trashy, ugly, low class, ghetto, mean, does not derserve to be on tv, oh and her mom is a major ~++!#(`~(##^#~&+^ I was I had the pleasure to kick her `~*#(`++_%$*`)^ just once.

  28. fattima55 says:

    Listen to this:New York need God, and just leave all these men along before she catch something REAL bad that her money can’t cure, You know sometime we do need a man company, but not go on TV to look for them, I think if you just throw in your towel and get on your knees and pray to God, and do what he wants you to do ,then God will send you a “good” who will have respect for you as a mature black queen, who has respect for herself as well, things always don’t look like it’s good to be with, you have to know what you want in a “man”before you walk up to him, just because he look or smell good or have a nice body don’t mean he’s the one, just be careful for what you take home, there’s alot of men who look like they are the “right-one” but just came out of jail, I just want you to know GIVE IT TO JESUS AND EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT….

  29. BABYGIRL says:

    Tailor Made I always said tht you need to be with a classy, graceful, respecful, educated, and intelligent woman and not someone who acts like a hoe. I am that woman. If you would give me a chance I would show you what a real woman could do for you and treat you like the king that you are. New York your not classy but of course you know this, your are not pretty and how far did you get in high school . Like I said before your acting skills you have none, soo what you need to do is leave my man alone and go to school to learn a trade and give up this acting bull crap and you and your mother need to take charm school class. Tailor Made holla at your girl, you can get my Email address from VH1. LOL Baby.

  30. JOYCE says:


  31. lolo says:

    Hi New York,
    I feel really sorry for you. If I had a mother like yours I honestly would kill myself. She is an embarrassment. She looks like a man. I wish you would take all the money you are making from all these lame shows and give your mother a make over. From HAIR to TOE. Also, as for Tailer Made, it’s a good thing you guys broke up because I think you were confused when you were with him…because honey you never ever mix trashy with classy!!!!

  32. JLN says:

    VOS is my boy from way back… Yup yup.. thats the dude.. do ya thing with New York man. She seems real cool all the best to you bro and new york… well.. if you need something new holla ! ;o)

  33. Diana says:

    New York is a beautiful, classy, elegant, strong, independant black woman! She is well spoken and is not afraid to speak her mind! She inherited all this beauty and raw talent from her beautiful mother! Her mother was a great role model for her! She don’t take s–t from nobody!

    I know that we are looking at a future Oscar winner! Acting is just one of her many talents! The girl can rap, too!

    Vh1 better RECOGNIZE! New York did them a favor by coming back to their cable reality show! Vh1 should be grateful to her! They owe her big time! She is much bigger than that! She is a STAR! Soon, she will be shining on the silver screen.

    Ha! Ha! Ha!

    I’m sorry I can’t keep this up! Poor New York! I hope your BACK-TO-REALITY CRASH doesn’t devestate you.

    It’s sad actually.

  34. lian says:

    Tailor-made I cried when you hooked up with New York I thought that you put up a great fight for what you wanted and after all that , how could it be sooo easy to walk away.It hurts to see you guys separate.I was thinking it was NY’s weight gain but please try to workit out with her .I really like you two together .

    If it doesnt’t feel free to email me and maybe we could hook up

  35. Michelle says:

    I knew from the jump that your relationship with tiffany would not work. Tiffany needs to find herself first, then she can deal with a serious relationship and even if another good man comes her way she will not know what she has until its gone. If vh1 ever decided to do a show on you taylor made I would love to meet you.

  36. Kissy says:

    I cant believe this New York better not have another show i am tired of this. You cant play with love the way you people do. it is a very precious thing and you guys need to realise that. I would hate it if they bring back another search for love for New York its a bit tired.

  37. Sherri A says:

    You Go Girl!!! I like Ms New York!! Girl is soooo funny!!! She should have hooked up 4 real with Real!!!! New York & Real would make a great team!!! Real is sooooo hot!!!! Ms New York is fabulous!!! Very tallented also!!! Would like to see her team up with the girls nest door!!!! SEA

  38. Ms.Choklit says:

    MS.NEWYORK you deserve better dnt settle for less cuz if you do that means you will fall for anything you keep your head up and you let LOVE find you dnt chase after love cuz you will always end up hurt or losing in tha game BLAKIZBUTYFL

  39. shaylove says:

    My friend watch this show to laugh at this women and it is funny how this non attractive person and her mannish looking mother are still on the air. They make fools out of them selves evertime and she cannot act she is just filled with drama and i will not be watching another eposide to boost her ratings and for the record she is not a representation of NEW YORK she is from SYRACUSE, NY and we are not like that and the nerve to insult LITTLE JACKIE like she had it going on is not cool.

  40. Marietta says:

    I think Tailor Nade should hook up with Liza. She seems like she’d be better for Tailor Made. I refuse to go through another man search with New York. No one man will ever please her. Good Luck New York.

  41. Mandy says:

    I don’t know what Taylor made sees in this SHE MAN looking HO and her monkey @(%+$_%“*__^@@ looking mom! He’s better off with Liza.

  42. Monica says:

    Taylor Made seems like a quality man. New York, stop being so self centered! You just lost out on a good, handsome, intelligent, well-spoken gentleman!!!

    Taylor – I am probably too old for you (age 33), but I would love to meet you!

  43. Allen says:

    This is testimonial coming from someone who has tasted New York when she you used to hook on Sepulveda street. I love your fat lips on my !)~^`!@^#)^()`$( Thank you for the freebie last month, you really made my day!


  44. sleepy mole says:

    So… I was really rooting for this relationship to work because I don’t want to see another I love New York. I’m sorry if someone said this already, but NY knew that Tailor-Made worked a lot and that he put his job before his relationships. Isn’t that the reason his last wife left him? Anyway, I’m just disappointed.

  45. Punkin says:

    yall is not working out just like flav wasnt gonna work out thats y he ant pick her flav knew wat he was doin and he got wat he wanted and it wasnt to be with new york and her devilish mama patterson

  46. Aly says:

    I haven’t been really keeping up with the show but I did watch I love NY 2. I FEEL FOR THEM.
    I have a husband and he’s not wealthy but he does work ALOT. We squabble like those two constantly (probably worse), that’s what happens in most marriages/serious relationships. We both have our tempers and say harsh things out of anger.

    They say alot of reality TV couples don’t make it.. I can see why.. you have cameras on you all the time with the added stresses of life!
    Before they break up for good (if she hasen’t already) I’d say have a heart to heart talk or go to counseling.

  47. atiya says:

    i think that you guys should try to work it out if it dont work baby let it go it was not ment to be but if you believe in god anything is possible baby you and i no it but when you is done you can walk away feeling good why because you put your love your heart into it and i love white boys to girl you have really came a mighty long ways keep up the good tiff dont let your gaurds down like i said if he dont work look at it on the brite side you is in hollywood baby lol good luck ma

  48. atiya says:

    do you baby

  49. Kads says:

    oh hell no…i cant stand another season 3 of anything

  50. Stowns says:

    Iam not suprised at the break up. You cant turn a hoe into a house wife. Tailor made needs to find himself a real woman and leave that trash alone. Tiffany will wind up either in porn movies or back in New York, where she belongs. Right with the rest of the dirty rodents. I hope she takes her stupid mother back with her. I dont watch the show but I hear about ti at work, I think its really tasteless for a so-called women to carry herself the way T. Polard does. I dont know what kind of joke VH1 IS PLAYING NOW, BUT THEY NEED TO GO AHEAD AND END THIS SHOW AND LET pOLARD REALIZE THAT SHE HAS NO TALENT AND THE WORLD IS SICK OF SEEING AND HEARING HER. I WILL LMAO WHEN THAT HAPPENS.

  51. dajah says:

    you are not the hbic your the ubnic {{ugly &`*%(&~)$@~*%(^(^ not in charge}} and if i had to be on a reality show wit you i would’a been slapped yo ^*&*++&%%`@`#+! no lie &`*%(&~)$@~*%(^(^ and tailor made was cheatin on yo monkey ^*&*++&%%`@`#+! n.e ways!!!!!
    have another reality show ain’t nobody gonna watch it cause we all know ain’t nobody gonna fit wit you. You should just be an actor so when ppl watch your movies they can laugh at you duck ^*&*++&%%`@`#+! Have a nice life “new york”!!!!!

  52. nycee says:

    I’m glad that they are no longer a couple. He was WAY too good for her ugly +!+~+~(*(^)$^() anyway. She was just too stupid to appricate a GOOD MAN when it was in front of her. I think what she really wants is some big dude whupping her +!+~+~(*(^)$^() on a daily. She just can’t live without drama in her life. I hope Tailor finds someone who can appricate him as he is. (He just needs to stay away from skanks like N.Y.)

  53. Bodom Angel says:

    well,wether he was a total +*)$!#`*#+_+#@! or a gentlemen.It just goes to show that New York(Tiffany) will not let any man play with her emotions or play her at all.she’s just showing us girls not to let NO man step all over us!!!

  54. Kelly says:

    I have always wondered, “What did Tiffany do before she went on The Flavor Of Love?” What about her mom, what did she do before?

    I can’t imagine what type of work setting either one of those women could possibly suceed in. Most jobs require a degree of self-control, diplomacy, tact, and basically the ability to get along with others.

    It’s really sad to see spoiled rich girls like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. But, it’s even sadder to see poverty-ridden black women lash out at the world.

    I KNOW GIRLFRIEND! The world has done you wrong and you’re angry. But, that is not the way to make friends!

    New York. Poprah (I want to work for Diddy) Omarosa. (The Apprentice), Coral (The Real World) and that other girl from America’s Next Top Model and all the Bridezillas on the We channel. You Women have destroyed what took so many years to build up. Your negative attitude and rude behavior have helped perpetuate the negative stereotypes about black women.

    Naomi Campbell throws temper tantrums and insults the staff, but she is rich. She has enough money to last her a lifetime, even if she never worked another day in her life again. She doesn’t need to work.

    But, what about you Reality Queens? What are you going to do when the “gravy train” stops?

    I can’t fathom any employer who would hire someone liike you.

    Think About It!

  55. Sweet one says:

    How in the world could she let a man like tailor made go!!! He is everything a woman is looking for. He is cute with a job and is very attentive. As far as him being a workaholic, it should come as no surprise since that is exactly what his ex wife said about him. If he wants a real woman that appreciates him tell him to look me up!!!!!

  56. ProverbialQueen says:

    The whole Tailor Made break up was very confusing to follow. Personally I think it was necessary to pave the way for I Love New York 3. As for New York as I said before I think she is a hot mess and I truly hope that all of her stupid behavior is a “part”. I hope the real Tiffiani is a quite person with respect and dignity.
    She needs to view herself from the same perspective as we do. Hopefully, she will be willing to protray herself with a little more respect.

  57. MR.WESTCOAST says:

    i wanna see you guys keep hammuliating this stupid black MONKEY…i wanna see this transvestite mess around with alot of guys on national t.v. again…ANYWAY SHEs TOO UGLY TO BE AN ACTRESS ..

  58. stowns says:

    This is to MR.WESTCOAST, I dont blame you for one second about, not liking Tiffany Pollard. But I feel that your racist comment, ” stupid black monkey ” is just taking it too far. You and millions of other white ignorant people need to remember that white folk extended for the Caucas mountains. White people were the ones mating with animals in the beginning of time. You people have hair like dogs and smell like wet chickens. So when you start comparing humans to animals, think of the white race first. Idiot. FURTUREMORE
    There are hundreds of white women on T.V. everyday HUMILIATING ( learn how to spell ) themselves, kissing each other and on t.v. half naked. So what should we call them? hmmm lets see, I got it. Lesbian air-head ,DOGS. For the future you need to do some research before you refer to anyone as an animal. WHITE PEOPLE GOT SOME BIG HEADS TOO. BE TALKIN TO YA, JACK-AZZ.

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  62. nikki says:

    No good man with any sense would want that. She is so fake and trashy. Who the hell told her she was cute?. Oh her mother. Figures, look at her. She can NOT act at all. She is a hood rat with NO talent at all. I also would like to know what she did before she slept her way on to reality shows. That seems to be all she is good for or what anybody wants. Seems like after they use her butt up, they throw her away. Bet that has been her track record. Please do everyone a favor and sit down somewhere. You are nasty and look dirty. I bet your name is on record at the local health department. MEN BEWARE IF YOU KNOW WHAT IS GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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    yall make a cute couple and if anybody is going to treat you rite it will be tailor made
    not that acting guy cause if you get yourself into hi..
    then your going to have the same problem with him as you did with budda..
    he is an actor…..

    if you do anything
    i hope you pick tailor made:)

    i wish you luck!!

  66. hope says:

    man your $+*&+~&!%@!%%*@^ ing stupid!!!

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  70. Jamarcus Thomas says:

    OMG i jus lov New York cause she is so sexy and i love her in this after jus reading the sentences above the pictures. She is so spunky and aggressive and i love that bout my women hopefully as much as love New York i might even end up on her show. New York if you are reading this i luv you and hopefully you will find the one who is really for you and not for TV II Luv U!

  71. Tonya says:

    OMG, where do I start. Yeah, she deserves to be loved. But every idiot deserves love too.
    There is nothing sexy about her. She has an enormous over bite and she looks like a chipmunk with a wig that. It’s too straight for her African American over grown forhead, yah know that wig came off of some Asian head.
    Can you at least find one that looks more natural and not so trashy.
    You need to tone it down. You are a tv reality clown and so you are going to get someone your intellectual compatable with. That’s why no one will take you seriously. You aren’t the sharpest pencil in the box and so your mannerism reflects it.
    You are fun to watch at times but now it feels like they are giving you a show to keep the ratings going and people will get tired of watching you make a fool out of yourself and you will be like the rest of the has been stars, stereo typed into these roles you play and that’s all you will be good at. It’s just unfortunate that your role is real, stupid, dumb and think your hot but girl your not.
    How about they give you a show call, New York goes to school. Now that will be funny as hell.
    Here’s what you do, enroll in college and hook up with a nerd to help you do your papers and homework and study for a test.
    That way people won’t think your a total idiot. At least you’ll be a smarter idiot.
    And for Tailor Made, you are so hot, your sizzling hot straight out the frying pan. Give Tailor Made a reality show and let New York be a contestant. Now that will be hilarious.

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