Can You Say Winner? Kimberly’s Checking Out the New Kids This Weekend


We were looking for an ultimate fan in our our ongoing New Kids on the Block contest, and we found the first of a few choices we’ll be making this autumn. Kimberly Medina of Florida will be seeing the guys in concert this weekend in Boston. Here’s the text (and the picture) she sent in to earn herself, and four friends, the tickets.

“My friend and I had a column in the school paper, “New Kids Korner.” We were Seniors and knew that was NOT cool. So we had pen names. I was Ashley Rashleigh. (Rashleigh is Jonathan’s middle name) She was Megan McCloud (Puff McCloud, Danny’s nickname. We were too clueless to realize he probably got the name because of all of the weed he smoked.) If anything, we should win just because of the torture we endured when word got out on the last day of Senior year. :)”

Nice, right? Lots of dedication there. Diehard fans need to know three things about the New Kids.

1. Their Behind the Music Special airs this Sunday night, September 28, at 8 pm ET.

2. During the show, the band will cut into the action from their concert stage in Boston, performing a few tunes live.

3. The Ultimate Fan contest continues. Send us your stories and photos for a chance to win a shot at seeing the guys onstage this fall.

Watch New Kids videos and interviews right here.

Watch them explain their favorite videos right here.

See pictures and read more crazy fan stories here.

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