Can You Say Winner? Kimberly’s Checking Out the New Kids This Weekend


We were looking for an ultimate fan in our our ongoing New Kids on the Block contest, and we found the first of a few choices we’ll be making this autumn. Kimberly Medina of Florida will be seeing the guys in concert this weekend in Boston. Here’s the text (and the picture) she sent in to earn herself, and four friends, the tickets.

“My friend and I had a column in the school paper, “New Kids Korner.” We were Seniors and knew that was NOT cool. So we had pen names. I was Ashley Rashleigh. (Rashleigh is Jonathan’s middle name) She was Megan McCloud (Puff McCloud, Danny’s nickname. We were too clueless to realize he probably got the name because of all of the weed he smoked.) If anything, we should win just because of the torture we endured when word got out on the last day of Senior year. :)”

Nice, right? Lots of dedication there. Diehard fans need to know three things about the New Kids.

1. Their Behind the Music Special airs this Sunday night, September 28, at 8 pm ET.

2. During the show, the band will cut into the action from their concert stage in Boston, performing a few tunes live.

3. The Ultimate Fan contest continues. Send us your stories and photos for a chance to win a shot at seeing the guys onstage this fall.

Watch New Kids videos and interviews right here.

Watch them explain their favorite videos right here.

See pictures and read more crazy fan stories here.

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  1. Alicia says:

    RIGHT ON! You go Kim!

  2. Alex says:

    Congrats, Kimberly! Funny story! Have an awesome time for all of us!

  3. Nichole Miller says:

    YEAH for Kimberly!
    Im still Hangin’ Tough for the next three!
    Vegas maybe?

  4. Vanessa says:

    I think these sort of contests say “50 words or less” just to be sure people don’t send in 2 pages of a story since they don’t have time to read it all. They care more about the content than they do about going over the amount of words, as long as it’s not by THAT much. I’m bummed that they didn’t pick me but I’m happy for her, just like I’d want people to be happy for me if I won.

  5. Kristen says:

    Seriously, ladies. Stop hating.

  6. Kimberly says:

    I just wanted to let everyone know that my original submission was in fact, 50 words or less. After speaking with VH-1, I gave them some more detail to my story. Thanks. :)

  7. Laurina says:

    To clarify, im not “hating”.
    I said congrats to winning, then spoke my words in regards to how i felt about the contest rules.
    If what she said in her last post in true, and she told them extra after speaking to vh1, then all is
    fair with picking this winner. Maybe they should show the picture and original entry for the winners, then attach a longer reply from the winner, etc.

  8. Trisha says:

    Yes congratulations Kimberly. I am sure you were one of those girls that in High School sent in over 200 or so postcards to try to get New Kids to perform at their school. And would try to call into Open House Party every time they were on it to try to talk to them and never could get through. So I think the winning is definitely deserved.

  9. "Official" Contestant says:

    If the original entry submit was 50 words or less then I am so glad you won!! It’s just that the above states …………
    ” Here’s the text (and the picture) she sent in to earn herself, and four friends, the tickets.”
    So, to that statement, it really seems unfair to all of us who too, are Ultimate fans with great storys 50 words or less. Just doesn’t seem right to me. Why would VH1 add words to your story? It makes them look really bad because they are not following their own “offical rules”

  10. Nichole says:

    Im sure ALOT of the entries went well over 50 words. I think that if your story is good, and condensed down to as little words as possible, you shouldn’t be penalized. It is very hard to try to tell your story within 50 words, and truely express how much of an ultimate fan you are. If VH1 thinks that Kim is the ultimate fan, then thats it. Im sure that they can change any rule they want.

    Yes, I am bummed that I did not win the Boston trip, but I know I have 3 more chances.

  11. Hosanna says:

    omg, Kim! You shouldnt have won! You should have been disqualified! It not fair! Um, I think I hear alot of haters in the crowd. Look people, Kim won this contest fair and square. Enough with the conspiracy theories, haters, or should I say ladies! Just like one of the comments below, I really dont think they sat there and counted up the words on the thousands of entries they received. With the phrase “50 words or less” they probably meant, keep it to a min. Some of you have too much time on your hands to actually count her words. You Go Girl! Yayyyy Kimmm ;)

  12. nkotbfan says:

    We are not haters. We are simply upset that the rules were NOT followed! Just because you know her, doesn’t mean you should defend her. If she followed the rules AND won, we wouldnt have anything to say. So, try following the rules, and no one will “hate”.


  13. iagree! says:

    i agree with i2ndthat! We should all be allowed to resubmit our entries. They arent following the rules! Why not!? right?!

  14. nkotbfan says:

    but i must thank vh1 for the opportunity either way.

  15. Angelica says:

    WOW!! I can’t believe all the hating and negativity going on here! Are we not all NEW KIDS fans? They have the best fans ever and i don ‘t think they’d appreciate what a lot of you are saying! In fact I don’t think they’d want to meet those of you who are hating and being rude anyway!!!! I was upset too that I didn’t get picked but there are still 3 other chances to win! The guys woudn’t like this and if you call yourself a NKOTB fan then keep the peace! Congrats Kim and PLEASE give Jordan a BIG hug for me!!!! Have fun!!!

  16. nkotbfan says:

    excuse me… but if you could, please explain to me what is said that was wrong.

    ive stated nothing but facts.

    the contest was 50 words or less TRUE
    she entered more than 50 words TRUE
    her friends are on here trying to defend her IM SURE IS PROB TRUE

    come on now!

  17. Sandy says:

    Congratulations Kimberly!!!! 1 down, 3 to go *Ü*

  18. ~Christina~Donnie's Cover Girl!~ says:

    ~I love it Kimberly! Go girl! You were rockin’ it than, during the solo years, and will be rockin’ it in Beantown!~ Congrads girl!~ XOXO~

  19. Blair (Past and Future? Maybye? Cover Girl) says:

    Congrats Kim! Don’t let the sore losers bring you down…enjoy your prize and just ignore the haters! They are just jealous. And I know that they have bent the rules for everyone…if they really like a story, they will bend the rules. Have fun!

  20. Danielle says:

    Congrats Kimberly!!
    I am super excited for you, that is just awesome. I hope you have a great time.

    I was excited to have my name said by Jordan so not winning was a ok with me. Hey, there are still 3 more chances..hahaha.

    ps..too all the lame people saying she should not have won. Seriously how old are you? 5, get over it. Jealous much, crawl back in your sad holes now.

    (the doll sleeper)

  21. Blair says:

    I heart Danielle…

    Watch out Danielle, they are vicious here.

  22. Danielle says:

    aww thanks Blair.

    I just don’t get why people are so lame. How old are we?
    I am not afraid of anyone here…trust me.
    I have claws.

    (the doll sleeper)

    ps..I have the LA concert in just a couple weeks Oct 8th. I am so excited………weeeeeee

  23. Blair says:

    That’s exciting Danielle…very VERY jealous. It sucks because me and Nichole (if we won) were gonna share our prize if you know what we mean… :) (With Donnie’s wife, porch kisser and doll sleeper) Don’t know if VH1 would’ve gone for that, but it would’ve been a great story to add to all of our stories! haha

  24. ifollowrules says:

    sucking up won’t win you the future contests.

  25. Danielle says:

    Blair..that is funny I was actually thinking the same thing. I was like will they let us do that. Because I know it said you had to leave from the same airport.

    ifollowrules..get over it!!

  26. Blair says:

    Man, there are some seriously unhappy people leaving in this world. I am happy for all winners. And no, I am not sucking up…if you read the other blogs or comments, Danielle, myself, Nichole, Leigh and Mindy have been chit chatting for quite a while. We are buds.

    Danielle, that’s hilarious that you were thinking the same thing…there are cool people in the world :)

  27. Blair says:

    ….correction…there are unhappy people *living* in this world.

    Get over it everyone and let the winner enjoy winning.

  28. Blair says:

    and…bashing and insulting others and trying to prove they didn’t win won win you future contest either…

  29. Tina says:

    I’m sorry, but if the rules stated 50 words or less, an entry that is 87 words long does not fit the rules qualifications! Someone stated that the 50 words or less is just a rule so that people don’t write 2 pages of stuff. I’m sorry, but remember back in school when you had to write papers and such that had to be a specific length? I know I had teachers that would deduct points if the paper wasn’t long enough or was too long.

    Get with the program. Rules should be followed. Anything more than 50 words should be disqualified. Saying, “Oh, they won’t count a word or two here or there,” is plain outright cheating.

  30. Danielle says:

    Blair this is just getting out of hand, they way people are acting about this is just so lame(for lack of a better word)

    Tina, if you read Kims comment she said SHE DID write 50 words but when they called her and told her she won, they asked her more about it.
    VH1 added more too the story, she did not in her entry.

    Man people need to really get a life.


  31. omg says:

    honestly, im sick of danielle and blair. Get a life and stop defending kim! She has a mouth of her own. As well as her own fingers to type a comment back. You wouldnt be trying to defend her, if you didnt think she was in the WRONG! 50 words or less means what it says! Rules were broken! There are more upset, than those happy.

  32. Danielle says:

    “You wouldnt be trying to defend her, if you didnt think she was in the WRONG!”

    That makes no sense what so ever. If I thought she was in the wrong, I would say so. I do not defend people I think are wrong. Maybe you need to get a life.

    And anyone that is upset well that is just pathetic.
    It is not the end of the world it is contest.

  33. Delia says:

    Congrats Kimberly ! That sure was the craziest thing I ever heard a fan do ! Go Florida.. Enjoy

  34. Tina says:

    Why not post the original entry then? Why did they have to embellish? According to the blog up there, it says, and I quote, “Here’s the text (and the picture) she sent in to earn herself, and four friends, the tickets”

    That means that there was no embellishment added by VH-1.

    If I were the winner, and they actually did put more detail into her story, I would demand that they publish her actual entry. Or, have VH-1 actually come out and write something like, “We have contacted the winner and got further details regarding her story and published what she had to say.”

    That would clear the air for everyone. To me, it just seems that someone who cheated, won. Until I see the actual entry published by VH-1, what they have posted, is longer than what the rules stated.

  35. omg says:

    danielle. please do us all a favor and go back to where you came from.
    she broke the rules and you can’t change any of our minds regarding that.
    a cheater won.
    and i hope vh1 corrects this for future winners.

  36. Danielle says:

    I am not going anywhere omg..Sorry.

    I entered this contest, I have just as much of a right to post here as anyone.

    Maybe you should send Vh1 a email that you were wronged by the winner. I am sure they care.

  37. omg says:

    and i hope you dont win. :)

  38. I 2nd that! says:

    I totally agree with OMG. Kim knew she cheated by entering an enty that had more words then the rules mentioned. I am not sure why you would be definding Kim? Everyone who is upset has every reason to be. What makes you so much better then them? You keep telling everyone that does not agree with you and your buddies that they need to get a life. Last that I checked, you have spent more then a good part of your day going on and on about something that has nothing to do with you. If you truely think that you have a life, you may want to go live it. You’ve said what you needed to say, you don’t have to say it over and over and over againl. We all know……you love KIm and you say “Yeah Kim” and oh yeah, everyone, please get a life….

  39. jenn says:

    its not actually kims fault she went over the limit of words… she knew by doing that she may have been disqualified, so she took a big chance and it worked out.

    IT S VH1 you need to preach to not the poor girl/

  40. Jeffro says:

    She won and you didn’t….GET A LIFE. Her letter obviously blew all of yours out of the water or she wouldn’t have won. Just congratulate her like the adults that you should be. Stop acting like your 13 and grow up you losers!!!

    Congrats Kim U rock and have fun with all the New Kids.

  41. omg says:

    anyone that defends “kim” needs to realize they are defending someone that won by cheating. I wouldnt say her story blew everyones out of the water either. HIDING who you were in order to SHOW YOU LOVE THEM? wow. pathetic. I hope the guys hear her story and think of how stupid that was. NOT A TRUE ULTIMATE FAN. She’s prob friends with someone at vh1. THAT, or they randomly pick the winners. She’s a cheater, and she knows it.

  42. Nichole says:

    My fellow NKOTB Sisters (and Brothers?):

    I just Logged on to see when they are choosing the next winner, and was shocked that this was still going on!
    Lets just close this chapter to the contest and move on.
    We all still have 3 more chances! Lets just cheer eachother on and cross our fingers!
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and interpretations to the rules, but being mean and pulling
    out the cat claws is not necessary.
    You have to admit it, this whole contest was a very cool thing for VH1 to do!
    Can’t we all just get along?

    The excitement of NKOTB even being on tour, as a whole group, being in their 30’s and able to move the way they did back in the day, and having the SAME girls swoon over them is absolutly amazing!

    Smile about your memories (and your entries) and enjoy the NKOTB experience like it is the first time
    you heard them on the radio, bought their tapes and seen them live for the very first time!


    Good Night Girlies!
    And again…Get your mind right! :)

    AND GOODLUCK to you all!

  43. ALo says:

    To all of you who have congratulated Kimberly, I’m sure she thanks you. And to all of those who have talked trash….she’ll be laughing at you, sitting at home with your face in a tub of ice cream, while she’s backstage hugging Donnie.

    Perhaps the rest of you ‘word counters’ didn’t get picked because VH1 rightfully anticipated you being a little CRAZY and didn’t want to subject the New Kids to your neuroses.

    Just something to contemplate while you’re scooping your ice cream…

  44. Sarah says:

    Well put, OMG: HIDING who you were in order to SHOW YOU LOVE THEM? wow. pathetic.

    Yeah, that’s what the ultimate fans did… hid their true identies in order to not be picked on by their peers.

    And to all those who are thinking I’m just jealous because I didn’t win, I can’t win because I chose not to enter. I’m already going to meet them at 3 different concerts with VIP tix. One of which is Vegas…. so I’m looking forward to meeting the winner of this contest there…. so long as she wins by following the rules! :)

  45. jeffro says:

    OMG ….GET A LIFE! The judges thought her story was great and your story was TERRIBLE! you should crawl back in your hole and keep your opinions to yourself, since that’s probably the only one who cares what you have to say anyway. Kim wins….you LOSE! Accept your place!

  46. OMG says:

    “jeffro” FUNNY THAT YOU USE TERMS AS OTHERS DO. Why sign up with different names? I wouldnt be shocked if it was kim herself. Pathetic.

    Kim doesnt win. At all. The guys dont care about her. Big deal.

  47. omg omg says:

    Actually, OMG…you might wanna scroll up and re-read what it says.  Kim DID win. 

  48. You have got to be kidding me says:

    Wow! I can’t believe she won out of all of the entries. I was part of the journalism team in high school and everyone KNEW I loved NKOTB. It wasn’t “NOT cool” as she put it, at my Highschool. It came to be something I was known for, and very proud of. I wasn’t going to enter, because I thought people had some crazy stories that I couldn’t touch, but after seeing the winner I’m kicking myself for not entering. I am definately digging out my old pictures and telling my stories of what I went through to get tickets, try to con, beg and bribe my way my way backstage, the hotel escapades lol… all the blockheads know what I ‘m talkin’ ’bout. Well, I hoipe Kim has/had the time of her life. Nothing against her, just the judging.

  49. OMG says:

    NO DUH she won the contest. I mean in the LONG RUN. she doent win. The guys dont know her from the next girl. Big deal.

  50. Jenna says:

    Whoa! What’s going on here? This is crazy! As (very few) of you have mentioned, what happened to the comraderie of what it’s like to be a fan? How lucky are we that they are back together and giving us all a chance to re-live an amazingly fun time in our lives? THAT should be the focus here! And let’s be honest – if people weren’t complaining about her “word count”, they would be complaining about her “story content” (which they are now), complainig that her hair was too big or that she didn’t have enough posters on her wall! And if it weren’t complaints about that, people would whine about something else, simply because they didn’t win themselves. It’s sad, but true. (Not to mention, if you didn’t enter, you REALLY can’t complain! That was your own insecurity!) LET IT GO, LADIES! Get your damn minds right, put on a smile that they are even on tour and lets all just cross our fingers for the next three chances to win!

  51. Danielle says:

    Jenna..I totally agree.

    I had to stop posting all the fighting was bumming me out.
    We are all adults and this is such an exciting time. The New Kids are back.
    I can not believe on Oct 8th, I am going to see them at the Hollywood Bowl. It is just crazy.

  52. Blair says:

    Same here…I stopped because if you say anything at this point, someone will blow up at you. I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the show and hope I win :) The fighting totally took all the fun out of everything.

  53. candie kennedy says:

    i am just happy we all have a shot at the jackpot lol and happy for whoever gets to win lol this is a cool contest and we should be happy about it going on…i bet all of us could go on and on about them- i know i entered for sure and i had to keep re-wording what i wrote over and over again but i made it work the best i could and now i am just waiting to see what happens….so she won? is it possible for anyone to be happy for someone else anymore?…even if she did go over the world count…they picked her story let her have it…congrats to kimberly- you go girl! tell jordan i said i like long walks on the beach too lol

  54. Toni says:

    Congrats Kimberly!!! I am not a fighting person. Age and wisdom preside, I just hope everyday that the phone will ring and I will be on my way! My kids ask me everyday about the contest. I tell them, If it’s meant to be it will happen. Sometimes we all need to take chances. Let’s all take a deep breath and remember they are back for a reason—US!!!!!

  55. Kimberly says:

    Thank you so much to those at VH-1 who made this possible for me! The news came at a time when I really needed it, so it means more than you know. My friends and I had an amazing weekend! And to all of you who were kind enough to congratulate me…I truly thank you for holding on to the positive spirit that you all had way back in the day…and still do! :) I wish you all the best of luck and hope you’re next!

    xoxo, kimberly

  56. Nichole says:

    Would you be willing to share your experience? How the guys were, the trip etc? I entered, and was actually one of the entries they showed on their video blog and would love to know all about it!
    I know at this point, that Im not gonna win one of the trips, so I need details! LOL! my email address is

  57. candie kennedy says:

    i posted a comment a few posts back and i realized that i never really shared why i wanted to meet my heroe’s……here is why i want to win to meet the most talented,finest, sexiest, eclectic dudes that ever walked the face of the earth who have changed my life forever:

    REASON #1:

    Just about every ten years I get hit by a car. No lie. I have been hit 2 times and I am celebrating my 30th birthday this weekend. I was hit when i was 5 years old and when I was 15. I skipped 25 but almost did get hit that year in a parking lot at a grocery store by an old lady. My aunt and cousin were both hit at the same place I was hit the first time I got hit. They are Ok. The first time I was in a body cast for a whole summer and had to learn how to walk all over again at the age of 5. I was playing tag after school had let out and I ran out in the road chasing my friends after the light had turned green….and I can not remember much about it. I was knocked 50 feet and my head hit the pavement and I was unconcious immediately. I remember waking up in the hosptial and all my family standing around crying and the doctors and my family scrambling to keep me from looking at my legs.
    What is weird and really freaky is that both times not only were ten years apart almost to the day- both times were by hardware stores and both times after school and both times were just about the same time of day and I was hit same side of my body. So just incase 3rd time is a charm I would love to meet the men I crave the most. I have the scars to back up my story and I am lucky to be alive. Now I am ok …but my body is starting to suffer from it all. And I would give my left leg to see them. And I worry all the time I am going to get hit so I live with constant anxiety because of it.

    REASON #2: ( I love this reason lol…i hope they do to if I get lucky enough to meet them)



    REASON #3:

    My dad was married to the wicked with of the west and she used to beat on me and my sister and lock us in our bedrooms. We weren’t even bad girls -we were too afraid to be bad…But anyways Whenever she would be done whippin’ on us I would go play their music and it would take my mind to a state of peace that I would just block out what had just happened to me. It was years of abuse.
    She made sure we didnt ever get to see them in concert.

    I am older now. My life has been even harder than this mentioned here…way harder for someone who is my age -30 and to go through so much and be blessed enough for god to still want me here so far….to be alive….to me it means letting the people you love know how much you love them and how much they mean to you. And they are at the top of my list of people right now to tell them what they mean to me and why. If I ever got to I know I would just ball my eyes out and probably even faint….Vh1 if I ever meet them because of you- keep smelling salts available incase I faint because they make me so hot that I almost passed out when I seen them on TV for their sneak peek preview on the behind the music special….I did cry in my living room lol…and I am ok with that. They move me emotionally what can I say. To me their talent is not just dancing and singing- they actually MOVE people to feel emotions thats we cant get anywhere else sometimes. And I want Donnie to know how important his hard work and all the groups hard work to me and my heart. They healed my broken heart. They helped me ease on up out of a deep depression on many occassions.
    For their very existance I am greatful to god….and because they make me feel the way they do when I am lsitening to them…. I know there is a god.

    Sorry for so long of a story. But I just had to post this…even if it means losing. At least I tried. I am just happy they are back and I am loving the hell out of this reunion! How about all you other ladies out there????? WE GOT LUCKY BIG TIME!!!! I HOPE THEY STAY ON THE SCENE!!!! NKOTB I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART, SOUL, TEARS AND BONES….JORDAN IF I GET TO MEET YOU CAN I JUST HAVE ONE HUG PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEASE????? LOL I WOULD JUST DIE LOL AND I LOVE WATCHING YOU WORK YOUR MOJO LOL

  58. Sachene says:

    OMG I can’t believe my eyes! Man those were the days. I’m the one wearing red. This has got to be Kimberly’s dream comming true. She is so crazy about NKOTB. Well it looks as though it’s time to make new great memories. Hope you have a blast! I miss you, Sach K.I.T.

  59. Giiny says:

    Hey Kim, I was sitting next to you at Nassau Coliseum………I was wondering if you could send me those pics. I hope you had a great time. The Borgata was unbelievable!

  60. Leanne Cavener says:

    I just wanted to drop a quick line of “CONGRATS”!!!!!!!!!!! I entered the contest and I am keeping my fingers crossed. I am sure your life has become much more complicated then back in the day like all of us.
    Ladies I must ask that we all say congrats!! I hope it was all you could ask for and more. I know it must have been a dream come true, Can you share any details?
    Much love,

  61. Kimberly says:

    Sachene! OMG! I haven’t seen you since back then! Ask Julie how to contact me! I still adore the Boston boys, but without the “teeny bopper crazy, doodle names in the notebook” aspect. LOL

    Giiny – I couldn’t find your email address for the life of me, so I apologize…

    As for details, we were lucky enough to attend soundcheck, then meet them afterwards. They seemed exhausted but were sweet. We took a group photo with them, chatted briefly, and went on our merry way. The show was a lot of fun and we all had a great time. I have nothing scandalous to tell. ;) Good luck everyone!

  62. sachene says:

    I’m so happy that you responded to my comment. I think about you from time to time when I reminisce

  63. sachene says:

    I’m so happy you responded to my comment. I think about you from time to time when I reminisce about those great days. I think you are so sweet, thoughtful, and friendly. Not to mention fun to hang out with. You deseve to meet them more than anyone. We thought we were crazy about them until we saw your massive collection. Now you met them , got their autographs to prove it and awsome memories of your night. I hope life hasn’t changed you too much. I will get in touch and I want to know all the juice on NKOTB. I hope your spirit is high. KIT Love ya, Sach

  64. sachene says:

    Well since this is a VH1 blog what better way to express the sadness I feel about losing 3 family members this year. Richard Harman, Buddy Harman, and Norman Hedman. They were all legends of the music industry. They will truely be missed. If you would like to know who they all were you can check out their websites and their music. My love and memories of them will never die just as their music. Love, Sachene

  65. kimberly says:

    We all had some great times, Sach. I’ve often thought of you, Julie and Misha. My mom always knew when I had spent the day hanging out with you ’cause I’d come home and she said I sounded like I had a lil’ southern drawl. ;) I’ve met some girls since back in the day who made my crush on the Boston Boys look like nothing! (i.e. autographed tattoos!) :)

    Julie knows how to find me on myspace so please ask her to send you my info.

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My heart goes out to you and yours. I just read about all of your late relatives online. I had no idea how many talented musicians you had in your family. I vaguely remember something about Mischa and Julie knowing %+`_*)+@&`(^`$+% Scott….I guess that makes sense now. You must be so proud of them all. Hugs to you, Sach.

  66. Wendy says:

    I’m just curious as to when the sound check was. What I mean is how long before the concert started was it? I’m glad you had a great time. I hope I’m able to win one of the last two contests, but if I don’t, I do get to see them in Dallas in 12 days!!!

  67. Connie says:

    I just saw the New Kids concert in Vagas. They totally Rocked ! jon is my favorite.

  68. sachene says:

    yeah, Misha, Julie, Alisha(Keys-Agello), and I were to be Uncle Norman and Maurice Starr”s next project, but Maurice got sick and our project fell apart. We are still greatful for those times. I still sing, but It gets hard when you don’t feel that happiness, that drive that inspires you to sing. Some people sing when they are blue, but I like to sing when I’m happy. I will most definitely KIT with you. Missing you. I still want all the details on the NKOTB because they are totally different people now than when we met them. Love you, Sach

  69. sachene says:

    I wish this blog could last forever!

  70. kimberly says:

    You know what’s crazy, Sach? I never even knew you all sang! Of all the time we spent together, the topic never even came up. How funny is that? I first met Julie and Misha at Jimmy’s rehearsals (with Batman, Elliott, Phil and Gregg) Jimmy sang at my 19th birthday house party. :) I can’t believe how the time has passed. When I first won the contest, VH-1 had asked me if I was “still friends with the girls in the photo”. Please keep in touch, since I don’t know how long this blog will be up. I’ll be home in NY for the holidays…not sure where you’re living nowadays, but I’d love to catch up! xoxo, kimber

  71. sachene says:

    As soon as I get back in town to check my email I will ask Julie your info. I promise to keep in touch. I need a friend, I have none, just family. I feel like life changes people sp much you don’t even know the people you used to after a while. I’m not saying life hasn’t affected me, but there are parts of me that will always be me that will never change. I want to be around people who are nice, fun, and have **~!()&_*!+#**(_ to say. Not boring. We always had fun even when there was nothing in the hood to do we somehow made our own fun. Not destructive, but hillarius. I love Julie, she’s so animated. I hope we can make new memories. I miss you lots, Love, Sach

  72. sachene says:

    As soon as I get back in town to check my email I will ask Julie your info. I promise to keep in touch. I need a friend, I have none, just family. I feel like life changes people sp much you don’t even know the people you used to after a while. I’m not saying life hasn’t affected me, but there are parts of me that will always be me that will never change. I want to be around people who are nice, fun, and have _!(^@^&$)%~+__!! to say. Not boring. We always had fun even when there was nothing in the hood to do we somehow made our own fun. Not destructive, but hillarius. I love Julie, she’s so animated. I hope we can make new memories. I miss you lots, Love, Sach

  73. sachene says:

    Oh yeah, I just got what you meant on the last emails, yes we were also working with @%`~@!@_^~~@%$`$ Scott…But It was all my Uncle Norman’s idea for us to sing after he heard us sing.

  74. kimberly says:

    I’ll be back in NY for Thanksgiving and Christmas so I hope you’ll get in touch with me before then and we can all make plans! I would absolutely love to hang out again. We had some good times. And if NKOTB is what’s gonna be responsible for us all getting back together…so be it! LOL!

  75. sachene says:

    Hey Kim, yes that sounds great after this depressing year I’ve had. I am going to email Julie right after I write this for your info. She ususally get in touch with me fast. I’m back home now from Nashville, I was spending time with my family. I some how got the flu this past week. I need to definitly need to catch up! Are you married? Do you have children? Are you living in Florida? I plan to visit Florida this summer and mabey we can talk Julie into it, but she usually goes to NY and I bet you do too. I’d love to go back if possible. I haven’t been there in 4 years. I miss you and I promise to get in touch and keep in touch. Oh, In case you’re wondering I still live in Tennessee only I moved from Nashville to Fayetteville. We will be the OKOTB loving the NKOTB from now on. Love. Sach

  76. Sachene says:

    I love this pic! It is branded into my memory for life, but for the life of me I can’t remember who took it? I know how to get in touch with you now so I’ll be buggin you from now on. How are you these days? I can’t wait to hang out again. We’ll just have to pick up where we left off. The only thing that sucks is that we all live so far apart, but I won’t let that stop us because life is too short. I’m coming to Orlando this summer. We will have to make plans to meet at a beach unless some other plans come up for you. I miss you, Sach

  77. sachene says:

    It’s funny they are featuring Busta and Flav at the top of this page considering I met and kissed Busta Rhimes when he came over to Misha’s apt. to meet me and all my friends. I don’t think he knew all my friends would be there too (LOL), Sach

  78. kimberly says:

    my little brother took the pic of us! and i have no busta stories, other than he was in a unisex bathroom line with me at a resturant after the Source Awards in LA one year. I just remember he seemed really tall and we had small talk about I don’t know what. :) speaking of memories, do you remember the time me, you, misha and julie were in the jeep driving down that busy road and those two guys were walking and staring at us yelling….and they walked right into an oncoming car??? we went back to see if they were okay and they were mortified! we were trying not to laugh. i guess that’s the ultimate compliment, right? LOL! Get at me girl…I’d love to write with you someplace other than a public forum! :)

  79. Sachene says:

    Yes! I do remember that time! It was shocking. I know what you mean about on a public foram, I’m going to look you up right away, I’m just so happy we can kit now because I did’t know you and Julie kept in touch seeing as how she moved to NC. Well, I miss you and can’t wait to hang out again. Love ya, Sach

  80. Sachene says:

    OMG I can’t believe this blog is still up! Julie said she didn’t have any info for me to find you except to look you up on my space. Do you know how long that takes? I’m still tryin. I’m on there as well so look me up. My name can’t be that popular. I’m on face book, too. I miss you. Happy Holidays! Sach