Mystery’s Back For Another Round Of The Pickup Artist


Hot off the press! New season debuts Sunday, Oct. 12 at 10/9c on VH1!

Based on the tremendous viewer response to the series The Pickup Artist, VH1 has once again teamed up with world renowned pickup guru Mystery to help guide nine new “socially awkward” students overcome their biggest fears – meeting women. As we saw last season, Mystery has developed a foolproof formula for these men to follow, whether they’re in a bar, club or coffee shop. Through his various teachings and in-the-field tests, Mystery will prepare these men with the skills they need to overcome their shyness and confidence issues in the real world. The Pickup Artist 2 premieres on VH1 on Sunday, October 12 at 10:00 PM.

The Pickup Artist 2 brings a new twist to the show, as Mystery and Season 1 wing-man and fellow pickup artist Matador are joined by new wing-girl Tara. Viewers may remember Tara as Season 1’s kissing coach. In this second season she will expand her role by adding a female perspective. Tara will serve as full time wing-girl to Mystery and act as a confidant for the contestants.

This season, The Pickup Artist 2 moves to Phoenix, AZ, as the guys sample the local night life in hopes of perfecting their skills and winning the title of “Master Pickup Artist.” In each episode, one contestant will be declared the winner of a challenge and granted immunity from elimination, while the loser will be sent packing. The challenges this season are even more intense — and personal. The dating neophytes will be tested in a local supermarket, a charity auction and various area nightclubs outfitted with hidden cameras that capture women’s real responses to the contestants’ come-ons.

“It’s certainly no mystery why we’ve partnered again with Mystery. He already had a legion of followers from his book when we launched The Pickup Artist series last year, and now he’s grown into a pop culture phenomenon. He’s even been parodied on Saturday Night Live – a true indicator of water cooler buzz,’” said Jeff Olde, Executive Vice President, Original Programming & Production.

“This series is so much more than just how to pick up a woman. It’s about instilling confidence in these young men. As each week goes by, you cheer on this crew of socially awkward men who ultimately flourish with some hard observations of themselves, gut-wrenching experiences in the field and even a little TLC.”

In the end, only one guy will remain and be worthy of the title Pick-Up Artist. Whoever claims this title will also win the cash prize of $50,000 to use towards his new social life. Catch The Pickup Artist 2 on VH1, premiering Sunday, October 12 at 10:00 PM*

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  1. daisy says:

    wow, tremendous viewers? really though?

  2. JoAnna says:

    wow, ROL Charm School AND The Pick-up Artist 2 in the same night? WOO HOO!!!!

    that Mystery <3

  3. Johnny Wolf says:

    I’m really excited to see the 2nd season of The PIck Up Artist. Mystery is amazing, he receieved the World’s Best Pick Up Artist Award at the PUA Summit last year. We’re having a premire viewing party here in Los Angeles, put on by the SoCalLair if anyone wnats to come watch it.

  4. Maestro says:

    10 PM which time? GMT? CET? … anybody knows?

  5. Jennifer says:

    Wow Rock of love, Rock of love charm school and now the pick up artist man vh1 is so awsome its totlally better than mtv. I can’t wait for those shows.

  6. maxwell says:

    Can’t wait man. Hopefully, this will give me some more inspiration. I can’t wait to see what these new contestants are like.

  7. NJWing Chick says:

    I can’t wait I love the show!!! My favorite is Matador though!!! I find him hotter and sexier ;)

  8. Sarah says:

    Ok, this show is great for guys! But what about the girls man? We need help too! So how bout a show that teaches us a thing or 2?

  9. Ger says:

    Gee ladies! Just what we’ve been praying for….a man with questionable employment who wears snoopy-goggles on his hat!

  10. Mr. E says:

    if i was VH1 executive i would sign this show up for 5 more seasons. its golden

  11. robet reed says:

    im 22 yrs old i enjoy going out with girls and having a good time,but at times im a little hesitant on what to do, do u have any tips that could help me out with what im going through.

  12. elaine says:

    hhmmm….idk ladies and gentlemen…mystery seems to think all women r the same….like the same thing over and over again works over and over again…its gotta get old sometime right??? wether mystery is fine as hell or not (witch he is hawt by the way) i find it a little intimadating that mystery seems to think he “knows” every lady out there….

    im not downing any1 at all…i love the show and ima watch it again….i luv mystery and his wings…..and its awsumn that they’re helping alot of guys not only with thier sociability, but also with self-esteme and confidence….

    but u cant really “know” a person u’v never met….

    and expect them to automaticly resond the same way every time u come on to them…..

    rock on..much luv…luv u mystery….
    c yuh

  13. shelby says:

    What I would like to see is whatever happened to the season 1 contestants. Have they improved? How is Kosmo doing and all the other constestant? Are they in any relationships?

  14. great says:

    Great this show is back! Ladies pay attention to the show so that way you can get tips on how to point out the guy thats just running game, oh im sorry the guy that is just trying to get over being shy. I wonder how many women the first seasons winner has been with since the show ended? Maybe hundreds. I hope he proves me wrong and does a guest appearance with his new wife or something and not as a player. Dont we have enough of those? I guess this is something that i just wont understand. Someone please explain. Now for those of you that are going to talk crap, start………now.

  15. Joy says:

    I was so thrilled when I heard that there was going to be another round of The Pickup Artist. Not only is Mystery easy on the eyes . .. but I think it’s great for him to give guys some pointers. There are so many shy guys that are GREAT guys. They just need the right tools to boost their confidence a little to meet a woman.

    Another thing that I love is the fact that his tips relate to either sex. I have found that men respond to his tips ALSO. I wish that there was more information or maybe weekend tips that were posted for this show. Not to mention more pictures.

    I am so excited . . . . !!!!!!

  16. Artist says:

    Wow another season.. this is Great to whatch but i think its bad for the community but then again Everyone thats in it, better envolve. Improve your game even more to the next level this show (pua going mainstream) i see it as a steping stone to those who want to learn about pu and improve their social life. Or naturals like me get to see that what were doing have a science to it and how we can put thing together. Mystery is a great pua i would like to see Style in at least ONE EPISODE that would be awesome haha anyways enjoy the show and i Welcome those millions more AFCs joining the community after the show haha… enjoy the challenge everyone because i know i will


  17. Intrigue says:

    Everyone is afraid that this show is going to ruin game in the field. Thats allsome and just shows me which guys are the the pretenders that worrie about what others think.. I might even start using routines again just so I can get called out on it and have fun with it and say something like
    OMG, you watch that show too!!! I watched it with a few friends of mine and we all thought it would be great to use pick up lines that actualy would work in real life, So how am I doing at seduceing you with those great lines, ….Great jesus crist you smell soo freaking good I’m actually trying as hard as I can just not to kiss you

  18. Scott says:

    The Pickup Artist is the perfect show. It is not the typical reality show that seems to plague TV today. The show is different and that is what people want. People watch whats different and face it..guys want to see how the pros pick up women. Its the show that a nice guy can hate but will watch when no one is looking.

  19. Ernesto says:

    I have been hoping for this show to come back. I really picked up on what was said on a lady’s body language on whether she is interested or not. It really has helped.

    Keep up the good work for us not-so-confident guys.

  20. David says:

    What bars/clubs in the Phoenix Metro area was season 2 filmed in?

  21. spamtar says:

    I am very pleased this show is on for a new season. I loved last season!

    I really like seeing different situations of pick up. I especially like to see the more difficult “day game” pick up attempts vs. club pick up game which is comparatively pretty easy. I would like to see more “wingman” skills for hunting in packs/teams vs. the standard individual solo attempts. Even though NLP is hard to master Mystery has some background in it and it would be nice to see some of the simpler “Speed Seduction” NLP tricks applied, especially to “day game”. If you like this show read “The Game” by Neil Strauss (a non fiction novel which also showed a more crazy/neurotic side of Mystery) as well as Mystery’s “step by step” “how to” book/CD “The Mystery Method”.

  22. dizzy says:

    i love this show, i watch the last season and was really into it…..
    i think this show is not only about picking women but about building confidence and self-esteem
    thanks for the season 2…
    great show..
    i love mystery and his wings..

  23. Janay says:

    I love this show its awesome. I ran into it last year. I think its great on how it helps people’s confidence. As a woman, its kind of cool to see how it changes these people. I loved watching the first episode. I can’t wait to see how they change. I love shows like this. thats why i watch this and beauty and the geek.

    I don’t care how the guy that has long hair and glasses with a plad shirt thinks of him. I think he’s sexy! I’m odd though. :p

  24. The Real PickUp Artist says:


  25. The Real PickUp Artist says:

    I’m not a hater, but you can’t take this guy serious, look at how he dresses and you expect us to believe that he can pick up chics, he probably paid those girls to talk to him, this guy is a loser for real.

  26. Cdog says:

    Wow, guys just watched the first episode of the second season and i know that we are in for some radical character transformations. The guys did look a bit uncomfortable in their own skin when being revealed but they will definately grow into it. Cant wait to see the action that takes place.

    Good luck

  27. AFC Lawrence says:

    @The Real PU: Dude, Mystery formed the foundation of Pick-up on which ALL the guys based their beliefs on. Sure, some of them felt that ‘natural game’ was the better way which I frankly feel too but anyway, Mystery is to my opinion the man dude. He started all this. Him and thanks to Style it reached the rest of the world. Instead of *(+`(&`~*@_*$!&#& ing on him you’re only telling us you ain’t a real PU yourself. Cause then you’d know that peacocking, although not absolutely necessary, actually DOES work! I’ve tried it very mildly and every time: Bang! Response!

    Instead of *(+`(&`~*@_*$!&#& ing Mystery, you might actually try to help other guys improving their game, at least if you’re a real PU which I doubt cause then you’d have total respect for Mystery.

    Just my 2c.
    AFC Lawrence

  28. angela says:

    this show is ridiculous..”mystery” is a complete joke girls dont like guys who wear nail polish, goofy googles, weird hats and boas?! and those creepy trench coats..if he came u to me in a bar i would run

  29. Dana says:

    This show is awesome! Mystery is HOT! Women want a man who is confident and interesting.

  30. andry says:

    XgHJOK comment6 ,

  31. playboy says:

    I been in pua for awhile. i got side track with so many things I would love to get more help and better at this. the other day I went to the beach by where I live and I got some numbers of girls but they wont text me back. I would to know what I am doing wrong. I use to live in ca and be around pua all the time and get help but now that i live in south carolina by the beach my game goting bad. I need major help.

  32. 1119836 says:

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