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The Diddy contestant alternately known as Can Do didn’t, but that doesn’t mean he can’t. Got that? Below, Boris talks sparring with Kendra, flirting with Stefanie, tolerating Laverne and why no matter what Kevin Liles says, he’s a hustler, baby.

When you were eliminated, you said the judges made a huge mistake. Do you still feel that way?

Absolutely. It sucks that I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with Diddy, but at the end of the day, I think I’ll be working with Bad Boy sooner or later. I actually plan on seeing Diddy in the next couple of weeks.

Why do you think you clashed so hard with Kendra?

I think it started during the elimination in L.A., when we were up against each other. I’m very competitive. She went in there competitive with her strategy, but she ended up getting very personal with everyone on the show. She made good friends with Stefanie, Mike and me. I didn’t go in it looking to gain friendships and whatever I had to do to get the one position that was available, I was going to do it. Me saying the things that I did led to our conflict escalating, even though I’d apologized.

Were all of the things that you said about her – wanting to sleep with Mike, wanting to sleep with Diddy, murder plots – were all of those true?

I didn’t make anything up. I’m not one to lie. I may have said some very mean things, but what I said is true. What I said is what happened.

Regarding Stefanie, the way we saw things unfold on the show was that she was flirting with you to manipulate you. Do you agree with that portrayal and did you have a sense of that when it was happening?

No to both. Stefanie and I engaged in a relationship that was very friendly. We’re still friends now. But at the end of the day, we knew our boundaries. We knew that there was just one position available. Even though you didn’t see it throughout, a lot of times we would lay together, hold hands and just chill. We were just good friends. I talked about the way it looked as though she was manipulating me, but TV can sometimes twist things. But yeah, that was unexpected and hard to watch. That’s not how it was at all.

But you did have a crush on her, right?

I wouldn’t say that, but anybody who becomes friends with someone in such a short period of time…I mean, she’s gorgeous. Anybody would be attracted to her. Was I attracted to her? Yeah. Did I have an emotional attachment? No.

You kinda played her pimp in this week’s challenge. Did that strike you as odd as it was going down?

I wouldn’t say that I was pimping her. At the end of the day, I was trying to bring ideas to the table, to make as much money as possible. That game show that Kim came up with was brilliant. I can’t hate on that. Thinking back now, I could have bought a basketball hoop and did something they do at theme parks. Stefanie said she would do anything for this job, so yeah, I brought up the kissing booth idea. Had she not said that she’d do anything, I would have never brought that to her attention.

What do you think of Kevin saying that you can’t hustle?

I disagree in full. We came up with $70 more than Kendra and Mike’s team. I am a hustler. Every deal, every massage that Stefanie gave was because of me. I persuaded the people to get her to massage them. You have to be really smooth because people do not like giving up money in the streets of New York.

Now that you’ve seen the episode, do you still think that Mike and Kendra were shady with your money?

I don’t know. I talked to Kendra about that yesterday. At the end of the day, it’s simple: our money was taken. Regardless of whether it was intentional or not, there should have been some consideration for that. We should have been given extra time.

Overall, what did you think of your portrayal?

Terrible! On TV, that’s not who I am. I was hustling all the time. They show me sleeping, snoring, eating a sandwich, picking my nails, doing whatever. But at the end of the day, that’s not Can Do. It’s obvious that I can step up to the plate. I stepped up high as the Apple Sauce bandit. In L.A., we would have really lost that challenge without me. I sold three bottles of the perfume. The party challenge made clear that my contacts and my networking abilities were far beyond anyone else on the show. Regardless, people in the entertainment industry know that my portrayal is all TV. I have a lot of stuff planned. Diddy will see me in a couple of weeks. That’s a promise.

Regarding Laverne, you seemed to be the least tolerant out of everyone.

I don’t even remember saying that I was surprised that she was transgender. I do remember saying that I don’t know why she’d do that to her God-given body. But you know, Laverne grew on me and I have a lot of respect for her. I reached out to her the other day. I’ve seen her since the show and I put out a video apologizing for the way I came off. I think she knew that I was uncomfortable and she made it a point to make me more uncomfortable. But by the end, I wouldn’t say we were good friends, but we were decent acquaintances in the house. I have no problem with Laverne, she’s very interesting.

Did getting to know Laverne change your mind about transgendered people?

I don’t think I had an opinion about them one way or the other, it was just not something that I was used to. It wasn’t something I ever thought I’d sleep next to. It was just something to get used to. The way I portrayed how different the experience was to me probably wasn’t right. I shouldn’t have been so eager to be judgmental. When you get to know someone like Laverne, it becomes clear that she’s someone you want to keep around as a friend.

What’s coming up for you?

I’ve been talking to 50 Cent’s camp about working together. That said, being a personal assistant is not something I want to do for the rest of my life. I do want to get more acquainted in the industry. I’ve been reaching out to artists. I’m going to be at Howard homecoming, and Diddy will be there. I can assure you that you will see some ops of me and him. I’m just trying to grind. But you can rest assured that everyone will be seeing me again. Regardless of who wins this show, I don’t think Diddy’s made his final decision. I think the eliminated contestants are still being watched closely. We’re not out of the picture.

Keep up with Boris via his profile and his MySpace.

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