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Below, this week’s other contestant eliminated from I Want To Work for Diddy hits back at Boris’ allegations (she’s no murderer!), discusses the nature of her gossiped-about relationship with Mike and talks about her intense clashes with a number of her competitors. In what could be a television first, Kendra smacked Boris with a breakfast burrito. Truly a benchmark.

We saw you clash a lot with people on the show. There was the incident with Boris…

Boris has a bad attitude and I don’t like negative people. I tend to steer myself away from them in life. Because I had to work with Boris and couldn’t steer away from him, we clashed. I didn’t like his ways and his motives. I spoke upon it. I tend to speak upon things that I don’t like.

He accused you of a lot of things in various eliminations: that you were a drunk, that you wanted to sleep with Diddy, that you wanted to sleep with Mike, that you once plotted a murder. Any truth to any of that?

When Boris said I was a drunk, it was irrelevant. I liked to drink in the house. We had free liquor everywhere. I used to be a bartender and I love making drinks so that’s what I did. I never drank during any challenges or in the office. It was always at night in the house. Also, I never said I wanted to sleep with Diddy. I would never say that on national TV. It came from a conversation in the house between us girls, in which someone else said, “I wouldn’t mind f***ing Diddy,” and I kinda agreed. I didn’t say, “Yeah, me too!” but he took it and ran with it anyway. About the murder, I was 10-years-old watching a show about a murder mystery on TV. I was mad at my friend’s mom one time because she wouldn’t let me friend come out the house, and I said, “I want to kill her.” But I’m not a murderer. That was so long ago. I told Boris and Mike about that and he brought it up to use against me, to make it seem like I was a dangerous person.

You threw something at him at one point. What was that?

A breakfast burrito. I made a nice breakfast burrito and he just pissed me off so much that morning, I forgot about the cameras, I forgot about the people, I forgot that I had a burrito in my hand. I just ran up to him and smacked it in his face. I wanted to punch him.

Did you regret that?

I didn’t. I don’t regret anything I do and I felt like that was good TV. So why not? But I did apologize to Boris about it, and he apologized to me. It’s all good now. We’re friends. That was just such an intense moment that I couldn’t hold back my temper.

What about Mike? Was there something going on?

(Laughs) Well, obviously yeah. Mike was attracted to me and I was attracted to him. We were the two cutest people in the house. We first noticed each other the very first day. We made eye contact. When we moved into the house and it turned out that we were in the same room, in beds next to each other. We only got to know each other more and more. He did express that he had a girlfriend, but the way he was around me a lot and always under me, it just seemed like he didn’t care about her. And I’m not with anybody so I didn’t care.

Was it just a flirtation or did it develop beyond what we saw?

Yeah, it developed a little after the show. We hung out in New York together.

You must have felt very betrayed when he voted you into the bottom.

That was crazy. That pissed me the hell off. When Stefanie called me in, I thought whatever, she was shady in the end. When Boris called me in, whatever because we’d had words. But the fact that I’m loyal and that Mike called me out, I was appalled. I wanted to cry. I don’t know what strategy he was using, but I think maybe he didn’t want to look so on my side and since I was getting voted in the bottom anyway, he ran with it, since Boris was saying that we had something going on. I think he wanted to prove Boris wrong. But now he looks like a shady guy. I kinda felt that way during the elimination, but I let it slide. Afterward, he wrote me a long letter saying that he did that because I let my emotions get the best of me. I didn’t agree with it, but I let it go. Now, after watching the show, it’s just like, wow. I should have been mad about that. That was crazy!

What about Stefanie? You were tight and then you fell out.

Yeah. We were really close. We both loved fashion and we thought we were the prettiest girls in the house. But the more intense the challenges got, the more Stefanie seemed selfish and conniving. I know it’s a game and I know we were all competing, but have some respect for people. I didn’t go in there with a strategy, I just went in there to win. I felt like by the end, she was just fake. I don’t have respect for fake people, and if you have to be fake, be fake from the beginning to the end.

What’s next for you?

Right now, I’m pursuing styling. I’ve done a couple of editorial shoots. I’m blogging on SomebodySaidIt with Brianna. She does news and celebrities and stuff and I do the style column. I definitely am still interested in being an assistant and building up my resume. My long-term goal is to build a corporation, a consulting firm with stylists and makeup artists. And I can just put these people out onto different jobs and tasks. I’m also doing some hosting gigs.

That’s a smart thing to jump on. A lot of the contestants on other reality shows make quick and easy money that way.

Right and that’s what I want: quick and easy money.

Keep up with Kendra via her profile and her MySpace.

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