Eve Raps, Biz Beatboxes And Busta’s Got Babies


Just when you thought the house couldn’t get any more packed, Busta Rhymes, Eve and MC Lyte show up to join Biz Markie for their tribute to Slick Rick. Eve lounges on the steps as she and Ghostface Killah chat, and Biz and Busta joke around up until the minute the Slick Rick medley starts.

Once the bass kicks in though, it’s all business. MC Lyte struts out on the stage, lyric sheet in hand, announcing that the ruler is back. Moments later, Busta Rhymes and Spliff Star run out, launching into “The Show,” and nearly miss the exit once their segment is over. Ghostface Killah and Biz duet on “La Di Da Di,” with Biz’s chest-hollowing bass backing up Ghostface’s gloriously off-kilter vocals.

Next to us, our lovely online host, Gym Class Heroes’ Travis McCoy fields emails from his special lady friend, the girl-kissing Katy Perry, and Busta’s sons, the next generation of hip-hop, tag along with their dad.

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