Is Brooke Hogan College Bound?


Sneak a peek at the season finale of Brooke Knows Best and find out why Brooke is considering giving up music for higher education.

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  1. tammy workmon says:

    OOOOOOH my God Iam soooooooooooo shamed to say that I was one of Hulk Holgan’s great fans when I was Brooke’s age!!!! She can’t be that f’n blonde and she is sooooo disrespecting her father with this kind of sh!@!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Abbey says:

    Hey whats the song name at the beginning on this episode?

  3. Zunicat says:

    Ok I think Brooke you should go to College. I am 57 and struggeling with finding a good paying job. All because I only have a High School Diploma. Of course I don’t sing and I am not as beautiful as you but still as you get older looks fad and voices change. HHHMMM Why can’t you do both. Just take a course at a time. This way you have time for your music and some time for school. There are ways to do it. Good luck in your future.


  4. jules says:

    I just want to know the designer bag Brooke had when she went to FAU because I want it!

  5. jasmine says:

    Yeh, What kind of bag was that? It was super cute. But sorry to say Brooke will never make it bigtime in the music industry

  6. kristin says:

    LMAO. Was it just me or did it look like brooke was playin with some bra padding or something like that on Glens bed LMAO and no one said anything bout it. She was just stittin there folding and palyin with it. Where did it come from and why is it on Glens bed lol. It made me laugh. And BTW Brooke is right you gotta have money to get anywhere in music these days. They dont have to look for as much talent anymore cause they can make anyone sound good if they want to. All these kids on disney have songs and I really find it hard to believe they can ALL sing. Brooke can write and sing and she is hot so what is the problem here. The (well I thought) the song with Paul Wall in it was great. Brooke is a great dancer why is she not in some other rap vids dancing and singin a lil. That might be a better way to get back in. Just a thought.

  7. Marine Scientist says:

    My husband and I are both marine scientists in Florida. Such a rewarding job, but does not pay well. It was both of our dreams to work in this field and no matter the pay, we are so glad we pursued it. I think that you should stick with your dream of pursuing a singing career. You have shown that you can do it in the past and just need to push to get the next big break! If you want to go back and obtain a college degree, take a couple courses before diving in full force. I wish you and your family the best! Good Luck!

  8. alfe says:

    Brooke’s prom date look’s like linguine from ratauoille

  9. CoolSteph says:

    Honestly, is this the best tv has to offer? Is she even pursuing a music career still? Anyway, my girl Alina Puscau is more interesting than Brooke. When You Leave “Numa Numa” is a hot and I’m like her numbe one fan.

  10. joboo says:

    this show is a joke. i hope it gets canned. brooke is a no talent brainless hack. i mean come on now lets all be honest. if her father wasn’t hulk hogan no music execs would give her the time of day. and even still it seems that they still won’t. don’t you think there is a reason for that. you father may be able to buy you houses and cars, and get you music and entertainment contact but the one thing he can’t buy brooke is talent.

    i have all the respect in the world for hulk hogan. but this man needs to let his daughter sink or swim. she will always think she has some kind of shot as long as keeps pulling strings for her. giving her false hope.

    i would say 2 years from now the only kind of celebrity entertainment thing she will be getting offers for is playboy.

    and most celebs don’t do playboy until they are washed up or trying to make a comback. to say she would only be in her mid 20′s and already washed up says alot. again there is a reason for it. not to be the one to rains on fans of this shows parade but lets all be honest and come to terms with the truth. in 2 years she will no longer have any kind or reality or any other show on tv that she is on. no chance at an acting career. and no music deal that isn’t experimental or trial basis. she will be completely washed up.

  11. I have a brain says:

    The Hogans are a mess.

    Yes Brooke should go to college and hopefully she’ll realize what the lump on her shoulders is supposed to be used for.

    Secondly, VH1 should be ASHAMED of themselves if they put her jacka** brother’s show “Nick Drives Best” on tv. I realize that significant portion of tv programming is pointless, mindless entertainment. But to give that man a show, with that *@^&&$^+@%%#&&( le, is beyond mindless and becomes blatantly obscene.

  12. Linda Brown says:

    Please )$&+~)%^!%_@@(& ure me VH1 that you are not going to shoot another season of this vapid, useless, bimbo!!! I puked seeing the first episode, her and her equally idiotic roomies and I have a real problem with you touting this brain-dead twit and a young soldier lies motionless for life in a hospital because her loser father indulged his brat son with too fast toys and 8 months was not long enough for that moron to sit in the slammer and then we had to hear him whine because he was in solitary for his own safety and had the balls to ask Daddy to hook him up with his own reality show!! This whole family makes me sick!! The only thing Brooke knows best to do is shop and warble into a mic, if she is so good, how come we don’t see her CD on the pop charts? Beyonce she is not and never could be!!! And there is Daddy lurking, afraid that someone might touch his little girl, I laughed my butt off when I saw that cutout of him like that was going to ward off suitors? And the $500 stripper pole when we have people who are going hungry in this country?? Money does not breed class and these people have absolutely none, they are just plain white trash and wrestling is not the sport of kings and I think Hulk has gotten hit too many times in the head, he really thinks he is a major star and Linda is another useless bimbo with her 19 year old toy boy, and I am hoping that John’s family takes the fillings out of his teeth and Gee, maybe that stripper pole will come in handy after all, when they are broke, he can send them out to clubs and they can be billed as “Hogan’s Hotties”!!! So please VH1 lose this one will ya????

  13. gaetan says:

    ur prom date looks like a bird