Poprah Keeps It Real – Episode 9


Once again, we present the always-outspoken Poprah’s take on the latest episode of I Want To Work for Diddy. Or at least, part of her take: the entry cuts off where the episode did, so we have to wait till next week to get the full story of Poprah’s feelings on what went down, whether she was eliminated or saved.

Screw trying to recap the story, I’m just gonna state some freaking facts for the record:

Throughout this challenge, my focus was the VIP Lists, because the last thing we needed was a herd of people at the door yelling and screaming that they couldn’t get in because they’re not on the list. If you’ve ever been to a real VIP Party, drama at the door can shut down your whole event. So that was my priority.

We knew there would be no Internet access at the club, so how could I make sure I checked all the emails for all RSVPs, if I did not do it at the office? My teammates’ tasks, which were related to the event, could only be done at the club. They couldn’t do any decorating, hosting, setting up the dressing room, etc., until they let us leave for the club, which was difficult with all the tasks from Diddy.

So it only made sense for me to make sure the office stuff was done, while they did the other Diddy requests. We were not allowed to split up and some of us leave for the club, while some worked at the office. I knew that if we went to the club with an incomplete or inaccurate VIP list, we were screwed, and it would be too late to fix it.

Every time I started backing working on the list, they stopped me and told me to do something else. Diddy told me at the penthouse to get 300 to 400 more people to come to the party. But right after that, he sent me to walk his freakin’ dog and take it to the groomer. I said, “OK,” but I decided to multitask and planned that once I got the dog to the groomer, I would work on the list while they serviced the dog. I had my laptop, my phone, charger, and everything ready to work. But I had to leave and lost two hours of critical time in traffic, going back and forth to the dog groomer, when I could have been working all along and met them at the club, with 2 complete and accurate VIP lists.

The girl with Diddy’s list of people he specifically told her to invite sent me a list. Then she called me and says it was no good, so I couldn’t use it, because there would be lots of changes.

So I worked it out with her, trying to be helpful. The plan was that I would get the list from her at the club when she was finished, so she had time to make sure it was accurate. I was trying to show I could work with his existing team and be flexible. But instead I get blamed for her f*** up. The next thing I know, Norma says Diddy wants to see the list, although they both know I’m waiting on this girl. But before I could call her again, they send me another goose chase through the whole building to invite the whole damn Bad Boy staff, one by one, to a party they are all already coming to.

Immediately after I get back to my desk, Diddy comes straight to me and says I want to see the list. I explain the truth, not excuses, that I’m still trying to get in touch with the same girl he scolded earlier, who has it, and who already works for him. But he blames me for it and says I’m not ready to work for him. It seems to me that she wasn’t ready to work for him!

That’s where this episode left off. Make sure to catch the finale to find out Poprah’s fate.

You can buy Poprah’s single, “Up In The Club” at myspace.com/therealpoprah and check out her big girl clothing line at fatabulousclothing.com.

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  1. susan harry says:

    Kim is the best on the show, she works hard ..she knows how to make money,
    most people hate her either because she is fat, or because she is outspoken
    fat is not a crime, and being outspoken is not a character flaw,
    if she is fired so what ?!!! my girl is going to make it.
    i am from Trinidad and Tobago . Kim i wish you every bit of luck love
    and success you deserve

  2. Doc Robb says:

    FINALE: final re-cap. POPRAH IS A STAR!!!! (period)—”the new sensation of sorts”
    every freakin season we get to see a new “badgirl” emerge.
    and i would dare to say that puff is out 4 self!
    diddy-bop got alot of swagger and a real good eye for spotting un-tapped talents in others.
    Homegirl has mad talent.
    hate her or love her…. “she is the main reason most of us watched the show. and puff knows this
    so o.k…. yall say that poprah is too fat and lazy huh?—- well, u tell me why did you just see her stand on the corner for 4 hours and produce almost $500!!! that was only one episode ago and yall kim haters forgot just that quick!!!!??
    its almost reduntant to say that poprah has the skillz and azzets to make puff alot of money.
    puff is a smart dude and able to mastermind this entire scenario without any of you all even knowing.
    most of all….. he knows how to pick em’!!!!– and needless to say that puff started off in his career just like these contestants did.
    so u people suffering from a.d.d get a little confused and forget what your eyes just saw and fly bi-polar pass the facts.
    every contestant on the show had a pitfall episode.
    poprah-asthma attack
    suzanne-the wack art gallery party
    mike-the No sellin wht tee’s
    levern-no purfume sales- after being suggested to play a fabulous store mannequin (poprah’s idea)
    red-bad promotion
    can’tdo- no production-all mouth besides the applesauce thing.
    brianna-forgot the phone
    kendra-no phone/dead phone
    the army dude-navigation challenge
    the other dude- who refuse to admit that the eyewear challenge was wack.
    stefanie-plain dumb
    MAN THE LIST GOES ON…………….etc etc etc etc I could go on for all day and i don’t have the time.
    the MAIN point to focus on is…….. That One Should Never Forget To Keep Your Eyes On The Bigger Picture. So Just In Case You’re Called Upon To Do a Thorough Re-Cap. THE FACT MUST BE STRAIGHT!!!!——- I DON’T CARE HOW MUCH U HATE A PERSON. U SHOULD NEVER LET YOUR EMOTIONS CLOUD YOUR BETTER BUSINESS JUDGEMENT.
    so just cuz poprah is fat alot of yall absolutely refuse to give her PROPS ON HER MANY MANY SUCCESSES!!!!!
    and frankly i agree that JESUS, MLK & OPRAH and all of them went through a rough life.
    and even PUFF would agree that ALL HIS FORMER BOSSES told him the he was TOO FREAKIN HEADSTRONG/BIG MOUTH/COCKY-ARROGANT and all that………. but look where PUFF is today!!!!!!!
    with all that being said………… POPRAH I LUV U BABYGIRL! if u could just tone down the insults and give someone else some props too. U WOULD BE WELL ON YOUR WAY TO BEING THE PERFECT PACKAGE IN MY BOOK. DESPITE YOUR WEIGHT ISSUES.
    PUFF: Holla At Me If You Need Some RealNess On Your Sqad!!!!!!!!!!

    B.I.G 4 EVER
    The Real Doc Robb———— OUT

  3. China says:

    That heffa is not a cross between Oprah and Puffy, Look at the success level, she does not come close. Oprah works with people and before she owned the company she was a team player, who did not disrespect her team for self gratification. She is one thing and thats good for TV, she makes everyone else look humble. Kim you need to lose some weight and tone up. Being big does not mean you have to be big and sloppy. Your up in the club, sucks rotten eggs and you need to get Puffs spin on that one if he approves, I will stand corrected.

  4. honululu says:

    )@#!^$!#&^`_`^%# ay for my Poprah! when you win Girl, Im gonna’ CELEBRATE ! all these haters here in Hawaii are gonna’ lose the bet, I been with you since day#1. You aint fat , You just got a fat brain of ideas.
    You aint rude, you just know what you talkin’ about.

  5. Raya says:

    Out of all of the other contestants on the show i know poprah is the best … but that is out of the people that are there. The only thing i dont like about her is her attitude if you are in a work environment where you have to work in a team she is not the best she needs to learn that skill in order to make this work. did she get eliminated i dont think so but i dont think she won if she did good luck to everyone that will have to work with her. I see she has go-getter attitude but she is not professional. she is 40 years acting childish. please Ms. poprah grow up its not cute and what you do to others will come back on you believe me. because all of that stuff you are seeing on the side about mr. combs and the other contestants believe me it will come out on the reunion ” i cant wait to watch it.

  6. Adrienne says:

    I thought Kim was going to win until this episode. She’s always been hard working, had some great ideas, and was very outspoken, which is okay. But when she compared herself to Diddy as an equal, that’s when I knew she would go home. They’re both equal as in they’re both human beings, but she is an ~%_@()^`)_(*(($ istant and he is the CEO. At work, she is tripping for thinking they are equals.

    I can’t believe they finally made it to Bad Boy and acted the way they did, standing around like some useless pieces of furniture, only making moves when they are being told to. The man just woke up, offer him some coffee, breakfast, etc. As a person that’s been an admin ~%_@()^`)_(*(($ istant before, I was truly disappointed.

  7. Adrienne says:

    I thought Kim was going to win until this episode. She’s always been hard working, had some great ideas, and was very outspoken, which is okay. But when she compared herself to Diddy as an equal, that’s when I knew she would go home. They’re both equal as in they’re both human beings, but she is an *(%(^#$^@%~+!)) istant and he is the CEO. At work, she is tripping for thinking they are equals.

    I can’t believe they finally made it to Bad Boy and acted the way they did, standing around like some useless pieces of furniture, only making moves when they are being told to. The man just woke up, offer him some coffee, breakfast, etc. As a person that’s been an admin *(%(^#$^@%~+!)) istant before, I was truly disappointed.

  8. esaindia says:

    It’s about time Poprah leaves the show. Seriously I can’t stand her. Why? she likes to talk down to people and she swears she’s the best. Obviously she is not becuase she did not even make it to see the judges. Mr combs himself knew she was all talk and although she did work alot she always wanted to control people I dont think Mr.combs would want to work with someone like her. Poprah remember karma is a `*!!^$~%_$^$%$$)% you wanted everyone out and now it’s your turn.

  9. Annoyed says:

    If “Poprah” has all this time to write these recaps defending herself, attitude intact, how could she be working for Diddy? Of course they probably aren’t working yet in an effort to “keep it a secret” but there is no way she won. She is too unprofessional and her constant attitude and claims of being professional are not helping her in that illusion. She can’t even make it through an episode without talking back or having an attitude, even at Diddy! She is the epitome of unprofessionalism.

  10. Divaforsure says:

    Poprah was all about talk and no action. She seemed to me like she was on herself to much. she thought she was better than everyone else. I really don’t feel sorry for her at all. She got what she really deserved. She really thought that she had this one in the bag, but Diddy bust her bubbles. To:Poprah who’s working for Diddy now.

  11. Kendra Chase says:

    Poprah always wants to lead and doesn’t listen to her teammates…she loves to take all the credit when her team wins, but blames her teammates when they lose…If she wants to be the quarterback, she needs to take responsibility for the losses too…she also needs to learn that she can’t speak to people in Bad Boy and the “industry” the way she speaks to her teammates…she won’t get very far if she doesn’t show respect…she needs to learn that in the “industry” people will be talking to her the way she talks to her team and she ain’t going to like it…but she’s going to have to take it…and her BS reason for being fat is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard…I’m sure she has and will continue to use her fatness as an excuse and crutch for when she doesn’t “make it”…

  12. Tisha says:

    I like Poprah and hope she stays on the show. She is rough around the edges but in every show she has produced results. Her ideas have been ideal! Her team mates do not respect her and therefore do not listen to her suggestions. I see this as there immaturity issue. A mature person can recognize a good plan or idea regardless of who it comes from or how it is displayed. On ther other hand, she does need to improve her PR skills. I don’t consider what she said to Diddy as talking back but simply stating a fact. Everyone who watched the show saw her call the girl several times asking for the list. While others seemed to be trying to figure out what to do she was staying on task…

  13. funnygirl says:

    Ok, ok people. I am not a Kim hater or a Kim supporter. Yeah she has had a few good ideas and some not so good ideas. Bottom line? She is smart. Not because of her ideas, but because she set out before the show to be the one they love to hate. It’s not about good attention or bad attention, it’s about the attention. She is no fool, and neither is Diddy. I don’t give a damn what she did on the show, as long as it has folks like you and me coming back to see what outrageous things she is gonna do the next week, they are going to keep her on the show. Diddy is about the dollar, the publicity, the ratings. He doesn’t care about her talking crazy to people or being rude as long as she is doing what needs to be done to ultimately make him some money. If ya’ll think she got voted off or that this is the end of Kim you are sadly mistaken. She is working for Diddy right now and probably it’s gonna be a show following her trying to make it as his ^+$^$*`)*^@(`+@ istant. (call me so I can get the idea credit). I know the game. It’s all about the hustle. Can’t stop, wont stop right? Don’t fall into the cliff hanger trap. Again, just another ploy to get you to come back and watch the finale to see her get kicked off. GOTCHA! Congrats Kim! Get in where you fit in! And when you make it, really impress Diddy and look me up (like he did those random models) and put me on your team. Game recognizes game.

  14. JerseyWoman says:

    I have never seen the amount of unprofessionalism in all of the “contestants” (including Poprah) as I have in this show. Having worked as a Personal %*+@_)$`_#&#^~% istant to a VP of an investment firm and an %*+@_)$`_#&#^~% istant to a VP/GM in United Technologies Corp., I learned valuable lessons in working with powerful people. You have to be a team-player & you have to think out of the box and stay one step ahead of your boss. Your boss should be confident that you can run things while he’s/she’s not there & while they are out growing his/her business. Both my bosses were confident that things got done while I was on board because of one key thing…I .LISTENED TO YOUR BOSS’s needs! Poprah should have had her guest list together as the RSVP’s came in via e-mail, and she should have gone downstairs to that other woman who had the guest list and demand she has it in her hands in one hour, not the night of the event! When Diddy asked her for her list, she should have had something to give him, then let him know that she attempted to get Keisha’s list several times without any luck. Then it would have been Keisha’s problem to explain why she wasn’t ready with her version of the list. When my managers’ needed to travel overseas and abroad, their itineraries were tight, their e-mails were organized and calendars on point. It’s all about organization. I think these contestants were ldoing this for the glitz and glam and rubbing elbows with celebrities instead of working for Diddy, but didn’t look at the hard work they would have to put in to get it! I am a happy wife and mom with a great career now, but if I was in my 20′s & 30′s when an opportunity like this came up, I definitely would have gven all of them a run for their money!

  15. jay says:

    Sean combs thinks because he has all this money thats he’s somebody. okay you a somebody but to the general public we could careless who you ar. because for the mass majority of us, sean combs is nobody. Then he has the nerve to talk about poprah and how fat she is. you know what mr. combs remove that **@%_@%)^`@*+&+` on your face because that **@%_@%)^`@*+&+` on your face has some **@%_@%)^`@*+&+` on its face. If you want good people to wok for you then treat them with some dignity, because we can see your mole from a mile away amd it’s always saying ” he there look at me!”

  16. 5'5'thickndathighs says:

    First of all JAY, I am apart of the general public and I do not approve of your message. Poprah did nothing the entire time but talk and talk. Yeah she had her moments when she “shined” (ie the perfume challange and the guess my age challenge), however, when it came down to being a team player and getting results, she could not compete. If you look at any other show that Diddy has done, you will know that he means business. And how dare you say that he is a nobody. His face is all over manhattan. Can you get a billbord in Manhattan??? (My guess is you can’t) Yeah he is tough on his employee’s and his prospects, but just like any good boss, he expects the best and nothing less. Wouldn’t you if you if you had employees? You can barely type. My point is that these people in this competition are simply not “bringing it.” And if you missed it in the episodes, then maybe you should invest in a dvr or tivo so you can run it back. BUT first, before you invest in either of those items, I really want you to invest in a dictionary because your typing skills suck. I am suprised that you actually found this web site. STEP YOU GRAMMAR GAME UP AND STOP HATING ON FOLKS THAT GOT WHAT YOU WANT!!!!!

  17. Mrs. Doster says:

    Awesome program! Every person in the United States need to be watching this program; especially the people with beer money in their pockets but craving for Moet. This program is a reflection of being determine to succeed financially. Poprah is able to identify with Mr. Combs and Oprah because she is hungry and motivated for the power and money. It’s wonderful that Sean Combs is giving this opportunity to the public. The only thing they need is to have the drive to accomplish their task, as someone famous said, “BY ALL MEANS NECESSARY.” Poprah is doing just that! GO KIM! I know Mr. Combs couldn’t give Poprah her walking papers because he’s like that author Mr. Kevin Liles. They see who can MAKE IT HAPPEN.

  18. ainokea says:

    Who gives a Ratz AZZ who what when where why and how as long as the jobs done.

  19. KH says:

    Kim has the tools to be successful however, her attitude and lack of respect for others is her downfall. She has to understand that no man is an island and you WILL have to work with others as a TEAM regardless of if you own your own business. You can’t run a successful empire by yourself and you will NOT be able to keep employees if you dont treat them right. Not all employees are driven by money and status, some employees prefer respect over $$$.

  20. mel says:

    you have been rude and demanding the entire time. if you cannot watch this show air and realize how ridiculous you seem, you have lost. i, like you, have gained weight to not deal with men because of sexual abuse. that, i admire in you. but you have to learn have to treat people respectfully. you never did that. you barked orders as if you had already won, and then ~^+!#+_!!^!*`(+ igned blame. i have the respect of every person under me as i treat them justly. i can be tough, but i don’t try to undermine dignity. i hope you can watch this and realize your shortcomings, though i suspect you look back and think that diddy was wrong and that you were misunderstood. you are NOT better than anyone else. you don’t KNOW more than the rest of us. dream on… i am happy to take a mensa test with you.

  21. truthbtold says:

    OMG! Talk about bad azz attitude! Yo, why you havent got your big butt kick so far is unreal to me. U r the last damn nerve, wher do you get off thinking you got it like that? Saying Diddy may work for you? Tired of your crooked teeth, thigh scrubbin big girl pants, hot haystack weave and that mouth,Geez! Kim you need to chill. Go to Celebrity Fit Club, aske them for next. Would love to see what the other you inside(the one who thinks she got it like that) turns out to be. Good Luck.

  22. Maezie Tee says:

    LMAO!! Kim had some good things going for her, but her attitude was jacked up! She wants to be star in the office, she doesn’t wanna really get on her feet and do anything. I still don’t believe she was unable to do the physical challenge. I just think she didn’t want to. I believe her asthma induced breathing issues were because of her weight. So when she went to the doctor they probably did find out that she had respiratory issues, but when you’re overweight, those issues can tend to come naturally. That was an easy out for her. And with her being 40 years old, she knows how to get out of stuff. The funny thing was when Diddy made her walk the dog. No she didn’t have to run, but she had to get up off her butt. Then on this episode the former `&@^`)^(+!#*(_( istant told Kim that the girl she needed to talk to was in the building, right then, that meant to get off your behind and go find her. It ain’t like she was across the city!! And even if she was, if a FORMER `&@^`)^(+!#*(_( ISTANT tells you where a person is located, that means get up and go find her. She still decided and said that she was going to just do what she was gonna do and meet the chic at the club. That was just laziness. She will be a VH1 star, you know they like for us to act a fool on TV..(New York, Chance, Real, Flavor Flav..need I say more) Anyway, sorry Kim, I do not feel sorry for you at all. I believe that you need to own your own business and do everything by yourself because it seems that you don’t trust anybody else. Maybe not; maybe in this case it was a competition, but regardless you still have to learn to work with others in working america, that’s just the way of the world. I wish you blessings in your endeavors and that you will eventually learn how to work better with folks. Be more `&@^`)^(+!#*(_( ertive instead of being so aggressive. You don’t have to make everybody hate you in order to be successful…

  23. elaine says:

    I think diddy and kim both have strong personalities, I think she was trying to handle the situation as best as possible without being disrespectful. Diddy was in her face persistantly asking her the same question that had the same answer. Was she to ignore him, because that was going to be a problem also. I think this was an easy way to eliminate her. I did feel that diddy’s approach to her was disrespectful because you don’t have to degrade someone in an attemp to show someone who’s the boss. Obviously we knew who the boss was and that’s why she applied. You don’t always have to a yes man or woman or someone who does anything you say because that’s not someone you want in your corner. I dont see someone with those characteristics to be effective if you want ideas and opinions to build from. Kim did have an attitude problem sometimes but this wasn’t the case this instance.

  24. kekoa says:

    Kim does not do well at working with a team. Looking for blame will never get you anywhere. Kim should have been saving her list on the computer and run her _&@^_@`(@_$&~%! downstairs to get a copy of whatever list that girl had so she can merge the two so that Diddy would at least have something to look at. Diddy’s former _&@^_@`(@_$&~%! istants told her that a couple of times and she kept trying to do it her way. I would have just invented a list and told Diddy that there will be revisions and the final list will be ready very soon. She needed to eat humble pie and it was satisfying to see Diddy tell her that she was not ready. She may be ready for some things, but not ready to work for Diddy. It would do Kim well to change her attitude. His _&@^_@`(@_$&~%! istants both said to her you have an attitude. Heads up Kim, change the attitude. Also i think she really was devastated to be told to leave but she tried to play it off in the elevator like it was no big deal…sorry girl, you aren’t an actress either, it showed.

  25. Katherine Ann says:

    Well, well, well. Like I stated earlier Kim you have a BIG mouth that’s about it. For a 40 something year old, you should have learned the do’s and don’ts before applying for this reality show. I think Diddy gave everyone an opportunity to invest in his enterprise. You my dear isolated everyone to the point of being disliked, you bragged but had nothing to stand up for it. You are a has been, you reek with hatred and should consider anger managment. You should have known you would be only good enough to walk an old dog. Why? You were good enough to keep on the show for ratings. Yes, Kim you were the show’s bafoon. When you finally left, (Oh, there is a GOD!) you ran your mouth to the point of my thinking you stopped taking your medication during your stay on the show. Tsssk not such a good idea. Chasing ham hocks may be your calling. Good riddens.

  26. Janet says:

    Thank god Kim is gone!! what a ego…you need to deflate that before you talk to people Kim….You are not all of that! You need to do some real soul searching to see how stupid you looked. Comparing your self to Martin Luther King and Jesus doing the show made we “throw up” You were not the best for diddy but perhaps you can get a job at the local dog shelter. Good luck to you…your going to need it.

  27. the ILL NANA says:


  28. A Mike Barber fan says:

    Excuses…Excuses, Kim. You can do anything that has to do with running your mouth. But running your a$$ is a different story. All you had to do was say “Mr.Combs, I don’t have it, but I am on my way to get it right now.” Then you shoulda got ur big @@+^(_)&!*(_~@! up and went to go get the damn list. Considering all the stuff Diddy was throwing at you all, 3 mins to take an elevator to get a damn list would not have made or broken the evening…Oh yeah, and good luck with that whole Diddy working for you thing. With the economy failing, the war getting worse, global warming, and men giving birth to babies, i’m sure you won’t be waiting too long for that cold day in hell to show up. Because I’m sure that it would take at least that or pigs flying for Diddy to let you work for him or work with you ever again…let alone work FOR you. LMAO!!!!! LOSER

  29. nikki says:

    didddy was completely unfair to Kim!!!!! Suzane you know you wrong!!! you sucked without kim

  30. Jay says:

    Thanks Diddy, long awaited for her disrespectful self to be escorted to the street! She wants to be right all the time and everything must be her way. Wrong show woman!

  31. caligirl3608 says:

    Bottom line here her arrogance and most importantly her mouth got her fired. A big dose of humble pie would do her a world of good.

  32. uwannaknow says:

    Although Kim’s attitude was bad towards the other team members – I thought she was the best for the job. I knew once she said that she could not invent a list, Diddy was going to get rid of her. He can talk to you like you have a tail and you can’t tell him anything unless you are kissing his @ss for him to put up with you. I think he was being unfair because he expects so much out of you and he treats you like crap. I know that he is rich but some of the things he had them doing he could do for himself. He is not God, but he want his #`##)&(%`~$^(*# istants to worship him. I have respect for Diddy as a person who has made it to where he is today – but his attitude stinks just like Kim’s. I think they are too much a like to work with each other.

  33. Kim's Fan....I want to work for Kim says:

    Kim, use the show to get ahead, but understand the purpose of the show….not to be on top of Diddy, but behind Diddy. That way you can watch him. When you are paid by someone, an employer, then you must abide by their rules.

    Come on Kim, it’s his company. I was surprised he asked you that many times for a list. One time, as when speaking to anyone, is all it takes to ask for anything. No explanations….no excuses. The real reason you were unable to give him the list were you were upset because he “belittled” you by asking you to leave the comfort of the office to walk his dog to the groomers. Girl, you should have offered to groom the dog yourself, if you gotten that close to a person who can change your life. Also Kim, your size didn’t phase him….I thought he understood by not embarrassing you by asking you to walk the dog. There is no way you could have jogged with him. Keep it real Kim. And no…it wasn’t just about your breathing incapability.

    I like the idea behind the name you’ve given yourself, but you fail to understand how they received their names. They always give credit to their team…always. And they welcome opportunities…not to just get ahead…but understanding what an opportunity is. When you figure that out…you’re on your way. And by the way…Diddy was in no way looking to be praised…he knows how to get praise…he was looking for a job to get done. Providing the list was your opportunity…but the list is his professional life. Another thing, even if he was looking for respect….Kim, give it…he deserves it!