Poprah Keeps It Real – Episode 9


Once again, we present the always-outspoken Poprah’s take on the latest episode of I Want To Work for Diddy. Or at least, part of her take: the entry cuts off where the episode did, so we have to wait till next week to get the full story of Poprah’s feelings on what went down, whether she was eliminated or saved.

Screw trying to recap the story, I’m just gonna state some freaking facts for the record:

Throughout this challenge, my focus was the VIP Lists, because the last thing we needed was a herd of people at the door yelling and screaming that they couldn’t get in because they’re not on the list. If you’ve ever been to a real VIP Party, drama at the door can shut down your whole event. So that was my priority.

We knew there would be no Internet access at the club, so how could I make sure I checked all the emails for all RSVPs, if I did not do it at the office? My teammates’ tasks, which were related to the event, could only be done at the club. They couldn’t do any decorating, hosting, setting up the dressing room, etc., until they let us leave for the club, which was difficult with all the tasks from Diddy.

So it only made sense for me to make sure the office stuff was done, while they did the other Diddy requests. We were not allowed to split up and some of us leave for the club, while some worked at the office. I knew that if we went to the club with an incomplete or inaccurate VIP list, we were screwed, and it would be too late to fix it.

Every time I started backing working on the list, they stopped me and told me to do something else. Diddy told me at the penthouse to get 300 to 400 more people to come to the party. But right after that, he sent me to walk his freakin’ dog and take it to the groomer. I said, “OK,” but I decided to multitask and planned that once I got the dog to the groomer, I would work on the list while they serviced the dog. I had my laptop, my phone, charger, and everything ready to work. But I had to leave and lost two hours of critical time in traffic, going back and forth to the dog groomer, when I could have been working all along and met them at the club, with 2 complete and accurate VIP lists.

The girl with Diddy’s list of people he specifically told her to invite sent me a list. Then she called me and says it was no good, so I couldn’t use it, because there would be lots of changes.

So I worked it out with her, trying to be helpful. The plan was that I would get the list from her at the club when she was finished, so she had time to make sure it was accurate. I was trying to show I could work with his existing team and be flexible. But instead I get blamed for her f*** up. The next thing I know, Norma says Diddy wants to see the list, although they both know I’m waiting on this girl. But before I could call her again, they send me another goose chase through the whole building to invite the whole damn Bad Boy staff, one by one, to a party they are all already coming to.

Immediately after I get back to my desk, Diddy comes straight to me and says I want to see the list. I explain the truth, not excuses, that I’m still trying to get in touch with the same girl he scolded earlier, who has it, and who already works for him. But he blames me for it and says I’m not ready to work for him. It seems to me that she wasn’t ready to work for him!

That’s where this episode left off. Make sure to catch the finale to find out Poprah’s fate.

You can buy Poprah’s single, “Up In The Club” at myspace.com/therealpoprah and check out her big girl clothing line at fatabulousclothing.com.

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