Too $hort And Scarface Blow The Whistle


Hip Hop Honors taped this past Thursday night, and the high-energy show went off without a hitch, which may have had something to do with the rehearsals that took over Hammerstein Ballroom all last week. The stage was a veritable revolving door of talent, with Scarface passing the mic to Kid Rock during the Too $hort segment, and De La Soul fans like Mos Def and Q-Tip hanging around just to practice their rhymes. The morning of the taping, Bun B, Kid Rock, Scarface, Lil Jon and the Top Dog himself, Too $hort, got together to go through their set one last time.

Read what Big Boi has to say about his first encounter with Too $horts “Freaky Tales.”

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  1. ghetto spokesman says:

    are you kidding me right now what the #%!@`$~$)__%%^*& is really going on how come Scarface hasn’t been honored yet not only is this cat the real king of the south he’s the king of the whole game. him and the geto boys put the south on the map that nigga face put the south on his shoulders and thats some hellafied @`@!~)&!!@%`(%%) cuz the south got so many beasts. no disrespect but if scarface or the geto boys aint honored next year i aint watchin hip hop honors no more it’s gonna be to hard to take yall serious. yadameen

  2. The Beast says:

    Yo I can’t wait to see my man Scarface!!! I bet he’s going to rip it for Too Short.

    check out his track High Powered

  3. East Oakland says:

    Much Love Too Short and Scarface….but I really wish Bun B would have respected the lyrics during his set. Much love tho….Keep Oakland on the map.

  4. G-stylez says:

    Ummm… what up VH1… how come no one from the BAY represented for TOO SHORT… at least E40. Don’t forget to HONOR E40… PEACE!

  5. Safflaxia says:

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  6. Perdunok says:

    Hello Perdunky!

  7. lemyaskin says:

    lemyaskin rulezz

  8. fla boy says:

    Scrub Da Ground…..SPLACK PACK should have been honored even tho they wasnt on a major label…they &*+)$^!&~***_@_) rip the clubs for over 15years…8BALL&MJG, 666MAFIA, SCAREFACE, POISON CLAN, DJ MAJIC MIKE…LENGENDS N THE SOUTH DO YA HOMEWORK

  9. fla boy says: