The Celebreality Interview – Suzanne


Suzanne takes it all…er, some of it, at least. Below, the joint winner of I Want To Work for Diddy talks victory, Poprah and preparing for the sleep deprivation that lies ahead.


Thanks. It’s been such a big secret for so long that it’s weird to hear that. It’s been really, really hard keeping it secret. In our contract, there’s a million-dollar penalty against us talking about the outcome of the show. I have like $316 in the bank, so I didn’t even know what they’d do if I said anything. But I think it’s more fun for my family and friends to watch along with the rest of America and learn as they go.

Have you started working for Diddy yet?

Nope. I know nothing. Basically, on the tarmac (right after filming the final episode) before he jetted off to Cannes, my new boss told me, “Don’t call us, we’ll call you.” It had to be top-secret for as long as the show aired, so I haven’t had any interaction with Sean John Combs or anyone in his organization. But yeah, I’m excited and scared s***less. It’s the job of a lifetime and somehow, I landed it.

Diddy’s just given you the job, and you leave Mike out on the tarmac. What was it like onboard before Diddy stopped the plane to call out to Mike?

I was sitting on the plane just feeling like it should have been the happiest moment of my life, but it just didn’t feel right. I was looking out the window watching Mike wave and in my heart of hearts, I thought, Mike deserves this. I felt that he grew the most. He’s so amazing and came so far to prove himself that I would have been OK losing to him, as opposed to Poprah. That would have been a nightmare. All of a sudden, I heard Diddy yell to the pilot to stop the plane and calling Mike on.

You were clearly thrilled to share the victory with Mike.

There’s plenty of room at the top. And it could be argued that we both deserved it. Maybe Diddy felt like we both brought such different skill sets to the plate. At the end of the day, there was this beautiful justice that the two winners were self-made Bronx kids who were in awe of all this happening. You know, I felt like we proved that you don’t have to get in the gutter and be subhuman to win this thing.

You were so drama-free that for weeks, you flew under the radar.

That’s fair to say. You gotta have a game plan when you came on. I thought: I’m just going to be humble, keep my head down and do the job. But at the same time, I knew that this was TV. I knew there was a danger in not being entertaining enough. It was a hard line to walk. I didn’t want to pimp myself out to grab the attention and headlines, but at the same time, the danger is not being an interesting character. I don’t think I was completely myself because there was a lot of pressure and a lot of competition, so it’s hard to be natural. But that’s what I tried: to keep respect for myself and others while kicking ass.

Poprah has had no shortage of disparaging words for you. Any idea why there’s such pronounced beef?

It’s weird. I never really thought I was a threat to her. I don’t think she took me seriously, because I don’t have any background in the entertainment industry. She had tons of skills and the entertainment background. I think at some point, she started to realize I was a threat, and I didn’t realize that until I was watching the show. There was one elimination, after the party, that I saw her run up to Red and say, “Take Suzanne down.” Then a light bulb went off in my head. If she was scheming to get rid of me, she must have been a little bit worried. I don’t know, I think Poprah is her own worst enemy. If she could have just learned from her mistakes, listened to the panel and humbled herself just a little bit, she would have won. But she couldn’t hold her tongue, not even with the man himself! She lipped off to the boss man!

Not coming from an entertainment background, before the opportunity of the show arose, did you ever think to yourself, “I want to work for Diddy?”

No. There are people out there you’re impressed by, but you never think you’d be in their stratosphere to even have the opportunity to work for someone at that level. At the same time, I wasn’t even in that field – I was a writer, a reporter, I worked for the police department. Once I saw that it was real and could be the opportunity, I went after it with all I had.

Once you got the chance to work side-by-side with him and you saw how particular he can be, did you ever think, “I don’t really want to work for Diddy anymore”?

Everyday, starting with the first challenge ever, cleaning his rims at 4 a.m. You know, Harvard grad cleaning someone’s rims, that s*** is humbling. Everyday was a lesson and everyday was a challenge. I figured I could either be humiliated by it, or I could be humbled by it. At the end of the day, I might have a fancy degree, but I’m not too good to do anything. This guy knows what he’s doing. He wants to make sure you do the small stuff with a smile, and once you get through that door, there’s gonna be another door with something more interesting and more challenging. And I felt like that kept happening with every challenge. By the time we made it into the hallowed halls of Bad Boy, I had reconciled myself. I knew what it was going to be like to work for Diddy and how hard it was going to be.

With your vast resume and degree, though, someone might say that becoming an assistant is a step backward. What would you say to that?

This is the opposite of a step backwards. It feels like a thousand steps forward. Look at all of his former personal assistants. They didn’t go on to more assisting. They went on to head corporations and run departments. Plus, Diddy finds and cultivates talent. You pay your dues and then when you find your place to shine, you can move somewhere else in his empire. If I have to suck up a year or so doing stuff that someone else might think I’m too good to do, it’s worth it. Just to be in that empire, it’s worth it. Because I went to Harvard, I’m smart enough to know that working for Diddy will advance my career in ways no other job could.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

That’s a good question. I don’t know. It depends on Diddy! I feel like if I can do this job well, impress him and learn from him, he’s the one I’d go to and say, “OK, you know me. Where do you see me going?” It’s hard to say. I don’t know yet!

What was the biggest lesson you learned on this show?

There were lots of things. One is that you don’t have to put people down in order to shine. Also, I thought I had worked hard, and I am a very anal and ambitious person. But I learned that I had never truly worked hard.

Are you ready for 24/7 sleep interruption?

Sleep is forbidden (laughs)! Yeah, you know, [while on the show], I did it. Your body gets used to it, but I feel like you pay in the end. I wasn’t as sharp or as patient or as tolerant as I usually would be because I was sleep deprived. I guess that’s something you have to learn to live with.

Keep up with Suzanne via her profile.

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  1. mysti says:

    I am so glad that Diddy made the choice he did. I was really pushing for Mike but when he chose Suzanne I thought “he knows what’s best for his success”. I actually shed a tear when Mike was left there to watch that plane roll away. I think that he has a lot to offer and I think Diddy made the right choice to bring him aboard too. I don’t watch much tv but the show captivated me when I was flipping the channels one day and I’ve been hooked ever since.

    I love to see people get ahead with opportunities like this one. The fact that it’s televised for the world to see makes it even more special. I know how hard it is to struggle towards a goal without obvious opportunities and I commend Mr. Combs for his efforts. He is a special person as far as I can see.

    I am a Masters prepared healthcare provider (CRNP) that has never been to New York, but I KNOW that if Mr. Combs ever needed or wanted anything related to healthcare in one of his companies or venues I would make myself available in a NY minute. Bravo! Reality TV can enhance the quality of one’s life!

    Congratulations Suzanne and Mike! Do what you do! I have faith in your abilities and now you know Diddy does too!

  2. Miguel says:

    Poprah deserved to get fired! She is a loud mouth with no social skills! She thinks she knows it all but in the end we all just found out she does not know a thing about the business world! Congrats to both winners! Well done! By the way! What in the world is a sambo?

  3. susan harry says:

    you did not deserve that win Kim was way better than you
    that street challenge proved it
    she will be better off than you in the end.

  4. Howawa says:

    I was sad to see the show end like this. Honestly, I think none of the prospective canidates should have won. First of all, Suzanne..what has she done that stood out and displayed her skillset? She was a “freerider” with the challenge with Kim. If it wasn’t for Kim, she might not have made it to the finale. Next, look at the poor judgement she shown with her decisions with the challenge with setting up and conducting Diddy’s party….I mean grafitti…come on. Then lets go to Mike, he has the most potential to win because he has a generally likeable personality and was cook with most people but he is alot of talk. Again he had the most potential to win but still didn’t deliver enough. He was also a snake to vote Kendra off because she sold more than he did during that challenge. He was just a smooth talker who is fairly attractive who thought too highly about himself. And last but not least, Kim…she has the business acumen and alot of the skillset necessary, but her personality was her downfall. She should’ve listened more and humbled herself and maybe she could have pulled this off. Alot of people didn’t like her because of her mouth and weight but I did wanted her to win because she was the underdog (due to her being obese, too opinionated and disliked)…but her opinionated, dominant, bossy, loudmouth personality ruined it for her. She would have clashed with Diddy anyway. I think most of those prospective canidates were not up to par for the job. There should have been another season.

  5. MDRS says:

    congrats to the two of you. i think suzanne is deserving of the position, as well as mic, if he tones it down a bit. honestly, i think diddy would have picked him first if he didn’t come off with such a strong personality. if you look at all of diddy’s sidekicks, they are strong but have a more subtle energy.

    karma’s a “_%()(_%^(^$!^~# for poprah. her credentials mean nothing when she spent more of her time trying to put other people down and bully them rather than put that into her work – even when it meant biting her tongue.

    whether these two make it for real with diddy or not, it sure made one hell of a show. another good one vh1

  6. Stan says:

    I’m glad both of you got the job. It’s great to see hard work, education and being humbled paid off.

  7. chachi says:

    Congratulations Suzanne,
    I am Happy for you , Best of luck, You deserve the Win.

  8. CJ says:

    Suzanne should NOT have won. She didn’t do anything to stand out in this show. She just rode the backs of the other competitors. She’s there now so I hope she steps it up, but I feel Diddy made the wrong choice with her.

  9. RV says:

    Suzanne was extremely professional, and a good worker. Unfortunately, that didn’t make for entertaining TV or likability.

  10. Donovan says:

    Poprah, you sound like a sore loser. You didn’t get the job so get over it and stop trying to talk crap about the winner. You had all the opportunities to win but you blew it. Your mouth was your biggest problem. It’s like you just had to boss everybody and you had to always be in charge but as you can see, their is only one boss and that’s Diddy. You should know you never talk back to the boss. YOU NEVER DO THAT. You should pray that God will help you control your tongue, you had a lot more experience than everyone but you blew it with your mouth and controlling behavior. One day you will get your dream job but Diddy wasn’t going to have someone like you trying to boss him and everyone else around. Learn to take criticism and you’ll make it. Good Luck with whatever you do in life.

  11. Desi says:

    CONGRATS TO MIKE…you should have been Diddy’s 1st pick but at least you still working for him. That’s still great. Congrats and good luck :-)

  12. Anonymous says:

    Poprah should have won.

  13. Alia says:

    Poprah… jelaous much… HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. You are a waste of life keep on proving it everytime “you keep it real” and post your rubbish.

  14. T. Paul Cardin says:

    Suzanne, I love your humble spirit. You could have easily looked down on your competition. You represent a different side of the fence that often gets overlooked. People may think you are so privlidged and overlook you for opportunities to advance your career just because you are caucasian and highly educated. I enjoyed watching your calm demeanor throughout the missions. Although I admit you did sem to unravel in the end at BadBoy headquarters (nerves!) I dont blame you for being nervous. To achieve your goals and dreams, I believe it depends on your mindset, and your relationship with God. I auditioned for the show in Atlanta and was called back for a tv interview also but unfortunately I didnt make it to the actual show. My life is in God’s hands and I will never give up. I cant stop, wont stop!! I look forward to being on Season 2!! Remember the name T. Paul Cardin

  15. DallasGirl says:

    Suzanne – Thank you for being an inspiration to the many watching this show. I also left a comment for Mike and im really REALLY happy you both were given this opportunity. Another person with the fires burning. New York really has some amazing people. I respect the East Coast mentality. The ability to turn nothing into something. The amazing ambition and drive to be the best you can be and to never stop. As an executive I respect your background and your choice to try something completely different. Not many can say the same for themselves. The fact that you made a decision to leave your comfort zone and dive into the unknown I have much respect for. I understand that this was a competition but im glad you never once got lost in the negativity. You kept a level head the whole time amidst controversy and hardship. I will say this part has played a major factor in his choice to choose you. He made the right choice. Again congrats!

  16. Kim Oules says:


    I wanted to tell Suzanne CONGRATS!!!

    You will do great things for Diddy.


    Kim Oules
    Long Beach, CA

  17. TC says:

    Hell no, Kim (fat a$$, chicken smelling ho!) shouldn’t of won, she had an ego as big as her and for what….nothing. Mike won and I am glad, Suzanne is intelligent, but not street savy. Kim was the villian and that’s the only reason VH1 kept her around for as long as they did. She was up for elimination 3 times in a row, and that says something. I am glad she’s gone and hopefully, we won’t hear or see her again!

  18. Scott Sillen says:

    Wake up little Susie! Someone pinch this Bronx Beauty!!!
    I knew Sue/Suzi/Susan/Suzanne,from growing up in Pelham Parkway in the Bronx(off of Bogart & Lydig)She was always cute and sassy.She always had charm and was classy.There isn’t any doubt or surprise that she won.
    Shout out to all your cousins(coming out of the woodwork like you won the lottery)your Mom and Joey.
    You are the most famous(only)and…richest celebrity I know.
    Congrats! Mazel Tov! Happy New Year!
    Scott from Bogart(now in Fla.)
    YOU ROCK!!!
    (I wish I could celebrate with you…)

  19. teresa vigil says:

    I started crying when he opened the airplane and said he had room for mike- this is suppose to be reality but the reality is Sean Combs is a compassionate man, and god will belss him for that. Best ending ever!

  20. Mr. Diddl Mouse Combs says:


  21. BigNose says:

    What a piece of crap! I can’t believe that P Diddy picked that big nose, useless hag Suzanne! Throughout the whole series, she did very little and some of the other candidates out performed her. Honestly, even though poprah was a loud mouth, her ability to win challenges and come out with original ideas impressed me. Especially the game she invented by the Empire State Buidling to guess her age, she won over $400!!!

    Suzanne’s strategy was a dismal failure in that contest and she simply rode on poprah’s great idea. That Big Nose (&!@&!^`&^()!#&+* We will see how far Suzanne the big nose gets with working with P Diddy, cause it seems working for him is hectic. UNQUALIFIED. P Diddy I like you, but you picked an apple with a worm in it. (SUZANNE)

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