Alter Bridge’s Celebrity Rehab Theme


If you believe music is all about emotional power, then you’re likely a fan of Alter Bridge‘s new video for “Watch Over You.” It’s one of the those guardian angel songs, and it packs a punch. That’s why we chose it as an unofficial theme for Celebrity Rehab 2, which premieres Thursday, October 23. Clips from the series, which features Dr. Drew working with an array of patients that includes Rodney King, Tawny Kitaen, and Jeff Conway, are spliced into the footage of the band in action. Check out the video above.

Here’s a photo gallery of the Celebrity Rehab 2 cast members.

Watch the supertrailer for the show.

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  1. Michele says:

    LOVE this song!!! I can’t wait to get both cd’s from this band! I’m glad I got introduced to them from VH-1! :) I watched season 1 of celebrity rehab so I was going to watch season 2 also. I sure hope things work out for all that are on! Just don’t know about Jeff, hope his girlfriend is more helpful this time!

  2. Rayma says:

    Anyone who has ever had a problem with drugs or alcohol can really feel the pain and sorrow in this song and video. I’ve had my own struggles and this video and the melody bring me to tears every time I watch it, but I LOVE IT!! It’s good to always remember where you came from, and those struggles will always make you stronger. Remember the Serenity Prayer. PEACE AND LOVE Y’ALL!!

  3. Dee63 says:

    I have cried when I heard this song; “how can you love someone and not yourself”? I left my alcoholic boyfriend in 1992; it broke my heart that I couldn’t save him. I did everything I could – counseling, taking him to church. I also cried when I left “who is going to save you when I’m gone?” He felt that Iwas the ne who kept him away from death and begged me to stay, yet the physical and emotional abuse during his blackouts were too much. I left 1995, I heard that someone killed him. I was already married and yet, my husband understood and gave me time to go through this grief that I couldn’t save him. This song reminds me of the day I walked away..and he knelt at the car begging me to stay. Thank you for this song – it is poignant, sad, yet beautiful.

  4. Jo says:

    Awesome. I am on four months clean – unfortunately I found my drug of choice three years ago at age 39 in opiates. This song speaks to me about two of my rehab friends who are so close to relapsing and even they know they will die. And sadly about my cousin who is a still suffering addict that just lost his wife in a traffic accident and is left with three kids – who take a back seat to cocaine and alcohol. Can’t believe our highs mean so much to us. I had to see that the highs get lower just as the lows get lower…just chasing the grim reaper and we think we are chasing a high.
    This song, like the other comments say, brought me to tears. Hope and faith can be found in the 12 steps.
    But this link needs to be more promient on the website. It offers too precious of a message – from a really talented band – to be lost in click thrus.

  5. Me says:

    Wow!! Just saw the video (twice this morning) & what a powerful message it sends!! Sad, beautiful, all the things that everyone is saying about this video are accurate! Although I’m not a viewer of Celebrity Rehab & I’m not a professed fan of Alter Bridge (what songs I have heard are awesome though), I like to think I know a good song when I hear one & this one would definitely be one!!! It needs to be in heavy play/rotation to get that message out there & hopefully save someone from themselves.

  6. dan.j says:

    When I first got sober I had a hard time realizing my place in this world. This song finally answered all those unanswerable questions. This isn`t all about me but the people around me. I realized i need to be here for my chid my grand daughter my family and all my fellow addicts and alcoholics

  7. Deborah says:

    I’m sorry, but I’m SOOOOO tired of Jeff! He whines and complains…..calls the cops for Godssake…threatens to leave…the sense of entitlement just drives me crazy! He annoys me MUCH more than Gary! If he wants to leave let him leave already!

  8. Dottie Nelson says:

    This is so awesome especially for families who suffer probably more than the addict. Profound

  9. Nichole says:

    I absolutely love and respect everyone on celebrity rehab. Having so many people in my life affected by addiction I can relate to this show and in a way, it it therapuetic for me. Thank you Dr. Drew, Shelly, Will and everyone else involved. And the greatest luck to all, especially Rodney and Seth!

    Lots of Love and Prayers in Louisiana,
    Niki S.

  10. escort lugano says:

    Don’t stop posting such articles. I love to read articles like that. By the way add more pics :)