Celebrity Rehab Season 2: Watch The Supertrailer!


Five minutes of tears and truly amazing human behavior are above in the supertrailer for the second season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. Dr. Drew explains how treatment brings the best and worst out of this season’s rehabbers Sean Stewart, Amber Smith, Rodney King, Nikki McKibbon, Steven Adler, Tawny Kitaen, Gary Busey, and Jeff Conway, while we watch it all play out. Again: truly amazing.

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  1. Aimee says:

    Woah! that was all too real im making a phone call for myself today. Its time to get sober folks!

  2. Linda says:

    Watching this brought me to tears I had been clean and sober for 8 years and my beautiful 20 year old daughter died of an overdose from snorting heroin. It was the first time she ever did drugs and she never woke up. It should have been me that died from all the years and all the drugs I did in my life, but it wasn’t. I am only still alive because I have a 14 year old son,who at the time of my daughters death was only 6. I stayed clean for 2 years after her death and began taking pain meds for migraines and they made me feel like I could cope, my life will never be the same again I have a hole in my sole. Watching this and seeing that young lady who is about my daughters age say that her mom died of an overdose and she said she had know one to visit her just breaks my heart. I wish I could visit her and share my story and comfort her and give her some glimmer of hope because its never to late as long as you are still breathing. Please anyone who reads this take into account this is a disease that will take your life whether its that you’ve been using for a long time or you just want to experiment and try it (using drugs) one time is all it takes to kill you like it did my beautiful. My life will never be the same but I have been clean again for over a year now, please believe me if I can do it anyone can, especially you.

  3. Anna says:

    Yay! Shelly’s back!

  4. Jamie says:

    I really want to hear what Steven Adler has to say! Should be interesting!

  5. Jessica says:

    I can’t wait for Oct 23. I love this show. I’m glad Jeff came back. There is another great cast this season! I wish them all the best of luck in getting clean.

  6. JAVIER SOSTRE says:


  7. DRUGFREE says:

    I am so glad that VH1 realized THIS show was and is a lot better and more useful, helpful, educational and all around better then some damn hook up shows. There are a LOT of folks out there that need help and if this show helps ONE person ( who isnt on the show of course ) its well worth it. I was so addicted to pain pills that it destroyed my life. I lost my husband of 18 years, lost my job and now have a record. I am from an upper middle class upbringing and my ex and I had tonz of money. I am only saying that because addiction can happen to ANYONE. People think otherwise and its just not true. ANYONE can get addicted. I came out the other side of it. I am free of ANY drugs I am healthy and back on the road to having a much better way of life. I now go and speak to school children about drugs. There is life after drugs.

  8. rebecca says:

    how come i cant watch any of the videos?? and everyone i ask to watch it it dont work for them either??

  9. Cono says:

    WOW! This is certainly some powerful stuff. It goes to show you, that all walks of life can have these addiction’s, which should make most folks think twice, before saying negative statements to folks that are or use to be in the limelight and now have fallen to certain abuses. I certainly hope that lots of folks watch these episodes, to give them a better sense, that they too could be in these situations, it’s not always passed on from generation to generation. Great Job Dr. Drew and his crew!! Now this is what life information should be all about!

  10. Michelle says:

    Dr. Drew
    Thank you. I am grateful for ALL of your work in recovery and promoting the disease concept to the general public. It is important to me that society sees and knows about addictions. It makes me feel comfortable with my sobriety, knowing that more and more people are turning to recovery. It seems to be an acceptable way of life in Hollywood (for those that choose it), These clients have had everything they could ask for and they still couldn’t fight this disease on thier own. It reminds me one more time, that by the grace of God I don’t have to live in that hell anymore. The end is always the same. No matter who you are or where you come from, addiction gets worse over time never better. This was the first time that I watched this show. I was captivated.
    PS-that saying is true ” I wouldn’t trade worst day sober, for my best day out there!”

  11. Melissa Hooper says:

    Dr. Drew,
    I just watched the first episode of Celebrity Rehab 2. First I want to say that I think the show is wonderful and shows the reality of addiction. I work at a psychiatric hospital and we deal with a lot of detox patients. I see these behaviors and problems every day; one of the most difficult things I have seen is someone trying to get clean. My question to you is about what you said about Steven Adler. His childhood seems like it was awefull! No one should have to go through having their things put out on the sidewalk at 11 years old. However, do you really think that he stopped developing at that point? I only ask because I am currently in grad school for guidance and counseling, and one of the classes I have taken this semester is Developmental Processes. What we are learning is a lot about Erickson and his stages of development. At that point in his life, Steven Adler would probably have been in the autonomy vs. shame and doubt. Obviously, he has not come out of that stage with the desired result (autonomy), therefore I believe that he moved foward, only in the wrong direction. I just would really like your input on this. Again, I think your show is great; I have contemplated taping the episodes and trying to see how we can use it at work with our Chemical Dependancy program. Anyway, thank you for taking the time out to read this.


  12. The Variegated Voice says:

    No offense Dr. Drew Pinsky, {and I’m not sticking up for that eccentric, self involved, Gary Busey}, but…Are you sure YOU’RE not the one that fell in love with Shelly after 48 hours and now you automatically THINK everybody else will?! I have watched that anorexic looking little freak in action working out on people on the first episode and she hasn’t polished up her act any since then. She is a button pusher and a little conniving wench! She ALWAYS looks like she just crawled out of the sack and she has no class. After all…she’s on National tv, one would THINK she could DO something with her hair, or at LEAST brush it.You REALLY need to be careful who you give such high credentials to. Between her and that other opinionated freak you have working for you, {the one with the BIG ,LOUD WHINING MOUTH, {he’s not even important enough for me to stop typing just to look his name up}, but if this helps, he wears that silly looking hat that he pulls the brim down all around and looks like “Cousin It”, from, “The Adam’s Family”, I don’t know which one of the two are the worst?! Those two uneducated Freaks have zero credentials and you’re putting them in positions they are NOT qualified for. I don’t want to hear either one of them say, or act like, because THEY were once hooked on drugs, {and in Shelly’s case, not just hooked on drugs, but a “Hooker” on top of}, that they KNOW what they are talking about. Being an ex drug addict alone DOESN’T give either one of them the expertise needed to handle people in such fragile states. That little ~~(&_!`$@@*~@_%#@ Shelly should stick to cleaning the rooms and eaves dropping, {like she does now} and the OTHER one needs to KEEP HIS BIG TRAP SHUT, period. Both Shelly and him should be placed over in Afghanistan and that hideous excuse for a human being, {Bin Laden}, would probably surrender, JUST to get out of the same Country they are in. When you put them in power positions over distraught people coming off of drugs it’s like liquid Nitrogen being bounced around in a Stage Coach on a hot August day and expecting it not to explode. They are BOTH a couple of LOSERS The fact that the guy has been a patient of your’s so many times in the past ought to tell you enough about him right there, and Shelly…well she’s a lost cause. The truth of the matter is…the ONLY good thing about those two is that they ruffle everybody’s feathers and that makes the show interesting enough to watch again and again just to see which one of the people in the treatement program either one of them will piss off next! On second thought, because of that, keep them on the show but PLEASE, PLEASE, don’t brag either one of them up?! This article will be what it will be…typos and the works…I typed it while I was so tired I could hardly see the words or stay awake so, please indulge in me readers…to err is human…to go to sleep now…is divine. Ty, for reading my comments.

  13. Susan says:

    I am huge supporter of this show. I have never used drugs in my life so this is a real education for me. Finally a reality show that is actually educational and involves real people with everyday strugges. Not people playing games and trying to hook up. I love that Steven Adler is on and wish him well. He has so many fans out there that are rooting for him. I hope he realizes this and it helps him get clean. I wish the same for everyone else a well. Good job Dr.Drew.

  14. M Beth says:

    Gary Busey needs a reality check. Even though he’s been sober for 13 years he is an addict and always will be an addict for the rest of his life. I know he belives he’s been sent there from a higher power to help, but they’re all supose to help each other. He doesn’t need to put himself above everyone else thinking rules don’t apply. Unless he’s getting a pay check at the end of each week he doesn’t work there so the rules do apply. Also Gary you don’t look so good. You seem like your struggling. Your intensions are sincere but you have to stop kidding yourself by saying your not an addict. You are , you can be sober for the next 25 years but the fact is your a recovering addict. Recovery is something to be proud of and as long as it stays in front of the word addict you’ll be in good shape. So cut out the I’m here to advise or whatever else you believe and jion the group, they’ve heard enough stories and have enough of their own. Stay there embrace the experience and gain some more strength to add to your recovery. Good Luck, oh when its time to give up the phone —-give it up.

  15. Xesia Nichole says:

    I just wanted to send some hope to all of the patients in the rehab center to let them know that there is hope out there….. Mostly to Steven Adler, he has always been a real inspriation to me and I really want him to realize that he still has fans…

  16. Michael McKinney says:

    I am a recovering addict with just over 2 years clean and sober. I saw the show for the first time today(DVR). I am hoping that just one of the patients get it. I had 5 years clean but dry. I did nothing to change me or deal with the issues that caused me to use. When I relapsed I was out for 10 years. It was a failed suicide that put me into a psych unit and then a year long intensive outpatient treatment. I have learned how to deal with life on life’s terms without retreating into drugs to dull the sharp edges. This past April my twin brother had a massive heart attack. I was fortunate to be with him in the hospital when he passed away. Through out this ordeal not once did I consider using drugs. It is important that I feel everything I am supposed to feel. I don’t have the best life but I am happier and more at peace than I have ever been in my life. God bless.

  17. The Variegated Voice says:

    I posted a comment last night and just re-read it tonight, {b/c I was too tired last night}. I’m afraid I may have come off as a bit harsh about Dr. Drew and want to clarify myself about that. I feel Dr. Drew is a great Doctor, especially for doing what he is doing and I really DO love the show and what it has to offer for the addicts ON the show plus addicts and their loved ones outside of the show. I just don’t feel Dr. Drew should share ANY of the spotlight with his *&+$+~`%#+_`^@@ istants. It’s fine that his *&+$+~`%#+_`^@@ istants have a place of their OWN in the show, however, none of them should be put in the spotlight with Dr. Drew and treated BY Dr. Drew as his equals. Dr. Drew gives them far too much credit. They don’t have any, {much less ALL of the years of education Dr. Drew has}.and being recovering addicts themselves makes them JUST that and NOTHING more than that. Until they have invested the years of late night cramming for exams and brain strain Dr. Drew has been through to carry his ~#+)$%&*__(`!`_ le of expertise, they do NOT belong sitting in on sessions and interceding in any way when Dr. Drew is talking to the patients. Shelly usually keeps quiet during group meetings, because I’m sure she knows her place, and like I said in my article last night, Shelly’s place is cleaning and polishing up counter tops while eavesdropping on people. The one that looks and acts like “Cousin it”,from The Adams Family,{ Bob Forrest}, is the one that clearly tries to act superior to Dr. Drew. He should slither back under the rock he crawled out from underneath and keep his hissing to himself. I’m not taking Shelly off the hook though…I watched every episode of Season 1 and caught Shelly instigating trouble {and more than once} with patients. I also caught Shelly lying to Dr. Drew about what went on between her and Jaimee Foxworth, {the young lady that played the part of Judy Winslow on the hit TV show, “Family Matters”}. It was during the episode when the patients close family members came to visit. When Shelly told Dr. Drew what went on between her and Jaimee outside, did she, {Shelly} actually forget that everything she said to Jaimee was on film? HAAA, it’s funny how one can become so accustomed to the camera crew filming them that they forget they are even there after awhile. I don’t know which one is the most unqualified, Shelly Sprague or Bob Forrest, but neither of them belong so closely involved with Dr. Drew’s place on the show. Shelly Sprague’s name is even right underneath Dr. Drew’s in the listings online, of the full cast and crew as, {resident tech}. There are other resident Techs and actual Nurses that are much more qualified than Shelly, and their names are way down on the list . What makes Shelly Sprague so special to be listed right underneath Dr. Drew’s? Is she taking any schooling to be given the ~#+)$%&*__(`!`_ le, “Resident Tech”, or is that just a ~#+)$%&*__(`!`_ le given to her by Dr. Drew because he seems to have a special fondness for her? The even more scarey thing is I must admit,{just as I did in my prior article}, that Shelly and Bob and the other *&+$+~`%#+_`^@@ istants actually do make the show more captivating, {especially when they are out of order, or as in Shelly’s case, conniving}! Regardless of all of that, Dr. Drew is a fine Dr. and I really like the show and what he is doing for all people.Also, I read another comment by a lady named Linda and I want to say, “Linda, my heart goes out to you and please stop blaming yourself about your daughter’s death.” “I can honestly tell you Linda that even if you were a model Mother that never used drugs in your life, {for any reason, other than an aspirin for a headache}. Your daughter still may have experimented with drugs.” “I so much hope I can comfort you by telling you that God has a plan for everybody and there are reasons things happen beyond our control everyday”. “Your daughter is now your Angel and I’m sure she wants you to go on with life and try to find happiness for yourself”. “Linda, you have another child to raise and you need to be happy in order to raise your child the best that you can”. “Your ordeal has already touched me so I’m sure it has touched many other people that have read about it as well”. “If it helps Linda, please realize that what you have told people, even if it stops just ONE person, {although I’d bet it has stopped more than one}, from using drugs, {other than for something necessarily prescribed by a conscientious Physician}, you have made a tremendous difference in somebody else’s life and many more lives, of people connected to that person. If I could give you a warm loving hug Linda, I would, but also, feel the warmth of the Angel that surrounds you everyday of your life and know that she loves you, is there for you, and wants you to be happy and go on with your life,{living it to the fullest and to the best of your ability}. I promise you that what I am saying is the truth. I lost a loved one because of drugs and he has given me many, MANY signs that he is still with me. Because of what I saw happen to him, I have talked to many people online about the ravages of that particular drug and other drugs. I strongly feel that early education is the ONLY thing that will EVER help prevent many people from the mis-use of drugs and it will also help eliminate the suppliers of dirty street drugs or any other drugs being sold for mis-use. Without the demand.there is no need for the suppliers and with early education we automatically eliminate the demand for illegal or mis-used drugs.Tthe pushers and Dealers of drugs cannot find it nearly as easy to move drugs. There is a difference between a Dealer and a Pusher…The Dealer is there for the demand of the drugs…The Pusher is there to push drugs onto people and get them hooked, { then, that helps the demand for more drugs, {a vicious cycle perpetrated by these “EASY, FAST MAKING ,MONEY MONGERS”! Both will be less needed if we can get through to our children when they are young. For those children that don’t learn about the ravages of drugs in the home, {and there are far too many}, there is School. We need to push Elementary Schools into teaching the children when they are YOUNG not to experiment with drugs. Why wait until kids start …get to them early and teach them…that’s ONE BIG WAY to make a BIG difference. The best war on drugs program our Government can execute is by making it mandatory that Elementary Schools include a program about Who What When Where and Why not to do drugs. I know for a fact it will work, because it worked for me. I was already 15 when a teacher talked to the entire group of us about the harmful effects of L.S.D.,{acid} and other drugs and she also told us how damaging to our genes L.S.D. and other drugs are and showed us pictures of babies born with missing limbs because of the parents being on acid, during the time of conception and or during pregnancy. She also explained how a person’s first trip on acid could be their worst or last trip It scared the hell out of me and because of that, I stayed away from drugs, but not everybody in my class did. That teacher made a difference in my life and I can tell everybody reading this article that I often thought about how, “If I listened at an age when I was most vulnerable to experiment on drugs, imagine how many kids would not already be on drugs that are my age, if they had been taught and learned sooner”! I hope my article has helped somebody out there, just as I am sure Linda’s did. Thank you Dr. Drew Pinsky for your truly inspirational tv show.

  18. The Variegated Voice says:

    How ridiculous it is that after I put so much time into my articles here that when I type the word +&)+%((#$~$*+!@ le or `&@_&_&+^(@&^“ istant it ends up looking as though I used curse words. Must I leave a space in certain words such as t itle and a ssistant, so I don’t look like a potty mouth? I want the readers to realize that my words were hacked by this program to look as though I was cussing. Please change whatever is in your program so words that don’t have ANYTHING to do with being a nasty word do not show up like they do. I hope the readers will be able to decipher the difference of those words and that they can make sense out of what I said because the words as sistant and t itle, if typed without a space in them appear to be cuss words.

  19. The Variegated Voice says:

    How ridiculous it is to not be able to type the words as sistant or t itle without a space in them or they end up looking like a cuss word. After all the time I put into my article I hope the readers can decipher through my words to be able to make sense in in my previous article and see that I was not using any cuss words.

  20. Tara Good says:

    Variegated Voice…you don’t look so much like a potty mouth as you do an idiot. Don’t worry.

  21. John says:

    Gary Busey is a very sick person. Dr. Drew should refer him to a mental institution. He is crazy,

  22. The Variegated Voice says:

    Tara Good …My guess is that you’re jealous either because all you can come up with are,”One Liners”, to add to this Blog, OR, perhaps I hit a soft spot in your little, “one liner life” You couldn’t even say WHY I look like an “idiot”, in your little “one liner opinion”. Why? Because you really don’t know do you?! You’re just too self consumed with loathing jealousy that, in the process of THINKING you’re going to make ME look like an “idiot”. In turn, you made yourself NOT only LOOK like and idiot, but you just proved that you ARE one.

  23. mi_frannie says:

    No, really Variegated, you look like an idiot.

  24. Carolyn says:

    You need to leave Jeff and Vicki to themselves. I have never seen two more annoying and pathetic human beings in my life. They are both beyond codependency….they are pathetic, useless, ungrateful, losers who do not want to help themselves and are doing nothing to help themselves. I think they just like the attention, because they treat those that are trying to help them like crap. They are not worth it. Cut them off and leave them to their own vices. You tried and they don’t deserve any more free help. Why did Jeff come back anyway? All he does is talk about how much he wants to leave once he’s there and he acts like a giant baby. I can’t believe I had a crush on him when he was on Grease. He is just absolutely disgusting both inside and out and I don’t feel sorry for him one bit after seeing his childish displays one too many times.

  25. The Variegated Voice says:

    I shouldn’t even give you the time of day mi-frannie, {ugh, me Tarzan, you Jane}, except I couldn’t resist the opportunity, {especially since… you GAVE it to me}. I simply had to tell you and other readers that….You’re just another “one liner” commentator, {like Tara Good}, except that you’re worse..You can’t even give a “one liner” comment that has originality. H’haaaa! You need to ride the coat tails of Tara Good. Now, anymore of you out there that want to waste your time challenging me, {only to LOSE}, the way these two have, Don’t bother. This isn’t about me. It’s about Celebrity Rehab. I can’t keep taking time out of my life to reply to people like mi_frannie and Tara Good that say, “I look like an idiot”, when in fact, they ARE idiots!! I wonder why you two wrote about me to begin with? It’s one of a few reasons…The top few being..You are both somebody that possibly knows Shelly Sprague and OR Bob Forrest, and you’re writing this to and about me in retaliation for one OR both of them…Or You’re jealous of the fact that I can intelligently comment about the show and neither of you can, so you make little “one liner”, meaningless remarks to commentators of the show. It’s very EASY to do that, I know, because look how easily I did it to the two of you. Ha! You two just keep picking away at the commentators {like birds on berries}, while the rest of us talk substantially about the show, but HEY, I don’t mind if you want to give my articles MORE attention by making your little “one liner” remarks that make you look like what the birds splatter all over. Actually I feel I’ve given the two of you far too much importance with what I’ve said about you above. Perhaps I simply struck a nerve on both of you, because you are a couple people in need of rehab but you say, “no no no”!

  26. tonya says:

    Please stop using this forum to work out your deep seated self-loathing, Variegated Voice.
    Your posts are extremely long winded and self serving.
    You sound like you are in need of some kind of therapy in order to deal with your
    extreme feelings of hatred for others.
    Do everyone a favor and get some counseling and let’s leave this site for discussing the show, not you.

  27. hardhousekid says:

    I really give all respect to Dr.Drew. I am 100% aware that this is technically a reality show, however i feel as if Dr. Drew has made me see a difference in the reality television world by showing that celebrities are just like us, and struggle with addiction just like us. I really feel sorry for all of them. Rodney King breaks my heart the most by far. He is modest and is just trying to stay out of the spotlight. I also really admire that model chick for really wanting to kick her 13 + year habit. I don’t feel as sorry for Garey Busey. He does not want to accept the help that Dr. Drew has offered him, and is really distracting the other patients from their focus on sobriety. I feel as if he needs a reality check and mabey a boot to the door.

  28. The Variegated Voice says:

    That was an extremely uneducated analysis of me on your part Tonya. Show me your credentials that give you the expertise to, { ESPECIALLY,without meeting me}, diagnose my personality. Highly qualified Psychiatrists and Psychologists don’t even jump the gun on diagnosing people until a face to face session of one or more meetings. First of all Tonya, you read my articles. I didn’t force you to. If you feel they are long winded, why did you spend the time to read them? Also, my articles aren’t hateful in any way. Perhaps a bit defensive, but, it’s sarcastic hateful people like you that put me on the defense. You’ve got to remember…I didn’t comment to you OR any of the other 2 people first. Think about it, Ms. Tonya, all 3 of you were the first to cast stones at me. I initially wrote about Celebrity Rehab. You’ve really got a lot of gall accusing me of using this forum to, {how you put it}, “work out on my deep seated self-loathing”. For one thing how you worded that doesn’t make any sense. You really need to brush up on your structuring of sentences. Also, I live in The U.S.A., Tonya, A Country of Democracy, { one meaning of that being}, “a state of society characterized by formal equality of rights and privileges”. You’re quite a dictator, two meanings of that being; a person exercising absolute power, esp. a ruler who has absolute, unrestricted control in a government without hereditary succession. and in your case another meaning being, a person who authoritatively prescribes conduct, usage, etc.: I felt I should enlighten you on the meaning of Democracy and Dictator,{since you apparently didn’t know, because of your feeble attempt to order me to stop using this site. I suppose you feel your order was justified b/c you said “please”, in front of it. I’ve offered a lot of words of wisdom to this site. I can’t help it if what I say is out of your league and you so fully misunderstand and misinterpret it. Perhaps you’re the one with the deep seated problems and need to seek counseling from an Elementary or High School Teacher about The Constitution of The U.S.A. and how NOT to abuse it. I shall end my comments to you by saying, “Nobody is forcing you to read my articles”. “The labels you tried to attach on me, I truly feel come from within, yourself,”. I am a person of substance and I have not and will not EVER roll over for anyone. The people on Celebrity Rehab and other Reality Shows, plus regular Actors and Actresses, put themselves in the Public eye and should be aware of the fact that they have made themselves susceptible to compliments as well as criticism from people in general. Don’t bother to comment back to me Tonya. You’ve already done that once and so have I to you. I’m over it now and not going to waste anymore of my precious time on you. In fact, if anybody else is overwhelmed with desire to attack me….You may as well forget it, because I am done wasting my time typing to defend myself to a bunch of nobody’s that are simply trying to get in the spotlight by way of me. I have already invested way too much time with such ridiculousness. Now, on with my next comment, that is Celebrity Rehab related.

  29. The Variegated Voice says:

    I’ve seen some disgusting things on TV before, but this is the cream of the crop, {in more ways than one}! It’s also the first time I have seen somebody so EXTREMELY desperate for attention and camera time! First of all, why was it necessary for Amber to plunk her behind down in the bright open hallway, {rather than in her room, or better yet, the bathroom where she knew she wouldn’t be filmed trying to make herself vomit. After all, it wasn’t a case of having to throw up right away and she had no time to get to the bathroom to do it. She was trying to MAKE herself throw up, so she didn’t NEED to do that out in the hallway and make a complete spectacle of herself. Now, I KNOW I’m NOT the only one that feels this way either but,….She looked like she was giving her fingers “deep throat oral sex”! Ironically, the Camera operator kept her in “full side view”, as well, {for the entire little sideshow}. I’ll bet many Men squirmed in their seats during that instance and needed to untuck their shirts or quickly put a throw pillow on their laps before Wifey pooh came into the room and saw their Privates standing at attention {and I’m not talking about the Military}. .How absolutely OBVIOUS could Amber get about what she was trying to portray! Don’t anybody tell me it was an innocent act of her having the dry heaves from her drug withdrawals and all she was doing was trying to help herself throw up either. Like I said, she did that out in the hallway to make SURE the Camera person SAW her to begin with AND in the bright light, with a good full side view of it, as well. She REALLY got those fingers DEEP DOWN in there didn’t she. I’ve been around people that tried to make themselves throw up ,or to help it along for whatever reason they may have needed to do, at the time and when REALLY doing it FOR the reason of vomiting…they didn’t do it in such perfect sequence and rhythm. How desperate and disgusting can Amber get to advertise being able to give a Good BJ that way, or is she hoping to get a call from Jenna Jameson or somebody else in the Porn Business, offering her a part in one of their next porn flicks?! To TOP it off, she then laid there twitching, {like a full blown orgasm}. I wonder if Amber is there for Sexual Arousal Addiction, {one meaning of that being she simply loves arousing people, {or in a more complex way} she loves arousing people and making them feel like they are the one’s with a dirty mind and she is innocent! I may enrage a few people from what I just said in this article, but I’d be willing to bet at least 85% of intelligent adults that saw that were thinking the SAME thing. The other 15% are either too easily fooled or just plain stupid! I speak the truth…as Garey Busey explained the definition of truth as…”TRUTH…Taking Real Understanding To Heart”. Well, it was my “Real Understanding”, that Amber wasn’t JUST trying to make herself throw the dry heaves up. As far as I’m concerned, if I was in the business of hiring people for X rated films, {but I’m not and wouldn’t want to be},… Amber, your hired!

  30. Denine says:


  31. clean and sober says:


    I have seen the show this season, I have my favorites but I wish the best for everyone. I have 23 years clean and I recovered in Pasadena, ca also. My heart goes out to Steven because he is really taking this whole thing serioulsy and that’s really the first step. Actually, this season I love because all of you want to recover.. My thoughts and prayers go out to each and everyone of you.. If you have sponsor – use them – if you don’t – get one !!!! because a sponsor will literally save your )(+`+%__)*+%$&(

  32. Lisa says:

    Hi, I think this show is great, and I commend all of the celebrities that had the guts to get the help they need and help others in the process! I have to say that Rodney King has really inpired me, b/c of the tremendous grace he has after all he’s been through. You can tell he’s real, and I repect him for his views on ALL people, the comment he said about gays was truly heartwarming!

  33. Ginger says:

    I am really loving this season. All of the celebrities this season seem to be kind hearted good people who really want to improve themselves. Gary is annoying but I know it’s mostly his brain injury. Steven Adler is adorable and funny. His wife is lovely and you could see their mutual love for one another on the visitation episode. Rodney King is an incredibly likeable guy and I am so impressed by his humility. Prior to watching the show I read that Sean Stewart was a real *`$(+$)!(@)*(&` hole but so far I’m not seeing that side of him at all. I hope this show continues. I look forward to it every week

  34. ted1960 says:

    Good luck to all of you in your recovery I also went through a recovery program some years back. I am a truck driver so I am under constant chance of a urinalisys test by random or accident my fault or not.
    Hey it works for me but i would not recomend it for everyone,one more dirty drop and i no longer will have a job,so its kind of like being under the microscope.

  35. Dolly says:

    To all of you in rehab, I give you the utmost respect for your efforts. I am not nor have never been a user of drugs and only drink occasionally. But, I have seen friends deal with it. And I have attended several funerals of people who did not deal with it. I’ll feel better when Mr. Gary excepts that he is an addict. And regarding his asthma, I hope he finds a another Doctor. I am an asthmatic and I would turn any DR. into the medical board, if I was handed a prescription to SMOKE pot for my chronic asthma.
    If it is worth having, it is worth fighting for. Life
    God Bless you all

  36. Kenji says:

    Special positive energy to Rodney! Yes you can!

  37. stephanie says:

    To all of you in rehab, take it day by day. I am 25 and Im an addict myself….I’ve been clean for about a year and a half now…..and the temptations are always going to be there. I have them almost everyday of my life. Just remember your family,friends and all you may have lost because of your addiction. Remember what you went through detoxing and think ” do I want to go through that again ?” I myself had to detox five times before I got it right. Once you come out of that cloud of addiction…there’s a beautiful life waiting out there for you. Only you control your destiny. I adore all of you in celeb. rehab season 2….Amber I can relate with you the most, the situation with your mom, gave me chills. When you were detoxing I wanted to be there and tell you it will get better. ALL of you are strong individuals for making this step….PLEASE remain strong and fight with every being of your body to stay CLEAN. Life is divine chaos, embrace it, forgive yourself, breathe, and enjoy the ride! GOOD LUCK=)
    ~steph J~

  38. Jesica says:

    I watch all of you and hope for any addict that you become that one sucess story-before you know it, you have been through the cycle of being smacked back,tweeked out,blitzed-to sober,meetings twelves wtep–boredom…cycle repeats. drugs have no empathy-they dont care about the baby inside the moms womb-the 5 years old in her carseat going on a drug pickup with dad in the parking lot-they sont care if you starred in a hit movie or sang on tv-drugs will kill your will to live and kill the spirits of all kids,lovers, family, and friends around you. Please help yourself & that spirit inside you were born with- I have a broken heart and faded spirit from giving all my energy to my best friend and love-He battled since high school with heroin-there was not one drug he hadnt inhaled smoked snorted or drank- His sober periods seemed like a dream, we knew it would end soon. I have 2 very beautiful hawaiian little hooligans. I raise alone at 25 years old. Our family is now 3. dad commited suicide by hanging-he was gone from us months prior to that-he left on meth and never came back_ Life is a struggle–but remember, Struggle to survive-..your worth it–PEACE-LOVE-SANITY

  39. kevin47 says:

    I watched a late night repeat of an episode this past Sunday where Tawny talked about her past. I think that took a lot of guts, I Think she sounds like a cool down to earth person who’s struggling to like herself. just my opinion based on past personal experience. I’d like to wish them all well on their recovering & most of all to Julie ( aka) tawny. I think she’s been too hard on herself about her past mistakes in her life.
    I think she’s still a hot girl. While I’ve had my personal reservations about this showing be on, I’ve learned a lot about what tawny & the others are going through, and again wish her the best. wish I knew how to
    reach her to send her a personal fan letter. Thank You for letting me lend my support, I hope it’s helpful.

  40. lisa m mccullough says:

    i have been sober for about 10 yrs i worked the steps in the beginning, did 90 in 90 and went to the colorado confernce it was the best weekend of my life! that is the first time i realized life itself is good i mean even the bad days are still good!,
    right now i am quiting cigs and i can feel all my addictive traits rearing thier ugly heads its tough and as silly as it seems all of u give me strength,and a i decided to go to meetings again work it and i wish alllllllll of u nothing but the best . there is so much love out there everytime i walk in to a meeting i feel it no matter what happened in my day i know they are there and they care and love me. no matter what. so feel the love and work it. i believe in you, all of you.believe in yourself u r worth it u are important and loved not because of status in the public eye but because u r a human trying to overcome, and you are needed and wanted, and woth it.

  41. Steve says:

    Hey you guys are amazing people for doing what you do. You are an inspiration to so many people who have hit rock bottom with their addictions. Much love to all of you.

    Stay strong as do I after watching your struggles.

  42. Cathy Doran says:

    This is kind of awkward. But im a single mom and I find gary busey to be so studdly. Is there anyone in his life. If not, I feel like I could definitely be the woman for him. My hobbies include walking my yorkies drinking perrier and watching your show. I love steak and chicken and nothing else. So let me know if your interested.

    Cathy D.

  43. Cathy Doran says:

    Hi this is kind of awkward but I was just wondering if there was anyone in Gary Busey’s life right now. Im a single woman and I find him to be so attractive. He is such a stud. And I feel like I could be the woman for him. My hobbies include walking my yorkies, drinking perrier and watching Dr. Drew. I also love steak and chicken thats it!!! Anyways let me know Gar.

  44. Cathy Doran says:

    Hi this is kind of awkward but I was just wondering if there was anyone in Gary Busey’s life right now. Im a single woman and I find him to be so attractive. He is such a stud. And I feel like I could be the woman for him. My hobbies include walking my yorkies, drinking perrier and watching Dr. Drew. I also love steak and chicken thats it!!! Anyways let me know Gar.

    Love Cathy D

  45. michelle bilodeau says:

    I’M a recovering addict and i honestly love watching this show use it helps me rember the pain i caused my kids and myself.I would like to belive all of them will get well it sad to say that maybe only one will or none might.I really hope they continue this show cause us addicts can easily forget fast what it does to us we have to fight everday of are life.AND i got to say the show that i watched today with amber and her mom really stuck out to me my mom ended up dying at 40 im thankful that i was clean and sober to make all the right decissions but it does sadding me that i could not talk her into getting help.I do know though that she loved me and if she can see me she’d be proud everyday i wake up it feel thankful that im alive and can be a mom and that my older son is not being the parent even on bad days i stop and think it could be alot worse if i decide to use.I wish everyone well and hope and pray amber and her mom can build a healthy realationship before there is more pain.

  46. Kami says:

    I’m not usually the “star struck” type of person and had no idea who you were until I looked you up on Google. Of course I know GnR but never knew your name. Just wanted to let you know you are my favorite “character” on Celebrity Rehab. You are so real and so honest even after the excruciating pain your mother put you through. I can relate to that a lot. After years of sobriety I finally learned she did the best she could with what she had at the time (which was not very much). She was (and still is) a very sick person. I had to learn to, as they say in AA, “Stop going to the hardware store for bread. The hardware store has never sold bread and it never will.” Same with my mother. She cannot possibly give me (or anyone else) what she does not have inside of her to give. Even though it seems she gives it to my brothers and not to me, she really doesn’t. She just manipulates them and uses them. She is very sick. Hopefully, you can begin to see your mom as a sick human being who needs to be treated as a sick human being. God bless. One day at at time! Kami

  47. Sheila E. says:

    I just wanted to say that Tawny was my highschool idol. I thought she had it all, beauty, a perfect body, not to mention David Coverdale! It is so sad watching the show and hearing about all that she has been through. I completely cried when she finally admitted to being sexually abused, and then when she questioned herself and what she must have done to deserve it, it really was too much for even me to handle. I just wanted to say that I wish her all the luck in her recovery. Tawny, you are a beautiful person, inside and out and I pray everyday for your healthy recovery. You have wonderful children who need their mother, not to mention your lifelong fans like me! Keep up the good work and God bless!


  48. Faye Doyle says:

    I love your show and I’m sure it is helping many people who watch it, like me. Gary and Jeff make everyone uncomfortable, including your viewers. I don’t know how or why you put up with them, but God bless you! Deep inside they seem like nice people…and I sincerely hope they will eventually get the help they need. I have one question: who pays for their treatment? I know some of them can afford it, but surely some can’t. Is the network footing their bill for the sake of having celebrities on the show? It makes for good television! I hope your show will be on for many seasons. You are a great doctor. Good Luck.
    Faye D.

  49. donnyGbosox1 says:

    This cast is perfect and most of all interesting. not a fan of the 1st season but this one has become addicting. busey makes the show. king is great so is alder.

  50. brenda says:


  51. Poppy says:

    To The Variegated Voice:
    You are the most mean-spirited, ignorant, egocentric windbag I’ve ever seen! How could you possibly come up with such garbage as: Amber was sticking her fingers down her throat to look like a porn star, or that these celebrities are doing the show just to get their faces on TV. My God! These people are baring the most painful part of their lives for the sake of getting well and HELPING OTHERS in the process. Something YOU wouldn’t know anything about! Stop taking up so much valuable space on this blog spewing your ridiculous venom at good people really care. You don’t belong in their league. GET SOME HELP BOZO!

  52. Joan says:

    Steven is such a Lovey…he is always helping his fellow addicts. I certainly hope this rehab puts him in a better place and he can move on with his life. I seems he has a wonderful supportive wife that cares and wants him to get help.
    Steven – please for yourself as well as everyone who loves you, which by the way is the whole world, stay clean. You can do it, I have faith and you have to keep the faith too.
    Take care….hugs!



  54. Candace says:

    I want to say something to Steven Adler,
    I am a 58 year old woman, mother of 2. I have never done anything like this before but I just want Steven to know how much he has touched me. I have found myself wanting only the very best for him. It saddens me so much his feelings for his mother. I am so sure that they are founded and I just want him to know that there is a mother out there that truly cares and is praying for his well being.

  55. Jen says:

    I am a licensed clinical social worker and i run a program for adults 90% of whom are dually diagnosed with a mental illness and substance abuse.
    I think Dr Drew is an incredible soul, and i have learned so much from watching him, and would love the chance to work with him one day…..
    I see that i am not alone here in my great devotion for Steve Adler. So warm and affectionate, he has certainly touched many viewers who are pulling for him….. to keep pushing through these difficult feelings and realizations and to continue on his journey toward recovery.
    PRC and the show itself has brought such great attention to this horrible disease of drug and alcohol addiction, and many are greatful for the attention to such an important realization of its existance, and the opportunities for treatment and recovery. Thank you to all the participants for their willingness to be exposed and to attempts at achieving sobriety.

  56. Aron says:

    It’s a long way for a final resolution and I’m pulling for these people

  57. Mary Bailey says:

    After seeing Stevens mother on the show, I think she is the one that needs rehab not Steven. I am so thankful he has a wife and brother (or brother-in-law) that support him and love him unconditionally. I raised 3 boys all very active. I never once did we we throw them out for not behaving. Steven, personally I think your mother is a basket case herself and does not deserve you. I just want want you to know I think you should be very proud of yourself for how far you have come. I would be very proud to call you my son. Please keep up the good work. Also remember your wife and brother (brother-in-law) are very important. Keep their love with you at all times.

  58. cathy kreisel says:

    I have a couple of comments, 1. Jeff I loved you in taxi and in grease you are a great actor and I hope you stick to the program I too know what back pain is. you just need to learn to really enjoy the good days and make them last..I promise there is life after pain.YOU ARE STIILL GREAT and i want you bsck in the films………………
    2. Rodney I am so sorry what has happened to you but I think that you are a strong man that can get thru this, just remember you have family and friends that love you and will always love you.
    3. Steven I worry about you because you are a sensitive man , just get better please so your mom cant take anything eles from you (I GOT YOUR BACK YOU JUST CALL)
    4. Amber as hard as this may sound you might need to distance yourself from your mom until you get better i think she has put to much on you and she is unhappy so its not a positive feed back from her witch ways you down if i was your mother my word to you would be dont worry honey i love you
    5. sean dont try to follow your dads foot steps make them your own you are a great kid and we have lots of faith in you sweetie stay strong!

  59. Ingrid says:

    i have been moved by the cast of 2. i’m going to get sober. they are all amazing.

  60. mark says:

    steven you rules keep rockin man!!!!

  61. Rudy says:

    Wow Tawny so much more beautiful now then in the Whitesnake videos cause the inside matches
    the outside.

  62. The Variegated Voice says:

    Well , Tonya! To quote your words: “Do everyone a favor and get some counseling and let’s leave this site for discussing the show, not you”. Tonya, you’re the one discussing me, {not me}.With all the people that are in need of help that ARE on the show: How about YOU discussing the people on the show, instead of doing what you’re doing, and THAT is, discussing me!

  63. Former Addict says:

    Love the show, despise the current cast. Biggest group of “Hollywood Losers” I’ve ever seen. Steven Adler doesn’t deserve such a beautiful, compassionate wife and needs his %!@#@*)!$^~&~_% kicked hard, Jeff Conway also needs his %!@#@*)!$^~&~_% kicked (whining crybaby), Amber Smith IS beautiful on the outside, but ugly, arrogant and oh so obvious on the inside (who takes Suboxone which is an opiate BLOCKER, in addition to other opiates of choice??), Nikki McKibbon gets the trophy for second biggest whiner award and needs to just get it over with and drink rather than look for one excuse after another. Rodney and Tawny are the only “real” people on the show as far as I’m concerned. Sean S. is on his way but needs to grow up a bit, and as irritating as Gary B. can be, he still rates higher than the above mentioned lot of people, who have most certainly ruined any chance of a future in the industry by simply being themselves. Just a candid example of how shallow and ugly these people truly are and I don’t blame Adler’s mother for turning her back on her son. I’d kick him to the curb too!
    I feel the need to add that while I do enjoy the show, I do believe that to a certain degree, this program glamorizes addiction. I too was a hard core opiate pill popper/methadone abuser and while Amber had a couple of rough days pretending to throw up, I wasn’t able to eat for 11 days straight, lost 40lbs and after one year, am STILL recuperating though my clean date is 11/30/07! This show made it look a little too easy. I think it needs to be a little more realistic regarding the detox period and how truly grueling it can be.
    I can sleep now. Love you Dr. Drew!!!

  64. Deleana says:

    my name is Deleana. Im a 25yr old recovering heroin addict. my sobriety date is 10/30/06. of course that was not my first attempt to get clean. i had to fall many times many rehabs and a whole lot of pain and anguish. i went for all the wrong reasons;parents,school,to keep a job,I did not stop until i was ready. It was by far the hardest thing ive ever had to face and will continue to face every day of my life. The only thing i have to show from my heroin addiction is a criminal record, a broken family,track marks and alot of pain anquish and guilt. Stopping the drugs was the easy part,its living life that was hard. I think that this show is a great and i tune in every week. However; i tune in for entertainment,not for knowledge. I feel like the principles behind this entire show is rediculious!! Theese people go out to night clubs,hang out with old friends in old familiar places and in the end,they use! I too lived in a 1/2way house. If you came in high your things were packed and you were homeless,there was no 3 strikes. I also went to meetings every single day in the first 3 months of my sobriety. Not once have i ever seen anyone on that show go to a mtg. Its almost like this show is on to humor people about a group of crazy drug addicts who break the rules and go on suicide missions for a fix. What really isnt expressed is the underlying issue..Why do i get high and what will i do about it. This show has none of that. It doesnt talk about the real pain of being homeless,living on the streets,rob cheat and steel from anyone to get high,the insanity and chaos of basibg your entire life around getting high. you don’t hear about people selling themselves or all their belongs,losing their family friends job,trust,and integrity. you dont hear about someone putting a gun in their mouth, or being so fed up that you do not care about anyone or anything that you once loved. the most importnt thing that goes away is you. you loose yourself. this show focuses on the negative and on the using. if you wanna edducate people focus on the disease. in no way shape or form is this show educating anyone about the horrible effects of using drugs and destroying your health yourself and everyone around you. I just feel that those who make the serious effort and apply this to there everyday lives and give up old peeople places and things are the oness who take offense. mabey we should do a little more research before making yet another reality show. Deleana.Phila pa

  65. former addict says:

    This program continually disappoints (I know, stop watching it then) but I feel the urge to spew, one more time (unlike “V” who seems to use this as his own personal blog space).
    Amber, learn to chew your gum like a lady. Watching you chew gum is like nails on a chalkboard and I’ve seen cows with better manners. Your beauty ends when you open your mouth (or simply chew a piece of gum).
    Seth, grow the hell up. Correct me if I’m wrong but, don’t you have a child?? Your hide & seek games are tiresome and extremely childish. You seem intelligent but your actions scream something entirely different. One of these days…….no one will come looking.
    I’m amazed at all the gooey comments about Adler, who obviously treats women like crap, has zero respect for authority and throws tantrums like a three year old, yet so many think you’re just the (*!_((&(^!^)%_+( Guess I have to consider the source(s). Nothing more frustrating than watching VH1 glamorizing addiction/recovery, while viewing the irresponsible behaviors of these over-indulged, infamous characters who continually take advantage of the situation and what could be, their last crack at a chance of real recovery. How the facilitators allow this crap, when there are millions of people out here who would kill for an opportunity like that, is beyond my comprehension. Makes me spit nails.
    Dr. Drew, why are you wasting your precious time and valuable resources on this lot?? Why would you +(&+_++%@!@)&#^ ociate yourself with this kind of program, full of clients who obviously don’t WANT real help or for that matter, have any ambition whatsoever, to actually recover from their addictions??????????? I’d love to see you facilitate a program with REAL people, who “get it” and want it, and won’t abuse the incredible opportunity that you and your staff provide. Pull the plug on the “celebrity” crap and let’s get real.

  66. 585982 says:

    What a lovely day for a 585982! SCK was here