Marcia Confesses: I Was A Druggie


Remember when you were a kid and you were totally hooked on Brady Bunch re-runs, and especially loved it when Marcia, played by Celebrity Fit Clubber Maureen McCormick, would grab her face and scream out, “Oh my nose!” Well it turns out she was clutching her nose not because a football “broke” it, but because it was disintegrating from serious cocaine snort-age. Maureen’s career crumbled after her Brady stint, and she reveals in a new tell-all book that it’s all due to her serious coke n’ Quaaludes addiction. She even once traded sex for drugs, news that would probably make Jan Brady feel better about herself.

Maureen hit up The Today Show today to really get into the nitty-gritty – like her family’s bizarre bout with syphillis, the paranoia that led her to hide in her closet from her agent, and the reason Eve Plumb (Jan) hates her. Eek. Clip above.

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  1. JanFan says:

    I don’t blame Eve for hating her. I hate her. I always hated her on “The Brady Bunch”. She was all smiley and happy, but in truth, was a major self-absorbed BEEETOTCH!!! I especially hated the way she treated Jan on the show. I think alot of the Jan/Marcia drama was played out in real life. We all know how jealous Eve was/is of Maureen because she always got all the attention and was always the most popular and lusted after of all the Brady kids….even when Jan got superhot in the later season, Marcia was still the popular one. I personally always thought Eve/Jan was alot more attractive and – in a way – hotter than Maureen/Marcia…I even think she’s aging better. And what about that crush they both had on Chris Knight while filming “The Brady Bunch”? All the kids would up pairing up romantically with their opposite sex counterparts and seeing as how Maureen was with Barry, Eve wanted to get with Chris….but, of course, Maureen had to go and develop a crush on Chris, too. I also remember hearing how Maureen always stole Eve’s boyfriends. Let’s just say Maureen McCormick was the Paris Hilton/Lindsay Lohan of her day and now she’s going through a midlife crisis BIG TIME which is why she’s trying so hard to keep up with the Britney’s of the world by coming out and admitting she’s another drug-addled slut!