NKOTB Fan Contest: Joey Hair Wins!


The latest winner in our New Kids on the Block “Ultimate Fan” contest has been named. She’s Amber Neumann, and yep, she once went way out of her way to celebrate her love of the world’s greatest boy band. She’ll be attending an NKOTB gig, as well as enjoying a meet and greet session with the guys. Here’s her story and her pictures.

I HAD NEW KIDS HAIR!! Not literally theirs! I didn’t go drain diving for follicles. THAT would be crazy!
In the era of long hair and big bangs, I cut my long hair into a Joey curl, shaved in back, complete with rattail! Did I get teased?! As a crazed NKOTB fan…so worth it!

Enter our Ultimate Fan contest.

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  1. Danielle says:

    Congrats Amber!!

    You had Joeys hair and Sally Jessy glasses..*giggles*
    I had Dorothy Hamels hair..HAHA!!!

  2. Blair says:

    Are you kidding me? lol

    Danielle, Nichole and Leigh…I offically give up :)

  3. Steve says:

    at least this was also 50 words or less! OOPS. Just counted 55. WHen did Joe have a rattail? And I thought I was fan! Shesh. . . I don’t even know all his facts! :D

    *giggles in jest* . . . I loved your humor! Yes, that WOULD be crazy. . . to have a “new kid’s” hair! I wouldn’t put it past any fans to wait until AFTER they got their hair cut and storm the floor! Now, that’s funny! Have fun!! Wish it were me!

  4. Danielle says:


    Steve…I was confused about the rat tail myself.
    Joe and Jon were the only 2 without them if I remember correctly.
    One of the reason I loved Joe..NO RATTAIL!! hahaha

  5. Leigh says:

    Congrats Amber! Danielle, Nicole, & Blair, good luck for the last one. Although, I’m starting to think they had the New Kids read ours because they knew they weren’t going to choose us as winners or something. At least we know the New Kids said our names in the video blog. Not as good as actually getting to meet them but still good.

  6. Eileen Castro says:

    I don’t mean any disrespect but, I know a lot of people who had that haircut! I can honestly say even my mom had that style (minus the rattail, of course). I mean, I think my entry was awesome, and 100% completely true!

  7. Amanda says:

    This contest is too crazy. Uh yeah -Joey definitely did not have a rat tail and everyone did have that hair. Who’s judging this thing? I know there have to be some crazier entries out there.

  8. MTLarson1224 says:

    i think someone’s confused. she didn’t have joe hair she had JORDAN hair…… Jordan had that style with a rat tail.

  9. Nichole says:

    Hey all! FOR THE RECORD… JOEY DID NOT HAVE A RAT TAIL! He was/is my fav as well, and not once did I ever see a rat tail! Check your dolls! LOL! Not being biased or anything, but I agree with everyone, and have officially given up. Hidden identity, pop cans for a nkotb hat, and now the infamous haircut that ALOT of people had? (Im referring to the ones WITHOUT the rat tail) I thought for sure the girl kissing Jordans porch would have won something! I couldn’t wait to read the winner entries, now, I won’t even be back to see who won seattle. Im not mad that my entry didn’t win, I just think that some of the other entries were Soooooooo much better. But Im not a judge, so CONGRATS to the winner anyhoo! P.S I WILL give this to VH1…Ive made some pretty cool pen pal friends on this blog! Danielle keeps in contact daily with Blair and I and Leigh sends an email every now and then! Thanks for that, and Hope you guys win this last one! Danielle, I know you really want this one! I’ll be rooting for you so send me an email if you get the call next month! Good Luck to everyone else as well! Give them all big hugs for me!
    Signing off-Nichole

  10. Erica says:

    Congrats…but….who is judging this? I mean I can understand not choosing to pick the wildest and craziest one! I mean if someone was that crazy back then……how are they now!? hee hee. But I have read crazier ones!! I really thought mine was crazy! At first I thought they were picking the best photos with New Kids memorabilia, but this pic does not even have that?

  11. Jen says:

    Congrats, I definately got a laugh with this one. I can’t believe all the people that write in to complain about this contest! Maybe one of these fans could write in that the “craziest thing they ever did as a New Kids fan” was to get completely bent out of shape over the winners of this contest! I mean, c’mon what crazy thing from another winner would make you happy?? I don’t think there’s anything out there, unless of course it was your entry, right?

    However, I would like to see a current winner…someone who has done something crazy PRESENTLY….something that’s going on with their comeback! That would be kind of cool, I’ve been to two of their shows over the last month and I know there were CRAZY fans there!

    Congrats to all the winners!

  12. lisa says:

    Congrats to the winner!! Someone made a comment about them thinking they were going to pick the best photos with new kids memorabillia…But this winner not even having that. Well, I think they are picking a variety of people. I like that just cuz she didnt have a picture with a bunch of new kids stuff, she wasnt excluded. I was a huge New kids fan back then with all the stuff and I am a huge new kids fan now without the stuff. But i have NO pictures from my past proving my loyalty to them. My family life wasnt good and things happen to people and they dont have things that other people may. But that dosent disregard the fact that they are Fans. And she was creative enough to prove it without some picture with STUFF in it!

  13. laura says:

    This stinks! That was my story…except I didn’t have a rat tail….I had a braid like Jordan! Talk about coming close! Oh well, have a great time Amber! Hug Jordan for me!!

  14. erin says:

    For the last winner, I hope they get it together and pick 1 that ‘s story is CRAZY! What’s up? I didn’t even enter this contest, but cannot believe the people who have won it..

    Good luck girls

  15. Mandi says:

    Well Amber, I hope you have an amazing time at the show tonight!! Post us a recap on what it was like. I went to the show last Tuesday in St.Paul and it was amazing!! But, I’m still crossing my fingers for Seattle so I can go with my bestfriend Angel from Colorado!! They were our first concert in 1990. Hope you have a blast!!

  16. Delia says:

    15 hours ago Jordon hurt his ankle badly..it’s on NKOTBTV

  17. Kimberly says:

    Congrats Amber! Hope you had a great time! After the nasty comments thrown at me when I won Boston and then seeing some of the comments on Torrie’s page when she won Vegas…I finally realized that NO MATTER WHAT STORY WINS, PEOPLE WILL HAVE SOMETHING NEGATIVE TO SAY! So hopefully, you won’t let all of the “haircut controversy” (oooooooooooh!) get to you and you will just smile knowing that in the end, it doesn’t matter what anyone says because YOU won! :) I hope you enjoyed every minute of it! My friends and I did and I am so thankful! Good luck to all of you for Seattle!

  18. Mindy says:

    I am NOT a hater by any means, but I sure would like to know who the heck is picking these winners?? I mean, c’mon…. think about it people…

    1) Someone who wrote for their school paper who used a fake name because they were EMBARRASSED to be a fan?! How is that being an ultimate fan?!

    2) Someone turned in POP CANS to buy NKOTB stuff?? Are you kidding me?! I’m sorry, but that is just plain dumb.

    3) She cut her hair like Joe. Okay, I’ll give her some props for that one. It’s still not THAT extreme in my eyes, but whatever.

    Who are they gonna pick for Seattle?? Someone who owned a Donnie doll? I mean, come on! These stories are not extreme at all!

    So, if I’m VH1… we pick some of the “better contest entries”, even call out one of the entries on the site, AND (here’s the kicker) they guys actually sat around and talked about these “awesome” entries, yet none of them have been picked?! *rolls eyes* Total BS!

    But anyway… good luck to everyone else & I REALLY hope that a truly AWESOME story wins for Seattle!

  19. Kimberly says:

    Yup. That was me. The school paper “fake name” girl. And my trip was amazing, thanks. :)

    Like I said, Amber. As you can see by the email below, I was correct. No matter WHO wins, someone will complain.

    It’s sad that people can’t just simply be happy for others.

  20. candie kennedy says:

    yeah that is sad.

    we are adults and we all cant win- but it sure would be saaaaaaaweeeeeeet! lol

    in worse case scenerio and we dont get to pick- we can kick back and close our eyes as we sit with a smile on our faces and let images come into our heads and their music as well…….or remember going to their concert – a recent one even- yeah the cleveland show was hype- it was my best memory yet of life – my entire life- except for giving birth of course 2 my daughters…

    but lets quit hating on anyone who wins….everyone loves them so everyone has a shot at the prize and we are all crazy about them. even if there are crazier stories- maybe the people judging this are just looking for smiles and something that stands out for just being simple….

    but if nkotb has been reading these blogs- i wonder what they would say about all this pointless fussing. be happy for eachother. life is to damn short for this crap thats going on here. jealousy doesn’t help you win any better than the next person dying to see them.

    sorry but i just had to agree with the posters who say it is sad that these shanannigans are going on.

    so to all the winners- ya got mad love from where i am sitting- OHIO- and when i went to the cleveland show i thought i was in heaven- i was lol i believe i was lol remarkable show they put on- but i never got to meet them and i would soooo love the chance to….just to get a close up – i think i would faint though lol

  21. Selena A. says:

    Looks like they are picking many types of fans…which is great! It goes to show you that you don’t have to travel to their hometown, and kiss their door steps to be an ultimate fan. Personally speaking, I believe many of their fans were preteens anyways…so what could preteen fans honestly REALLY do with no money, parent supervision, and all? We had restrictions. I know my story was kind of unique that I entered, but no where near “cutting my hair like a NK”. But it was my own way of showing what a huge fan I was, and still am. But that is just my two cents. Congratulations to all the winners. I sure hope I am considered for the Seattle show!

  22. Amber says:

    Hey everyone!!! Amber, NY winner here!!! I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH TO VH1 and everyone responsble for choosing m entry!!!! It was the most incredible experience, opportunity, trip of lifetime, etc!!!!! I will neverforget it! Thank you SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!

  23. Lee says:

    The winners all had cute stories! Like some of the earlier people posted, I too would like to see a recent fan win the final contest. Just remaining a loyal New Kids fan after all those years is pretty great! I remember getting teased horribly as a kid for liking them, so Kudos to all of us fans who still stand by our boys!!

  24. Nikki says:

    Amber, could you give us a little of your experience? Did you have great tix? Did you get to meet them all?

  25. Amber says:

    It was THE most amazing surreal experience ever!!! NKOTB were a big part of making my childhood memorable and to meet them 20 years later cause I had crazy new kids hair is just absolutely insane! I never win anythng so this was pretty much just….indescribable. New York was awesome, seeing them at Madison Square Garden was awesome! I still can’t believe I met them! All of them!!!! It was quick actually cause they had a lot of people to meet, and we were FIRST in line!! I almost died! Everyone keeps asking if they smelled good, lol to be honest I don’t even remember! To see them in real life up close like that was surreal! Thats the only way I can describe it! They were all awesome, the best huggers! Our tickets were pretty good! Close to both stages! The concert was so fun. SIGH still can’t believe it all happened! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU VH1!!!

  26. lacey says:

    joey is hot and he well always be


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