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We barely got to know Alex, The Pickup Artist’s first casualty, but we all remember his Kanye glasses and gold (er, copper) chain. Even though Mystery thought Alex had minimal potential as a master of macking, Alex believed in the maestro’s teachings and still worked on his game. In a post-elimination chat, we got Alex to open up about what he learned from his mentor, his disappointing makeover, and what happened to that chain he trashed…

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So you were in L.A. for the premiere of The Pickup Artist, was it good to be reunited with those guys?

Yeah, it was really great, I got to see everyone that I hadn’t seen since filming. We all email each other all the time; I don’t know how we bonded so quickly.

Friends under duress?

(Laughs) Exactly.

Did you have any idea that you’d be kicked off so soon and that first experience in the club would actually be an elimination challenge?

No, I really had no idea that it would happen like that. I really thought that there might be a double elimination the next time. It didn’t even cross my mind until they started in with the “One of you is going home tonight.” But when he started describing everything – what the person going home had done, I knew it was me.

Do you have a personal favorite for the winner, someone you’re pulling for?

After seeing some of them at the premiere, I was like, how can you have trouble talking to women? Like Greg is completely different from the first time I met him. We hung out and he’s definitely confident and not at all like he was before this whole experience.

So are any of them totally ladies men now?

There are some of them (laughs) who definitely go out for the hunt and the kill in the clubs now, but for the most part they’re all still the same good guys.

Do you think Mystery’s strategies really work?

The question I get from everyone is “Can Mystery really get women, or is it all for show? If he came up and talked to me I think there’s no way I’d give him my number.” But his techniques really do work, I was skeptical, but after watching him, they all work. His appearance definitely helps – being 6’7″ and wearing a fur top hat – that really turns some heads. I’m a tall guy but I was looking up at him the whole time, he’s an intimidating guy. I do use the techniques now though, I’m still pretty green, but I do want to get better and I think I can’t stop right now. Some of my friends don’t take it too seriously though, I mean, I don’t know how easily it would happen for Mystery in Oklahoma. It’s definitely a whole other game plan.

Were you upset to throw out your chains and do such a drastic makeover?

I was really not happy with my makeover – looking at the other guys after their makeover, they looked confident. I was even intimidated by some of them after their change. Mine didn’t really change anything. It made me feel less confident than before. Just looking at it compared to everyone else, I felt like I got the least drastic makeover.

Did you go back and get your gold chains out of the trash?

I did get them out of the trash. And I bought another one. There’s just no changin’ that.

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  1. Hot Rod Heather says:

    I still think your totally hotter than the other guys, I was rootin for ya!

  2. Tyler says:

    yeah, you’re the man!

  3. Selena says:

    I think Mystery and Tara would make a cute couple. Thats kinda perfect because she already knows all of his tricks.

  4. angela says:

    this show is ridiculous..”mystery” is a complete joke girls dont like guys who wear nail polish, goofy googles, weird hats and boas?! and those creepy trench coats..if he came u to me in a bar i would run

  5. Al says:

    Hey Alex,
    I’m glad you ended up having a positive experience after that abrupt exit. I thought what Mystery did was a complete injustice. He sent a whole group of untrained socially awkward men into the nightclub with 0 guidance. What did he expect?! I think the man has forgotten his early days, when he too had problems meeting women. I was sad to see you on the show call yourself a failure.

    I don’t like this season… They’ve made it way too noir and edgy. Mystery’s acting real messed up and if you read “The Game”, his current mannerisms go hand in hand. I lost all respect for him after he punted you off. His excuse had no sensible reason to it.

  6. I know this is really boring and you are skipping to the next comment, but I just wanted to throw you a big thanks – you cleared up some things for me!