Charm School Ep. 3 Sneak – Shopping In Your Lingerie And Other Fashion Faux Pas


Find out who likes to go shopping in their skivvies and why it’s a bad idea if you want to be taken seriously in this sneak peek of episode 3 of Rock of Love Charm School.

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  1. RODEO FAN says:

    Rodeo will always more of a Lady and have class the Megan and Lacey put together.

  2. MEGAN FAN says:

    hahah poor Brandi M…shes so jealous of megan! she cant stop talkin s**t bout her omg

  3. Queen Brand says:

    Megan, Brandi C, and Lacey are three of the most rediculous GIRLS i have ever seen. They are so desperate for attention that they look and act like the girl versions of Bevis and Butthead (Megan&Brandi C), and Daria (Lacey). At least they were cartoons.It’s no wonder they have men troubles. They cause so much trouble and all start +&“^)_^~@&)_@_` with the other girls. I feel sorry for all the rest of the Ladies in the house that have to put up with all their stupid waste of time schemes. They really need to grow up and act like adults instead of living in a High school world. That is over! I hope that Sharon can help these 3 girls. They really need a major adjustment in all areas of their lives. I wish all the best for the rest.

  4. Ginger says:

    Please get rid of that stupid Megan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a !~(`#%@@_)_%%@`$% y narcissistic manipulating liar she is!!! After seeing how she acts on all these reality shows shat man would ever want her???? How could any mjan ever trust her???? Even the “trophy wife” she wants to be….HA!!!!! And she will see when she gets old and gets “saggy boobs” someday…… She can be so critical of everyone else….she needs to look at her own self. Its sad enough that all she can do with her life is go on reality show after reality show trying to get her 15 minutes of fame and land a man. I pity the man who ends up with her!!!

  5. Ginger says:

    You go Sharon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to tell that bith Megan off!!!!!! You have her down to a T!!!!!!! Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get rid of her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ginger says:

    Rodeo,………… don’t look like a b–ch…………….Megan and Lacy will get theirs someday………..all the other girls felt bad for you. And Sharon had Megan pegged to a T. At least you left knowing you did the right thing and Megan lied to Sharon and really wanted to cheat. You can hold your head up high. You have more character than Megen will ever have no matter how much charm school she has. People don’t change….she’ll always be a manipulative narcissistic conniving backstabbing b—ch! What man in his right mind would ever want her after seeing how she has acted on all these reality shows????

  7. Specia says:

    Way to go Megan, i hope you stick around for the end of the show cause if you don’t this show won’t be as interesting as it is. People wont have anyone to hate on or at the same time no reason to watch the show. Love you Megan good luck.

  8. Katie says:

    GOSH I can NOT stand those wh ores Megan Brandi C or Lacy. Megan needs to get her as s kicked and Brandi is so dumb FAT and UGLY it makes it hard to look at her even. And Lacy… LOL What can one say about this idiot. THEY all s uck and will get theirs one day. THEY ARE ALL UGLY PEOPLE INSIDE AND OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. tigerchik says:

    you know how ppl say dogs resemble theirs owners….. well…. that is the ugliest dog I’ve ever seen!


    I couldn’t resist!

  10. DblA31 says:

    Look, I’m sure Rodeo would’ve liked to win the money, and she could use a little bit of polish, but she’ s more of a lady and has more class than Megan, Brandy C and Lacey will ever have, and isn’t that the point of charm school? Sharon was giving Rodeo a compliment because she knows Rodeo didn’t need to be there. Of course all the charm school in the world won’t help those three. I really hope Brandy M wins. Most any of them would be fine other than those three. Especially Megan and Lacey. Brandy M was right that Brancy C seemed a little more civilized when she wasn’t around the other two.

  11. zuleika ro says:

    im one of the biggest fans of reality programs. so far ive seen them all, but i think it was a big mistake to kick out megan. megan was the heart of this program, because she is the person who needed more help than any body else in the program and besides megan makes the show. she is very controversial and she is a lot of problem it would have been the biggest challenge to change megan. i think megan should stay longer, just to see if there is a change. but i guees this lady sharon or whoever her name is, is not strong enough to make this crazy girls in ladys.
    NO MEGAN, CHARM SCHOOL IS WAAACK i really wanted to see megan as a diferent person.

  12. tima says:

    crazy lacy what a nut case

  13. julie says:

    man i am so glad the megan was kicked off what an idiot!!! Brandi C is so stupid what a joke. why do vh1 keep putting her shows if she is gonna quit!! that is just rediculous