Pickup Artist 2 Ep. 3 Sneak – Everybody Loves a Sexy Nurse


Find out why Mystery thinks a hottie in a nurse’s uniform will help the guys overcome their fear of women in this sneak peek of episode 3.

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  1. lisa says:

    alright so a lot of these reality shows I really get a kick out of because it is purely entertaining to watch but seriously ladies, if that Mystery “#@&#^$`#`#@*@_+~ ever approached me in a club, there is no way in hell I would fall for his crap! It’s complete crap. Whatever happened to being yourself with out all the made up pick up lines? I personally think he’s creepy and honestly, being called a “set” come on. The super dorky guy with the fro would have a better chance with me then some guy wearing eye liner and a huge “#@&#^$`#`#@*@_+~ ed over sized fuzzy hat- Really? So, what do you think of girls with tattoo’s as opposed to Hi, my name is so and so can I buy you a drink. Get real! For all you lonely guys with a big fear of women, my advice would be carry yourself with confidence, even if you have none because there is nothing sexier and be your dam self!

  2. Tallulah says:

    As a people watcher, intrigued by the study of sociology, the emphasis of this program is in character development. For whatever reasons, these fellows were not socialized properly with women, and other humans for that matter, I like what Mystery is doing. Not necessarily the entire schematics with the wings and the terminology, but honestly isn’t that what all of us have when we go out with friends, whether your friends are &*#&_!_$~!%!@+^ isting you in scoring or protecting you from undesired attention? Mystery just formalized the process and vocalbulary; and depending on the mindset and learning style of these fellows, it works. Like a lot of men, they just need to be told what to do, lol. Parents do not necessarily focus on making sure their children have the characteristics it takes to date successfully and we usually tend to flock with friends similar to ourselves, so some of these fellows really did not have a chance. Mystery makes the suggestion and gives them the opportunity follow through with this ‘hands on’ training.

    Overall, I think this is one of the better reality programs since these fellows and hopefully the ladies (or guys) they interact with in the future may benefit from it. It is amazing what one can accomplish when supported in any endeavor, similar to self-fulfilling prophecy, if you will.

    ~~Tallulah, KY

  3. justdesserts says:

    I find this show hilarious! It makes me look back to a time when I used to go “clubbing”! The whole art of picking up women is a joke ! Being secure with yourself is the key to sharing your qualities.If you can’t be yourself then you’ll live a lie ! Men who put on an act to pick up ladies my score a high quanity of low quality women who are just as disingenous as themselves which often precipitate into STD’s, failed relationships and marriages. LOVE FINDS A WAY FOR THOSE WHO ARE ENTITLED AND DESERVING! I used to stay back and watch some of my friends try to”Hook-up”! they were a joke! They often did succeed, but they were a joke! )@$*((+_@+!*`(~! blocking each other to “score”! I didn’t go that route.I didn’t pick girls up at the bar. I chose women from a common activity, hobbie or interest! These guys never found true love or thought they did were dead wrong(divorce after having kids within a few yrs.with this person or infidelity). I’ve been happily married now for more than a decade. I guess I the so called “wallflower” was the true “Pick-up Artist” !

  4. Lisa says:

    Sorry Tallulah, I’m with Justdesserts 100%. Mystery is teaching these young guys how to get laid if you will. Yes some people do have a problem with there social skills but I know from experience that I do not want any one fake in my life and that’s ultimately what he’s doing with his “students” Explain to me where it’s OK for me as a women or for any women to be called a “set” I, if single would prefer to go out and meet some genuine people who are true to there selves rather than a pre- meditated script. It’s ridiculous.

  5. bravebluerx says:

    If you understood what women are like in the club then you would understand the need for this type of training and the conversation starters. Girls are constantly bombarded all night with guys introducing themselves and offering to buy drinks. They take advantage of the free drinks and then blow the guy off.

    Mystery is teaching conversation starters to blow down your ^%!*!)`)~!@&^^^~_ shields and allow us to then build comfort and then show our real personalities. How many girls are approaching guys in the real world? haha, rare. If you want to see this you have to pay admission to a place called Spearmint Rhinos.

  6. Lisa says:

    I understand fully what women are like in clubs, I just happen to be one. Maby I am one of the rare who has no desire in excepting a drink from someone I have no interest in but your missing my point completely! Create a show with a legit relationships professional working with these types of guys in a more professional manner where the guy isn’t being degraded and the women aren’t being referred to as “sets” which to me is summed up as nothing but a piece of ^~$@_*__%@^`~$_ and maby this show would have a bit of class to it. “Mystery” is a joke and honestly he is the exact type of guy I would stay far far away from in a club. Teach these guys how to be them selves, how to over come there fears and to use better social skills- wonderful, but lets be real here, they are competing against each other to earn the ((@&!*~*++@$#^$ le of Master Pick Up Artist! Why are there eliminations? Seems to me it’s because the poor guy getting the boot didn’t have enough game! I know when I go out and some random idiot approaches me with anything but sincerity it’s a big red flag as to what I’m being approached for. Oh boo who men get rejected every day from women! Women get used everday from fake ^~$@_*__%@^`~$_ men like Mystery and his “wing men” as you call them. Whats that? A sure thing to seal the deal? Any one who thinks this show is anything other then belittling could probably stand a bit of therapy themselves!

  7. flaco says:

    This goes out to lisa.yea there is sum wack guys out but like these guys that came on this show you can’t tell them to be yourself.come on look at them they looked so dorky and so nerdywhen they berly got there and you can’t say that they don’t look better now then when they got there. mystery has transformed them and there’s proof that those openers or whatever they are called do work.if you tell those nerds that have no confidence that sit on their ~)!%~)!*`!)_&!& playing computer games all day and talk about nothing else than computers they will get no where.you expect them to dress all nerdy and go up to you talk about computers, u will ignore them at the beginning of the conversation and they can’t just talk to any girl about computers and wait till he finds a girl that likes computers too. He take forever to find a girl like that and you wouldn’t like a guy like that niether. Riighht? And you’re talking about that none of those lines will work on you. watch you be the next girl that some guy talks to you like that and has you crazy over him and alll over his `~^*&$@@_)@%~+!*

  8. T-Money says:

    I thought this was about the Nurse!
    I thought she was hot!

  9. Lisa says:

    Hey Flaco,
    I get that, really I do- and your right, I would only have interest in being any of these guys “friend” although I am not looking because I am in a great relationship with yes- a very confident male but- my point is there is a way to transform these guys in a better manner than sending them into a club and basically trying to see how far they can get with the girl. They are still getting blown off are they not? This is where i am trying to get my point across that there shouldn’t be a ^$$@~@!*%_`$*)~ le, or eliminations. Take celebrity rehab for example, this is a real doctor working with people in need of sobriety, no one is kicked out if they say the wrong thing! Give me a show to watch that actually helps these guys with socializing and make them feel that sexy confidence within themselves without belittling them or us as women in the process! Oh and to be completely honest with you, I have heard about every pickup line there is out there and no, I won’t be the next to get all crazy over some guy using them!! I like real people! Teach these guys to be comfortable with them selves, then send them out in the big bad club scene. I’m pretty sure it goes deeper than a make over!

  10. Wazzup says:

    Seriously, what is the name of this nurse? She is soo HOT!

  11. lisa says:

    I was the nurse! DAAAAHHHH!!! lol

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