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Kevin may not have had a chance to learn all of Mystery‘s lessons, but he’s taken the art of the pickup to another level since losing the last medallion to Karl last Sunday night on The Pick Up Artist. When we got in touch with him after his recent move to L.A., we caught him in mid-conversation with none other than Matador. The guy is a serious macking machine these days. As much as he seems to enjoy the game lately, Kevin tells us that the real reason he got into this is to find that special someone. Aww…

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So were you just hanging out with Matador?

Yeah, we were just hanging out over at the studio, dealing with post-show logistics.

Were you getting a lesson from him, extra advice that you didn’t get on the show?

After the show…we’re not famous by any means but we do get recognized in public, so indirectly all the contestants are associated with Mystery’s company, The Venusian Arts, because we’re his students. And just to protect his image and everything, he’s good about talking to you about people to watch out for and how to handle the press. We also got a lesson on working on our day-game in the field.

You were thrown off the show this week – what was it like watching the broadcast, did everything happen as you remember it?

Yeah, everything was accurate – the show is not a fabrication. Here’s what I’ll say though: Reality TV is real, but that fact that you’re on-camera makes it unreal. It’s very tough to be yourself on TV. I’m not an actor, I’m a real person, I was a student in Michigan and I have no acting experience. It’s tough enough as it is to hear myself on a tape recorder, so listening to myself, watching myself, and knowing millions of people are watching and having that knowledge while I was on the show, I just got super nervous. By no means was I myself while I was on the show. Everything was accurate in terms of the way I was feeling though, but it’s tough to be yourself when you’re on TV.

And that feeling translated when you were in the clubs?

Absolutely. It’s tough enough hitting on girls as is, adding everything else into the equation made it more difficult. When I was on camera I was stuttering, I was cussing and honestly, I don’t cuss that much, I don’t know for what reason I was so compelled to. Honestly, I just buckled.

So do you think that it was fair that you were the one eliminated in this episode?

Well, it came down to me and Karl in the end and quite frankly I thought I deserved to be on more than he did. I recall watching the episode and even though I made people feel uncomfortable…I mean, the people I was in a set with…it wasn’t working and they weren’t having it. But by the same token I feel like I took the initiative to push the interaction, where Karl would just swing by and then just eject right there and then. As far as the cussing goes, I thought that was a small detail that’s easily corrected. So it came down to me and Karl and I’m not bashing Karl, you know, [he’s a] great kid, but yeah, I do feel like I did deserve to be on more than he did.

It did seem like a lot of guys thought you had a lot of potential and were surprised that it was you to get kicked off.

Right, absolutely, I felt the exact same way and I was actually really shocked that I got eliminated that night.

Do you keep in touch with the guys?

Yeah, totally, me and Brian are really close and we talk a lot, I talk to Greg – we all live in the Hollywood area so we hang out from time to time. I actually moved to L.A. about 3 weeks ago.

So what’s your plan out there?

Right now, you know, I just finished college, I’m young, I’m 22 and I have no obligations and enjoy my life right now so I got a part-time job to pay the bills but I actually signed on with a different pickup company, not officially but with a different pickup artist named Asian Playboy, he’s an Asian pickup artist obviously so it’s kind of cool to see the ins and outs of how the pickup industry works.

So obviously you’ve continued using the pickup techniques you learned.

I just got kicked off so early and I didn’t learn enough, all I wanted was more knowledge so as soon as I got home I Googled all sorts of stuff and I came across Asian Playboy and at that point I was like, pull the trigger, so I signed up for one of his boot camps. It was three days and three nights of really intensive training that really paid off. In that weekend I met over 50 women. Before that I would just meet girls in my social group and that was it. I never went to clubs before the show, and even after my experience on the show I wasn’t comfortable in the club setting, but now I’ve had all this training, and I’m sure for other guys going to clubs is no big deal, but for me it’s been a mind-blowing experience. Even though I got kicked off the show so early, like, it’s opened a lot of doors. I’ve been contacted by a lot of pickup artists who want to train me up and at this point I’m seeking different schools of training.

What’s your goal with picking up girls? Is it just a game to get numbers, or do you want a relationship?

Personally, I think pickup artists have the wrong connotation. When people think pickup artist, they think oh, great, a womanizer, all he wants to do is have sex with a lot of girls and for me that isn’t the case. I’ve had one girlfriend, I loved taking her out and treating her well and I loved every part about it. In a relationship, I love everything about it. Sex is great and everything, but having a deep connection with someone means so much more than just sex. I got into this to meet someone special.

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