Celebrity Rehab: After School Program?


If you blinked during Nikki McKibbin’s pre-rehab party package during this week’s premiere of the second Celebrity Rehab season, you missed cameos from some VH1 Celebreality staples…

It’s Heather from Rock of Love, I Love Money and currently Rock of Love Charm School, as well as Flavor of Love/Charm School alum Saaphyri. Heather told us that she just happened to be out partying when Nikki came by with her crew. Weird! If nothing else, this proves that spin-off possibilities and personality cross-streaming potential is unending.

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  1. Beth says:

    WOW this season you are faced with a real challenge. You need more HELP dude You cant do this by yourself you need help now. I went through a program about 10 yrs. ago. Truefully I hated it.how ever I did come out with tools to see what the hell I was doing to myself. I know this will not be very positive for who is reading this.
    To see these people come in and on tv is RAW. I say good luck to you people and Dr. DREW

  2. WHAT? says:

    I barely recognized Nikki. She’s just so bloated from the booze. Hopefully she beats this. Saaphyri’s teef (dentures or dental implants?) look like they’re about to fall out!

  3. savedfromthebeast says:

    Amber, I really relate to you. You have a beautiful spirit. You ARE resilient. You ARE capable. You WILL beat this. I am praying for you. My mother and I were also addicts together. Now that I am clean, I do my best to uplift her without being pulled back in by her. The best way I found to help her is to do whatever it takes to stay away from the pills myself. You are an inspiration and I really appreciate all of you traveling this journey in the public eye. “When life gets too hard to stand….KNEEL!!”

  4. lucy says:

    gary b. is a moron. is he really that clueless or r his manager & agent in a conspiracy 2 make him look even more _%+)$%)^&)*^~+^~&$ ed than he naturally does.unbelievable! being an addict myself ,i understand the cunning ,manipulating nature of the disease, but really! REALLY!

  5. Erin says:

    Shelly rocks. She is a main part of the reason I watch this show. She is *)%#!&))`(^$*+# ertive with out being aggressive. Shelly your voice is not grating.

  6. rhonda says:

    omg, her teeth are wierd as hell! what the f$#K

  7. ashley says:

    that is stupid drinking once u know ur in a fight but when i drink i dont drink beer whisky shots i drink water tea suger tea hot coco but in side me i dont drink

  8. sasha says:

    i think that this rehab is totally nessasary for helping them with what ever there problem might be.

  9. missy says:

    This is what they do after school program? Great…
    online class