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  1. Lyn James says:

    James Gunn Rocks! That’s all. :) Wish I could scream for this show!

  2. Kareema says:

    I feel Lena and Jessica are ignorant especially when Lena used racial slurs/innuendos towards Tanedra and Jessica calling Sarah an ugly Jew. Jessica must not know the Jews control the majority of Hollywood and Lena must feel threatened by Tanedra’s acting skills (which are way better than hers). All I have to say is what goes around comes around. I hope Tanedra hit Lena hard!

  3. nini says:

    LOL. Kareema, I love it. I was thinking the exact same thing. I watched this show for the first time the other night, because I know a girl who really likes it. I could not believe these little racists girls. Lena, has a lot of nerve. She is really racist, but the thing is she is making her own bed. You want a job in a industry where you just may be standing before black writers and producers, Blacks who know people who know people. How foolish to showcase your racist attitude, it will not be forgotten. And yes, Jessica really made a boo-boo. What an idiot! she will never land a job, as you stated- Jews run Hollywood. what a moron, she must have not done her homework. I really did not like what she said at all- Sarah is not ugly either. Jews and blacks, always the target of racist people’s hate- whatever shall we do? lol.

  4. Anneke says:

    Tanedra, girl, did we work together at OSP in Santa Monica?….I think we did. I know you from somewhere but I cant put my finger on it, I’m pretty sure that we worked togther though…I remember why you left….did everything work out okay with that? You are rocking it on this show, your strong, collected self proves superior even if the others have had more training than you. You are always so calm and collected…even when you were hit purposely….I was so waiting for you to pay it back but you didnt, you just held your own. You look great, I cant wait to see you in Saw VI! Lord knows you deserve it! Get back to me girl, maybe after all this is over we can do lunch and catch up! I’m so glad to see that you are chasing your dreams!

  5. Annabel says:

    I can’t believe that that stupid B (with the GREAT LIFE–dumb !%)+#+)+`%$@))$ just said that the lady Screaming Coach was like 80 years old. The woman is obviously not older than 40-50 something. How insulting, or was she trying to be funny again? NOT!. Unbelievable how people aren’t embarrassed with themselves and with the things they say and do. OMG. now she just said, “I hope they don’t cast me in that role, just because I’m goodlooking”. Their may have even been a REALLY in their somewhere. I can’t wait till she’s given the AX. What the hell is her name, anyone? Peace!

  6. Annabel says:

    Oh yah! MARISSA is only one of the dumb, STUCK-UP, idiots on this show. Only a few are even any good. Tanedra and Libby are the best and I’m sure they will be to bottome two.

    Lena is a )#~(__+_%@!$%~&*#* It’s embarrassing watching all the rest of themmake fools of themselves. OMG Marissa just made another rediculous comment. HUMBLE? NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    P.S. Sorry for writing )#~(__+_%@!$%~&*#* no offense to anyone, I hope.

  7. gabe says:

    Michelle you are an ugly disgusting and conceited!!!! I can’t stand the way you are.You think your’e the sh.t,trust me you definetly are nothing.Your’e not even pretty, you are just average.
    And your ugly as. attitude definetly doesn’t help you any.It just makes you uglyer than you already are.If i was a woman and i was on that show i would let you know just how disgusting you are.Sorry for being you,you d.mb a.s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Tiffany says:

    Tanedra these are hater obstacles that you have to go through. Stay strong keep your head up and keep on kicking ^~`(#~#@^(_!+*$ Your the best scream queen in the world.

  9. Miss Violateher says:

    I’m SO happy for Tanedra! She deserved this role, and I’ll definetly be going to see Saw 6 when it opens in theatres! I also have to say that I was rooting for Lindsay as well, and I was really bummed that they let Michelle get so far in the competition. I thought she was egotistical, fake, and a phony actress… Congratulations Tanedra :)

  10. Jasmine says:

    I am just so proud of the Scream Queens team who voted for Tanedra to win! It just shows that sometimes the person who plays the game fair, maintains their ethics, and who doesn’t look like a barbie doll, or what America considers “Traditional” beauty can still make it in Hollywood! Tanedra ~ You go girl! I love how you carried yourself amongst those haters who wanted to throw your race in your face like it had anything to do with you being there. Isn’t it interesting when people say things and truly reveal who they are: VH1 Great Job!!

  11. Melinda Gentry says:

    Tanedra was the best on this show. I really enjoyed this show for something different. It was great! Thanks for an entertaining time and Tanedra, I know you will rock the part girl! Go for it on the screen!
    Melinda Gentry

  12. shayshay says:

    You was kissing a @`*_$`!+$*_$*$)$$

  13. shayshay says:

    You a `&&(*`$@&^~**`#(# ~$`)_)&#+$^`**_#