Sharon Osbourne Slams Megan, Sarah Palin


Sharon Osbourne wouldn’t be running Charm School if she weren’t bold and outspoken. So it’s no surprise that her recent interview with the NSFW site SuicideGirls is, in the words of Charm School drop-out Raven, brashful. She says some nice things about Angelique (“She’s done porn, stripping, she just f***ing loves it and owns it and she’s just fantastic”) and Jessica (“She was a very bright and very nice young girl”) but the juiciest bits of the piece find her spitting venom at Megan (to whom she’s already referred to on air as a “real f***ing bitch”). Says Sharon in the piece:

“She said her ambition was to be a trophy wife. Oh God. Well she has got the f***ing brain of a peanut. She does have a pretty damn good body, but no f***ing brain. Her brain is between her legs. She told me she was an accountant and an estate agent.”

As if that weren’t enough, better are Sharon’s words of ire on Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin:

“The woman’s got balls, but she hasn’t got the back-up. She is just archaic. Where the f*** does she come up with some of her views? Even down to her religion. Whatever turns you on. But, I’m sorry, being part of a church that speaks in tongues and they talk about witches. It’s like, ‘Are you nuts?'”

Sharon wouldn’t be Sharon without the brutal honesty. There’s much more at SuicideGirls, but like we said: the site is NSFW. [via Bourgy]

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