Sharon Osbourne Slams Megan, Sarah Palin


Sharon Osbourne wouldn’t be running Charm School if she weren’t bold and outspoken. So it’s no surprise that her recent interview with the NSFW site SuicideGirls is, in the words of Charm School drop-out Raven, brashful. She says some nice things about Angelique (“She’s done porn, stripping, she just f***ing loves it and owns it and she’s just fantastic”) and Jessica (“She was a very bright and very nice young girl”) but the juiciest bits of the piece find her spitting venom at Megan (to whom she’s already referred to on air as a “real f***ing bitch”). Says Sharon in the piece:

“She said her ambition was to be a trophy wife. Oh God. Well she has got the f***ing brain of a peanut. She does have a pretty damn good body, but no f***ing brain. Her brain is between her legs. She told me she was an accountant and an estate agent.”

As if that weren’t enough, better are Sharon’s words of ire on Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin:

“The woman’s got balls, but she hasn’t got the back-up. She is just archaic. Where the f*** does she come up with some of her views? Even down to her religion. Whatever turns you on. But, I’m sorry, being part of a church that speaks in tongues and they talk about witches. It’s like, ‘Are you nuts?’”

Sharon wouldn’t be Sharon without the brutal honesty. There’s much more at SuicideGirls, but like we said: the site is NSFW. [via Bourgy]

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  1. mullgirl731 says:

    YEAH!!!!!! Finally, someone outside my group of friends decides to speak the absolute truth about Megan! She is such a stupid, manipulative, lying, thieving ()`~`^)_~!~&+!(+^ I’m soooo glad Sharon called her out on this episode. Gotta love Sharon for keeping it real & always speaking her mind. I’m like that, too. I’d much rather tell you the truth & hurt your feelings than lie to you about anything. Now if she’d only have laid into Lacey a lot more, all would be grand. Lacey speaks her mind, but she only does it to hurt & manipulate people and cause chaos. Back to Megan, she may have a hot body, but face it people, she truly has a butter face, if you know what I mean. There’s no way she’s smart enough to be an accountant. PLEASE!!!!

  2. antoinette says:

    i lke you maging you are so pretty okay and i love your outfits okay and you are like my big sister okay and i hope that you have a baby okay bye maging

  3. michael says:

    This is a funny show. vh1′s got the best shows!!!

  4. stasi says:

    She also started shouting at LACEY
    and it almost seems like for no reason
    because LACEY barely said anything during the time
    she was yelling at her

    RODEO’S ridiculous
    and MEGAN’S cool
    SHARON needs to stop tryna act like a badass on TV

  5. ToBad4u says:

    Are u all really that stupid about Sharon, except for mullgirl731. U all must be really young are just dumb as heck. Sharon was educated and wealthy way before she married Ozzy Osbourne, if it weren’t for her, he wouldn’t be as bad ^&&+_~~&#$!_@@% rocker from 60′s until now. Sharon has seen it all, from drugs with her husband to threesomes. U guys need to look up her bio and get the facts. This woman is a badass, that calls a spade a spade. She was dead on all the tramps she told them the –cking truth and all of u know it. U have got to respect this lady this isn’t Britney’s mom, she comes from a wealthy British family and has put up with getting Ozzy off drugs a million times. By the way if u can’t spell please don’t type crap no one can understand antoinette, this is how u spell Megan not maging. Please don’t insult my intelligence with your ignorance. Go SHARON AND KEEP KICKING ^&&+_~~&#$!_@@% TAKE NO PRISONERS! Rock on mullgirl731!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stasi they sell a book called a dictionary at the dollar store, think u can remember that. tryna LOL where or did u go to school?

  6. John of Love says:

    Vh1, you’re awesome. You really do create celebreality stars out of these people. Keep up the good work! Megan is the )+%`*!_`%`#^(*@@ too, any girl that fails in comparison hates her, and thats why. Sharon is a shribbled old prune who needs to go to Charm School herself. I could create a montage of (!!(#^@#%_+((+~_ ed up )+%`*!_`%`#^(*@@ she did on The Osbournes. But she does have really entertaining stuff to say during elimination time…

  7. denise says:

    I absolutely love Sharon! When I heard she was running charm school I was elated! Her no nonsense it is what it is attitude is so refreshing! I find it hilarious that girls like Lacey & megan think they can pull one over on Sharon. Do they not know who they’re dealing with? Umm Sharon was around way before Tyra (no disrespect to Tyra…love her too) and this is the way she’s always been. Anyone who doesn’t like her is just afraid of a strong woman who speaks her mind, but still has class. Something this country needs more of if you ask me.

  8. cecilenoe says:

    2008 OBAMA ,YES WE CAN.OBAMA 2008

  9. cecilenoe says:


  10. Jacque says:

    Sharon is a JOKE. having a british accent doesn’t make you classy, honey. You need Charm School more than any of the other girls. I saw your show. You and your family are TRASH to the extreme.

    Megan has more dignity in her shiny blue eyeshadow than Sharon has in her entire fake plastic Joan Rivers plastic body. Thank you.

  11. Kevin :) says:

    #_()%`#_^`#`#~#@ i don’t think Sharon is a joke. If she handled ozzy she can handle these women from Rock of Love. Sure her other show wasn’t really classy y’all but Rock of Love is much much worst.
    Plus Meagan has no digintjy lets be real she’s a backstabber and a )_@~($&##()&%~^($ She can’t change. She needs to go home cause Sharons wasting her time on her in the first place.

  12. gina says:

    Megan is a disgusting, awful and manipulating snatch. I can not stand looking at her big head. I wish they would get rid of her already. I hope she gets kicked off the show next week. I don’t want to have to see her as long as I did when she was on “I Love Money”. I don’t understand how people let her get away with her behavior. The next girl that gets kick off needs to hit Megan in her big head with a claw hammer as they walk out of the Charm School house. That would be good TV!

  13. Rebecca says:

    Megan Is Freakin Awesome!!!!! I Enjoy Every Reality Show She Is In. I Think She Breaks The Dumb Blonde Mold And Has A Brain And Knows How To Use It. I want To Be Megan When I Grow Up. Keep Megan Around She Is So Much Fun To watch. I Wish Sharon Would Lay Off, She Is Fine Just Like She Is.

  14. RONHADOU says:


  15. Princess12 says:

    Sharon you need to shut the %)(&!+~^~`$~!~@` up about Megan and all you other people who has negative things to say about her. These are reality shows for God sake, Megan is just playing the games right because she wants to come out on top, and she’s very entertaining with it. She’s the one who is making you guys tune in to see what she’s going to do next. Sharon, for a Charm School teacher your mouth is very foul, how can you teach people to be lady like and you are not you only dress the part. Who knows Sharon, Megan might just be smarter than you are. Love yOU mEGAN.

  16. mickey says:

    You all need to shut the hell up and stop hating on Sharon, Megan, and Lacey. Megan and Lacey are the bad girls they are mean and nasty for a reason because they are playing the character of baddist B itch. Sharon is trying to get them in order and succumb to Charm School because its about changing your personality and behavior. Megan is a spoiled brat from the looks of it and I bet she acts that way in life to. What you protray on TV is probably how you act in real life. I think that megan is a horrible BFF for Brandi C. she manipulates her to no end. On I Love Money Megan was saying a few mean things about Brandi but they probably eddited them out. I saw the same Megan from Rock of Love and I Love Money on the Charm School show. She doesn’t bathe and neither does Brandi C. The rule is that you should take a bath EVERY day or you start to stink!!! I bet she smells like BO. I feel so sorry for that little dog lilly, YOU DON:T DRESS DOGS UP IN CLOTHES. they hate it. Brandi M and some of the other girls are changing. Lacey is still the same from Rock of Love still coniving crap starter. She should of been sent home on the first night. Sharon was NOT impressed with her and has to keep constantly correcting her because she is NAUGHTY. I also think that MCCAIN and PALIN will not win the presidental race they are horrible choices. Obama and Biden will lead the nation towards a change. I think it will be good and learn how to type on here people. Cecilenoe how can anyone understand what your typing?????

  17. KKD says:

    I am SO glad that Sharon can see what others have missed. Lacy being a CU NT and Megan being even a bigger CU NT. Granted I hate that word but for these two its PERFECT. These two girls are the worst ever. I would love to run into either one of them on the street. Sharon is the best for this. She is very well educated and knows EXACTLY what is going on. GOOD for her.

  18. crazyolegirl says:

    Thank the Creator that Megan is gone. She is a bold face liar, I wonder if she will sit and watch this show and realize what everyone else in america knows, that she is uterly fake and stupid to think that what she does is brodcast all over the world.. Brandi C. is a sweet girl, she is loyal to her friends even when they are being stupid. That says alot of her. She needs to be in it for herself though and not worry about her ‘friends’. She has potential and she needs to realize it!

  19. Kimmie says:

    I dont want to watch the show anymore I love Megan….Sharon is stupid Megan and her munipulative ways made the show…Megan is street smart if anything, She munipulated so many people on I Love Money…I agree with Princess12, how is Sharon going to teach them to be lady like and she is worst then some of the women on the show

  20. Sue says:

    British accent or no British accent, Sharon rocks, she’s bold, in your face, she gets things done and most of all she is a rock n roll lady!..
    They all have major potential….Good Luck Sharon in turning trash into treasure.

  21. cindy says:

    So glad to see Megan gone. She has been so annoying to watch, she has no facial expression, a horrible personality, and must have the IQ of her dog. And Brandi C needs to get on meds!!! She is so unbalanced!! Seriously Brandi, you do not look cute when you cry. Note to the wise your girl Megan did not even care that you were crying!!
    You Dirtay little #$%&*!!!

  22. cindy says:

    I forgot one more thing… LACY should go home next!!!!! Girl can’t even walk in heels!! not HOT!!! She looks like she should be part of a freak show!!!
    LACY IS NASTY!!!!! YUCK!!!!

  23. angela says:

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    called Angela’sWord. Please check it out and WRITE COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    Here is the link:

  24. Lizzy says:

    Megan’s elimination was hilarious. That’s so funny that she’s tried to be slick and get one over on Sharon. But Sharon is very intelligent, and Megan probably has the IQ of a peanut. Megan doesn’t get what she wanted, boo hoo hoo. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brandi C. is delusional and she should be in a padded room, wearing a strait jacket. That’s f***ing sad.

  25. Rick says:

    Consider the source. Only a fool like Sharon Osbourne would mock another person’s religion, no matter what they believe. Sharon has no class at all.

  26. zk says:

    omg thank god megan is gone. can anyone stand her?? I’m gonna go tan, and eat susi and tan some more. then i’m going to dental school. good luck megan. i hope what ricky told you on the show happens!!!!

  27. Wildchildinak says:

    Im with Rick, Sharon lacks class. I still am wondering how they picked her to be the Head Misteress of this so called school Pulease! I saw her on “The Osbournes”, Who throws a fricking ham at the neighbors??? Sharon before you pass judgement on others, you may want to step outside of your cushy little mansion and take a walk in someone elses shoes. How in Sam Hill can you judge any body on speaking in tongues? Geez! I cant name one person who can understand anything your husband has to say!!! When I watched the Osbournes I had to have subtitles on just to understand him.

  28. Timothy Reaves says:

    Sharon needs to sit back and take a look at her life. Herr husband, kids and herself use the “F” word in every sentence. Sharon has “NO CLASS” at all, and for her to be incharge of charm school is ridiculous. To send Megan home who was by far the prettiest girl on the show was unfair. Sharon why don’t you clean up your mouth, I am tired of watching the show and everytime you speak, the editors have to “BLEEP” your mouth. Get your kids rehab, go home take care of your drugged out husband and find a career, maybe in English Language.

  29. Alicia says:

    Class or not, shes still richer than most of you poor (*_#_$&~)#@+()!+(~& s. I love you Sharon, keep being the kick _^_`!^(#+@`!!$! lady you are XD

  30. Jay R says:

    Yea! Megan is gone ha, ha! I hope Lacy is next!

  31. Anne Lanham says:

    Finally Sharon has seen through Megan’s bulls**t !! Brandy C. needs to realize the only true friend of Megan’s is Megan herself. Wake up, grow up , and get with the program….. THIS ISN”T HIGH SCOOL ! If your smart you’ll run from that thing called Lacy (EVIL IN CARNATE) . Keep at them Sharon maybe one will someday act like they got a li’ class in their &*&$%@*(+$!^&*&

  32. Anne Lanham says:

    Finally Sharon has seen through Megan’s bulls**t !! Brandy C. needs to realize the only true friend of Megan’s is Megan herself. Wake up, grow up , and get with the program….. THIS ISN”T HIGH SCOOL ! If your smart you’ll run from that thing called Lacy (EVIL IN CARNATE) . Keep at them Sharon maybe one will someday act like they got a li’ class in their +@&^^^$+#^*(@`(

  33. Kimmi120 says:

    Omg Finally Megan is GONE, so glad she so has a lot of growing up to do. Maybe their’s hope for her mini Me, Brandy C, I kinda of doubt it. But that so made my day to see megan GONE, now just get rid of Brandy C and lacy, and just maybe Sharon can help the others.

  34. Wildchildinak says:

    Alicia, Speak for yourself with the poor garbage. Trashy people, trashy mouth. Cant even read what you’ve written.

  35. NoBama says:

    The only thing Barack Obama will change will be his underwear. Blah…and Sharon is not the ideal choice for the representation of class, but hey, she does make for interesting eliminations…lol

  36. YesBama says:

    Sharon is a very down to the point no holds barred type of a woman. I think she does know class….I didn’t like her at first and never watched the ‘Osbornes” but watching her recently deal with some nasty ^+*_%@+!+~&%($%~* es, WELL I LIKE HER NOW!!! MUAH!

  37. Ding Dong the B** is gone!!! says:

    My goodness! I have been tired of watching that dumb hooker for god knows how long. It would take a real woman like Sharon O. to check that-sad exucse for a human being. I feel bad for even writting this, because this, Megan, obviously had a bad childhood and knows nothing but hate in her heart and soul. I refuse to believe someone like her can even exist without extreme emotional trauma. Hopefully, she will one day, sit down and watch herself and be ashamed. Thats the most that we can wish for to save our society, as much as the election.

  38. Jill says:

    I effin love Sharon.

  39. WildchildinAK says:

    Sharon– Sarah Palin is not afraid to share her “True American” views. If you do not like it nobody is stopping you from going back to England. Further more, you probably wont be missed.

  40. charm school-nobody changes ...only for money!!** says:

    ur trying to change these
    and then ur all talking bad about megan….
    thats just not being a lady at all…tsk…tsk tskk

  41. Natalie says:

    To Rick: What does being pretty have to do with anything? The show is called Charm School and Megan is not charming at all. She didn’t even want to be there so it’s not like she didn’t get what she wanted. She only wanted the money, which she didn’t get, but she’s OK with her lifestyle so for her it’s not a total lost.

    Megan is one of those girls you want to shake. She has no facial expression, no emotion, no personality. It’s like she’s a walking wax doll.

  42. diddy says:

    this is show sucks without meGhan.. she is the show!!

  43. The World says:

    Sharons discusting for calling megan that

  44. Sparks says:

    Sharon’s dead on. In all of the shows Meagan’s been in she’s been the same little snot she’s always been. The only slight improvement was the fact that I think she honestly does care about Brandi C

  45. connicandy says:

    WAY TO GO SHARON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK GOD YOU SEEN PASSED MEGAN, NOW PLEASE GET RID OF BRANDI C………………

  46. Rune says:

    You know what, I LOVE YOU SHARRON!!! This women takes no **** from anyone! Good for her! I’ve seen her lay the smackdown and this is why Ozzy is who he is. Cause his woman has the biggest pair dangling that it would make dictator’s jealous. Bravo!

  47. Min says:

    If Sharon is trying to better these girls, I think that she is doing a horrible job. You have to practice what you preach, and I think that she is setting a bad example with her foul language and the demeaning comments about these girls. A true “Lady” watches her tongue and doesn’t get off on critizing and insulting people. I love you Sharon but I dont think that you are a good example of a “Charming Lady”. She was right to let go of Megan but wrong in the way she spoke to her, ridiculed her in front of her peers and to top it off she continues to talk trash about Megan after the fact. Grow up.

  48. MIKE LUSH says:

    OKAY. number one. MEGAN HAUSERMAN IS AMAZING! i love her so much. everyone is so jealous. including sharon. brandi m is a fugly (&#*$_%~@)@&#)$@+ and shes totally discusting. I LOVE BRANDI C. shes so cute! MEGAN IS SO AMAZING. WEll to be honest, BRANDI C AND MEGAN are too good for charm school. They should not even be there. MEGAN I LOVE YOU WILL YOU MARRY ME! and brandi c, you rock! HEATHERS A SLUT. okay bye. love you megan and brandi c keep rockin=] GO MEGAN! YOUR AMAZING SAME WITH BRANDI C YOUR ALL HATERS LOVE YOU GUYS FOREVER AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGAN!

  49. MIKE LUSH says:


  50. amber says:

    dallas shouldnt have went home they should have sent that red head should of went home.. one thing she did right was sent megan home now she needs to send that red head home…

  51. Vic Mackey says:

    Sharon is jealous of Megan, and Sarah Palin too for that matter. She seems to like to rag on girls that expose her failures. Sarah Palin equals ratings, and is the only reason Obama didn’t win by double digits. Megan was right when she said the only thing Sharon has ever managed is to watch her husband’s brain turn into a vegetable.

  52. tima says:


  53. ana bucio says:

    she scares me

  54. Kris says:

    If Megan sue’s Sharon then I think the cast should turn around & sue Megan for the long laundry list of &^%* she did to them and I bet you some1 can suck her a little dry of what ever she manages to suck out of Sharon. There’s more than one way to skin a cat. That girl needs Jesus or something. I feel sorry for her when she passes her 30′s & her #+_^~~^!#_#&&^~ gets flatter than what it is & her hips get wider and her husband(if she finds him) throws away his old trophy. If she wants fame, she just cut her nose to spite her face disrespecting an empire like Sharon.

  55. ZeroDegreez says:

    I’m just trying to find out exactly what Megan said to Sharon. I mean they keep bleeping out the good part. Can someone fill me in?

  56. lilliana says:

    Dear Sharan
    let me begin with you are a strong,intellegent,empathic beautiful women an inspiration to all woman and a blessing to your family and fan’s ” such as me” number 1 fan I absolutely love and adore your strength and you forget megan she deservied what she got her beauty is only on the out side I see nothing but uglyness in the inside of her you my inspiration of strenth and beauty will last eternally megans beauty will gracefully leave with age showing her true uglyness and she will find her self standing alone.

    god bless you respectfully and sincerely lilliana
    p.s meagan has a lot to learn about life she needed an +%#()+*)+#!~%~^ kicking although youre actions on charm school reunion was grossly elaborated she deserves to be put in her place u go girl f…ing A I agree mess with me not my family.
    I love what you just being yourself stands for senerity , strength and true inner and outer beauty

  57. lilliana says:

    forgot to add one comment meagon looks good in her pictures but as soon as she opens her mouth uglyness over powers her beauty.

  58. Corina says:

    Sorry…but in all honesty if someone came on television and started saying horrible stuff about the love of my life I would react that way too. The drunk slapper crossed the line. You don’t f#@k with peoples family………think about it!!

  59. olivv1 says:

    sharons an idiot, she said megan was smart like every second on charm school

  60. says:

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  67. Chaim Paddaman says:

    Sharon Osbourne launched a foul mouth tirade against Republican Sarah Palin and British singer Susan Boyle. The Osbourne’s are the most dysfunctional family on this planet. They will never grasp the fundamentals of the 12 steps in this life time. Simon Cowell is welcome to her. Looking forward to her X Factor and America’s got talent appearances. What an ignorant, arrogant and narcissistic woman.