Rock Of Love Charm School Blog Party – Episode 4


Live Back to Her Best Life Ever Posted at 9:57PM EST

Megan leaves on a pretty blasé note. Do you think she’s happy to go home? Should Brandi M., have been eliminated, too? And most importantly…

…can Brandi C., recover from this deep, deep loss?

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Live Hair Show Posted at 9:50PM EST

Heather kicks it Rock of Love 1 style by sporting a wild, never-before-seen-on-her ‘do at judging. Hot or not?

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Live Here’s the Kicker Posted at 9:47PM EST

A verbal argument quickly escalated into violence. Does Megan need to go home now that she kicked Brandi M.? Was her attack warranted?

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Live Camel Toe! Posted at 9:39PM EST

Cameltoecameltocameltoe! Ahhhh! Camel toe!

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Live Oh Brother Posted at 9:29PM EST

Megan and Brandi C., claim that Brandi M., was talking about their lead singer while she was in the bathroom. Are they telling the truth? Are they making this up, and if so, why?

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Live Who Chose Wisest? Posted at 9:16PM EST

Now that we’ve seen all the musicians in action, who’s best suited to take this thing? Destiney’s science project or Brandi C.’s man-meat heavy set?

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Live Who Rocks Hardest? Posted at 9:03PM EST

The ladies find out they’re going to manage a rock band. Which of the remaining 10 has the smarts and business savvy to do well at this? Which of them is going to break a proverbial guitar string?

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