Celeb Rehab 2 Ep. 3 Sneak: Folks Are Fed Up With “Dr. A-Busey”


Gary’s erratic behavior continues to be a source of concern at rehab but will it ultimately bring the patients closer together? Watch this sneak peek of episode 3 of Celebrity Rehab 2 with Dr. Drew.

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  1. Lauren says:

    So…Busey is a nutjob, glad to know the patients have caught on. Where’s Jeff in this clip?

  2. heartfelt says:

    WOW 4 days and withdrawal are over….. Dr. Drew brillant , are you serious? Please see how people are jumping Busey’s !+_*%@%&_%(++_& nut job, blah,blah, he has a traumatic brain injury you idiots. Is it worth Dr.Drew ? Please tell me this whole tragic circus for money, notoriety, help me to understand.

  3. sheen says:

    gary needs to be booted off the show, hes an annoying obnoxious moron. that shelly is a phoney idiot too, she doesnt know )!^_%#($^`&(*$)% about addiction

  4. Tango says:

    I LOVE Steven Adler — he is still that 11 year old boy…..I wish the best for him!

  5. Susan says:

    There are plenty of people in the world who are annoying that do not have brain damage.

    I am glad that he has gotten medical help. He is dealing with something worse than addiction because this will never go away, and he has to learn how to manage it. I know someone who had a brain injury as a result of a motorcycle accident and it is said because he has no idea he is sometimes acting inappropriately.

    I hope the other people at the rehab will be more sensitive.

  6. Lori says:

    Hey, these guys are the GREATEST that have ever been on Celebrity Rehab!! I absolutely love Steven.. and Tawnie, Shawn, Rodney, Amber.. but of course Gary is driving me crazy as he does everyone else. He’s always been an arrogant A-hole long before he had a head injury!!

    Go team go!!! You’re all great.. and Steve I love you!!! Rodney, Love you too.. and Shawn love you!! (of course I still love Jeff too!! LOL)

  7. Lori says:

    Sorry Gary.. but you’re not getting my LOVE tonight.. Not until you straighten out your act.! Maybe later!!

  8. Lori... again!! says:

    OK.. SORRY Gary.. I guess I can give you a little love after hearing that you don’t have the “empathy” part of your brain.. Although, I thought I read that the other parts of the brain can take over and continue fine when part of the Right Brain is removed???? (I’m sure there’s a long, hard recovery period, but it can be done.) What do you say, Dr. Drew? Is that true?

  9. Rena says:

    This show has changed the way I thought about Rodney King more than any thing. He is a real nice guy. Before I thought maybe he had a lot of what he got coming to him. I really hope he gets the real help he needs.

    Julie is a nicer name than Tawnie. She is a real person finally on this show. She might think about being a conselor after she gets better. I really hope Dr. Drew helps these people. My fear is this is just going to be a side show circus. Busey needs to get help elsewhere. He is only hurting the rest of the group.

    Most of all I pray for Mr. King. You didn’t deserve the pain that was inflicted on you. This show is very powerful and has an opertunity to change a lot of minds about addiction. I think Busey only hurts this process.
    Thank you.

  10. Robin R. Hurst says:

    His brain injury does explain a lot of his extremely bizzare behavior…still, even knowing he’s sick with a terrible injury, I find myself sitting back here wanting to smack him, it’s as if if it isn’t all about GARY, it isn’t important…when he butts ahead and cuts in line of other people, that are every bit as sick as him, that’s one of my peeves…At least he’s in the right place and Dr. Drew will see to it that he gets the right kind of help..

    And I must respond to one of the comments by Sheen, Shelly is not a phony, nor is she an idiot and she DOES know about addiction, having been there herself, what makes you say such rude things, what gives you the right? If you don’t like her, you don’t have to watch the show, you know…

  11. Princess says:

    Gary is just a loud mouth know-it-all. He thinks he has all the answers. We would all be better served if he would shut up and listen, instead of trying to run the show. Anyone who has had a brain injury knows the same thing. You learn where your deficiencies are, and you compensate for them. It is all part of recovery. For him to remain in denial is counterproductive for everyone. The group, and the viewers alike. He needs to learn instead of constantly trying to teach.

    I too learned a lot about Rodney. I thought he must have been a thug, and deserved it. As it turns out, he is a kind and humble human being. Steven is adorable. Tawnie, come back to being Julie. You are precious. I hope Jeff can stick to sobriety this time. Sean, forgive your Father.

  12. Jim says:

    I too am a TBI survivor. I am glad that Gary Busey is on the show. He has been clean and sober for quite a while. The others (in episode three) are still detoxing. It’s real easy for them to focus on attacking Busey rather than deal with their withdrawal pains. I hope Gary stays. I know what he’s going through. I think he can be a help to the others when they are able to hear him. If you haven’t had parts of your brain destroyed, you should be thankful, kiss the ground, and shut up when you feel like putting him down. Or is that how you would like to be treated if you had an accident?

  13. Tanya says:

    I am glad this show is addressing TBI through Gary Busey, and I applaud Gary for stepping out and allowing his behavior to be recorded for the public. My brother has suffered from TBI for three years now, he is now 46 years old, his life has been destroyed, he requires 24 hour supervision. All sections of his brain were injured, and he has deficits that will affect him the rest of his life. There is no complete recovery from brain injury. Please remember, the brain doesn’t know what the brain doesn’t know. Most TBIers don’t realize what they are doing until it is too late. My brother had a terrible temper before his injury and the injury just intensified it. He hits therapists, his loved ones, and doesn’t even know why he hits people. It’s hard for me to watch Gary struggle through his inability to control his behavior, but when you take time to understand brain injury, you have to understand it’s the injury acting inappropriate, not the person. Imagine what hell it must be like to be inside the head of the brain injured person. Please, have some empathy for Gary. I am rooting for you Gary!!!

  14. Dan says:

    How can Gary Busey being in the program be helpful. He torments the other patients, how can that be benifical? Gary Busey has been a problem on any reality show he’s been on.

  15. Kimmer says:

    I’m so happy that this show is on TV to show that Movie stars and singers are the same as everyone else and to show us all what they are going through as well. I’m glad that Gary TBI is out in the open to show everyone what’s its all about. I too am now leaving with a man who has been drinking for
    since he was 17 when he went into the Marines and served 14 years and 7 of that as a Seal. He fought in 5 Combat zones and is having such a problem with his drinking to the point that no one wants him around. But yet he shoves it in your face that he’s allowed to drink because of what he did for this country. He has steel rods in his legs, broke open his chest and it’s wired closed, broke his shoulder blade and has screws in his hips. He’s some pain and he still thinks he has served God, Country and Corp and can drink everyday and make everyone around him upset. NO NO and NO, I won’t allow it as I have kicked him out of this house a few times and he sleeps in this garage that he rents in the next town over ( he’s building a Jeep). And when he’s in that garage, HE DRINKS!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for this show. It’s wonderful.
    I’m so happy that these people that are on your show are getting the help and I do hope they continue it as they go home. That’s the hard part is going home and not having you the Dr. there for them.
    I pray they don’t do it all over again. My guy keeps doing it over and over again.
    I don’t yell at him at all about it, I just tell him he’s going to lose everything he has over a “CAN OF BEER”. He works for State Police as well. I love him with all my heart but I can’t take the drinking.

  16. marie says:

    When first being introduced to Gary in this season’s episodes , I felt he was very abrasive, bordering on nuts and extremely hostile but After hearing of Gary’s brain injury I began to understand the depth of his battle against addiction. I’m not sure how much of this is scripted and staged but it appears there was a break through for GARY.
    Gary, I hope you are a big enough man or at the very least a hopeless enough addict to listen without defenses to your group input. If it hurts it’s because the truth usually does.
    I am a TBI survivor (right frontal lobe, a hole there the size of my fist from a gsw) I know personally of the rigidity deficits, the terror of emotional swings and of the sheer confusion that comes with this type of injury. I can only imagine having to deal with this as well as the demon addiction.
    I truly wish you the best in your recovery and happiness and success after you go home

  17. Linda says:

    Gary’s brain injury is no excuse for his “mighter than thou” attitude. I suffer from a brain deformity as well as an injury which does not allow me delusions of grandure. Believeing that he does not have to follow the rules, is on the same level as staff & that his sobrity is safe is nothing short of denial. We can all make excuses for our behavior however his arrogant attitude is simply proves his inability to face reality. My hope is that he has no influence on the others who are sincere about making their lives healthy & happy.
    Rodney King diserves hugs, happiness & admiration. He is articulate & glows with humility.

  18. Peggy says:

    I was disappointed in Dr. Drew and his staff, prescribing Depakote to Gary Busey, then giving him a hard time the next day for not being at group at 7:00am.
    I found Gary just as obnoxious as everyone else — but an MD should have an idea of the side effects of a drug before prescribing. Depakote may be the correct medication for Gary, but he needs time.
    I took it for a short time for a seizure disorder. I slept 20 hours a day and couldn’t remember the 4 hours I was awake.
    It took weeks before my system adjusted and it surprised me that Gary wasn’t given more time to adjiust.

  19. jackie says:

    Rodney, you’re carrying a heavy burden on those broad shoulders. Show the bleeping LA cops you’re better than them. But more than staying clean and sober to show the racists who’s on top, do it for yourself. You deserve it.

    ‘Why can’t we all get along?’ I’ll never forget that. Good luck.