The Celebreality Interview – Megan


How the mighty have fallen! I Love Money‘s master-manipulator couldn’t last half a season on Rock of Love Charm School, thanks mostly to a physical altercation between her and Brandi M. Below, Megan talks about the kick that got her the boot, her disdain for her fellow students and Sharon, dentistry, and why Charm School was a miserable experience for her.

Oh yeah, it’s also her birthday today. Whoever would have guessed that 25 years ago today, a child was born who would one day be the (arguable) focal point for almost a year’s worth of one cable channel’s programming?

So where are you now? Florida? Enjoying your best life ever?

Yes, I’m in Florida with my friend Cecile. We’re in bed together. And yes, I’m always enjoying my best life ever. I love it. I created it.

How’s Lily?

She’s in surgery.


She’s having her little girl parts removed.

I didn’t know she wasn’t fixed.

No, she wasn’t. She had her period and that’s never happening again.

You’ve said many times, even before the show aired, that you hated Charm School. Did you go in expecting something different?

I just had so much fun on I Love Money. I felt like I couldn’t figure out how to work it, so I was in control of everything.

Did that have anything to do with the lack of men around to manipulate with your sexuality?

I don’t know what the problem was, but that’s a possibility. The only guy around was the biggest loser. I wouldn’t even let him look at me in a bikini. Riki said I was stupid and not that good-looking in one of this week’s extras, you know.

Yeah, what’s up with that? Did he have it out for you?

We don’t get along at all, ever since the Rock of Love reunion, when I told him to go f*** himself. And then, on Charm School, I thought that he didn’t have anything to do with who left or who stayed, so I was just an a**h*** to him all the time.

What do you think about your dismissal? From what I could tell, especially via the extras, it seemed that Brandi M., put her hands on you first.

She did, she pushed me, while I had my hands holding my dog. Apparently, it’s OK to push, it’s just not OK to punch and kick. That’s what I was explained.

Before or after you were eliminated?

After. It’s 100 percent f***ed up.

I assumed that you were playing it up at elimination. How honest were you with your protecting-LIly defense?

Well, who pushes another person who’s holding an animal? Of course I protect her. I’m her mother. I’m all she has.

It seemed like as soon as you got in the house, you hated Brandi M. Where did the animosity come from?

She hated me and lied about being allergic to dogs. That’s where it started. She went to the producers and everything. She’s not allergic to dogs.

So the kicking wasn’t done to get yourself intentionally thrown out?

It was complete reflex. I didn’t even realize that I did it. And then after I did it, I didn’t think it was a big deal because she pushed me first. I wasn’t even going to tell anybody.

At that point, did you want to go, though?

No, I wanted to stay so I could help Brandi C., keep her composure and stay as long as possible.

But you were miserable, right?

Yes, very much.

At what point did the misery set in?

Pretty much immediately. The living situation was worse than jail. The other girls were so antagonistic. Even though we had our own room and it was just me, Brandi and Lacey, all the other girls had a giant room to share and they were all jealous because we had the best room. They would just come into our room and antagonize us all the time. They never left us alone. They couldn’t control themselves.

You didn’t have any interest in changing at all.

What would I change?

Your hatred for Heather seemed a bit…unfounded coming off I Love Money. What was your mindset regarding her, going into the house?

I don’t really even hate her. It’s that she hates me because I refuse to be friends with her. She told me that during appearances that we’ve done together. She gets drunk and tells me that she loves me and that she wants to be friends with me. But I refuse to be friends with her.

Why do you refuse to be friends with her?

Because I don’t like her.

Wouldn’t it just be easier to be friends if you have to work together?

No. I don’t want bad friends. I don’t want to be friends with people I don’t like. She’s psychotic and delusional and ugly and jealous and bitter and I don’t want people around me like that.

It was kind of chaotic during the I Love Money reunion when the topic of you hooking up with 12 Pack arose. Do you want to clear the air?

From the very beginning, she was convinced that I wanted to take 12 Pack away from her, even though he doesn’t want her and I don’t want anything to do with him. I’ve never gone after him. I pushed him away from me. I denied him. You could see in the clips show, that he constantly tried to talk to me, even when he was f***ing her. She just cannot accept the fact that I don’t want him.

So for the record, you never have hoooked up with him?

I never have, and I never would.

Speaking of the reunion, Craig pointed out that you didn’t have to do anything but sit there to get people riled up.

I know!

Do you enjoy that?

I think it’s funny.

I find that I can’t talk about you without displeasing readers of this blog. I’m generally accused of being either too nice or too mean to you.

I know. People love me or hate me.

How do you feel about that?

I was reading something today, a comment on the recap, talking about how people are strongly opinionated and they waste their time writing paragraphs about how they love me or hate me. Either way, they can’t stop talking about me.

The hate never bothers you?

It’s a small percentage. It’s like 90-10.

What did you think about Brandi C.’s outburst leading up to and after your elimination?

I think that it was very sentimental. I loved it. It shows how much she loves me.

She was a lot more upset about not being with you than you were about not being with her, wouldn’t you say?

No, I would not say that. I would say that she expresses her emotions more freely than I do. But we had the exact amount of upsetedness [sic] about being apart.

Sharon called you emotionless.

It’s not that I’m emotionless. It’s that I can control myself.

Brandi C., gets accused of being your follower.

She’s not. She’s a supporter, and I’m a supporter. Brandi brings things to the relationship that I don’t have.

Like what?

She’s a good listener. She’s also a good drinking partner.

One time that you were emotional was when you went to Sharon’s office to tell on Brandi M., for calling you fat. I know you later called it the performance of your life, but was there any truth to it? Any hurt feelings over the nasty stuff people say about you?

No, because I’m not fat. If I was fat, I’d be really sad and go on a diet. But all of that was trying to make Brandi M., look bad.

You talked about her “drug-addict body.” That’s a serious accusation.

She must be smoking crack to get her voice like that. It has to come from the pipe, and it’s all backed up by her twitching.

What was up with the drama between Brandi M., and the lead singer of your band, Maura? You lied about Brandi M., talking s***, right?

No. They didn’t get it on camera, but Maura came back from the bathroom crying, saying Brandi M., said something mean about her. Maura heard it, but the camera didn’t get it.

It seemed like you guys were the ones telling her about it.

No, she came to us.

Have you honestly considered becoming a dentist?

Well, I was thinking about what I would do if I had to get a job. If worse came to worst. And I think it would be cute if I had a white, little dental coat and my own little office. The idea sounds cute. Dr. Megan.

This would take years to achieve.

Yeah, there’s no possible way. I actually looked into it, and I can’t get into dental school. You have to have all these years of chemistry for some reason.

Now that you’re off Charm School, this is more or less the first time all year that you won’t be featured on VH1.

I know, it’s sad. What will I watch? I leave VH1 on. I don’t watch any other channel.

What’s coming up for you?

Just relaxing all winter in Florida. I’m not giving up my best life ever any time soon.

Keep up with Megan via her profile and her MySpace.

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  1. jerry says:

    I love Megan. She’s amazing. And it’s true that people have strong opinions about her one way or another. I don’t know anyone else on RoL that receives the volume of intense comments that she does.

  2. cutie says:

    megan is right, Brandy M is like obsessed with her! she followed her everywhere. “is megan sleeping let’s go in there!” “megan was in line and i was staring at her as usual and i saw a bracelet go into the bag!” “what’s megan talking about in her room i think i will go see”


  3. Kit says:

    Thank GOD this waste of oxygen is GONE. Lily the dog has more functioning brain cells than this nasty ho.

  4. Brandi_Leigh says:

    I’m so glad Megan is gone. She’s a manipulator and a liar. A f***ing dog has a bigger brain than her. Face it, she’s not that pretty, the typical blond…Dumb and fake!

  5. dee says:

    finally, megan thought she had total control over every thing and got her self kicked off. megan thinks that sharon was too stupid to see right through her , dumb blonde. trophy wife ? thats a laugh
    the only trophy she’ll be is a trophy for her own fantisy world. megan should now realize that every man who has seen her on tv thinks that shes not good for a trophy wife or anything else but a quicky and thats all. oh megan a dentist not a chance in hell would anyone would come to you for other than teaching them to be lazy and lying and being so stupid. why dont you start a business in picking up dog @#!!. that more your speed

  6. dalebo says:


  7. Jacque says:

    Obama who? The big news this whole week (and year) has been Megan. The haters can’t help but obsess, and the people that love her do so regardless. Hopefully she gets her own show.

  8. GoodByeToBadRubbish says:

    Ha Ha Megan with the fly s h i t on your flat, ugly face. Good ByeTo Bad Rubbish and don’t come back to reality TV.

  9. uno says:

    megan is the best and if she was a dentist i would be first in line to be her patient thats how much i trust her

  10. SIL says:

    i love megan and brandi c there the best. brandy m is ugly and she a hatin )%^~^$%@*%%~~+( b. she look like a crack baby. haha.

  11. marvelle says:

    megan iam so so so so so so so so glad your out.

  12. Tammy says:

    Yeah, I said it, Brandi is a follower…Megan wishes she was a leader…for sure…but she’s just a biotch! She thinks everyone is jealous of her, why? Heather’s body is way better than hers…her body is so long in the midsection, that’s why her bikini bottoms never fit her right…her butt crack always shown. How come Megan puts Brandi M. down and says she smoking crack and stuff, how would she know that it makes your voice like that, and it causes you to twitch?? Hmmm, maybe that’s the pot calling the kettle black!!! I mean dang, how nasty is Megan to not take a bath or shower for 5 or longer days..and she even admitted it..that is so gross! I wouldn’t want to be in the same room as her! Why did she pick on Destiney? Her and Brandi both would call her by her stripper name…big deal she was a stripper, that’s atleast not as bad as being in porn like Brandi C. Megan is a skank and I am so glad that Sharon kicked her butt off the show…and even with her sleeping with a producer…that didn’t keep her around.

  13. Andrew says:

    While I’m not going to defend megan over anything, I have to say she did rather well in the interview and except for a few cursings here and there seems pretty well composed

  14. Granny says:

    hail, hail the witch is gone and i am so glad i will not have to see megan’s ugliness through the rest of the show. brandy c is such a ditz does she think megan would give up anything for her, NOT. i know i watch this stupid crap but what can i say i am bored. megan is a idiot and brandy c stands right next to her. hopefull brandy c will be the next to go she always does this on every show and i don’t get why because the other girls would never do it for her. yeeeehaw

  15. lola says:

    Megan was the best thing about these shows, now that’s she’s gone, so am I.

  16. Jo says:

    yay! the stupid )!!*+%`!%^(&_%&_! is gone! now why didn’t this happen sooner on i love money?
    megan, you’re a dumb _$)`_`*~$*$&)(*~

  17. wepn says:

    Brandi C or should i say brittany burke needs to stop all the boo hoo drama.. and go back to sucking ^#@+_^!)!(+!!^)%~ s on the internet.. oh yeah for anyone who wants to see this.. go to and type in brittany burke.. amazing.. good job brett.. you almost got yourself a whinning little slut

  18. Sandra says:

    Wow….yo momma must to b so ashamed of you, people like like you make me sad , UGLY inside out….

  19. Megan jacobs says:



  20. cutie says:

    Can we get I Love MEGAN? That would be so much better than Real Chance At Love or even Daisy of Love (even though I love Daisy too).

  21. Tiffany says:

    First, I LOVE Bret Michaels and that’s how I first was unfortunately introduced to Megan.

    I don’t “hate” her and I don’t ” love” her. I actually feel sorry for her. I too love the shows on VH1 but get so bummed having to watch when she’s on. She is getting so OLD!!!! Her laugh, her fake ways, her having nothing to say but rude things about other girls,,, blah, blah, blah! It’s getting old Megan. The only reason why your only friends are Lacey ( how exciting that must be) and Brandi ( wow, now there is a winner, are you kidding me? ) is because most of the other girls are smart and Megan can’t relate to that. Again, I don’t hate you Megan, I’m just so glad you are off the show because 3 shows in a row was making me ponder the thought of no longer watching VH1.

    For the record, you are not fat, this I agree with. But you are extrememly unfit which will all fall downward very soon, which is why your breast augmentation is actually saggy for a girl your age. Your hips are wide for your frame, and your face is very very full, you know, chubby, primarily because you don’t work out, that’s it. In general, your face is not HOT at all, you’re cute because of the chubby cheeks, but you’re not HOT. Destiny and Kelly Jo have HOT, very beautiful faces.

    Please learn from this experience and go back to school. A cute girl with a brain is what this world needs. I wish you the best of luck, but I am so glad I don’t have to listen to your whiney voice anymore….. now I can enjoy the rest of the show, well, minus annoying Brani C. but she just acts that way because of Megan. She will probably be fine the rest of the show.

  22. jelilah says:

    yeah megan was the only person that made this show worth watching. im so bummed that she got sent home! dont they have any idea what this will do to the ratings?? cuz i sure as hell have no interest in watching it anymore.

  23. natasha says:

    yea megan needs her own show! im not even going to bother to watch this anymore!! im so sad!
    and on top of everything her elimination was so unfair and sharon hated her so much, this show is biased!! ugh. I love u megan and u have people talking about u all the time just like u want !

  24. Clint says:

    Now the hottest chick on the show is gone so who cares anymore

  25. Lamelamelamelame says:

    Don’t worry Megs, you can still get the little office and the little white coat if you become a happy ending massage therapist. You’ll meet lots of rich men looking for a trophy fling there!

    But make sure you keep your stank body clean so you don’t get your cute little white coat dirty.

  26. Melissa says:

    I was really glad to see Megan leave, I liked her on I love money cuz how can you not when she was going up against girls like Pumkin who is just nasty, but against girls like Brandi M and Kristy Jo and Dallas… yeah, Brandi may not be the most refined but she’s no pumkin… she was out of her league on this show and that’s why she got eliminated

  27. Laz, HUNGarian says:

    Yes you’re HOT, but you seem to be a spoiled little ~$@&+*^&`!%+%)!^@ SLUT & ())_%_~#~#`)@`*$

  28. whatev says:

    glad she left. i’m sick of her on every show on VH1.

  29. Jacque says:

    Megan hasn’t been on more shows than Destiney, Heather or Rodeo. Heather has actually been on more. It just seems like Megan is on more because she’s the star of everything, and the other women are ugly fat old %&%$(!`!+!@!$%!&) s who hand out in the background.. Which is why Megan’s awesome and you are all jealous.

  30. Christine says:

    The fact of the matter is this show is so hypocritical. I thought this show was to make these girls better people, people that are not just sluts trying to get on TV but actual contributors to society. When looking back how the hell are any of these girls supposed to get any better, when these shows are only making them worse. Every time someone gets eliminated it doesn’t serve any purpose. The actual goals and activities for the girls are even worse. How can these girls change when even on the first day they are surrounded with alcohol and drama? If you noticed they even situated the girls so that the people they hated are in the same rooms. I think they missed a step there, I mean of course they are going to fight, they hate each other. Sharon is not being a good mentor; she’s completely ignoring her purpose. First, she through out that drunk girl, which was poor judgment because if anything she needed this show to help her out, she wasn’t an alcoholic, there was free liquor everywhere, anyone would get that drunk. She also threw out rodeo, who definitely needed to be taught how to act like a lady, and then Megan, which was the worst thing she could of done. If anyone needs help becoming a better person its her, could you imagine the ratings you VH1 would actually have if this show was actually doing what its supposed to? If I could make up the activities they sure as hell wouldn’t be giving makeovers and creating bands. These girls need for someone to make them work hard, and learn to need and depend on each other in order to make it through these challenges, which the current activities fail to do. This show will never succeed in its purpose, and these girls will never learn real charm because they are getting mixed messages. Drink, but don’t fall over, be in a team, but its okay to hate them because these challenges don’t matter anyway. I just don’t understand this show anymore, I thought it had potential but after they threw out two of the girls that actually needed help it made me realize that this show is completely pointless. Megan this show only held you back.

  31. danni says:

    it’s her 27th birthday not 25th! she was born in 1981. i guess megan is afraid of getting old like heather!

  32. Drew says:

    I’ve never been more glad to see anyone get the boot on any reality show EVER. Megan is horrible person who deserves a slow painful death… The only thing that could have made it better would have been her _^*###$^%`%^!&^*`+ ed BFF Brandi quitting! Hopefully she will get the boot soon…

  33. BlakeD says:

    Pretty great interview.

    I wish Megan would drop Brandi C and become friends with Heather though. Now that would be entertaining.

  34. lola says:

    I love Megan and I love Heather! They’d be great together with Brandi C.

  35. LOL! says:

    ” the only thing she’s managed to do is watch her husband’s brain turn into a vegetable.”

    ROFLMAO about that comment!! How true!!

  36. elia says:


  37. dat gal says:

    i love megan she’s sooooo funny

  38. kill joy says:

    Dog period is sicking. It not like they have pad for dogs though. It’s a good thing yshe got it taken care of.

  39. Irma says:

    Hahahahahaha!!!LOL!! You better find you a rich husband `#+~&(!$`%`^!!@)^ YOU GETTING OLD `#+~&(!$`%`^!!@)^ HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!LOL

  40. angie says:

    She managed to see her RICH HUSBAND’S BRAIN FRIED & when he is gone she is going to be rich. YOU are getting old what are you going to MANAGED!!!!! LOL , BOTOX, PLASTIC SURGERY AND YOUR best life ever! I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO TEACH YOUR KIDS

  41. Nicole says:

    I love Megan. =)

  42. jess says:

    okayy woww, megan you really are emotionless. ive watched EVERY show that you’ve been in. and in everyonee you’ve been minipulative and rudee. your life must not be the “BEST EVER” considering your always trying too start something. i mean honestly if your lifes that good why start drama? maybe your starting too realize that you “best life ever” really isnt that great. it must be getting boring. well maybe if you’d put some clothes on every once in a while and find a guy, then you wouldnt need too start drama because you wouldnt be bored anymore.
    you REALLY need too loose your immaturity.
    grow up sweetie ! :)

  43. Amanda says:

    I love you Megan!!! Your amazinggg and smart!!! lol!!! Brandi C. toooo!!!! You girls are my role models!!!! I support you in anything you want to do and i hope to see you soon on Vh1!!!! Love ya girlll!!!!(:

  44. judi says:

    i never really liked megan as a person. i think she sucks at life, but the things she does are funny. exactly like lacey, they are #`+$+%~@~)_~`_+# in funny. but i thought that she was a ((^`_`*^$_$)+&_+* with brandi m. brandi m is my favorite from the show.

  45. realfl.girl says:

    Megan, lets get real. The only reason you consider Brandi a friend is bc she is one of the very few people in this world that is actually dumb enough to like you. Both of you are two of the most insecure people on TV. If you considered Brandi a friend then you would have told her to stop acting like a baby and to try and win the $$$ from Charm School, you said nothing. Please don’t ever try to be a lifeguard; you would let anyone drown to save yourself. Including your “friends”. F**k Off!

  46. BigBlackSnake says:

    Megan is hot, not book smart, but she is a master manipulater. Quite honeslty i would tap that. Megan+Brandi C>>>>>>>>Heather+Heather’s ugly friends. Megan and Brandi C, you ladies dont need to be book smart. Yall are hot and yall keep it somewhat real, so we all love you. Dont mind the haters, they just cant keep your name out of their mouths.

  47. Carolina says:


  48. oliver says:

    Yes megan you are not fat ,but your face is chubby as heck.Plus your hips are huge especially for your 1000 feet tallness!You have nothing but moles on your face and upper body.Your boobs are very saggy…..Ans so on!The show at least now is going to be watchable without all your evilness.Brandi c and you are airheads like dumb&dumber.Brandi c is ugly as hell, i watched a porn online and i think brandi c was in that flick,and darn her crotch looks like donkey ears or something,plus she has more rolls in her body than the michellin man,iam gonna call her doughgirl!Anyways,megan get out of your imaginary world and come to the realization that you don’t look as good as you imagine you do.Sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Raymond says:

    Yay I Live In Boca Raton Florida Maybe We Coulld Be Freinds I Reallly Love Magen Hauser Man I Added Her Myspace Ones :) Stay In Florida STAY!

  50. Chris says:

    Megan is the best and i hope she gets a show soon!

  51. patricia mariani says:

    Megan, you are a total idiot & a__hole! I think Lily has more sense and brains than you! I truly don’t think it’s an act-you really are stupid! I bet if Bret Michaels watched you on either show, he would run for the nearest trash can (just knowing his lips were on yours) to puke. You do need some education and strong social skills. If you hated Charm School even befoe it began, why bother?? Just for camera time-really we don’t need to see your bikini clad face self any longer! Is Lily really mentally challanged as a dog? If so, I truly am sorry about that.

  52. kbabii says:

    haha megan i love you i think your gorgeous i love your personality %!_*%@#&$$&_@)`) haters and what they have to say.. and i love you dog she is soo cute.

  53. kate says:

    oliver- are you discribing your mom? you can only wish you had a gf like megan! she is so cute and funny. and i think she has the perfect body, with PERFECT sized hips.. better than being stick skinny like paris hilton or something! btw you saw brandi c’s porn? lol proves you have no life, no gf, and probably ugly as hell to be watching porn online. have fun whacking off for the rest of your life.

  54. Dane says:

    Is Megan serious about being a ‘Trophy Wife?’ Aren’t they at least attractive, if not outrageously so? Megan is not good looking at all. And, if she were, that excuse of a personality she has would totally ruin it for me.
    She won’t be missed. In fact, I was so happy to see her go, I laughed out loud.
    Let her go back to the bottle of whatever she prefers to drink so much of. She’ll be a REAL dog in no time if she keeps that up.
    Cya Megan!

  55. Nana says:

    Even her interview is LAME as her!!!

    Im sooooooooooo glad your Gone and Rikki is HOT and his right! you are not pretty!!!

  56. Empressxoxo says:

    I’m so glad Megan got kicked off. She was always calling the other girls *#(^&!%`&~++~&^&` s when she was the one who never put ant clothes on. She was always in a bikini. And trust me I’m not hatin on her body eventhough she is too skinny like bony. Her dog was a hot horrible mess too. I never seen such a pitiful sight like that in my life. I dont want to see her no time soon on tv .

  57. Lynn says:

    OK,…..I think that Sharon was right to kick Megan off the show. Megan has NO respect for ANYONE,… including herself! If she did,….she would not act the way she does! I think she needs to go to REHAB,..NOT CHARM SCHOOL!!!!!!! She also needs to learn how to live life & work a normal job & support herself instead of using her body & applying to go on all those reality shows! You could ALWAYS expect to see her showing up in a bikini,..or less!!!!! Thank God they don’t allow them on the “carpet” during the taping of Charm School! Megan,…….go get some therapy! You need it!!!!!

  58. I Love this Show says:

    Megan please marry me now lol

  59. Heather says:

    Mixed w/a li’l of my own feelings are the famous words of Stone Cold Steve Austin… anybody out there who is elated to see that witch go home, give me a HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s about time. Brandi M. is still around because she truly was sorry for her actions, and Sharon saw that. I’d have done more than push Megan if I was in her shoes. I feel sorry for Lily for having Megan around. She’s not doing that dog any justice. Good effort trying to rescue something, & it’s obvious she loves Lily, but my God, Megan. Come on. Give the dog a break. Give her to someone that is smarter than the tanning oil you use. I’m so glad Megan is gone!!! I hope now Lacey will go. Then we’ll be able to tell the other girls’ true intentions w/out being manipulated and provoked. Brandi C., wake up, Sweetie. Megan is not God!!!! I promise you are 100 times better off without her there.

  60. ... says:

    Megan you rock….I didn’t want them to get rid of you…..Brandi M’s ugly, manly a** should’ve been the one to go….she so wack, so ugly, so wrinkly, and hideous….none of them b!tches ain’t got ^(!`**+@&+#~&`&* on you…ur kool!!!! And Heather, with her square manly body, will always be hideous and old…LOL


    Want to know what’s more hideous? Your spelling and sentence structure.

  61. Ammie says:

    At first I really didnt like Megan, like on Rock of Love they made her out to be like she was stupid and had no idea what was going on…but then I watched I Love Money and got to really see what’s she all about and I actually think she deserved the money for all the manipulating the votes and changing peoples minds, it was frickin’ halarious and great to watch!
    MEGAN- You kick @ss in my book! You speak your mind and thats what is so admirable about you. Lily is so cute too- and funnylooking, lol.
    People need to spend more time focusing on the good things instead of all the bad things and the world would be a much happier place <3

  62. mcvac says:

    If I had one reason to tune in to Charm School–It was for Megan–If there were ever a human that embodied the charcteristics of a Persian Cat–It would be her–She even has a dog for a slave–Way to go Megan!

    I’m definitely going to miss you–It surely won’t be as fun to watch without you there!

  63. jeanette says:

    I love you Megan!!! Your amazinggg and smart!!! lol!!! Brandi C. toooo!!!! You girls are my role models!!!! I support you in anything you want to do and i hope to see you soon on Vh1!!!! Love ya girlll!!!!(:

  64. misty says:

    You are really gonna suck at life. I am so glad Sharron had the wit to kick off of the show. I am so sick of seeing stupid, not so fly, wanna be girls like you on tv i could puke!!!! You are nasty, have no self esteem, and will never be happy in real life. So please stay off of my telvision and out of young impressionable lives. YOU WILL BE DOING OUR COUNTRY A FAVOR!!!!!

  65. misty says:

    I feel like such a loser bolgging about such an idiot. I do have to say I think I saw Dane Cook on here and I am impressed that you are such a low species of female that a celebrity would give you such attention. Im preetty sure doug will be your only “true man” so maybe you could be his “trophy wife” again good luck and stay off of my tv you “SLUTE”

  66. Ana says:

    It’s sad that a woman “25″ uhm probably more like 35 is acting childish and pathetic. I kind of feel sorry that she’s spending her adult life acting like a doofis.

  67. sherry kay says:


  68. Markiss Hilton says:

    I love Megan I’m glad she is doing great, I hated seeing her go, but since she was hating it, it’s all good I was going to stop watching the show over it, but I’ll continue to watch to support Brandi C. And my bestie && are going to FL. soon maybe I’ll run into her

  69. farrah says:

    Dear Megan,

    You should realize that reguardless of what people think of you, you will reep whatever you sow. It’s not a religious perspective hunny – is the law of cause and effect. What i mean is that everything you do comes back to you. I hope for your own sake you learn to be less superficial and mean. You have a long way to go girl! Beauty comes from the inside out. I know you haven’t figure that out yet, but if you don’t the dissappointment will be bigger than getting kicked off Charm School. Callijg people names like “ugly and old” really makes you look cheap and not very deep hunny. You might be thinking that the person writing this is ugly and old – but you could not be more wrong. I wish you the best, and I do not love you nor do I hate you, but I think you are digging yourself a VERY large pit with your behavior. When it starts coming back, you should notice it and make changes. I think your life will improve.

  70. kara says:

    beauty will get the attention you want but substance will keepit there.

  71. Sara says:

    Second to Lacey, I found this chick the most irritating out of the bunch. Megan is a flaky, heartless moron who is nowhere *near* as good-looking as she thinks she is. She added *nothing* to the show. Good riddance.

  72. Greg says:

    Megan is smokin’ hot! Time to give her a show of her own!

  73. Bruce says:

    Oh whatever Megan. Rikki was calling it the way he saw it. You have a great body but you’ve got an &**~)*)@~%@(`(! for a face. Not sure about high-end trophy wife, but there’s definitely a place for you in bukkake. You have the face for it.

  74. Alicia K says:

    Megan your a b*tch. I hated you from the moment i saw you on Rock of Love. So why don’t you and Brandi C. go f*ck each other and fall off the face of the earth.

  75. Jessica says:

    I cannot tell you the relief when Megan was booted off of the show. I have never wanted more than for someone (anyone) in the house to kick Megan in the face. She is a poor example of what women stand for and unfortunately she wastes what brain cells she does have on focusing to bring other people down. She needs to put some of that energy into making over her personality and maybe she might be a little more tolerable to watch (who am I kidding not gonna happen). I feel so sorry for the dog she carries around and I think he has more potential for a television star than her. Megan is a wannabe Paris Hilton who gets dressed in the dark. I hate that little snide smirk she always does and how she honestly thinks that she is actually pulling strings on the show. She pulls things, but not the strings. She constantly talked about how unhappy she was in the house and how she can’t stand most of the girls in the house. Pot meet Kettle. I did like her cameo at the end of Pink’s Stupid Girls video at the end where she is standing by the car (it’s not her but a dead ringer of her in the future if she keeps it up). I am not a hateful person but there is nothing nice I can say about Megan. I was waiting for Brandi M. to smother her in her sleep. I will also say that Brandi C. would possibly have a chance at being a good person without the bad influence of Megan around. I guess being a stupid, self-centered #*+%#_@)!$(#$#~+^ with (%%@(~++^!+&##)* ty style is contagious. Guess what Megan, looks go but stupidity is forever, and you my dear are going to get back what you put out there and it’s gonna suck (much like you). I could go on and on about what a worthless waste of space Megan is, but that would take all day. So Megan don’t let the door hit ya in the “~^^`^+*+)^(($ and do us a favor and fall off the face of the Earth. P.S. Put some @#%$&*@ clothes on and find a bag to put over your head. I have a plastic one if you need it.

  76. BC says:

    Does Megan have a rich Daddy and Mommy? Is that why she doesn’t have to work?

  77. Denise says:


    Put some cloths on and act your age! Try to regain some brain cells I know you can do it!

  78. jack says:

    I think megan is funny and kicking Brandi M. was even funnier

  79. Tiffany says:

    Every since seeing Megan on Rock of Love I have hated her. Her and that ugly little dog need to go somewhere. She needs to get a life and stop talking &)#&$##%+$+^*^!) about everyone. Shes not at all pretty. Shes a coniving $+&((&^&`%^^!@@&_ and cant stand her. I am glad I wont be seeing her on the show anymore. Thank goodness!!!!!!!

  80. Tiffany says:

    Every since seeing Megan on Rock of Love I have hated her. Her and that ugly little dog need to go somewhere. She needs to get a life and stop talking ++#$()**+*~~$^$` about everyone. Shes not at all pretty. Shes a coniving *#$*@~)!_@(!^`*() and cant stand her. I am glad I wont be seeing her on the show anymore. Thank goodness!!!!!!!

  81. smiles says:

    Shut up all u hatters AT LEAST SHE REAL not all fake like the other B**** on the show we know what Meagan all about she is what she is and we all know that

  82. Nettie says:


  83. Daniel #1 fan says:

    Are you and brandie c. still close friends?

    and do you see eachother alot?

  84. ToBad4u says:

    Megan, think back to rock of love when Bret told u to leave, u looked like u were the crack head, I mean what part of leave did u not understand. I love money, u enjoyed only because of the zero’s no hero’s so playing with people emotions turns u on. U are a serial @`@+(+()`!$_#$#*@ who thinks the world owes u something, then u go to charm school and say something as stupid as if I can’t be a trophy wife, I would like to be a dentist. What are u thinking? Did u honestly think u could get your license thru the mail, the answer is yes. Act your age not your shoe size honey, and your I.Q. is alot lower than 100, and girl that’s giving u credit! U look like a witch, and your nose has a hump larger than a camel, I’ll bet any plastic surgeon would say u need a Rhinoplasty (nose job) and Liposuction because u do have thunder thighs. Really it doesn’t matter because u will be on disability by age 35-40 due to liver from alcohol u think it’s funny now wait until u die from it. It’s the worse death and longest drawn out slow death, I know this due to my brother was just like u and thank God a liver came to him from God and today he’s clean and sober, and u think that crap is funny? Keep drinking and u will see just how funny it is and if 5 people that really love u not your 15 mins. of fame will not even be at your funeral, go ahead get it over with so someone who is trying to get their life together can and people like u get what’s coming to them. Karma is a @`@+(+()`!$_#$#*@

  85. Teyona says:

    your hella sick. me and my friend kendal act the same as you and brandi and its really weird because we look like you guys too. but one question, do you even work?

  86. Nadine says:

    Megan,you are a very spoiled brat& you don’t know that you have it made! What I mean that you are rich & you don’t have a care in the world! Try living in the real world & then you can comment on things!!You never had to wait or want for things like most poor folks have to do! So,you don’t have any problems @ all until you turn into a poor person-then that’s realility!!!!!!By the way,are you gay?Because you & Brandi C, seemed like you both were having a relationship-a gay one!!!!!

  87. JeSs1343 says:

    haha i thought it was funny that you wanted to be a dentist or “said” umm for one thing you need a brain for that! n im pretty sure yours is fried from your outragious tanning and your alcohol problem!!!

  88. Kizzy says:

    What an airhead!!! I’m glad i don’t haft to watch her on tv anymore!

  89. JCC1968 says:

    Megan, it was a great relief to see you expelled. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought you are a deranged being. Your smirking was really disturbing and bothersome. You even smirked when you were being criticized! Is that normal? I don’t think so. And you want to be a dentist? I don’t think you even have the brain cells to do so. What a laugh! I hope they do not have a VH1 show for you because you would be a waste of air time. A lot of people would just get more irritated at you. Do us a huge favor…stay on your beach, tan, and eat sushi. We don’t need to see your freakin’ face and body anymore! Good riddance! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! :-)

  90. jasmine says:

    Megan. Haul your lazy arse out of bed and get to the gym. Your bum is flabby, but it works for you because you’re skinny and your skin is still young and tight. Trust me girl. I’m a trainer. In a couple years your butt will sagging to your knees and will be as flat, flat, flat. Not attractive.

  91. Donna1 says:

    Megan i love u….happy 2 here u are doing well an 4 d record i’ll never watch charm school again its not d same without u

  92. Miss You says:

    Hi Megan, i don’t understand why people hate on you. I think that everyone should live their life the way they like. You are laid back and free spirited and could be a bit !~_+_#!$%()&)%(&( y sometimes but i love that about you. I wish you all success in life and i really do hope that you get your own show and always stay true to Brandi C cause she’s a good friend.

  93. oliver says:

    kate-or should i call you megan?I think youre megan and put the name kate on there so people don’t know that it is you right?Anyways,actually no my mom is very beautiful and is only 40 years old and could pass for being 28.She looks alot like pamela anderson thats what people always tell her,because shes dropdead gorgeous.And no i do not whack of to internet porn but me and my girlfriend like to watch porn every once in a while,who doesn’t?Me and her were searching online for that brandi c because we could not believe that somebody so gross looking could ever be in a porn.We were outraged at all that nastiness.Megan you are ugly as heck ,just eccept it and maybe you will stop being such an evil person.Sorry for your luck!Some people are beautiful and know it without being stuck up about it,and some are not very attractive and think they are.I think youre one of them.

  94. Kenny says:

    Megan should jst have her own show on VH1! :)

  95. sabina says:

    omg it is just so funny how people gets so angry in these comments. and you haven’t even met them shows how easily a person can wrap the world around their finger. i will right now im not old enough yet . but thats ok it gets me more time to buy bikinis and get a sexy tan.oh and find a bestfriend like brandi she is the best

  96. dan says:

    This show is nothing without Megan!!!!!!

  97. Erin E says:

    Megan is the biggest ^*!*((~+#*`_**)@ i’ve ever seen in my life. She makes for great television, but she’s sociopathic and cares only about herself. She’s gona end up a very lonely person.

  98. z says:

    megan is such a joke….i can;t believe i wasted my time typing this or reading her interview. just stay in florida and don’t come back on TV

  99. Monica says:

    I loved to watch Rock of Love Charm School…but since Megan left it’s not worth watching anymore.

  100. Layla Moore says:


  101. JACKIE says:


  102. MARLEN says:


  103. dan says:

    Bring Megan back!!!

  104. Dan says:

    Why didn’t Brandi M. get kicked off? She pushed Megan, and that is why Megan kicked her.

  105. nel says:

    i love Megan..Im soooo sad shes off the show..I love Meagan and Brandi C. friendship.

  106. jamie says:

    Megan rocks. Loved her on I love money!!

  107. Brittany Nicole says:

    LuV U Megan!

  108. kim says:

    bring megan back please she is funny to see if you want rating bring she back please she is rockinggggggggggggggggggggggggg we love her we do please pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  109. Momo says:

    From the first time I saw you on TV I knew you were a loser. I hope you find someone that will break your heart. You deserve it. The only profession you are good at is a hooker which I am sure you have already done. And you should not have any animals. Your dog should be taken away from you. I can’t stand empty headed blondes. Your a clown. Take Brandi C with you. You both deserve each other. Stay off my TV.

  110. Donna145 says:

    I think Megan should do more vh1 shows I love vh1 just like she said I keep my tv on vh1. It’s people like her that keep the fire going on these type of shows, even though I don’t like her ways it doesn’t mean I don’t the way she goes about things. She has a thumb up for the love of animals ( DOGS ) come on people you have to hand it to her she knows what she is doing and she has a few plus’s on her side. So don’t hate the player hate the game.

  111. nelson says:

    You show have not let Megan go! she is the main person on the show men want to look at, i just stopped watching the show! vh1 will lose ratings because of this!

  112. Sparks says:

    Sharon trumps Megan any day. I’m glad she kicked her out.

  113. dom says:

    Meagan is the only reason i watched the show!

  114. snipes says:

    i wuld say megan was a lil ###!_#~@`&~#($(#* y, and hookin up wit da devil lacey made evrytin worse, im glad she left da house.

  115. Rauel says:

    I think Sharon is an excellent person for this show.
    Megan is worthless. hah!

  116. Roberto says:

    MEGAN NEEDS HER OWN SHOW!… It’s sad that she got eliminated… I hope that this elimination and the subsequent loss of viewership is enough to proove to the producers that Megan needs a show in which she stays for the duration of it!

    Megan, Brandi C & Lilly will make a great show together!
    Megan, you are FANTASTIC!… & SUPER HOTT!

  117. Lia says:

    I love Megan!! I give her props for kicking Brandi M. I didnt think she had it in her. She always seems to surprise me. I honestly dont know how good Charm School is going to be now that she isnt on there. I think VH1 should Give her a reality show of her own. It would be soo good. She is the Ultimate Reality TV star.

  118. Jason & Elenna says:

    Your a stupid little %+^+$%+)$^*`@`%!~ who thinks life is designed to sever your every need. I hope your heart gets broken and you truly see the light someday. You really need to grow the hell up!! I have got a great idea!! Why don’t you and Brandi C do porn together! It seems to me you two are a great couple together. And doing porn would be your style. Screw for money!

  119. Kevin :) says:

    I luv Megan I guess dat wazn’t da sho for her. I’m sure we’ll be seein her and her dog real soon.

  120. savanna says:

    love megan it sucks its over so soon mybe they need to come out with your own show

  121. Keysha says:

    VHI: Let’s do a “Where is Megan Now” segment in 15 years, so we can all laugh and talk, laugh and talk at her when she’s old, fat, wheathered and all wrinkled from the sun (with sun spots). She already has sun spots now and she’s only in her mid-twenties. Can’t wait to see it. And the sad thing is Megan will probably love it becaues she’s desperado for attention and has nothing going for her except age spots. Everything comes out in the wash…she’ll be all washed up within a decade!

  122. Bad Monkey says:

    Dear Mean Spirited Megan – people like you should be permanently eliminated.

  123. flexy633 says:

    Keysha, that would be hilarious! I”d love to see other girls pointing and laughing at her and saying, “She’s an old lady, ewwwww. Look at her age spots, grooosssssss.” Just remember, Megan, whatever you put out there in the universe comes back to you three fold.

  124. PRINCESS says:

    I would like to know what the hell Megan does for a living?

  125. lexi says:

    I like you Megan and Lily is so cute! I hope she recovers well from surgery!! :D

  126. courtney cch says:

    in the second to last scentence i meant rich not rick

  127. Blondie_Saidy says:

    omg megan u are so awesome and i wish u the best of luck
    and lilly =]]]]]

  128. Sweetlena says:

    Im glad you were ousted… you are a coniving ^@`~`$~+`*~!%`)(@ I don’t know anyone that likes you… you give women a bad name…and,, Heather is much prettier and has a much better body, style and personality than you…. your the ones thats jealous…. not her…why don’t you tell the truth why you really don’t like her… Oh yeah,, i forgot,, the truths not in you… ^@`~`$~+`*~!%`)(@ your going to hell in a handbasket……

  129. The Lilith says:

    I think u need to grow up. Ur very immature and u won’t get far. Looks aren’t everything my dear, they won’t last u forever. U mayb beautiful from d outside but u r the most evil, ugliest person I have ever seen. I feel sorry for u. Good luck.

  130. rebelbabe says:

    hey megan,

    i simpley dont understand how a person like you can be such a *!((&^+)#$!$_&#_$ and such a snob

    i hope you can have a better life if you weren’t such a *!((&^+)#$!$_&#_$

  131. sonja says:

    I think megan needs to go the f up.she should watch all the shows she has done to see how stupid and childesh she looks.looks dont last for ever we all get get old,than what?GROW UP DONT BE STUPID ALL YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. yani says:

    megan you are so funny .. i love you so much we need to be bffs !!! luv ya babez

  133. benyaka says:

    You think u belong on that show?

  134. michele says:

    What is it that this chick does for a living that she can sit around all day.Where does she get her money from?She is a coniving punk that needs her butt kicked.Come to L.A. honey and act like that, you won’t last long.

  135. Beth says:


  136. Heather says:

    i love megan =)

  137. Beth says:

    You go Megan! You have a lot going for you and I hope you get another show, I would definitely watch. You have a lot of fans Megan, but I don’t have to tell you that! Btw, Sharon would kill and die to be tall, as much as I like her, I honestly think she was a bit jealous! I’m 5’10, been there seen that.
    Anyway I hope you get a show you enjoy doing!

  138. Lakeya says:


  139. ... says:

    omg she read my comment and put it on the interview and acknowledged it shes awesome omg that is soooo cool i love megan she roqs Megan roqs for reals

  140. mnchick says:

    I honestly thought I would miss Megan and her conniving ways. Funny enough, I didn’t even think about the fact that she wasn’t there until the end of the show. Didn’t miss her one bit.

  141. mnchick says:

    On a side note, while I did not miss Megan and I do not particularly like her, I have to give her some respect for knowing who she is and not compromising. There is some amount of respect that has to be given to her for that.

  142. pj says:

    I’d seriously like to know if Meghan is just a character someone concocted or if she’s really the superficial,shallow, lying, coniving low life she projects.It’s hard to believe that she and others think she’s cool. She’s not even that great looking she looks like a pug on botox. Just an observation:)

  143. CHay says:

    Megan is good TV. I can’t wait for her to be on another show with Lilly. Megan is so funny when she is describing something.

  144. shay says:

    Talking down about Sharon, one of the smartest business women in Hollywood!??
    You really are a loser Megan. You will never amount to anything even close. It’s obvious you actually lack the confidence you try to portray. Under that leather looking skin of yours, I bet you really don’t like yourself. Poor girl.

  145. laura elizabeth says:

    i think, that megan is the whole interest of most of the reality shows on vh1. which her conniving ways, and her attitude towards everything is amusing, and its actually fun to watch the shows with her and brandi c on them.
    so megan, hope to see you soon! you were the highlight of charm school :]!!

  146. Kim says:

    I feel sorry for Megan. She says she wants to be a Trophy Wife. My mother used to say “Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly is clean to the bone.” Some people may think she looks good, but if her attitude is really like that, no one will want to be with her for long. If a man wants a Trophy wife, he wants one he will at least like to be around. One day her looks will fade and then what will she have? I hope she comes to here senses before its to late and she ends up alone with her dog.

  147. joshua says:

    megan was the silliest girl i ever seen on telvision .

  148. Dwayne says:

    Ah………Megan, what will we do without you to entertain us on VH1 with your antics?

  149. Bebe says:

    Megan i am so mad you got eliminated,but you had to do what you had to do. I don’t know howMs. Osborn became principal or whatever because i don’t think she can control her own children!!

  150. Julie says:

    Megan can you define the word “vapid?” It describes you to a tee.

  151. Adamlee says:

    Megan, I really think that you and Brandi C. need your own reality show. Something that shows both of yours and Brandi’s smarts, not just the “bad” aspects of your personalities. A show unlike I Love Money or Charm School. Charm School (although a great show) really degraded you. It’s time for a change and a new reality show to prove the person you really are.


  152. king caesar says:

    I think megan is a manipulater, its amazing how she played all those contestant on I love money, if it was me I would voted her off a long time ago, she needed to get whoop on charm school and Brandi M should have delivered after the kick. Its one thing of taking a push but its another of taking a kick in the stomace, that should have been a @^#*`)+&^(+*@!@ whoopin. As far as Brandi C she is an emotional wreck, and lacy is another who needs her @^#*`)+&^(+*@!@ whooped by Dallas, this is some advice for Dallas, you wasn’t born with a 100,000.00 but you was brought up with pride, don’t take lacy #_`)@$_@@$`@_+%@ and if she gets in your face put her in her place. In other words kick her @^#*`)+&^(+*@!@ and be glad at the fact she got put in her place by you. Somebody needs to deal with Lacy on her level whether dallas kick her @^#*`)+&^(+*@!@ or not.

  153. Jesse says:

    Omg i hate that they made her leave she was the Live of the party !!!
    You should go on another show i love the drama =D

  154. Greg from LA says:


    all the haters are just jealous that you were the hottest one on the show. Brandi M should have been kicked off for the push and the bad the tattoos and snapping her fingers like a )$&(`(~*`(%`$$+$@) during her team’s band performance.

    MEGAN !!!!!

  155. Lindsey says:

    You go Megan! I wish I had the confidence you do. And no, I don’t agree with the stuff Sharon said about you. I like her and all but who in the hell decided to put her as head mistress? I mean come on, she no better than any of the girls on the show. To me she needs alot of work herself. I have all seasons of the osbournes and every other word that comes out of her mouth is f**k! How is that lady like? Girl you are beautiful and if you got it then flaunt. These days your looks are what get you places in the would, not just brains!!

  156. anna says:

    You and Brandi C need your own reality show. And Lacey just wants to be down so badly. Because if Brandi C. leaves she will be so lonely, cause no one likes her. But I hope you try to change because what goes around comes around

  157. veronica says:

    Megan your an airhead. You should wear a fu***g dunce cap. You need to get a job and stop causing drama all the time. Brandi C. is awesome I wish she would have kicked your ~&~%*(~^`%_&!@^ What are you going to do when your a$$ get’s old and wrinkly? You better change your attitude. What comes around goes around!!

  158. veronica says:

    correction Brandi M. is awesome Brandi C. is a follower and annoying slut!!!

  159. Myran says:

    Megan i think you are sooooo hot. I hope you get your own show and you look waaaaaaaay better than Heather. Love you hope i see you soon.

  160. leah says:

    i think sharon is terrible she not good for anything but sitting around and waiting for her husband to make a hit record thats not going to happen any time bi**h

  161. shanika says:

    Megan i think u a cool a** person even dough i dnt no u , u did hell ov a job gettin threw i love money and da way u acted on charm school 4 get wat da rest ov da ppl say about u like u said dey r haters and it is funny dey cant accept da fact dat dey r nit u but dey wanna be u lol just sit bac and laugh at them like u doin keep up da good work

  162. HappyB says:

    Hi Megan, i just realized that your birthday recently went by. Happy belated birthday, hope you enjoyed it. Love you

  163. lilu says:

    oh god reading this I could hear that annoying squeeky voice in my head i think megan needs to get spayed along with Lilly because this girl reproducing is a very scary thought

  164. Alexis Bryant says:

    Dang, I really don’t know what to say about Megan. I tought that she would of change after Charm School, but she still the same. There is no hope for her. MEGAN IF YOU READING THIS> I want to let you know that I am taking my time writting about you, because people need to take time about YOU> You need extra tutoring, and help. You just act stupid, you don’t know what you wat. Plus you want to be trophy wife, you don’t even know how to take care of your god-damn self. Who ever marry you, they would be a damn fool. She has the ugly body!!!

    She has a long back, with a FLAT BUTT..She look like her thing ain’t got no wall, cause she sit in her back doing with some guy everyday!! lol…..

    I want to know what make her be back-stabbing to her friend. In I love Money, she back-stab a lot of people.
    She notice that everyone hate her except for Brandi C, at least she would of figure out what is wrong with her.

    Me and My friends wanted to see Megan and Jump her for getting Real eliminated. MEGAN have a flat face, if she dont’ show her body too much, nobody would of recognize her.

    I wonder why she only wear bathing suit, she don’t have pride in herself, to put some damn clothes on.

    People like that we call, Give-Out
    THe only thing she can offer is her promiscous ways…Her personality is flush in the toilet…
    she look like a person that a guy would stay in a relationship just to bang, and when it is time to leave, he live…ttyl

    write me back…lol
    i know i am mean, but she stupid

    By the way, Brandi C, your ugly with your botox lips…lol

    Cute people in I LOVE MONEY: Hoopz, Destiny,

    Cute People in Charm School: Brandi M, Kristy JOE (The BEST), Imma, and Destiny

    By the way, I give you props for taking care of your dog Megan…At least one good is in you

  165. kelly says:

    i love megan :D <33 ALWAYS && FOREVEr.! + the other gurls on charmskool too :D

  166. Rithy Chim says:

    hi megan i am ur biggest fan and i really dont have nothing else 2 say but heyy!!!…

  167. Amenda Lei says:

    Change, I don’t think megan needs to change at all. I mean they are all playing a game to win in the end right or wrong? I feel she plays the smart way, wasn’t i love money proof enough of that. I didn’t she should leave, Sharron’s a hypacrit who is she to judge anyone if shes a mess her self. the show sucks without Megan. MEGAN NEEDS HER OWN SHOW!

  168. thea says:

    It is very refresing that she is gone. The othe girls play the game but know their limits.

  169. donmargar5 says:

    um. what’s wrong with a flat butt? not everybody has to have a chunky fat one. lol. um people have different body types. so what? you jealous that she is slender? you say “long back”, it’s sounds nice the way you typed it. but apparently you meant it as an insult.
    aren’t we supposed to be a certain age to even get on here in the first place.
    many of these comments are juvenile to put it mildly. love her or hate her Megan has control over her own life, agree with her or not. she is free to live her life the way she wants to…she is not breaking laws or hurting anyone. hurt feelings don’t count…those people are children…ehm Rodeo. one way or another Megan will be confronted with and deal with whatever comes her way whether brought on by her own actions or someone elses. GET OVER IT PEOPLE. let her be her as YOU want to be free to be who you are.

  170. JohnE says:

    I love how Megan’s interview stays up on Vh1′s main page for like a week and a half when Inna’s even been eliminated…so great hahaha. ROCK ON MEGAN we best bee sein more of her on Vh1…and not just the Charm School Reunion which she’ll probably be the focus of because she is that awesome.

  171. megan is awesome~! says:

    megan is right sharon is suppose to be nice but all she is doing is back stabbing people when they get elimminated!

  172. megan is awesome~! says:

    megan is right sharon is suppose to be nice but all she is doing is back stabbing people when they get elimminated!

  173. jenifer says:

    i lov u ur my fav

  174. megan is awsome says:

    ur my fav u and brandi c should get ur own show tht be a
    kool everybody hates me for this but i dont care ur cool i lov u

  175. carmella says:

    all the years of chemistry and without a brain thats tough, my daughter and her friends call megan a butter face, i didnt get it but it means everything is ok but her face, they are 18. i hope her 15 mins is up.

  176. tks says:

    What a terrible hateful sad person. It is a shame becomes soooo ugly when she opens her mouth. Any man or woman that gives her any time of day, deserves the misery she will give them. I’m not a bible person but someone needs to pray for her. Just so so sad. Attention: This is not a role model or a person to be admired.

  177. Roxy says:

    Megan! I refuse to watch charm school now since your gone. They should have kicked that bit*h brandi M she started it not you. Oh well she knows you’ll always be hotter than he – She is just jealous. <3

  178. Meganstinx says:

    Ahahhahahahahahhahahaha! I love how they deleted my comment about Megan….seriously, was it THAT bad???!!! Ya know its the truth! Hey Vh1, put me on one of your shows so I can really start some drama. Megan’s a joke. You want to see some real TV, put me in a room with that b—- for 5 mins….I won’t even touch her!

  179. Mary says:

    MEGAN SHOULD GET HER OWN SHOW! Megan your the ~`)+$@+!*+_^!_@%

  180. Ciera says:

    i loved the show!! I love money & Charm School!!!.. i love how you play the game!! Your the prettiest girl on the show!! LOVE it

    Bye Megan

  181. AALIYAH says:


  182. AALIYAH says:

    DALLAS U IS ONE UGLY ()*!@_~+__))(`# `~^~~&))#*@#*`~&# SORRY. THATS WHY BRET SENT U HOME

  183. AALIYAH says:


  184. TOM says:


  185. Shonda Brown says:

    You are the ugliest b***h I’ve ever seen. What’s up with the way you talk? Your fat, ugly and so miserable. I think you have some serious mental issues. I hope you fall off the face of the earth. You have to be so poor you can’t even afford clothes. You are an embarrassment to women everywhere and these people on her who like you are dumb )%(!^#$#!@!__*+ es 2! Get a life and a real job you fake celebrity, lose some weight, and get a brain. By the way u need a good as kicking hopefully it will be me. U and Lacey are truely trash who need to pick up some class. Ur so trailer park. I know what money is I’ve got it. You haven’t seen the best life ever until you lived mine. You cheap gold diggin (+(@`)~_`&#&&&^`) What is a rich man to you someone who is going to buy your clothes from J.C Penny! You are so white trash! You Fat constipated looking waste of a person. Please take a speach class!! I hate you and so does the rest of America.

  186. Shonda Brown says:

    By the way you talkl about being a trophy wife you are always single for you to act like your so beautiful you never have a man. You really need to change your attitude no man in there right mine would want you. You are so miserable thats why that guy on the rol 1 played your _%@%)*$%(+%^+~+ Your so pathetic ^%)$&!!_)`!!+$@&^

  187. Gobble, gobble says:

    Aww, she’s not fat…unless you count the waddle?

  188. Pete says:

    Megan is soo hott!

  189. jessica says:

    magan.. thank God you didnt end up with that phyco.. oh man.. I actually wnted you to stay with him