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How the mighty have fallen! I Love Money‘s master-manipulator couldn’t last half a season on Rock of Love Charm School, thanks mostly to a physical altercation between her and Brandi M. Below, Megan talks about the kick that got her the boot, her disdain for her fellow students and Sharon, dentistry, and why Charm School was a miserable experience for her.

Oh yeah, it’s also her birthday today. Whoever would have guessed that 25 years ago today, a child was born who would one day be the (arguable) focal point for almost a year’s worth of one cable channel’s programming?

So where are you now? Florida? Enjoying your best life ever?

Yes, I’m in Florida with my friend Cecile. We’re in bed together. And yes, I’m always enjoying my best life ever. I love it. I created it.

How’s Lily?

She’s in surgery.


She’s having her little girl parts removed.

I didn’t know she wasn’t fixed.

No, she wasn’t. She had her period and that’s never happening again.

You’ve said many times, even before the show aired, that you hated Charm School. Did you go in expecting something different?

I just had so much fun on I Love Money. I felt like I couldn’t figure out how to work it, so I was in control of everything.

Did that have anything to do with the lack of men around to manipulate with your sexuality?

I don’t know what the problem was, but that’s a possibility. The only guy around was the biggest loser. I wouldn’t even let him look at me in a bikini. Riki said I was stupid and not that good-looking in one of this week’s extras, you know.

Yeah, what’s up with that? Did he have it out for you?

We don’t get along at all, ever since the Rock of Love reunion, when I told him to go f*** himself. And then, on Charm School, I thought that he didn’t have anything to do with who left or who stayed, so I was just an a**h*** to him all the time.

What do you think about your dismissal? From what I could tell, especially via the extras, it seemed that Brandi M., put her hands on you first.

She did, she pushed me, while I had my hands holding my dog. Apparently, it’s OK to push, it’s just not OK to punch and kick. That’s what I was explained.

Before or after you were eliminated?

After. It’s 100 percent f***ed up.

I assumed that you were playing it up at elimination. How honest were you with your protecting-LIly defense?

Well, who pushes another person who’s holding an animal? Of course I protect her. I’m her mother. I’m all she has.

It seemed like as soon as you got in the house, you hated Brandi M. Where did the animosity come from?

She hated me and lied about being allergic to dogs. That’s where it started. She went to the producers and everything. She’s not allergic to dogs.

So the kicking wasn’t done to get yourself intentionally thrown out?

It was complete reflex. I didn’t even realize that I did it. And then after I did it, I didn’t think it was a big deal because she pushed me first. I wasn’t even going to tell anybody.

At that point, did you want to go, though?

No, I wanted to stay so I could help Brandi C., keep her composure and stay as long as possible.

But you were miserable, right?

Yes, very much.

At what point did the misery set in?

Pretty much immediately. The living situation was worse than jail. The other girls were so antagonistic. Even though we had our own room and it was just me, Brandi and Lacey, all the other girls had a giant room to share and they were all jealous because we had the best room. They would just come into our room and antagonize us all the time. They never left us alone. They couldn’t control themselves.

You didn’t have any interest in changing at all.

What would I change?

Your hatred for Heather seemed a bit…unfounded coming off I Love Money. What was your mindset regarding her, going into the house?

I don’t really even hate her. It’s that she hates me because I refuse to be friends with her. She told me that during appearances that we’ve done together. She gets drunk and tells me that she loves me and that she wants to be friends with me. But I refuse to be friends with her.

Why do you refuse to be friends with her?

Because I don’t like her.

Wouldn’t it just be easier to be friends if you have to work together?

No. I don’t want bad friends. I don’t want to be friends with people I don’t like. She’s psychotic and delusional and ugly and jealous and bitter and I don’t want people around me like that.

It was kind of chaotic during the I Love Money reunion when the topic of you hooking up with 12 Pack arose. Do you want to clear the air?

From the very beginning, she was convinced that I wanted to take 12 Pack away from her, even though he doesn’t want her and I don’t want anything to do with him. I’ve never gone after him. I pushed him away from me. I denied him. You could see in the clips show, that he constantly tried to talk to me, even when he was f***ing her. She just cannot accept the fact that I don’t want him.

So for the record, you never have hoooked up with him?

I never have, and I never would.

Speaking of the reunion, Craig pointed out that you didn’t have to do anything but sit there to get people riled up.

I know!

Do you enjoy that?

I think it’s funny.

I find that I can’t talk about you without displeasing readers of this blog. I’m generally accused of being either too nice or too mean to you.

I know. People love me or hate me.

How do you feel about that?

I was reading something today, a comment on the recap, talking about how people are strongly opinionated and they waste their time writing paragraphs about how they love me or hate me. Either way, they can’t stop talking about me.

The hate never bothers you?

It’s a small percentage. It’s like 90-10.

What did you think about Brandi C.’s outburst leading up to and after your elimination?

I think that it was very sentimental. I loved it. It shows how much she loves me.

She was a lot more upset about not being with you than you were about not being with her, wouldn’t you say?

No, I would not say that. I would say that she expresses her emotions more freely than I do. But we had the exact amount of upsetedness [sic] about being apart.

Sharon called you emotionless.

It’s not that I’m emotionless. It’s that I can control myself.

Brandi C., gets accused of being your follower.

She’s not. She’s a supporter, and I’m a supporter. Brandi brings things to the relationship that I don’t have.

Like what?

She’s a good listener. She’s also a good drinking partner.

One time that you were emotional was when you went to Sharon’s office to tell on Brandi M., for calling you fat. I know you later called it the performance of your life, but was there any truth to it? Any hurt feelings over the nasty stuff people say about you?

No, because I’m not fat. If I was fat, I’d be really sad and go on a diet. But all of that was trying to make Brandi M., look bad.

You talked about her “drug-addict body.” That’s a serious accusation.

She must be smoking crack to get her voice like that. It has to come from the pipe, and it’s all backed up by her twitching.

What was up with the drama between Brandi M., and the lead singer of your band, Maura? You lied about Brandi M., talking s***, right?

No. They didn’t get it on camera, but Maura came back from the bathroom crying, saying Brandi M., said something mean about her. Maura heard it, but the camera didn’t get it.

It seemed like you guys were the ones telling her about it.

No, she came to us.

Have you honestly considered becoming a dentist?

Well, I was thinking about what I would do if I had to get a job. If worse came to worst. And I think it would be cute if I had a white, little dental coat and my own little office. The idea sounds cute. Dr. Megan.

This would take years to achieve.

Yeah, there’s no possible way. I actually looked into it, and I can’t get into dental school. You have to have all these years of chemistry for some reason.

Now that you’re off Charm School, this is more or less the first time all year that you won’t be featured on VH1.

I know, it’s sad. What will I watch? I leave VH1 on. I don’t watch any other channel.

What’s coming up for you?

Just relaxing all winter in Florida. I’m not giving up my best life ever any time soon.

Keep up with Megan via her profile and her MySpace.

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