Rock Of Love Charm School Blog Party – Episode 5


Live Inna Out Posted at 9:58PM EST

And so, for not putting enough effort into improving, Inna gets the boot. Is this fair? Did someone do worse in the presence of the Duchess? Who should have gone home instead of Inna?

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Live Bottom 3! Posted at 9:48PM EST

Who’s going home? Who should?

Live Who’s on Worst? Posted at 9:40PM EST

Kristy Joe’s team is having a devil of a time figuring out which member to send to the carpet. Who deserves to be there?

Live How Revealing Posted at 9:27PM EST


Live Her Royal Pissiness Posted at 9:23PM EST

Lacey describes the Duchess as “pissy” — is that an accurate assessment? Or is she just being, like, royal?

Live Décollewha? Posted at 9:13PM EST

Inna didn’t know what décolletage meant. Before this episode, did you?

Live What’s the Manner? Posted at 8:55PM EST

The girls are getting a lesson in etiquette. Who needs this the most? Who’s a lost cause?

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