Celeb Rehab 2 Ep. 4 Preview – Cranky Jeff and Bad Mothers


Catch a sneak peek of Thursday’s new episode of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew 2 and find out why Jeff is getting cranky and other patients’ relationships with their mothers might have contributed to their addictions.

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  1. David says:

    Parenting education is the key to prevention, but trying to identify, round up, and change the parenting of every adult who needs intervention is an impractical solution. Often parents don’t realize they have poor parenting skills, are not motivated to change their behavior, face serious psychological, and practical obstacles, and have already damaged their children. Instead of being reactive, we should be proactive and teach kids best parenting behaviors and practices so they’ll be prepared for the most important job they’ll have as adults. The parenting education could take the form of permanent and evolving multimedia public service announcements on radio, television, billboards, print, and the internet designed to teach every young person how to engage in parenting that supports the healthy physical, emotional, and intellectual development of children, and reject parenting that disrupts the healthy development of children. I can envision appealing school age spokespersons delivering these messages. I represent Parenting Ed for Young People. We believe that teaching kids how to parent could, in one generation, transform communities struggling with child abuse and neglect, substance abuse, and other forms of violence. We maintain a Yahoo discussion group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ParentingEdforYoungPeople/.

  2. lovehelly says:

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  3. TDogg says:

    Amber is just so hot…its hard to look at her as an addict…

  4. TDogg says:

    Amber is so hot…it’s hard to think of her as an addict

  5. mefemalien says:

    Jeff I just wanted to let you know I understand and believe you that you are in pain! I feel that you need to hear it, but not from someone who has never had several back surgeries, because they do not really understand what you are going through. I have had several, and screws and bolts, I feel like a run down car who needs more and more parts! I am also faced with another surgery. I don’t know your pain, but I can feel it, and see that in your face. I hope you can overcome the pain, as well as your addiction. I just wanted to let you know, I do believe you, and I understand that pain, and it is not something you can explain.
    I pray for you, and I hope you get through this pain!

  6. sandy says:

    Look, I really feel badly for people with addictions, I too, have suffered from addiction in my life. But this guy Jeff and that freak of nature girlfriend of his, Vicki, are just totally selfish! He only comes on the shoow for a paycheck, he has NO intention of quiting drugs, they are his LIFE! He is too much of a wimp to let himself “suffer” and get clean. He jeapordizes everyone elses progress with his drama, his ridiculous antics and his foul mouth and temper! Throw his junky `)__^`%_*_#!&&+ out, stop letting him “play” and use everyone on the show! There are way too many people that WANT the help offered to this bum, and it’s being wasted on him, give the opportuniy to a person that REALLY wants the help!

  7. Eric says:

    I want to start off by saying Dr. Drew, you can NOT help every single person in this world, far from it actually….I know all too well where Jeff is coming from, I can relate 100% with him.
    So many back surgeries, so much pain and the only way we can make it through the day to day life is by taking our medications and before other people starting judging, let me say this, I decided I was going to quit taking my medications one day and after a long two weeks and all the withdraws, I was finally off of the opiates that I was taking for so many years, I stayed off of them for nearly three years and let me tell you that every single day for those three years was a day I couldn’t wait to end and prayed every night the next would be better, my back pain was a 9 on a scale to 10 the whole time, so I finally broke down and got back on my medications…I had thought that the medications was running my life, at least that’s what others were telling me so I gave it a long run, but after I was back on my prescriptions my pain level dropped down to a 5 or 6 daily making life so much more comfortable for me and my family, I could barely do anything active during those three years yet now that I’ve got my pain regulated I am able to do so much more, I am able to spend so much more active time with my children, our whole relationship with our family has gotten so much better since then.

    It hurts me to watch this show and see how Jeff is ridiculed because of his bickering, but I was the same way when I was hurting so much on a daily basis….so many people that watch this show just do not understand that they are the lucky ones to have a pain free life, or to those of you like my own father who have lots of pain, but believed taking medications for thus pain makes you a wimp or somehow less of a man, we are NOT all born with God’s gift of very high pain tolerance…and must do what we can to make our life workable.

    So Jeff, if I were you, I would get out of that place, it has nothing for you except ridicule…find you a great doctor who understands you and understands LIFE and what it takes to help some people get through it…..take care my brother, you have nothing but my sympathy.

  8. dama says:

    Jeff needs to get a life he is on the show just to be on tv knowing that is the only way his face will be seen. i deal with pain everyday and to hear a grown man whine constantly is murder-let him go home and please don’t invite him back

  9. Ianb says:

    Enjoy the free ( minus the cable bill) therapy. You know it’s really pathetic to sit and listen to those that don’t want help and are taking everyone’s time and energy. There are those of us that if given that glorious opportunity would take it in a second. But tis hollywood gotta have a rating.

  10. MINNIE-SODA says:

    Once again, I have to say it—- There’s something about Steven Adler that just touches my heart. I hope that there will be some news on how he is doing, currently.

  11. spacewithin says:

    I am very sad for the pain these people feel both physically and mentally. They need to all read the book “A New Earth” and learn to literally let go of their pain and live for the present. Jeff and Steve are both so caught up in the past and future only that they don’t appear to live with the now….I hope they start to “see” that soon.

  12. Jennifer says:

    I just watched the episode w/ jeff breaking down. Dr. Drew your so right on when you said “the pain meds. cause the pain”. I didn’t belive it until I lived through it. I broke my T-12 in an accident, my Dr. put me on oxycontin then methadone to “help” with the pain. I’ve never did drugs or drank more then socially prior to the accident. Two years after the accident, and many pain pills later, I got pregnant and obviously had to get off the drugs. I was completely unaware of how addicted I was and how much these pills changed me. Detoxing (at my house w/ family)) was a nightmare, worse than childbirth. My point is I still have the same injury post pain killers, but I manage it through other natural means. The pills just made things worse by never developing the strength in the back or finding healthier means to get through the pain. I as many others just became dependent on the wrong treatment. No Dr. should have been prescibing me pain pills two years later, it was irresponsible and I’m at fault for relying on these experts. After much research I found that it is a theme in the medical field to just push the pain pills on patients with no regard of the consiquences they will face. I feel for Jeff, he just wants to see the light at the end of the tunnel, an end to the pain. It’s been 4 years for me and I feel great, still have pain, but I’m in control of it.

  13. steph says:

    i think jeff conway is being a coward…… buck up! This vicki woman is a hanger-on and nothing more! She kicks himwhen he’s down, literally! I for one can’t stand this despicable ##(~`!@@*++*“_&& andhe is in no condition to be in a relationship anyway, unless it’s loving and supportive, of which she is neither. so, he would rather die than learn to live with his limitations? that’s the drugs talking and if he were sober he’d think it sounded ridiculose. i fear for him, but hopefully someone ther will be able to get thru to him….

  14. Brenda says:

    OKAY – I NEVER post comments on what I watch on TV BUT after watching Jeff take his typical temper tantrum I have to say – Go – just GO!! There are so many people who have lost someone who wanted to live. I mean how long do we have to listen to your whiny @#^^(+_`&_+~^)` I can’t” and “I want to die” – Just do it and maybe, just maybe someone who wants to live will actually live! Think of our men and women dying to protect this country and they die, yet we have a whiny wanna-be has-been who just wants to die – so GO and let someone else live – Stop wasting everyone’s time – there should be a time limit for whining! You’ve seriously maxed my patience and I’m sure several others!

    My heart goes out to Mr. King! We all watched over and over and over again on television of this man being beaten so ruthlessly by our so called “Protect & Serve” **&^%heads! It is burned in my memory and I hope in all of our memories. I can’t even imagine his nightmares. My heart truly breaks each time I think of that sad, sad, moment in our history and the blemish on this country due to the Neanderthals looming behind a bade in our population! I am embarrassed to say this is one of the most horrific times in my generation’s history. What a blemish on this country! I can comfortably understand and sympathize with Rodney’s pain and addictions more than Jeff’s. His second televised whining, con game is getting old! If he truly wants help than he wouldn’t be “looking for his close-up, Mr. DeVille!” He is an ungrateful, self-indulgent public figure longing to recapture fame from days gone by who continues to shatter his distant past of greatness. He makes me cringe with his threats with his self-loathing. How much do you put into a person before you finally throw up your hands???? He is the perfect example of “bad-behavior gets the attention” – Wrong message – enuf is enuf!!!! Support of last season has now expired!

    I am fully impressed with the “cast” who is working for change – Nikki, I think your revelations were overshadowed when your true identity came out (due to Julie – tho’ I love her!) Don’t 4-get who you really are!

  15. Jennifer says:

    I am a 33 year old female and understand what Jeff is saying. I think if the pills could be monitored it could help him deal with the pain. I’ve had been on Vicodin for years due to three car accidents in three months, and without the pills I can barely walk. If you have never suffered chronic and acute back pain you can’t just say do the natural thing. I’ve done them all weight loss, exercise, yoga, chiropractor, and physical therapy, and in combination with the pain medicine it can have a great affect on your life. I don’t have a addiction and my doctors monitors my meds. So I think with the proper medical guidance these drugs can be very effective as long as you don’t abuse them.

  16. Susan Ranger says:

    Iam so sorry that Steve Adler mother chose to save herself, because of her needs of servival rather than include her son (I don’t know of any other childern) and then accuse Steve of being the reason of his own problems. My own knowledge is that the abuser has time own their side. You’r a young person and they can tell you later on that you don’t remember correctly the things that happened to you. Really, you remember everything, what cloths you were wearing, what was said to you, what was done to you, where you were left. It left a very clear and non-questional impression on you that is unforgatable. When you life is being removed, you remember all about it. To the persons doing this it’s only on their list of all their needs. Thinking then in 10 or 20 years they have to re-write the events so they don’t agree with you now that you demand some answers for the abuse. So they never have to admit they their self -centerness, or weakness. What a terrible thing to be abused by the people who we think love us, and desert us, then want us to take to responsible for their self conserned choices. Iam so sorry that happened to you Steve, to start out feeling like worth nothing, then being so high profile, she’s(your mom) still looking to have someone take care of her, you’ve earned more money then the people that she dumped you for. I bet when you became rich and famous you heard from her. What a throwback for you, you were considered dead weight when you were a child, when you were a wealthy adut she wanted to know you.

    Jeff, who was holding you against your will? Call a cab. Take you stuff out and leave, go home to the chick who was kicking you in the back and wonder why your back wasn’t getting any better?
    Unless the stuff on TV if not showing a true example of your experience, say so, their keeping me against my will, Iam not really wanting to do my physical therape(?) All I want to do is keep taking pills and complain. Ive been in pain and no one can help me but myself.

  17. elizabeth corey says:

    JEFF I have sent many messages to you and my computer kept shutting down, you and I have alot in common. I never blog but you inspired me to I want you to know you have alot to look forward to I know you can’t see that now but you do, you have an inside look at all rehabes do not understand the differance that someone with a physical cronic pain has differant issues to deal with than someone with another kind of addiction, you are cranky “in my oppinion” is cuzz you do not want to admite you are disabled and people like us do have some limitations but we can still function I know you are in pain,accept that you are not useless you have alot to offer I see it in your eyes you want to do something meaningfull for others after people can do for you the key is you have to let them . everytime you have a breakthrough or have to face the reality of something you do not want to you want to become numb to it I am not triing to say I know you but I do recognize some from my own frustrations with my disability I have been since Iwas in my 20′s and a decade later I am glad that the pain did not push me over the edge to rid my body of it for good. I am a watcher that sees everyone in the house as the people they are not what the camera portrays them to be. know in your heart there is someone out there that understans you and what you are going through. I will blog to you again find a heated pool it helped me when i had the opotunity to go in one I suffer everyday

  18. vicki says:

    It breaks my heart that Steve Adler was kicked out of his mothers house at such a young age!!! For what, a man?? That is no man. And that is no Mother. I am so sorry you went through hell for so many years. Your story really touched my heart. When I watched that episode on t.v., I cried like a baby, for you and your pain. You deserve so much more, you deserve to have the best possible life, you deserve to be loved-unconditionally. This is your life now, be in control, take responsibility for your life, and don’t let another day go by that it isn’t the best for today. What I’m trying to say is Enough has happened to you, don’t let IT have control over your life anymore. Persevere through this,be determined, and you will succeed. I will not preach to you, but God helps those in need, he helps those that cannot find an end to their pain. Just talk to God and ask him to help you. He will. God bless you!!!!

  19. Rachel says:

    Ok I have never blogged about a television show in my life! However I am completely moved by you wonderful group of people!

    I watched last season sporadically but this season I am just glued. All of you, as a whole, seem much more interested in recovery. I think that you are all interested in helping not only yourselves but staying strong as a group! You are all amazing down to earth people that so many of us can relate to.

    Julie, I am especially drawn to you. As you broke down in this episode I broke with you. What happened to you happened to me also. I lived with it in silence for many years and still struggle to understand what I did or why it all happened. I’ve come to realize it was not my fault and there are some things I don’t have the power to comprehend or make sense of. And that’s totally okay! I love you girl and I’m down in Florida rooting you on!

    I send everyone positive energy and look forward to more episodes so that I can experience your awe inspiring recovery process!

    May God Bless Each and Every One of You Wonderful People!

  20. POLLY says:


  21. Marion says:

    I love this show!!! It’s the only TV I watch. Rodney King seems so sweet and soft spoken – a really nice person. Jeff Conaway whines most of the time – does he want to be there or not? If he does, great – if not, go on and let someone else have your spot — your groaning is getting very boring. Amber is beautiful with such a sad upbringing but I believe she will be successful. Sean….so many people probably were jealous of you, with your rock star dad and lots of money, but I can see your side of it all – the flip side. It’s time to grow up though and take a different road or it really will be ground hog day! I think Tawny is really pretty and very real. She is interested and compassionate. I like her family and I think she can beat this too – it is so worth it. My husband is presently battling alcohol addiction. 3 rehabs in 2 years. I think all the patients are amazing and the show teaches a lot about people and how they really are versus how you think they are. It makes me focus on humanity. Dr. Drew is really handsome too……