Mary Carey’s Return To Rehab


Mary Carey might be our favorite Rehabber of either of the two seasons. There’s just something about her inherent combination of vulnerability and brashness that makes her so watchable. The clip above is a deleted scene in which the Rehab alum visits with the new batch and talks about her experiences. It’s not all roses — while she’s effectively done with porn, she isn’t exactly sober either (she rates herself as “60 percent better”). It goes to show that rehab isn’t a cure-all, but in the best-case scenario, it’s the start of an ongoing process. That’s reality for you.

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  1. janine says:

    After hearing about El Debarge a couple of weeks ago and the numerous challenges the Debarge family has faced with substance abuse, perhaps the show may want to look at having this family on and helping them.

  2. Holly says:

    I feel that Dr. Drew doesn’t understand or believe the pain jeff is going throw,Dr. drew show know signs of believing that he is still in pain. being in Pain is a awful way to live. I can understand what jeff is going throw. it hurts to even wake up in the morning. heres the promblem…. maybe someone shouldtell dr.drew and jeff, that even after surgery the pain may not go away. the nerves are damagedand even if the problem is corrected the eletrical inpulse in the nerve continues to tell the brain that there is still pain. the show is more or less stating that people in pain are addics their are. and millions of people work everyday taking oxycotin. the medicine was made for people who have these problems and so they can live their lives as normal as possible. people in pain don’t get high off the meds, it just takes most the pain away so people with pain abd manage. I have found that my friends and family who is watch this show agree with me that Dr. Drew needs to clearitfy . The diffence between a person who takes pain meds for fun the from people who need them to live somewhat of a pain free life. Dr. Drew makes people who take this pain meds feel like there adics,if taking the medicine to live with out pain is being a adic then yes , People with pain are adiced to living life with out pain. I think the alcohe is jeffs problem not the pain meds. but it hard enought to find a Doctor to beleive people that are in pain.and theres not to many doctors out there that will help. this show seems to us as if Dr. Drew is not quified to treat jeff. and make people look at other poeple with pain problems as low lifes and bekneth them, because of the problem .

  3. Beth says:

    Well I not going to talk about Gary this week.
    WOW GIRLS you are very brave and being on tv. That takes guts. (you too guys)
    I have not heard much about shawn, Rodney. how ever we will soon, I hope.
    Rodney get involved and mybe u have and we just don’t see it. hang in there.
    Dr. Drew there must people in there that have a mental Illness…….. It will pop up as they stay clean each day.
    Keep the work up guys

    PEACE Beth

  4. CJ says:

    Holly, this message goes to you. I had over 32 surgeries over the last few years: 7 Brain 3 Spine and numerous others. I suffer with pain every day of my life, however, the worst pain I ever felt was withdrawl from IV Dilaudid. I had stopped being able to manage pain on my own and the only thing I cared about was meds, meds and more meds. I had to get several surgeries done to put in mediports, so i could get more pain meds. I have had over 400 IV lines, 20 Central Lines, 5 Mediports and 10 PICC Lines. Guess what? These lines became infected, and I had to have more surgery to replace and put new lines in, because I needed heavy doses of antibioics. I spent 2 years in ICU clinging on to life and being told that if I don’t let the opioids go, I WILL DIE. Despite warninng after warning, all I was preoccupied with was the pain. I didn’t want to live with the pain, I didn’t think i could survive without the Opioids. The hospital then took the choice away from me, the doctor (I hated, but now love) forced me to go on a “holiday” that is when they take it away. The first few days I was going stir crazy, but they had to be tough on me. They knew if they gave me what I wanted, that I would revert back and then be back at square one. My doctor, wanted to save my life, he cried whenI was back in the hospital, he cried when I needed bloood transfusions, because my ports were malfunctioning and causing me to bleed pints of blood at a time. I couldn’t even walk or breathe and I was bleeding from every oriface known to man. My mom had to look down and see her child dying right in front of her. I didn’t even care back then, I was just caring about my pain and my grief. I didn’t care about those who cared about me and the PAIN I was putting them through. I can empathize with Jeff, I do, but they have to be tough on him. He only cares about himself, and you can see it by the way he treats the other people. So, I actually applaud Dr. Drew for takig the tough approach with him and making him face things realistically. You cannot pacify a prescription addict. I know you may think so, but you can’t. If my doctor had given in…I wouldn’t be here today. And I have news for you, my pain threshold has increased since then.

  5. Charlie1970 says:

    Dr. Drew.
    I viewed your show that included several episodes on Nov. 14 2008.
    Sir I was appauled at what I saw and heard.
    Not once did you encourage your patiences to take responsability for their actions. What I did see was you making excuses for them to continue to keep right on acting as they have been.
    Mr. Busey was told many times that he is the way he is as a result of his ‘brain injury’. Sir that is a lie! If you look at the movies he has done ‘after’ 1988 when he had his accident you can plainly see for yourself that he did a fine job of acting. Although I’m not a doctor I’m pretty sure you can’t ‘act’ like you don’t have a brain injury for a roll in a movie, then after the movie act like you do have a brain injury. He acts like he does because he is an active drug addict! Not confronting him with that truth keeps him sick.
    When you interviewd Mr. King I could not believe that you apologized to him for what was the result of a convicted criminal continuing criminal activity. He is a convicted criminal for a major crime. At the time of the incident, he was drunk and high, which is a violation of his parole, one more criminal activity. He was driving under the influence, another crime. He faild to stop when when singnaled to by Police, another crime. His resulting pursuit resulted in placing everyone, the real innocent victims in this incident, including the Police Officers in grave danger. I am not justifying what the officers did to him. Not now or ever! Not once did Mr. King accept any responsability for the results of his criminal activity. He never apologized for the riots his actions touched off and the 100′s of real innocent victims, the samll business owners burned out of their shops, some losing all. Not once did he even come close to acknowledging feelings of remorse for what happened to Mr. Denning. One more innocent victim, before a productive man providing a living for his family and himself, now a man with ‘real’ permanent brain damage who has to be cared for by others. Not as a result of any criminal activity on his part, just being in the wrong place, with the wrong people and at the wrong time.
    I understand you as a doctor hope to treat the whole person, body, mind and spirit. I just would like to know how, not being honest, from the start and continuing to allow your patience to, act like celebrities, treating them with kid gloves when they are nothing more then drug addicts, when the drug addict in the street, most of whom will never have one chance to recover will die tonight because they didn’t hear the truth, is productive.

  6. Suzy says:

    I think Dr. Drew is the greatest. He handles the camera/Vh1 requirements really well while not sacrificing quality of care. We only see a small percent of the treatment and groups. I feel it’s all very high quality and that if that small percentage is so well done, then the rest of it surely is also very high quality.
    I feel Busey was only brought in for his eccentricities which can help a group bond and add to group dynamic. Probably a good move for all parties involved. I’d love to see everyone succeed! Steven Adler is so much fun to watch! And he’s sober! and who would’ve thought Rodney King would be such a deep well? All the women are working so hard, I know they’ll succeed…
    Best of luck to the staff too.

  7. Ed says:

    Gary I’ve always been a big fan, just one of your many millions of fans – we love you, hang in there!

  8. Shirley says:

    Rodney’s story broke my heart. It’s unbelievable to me that someone could be treated like that because of the color of his skin. When I heard his story I cried. What is wrong with people?

  9. debra white says:

    I am a Drug and Alcohol Addiction Counselor I would like to ask a question regarding addiction.
    If this is possible please provide e-mail address.

  10. Tina says:

    I am a molestation survivor, and I was crying when I saw Nicki and Twny speak of thier abuse. I am hoping that they sekk help outside rehab for this. I did not acknowledge this problem for years out of shame. I blamed myself for years, always looking at myself as a victim. I sought help and realized that this was never my fault, that the person that did this to me was sick. I know that I am now a survivor, and I refuse to let this person have the power over me ever again.

  11. michael says:

    dear dr drew i dont consider my self as an addict but i cant stop
    smokeing marijuana i smoke every day of my life i try to stop but i always
    find myself back to it how could i stay sobber

  12. Mary RN says:

    I’m sober 22 years. I work steps. Let me at these guys.
    I do like the show, though.
    Steps, steps, steps, personal responsibility and steps. Yes, address the issues of childhood and sympathize / empathize with them, but break out the NA step study guide and see how many last.

    MARY!!!! You deserve to be sober. You deserve to heal. You deserve to know how much you are loved. What happens 20 years from now when none of this matters and you’re not that Mary anymore? Do the work. It IS worth it. You are the favorite and you don’t even know it. Sad.

  13. Alan says:

    I have a question why does stewart instigate so much example with the door and gary. When gary went up to talk to him he got scared and told everyone the lie that gary attacked him. He need counseling not to be scared of people he was beat up in high school for being a taty tail and he is still doing it in adult life. He always looks very perinold when walking around. Please help him he needs help if he ever had to work for a living he would not be able to coup with real life. He is not going to be able to live in a box all his life.

    Concerned citizen

  14. Carol B. says:

    Hi Dr. Drew and Crew:

    I find your show to be informative and I feel for all your celebrity patients, I am quite a fan Of Gary Busey, and I feel he is just misunderstood. I think he is a very spiritual person, but has difficulty sorting the way he expresses himself in his brain. I loved him in A Star Is Born. Let Gary know were cheering for him here in Hawaii. Keep up the good work everybody, we love your show!

  15. Vanessa says:

    Oh Mary Carey. It’s truly so good to see her and while she may still have struggles, she looks and sounds infinitely better and I weren’t sitting at my desk on lunch hour right now, I’d be openly bawling. I wish they had kept that clip in the show.

    Revealing the humanity behind addiction and behind these celebs and their struggles is what elevates this show to greatness.

  16. Karen says:

    Hi! Karen – alcoholic.
    I try to relate and identify… however, I’ve lost my ability to do so with Jeff. He is just sooooo addicted to chaos!! He is really the ultimate drama queen, and it appears that the others have enabled him to be disruptive… so much so that I wonder how much of their treatment is being hindered by his extreme self-centered behavior??

  17. Myra says:

    This is for Steven… I hope you are able to get to a place where you can see that your Mom was just doing the best she could at the time… Doesn’t mean she was a good Mother, just that she didn’t know any better. I hope she is able to open up with you and show you that she cares. You deserved better, but she just couldn’t or can’t give it. There is hope for a better life… each new day on this earth offers that… don’t give up!

  18. Nancy Rodriguez says:

    THIS IS A COMMENT TO ALL OF YOU; NOT A RESPONSE TO ANY ONE THING IN PARTICULAR… Thank you ALL for sharing this very difficult and unspeakably painful subject. I admire you. I am so happy for you because, as WE know, the first part of the process is: Admitting WE are powerless..As terrifying as THAT can feel (AND IT IS TERRIFYING), you MUST remember that this part is FAR less scary then the complete and total dread of ‘getting there (INTO RECOVERY)’,or the anticipating and worrying about’WHERE and HOW TO BEGIN getting ourselves ‘there’ and, the EVER PRESENT, ALWAYS SELF IMPOSSED SHAME about: who we will hurt, disappoint, let down….AGAIN,(“again”, in my case, for example) I believe that THAT is, in fact, ONE OF OUR MAJOR CROSSES. That the need to never dissrupt,dissappoint, worry or -Lord Forbib..appear less than ‘perfect’ is simply NOT AN OPTION. “Guilt”, is another cunning and baffleing problem….Guilt, shame, fear, PAIN,selfishness–all of these characteristics have kept me convieniently SICK…..Watching and listening to you all have helped me so much. To each of you I say, Thank You and my arms are around you..congrats on being where you are….fed up enough to move forward. None is perfect…..but God (or whomever) Bless each of you, keep you strong and safe and be nice to yourselves in the process. I think that we tend to be harder on ourselves then ANYONE COULD EVER IMAGINE. Love the beautiful people you are and know that you are helping a lot of people just like me. First things FIRST though–love yourselves and worry about WHOMEVER else later…………much LATER.

  19. Janice Peterson says:

    My husband and I just have to say we admire everyone on the show not to just take the step to become sober and off drugs but to do it on television. I think you all are very brave and I wish you much success in finding your happy place in life.

    I would also like to tell you that Gary and Jeff need to have a sitcom called the Odd couple second generation. You guys make me laugh, not that you mean to but the way you guys hate each other one second and then turn around and hug, kiss and say I love you truly is what the original odd couple show was about. I think you guys would be a hit. Rodney could even be in the mix as the peace keeper.

    I don’t mean to make light of this very serious illness and recovery but sometimes we all need a little laughter in the midst of chaos and everyday problems.

    Take care everyone and please hang in there it’s worth it. I know by my own experience with alcohol now sober 18 years thank the Lord.

  20. Tonya says:

    first i would like to say Dr Drew i think it’s great how you support them all on the show and they need that. all tho i have my own problems i watch your show and u help me also.keep up the good work. but this message is for Rodney i think he needs a strong women by his side and he would do great is there any way i can communicate with him

  21. edin says:

    First of all, I would truly like to thank Dr. Drew and all of the patients from season one. I have been sober for 5 1/2 years now. Last year I was watching a show which dealt with sexual abuse. Shortly after, blocked memories of my own sexual abuse (from both parents) surfaced. I am grateful to say that I have sought specialized counseling for these issues and I am very much on the mend.

    Thank you Dr. Drew for addressing this issue in the way you did, it helped me see that I had some healing I needed to seek in the area of my own sexual molestation.

    Alongside these issues (surprise!) I worked in the sex industry as a dominatrix for 6 years. Three of those years were prior to recovery and three were in recovery. I did not work around drinking or drugs (as on porn sets or in strip bars) which made staying sober easier, I am certain.

    But an issue that I have recently become aware of is my addiction to working in the sex industry. And quite honestly, for me, this was much,much,much harder to give up than drinking or drugs. I feel Mary Carey’s pain. Or more accurately, I identify with hers as I feel my own.

    Working in the sex industry was the “medicine” I found that worked to fix the pain from my own sexual abuse. And it was very very difficult to release.

    I am overjoyed to say that I have been out of the sex industry for 2 1/2 years.

    And I owe a great deal of this portion of my recovery to Dr. Drew and the bravery of the patients who seek his treatment and are willing to be televised in their recovery process.

  22. Jody says:

    I tried to extend an invitation to to Mary Carey because I personally know that one can NOT stay clean – and continue to be in the sex industry. I also know that while people like Gary Busey can get clean and not have to change careers – sex workers do and that requires peer support to go through that kind of adjustment. She wasn’t given our contact info – guess it wasn’t considered “relevant” – but now surprise surprise – she’s relapsed like we all do when we stay in the sex industry and try to stay clean at the same time. I hope they don’t make the same mistake with Amber this season.

  23. jason says:

    i was just wondering if we can ever get updates on how the different people on the show are doing?i was also wondering if dr.drew is attempting to incorporate the steps an a ‘god’ into these peoples lives?the disease of addiction is as real as being bi polar an as deadly as cancer.the only medicine to arrest this disease is the 12 steps of N.A….now i know its attraction not premotion an i probably violated a tradition there..but i was just curious why not even a hint of that is ever mentioned on the show?people places an things have to be changed..the toughest decisions of our lives have to be made to help reverse the process of the biggest mistakes we’ve dr. drew said once..genetics + abuse is a good formula for addiction..or something like that…i just hope the spiritual principles that are there are being incorporated in their my life wich is being changed ,one day at a time..i pray for all the people on that show,that they actually live…an start the process of change..if anyone ever needs to talk to sure you can get my email address…

  24. boisegal says:

    I was very sad to see Jeff return. And also disappointed. It’s so disgusting to watch his selfishness and how he really isn’t into recovery. He just wants constant attention. In fact, it turned me off so I kind of having been watching that much. I feel sorry for “the kids” that he did not want to visit with during family/friends weekend. It made my heart sink to hear Jeff tell the attention seeking, utterly selfish girlfriend that he did not want to visit with the kids and the Mother. Shame on her for choosing Jeff over her own children. Or his children. Wow. I found that sickening. I’ve only been sober for 10 months and after a bit, my focus became incorporating my own healing with my family and friends healing. Jeff has been in rehab so many times you would think he would know by now to GET OUT OF HIMSELF. the whole “pain” thing is a total copout.

    I wish Amber the very best. I do believe she is going to make it.

    And for all in recovery, remember NO GOD, NO PEACE. KNOW GOD, KNOW PEACE.

    Take another 24 hours and best of luck to you.

  25. james b says:

    I pray that all on the show will find a path in sobiraty that they can follow, I know the struggel I have 12 years sobrer as of 10/31and it has had its ups and downs.I hope they listen to Dr. Drew he seens like wise and carring man that can lead the in the right direction.

  26. jane says:

    hi i have wach celebrality rehab 2 its a great show i hope jeff will get better and make great choses he has a great life head of him im very proud of jeffno how well he doing a coulpe of year a go back in 05 and 06 i was acting up at work i been writen up 2 time i had too change i havent acted up sine 05 and 06 it make me fell pourd on how well i been doing if i feel like i might get mad or anger i talk about i have taken off from home in 07 i have done that in 08 never run off from home its not safe if you know you have a prolem talk too someome like a friend

  27. Maria says:

    Ever since knowing that Substance abuse Counselors existed, I’ve always wanted to be one. (To cure my family and head off the addiction that I would someday have because of heredity-only to succomb to Neuroticism)To Dr Drew, in the program, anonimity is tone of the most important fascets of AA. Is it ok for these addicts to publicly face their demons? Believe that I pray for all the addicts of the world, (including myself) and just the bravery that you have all shown is INCREDIBLE. OUTSTANDING, AMAZING, I’m shouting because all of those that choose to criticize need to understand how much courage it takles to relinquish your amonimity to show the most vulnurable side of the soul. Do you that criticize walk about naked? These people are-HUMAN as are you. Remember this, when you decide to call names and be petty. Try to battle Diabetes without Insulin or Asthma without Albuterol, and then understand why you may sound like a whining whatever. Do you criticize those with arthritis?
    Addiction is a DISEASE.
    For all the Celebrity Rehabbers-and all that will for the benefit of others that have the courage to show the rest of the world all of your pain, your failures, and your HOPE-God Bless You.

  28. IQURRIA2236 says:


  29. michael says:

    Hello Rehab

    I’ve been watching your show, you all have so much pain. I see the things that are hard to let go and it isn’t easy, careers and people sometimes they can be so temporary. I remember most you, in the days that you all may have considered shining moments in you lives.

    We put so much of our identity in what we do. Thinking that its who we are. What we are in flesh and spirit is dynamic always changing and hopefully we become older wiser.

    This is your time for reflection and what’s next. Self medicating the pain away is temporary we cant turn the clock back. We, the public have stolen so much of your life through adulation, please don’t throw the rest of it away.

    What we do in and with our lives is suppose to change. Is this adventure suppose to be as boring as we try desperately to force it to be. The question will be asked of you. How on earth did you survive this?

    Its the compassion because we are all working on some personal defect.
    Alone we are weak and fragile around the world they are starving homeless and persecuted beyond belief it makes our problems seem so insignificant.

    WE ARE DYNAMIC, IT IS GODS WAY! Or none of us would still be here.

    Michael E Kaley

  30. bebe says:

    I can’t watch the video of mary. I hope she is still making positive steps in recovery. When I only knew Mary CAREY from seeing her on Best Week Ever, I didn’t like her. I had to change my mind after watching Mary ELLEN. Even her face looks different when she is being her true self, Mary Ellen. So much prettier and softer. I know Mary has to make money for her family. I hope she is able to transition out of the porn industry soon so that she can be Mary Ellen all the time… a sweet, funny girl who loves ballet. :)

    I hope everyone continues to work toward staying sober. The ones who stumble along the way.. find the strength to try again. :)

  31. X.X. says:

    My start with opiates was at 18yrs.old,my acquantences took me to Drs. and told me what to say.[I was doing it for a heroin addict in 1973-74,and up].Back then you could still get methaqualone(Quaaludes,then Parest),and Endo122′s which was the greatest Percodan,I only took one evey other day!
    Now I am 52 and still on opiates-but I have to be or I’ll go into withdrawl.MyDr.said he was going to kill me,and eventually got me on 150mcg’s of Duragesic patches![I did have spinal surgeries,knees,and a rotator-cuff,and now frozen shoulder].I realized I couln’t take the patches no more,I only wanted to lay down all day and all night,AND HAD to take Xanax 2mg.3x’day,and a sleeping pill b/c the patch didn’t allow you to sleep.It was like being plugged into a wall socket all the time!
    So now I can get out of bed,and actually clean the house or shop,and no more passing out while standing up,or falling out of bed three times in a row w/out knowing it.
    I also see a psychiatrist and take Seroquel,which stops the talking outloud to myself.But I actually need to go back on maybe OxyContin which I was on 80mg.3xday-that was too much,plus they make me feel cold all the time.- thank anybody for reading this,Bye.

  32. gemini2008 says:

    I love the show and everyone involved! Everyone will be in my prayers for your successful recovery! Just remember that you can do all things through Christ! He is strong where you are weak! He can keep you off drugs and alocohol so when you don’t feel strong, rely on his strength! I am the adult child of alcoholics and my mom was delivered from alcohol! Delivered meaning that it was a joint effort with God! No one is perfect, but it was absolutely a miracle! Good luck, God bless and I was really happy to see Mary come back and speak to everyone! I adore her and will keep her in my prayers as well! And darling Nikki McKibbin is such an inspiration! :)

  33. ru4nd2 says:

    i dont know where to post the comment where i want, i have searched the site but this is the only place i could find. Anyway my comment, as a recovering addict, is that the show seems very,very real although alot of it is probably cut out we seem to see alot of it and my problem is with Steven. I understand that he has some brain damage and i think that the Dr.s there are trying to help in everyway possible but his brain damage NEEDS to be acknowledged ASAP. He will not make it 1 week if he leaves due to the fact that he acts out ALOT and this will cause him to use again.I know from being in numerous rehabs that you as a patient can become easily aggitated at a staff member but his acting out in front or to Shelly would be enough for any tx. center that I’ve been in to kick him out, or recycle him back to the beginning. He needs to go to extended treatment somewhere because I would like to see him make it.But again there is NO excuse for him acting the way he did to Shelly being that far in the program. I need to vent… he is just a whinny, whimping little ##&$^~`$(`)&^+%)!

  34. bootsgrl says:

    My husband is struggling with an opiate addiction and its the hardest thing we’ve ever been through. He struggles every day. It started 2 years ago when he had neck surgery. He uses his neck pain as an excuse for everything and had to have the pills or he was in so much pain he couldn’t get out of bed. Most of that was in his head. He was hiding money and pawning his guitars for pill money when his monthly script ran out after only a week. When he started taking away from my kids by spending all our money on pills I told him it was either pills or us. Hes been clean for three weeks and its tough but everyday gets a little better. I just wanted to tell everyone to stay strong and God bless u all.

  35. Anne says:

    I don’t think the effect Drew was going for having Mary on there occured. At least she was honest in saying she’s not 100% sober… best of luck to her… i think she’s pretty..

  36. RICH says:

    hi , my name is rich and i have been sober for over seven years now. heroin was my drug of choice but drinking and cocaine were chosen quite often to. i did in patient treatment for four months, sober living for nine months, and moved on to my own rented house from there. i lived in my first house for five years, and now live a bigger house with my girlfriend who is also sober.i would like to comment about mary carey and her talk to the group. for her to sit there and say she is 60 percent sober is foolish. honest but not helpfull to the group. so she is saying she is sorta sober.. well, thats like saying your sorta pregnant. dr drew and bob and shelly and the other girl are allright with me! heros and and role models. i watch the show every thursday night. in recovery anything could happen any time , i hope dr. drew talked to the group after mary left and told them that drinking will lead you back into your drug of choice. keep coming back, rich

  37. gail says:

    Being a 45 yr. drug abuser, it is soooo easy to see when the inmates are playing Dr. Drew, doean’t he? I think that Drew is fabulous and would love a direct communication with him. The conselor with the hatis the hippest one on the show. Although I have lived and traveled with celebs all of my life, I knowthat I don’t qualify for treatment on the show. I need help at this timein deciding whether to try getting straight or continuing a 25 year run of perscription pain killers. Hope to hear from you, Gail

  38. Sally says:

    He looks so familiar. I saw his profile on the celebrities and millionaires dating site ?M ixed mate…c-o-m ? last week. It’s said he is interested in dating hotties on that site!

  39. missy thomas says:

    My prayers goes out to every one,especially Mary and everyone envolved with Dr.Drews Rehab. I have enjoyed the show so much,My heart goes out to everyone.Dr.Drew,Thank you for all you do for these celebs,Holly wood and music businesses have ate these poor people alive.I am a pain killer addict,I havent taken a pain pill sice July 7,2008,My son is a 20 yr old hip replacement patient due to Rheumatory arthuritis,He takes nothing for his pain,he is my hero.I have been on coke and pain pills all my life,I made a promise to him and God if he made it through ok,Id try to quit,God knows it ain’t been easy ,but im fighting to stay sober everyday,What i am trying to say to the celebs,Try to find you,and a higher power to keep you sober…I am praying for you all,I love the show,and Thank you all so very much to be open about drug addictions,Im very proud of you all! Hang in there Mary ,You go as long as you have to,Remember you are a loveley,talented person,you will do it all again ,but SOBER! i know you can!!! Love and best wishes to all! You are a great inspiration to me!!! Love missy also known as mistic_143@,Please e-mail me if you like,I would love to hear from you!!! YOUR BIIGGEST FAN! GOOOO CELEBS!!!!!

  40. missy thomas says:

    My prayers goes out to you Mary.You do what it takes to stay sober ok,Im a pain killer addict and a cocaine addict,I have been sober for 4 months,I am fighting to stay sober every day,You are a inspiration to me,and i wanted you to know that you are a beautiful lady that sings sooo great,I will be praying for you,and as for you Doc Drew,Thank you for allowing us to be apart of your show and being so kind to these celebrities,They need love too,Yore a great man,Keep up the good work! My pryaers and love goes out to EVERYONE @ Dr. Drews Rehab,Hang in there you all!!! Love yalls Biggest fan! missy Thomas

  41. ceecee says:

    She’s on the right path, that’s the start, because it ain’t over until it’s over, but to Mary, you only have today, please keep that in mind. Best of everything to Mary and her recovery, you are in the right place.

  42. ILOVE MARY says:

    I LOVE MARY! thats the reason y i watch the show.

  43. Kayla says:

    No rehab isn’t a cure all and most of the time it takes more than one shot before full recovery…..One day at a time Mary..

  44. Fred the Head says:

    Hello everyone. My name is Fred and I have been clean and sober for 45 years. Oh wait, I have never not been clean and sober unlike the rest of you losers.

    I have really enjoyed Celebrity Rehab and can only say that it’s too bad that Mary Carey is out of porn. But then again was she ever really into porn? He main videos were lesbian lick fests. Interesting but not really porn.

    Oh well, have a nice day.

  45. Amber says:

    Mary, I’m sure you have heard this a thousand times by now, but I hope u got rid of that B-f named David. Yeah He’s just aa celebrity hog. I support you, cause I am going throuh the same addictions if not worse. At least you want to get help. Don’t let any man stop you. My prayers are with u. I have much respect . Amber

  46. jon says:

    I have personaly been through rehab 4 times, I used for 18 years and now have been blessed with just over 4 years sober. It is possible to get better but what you see on this show is just the very begining, I would like to see where everyone in the show is a year from now. I think this show is wonderful and gives alot of people out there hope. I think you would be suprised how many everyday people have addictions just like the celebrities you see, or some even worse, in every town in America.

  47. Derek says:

    I have been through rehab twice, flown across the country and tried to get clean myself. Im 21 years old, and have one year and 10 days clean today. I understand how hard it is to stay clean. Its about so much more than the drugs, but none of that can be worked on untill the drugs are gone. (alcohol) included. Its all inclusive. I respect everyone on the show, not becuase they are celebs, but becuase they are showing that, using isnt what they want to be doing. Regardless, if they go back out! Addicts know in their hearts, where they truly want to be! Its not using, its not living. I hope the best for all of you, and addicts around the world. One day at a time.

  48. Traci says:

    My heart and prayers go out to Mary. I feel like the knock-off version of Mary. I started dancing as a stripper after learning ballet as an adult, I just wanted to dance. What I got was pills, alcohol, speed, etc. I already had a pot and meth habit, strip clubs only made my addiction worse, we were paid to be the party right? Wrong. There is life outside of bars and clubs! Mary you are so much more. Beautiful, talented, caring. I hope you took the dance teaching job, what a dream! Being aroung little kids can be so inspiring and healing, you are lucky for the opportunity.
    I quit doing meth/coke/pills 10 years ago. The pot and alcohol were harder. But Celebrity Rehab has ecouraged me to try. I finally quit smoking pot (just last week) but I feel really good and my energy level is thru the roof! I have started ballet classes again and hope to be able to afford to take another dance class soon. Whatever you decide to do with your boyfriend I hope you will remember that you are a treasure and to be true to yourself. You are definitely my favorite on the show and I watch every episode twice. Hang in there and eventually one day at a time will turn into a better life and greater happiness.
    Luck and Love!!

  49. jizzmasterzero says:

    I have spent many a night raping my hand to your movies I wish you all the best. Jesus saves.

  50. Jesus H. Christ says:

    That last guy was right, I do!

  51. nicole rienhart says:

    I just want to tell Mary that she is doing great & I am rooting for her! I didn’t know who she was before the show but she is so sweet and nice, I can see why people like her & gravitate towards her. Mary, keep your spirit & your head up high, you have done amazing things and Nicole in MT is hoping you get through it & hopes you make a difference!

  52. Mary Rhodes says:

    My dear sweet Mary. You have so much to give, you could be a success in what-ever you wanted. Get rid of all negative people and stay as sweet as you are and every thing will be alright.

    I will say a pray for you every night.

    With Love,


  53. Mary Yobst says:

    I hope VH1 employees, including the top executive; the ceo, doesn’t confuse me with Mary Carey, when according to our contract; I am the owner of the Mansions seen on the TV shows on VH1, and I am a major owner of VH1, and so I need a ride in one of my limos that they used and I need to go there and take care of family business.

  54. VERO says: