Would Hulk Hide Ca$h From Linda? Nahhh…



You know how divorces go. After the estrangement and humiliation comes the money-grabbing. And money hiding, of course. Linda Hogan says that her muscle-bound hubby Hulk has plenty of cash from various entrepreneurial endeavors that he’s tucking under someone else’s mattress. Hmmm, that ain’t cool. Hit Scandalist for the full story.

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  1. Tammy says:

    I would hide it from her 2. Yea she deserves a little 4 being w\ him that long and had 2 kids by him but she didnt have 2 stay at home 4 20 years-she should of worked instead of blowing all of his $. He has broke his body down just 2 keep her in designer clothes. He even came out of retirement to give her more $ to furnish the new mansion she wanted. She is a money grubbing cougar. If i was Brooke i would disown her 4 dating some1 i went 2 school with. She is trying 2 ride the coattails of Brooke. Thats pretty sorry. GET A JOB LINDA AND QUIT WORRYING ABOUT HULKS $$$.

  2. sue says:

    Why not hide his money! OJ simpson did!

  3. Jerelyn M. says:

    Yes I agree, Brooke’s mother is an old woman trying to look like she is 19. She looks like a hot mess. I am starting to believe that Hulk wants to sleep with his own daugther.