Rock Of Love Charm School Blog Party – Episode 6


Live Don’t Let the Door Hit You on the Dallas Posted at 9:58PM EST

For not caring enough, Dallas gets the boot. In the end, she says that she wished she would have punched Lacey in the face and cursed out more people. Did she learn anything during her time at Charm School? Should someone else have left in her place?

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Live Bottom 4! Posted at 9:49PM EST

Sharon’s called down Lacey, Dallas and the Brandis to the carpet. Who’s going home?

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Live P.S.A…+? Posted at 9:34PM EST

Which P.S.A.s deserve a passing grade? Which failed?

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Live My, What Big Breaths You Have Posted at 9:15PM EST

Call it: which one of the girls had the highest blood-alcohol content?

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Live Do Mess With Dallas Posted at 9:09PM EST

Lacey’s up in Dallas’ face, because Dallas won’t explain herself. Is Dallas being difficult for the sake of being difficult, or is she doing it to drive Lacey crazy?

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Live What’s the Catch?

At a cigar- and liquor-tasting backyard event, the girls are basically told to drink up with no advise beyond that. Some of them are wondering what’s the catch. So…what is it?

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