Celebrity Rehab Ep. 5 Sneak – Jeff Breaks Down


After calling 911 Jeff must choose whether to stay and continue his treatment or leave and face an uncertain future and the episode only gets more intense from there. Watch a sneak peek of Thursday’s new episode.

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  1. attorney says:

    My heart breaks every episode for the people involved…Jeff – your pain is unique and something that not everybody can understand…I PRAY for u daily that u can find strength to cope…we love all of you…been there…done that…there is hope

  2. debby carlson says:

    Jeff I have so much faith in you ! I will keep all of you in my prayers!

  3. Stefanie says:

    I wanted Jeff Conoway know that it broke my heart to see him like that. It hurts to see all of the patients like that, actually, Tawny, too, I have respected you both as actors. I have been in rehab before (twice) To actually see it from the outside was a totally different perspective. I am currently not in any addiction behavoir . I wanted those broken hearts in rehab to know that there is hope for a new life. Your life may never be like it once was and there may be mourning for that, but a new, different life is waiting ahead for you all! Bless you all, including Dr. Drew.

  4. Arlene says:

    Jeff I think your fear of being a “cripple” as you say is the key to your recovery.If you can arrange to meet people with mobility issues as bad or worse then yours who are able to have highly functioning lives and you can see that you really can still have a high quality of life even IF you must have some mobility issues then maybe you can get inspired to start moving on with your life and making yourself feel better.

  5. Rev says:

    I like this show. It demonstrates that we all need the Lord. Experience has shown that a good rehab program coupled with a caring group of believers can turn lives around 180 degrees. Find a church w/ a dynamic Celebrate Recovery group & you will be amazed at how the Creator can restore! Blessings to all…

  6. Rebbie says:

    Ok…..so Jeff……you’re great by the way & hope you make it, but man that Gary is a pain in the butt…….get him off the show.

  7. mike says:

    does anyone know the name of the song during jeff’s breakdown (towards the end)? something like “i should just let you go….”

  8. Lori says:

    Mike, I was wondering the same thing about the song playing during Jeff’s break down! Anyone??

  9. Lee says:

    Whats this song that goes somthing like this….. I should just let it go, Forget it if I cannot try it anymore???
    I like this song too! Who sings it SOME ONE PLEASE ANSWER………….

  10. Tany says:

    Whats the name of that song at Jeffs break down?? I should just let it go or somthing?? Any one know??

  11. Chase says:

    The song is Don’t Cry by Olivia Broadfield.

    Here is a link to listen to it!

  12. Carolina says:


  13. LeAnne in California says:

    Just when I wanna write to the show and tell you to get the Gary guy off of the show…. he goes and says something that is so heart felt…..

    I love this show… Dr Drew dont stop… Keep doing what your doing!

  14. Sandra from Texas says:

    I have been sober and clean since September 1983. I went to therapy, the medical doctor and AA back in the day. I could not cope with life on life’s terms; the pain physically, mentally and emotionally was really the hardest thing I have ever been through…..BUT, by 3 years sober I began to cope with life alittle better. I relate so much to the people on this show; I guess it is the kinship addicts have with each other.

    Gary, you are the `&@@!@*`#@+~%_~@ s (meaning the greatest); it wouldn’t be the same without seeing you on this show! I know you are so far out sometimes, but God bless you; you are you indeed.

    Jeff, man up buddy; pain is part of being alive; it’s ok to feel now. It won’t always be this hard.

    Everyone else; take care, one day at a time.

  15. Deauxjie says:

    I think Jeff will never get clean, he does not want it. Maybe he should look into a methadone clinic. His med.s would still be watched closely. I wish him luck,however he has to want it for himself!!!! He was talking to one of the girls while eating,and said “Well i think it”s gonna be another Jeff’s leaving day”. She asked why and he said”they took my pain med.s away,I don’t know why they do that, they know what i’m gonna do”. He was clear- sober whatever one wants to call it. He looked so much better,and didn’t seem to be in pain!!! He even smiled when he said “they know what I will do”. then he called the cops.

  16. Deauxjie says:

    Gary Busey is from an area close to where I am from. He was a very talented actor,might still be. He has always been a little bit crazy. It seems like he does everything full tilt boogy woogy,always has and I’m sure always will. I’ve been in and around the music business for many years,also the movie business. His brain injury has not helped him for sure,however Gary has always been this way. A little bit bully, a little bit born again, he preaches rather than speak and I don’t think he listens. On to Steven Adlar(i hope the spelling is right) is an angel flying to close to the ground, he gets burned and he gets hurt and he never lets it out. His Mother is a hugh black hole of pain, and I pray he can get all that out of his mind, body and soul. He will still have bad days but not so many. He is punishing himself for her sins. God Bless Steven.

  17. Misty from Florida says:

    Jeff has a long hard trail ahead of him, I wish him the best!

    …SHAWN STEWART I grew up loving your father’s music to the core of my soul, I only wish you could follow in your fathers music career and I hope you have a family of your own to love with all your heart!

    ….GARY BUSEY, aaaahhhhhh you are out there, but I absolutely love you the BEST!! I find your quick thinking highly educational and entertaining and I totally love you on that TV show where you make comments about the crazy people who are caught on tape!!

    Best of luck to the rest and Dr. Drew hang in there, I love watching your show and how you handle it all!


  18. David says:

    I feel Sean Stewart’s pain. My father wasn’t on the road all the time, just checked out emotionally. Not much difference to a little kid who desperately needed his father.

    But even more powerful for me is watching Steven Adler with his mother. I too am saddled with a mother who insists upon being right at everyone else’s expense. Too bad Dr. Drew was taken in even a little bit by her. I don’t know why Dr. Drew decided to have this confrontation at all since it is clear that neither he nor Steven were prepared for the worst case scenario, which is basically what they got.

    She cares nothing for Steven. She only wants to look good, so she gets defensive as hell about her mothering as if someone is going to put her in jail for the way she treated him. (Not a bad idea, but not in the cards.) She is willing to sacrifice Steven today just as much as she was when he was 11 years old. Sure, Steven must have said all the usual things any angry 11 year old boy tells his parents, but she still needs to acknowledge that he didn’t run away from home. It was her doing, her choice, her act of abandonment that caused his belongings to end up on the sidewalk and the locks to be changed. Nothing an 11 year old could have done would ever justify that. Certainly not a petty comment that he didn’t want to live there and would rather be with his grandmother.

  19. CAROLinMOBILE says:

    I love watching the show. It has helped me with my addiction to Lortab and Xanax. I feel like a new person and all the pain I was in has become bearable since getting off Lortab.
    I feel for Jeff the most as my favorite movie is Greese. My son is in the Air Force and bought me the movie for my birthday while he was over seas. Best present ever. Jeff, please hang in there baby. I have severe back problems and neck problems and thought I couldn’t get off the pain killers. But I was tired of my life being so depressing and feeling like there was no use for me to be on this earth. I went through severe pain getting off the Lortab, but I’m glad I went through it. I feel like a new woman. I’m 47 and I feel 27 again. Hang in there baby. You have a lot of fans that want to see you sucseed and get better. Even though we don’t know you personally, we’ve watched you on T.V. and Greece, and you have become a part of our lives. I cry every time I think of you giving up. I’m praying for you. PLEASE HANG IN THERE JEFF. MILLIONS LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! Love Carol

  20. Michael says:

    In Defense of Busey:
    On the most recent episode of Celebrity Rehab, Gary Busey was unfairly vilified in a situation where his behaviors were perfectly rational. On the show, Jeff was attempting to enter the van before Cheryl, the chaperon. Jeff was supposed to wait for Cheryl, but continued anyway. To ensure that the rules were followed, Gary simply stopped Jeff from entering, and politely said, “Just wait for Cheryl.” Jeff immediately lost control of his temper, and began to shout a string of obscenities at Gary, who–better than most could in this sort of situation–remained calm and politely responded to Jeff. The two were separated.
    Soon afterward, Sean Stewart confronted Gary about his behavior, claiming that Gary aggressively pushed Jeff for no reason, and acted–in his own words–like a twelve-year old. I remind you that Gary had not pushed Jeff, but had restrained him, and had a reason for doing so. Sean continued to yell at Gary, and retreated to his quarters. He was followed by Gary, who trotted up to him as he was about to close the door, and said, “Sean, come in here.” Gary did so in a nonthreatening manner that only seemed to suggest, “Let’s talk about this.” Sean, meanwhile, overreacted to Gary’s actions, making it appear as though Gary was continuing to act aggressively.
    Now, the issue between Sean and Gary had only begun because Sean interfered in a situation which was none of his business. The disagreement–which was not Gary’s fault–had nonetheless been between Gary and Jeff, and had apparently been settled. However, in approaching Gary in the first place, Sean was both involving himself in the situation, and (++%+!`$*@$`#~# essing that situation in an irrational manner which Gary was right to note. Whether or not Gary “pushed” Jeff was completely beside the point. Therefore, Gary’s approach to Sean was merely an effort to correct Sean’s interpretation.
    Sean, meanwhile, (++%+!`$*@$`#~# essed yet another situation improperly, perceiving–again–the approacher as the aggressor. This could very well be expected from a young man with Sean’s history both as abuser and abused. Indeed, Sean has evidently approached many situations, and been faced with many, wherein the approacher IS the abuser.
    However, this is hardly any reason to cruelly and maliciously attack Gary Busey; slandering his name with insults like “twelve year old” and claiming that Gary is making excuses. In actuality, the situation began, was perpetuated, and ended precisely as a result of the sophomoric behavior of Sean and Jeff. It is they, and not Gary, whose actions must be addressed.

  21. April Jennings says:

    I have been a huge fan for a long time. Longer than either of us would like to admit, probably. I used to dream of marrying Bobby Wheeler. I was a silly girl with a silly crush. It did cause me to follow your career, celebrating your successes and sympathizing when you fell on hard times. We share some of the same battles, and even the same histories as children. My hopes still go with you, and my prayers for your happiness. Thank you for the gift of your talent. Please take care of yourself and remember that you have brought much joy to many people who are pulling for you.

  22. Melissa says:

    Dear Jeff: I was totally shocked when I heard Vikki kicked you in your back over and over again. OMG, why would you be with someone who abuses you. No one should abuse someone who is disabled! I am disabled and I would not put up with that ^%@((%~++@&@#`(# from anyone! I am a huge fan of your and you were my first crush. I would treat you good LoL I am trying to put a smile on your face! I know you are a strong willed man and I know you will get through this tough time in your life! I am praying for you! I love you Kenickie-ALWAYS! Melissa in Pa

  23. Kathy Vaden says:

    Gary Bussy….I love you. Please get back to movies. I think you were one of the all time greatest actors of my lifetime, and I want you back!!!! Get well, and God Bless….kathy from Texas

  24. jin and juice says:

    i had a friend who died in a crash so pass when your offered grass and don’t go with the mass the power gets so strong to fill up that bong you might find yourself stealing from your mom so don’t be a gullible clown cause i got a hunch you’ll be left with a frown so if you got the willpower needed to fight the demons and not be defeated then words like these wont be repeated by people who are probly needed (I miss the Gary Busey before the motorcycle accident the one co starring with Keano )

  25. Pete Stanton says:

    I was wondering what Dr. Drew thinks about these new addiction programs that are coming out lately. They don’t believe alcoholism is a disease,they don’t believe in AA. They think it is harmful,and they don’t like rehab. programs like Dr. Drews. Would really like to know what he thinks about these groups. Thanks, C.P Stanton

  26. francois c says:

    good job dr drew and keep up the good work.
    my blessings to you and yours on this holiday season
    moi ami

  27. james says:

    This show is nonsense. Go to orange-papers.org and you will see. HA HA CHARADE YOU ARE
    DR DREW.

  28. j-a-mez@hotmail.com says:

    Do not believe anything “DR DREW” ,the alter ego of DrewPinsky MD says. GO to the website

  29. Herb says:

    I understand the pain that Jeff is going through, I have had 12 operations on my back and finally got the whole thing fused together at the beginning of this year. I know Jeff has had some of the same surgeries that I have had by seeing some of the scars on his back when his shirt was pulled up on one of the shows. I also have a fusion pump that drips morphine into my spine, that just might be the answer to his pain and would also take away the need for pills and hopefully his addiction to them. I am not pill free since my last surgery BUT I am hopefull that after 1 year I won’t need any pain medications at all and I would like to encourage Jeff to check into that possiblity and would also be willing to share my experiences with him and Dr. Drew if they are interested. Keep up the battle! to be drug and pain free would be the greatest thing the both of us could hope for!

  30. chris says:

    lmao…I would like to see what the big deal is….celebrities are rich…have anything that they ever wanted…and yet they do stupid !`%^*_!#&_*%&!~# start taking drugs and drinking all the time….they supposedely break down and look to Dr. drew for answers…I think that all celebrities should keep there good high life and quit looking for attention till they know what a hard life is…I hate stupid people

  31. Audette says:

    This is for Jeff, I really think Jeff would also make a great teacher and I really think he should do more with his music.

  32. vickie k. says:

    To Amber: God, do I feel for you. It was chilling watching your own mother try to guilt trip and con you into leaving recovery (make no mistake, that’s what she was doing.) I know. I had a terribly abusive and ENMESHED relationship with my own mother. She treated me the same way I saw yours treating you while the two of you were on your bed. Excerpts: “I’m the one who got the short end of the stick. YOU got your whole life going (this is incredibly awful for a mother to say–SHE’S wrong, Amber.) Also: “Stop being SO FULL OF YOURSELF because you’re ahead of me.” That’s worrisome on so many levels, Amber. YOU should be FULL of who you are. A healthy mother, capable of genuine love and concern, would implore you to be exactly, FULL, full of life, full of wonder, full of YOURSELF. And, I love how she kept saying, “we.” Ugh, run for your life, Amber. I swear to god it was deja vu listening to your mom. I know it’s difficult, but more than likely, the best way for YOU to get the fresh start you need for your own recovery, is to severe contact with your mother (I did this for one year and it worked like magic; my mother ceased guilting me.) I know, I really do know, how hard it must feel. My mother also had schizophrenia, which only added my misguided sense of guilt. Anyway, I’m pulling for you. I think you’re way more than beautiful, you’re incredibly intuitive and smart. I’m rootin for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Kirk Randall says:

    Dear Jeff, I am praying for you that God will give you strength, and courage to continue with recovery, the music you made was awsome, you could be an insperation to so many people who need someone like you in their life. keep the faith. God Bless you

  34. Linda M. says:

    My heart & prays are with all the residents,but most especially with Jeff Conway. I remember him on Taxi & of course, Grease.But mostly because I too, have had back surgery & suffer the back pain that goes along with it. I’ve been forced to give up working at a young age & have nothing to show for the 30 yrs. I worked my butt off raising 3 beautiful Sons by Bartending & later managing, to make end meet.Now I have had to give up having my own home & live with my Sons. It’s not the life I had hoped for & I’m so fortunate to have Sons who are willing to have me in their home. I’m alos even more fortunate to not have an addiction problem & I feel that’s saying a lot for where I’ve come from. I’ve heard & seen it all & I can so understand where Jeff is coming from. I will continue to pray for all of you & Jeff,please,please don’t give up! You’re so very talented & still so handsome, you are worth so much more than you give yourself credit for! Always remember there’s so many people out here praying for you to succeed, I know I always will!

  35. RR says:

    Jeff, I do believe you are in pain. I to have chronic pain.
    You seem to be in a LOT of pain though. In fact, you seem to be in so much pain that I wonder why your doctors haven’t installed a pain pump or electrical pain blocks?

    I also believe that you are an addict that is using your pain as a crutch and excuse to continue to be “sick” and to use anything you can get your hands on. You take too many different drugs to make it believable that your condition is due to your back pain.

    I believe you can’t and couldn’t handle the reality of not being popular and famous as you once were.
    It seems to be an important part of you and your problem. The pain and drugs are a crutch and excuse to why you don’t have the success you once did. It’s a double edged sword that your drug use helps to relieve the pain of not being famous, and the drug use keeps you from being more sucdessful. Your issues are multiple and complex, but I think you need to accept that fame is NOT life. Your desire to be wanted, accepted, and cherished keeps you drugged and numb.

    People who really do need pain medication have to deal with doctors, pharmacies, and a legal system that watches people like this, and then make wide !(!^)*%)~%(*^(% umptions that anyone taking pain medication is an “addict”. It’s a damn shame really.
    Jeff’s pain is real. The pain he feels seems to be lessened when he takes drugs because the drugs numb him for his feelings. Is his pain the same pain as hitting your thumb with a hammer?
    Is the internal mental pain or spiritual pain any less real than smashing your big toe into the sharp corner of a coffee table?

    There are all sorts of pain that come from various sources, the point is, is that it is real.
    That is what the medical community needs to work on, and society needs to accept these problems as real.

    These types of “rehab” don’t have very good success because at the core of these types of programs is that individual is somehow defective and he must change in order to become “better”.
    Its as if you blame the diabetic for why they don’t produce enough insulin.
    The whole concept of “addiction” is archaic and based on judeo-christian views of morality.
    There is a broad spectrum of people on this show, but at the core they are all being treated with the same core belief that they are somehow damaged and hurt and THEY need to resolve that and then they’ll become “better”. It’s like trying to treat heart disease, diabetes, and back pain with the same pill. Good luck Dr. Drew and staff.

    Even with alcoholics, it seems the better success is not in stopping drinking completely, but in teaching the drinker how to better control his drinking. Total 100% cessation is an unrealistic expectation by which to create treatment. Everyday, every person exercises control in everyday living. The problem occurs when we lose control over being able to control our actions.
    When that happens a 20 minutes trip to buy socks turns into a daily $500 shopping spree.
    Meeting friends and coworkers for a drink after work turns into a bottle every night.
    Enjoying sex with your partner a few times per week turns into 2-3 times per day looking for anyone who will have sex with you.
    Society calls everything excessive “addiction”. And, then those who have lost the ability to control, society labels them “addicts” as if it’s a moral failure. It sets up a negative environment in which to try and help people regain control. It’s not always an “all or nothing” proposition.

  36. Debra says:


    OMG! When you were on Taxi I was so in love with you. It breaks my heart to see you hurting like you do today. Although I am also frustrated with you, because I too have a disability & cronic pain. I am 38yrs old & have always used a wheelchair. I believe that God made me this way to teach others that it is alright to be different. If everyone were the same, life would be pretty boring. I look at it as I am unique, which makes me kinda special. I thank God that I have been able to keep myself busy to not focus on my pain. I very seldom use strong pain meds. I find if I sit home & dwell on it I only feel worse. If I get out and am productive I not only have purpose, but I forget about my pain.

    What I am trying to say is that I agree with Dr. Drew. You should find a new path to keep your mind productive. I am sure that there are many acting students who would line up to learn from you. Your music is another path too. Just don’t give up! Set you mind on a goal & don’t stop til you get there.

    God Bless, Debra

  37. LISA says:

    Dear Jeff:

    My goodness do I empathize with you. For more than 10 years of my life I have suffered with chronic back pain. I completely understand what your are going through. I have been to doctors all over the U.S. and could find no relief. I know what it is like to want to die because of the pain. I also know what it is like for everyone to get tired of hearing the complaints. For years it robbed me of any kind of happiness. I know this may sound crazy, but I found a doctor who has really helped me and he is a really different kind of DC. No drugs, no surgery, no false hopes – Just major pain relief in a matter of a few days!! If you are interested, his name is Dr. Michael P. Via of Huntington, WV. He is unlike any other doctor out there. If you want to take a chance at getting a miracle, this is your man!! Good luck to you. I am really on your side and hope the best for you!!

  38. juanita says:

    Dr. Drew
    I’ve been watching your show, and am wondering why we rarely see Rodney?? I like to watch him cause I feel he has a good story to tell, but how can we here it if we never see him?? Hope to see more of Rodney soon Juanita

  39. Danekw64 says:

    I’m 44 years old and 6 years ago I had a compression fracture at my T-12 that severed my spine and left me parylized from the waist down….oh and I’m a recovering alcoholic/addict and I have to say dealing with my alcoholism was a far greater & harder task then dealing with my back recovery. With my back and paralizes I had to work extremely hard with therapy and the pain but after 3 months at a physical therapy rehab hospital, after I was told there was no chance of me ever walking again, I left there on crutches and have never been back in a wheelchair since. Believe me when I say I know the struggles of getting off the narcotic pain meds that help me feel a little bit better and knowing I couldn’t turn to alcohol in place of because of my desease. I say all this cause I truly believe Jeff Conway isn’t close to even wanting to get help! All he wants is his meds and a ton of pity from everyone! Dr. Drew you have the patience of a Saint! I would kick his butt out of there and tell him not to come back until he’s ready for help! I’ve been through it all and I’ve played all the games you can play and bullsh%tted myself and others and I have no tolerance when it comes to someone like him because I see alot of myself in him! I hope one day he’s ready to get better….and the back pain…toughen up and quit feeling sorry for yourself Jeff…..you have to work hard to get better….and trust me dude, there’s a hell of a lot more people far worse off then you or I as far has our physical disabilities and pain! Rodney I admire you! You are one hell of a good man! Steve & Amber, love you guys and I pray for all the cast members….you gotta want it to get it and to keep it! it’s worth it believe me! You all deserve to feel good and you will….I promise! Thank you for your service Dr. Drew and your wonderful staff….you guys are the best!!!

  40. Paula Albert says:


  41. oldbaby says:

    Jeff, give it a )@_&&!#(!+$%~_*_ ing rest already.

    Man up, stop being such a little `)^!#+~#`%(_$+_)* You’re in rehab, deal with it.

  42. StacyAnn says:

    I just want to say that I have had back problems for 9 years now. After 150 sessions of physical therapy, 12 injections and 3 operations and a loss of a very lucrative career, I live in constant pain daily. It seems to me that Jeff’s obsession with having more and more surgeries is just a way for him to keep getting pain medication. Like Dr. Drew said: people have surgeries and crash cars just to get pain meds. It seems like that is what Jeff is doing by insisting on having surgery after surgery. My question is why do doctors keep operating on him ?? There are many alternatives for people who live in pain……spinal cord stimulators, pumps and alternative medicine have all been proven to be effective for many patients. Yet, he doesn’t seem to want to explore any of these alternatives. His manipulative manner is textbook addict behavior. I think he is just trying to numb the pain of a loss of career. Some days he seems fine, then others he acts like a 5 year old who is not getting his way. Not that I wish this on anyone, I don’t see Jeff getting any better until he faces the REAL reason why he is addicted to opiates. Even when Dr. Drew asks him about teaching, Jeff has an excuse as to why he can’t even do that. That too is classic addict behavior. When he breaks down and admits he can’t stand the failure, the broken dreams that don’t happen. You don’t have to be an actor or someone in the entertainment business to feel this way. I too have lost everything because of my back problems….my career, house, car. Yes, the failure and broken dreams are very tough to take, but the average American cannot sit around feeling sorry for themselves because of broken dreams. A lot of us don’t have the opportunites that people in the entertainment industry have. Most Americans don’t have something else they can fall back on as far as a career. Because of this, I have taken jobs at minimum wage and struggled to get by. I am still waiting for disability after 2 denials. Now I have to go in front of a judge—in another 6-8 months. RIght now I am completely unable to work and am living on $303 a month on `__!@^+!_)#~$+$ istance. Jeff has a teaching career to fall back on and it kinda pisses me off that he is making excuses as to why he can’t do even that !! I wish I had that luxury…………stop your complaining Jeff, suck it up and teach!! And thank your lucky stars you are not an average American financially struggling just to put food on your table and barely make the rent on a tiny one bedroom apartment. Maybe THAT would wake you up and realize how lucky you are to not have to worry about money cuz it could be A LOT worse for you Jeff !!!!!

  43. jim says:

    oh good lord…….does anyone pay ANY attention to these worthless jackasses on celebrity rehab shows? Why can’t they all just disappear and stop using up my bandwidth? HEY PEOPLE!!!! We don’t really care about formerly famous, rich, spoiled wanna-bes. PLEASE….GO AWAY! Most of us are interested in people with IQ’s in triple-digits. And Dr. Drew is an MTV has-been. To VH1…..this kind of show can’t be helping society in general….please start showing something relevant and worthwhile to the majority of your viewers, lest we all go away and leave you with nothing but the absolute dregs.

  44. WLeeC says:

    My heart goes out to all the participants on this show, and to all who went on to Sober House (from both seasons and also to Andy +&@~^+(##$!_%^(_ There are people actually rooting for all of you, who wish you well and wish you a happier and healthier life. And tho the staff, stay strong, and keep up the great work. You have a terrifically difficult job, and you’re doing it under the spotlight of television. Reality tv has is detractors but I appreciate the spotlight this show shines addiction and treatment. It’s sorely needed and long overdue, particularly in Hollywood.

  45. Belinda says:

    I find this show to be very anti-male. Like it’s perfectly alright for Nikki to beat up on her husband and it’s perfectly alright for Vicki to beat up on Jeff. Yet, Jeff kicks Vicky in the chest and it quickly becomes this whole “men should never hit women” issue. Believe me, I am in no way condoning what Jeff did, or any man beating a woman….but yet, if we’re supposed to be fighting for equal rights, why is it okay for women to hit men anytime they choose to. I’m a woman and I don’t think that’s right. Tawny whatsherface says she thinks it’s wrong for a man to hit or harm a woman no matter what, yet she was famously arrested for !+*#@+%!^~)`)@! aulting her husband while he was driving…then later she even laughed at Amber’s suggestion to beat up Gary. So, what is this? Feminist propaganda? Geez…I think Shelly said it best when she told the group “It is wrong to !+*#@+%!^~)`)@! ault another human being…no matter who they are.” My sentiments exactly.

  46. Darrell says:

    I am so thrilled that someone has finally pointed out the anti male bias on this show! Yes, it was wrong for Jeff to kick Viki, but let’s not forget she’s just as violent as he is yet all they seem to focus on was him kicking her! The other one, Nikki, who actually threw something at her husband’s face and nearly sent him to the hospital and everyone was all sympathetic to her! Earlier in the series, Jeff told Dr. Drew about Viki beating him up yet all he focused on was “Did you ever raise a hand to her?” and he was all “I would never hit a woman”….so, Belinda, thank you for bringing this up! It needs to be discussed because female-to-male violence has become far too culturally accepted in our society and it needs to be stopped!

  47. Debbie says:

    I have to Tivo this show for two reasons! He is one of them with his temper tantrum baby acting! Tossing a fit cause “You cant go out and leave me here alone” wah wah crap! He is really easy to fast forward over!
    And the other reason TAWNY (Julie) Do you think no one saw you on Chelsea lately? Good lord, it is a job I think you stated? That came out before the final show had even aired! Addiction Recovery is not a payable JOB! WTH is wrong with you people!
    KUDOS to Rodney King! When all you know about a man is the public scandal he is involved in it makes it really hard to understand……… He is about the most real and humble person I have ever seen on this show and I wish him ALL the luck in the world in his recovery!

  48. schmoopy2 says:

    With Jeff, I’m not sure which came first, the addiction or the narcissistic personality disorder. He has all the earmarks of a person with the disorder. They call those with this disorder “King Baby” and that’s what he acts like. The only reason he came in tap dancing is because his grandiose sense of self was fed the night before when he was able to get attention form cops, rehab employees, and everyone else. In other words the world revolved around him, just as he thought it should, so he was happy.

    I believe that’s what “back injury” is all about also.

  49. Pat says:

    The show is interesting,but I have no sympathy for them.They at least got a shot at a good life,and all ended up on dope or booze.What of the many who never get a chance like they have in life,yet meet the daily struggles and stress of every day life without bowing to try and “BE COOL” by taking dopeI really enjoy it when they attempt to get their life back, but we can do without Jeff Conway.He sure don’t look like he is in pain when he gets mad and jumps up cussing,and then when he gets home he takes his pain pills and says oh they working fast. He is just plain full of s+++.How do I know?After 4 amputations on legs and 3 yrs of percocet and oxycontin sometimes the pain pills don’t work at all, but they will never work that fast.Get rid of Conway, and show will have more respectability.Hope he isn’t there for next season. Have gained a lot of respect for Rodney King tho,before show I thought he was just a agitating N but he sure impressed me

  50. julie says:

    yeah. not saying it’s right for anyone to physically abuse anyone, but i found it funny that all jeff did was push her away with his foot and she thumped backwards like he thrashed a giant brick at her. then tawny was all – there is no excuse for a man to hit a woman – well, she’s a bit of a hypocrite because not too long ago, she beat the living crap out of her husband while he was driving and with their two young daughters in the backseat and all she could do about it afterwards was boast about how she actually beat up a man. we all know tawny absolutely hates all men, but what kind of example is she setting for her kids? then when amber talked about beating up gary so badly that it would make what jeff did to vicky seem small and tawny just laughed and said – you go girl! i agree this show is very anti-male. even when shawn stewart was talking about his problems with his girlfriend telling him he’s worthless then amber had to cut in the helpless female and everyone including shawn had to get all weepy about her. same thing when nicky talked about beating her husband rather than reprimand her telling her it’s wrong to hurt her spouse the way they lectured jeff they all felt sorry for her. this show is another example of america’s seemingly endless gender bias. i stopped watching after the whole jeff and vicky incident. i won’t even watch reruns anymore.

  51. Brittany says:

    Why are all of you making Jeff and Shawn out to be “innocent victims” here????? They are both jerks who beat up and mistreat women! I can’t believe there are actually women on here defending what Jeff did to his wife! He really did hurt her by kicking her very hard in her breast! He could have seriously hurt her! Then after he apologized to her after abusing her for the fiftieth time, she forgives him and takes him back! Then when they got back to their home he immediately started in on her about his pills! If you ask me, she has every right to beat the crap out of him! And Vikki never said she beat up her husband, she through something at him, but it’s not like she sent him to the hospital! And her husband is a bit of an ***hole anyway’s! As for Tawny, yeah she beat her husband, but he deserved it for beating her! And she’s actually still married to him! I remember what she said on “The Surreal Life” about how he beats her and talks down to her in front of their kids! But for some reason all the media could focus on was her beating him up in a car! So, yeah, there is gender bias as you say, but it’s the complete other way around! Men are still treated like kings while women still have to fight to be heard! I am all for women beating up their husbands/boyfriends showing them who’s boss!

  52. Kenny says:

    i really just wish that i could open the paper tomorrow and see that jeff conway had finally overdosed and put all of us out of the misery of watching him cry like a )`_~$~**(++`()!~` about his supposed “pain”. he is a plague on society and does not deserve to breath the same air as the rest of the world. i hope that he realizes he was never anything more than a second rate “star”. nobody gives a &$@%($&_%&##!+(# if this @(“_#!&`~%*(`% hole wakes up tomorrow morning.

  53. denise says:

    i have not seen the episode you all are talking about because i actually stopped watching this show after the second episode. i did hear about this though. there really is no excuse for hurting anyone no matter what gender they are.

  54. Bobby says:

    That was a total double standard.
    Since we all know Vicky beats up on Jeff alot more and all he did was push her away.
    But that b**** actually kicked his back after surgery.
    Anyone also remember in the first season how she actually brought alcohol with her that one time?
    Yet everyone was painting her to be this helpless little woman who was being brutalized.
    Kind of like in the first season when the Baldwin guy was texting dirty stuff to that blond porn star and everyone got all over him but treated her like she was so innocent and crap then brought in the “he doesn’t respect women” crap!
    Whoever said this show is anti-male/pro-female hit the nail right on the head.
    That’s happening alot in the world alot of gender favortitism.
    To say it’s perfectly fine to hit and mistreat men is reverse sexism…no, it’s sexism PERIOD!!!

  55. robin says:

    I have watched this show with amazement. How can anyone get sober in 21 days? I went in for 90 days and it was sitill rocky getting out. This whole idea is crazy, I hardly ever hear about the steps, it’s more about the drama. I’m not famous so like many others will have to stick with the big book.

  56. Vespia says:

    Jeff Conway,
    I was addicted to everything and anything almost 15 years ago I became sober when my sister decided to accidently shoot herself with a 22 mag. A few years later my brother was a victim of homicide at 25 years of age. I am not bragging , but I did manage to keep myself sober for 15 years or more.
    I know you are a celebrity, whatever that means, but I think I am better looking than you as a woman than you are as a man. And you are very good looking!!!!!

    When you think about others before yourself everything seems alot clearer. Also I have a great detox water machine that makes a lot more difference than junk food at rehab!!!


  57. Alana says:

    Sean. can you here me! I feel a bit odd sending a blog to a star but I really couldn’t help it. As many, I have always been a fan of your fathers. I have a lot of siblings and by proxy listened to all of his music. I have always felt a wierd connection to your mom because she was the only one who had my name and when people would ask I would always say “Alana like Alana Stewart”. I felt proud. Before Celebrity Rehab I didn’t know anything about you but I have to admit I fell for your handsome self. Living the life of a Rod Stewart fan I never consiously thought about Rod Stewart’s kids. Celebrity Rehab changed it all. I was truly saddened and angry at how people treated you or talked to you growing up. You are a very caring person and handsome too! (I think I said that already.) I wish the best for you and I will move on with my crush on you.


  58. mommabear02 says:

    People!! Get a life. I’m reading all these comments, and no one is realizing that the people (albiet “stars”) in re-hab, are there for a reason. Doesn’t this reality show explain to you-in depth, what “addiction” does to normal human beings? Not one of these celebrities deserves to be addicted, but they are, therein lies the problem. For the rest of us to call them names, and suggest that they should be dead? What the hell’s the matter

  59. mommabear02 says:

    (woops, I hit submit before I was done) is the matter with you? I certainly hope you sef-righteous message senders never need help. These people are addicts!! I’ve seen Jeff when he’s looked absolutely horrendous, and then pictures when he looks good. How sad he is in the condition he is in. I know what back pain is and can do to you. Apparently, none of the rest of you have a clue. So for the rest of the population, get a life, and pray you are able to stay in oblivion. For the rest of the world, show a little compassion. As my mother used to say “There but for the grace of God… go I”!!!

  60. Mary says:

    I think that all of the people in your rehab have NO and 0 intention of getting help. Also, Dr D if feel you really cared you would help. Well you are not helping these people, you just want money. Very sad that you play around with there lifes. They are all washed up actors, singers and entertainers or whatever. This is very sad that you would even put your self on the line for the show. I am sick of people like you just trying too make a buck off of people. Whe you go to bed and think about it , hopfully it will make you think about it and you will really help people instead of just the show.

  61. monblues says:

    i have been in rehab in this show is a joke to me they get to much freedom if they only new what its like to be locked out of a toilet,to onlybe able to have a cigerett when they say it is ok.SUCKSthen they shove your `_!_!%)#&(@^_(& of to another rehab because they cant help you any more or your insurance runs out.this show makes me upset.to see what they got away with and you wonder why they relaspe????they all need a reality check.IF SOMEONE COULD ONLY HELP ME!!!

  62. monblues says:

    i have been in rehab in this show is a joke to me they get to much freedom if they only new what its like to be locked out of a toilet,to onlybe able to have a cigerett when they say it is ok.SUCKSthen they shove your $)&`$!+###**“^ of to another rehab because they cant help you any more or your insurance runs out.this show makes me upset.to see what they got away with and you wonder why they relaspe????they all need a reality check.IF SOMEONE COULD ONLY HELP ME!!!