Now Presenting…Buddha’s Butt


You may or may not know that Ezra “Buddha” Masters, the man who was a Tailor Made away from winning New York’s heart on I Love New York 2, occasionally appears on the erotic cable series Zane’s Sex Chronicles. In the clip below, our boy keeps the skin in Skinemax, baring his butt in a sex scene at around the 2:27 mark. This video seems to have been recorded off TV via camcorder, but it is clear nonetheless. That is to say his full moon shines bright, so this NSFW…unless you happen to work in an underwear factory.

Note, that video’s been deleted, but you can catch Buddha’s Zane reel below. No more butt, though. :(

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  1. Tynesha Jenkins says:

    Buddha is ugly and racist.

    “You couldn’t handle a strong, BLACK man,” is what he told New York at her reunion show.

    Oh, please.

    I’ve been dating a white man for the past two years and he has been WAY better than any black man that I’ve dated. “Once you go black, you never go back,” is a bunch of BS! Along with the myth that black men are well endowed. Every white man I’ve dated has had a bigger peen than every black man I’ve dated.

  2. Ms. Lady says:

    Tynesha, please don’t continue to use lies and untruths on the internet. I mean, isn’t it bad enough you are lying to yourself?!

  3. G says:

    THANK YOU Ms. Lady


  4. michelle says:

    budda you are so fine …new york did not deserve you….I mean did not baby

  5. saywhat says:

    tyneshsa played herself first buddha is far from ugly who cares if your dating a white man more power 2 ya!!!your the one who seems racist

  6. MP3Panda says:

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