Connect With Katy Perry: See If She Thinks You’re Hot or Cold


You know how frustrated Katy Perry gets on her latest hit, “Hot N Cold.” She can’t get a bead on her boyfriend’s emotional waffling, and it drives her bonkers. Katy’s coming in to visit VH1 in the near future, and she’s wondering what has made her audience hot and cold this year. We’re giving everyone a chance to fill us in on that subject, and when Katy gets here, she might take a look at some of the more entertaining posts and offer her own two cents on ‘em.

You don’t have to stick to the subject of romance. Just let the world know what you’re hot about (faves) or cold about (frustrations) on any topic you choose. Music, politics, movies, fashion, videos, school, etc. Check back around December 15 to see if Ms Perry makes a comment about your comments.

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See the “Hot N Cold” video with some behind-the-scenes footage.

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  1. TinkaBell says:

    she devil got to go ,eye of the stomy lacey of death!
    Brandy C has been weak with out her oun indentiy crack ,LSD what ever you cant fix stuped!
    Heather, and as for the rest of the girls the games have just begun!

  2. SPmtkFX says:

    Since you’re giving me the chance. I’ve got to tell Katy that it’s my oppinion that she is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, with a great voice, and incredible legs!!

    Kisses Katy!!

  3. SPmtkFX says:

    By the way, love those eyes too!!

  4. SPmtkFX says:

    Love those beautiful eyes too!!

  5. Jennifer Neves says:

    Hot: Obama presidency!!! %##%@^`~)`%)!)#@* to the YES! (katy i’m sure you agree!)
    Cold: The results on Prop 8, C’mon people NO ON H8TE

    Hot: Katy Perry Forum! lol
    Cold: boys who leave you hanging for weeks without a word and then pop back up like nothing happened! WTF?

  6. Nicky-ficky says:

    HOT –> high waisted shorts and 40ies style

    NOT–> guys that shave their legs

    Katy , I love ur music and ur style !

  7. Pippasha Khan says:

    I get frustrated about people who do not care about others. The people who will sit on a bus and treat it like bin, the people who don’t let people pass on the pavement, the people who speak rudely to others. I’m not saying all these people are the same people, however, it would be so much nicer if everyone out there were polite and understanding. I don’t understand why some people my age act the way they do, swearing at people for no good reason, and generally being rude and disrespectful.

    It’s just cold.

  8. wanderer says:

    COLD: people who flirt with homosexuality/bisexuality publicly (or in a pop song!) in order to gain attention and because they think boyzzz will like them better for it, ignoring the fact that for many people, it’s a reality and by using it simply as a publicity stunt, it cheapens their experience.(fauxmosexuals, if you will).

    COLD: people who yank zooey deschanel’s style.

  9. CottonCandy says:

    prop h8 is colder than the north pole.

  10. jewel says:

    Katy Perry’s seductively soft silky smooth space centered slightly between two somewhat circular spongy shaped spheres certainly screams, “Seriously Hot ! !”

  11. pumkin says:

    cod is my is u and my dad

  12. Liverpooooool says:

    Katy make the world of music in 2008, hotter than its ever been before

  13. Christina (TKfan27) says:

    Hot: The Killers. My favorite band. And…Music just in general.
    Cold: When guys smoke pot, or if they smoke anything. A major turn off.

    Did I do that right? lol XD


  14. zoya says:

    Hot. Fall Out boy. I love Pop music.
    Cold. Boys that smoke anything and fuss and yell when drunk

  15. Emily says:

    Something that really frustrates me is how people blow simple, decent things out of purportions. For ex., the book, Twilight, was currently made into a movie which people camped out in front of theatres to see it first. I went to see it and it was a decent film. I’ve read the book and prefer it to the movie, but all these girls are like, “OMG! Edward Cullen is SO hot! I am SO going to marry him and have him bite me!” Ugh, just writing this is making me sick! I hate it when girls do this and can’t wait for the fad to be over.

  16. jeff says:

    the biggest turn on to me is a really good girl in public who acts a little bad when i get her alone

    my turn offs is when a girl cusses and complains and acts more dumb than she really is.

  17. Frjaze says:

    A honeymoon?

  18. Patti says:

    Hot: Women who flirt with homosexuality/bisexuality in a pop song in order to gain a chance at a little bit of fame. (I’m taking that from a dumb post I saw below haha). That way both boys and girls will think Katy is sooo hot (which she is). A personal thanks to Katy for providing lesbians with a song we can sing at the top of our lungs in the club and for being gay friendly. Another hot thing: You are every bit as talented and as pretty as Zooey Deschanel.

    Cold: People who take songs like “I kissed a girl” too seriously and post all kinds of hate messages regarding Katy and the song. Religious zealots who are actually more scary than the song they are protesting!

  19. Brandi says:

    i have alot of things that make me hot and cold…. like Tyra Banks, i love the Tyra show but it drives me crazy that she tells people on that show that they are beautiful the way they are and then goes on America’s Next Top Model and tell all these girls that they have to be skinny to be beautiful and to be americas next top model… and my boy friend drives me crazy… i am in a long distance relationship right now so that makes it really hard, to mention like one night hes like all loveing and talkin like hes totally inlove with me and wants to marry me and then the next night hell be all like different its hard to explain, but it drives me crazy its like dating a girl, but hes still a really great guy and i love him very much so i deal with it…

  20. Ashley says:

    I think one of the hottest things this year is Katy Perry. She is a wonderful musician and an even more wonderful, funny person. Katy is a great example for all women. She is a strong,confident, and bold woman. Ms.Perry speaks her mind and encourages woman to do whatever it is they love. Katy shows that if you want something you have to take. You can’t just wait for someone to serve it to you on a silver platter. Katy Perry teaches that you also have to work hard and persevere. She is a wonderful role model. She is my idol.
    I also loved the book Twilight. I’m not a big fan of reading, but I really enjoyed this novel. The author is great at what she does. I can’t wait to read the other three books. I’m hot about Katy Perry and Twilight…but mostly Katy Perry.
    I strongly dislike it when people chew with their mouth open. The sound is loud and annoying. It’s also super nasty to see all the chewed up food in their mouths. I feel bad saying this because my close friends and some of my family that I love oh so dearly chew food with their mouth open.
    Also, the economy is horrible. My family and I have been going through a rough time, as are many other families. Many people are losing their homes everyday. It is sad and heartbreaking not only to be in the middle of this, but to see others who are suffering just as much, if not more. I am cold about the economy and chewing with an open mouth.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this comment. I really appreciate it. I’m hot that someone is taking the time to read my thoughts and opinions.

  21. bethany says:

    whats hot this year is katy perry. i agree with ashley, katy perry is a great example for women. she isn’t all slutty like some other singers. she is a perfect role model for young girls and teenagers. In Katy’s video hot n’ cold, i think it’s showing us not to let the guys lead us on. know they are ready and not just saying they are then stand you up. Katy Perry is my idol. what’s cold is other musicians prancing around in slutty outfits showing girls what they shouldn’t be wearing.

  22. Sydney says:

    What’s hot is all of the awesome music that’s come out this year in all genres. We had great breakouts this year and even more talent coming from other stars. And great movies so many great movies came out this year.(Dark Knight anyone? Heath better win the Oscar or I’m gonna be PO’d.) What’s also hot is that Barack Obama is gonna be PRESIDENT ON MY BIRTHDAY! Yay! Change we need! YES WE DID! What’s cold is that I this guy I like is giving me mixed signals. Hot N’ Cold is very appropriate for me right now.

  23. carolina says:

    woow..i love katy..I´m from chile..
    some people and i wants katy in chile please…

  24. Simone says:

    hmm .. hot- defnitely Katy Perry! I love her to death! She’s absolutely gorgeous, I love her voice, her style is too cute & she goes out with 1 of the sexiest guys I’ve ever seen ;)

    cold- boys who try over & over to get in my pants when they know “they can’t afford me” lmao
    (i wasnt saying it as like me being a prostitute; but using one of Katy’s songs)

  25. Christie says:

    Hot–Jack’s Mannequin’s new record, all of the new artists coming out, Barack Obama, Warped Tour, best friends that put up with anything, finally being comfortable in my own skin, playing the piano.

    Cold–my dad and I fighting about Prop 8, Prop 8 passing, guys that lead girls on, guys that drink to excess and can’t control themselves, college applications, the government taking OVER HALF of the money I made over the summer in taxes.

  26. Jessie says:

    Hot – Boys Boys Boys by Lady Gaga, lime green fingernail polish, boots, the Britney Spears documentary, hot chocolate with marshmallows, and bright red lipstick.

    Cold – Ex-boyfriends, Avril Lavigne, spiders, Physics homework, Paris Hilton’s My New BFF, and the weather.

  27. Amalee says:

    Hot- BSpears comeback tour, dark nail polish, bright red lipstick, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Christmas, hot chocolate, NY, Paris, equal rights for everyone, Obama as president-elect, college

    Cold- BSpears comeback tour ticket prices, JoHoes [phone call break ups], cold weather, iced coffee [for now], LA, Paris Hilton, Prop 8, being left out by your “best friends”, high school, DRAMA, drunk idiots

  28. scott says:

    HOT- got my own apartment, partys, culinary school (JWU north Miami), friends, capoeira, old punk bands, playing guitar, playing drums, listening to alot of bands that people think are annoying (i could care less what they think)… etc

    cold- the fact that me and my girlfriend came to the same school (JWU) only to find out that she didnt love me anymore and didnt want to be engaged to me any longer… so we broke up, um friends that screw u over in the end, bills, school payments, taxes, family issues that i could care less about right now …ect

  29. Alexandr says:

    HOT-Kate Perry
    Cold-any other))))

  30. Devon says:

    People are so cold. They always try to fin something wrong with you when they have problems. Or better yet they get frustrated when you doing better then them. How is that my fault, IDK!!! Things that enjoy though are food and true friends. I know food makes me happy orange sherbert ice cream calms me down immiadetly. Thx 4 Being Urself.

  31. Jess says:

    people are so cold about music..if a singer/songwriter has something to say about their lives they usually do it in song. people think its a way for attention and people to buy the song well its not cause i write songs myself and its a way to get things off your mind and not keep them bottled up. Im sure Katy Perry has spoken her mind in plenty off her songs am i right? what do you think?
    xox Jessica


  32. Lisa says:

    Hot: Katy for sure ;), Hello Kitty, concerts, crazy dresses, shopping, great films, funny videos, making photos, meeting friends, holiday, …

    Cold: Snow IS cold ;D, people who are talking ~)&*&#%+@_)_@+#% lies, too much homework, …

    p.s: I’m from Germany, so… greetings from Germany!!!! :)

  33. Kirsty & Craig says:

    We want to taste Katy’s cherry chapstick!!

  34. JODY says:

    HEY KATY !

    love your hits ‘hot & cold’ & ‘i kissed i girl’ !

  35. Emma! says:


    What makes me hot is definitely the frickin’ summer, aaaand James Lafferty from the hit TV show One Tree Hill. YUMMY =P Of course, you, too. I could go on all day like a psycho stalker, but I’m not THATTT weird, am I?! Nawwww =D

    What makes me cold is the winter, and I hate the winter. YER HATERS MAKE ME COLD, but then again, they get me pretty heated and angry – so I guess that would fall under the hot category, wouldn’t it?….

    Love ya! =)
    P.S.: I can’t see you in Chicago cause I’m only 16 so work yer magic for me!


  36. Nicole D says:

    I’m “hot” about Katy Perry of course! well since I started listening to her songs, the lyrics are amazing! I’m a fan from an Asian country (Malayisia).
    I guess this make my topic “music”…..
    Hot about Miley Cyrus too…both artist are good as in voice, lyrics, own unique idols!

    Cold about stupid critics and false news and rumours in the music industry….”Miley’s dead!”, “Katy Perry is a lesbian”…such bull stuff are “interesting” yet frustrating.
    Another frustration is definitely the censored words in songs or sometimes sentence! Well thats in my country.. “I kissed a girl” became “I kissed”….=.= sucks..

    The singers and songwriter’s music is all we care and want!

    Lastly, Katy Purry! you have lotsa fans here in Malaysia! I’m one of the big ones!! LOL…
    Peace Out!

  37. Typhani says:

    thats number one!

    What makes me hot is that i love to work and travel and keep up with my favorite celebs I have to say your up there in my top 5, I love all your music and go beyond the limit and sing about the touchy subjects, I have to say your so gay is my favorite!

    what makes me cold is that I am the kinda chick that will tell you how it is, I hate it when ppl are doggin on ppl and how they live and gross ppl that dont shower or twist ppls word, but i will hit you up and call you tonight, I am there like al the time


    Katy your amazing!!!!

  38. Alin C. says:

    Of course I’M HOT about Katy! And I’m cold when I don’t hear from her on her blog or other site’s where she talks to us her fans.
    I love her music even if I knew about her songs when this year started. I feel so crazy and I feel so good and I feel so ME when I listen to her songs because she has all the types; she has crazy songs and she has relaxing songs on her album and that’s what i love the most! You can find a song on her album for every single time for every single party or place you go…if your sad if your happy if your crazy if your naughty you find the perfect song on her album
    “One of the Boys”;
    and trust me I am one of the boys who loves her, who loves her music, who loves her nature! Her birth took place in the same month with mine only some years earlier so I am glad and I look at her like a sister that I didn’t have, i look at her like she is a great friend who is far away but keeps in touch with me when she can do that. She is amazing and her music and her nature changed my life from ok to GREAT! She has it all! She is pretty, she is smart and she is so much more then I could say or anyone could say!
    And I have so many things to say to her but I can’t…. I didn’t go to any of her concerts because she didn’t come to Romania where I live…. So I say it now… ” Katy you have many fans here in Romania and we love you and I love you so much and trust me that I’m so Hot when I listen to your songs and I am so cold when i’m thinking that I can’t go to see you because it’s so far from me and sometimes I can’t afford it so I thank VH1 for letting me say this: COME TO ROMANIA KATY TO BUCHAREST! We love you and we wait for you this next year and please come soon!” All the best and YOU ARE AMAZING KATY AND I LOVE YOU!


  39. change it up says:

    I wanna kiss your lips but not the ones on your face.

  40. Andrada says:

    it’s really HOT when you’re alone while it’s snowing and your significant other dosn’t appear but in the end he cames from behind and kisses you to surprise you:D hm…HOT…when you find on your school desk a rose whit a sweet card ???:D :*:*:*

  41. Andy Drake says:

    I don’t know for sure what makes me “cold”, but Katy Perry definitely makes me “hot.” A talented, gorgeous girl, what a knockout!!!

  42. daniel thomson says:

    omg i love Katy perry hot n cold is the best and katy rocks she a girl that is not afraid to kick someones _+)%$_%)*$*&($! she is not afraid to tell someone the truth about something. hot and cold is a really good song, my dad loves the part with the base ball bats he thinks it shows how women can kick someones _+)%$_%)*$*&($! when their angry (every woman). katy perry is really funny from what i know, she is really random -i like random people they r really funny , i am one of them myself. i hope one day i will meet ya katy i have gotta your like the nicest on earth.

    p.s do u have facebook ? (im asking this cos i have a “katy perry” who seams to be you so im asking this as a confirmation).

    your loving fan

  43. Daniel Thomson says:

    grrrrrrr vh1 cencored out @@5
    alsough haters make me cold and katy makes me hat when ever im down i listen to that song its sooo lovely and hot!

  44. Jared =] says:

    Lets see! Well being single makes me cold! no one to drink hot chocolate with =[ haha.
    and what makes me hot is of course you katy. Maybe i am gay and love my boys BUT you are definietly gorgeous! =]
    Happy holidays katy.

    PS: been a big fan before I Kissed A Girl was even screw all the newbie fans always have been a dedicated fan of you before you blew up in hollywood. *which you deseve*

    Love your #1

  45. Megan says:

    One of my biggest frustrations is the sound of people chewing food.I know it sounds weird.One time i was in a restaurant and there was a table next to me with some guy and he was chewing like a horse it got me so frustrated i had to literally leave the restaurant.I just hate the sound of people chewing

  46. CLauDia says:

    COLD: rechargeable batteries, picking one’s nose, Chupa Chups, sudoku, pretending to be under a tunnel, Alice in wonderland, challenging your friends to Snake & Ladders, Mr. Hankey, hamburger phones, Pop Art, parodies, biting someone else’s nails, using fruits as sexual doubles entendres**

    HOT: when you say just the opposite of what you think only to see people’s rejaction and to say “Just kiddin!” at the end :D

    **btw, “Just kiddin” :D

  47. Emily says:

    Katy Perrys A S S makes me hot baha… also bananas, shooooes, ireland.

    cold: needing to wee….uuuuuuuuugggggghhhhhhh,

  48. nicole says:

    I love your song Hot and Cold

    I Iove your song Hot N Cold
    please E- mail me the answer
    thank you Nicole

  49. Katie says:


    What made me hot this year was KESHA!
    She’s got it going on …

    ..and I’m pretty sure you know how awesome she is- and how HOT she was in the ‘I Kissed a Girl’ video ;) So you should comment about how hot she is!!!

  50. Joshua LaFleur says:

    lets see. things that are hot and things that are cold. lets start with the hots. GUYS! lol. wow that was a little forward. but who cares thats just my personailty. another hot is people who are willing to just walk up to you and strick up a conversation with you out of the blue and its even better is when its dynamic conversation. Another hot is of course katy’s music. i found her cd and find many songs inspirational. I know that cliche but again do i care. i think not! another hot is me! wow concieted. lmao. Now on to the colds. people who have NO PERSONALITY it ticks me off to no freaking end. another cold is STUPID PEOPLE. and not just stupid as in low IQ stupid as in people who think they are always right about even thing and never give in even though they are wrong and they know it. another cold is people who are homophobic, sexist, bigots, chavenistic, hypicritical, and rude. wow long list. sry. lol.

    well enough of my ranting and raving. lol

    Much loves,

    Joshua LaFleur

  51. Carly says:

    katy, i love your songs so much they’ve helped me throughh a lot recently
    and all i wamnt to say is thanks

  52. Ella says:

    I luv you Katy Perry!!! Your music is brill!! I’m seriously cold on fajitas. The sauce squirts out onto my best clothes!!!
    Love and hugs, Ella x

  53. Cinie says:

    Cold :
    Boyfriends, who don’t have the heart to end a relationship (2 years), so that the girl has to do it, even though she is still in love with him.

    Friends, who are always there for you and help you to get through some hard $_*$!*@#@%^%*(~!

  54. Tushar says:

    Hey Katy! All I know is that yr music is so original, different, unique and just simply awesome!
    Keep up the kickass work! love ya!

  55. anindita says:

    chocolate is my real hottie, sure do they love me
    i didn’t gain weight like them who intently avoiding this brownie superstar :)
    people that has two faces and not loyal is surely have a mind that as cold as ice
    oo oo and also paprika! really COLD

  56. Tosh says:

    The Songs makes me Cold(Cool) When I’m Hot(Angry)
    But it also makes me Hot(Dance) When i’m cold (Bored)

  57. Shannon Mackay says:

    Hey Katy!!!:]
    i’d just like to start off saying your such an inspiration to me and this year you and your career have been my hot! Being an official Katy Cat and just being one of your biggest fans has been practically my life! I’m known around my school and by all my friends as “Katy Perry’s Biggest Fan”. Some people give me a hard time when others love it. Also another hot is your fashion! You are such an inspirational fashion icon with your unique style, i absolutely love it!
    Now for the colds; For me from being in highschool i think its just the highschool drama, wheather it be with boys or friends highschool always has its frustrations at times haha.
    Thank you so much for having this and doing what you do!


  58. Jennifer G. says:

    What’s HOTT for me??? Erm, Katy Perry. DUH-NESS. Lol. Yes Katy I think you are HAWT, and so is your music, especially I kissed a girl (which I have now changed to I kissed your mum, and I liked it hehe) fingerprints, ur so gay, and well evry track!! I just want to say the critics can say what they like,but your voice is amaaazing and your sound is so unique and your songs are incredz, and if they don’t like it, it’s ‘cus they need to pull the stick out of their &+`@$$+(*`+*~&! And go you for not caring what some people say, your lyrics are your experiences, they are not there to offend anyone, and if they don’t like it, well who said they gotta listen anyway??!!! And I love your quirkyness and your sense of fashion…I don’t know how you haven’t died from being on stage in ridiculous sized heels lol but I rate you for surviving!!
    Let’s see what else is on my HOTT list:
    Miley Cyrus…how can you not love her..she is da bomb yo!!
    Britney..she has an amazing new album called circus out, which among yours I am obsessed with!..and she is back to her sexy self strutting around the stage..Go team Britney!! Hop aboard Katy if you haven’t already. Ha ha.
    Ear muffs…they are just fantastic pieces of greatness, gotta have them this winter, if you like them I am NOT your friend.
    Cherry chapstick…all down to you lady! A girl can’t live without it.
    Fountains..they are hot because I like to jump into them and cold because I jump into them, you know you’ve jumped into a fountain at least once, if not I DARE YOU!!
    Love…My gf…best thing that’s happened to me and one of my bessies has been hit in the head with a love apple too..yay for love!!
    Whats COLD for me…
    Peeing on toilet seats…that’s just gross, at least wipe it off!!
    Paying to use public toilets…why???? Next time I will pee in the corner. I refuse to take money out just to get 30p change. W***’s.
    Oh and men who think they have the right to drool and oogle and stare at you just cus you are kissing another girl, get over it!! And no we don’t want a 3some, there is a reason a girl kisses another girl!! Sorry lol had to be said.
    I think that’s it, I’ve already said too much.
    I aplogise for this beast of an essay!!
    I hope you go platinum and take over the world Kittty Purry, fan now and forever!!! Jen xox

  59. Jennifer G. says:

    And nooo I meant if you DON’T like ear muffs I will NOT be your friend. Damit lol.

  60. Kathleen (Kitty Purry) says:

    I love hot n cold!! I’ve been a fan of katy perry for like half a year, and I absolutely adore her!! (you)
    Hot n cold is so colorful, and yet so relative. I love you katy!! I’m just wondering if you know this guy named Randy Orton, a WWE wrestler. I think you guys look so cute together!! He has blue eyes and a hot bod!! I even made a video on youtube about it.

    Love, love, love you,
    Kathleen (Kitty Purry on myspace)

  61. Melissa says:

    Katy you are like so hot. I have had a crush on you since your video for I kissed a girl came out. Then when I watched Hot’n Cold I loved you even more. If I ever get a chance to go to Californa I want to meet you someday. Also you are like one of my favorite singer next to Amy Lee (Evanescence) and the lead singer from Paramore. I also want to say thanks for making a music video about kissing girls because now can understand why all my bisexual girlfriends like you so much.

  62. Ivan S. says:

    Hi, Katy,
    I like your songs ( the lyrics are funny and sounds good ).
    I like very much a girl which totally looks like Katy Perry and her name is similar- Katia, and also is a little crazy (haha).
    She already do not know me but I hope to date with her soon :)

  63. Matt W says:

    Hello Katy,

    You fancy giving me a private concert next time you get to the UK?


  64. maria hite says:

    howdy katy

    IVE BEEN BRAINWASHED BY THE POPE…but i will speak of that on another day…

    so your asking for fans hots n are some of mine:
    -running out of toilet paper
    -accidentally drool or make an unhumanly noise on accident while in the presence of that hot guy
    -when they dont have it in your size
    -when my cell phone went off in church and blasted i kissed a girl and my mother who was preaching turned as red as a baboons +&`$(+`~^(_%__) when they do the weekly thing on the tv that prevents me from seeing the end of my favorite scrubs episode.
    -school lunches…serously what the hell is up with them…do they really think we enjoy tuna salad supreme with a sideorder of tartar sauce…what goes through their minds must be scarier than what goes through mine.

    ok thats a fraction of the colds..

    hots are:
    -hoodies on sale <333
    -when you start humming a song thats good to dance to then the person next to you in the hall looks at you and begins to hum along then after a while half the school ends up screaming the song while dancing…epic score
    -traffic when the kids in the car next to you are watching finding nemo and they see you dancing to “at the car wash” and they wind down the window and crank the volume for me to hear.
    -and of course when you can rip up your membership card to the itty bitty +~$)@(@*#^%$*$_ TY committee WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    well there are some of my hots n colds
    i hope you enjoy em katy and who knows, mabey you’ll read this on vh1
    and ill totally flip xD
    lol well i have u added on myspace so if you could message me i would consider that to be the most EPIC WIN EVER!!! just sayin
    so myspace is
    idk mabey we’ll talk some time…

    well anyways peace

  65. Eric says:

    You are hot!!!!

  66. Ally! says:

    Here we go…

    Cold- Working a full-time customer service job.
    Hot- Playing shows with my band to hundreds of kids on the weekends. And spending all my hard-earned cash on trying to make it my full-time job.. I live it hard in the night life and I wouldn’t trade a second of it.

    Hot- You (Katy Perry) being the first legit pop star to impress me this decade. There are a lot of female popstars with amazing voices, however the fact that you are a pop star with a sense of humor puts you on a whole higher level. You are the chick that everyone wants be best friends with.
    Cold- The fact that you totally got shafted by the Grammies…
    Jenny Lewis was robbed as well.

    Umm, you’re awesome. Keep it up. And add a MA date to your tour pretty please..

    Ahh and shameless plug for my band…sorry:

  67. krystal terrazas says:

    the term that’s got me cold this year! y sisnt i get a better job1
    (hot)- i kissed a gurl, ur song has become my theme song set when i work … i know its odd to imagine a dancer strippin ta dat song but lol i think its hot.
    alot a things got me cold this year like- my 8 mnth old got wat could b asthma, got fired from a good job, the elections, u gettin robbed at the grammies. my coworkers sayin all your songs suck, and my ex-girlfriend cheating on me with my sister.
    but a hella lot more things got me hot this year like- the fact that i now fit in a size 3, (go me), i got ta c u at vans warped tour, there is finally a pop singer who a) is hot as hell! b) has good music. c) has a sense of humor. d) sang a song bout kissing girls, n likin it lol. the fact that i am one of the only stripers.. oooh i mean dancers to dance to katy perry in killeen, tx. and i got a new tattoo!!!!! i found a good girlfriend who doesn’t cheat on me. i enrolled back into college after almost a year of not going due ta being pregnant. my son started ta crawl and walk the same day lol. and i learned how to cook!!!

    wow that is the most wierdest thing i’ve written.

    n e wayz, ur a real hottie n i love ur style.
    cant wait ta c u in march in texas!!!!

    luv krystal

  68. Jude says:

    I think it’s definitely hot that you’re riding a pink girl bike in your “Hot N Cold” video. Is this a reference to one Mr. Thiessen? I met you a long time ago and remember you riding a pink bicycle at the time…

  69. Brandon says:

    Katy, Ive seen the way you hate your exes, I was just wondering if maybe I could be one? haha

  70. Cindy says:

    Hey there.
    One hot thing this year has surely been your appearence!
    In the pupculture this year there hasn’t been something that was as entertaining as you.
    The cold thing about this are the haters i guess.
    People who actually DONT KNOW you are calling you stupid and ))_!%!!^~$+^#^^%# y.
    All the people I know who allready met you are saying that you’re pretty sweet and nice.
    I cant stand people who are insulting others just because of jealousy.
    I hope you can understand what I want to explain.. My english isnt that good I’m from germany.
    Happy Holidays. Cindy ?

  71. Ed says:

    Hi Miss Perry. Hope you are well and not suffering with the cold weather lol
    Have a Merry Christmas and a good ’09! Looking forward to hearing some more cool tunes of your’s.

    So, am I Hot or Cold? Depends. I get people telling me that I’m a little radiator I’m that warm sometimes haha.

    I personally think you’re scorching hot! ; )

    Anyways I shall leave you to it.
    Have fun and best of wishes in all that you do!
    Hope to sing with you on stage sometime.

    Ed x

  72. Paula N. from Valencia, Spain! says:

    Hi miss Vintage girl, hahaha, oh, Katy, I´m just loving ur music!
    And now I want to make music, and it´s your fault!
    You are so hot, sure! Hahaha, I´m from Spaind, and here we love having fun and we think that humor is so important, and u have it :)
    Hope that u can come to Valencia, my city, you know? its so cool hahaha!
    And i know you love vintage clothes, so if u come to Valencia to do a concert I will bring u my vintage suspenders from a vintage shop in Belfast, Ireland.
    so, what are u going to do? hahahaha!
    Merry Christmas and have a great time in New Years Eve!
    pd: i am spanish, so my english isnt very good, sorry ;)

    LOVE U :)

    Paula N.
    from Valencia, Spain

  73. Tim L says:

    Hiya i wanna see the new music video or movie that is coming out i have no idea what it is about in the tease.r :’

  74. ferNanndo says:

    Hi katy! I just wanted to say that I love your songs and videos, thery are so original and you look like you’re having fun making them specialy on Hot N Cold (you go a little crazy in that video and I love it) . You’re so HOT and I like your eyes.
    Happy holidays!

  75. Eleri says:

    Hey Katy, Vintage Mania :P
    I’m from good old wales (UK) lol.
    Would Just like to say, every song so far i love, can’t get them out of my head, even my phone ringtones and everything. Your soo whitty and a funny girl, reminds me of myself sometimes, dont care if i look silly sometimes or by what i say, thats the way to go :D no need to worry soo much in life. I’m actually inspired with the whol ‘i kissed a girl thing’ its no big deal, it hink its awesome your not shy about it. And have to say you have a very hot boyfriend haha. Think you both make the awesomest couple ever. Anyway, hope you have a great Christmas and New Years, and hopefully i’ll be lucky and have a reply off you for the first time :)

  76. patricia says:

    hey katy your new video hot n cold is so hot its awsome i love it bye

  77. HollyV says:

    hey Katy.
    i am sssssssssoooooo HOT about you! your amazing. idc what other people say, all your music is hot. not even close to cold. your fashion, style, lyrics, music all hot. not getting to see you til january 29 makes me cold. not being able to communicate exactly how much your music has influenced my life makes me cold. not having a picture of me with you makes me cold. but i absolutly love you. and your egg costume was genius. and you as ms. klause at jingle ball was amazing. that dress was adorable. i posted lots of pix on my myspace and then on the fanspace KATYCRUSH that me and my friend run. hope to hear from you soon!!!! loves you!!!!

  78. Andrew Sapega says:

    Hi Katy!!! I’m your big fan from Russia!!! I have a dream i wanna be an actor, and with such characters like you, i want it more and more!!! Your music it is the most exciting thing, i have ever heard!!! And of course you are very HOT!!!

  79. HollyV says:

    hi Katy…again.
    lol i really wan tyou to comment me back. im like a huge fan. i was cryin when i saw you from the 3rd row of floor seats at Jingle Ball. you were amazing. you coming out as an artist was the hot highlight of my year. i know all the lyrics to your songs. and ive seen you on Ellen, VH1 with Ferras, everything! i have all your music videos and know like what you are doing at every moment of every video. kinda creepy i know, but when you watch em as much as i do it happens. lol
    once again, hope you are well, and cant wait to hear from you!
    <3 HollyV
    ps. merry xmas!!!

    pps. and a happy new year!!! lol :D

  80. I am NoyPi says:

    hey katy! i dunno if yu realy are going to respond to these…but ima try anyways.
    ur probly sick of hearing ppl tell yu that ur the sexiest $!)!)#!%~&*(`_+_) theyve seen sooo i wont say it again. not that i dont agree of cors ;). whats hot for me is: FRIENDS, MUSIC (piano, guitar, viola)chocolate, puppies, honest but caring ppl etc. whats cold foe me is: ppl who @*(^*(_^#^#*&(# ume things about yu, ppl who overreact, ppl who take things waaaaaay too seriously, ppl who act like their smart when theyre the opposite, ppl who r afraid to sho their tru selves cuz it might not b “cool”.
    i kno i wrote too much alredy but i jus gotta say that i absolutely enjoy ur music. theyre so original. ur not the average popstar, you dont shun your fans. you talk us like wer ur friends and ur not scared to update us with truthful news about ur ideas. the critics are taking ur songs way way waaay too seriously, like our fellow christians out there ( yea im christian too). ur doing a great job! ur a great person for ppl to look up to.
    ok ive sed too much. i hope im the first Filipino girl youve heard from. later kity purry

  81. I am NoyPi says:

    is it also possible to stay in touch wit u? i only hav email…no myspace or anything….

  82. Jessica Cardinali says:

    Hey there, Katy! You’re the best and I love you, but you already know that, so I’ll cut to the chase… ;)

    Uhm, HOT to me is…:
    - Obama (yay!!!)
    - Peace
    - Singing “I Kissed A Girl” wherever and whenever without giving a damn (for lack of a better word LOL)
    - Pasta
    - And last but not least… You! ;)

    While COLD to me is…:
    - Trash-gossip-paper “The Sun”
    - Prop H8
    - People whose only mission is ruining other people’s lives because they’re all about themselves and they don’t care about others!!!

    Alright, Katy, this is about it for now, I hope you find the time to comment on these, I’d appreciate it… I wish you the best!!!

    Jessica (Italy)

  83. becki :) says:

    haha this just makes me the laff the thought of me doin this but yano
    BARRACK OBAMA = legend what you think ? :)

    hows the celebrity lifelstyle leeeding ya love ?

  84. Meshell says:

    Hot: rockin’ out to your ipod without a care in the world (and the people around you gawking)
    Cold: people who never smile and people who leave their turn signals on while driving!

  85. Kit Kat says:

    Hi Katy!!
    What really bugs me about some people is how they don’t use their common sense! I don’t get why people can’t just figure stuff out! like it’s not that hard if you actually think every once in a while! Like some people will sit there and be like “duh what do I do now?” figure it out! People can’t just constantly do things for you! you’ll have to end up doing things for yourself by yourself eventually! that’s just my say on people lacking common sense and are lazy about it.
    I love it when people just don’t care what other people think and are completely crazy and charismatic in everything they do! I mean they just enjoy life and make the best of it, it’s like “whoa! I totally want to be like that!” and then it makes you just want to have fun and you do and that just puts you in a good mood! Love it!
    Kit Kat!

  86. carla patricia says:

    hiya im a big fan of you i know the hole song well half of your song hot n cold im a fan
    please wrigt bck

    hope you get this message

    patricia mateus

  87. carla patricia says:

    people think ur stupid i dont and they hvent got no commen sence
    they jus lov t cause trouble is that they dont lisning]
    i think all your songs are hot and there so gooooooooooooood

  88. taniaa_14 says:

    Whats Hot:
    Katy’s imitation of Single Ladies! Muy Caliente ;)

    Whats Cold:
    Stupid guys who hit on you constantly but have no intention of dating you properly! Hmph. ):

  89. claudia says:

    i think that my hot thing is believe in part of my life whitout boys and have fun in all the beachs like ibiza but my cold thing is do not have problems whit my family like im now so tha´s the reason that i want to travel like you and i´m watin´for you here in mexico i´d like to you be my friend love ya bye good luck to your life and i hope you could read my comment thonds of kisses

  90. katyperryluver*17 says:

    hey! katy, im a huge fan of yours and i love soo ^(^&%(#)($($^`~( ing much..ok theres more of that, but im going

    so hmm..HOT to me is,
    1. YOU..katy, of course!(:
    2. listening to ur music 24/7
    3. OBAMA-O’S(barack obama)

    and COLD to me is,
    1. friends that r truely not ur friend.
    2. people who dont even know you(katy)and just make the $@^$%!*$*_~++*)$ test comment about you..hate that crap!
    3. people taking thigs waay too seriously..and overreact them.

    so yea those are my hot n colds, i hope you do respond back even though there are like propbably more than 100 people who replied to this. but i am still hoping!(: katy i just wanted to say that you are a real dont act like those stupid divas out there..and you talk to ur fans like we are all in one family or best freinds..and its just cool like that.(: and some people who say $@^$%!*$*_~++*)$ about you makes me so mad,its just not right…but i know that they do have their own opinon but still i just get so fed up with it! and katy its really cool that u keep all of ur updates to ur fans(im one of them)i get really excited when there are updates from you! ok i wrote a anyways i hope you do reply back soon..(:
    i love you katy perry…forever…!!!!!

  91. Juan Pablo says:

    hot: the girl i loved loves me
    cold:i dont love her anymore :(

  92. slush monkey says:

    this song is awesome

  93. Michael Resendez says:


    first line…”hot and old” should be “hot and cold.”

    i’m an idiot….peace foo

  94. Ashley Pulgarin says:

    Hello Katy Perry. First of all I would like to say congradultions on all your success. You were awesome on Ellen,the Today show (loved your snow man ear muffs), and everything else. You are wonderful. You deserve all your success and soooo much more! I am truly your #1 fan.
    Well I’m hot about so many things. Of course Katy Perry is on top of that list. Katy is a true inspiration to all the people of the world. She followed her dream. She never quit no matter how bumpy the road got. Katy never gave up. Ms. Perry is super talented. You have such a beautiful voice. Katy Perry is so smart and wonderful. There are not enough words in any language to describe how wonderful you are Katy. I don’t even know what to write. I love how you’re not afraid to be the real you. Some famous people think fans won’t like them if they see the real them. People should like you for you, not who you pretend to be. You like to have fun and goof around. I hope one day I can be at least half as wonderful as you are. Your outfits are so different, you stand out. In a good way. You wear the best outfits. And your hair, and your make-up…beautiful. Katy you are just such a nice wonderful person. On a different note, I love the teasers you posted on your blog. They have me biting my nails and on the edge of my seat.
    Also, I love my friends and family. They have my back and I have their support. I trust most of them, but not all of them. They can usually be super nice, but when on their period…well they pms like a b****. Just kidding. They are always nice. I don’t know where I would be without them.
    I am cold about people who think they are better than everyone else. It gets me angry when someone is all alone because people think he/she is weird. People always make fun of the nerds, drama students, people with actual goals and dreams. I bet people told you that you wouldn’t make it as a singer. Well, they were more than wrong. You showed them. If someone looks different, or acts different, does that make them a bad person? God judges no one, why should we judge each other? I used to volunteer helping a class of mentally disabled kindergarteners and 1st graders. These children were so nice. I always try to make friends with the outcasts. They always end up being so nice.
    I don’t like people who are fake. I never know who I can trust anymore. I have to think long and hard before I tell anyone anything. “Hey Ashley, how was your day?” Hhhmmm, should I answer that?
    Okay, well , maybe it isn’t that bad. Trust is important in friendships and relationships. If there is no trust is it really worth the time. Liars, fake people, they can really hurt you with the smallest piece of information.
    Whoever is reading thanks for taking the time to read about what I’m hot about, and what I’m cold about. All in all, there is more good than bad, which is good. Hopefully, the good always out weighs the bad. If not….good luck. I love you Katy Perry!!! Hopefully, I will one day have the great honor it is of meeting you. Maybe I will. I’m going to your concert at the Wiltern on 1/31/09. Can you save some time to autograph some stuff. Us fans would love that. Good luck on Chelsea Lately, I love Chelsea Handler she is hilarious. You should read her books. They are funny. I got a challenge for you. Try to get her to say her catch fraise…”What a whirlwind.” Good luck and good bye Katy Perry.

  95. Becca a. says:

    HOT: KatyCats at HELLO KATY TOUR!

    COLD: people who _^%(~^^%++#*+#) ume things without even asking.
    I wish people would just question and find out the truth, rather than _^%(~^^%++#*+#) ume and play he said she said.


    Im super excited to see you this january, im going to 4 of your concerts!

  96. Louis Marriott says:

    Hi Katy I love you so much I think you are great. The first song i heard of you was “I kissed a girl” and I loved it the first time I heard it!! I know all the words to all of your songs. I think your amazing. I come from England and ive told all my friends about you and ive got them into you as well lol. Bye I love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  97. Nusak says:

    My life revolves around you, Katy Perry. I’m really obsessed. It’s soon only 2 months till 22/2 and you comes to Sweden and I’ll be there, It’s all I can think of.

    One of the boys – An album with incredible lyrics and music.
    Katy Hudson – These songs are brilliant and I can’t stop singin’ them by myself, they’re stuck in my head.
    Youtube – Filled with great Katy-videos and songs.
    Barack Obama – I think he will make a difference.
    Christmas – It’s beautiful and cosy , I just suck all lights, snow and smells in and feel the Christmas.

    Sweden – It’s cold outside and it’s so very boring, I just wanna run away to London or something.
    People who can’t pronounce Katy – Some people at the radio station either say “Katty” or “Kate”, and it’s driving me crazy !
    Christmas – It’s so hard to find christmas presents for everybody and it makes me stressed.
    School – It’s hard to fokus these days, all I wanna do is google your name and watch you at youtube.
    The snowing – It makes my hair curly and I hate it !

    Btw I Love You ! U are my life !

  98. Emma says:

    Nusak youre as sad as poo mayte. Get a life how can someones life evolve around one girl that probably would find you freaky being obsessed with her. I certainly would be freaked out if i were her… I like Katy Perrys music and all but i wouldnt like be obsessed youre SAD. And katy dont take the mik out of Lily Allen for being British because i am british…even though ur skinnier and are much prettier. Lily Allen is a LOSER MAYTE lol. Laav you Katy but im not obsessed lol:) xxx

  99. Dean says:

    Their gay, very gay. Get a life guys honestly :\ why isnt eveyone cool? Like .. KATY PERRY :|
    I must say i am enjoying the fact that it is xmas (: Dont you love it ?
    Write back katy homie :P Your wicked! Love the album, Love you!
    Do it, C’monn Do it
    DO IT

  100. kristina says:

    over the summer is when i first heard the song hot n cold & then i applied it to my own life when i split up with my best friend of 4 yrs… the song really made the break up easier for me & to look @ it in a non negative way… love it & love u!!

    new season of house, bones, ncis & csi
    im in love with a boi


  101. Lucas says:

    Hey katy! Im from Miami and a huge fan of urs! I luv all of ur songs!!! I mean u r a AMAZING singer!

    I know my comment was short

    Well, continue singing perfectly!!

    Rock on,

  102. Michael Resendez says:

    Hmmm….what makes me “hot and cold” (besides sex and ice)…

    Well one thing I’d say that makes me “hot” is dancing to Michael Jackson songs with my mom. Woot Woot! yeah. that’s the *&$(^$+`_(*(!_@` My mom rocks and she pretty much is an inspiration. (Love) Some other things that get me “hot” are: cats named kitty purry (or gizmo…it’s a tie), hot tea, chillin with pandas (never done it but it sounds sexy), bob marley, and getting off the hook after getting pulled over because I was swerving while dancing to “hot and cold” on the radio with my girlfriend because the cops daughter LOVES katy perry (yes, that really happened).

    First thing that comes to mind that makes me “cold” is stach (underaged chicas). Yeah, one of my best friends was dating one, and she accused me of having sex with her in a national park on a saturday morning in my jeep. What a hoe. First of all, my girlfriend almost brought the pain down because we were with each other all weeked nonstop. Than my friends girlfriend broke her bedroom mirror, defaced her house, and came after us with a machette (my life is…exciting). Other things that get me “cold” are: mushrooms, shark attacks, and cowboy boots (just…eugh).

    Pretty interesting eh? Well that’s about it. You rock! Great music. Sometimes when I’m mopping at work (a grocery store) and I hear “hot and cold”, I dance, and customers stare, but I just shake my booty even more (not really. bootylicious is a lame song). And by the way, this is really random, but I’m starting a clothing line called Zombie Shark Apparel (, and I was wondering what I’d have to do to be able to put a picture of you on one of my shirts. Like, so it wouldn’t be illegal and I wouldn’t be sued by your record company or something. Yeah. you should totally let me know. And than I’d send you one for free somehow so you can rock it when you’re just chillin and *&$(^$+`_(*(!_@` But I live in the middle of nowhere Iowa (yeah. I was born and raised in SoCal, this place is “so gay and it doesn’t even like boys”) :P Anyway, yeah. if you could, let me know! God Bless, woman! Peace out.

  103. Michael Resendez says:

    Hmmm….what makes me “hot and cold” (besides sex and ice)…

    Well one thing I’d say that makes me “hot” is dancing to Michael Jackson songs with my mom. Woot Woot! yeah. that’s the sh*t. My mom rocks and she pretty much is an inspiration. (Love) Some other things that get me “hot” are: cats named kitty purry (or gizmo…it’s a tie), hot tea, chillin with pandas (never done it but it sounds sexy), bob marley, and getting off the hook after getting pulled over because I was swerving while dancing to “hot and cold” on the radio with my girlfriend because the cops daughter LOVES katy perry (yes, that really happened).

    First thing that comes to mind that makes me “cold” is stach (underaged chicas). Yeah, one of my best friends was dating one, and she accused me of having sex with her in a national park on a saturday morning in my jeep. What a hoe. First of all, my girlfriend almost brought the pain down because we were with each other all weeked nonstop. Than my friends girlfriend broke her bedroom mirror, defaced her house, and came after us with a machette (my life is…exciting). Other things that get me “cold” are: mushrooms, shark attacks, and cowboy boots (just…eugh).

    Pretty interesting eh? Well that’s about it. You rock! Great music. Sometimes when I’m mopping at work (a grocery store) and I hear “hot and cold”, I dance, and customers stare, but I just shake my booty even more (not really. bootylicious is a lame song). And by the way, this is really random, but I’m starting a clothing line called Zombie Shark Apparel (, and I was wondering what I’d have to do to be able to put a picture of you on one of my shirts. Like, so it wouldn’t be illegal and I wouldn’t be sued by your record company or something. Yeah. you should totally let me know. And than I’d send you one for free somehow so you can rock it when you’re just chillin and sh*t. But I live in the middle of nowhere Iowa (yeah. I was born and raised in SoCal, this place is “so gay and it doesn’t even like boys”) Anyway, yeah. if you could, let me know! God Bless, woman! Peace out.

  104. barbara says:

    What make me hot Mmm your songs, cold mmmmm the winter i think jiji!

  105. Catherine Burns says:

    Hi Katy Perry I am 16 years old and what me hot is when i see a sexy guy with tattoes and straight hair and percings but it makes me mad when i see them walking with their girlfriends. what makes me cold is when i get cold feet and im about to do something crazy with my friends and i know that im going to get in big trouble for it.

  106. Lee says:

    Hi Katy…

    I just surfed in, i’m not sure what to write.

    People who are brave enough to say what they mean and what they think and feel–
    Guys with long hair a la Aragorn in LOTR, and Claudia Black from Farscape (DAMN i love that lady!). oh… and Vault soda too.

    Bill O’reilly, bigotry, cottage cheese, and perhaps…Britney Spears? My dad sez i’m like Jesus… that i love everyone–i don’t think that’s quite true, but i guess it’s a compliment.

  107. Keifer says:

    Well things that i think are hot or feel hot bla bla are hmmm let me think:
    1.well i have to put you down because your amazinggg.
    2.Hot Whether lol
    3.Travis Mccoy he is FITTT! sorry katy

    1.Lads in general they can be really nice to you one minute and then the next they just (saying this politely) poodigs man!
    2.TOMATOES ahhh even the word makes me sick.
    3.Jodie _^#^^(__#)!%)~%) ING Marsh i hate herr
    4.Kerry Katona I hate her too.
    5.The fact that you only got nominated for one grammy (what the freck was that about GEEZ)
    6.The Fact that i am up so late.


  108. neydah says:

    well let me start of by saying that you are FIRST on the HOT list.
    mini dresses but not in the burrry cold.
    your cd
    the katy perry doll

    what’s cold…
    bootcut : /
    love : (
    guys who drink buhaa and that pretty much it

  109. sou alice says:

    hi babe .. i am 24 too . i kissed a girl last year for trying. my boy freind find out and we break up. i am from tunisia by the way.. i am an interieur designer, sexy and funy. i think kissing a girl is the mus hot thing in the world.. keep on babe you are my hot and cold

  110. maria hite says:

    woo! im watching you on vh1 right now

    so i wrote a really good one a couple pages back so this is just to tell you that you should go look at that one
    its like page 7 or 8 i think

  111. maria hite says:

    yea page 7

  112. Lauren says:

    I love your video hot and cold!!! When you sing I feel relaxed. your songs are great!!!!


  113. mike gershon says:

    Hey Katy, I think it would be super hot if you were to sing for the half time show of the Super Bowl, while making a shoutout to your fan mike gershon.

  114. Rachel says:

    Heyaa ! Come and play in IRELAND ! ! ! i love ur music ! woo haha :D i love waking up in vegas and hook up ! :P but none of my freinds know your music that hasnt been released yet ! so its just me haha x rach

  115. Sarah says:

    Hey Katy….I made crazy thinks to get here cause i´m from Colombia, and i´m so young….i don´t care if you don´t answer me, but i just wanted to you know that i lve you and i´m trying to get your poster and all that… thanks.ur awesome and keep it up!!

  116. lainey says:

    omfg. u are UH-mazing!!! iloveyouuu!! i cant wait to see you on april 11 at myrtle beach!! i will be there!

  117. mike gershon says:

    I still think it would be really hot if you performed for the half time show of the super bowl and made a shout out me, mike gershon, but I think it would be even hotter if I were able to meet you in person, even though I know that will probably never happen.

  118. Val says:

    My favorite part about the video was the tear-stained brides. I made my mom watch it just to freak her out. Boy, did she laugh.

  119. Sammie :P says:

    Woah! I love this song! The video is like super duper amazing! Haha. Katy Perry is an amazing singer!

  120. Kriss says:

    Well i pretty much enjoy your music . And there’s a thing about you that awakes something in me that none other star does . It’s a strange feeling but i like it :’] . Maybe the eyes ? Anyway keep up the good work and do your best .
    /Cheer !


  121. chyme says:

    <<<<<<<3333333333333 she’s pretty perry.gosh awesome luv her music.all moroccans adore it

  122. theophilus says:

    you are bueatiful

  123. maria hite says:

    wooooo katy perry!!

    you should read my hot and cold…its on page 7


  124. andrea says:

    waaaaaa l love katy!!!she’s so perfect…!!!o.o

    hopefully someday she’ll come to mexico!!!!we love her here…!!!

    aahhmmm let me se….my faves…..aahhmm l guess that music,katy,parkour,chocolates,katy’s eyes,kisses,animals,straight edge,..l guess that the song you are so gay describes me a li’l bit.

    and my frustrations…..ahhmm,maybe that l haven’t met katy yet in person

    l guess that’s it..!!!

    love ya katy!!!youe +))+^_*&`+~(&!() ing awesome…!!!


    l’ve been a bad `$%@(+*@+@***)!!&@ ..!!

    by the way,l’ll be waiting here until u come to mexico..!!!

  125. telal says:

    katy perry u are the best ever come 2 australia in sydney for a tour please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE U KATY UR THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. Paul Arciga says:

    Hey katy. Just wanna tell ya that I’ve listened to all your songs but I loved the old and unreleased ones. They were the songs that made me look at you as a musician, and not just another pop star. Just wanna congratulate you, cuz you broke the mold and your fingerprints will always be on me. :) I’ll support ya til you’re 80. Keep writing good music, and I hope you stay as ballsy as you are now. :)

  127. Paul Arciga says:

    Im commenting again… Well, katy, I still have a few more comments…uhm…I just wanna know. Is it really you who posts blogs on ur blog in tumblr?Or do you have a tech guy? Just asking. Good luck with your “Hello Katy” tour… :)

  128. PaulArciga1994 says:

    Hey Katy, if you read this, I’m gonna be ecstatic like hell. If you reply to this, I just might faint. Congratulations on your success, and I hope you continue to write great, ballsy, in-your-face music.
    I love all of your songs, even the ones that weren’t on your album like “Simple”, “Long Shot”, “Hook Up” and the other songs. Your music is probably the inspiration in the attitude of the music that I write. I only play guitar though. I wish you all the luck, and I wish myslf luck that I might be able to meet you someday (like THAT will ever happen..) or maybe I could meet someone who’s alot like you, but maybe 10 years younger… So I guess I have to answer the question…Your music makes me hot! I’m not really sure what makes me cold, but it’s wintertime so umm… I guess winter makes me cold. Freddie Mercury (or Farrokh Bulsara if you prefer REAL names, Ms. Katy Hudson :) ) is cool.

  129. brisox67 says:

    Hii katy perry i am like your number 1 fan! okay if u respond to this i sware to god i will die! i love you so much i went to your concert and you just rocked that stage! Congratulations on your success i know your going be like the number 1 artist ever in the world for the rest of your life! Dont stop writing music Katy your so good and i love your song hot n cold. I wish i can meet you i would do anything to meet you i mean your amazing! okay well your music makes my hot! YOU MAKE ME HOT! okay well please respond to me Katy and i will problly be at another of your concerts i always look to see if your comming to ct please come to ct! i will be there!
    Thanks, From Brian : ]

  130. brisox67 says:

    oh yeah and Katy things that are cold are people who dont like you i mean who wouldnt like you your so awsome! i love you Katy Perry!!!!!!
    From, Brian

  131. Sophie Byrne says:

    Wow, i mean to be honest i really dont know where to start. Other people may say their your no.1 fan, but, they’re lieing! I really am. REALLY, really, REALLY, i’m not sure how many times to say how much i want to meet you but well i do :-). So your no.1 in america with Hot ‘N’ Cold, WOW. Anywho lets get back with the question. What makes me hot? Ummm…Katy Perry? Your damn right Katy Perry makes me hot (not in that way), But also the thing that makes me cold is cruelty against animals, i mean who could be that evil to hurt a defenseless animal? I know i couldn’t!. I am 100% behind PETA and i have a cat (luckily) named Fizzles and i love her more than anything (except Katy Perry ;-P). Honestly I really do and i think cruelty should be banned immediately because its just getting worse. So thats what makes me Hot ‘N’ Cold! Thanks for listening BTW….I went to NYSwizlle’s Jingle Ball Awesome! I saw Katy’s BF Markus at the Jingle Ball I flew out from the UK to see you Katy hope you appreciate it. When are you coming to Nottingham?!?! Last thing to say in the end of my “essay” is I WANNA FREAKIN MEET YOU! Thats it oh and i wanna meet Alanis Morrisette but i doubt that will happen. Katy respond to this please i am 15 and crazy mad obsessed with someone called “Katy Perry” Just kidding please respond so i can die peacefully. And you may be seeing me in around 5-10 Years (long time i know) Katy so watch out and lock your doors coz Sophie is hunting you down!

  132. brisox67 says:

    Yeah well i am your number 1 fan i sware to god i am i would do anything to talk to you please respond to me i really am your number 1 fan i really am! i know all your songs and i like the song dimond by you to idk why its not a hitt i mean its awsome! ok well some things that are hot are u and all of your songs, and some things that are cold are people that dont lissin to you and people who dont like you

    i love you from brian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. casey says:

    hey Katy luv u and ur music i call ur 1800 # all the time cant Waite until u come to Atlanta in April . u rox my sox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wen u were on ellen i cryed b/c i luv u

  134. casey says:

    hey again, omg my grandma goes around singing all ur songs b/c of me all ur songs rock on one of the boys!!!! ur my idol and i think you for everything. luv always casey walden

  135. casey says:

    i luv u so much ur my idol and i kicked someones ((%$^$%%&!+~+_` for saying that you suck and i got kicked out of sckool

  136. Alex says:

    Love your songs Katy, but what makes you Hot n’ Cold? I mean We all have our own little likes and dislikes but what in particular do you like or hate?

  137. jenny says:

    i just wanna say that i my only dream in life iz 2 meet u
    so please approve me on ur myspace mine is luv ya bye

  138. sadlittleboy says:

    best wishes on your marriage!! :D

  139. Guillermo Lopez says:

    ´katy perry u rock

    I love u (l)

  140. Becky says:


  141. Luli says:

    come to Argentina!

  142. Mary says:

    You´re awesome Katy… i love your songs. And i really want you to come to costa rica!! Please!! But Dude!! You´re really a good singer..
    i Lov U KaTy..!! U rOck..!!
    XoXo!! <3

  143. janixi says:

    look at katty perry

  144. Kelsey says:

    I hate it when guys can’t make up their mind. One minute they’re like a freight train and the next there like a snail. What is going on in their heads?

  145. Kelsey says:

    I ? you Katy Perry!

  146. Kristy says:

    Ok i am hot about tee shirts i love them i have a power rangers one and band ones and i love skinny jeans and vans colored shoes, and my cowgirl boots o and i love katy’s music!

    cold- polo shirts, ugg boots i mean that much money for thoes ugly things ahh people get ur own style please stop wearing what every one else is!

  147. Azuolas says:

    Katy Perry you are so beatiful and your songs is cool!!!YOU RULL GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. Rosie Posie says:

    I’m hot about the way nestle sometimes forget to put wafer in kit kats, so you end up just having a bar of solid chocolate! :D
    and I guess I’m cold about the lack of common sense we have, everybody should know what corn on the cob looks like and how to peel a potato :( xx

  149. Tia Tyndal says:

    Im hot about music right now, there is soo much out there and a lot of it is good. Then there is your music that sets it to a whole new level and is different in a good way.
    I am cold about guys! They all suck in my book, they always go for the heartbreaking sluty girls, instead of the pretty girls that have a brain. When are they going to get a clue!?
    Luv ya?

  150. Lauren M says:

    What’s hot, Warped Tour
    What’s cold, the beginning of this week in Dallas

  151. nancy says:

    i want this girl go to arlintong tx. because i livin in mexico i i go to arlintong and is more easy for mee
    so katy perry istthe best

  152. azuolas says:

    soz you are beatiful

  153. beidac ioan says:

    katy is the most beautiful girl in the world. I love her.

  154. I r awsome says:

    I am trying to get a guy to like me how do i get him to like me

  155. milton said says:

    katy es muy muy muy muy sexy

  156. ashley says:

    what makes me hot is this boy i like hes so hotttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    what makes me cold is my brother he anoys me constantly

  157. Katy Perry says:

    I am frustrated because people call my house because my (real) name is Katy Perry. It’s really annoying, and I wish it would stop. Kathryn Hudson chose to change her name to Katy Perry, have a career in the public eye, and now I get calls from stupid twelve year olds. I blocked a couple today because they called me every day this week.

  158. Pat B says:

    Wht makes me hot is probably sunday banana ice cream and Deffo Katy Perrry ;)

    wht makes me cold is probably skl report and detention from skl man .. Fun Fun Fun getting really cold alreaddyyyy

  159. Rebecca says:

    What am I cold about? Kate Perry’s song – Hot n Cold. I find her mention of biplor to be highly inappropriate. This is an illness which effects many people in many ways, and I feel Kate’s reference to this condition in her song is a display of ignorance and discrimination, whether or not this was her intention. I hope very much that I receive a response to my comment, as I have been highly offended by this song.

  160. Johnny says:

    Katy perry you are gorgeous!!!! I’m a man not just a manequin and im not scared of spiders and i can beltch the alphabet if you double dog dare me and i love guitar. I wont look at you like a little sister and I won’t treat you like one of the boys. I’ll make sure you become the homecoming queen. And I’ll make sure you smell like roses. And I’ll want to make out with you all the time. Whenever I’m with another girl I’m thinking of you. I don’t care if I lose but you are the weapon I choose and I’m addicted to you. I just wanted you to know I’m going down in flames for you. Im edgy and I don’t need a rhyming dictionary. You can whipe ur hands on my jeans. So if ur boyfriend is out of town we can have a drink an talk it over and I’m a little older. I won’t split when your in trouble. We can even wake up in vegas. It could be that simple. Ive kissed girls and i liked it too! I’m hot not cold. I won’t change my mind like a girl changes clothes and I won’t pms like a +!(&@~#%^)_(@)@@* PS: I’m not gay, I don’t like boys, and I don’t wear H& M scarves.
    By the way you are the most gorgeous person I have ever seen

  161. IHeartKatyPerry says:

    What am I hot about? Katy Perry of course!!!
    What am I cold about? Rebecca, cause she’s so stupid she doesn’t even know the meaning of Hot N Cold! Honestly Rebecca, you’re the ignorant one, cause the context Katy used bipolar was in no way derogatory towards actual sufferers of bipolar disorder. She means that the guy can’t make up about his mind about ANYTHING in their relationship, so that’s what she means when she says “Someone call a doctor, got a case of a LOVE bipolar”. She didn’t say “Bipolar people suck, why should we care about them”. Stop trying to put Katy into trouble with your political correctness, OK?

  162. johnny says:

    katy has anyone ever told you that you kinda look like the actress zooey deschnael?
    But your 500 times hotter and 50000000 times more awesome!!!!!

  163. carol says:

    am more an ‘old classic rock/r&b,jazz,country music type…. find as i put yrs behind me, its harder to enjoy the ‘new music’… though I find iI dO like Katy’s style. Her voice is unique. I know very little regarding the various artist i like, and find Katy to be personalble, yet as all grrls are little wee bit*hes she’d be good at that too I’d bet. LOL
    Happy New Year !

  164. Kelly! says:

    One of the Boys, ( i’m not just trying to flatter you, but its awesome!)
    awesome clothing that is really crazy, Like the outfit im wearing right now, which is hot pink and neon yellow and orange. its so awesome
    that nbc cancelled boston legal!!!!!! I love that show.

  165. Pipaaa says:

    Amazing Singer. Love her!

  166. Skyler says:

    finding out katy perry likes @)&%*`_&^`&#$_$ anese stuff too.

    my mothers yorkie. (demon dog)

  167. Caryn says:

    Sooo HOTS:
    Oh you know same ol same ol….
    Graduation!!! :]

    And COLDS:
    Friends….Sometimes i feel i would be better on my own.
    But thats no bueno.
    I havnt seen you in concert yet!!!!
    UGH :[
    Come to reno, nv PLEASE!!!!!

    The CD cant be as good as the real stuff.
    Speaking of CD, I’ve had to buy four of them so far…Because i listen to it soo damn much.
    I just cant get enough. :)

    Your an amazing artist and i hope to see you in concert soon.

    Caryn Buttz.
    530 Pike st
    Dayton, NV.

  168. JB says:

    The sun makes me hot.

    Snow makes me cold.

  169. Mcwall says:

    Everytime i listen to your songs kate i feel like a world is turning around with all the hot staff that you can possibly imagine.When i am cold ur songs always brings me to the highest level and they keep me hot at all time…Cuzzz My girl Kate Perry is so hottttttt…

  170. Gemma (Liverpool) says:

    Oh My God! Katy i love all of your songs you are an amazing singer and i want you to know that you are my idol! Oh yeah and i was looking at your website on the Dear Diary page and i read your little joke it was histericle ‘Why was the strawberry sad? Cause her mother was in a jam!’ hahahahahahahahaha i love your personality i was watchin you on The Paul O’Grady show and i beleive you went to pink when you were in liverpool lol i am always in there i think its great haha LOVE YE AND ALL YOUR SONGS YOU ARE MY IDOL !!!!!!!!!! ‘ I Kissed Katy Perry and She Wrote A Song About It’ hahahha xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  171. victoria says:

    katey iz the best! she represents a strong equal women who everone loves. keep on rocin’ katey!&follow your heart,even if it’s hot,cold, or courious 4 other girlz, as long az it’s you!

  172. victoria says:

    katey iz da best! she reminds me of,well,me! were both smart brenets, we both love 2 sing, & we can be hard 2 figure out @ times. luv u katey!

  173. victoria says:

    katey, i get hot when i’m around theese 2 guyz named trent&cadence. ireally like both ALOT! but i dont know who 2 choose! wat should i do? they both seem 2 like me,@ least 2 me.

  174. Logan says:

    well let me see…. it is easy to tell you what makes me hot(happy) my wife and childeren. what makes me cold is all the 2 faced people in america who say they support the troops and all they have is a bracelet or a bumper sticker that shows their so called support. myself and plently of other military men and weman dont see crap but half harted words with no actions to back them up. if they realy supported us actions speak louder than words. cpl usmc

  175. ALEX says:

    You aren`t only beautiful. You have the most beautiful smile on the world. You`re sweet and lovely. Cause i`m the sadly night and you are my eternal light.
    I could send a lot of years of my life only to meet you.
    Thanks for make me hot (happy)
    My bored life without you makes me cold.

  176. Walter Smith says:

    Katy – My wife, our granddaughter and I loved your first album, and we are really looking forward to your next one. When will you be releasing the next one?

  177. EMMA says:


  178. EMMA says:


  179. Stefan Lozjanin says:

    i like you,your songs and your voice you are number one foreverrrrrr

  180. MEGAN says:


  181. gagagirl says:

    i’m way hot about the way my crush ~%+`_*@&*))(^!( s up to me and music rite now. thats why im gagagirl.
    but i think im cold about that the fact that i dont know wot a white onion looks like – evry1 shood no that!!!!! :D

  182. Annecy Perry says:

    I’m hot about katy perry xD she’s my favorite singurrr

  183. Rick says:

    I appreciate all the multi culturalism in your videos. I also like that you mention bi polar. I think that allowing all of humanity “out of the closet” is a great way to help us learn to actually love each other. I also think you do that with good taste.

  184. michelle says:

    You have a great voice why follow and change it in some cases(songs) to Joni Mitchell and whatever her other name is,,, just do your own thing.

  185. Aubrey says:

    Had to comment on your behaviour on American Idol the other night….I thought you were hostile,rude,and it was not a pleasant evening …why they would ask you to judge anything amazes me as you have no talent .Grow up.It’s NOT all about YOU in this world.In fact ,who cares? you’ll be a one-hit wonder.Take a ms. manners course.

  186. Anas says:

    Oky so Omg i luv dat song the music vid. is hi-larious but idk wat is a luv bi-polar!!!

  187. Five fingers says:

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