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“I mean, I think it was good TV, but it wasn’t a good way to make good TV,” says Brandi C., on the event that will undoubtedly stand above all others to define Rock of Love Charm School when she smoke phlegm clears. Below, Brandi C., talks about the spitting in detail and what it was like to watch it on TV after blacking out when it actually happened. She also goes into her feelings on Lacey’s coercion and Heather’s recounting of the event to Sharon. And just when you think there’s absolute redemption, Brandi C., lets you know how and why she’s too perfect for Charm School. This girl is a character above all things.

So, what do you have to say for yourself, Missus?

I don’t remember that night at all, at all. Zero percent. No flashbacks, nothing. I was much more afraid of it before this episode aired. I’ve been worried about this since I left Charm School. I didn’t know if I was going to go outside and have people spitting on me on the streets. I didn’t know if everyone was going to completely hate me over it and say, “She sucks, I never want to see her on TV again.” But the overall outcome has been pretty spectacular. Everyone’s been really nice to me on my MySpace! Even Riki made one of his weird videos where he said that now that he’s reviewed the footage, he thinks they sent the wrong person home. People feel sorry for me because I wasn’t supposed to be up there fighting with anyone. It really sucks that one of my good friends put me in that position. Lacey’s known me since Rock of Love. She had to have known that it wasn’t going to go well. Obviously, I’m responsible for my own behavior. That’s why I took responsibility and apologized like I did. But at the same time, it really sucks to know that one of my really good friends did that to me. I’m just glad that people can see that I didn’t mean for that to happen, and it’s not who I am.

I know that you’ve hung out with Lacey since the show wrapped. Did you really understand how profound her influence on that situation was before you saw this week’s episode?

Jessica explained it to me the next day, but anyone can tell you what happened and you have this imagined visual in your head, but not what really happened. Now that I was able to see exactly how it went down, I’m a little more upset about it. I figured that maybe Lacey was being argumentative and she needed backup. I didn’t realize the way it really was. I hang out with Lacey all the time, she’s great, but in this situation, she acted unfairly. I can’t trust that she would never do that again. It’s really f***ed up.

Are you still going to be friends with her?

I haven’t spoken to her about it. I’m sure she’s sorry. I’m not just letting this go, and I know that I’ve been under scrutiny for being co-dependent, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being there for your friends. I am loyal. So, I’m not going to be like, “I’m never speaking to you again!” But I’m definitely not happy about the fact that she basically got me eliminated. I never would have done that to her. I would have been happy to go home with her. And that’s another thing: she didn’t sit there screaming [at expulsion], trying to save me.

You talked about being afraid of the public’s reaction, but what was your reaction to seeing yourself in that blackout?

Very embarrassing. I’m never drinking tequila again. I don’t even know how I spit that far or well in my state. I’m a very congested person. I get chronic sinus infections. So maybe that has something to do with it? I don’t understand my aim, though. You saw me on I Love Money, I couldn’t spit for the life of me. Then I get wasted on tequila and everything changes. I should enter a spitting contest or something. It’s horrible, though. I feel really bad. If someone spit on me, I’d be really upset. I’m just glad that Destiney actually forgave me and that I had the chance to tell her at that moment how sorry I was.

Where are you with Destiney now? Are you cool?

She and I have never really been friends or hang out outside of the shows. I don’t have a problem with her. I don’t necessarily love her. She’s whatever. She doesn’t even really talk. I don’t realize she’s there half the time.

You talked about not drinking tequila again, but what’s up with your alcohol consumption in general? You know that blacking out like that is very dangerous.

If you look back on Rock of Love and I Love Money, there were times that we’d all be drinking and we’d be yelling or whatever. It never came to the point of horrendous things happening. It was all good fun, and at the same time, it made good TV. It’s funny when people fall all over themselves. You go into this knowing that it’s fun and getting drunk makes good TV, and then this went to a whole other level. I mean, I think it was good TV, but it wasn’t a good way to make good TV. This is not the way to go. I just think that level is something that can never be done again. You won’t be seeing that from me anytime soon.

Are you worried about your drinking habits, though?

No. I know myself and I know that I can’t get to that point of crazy. In my normal life, going out means I have to be very careful. I drink maybe beer or wine. I don’t touch liquor very often. When me and Megan go out, she’s like my big sister. She’ll tell me, “You don’t want to do that,” when people send over shots. She takes care of me to make sure I stay in check.

I was surprised that you were so into John. Are you really into guys like that?

No! He’s the complete opposite of my type. My type is long hair, tattoos and no showering. I think the whole day was so stressful. I was unhappy with my outfit. The main thing I hated was the wig, because I don’t like short hair. Everything started getting to me and Heather was upset and I was upset and we started drinking…honestly, I’m trying to make up a reason, but I don’t know. I don’t know how that happened. He’s way too clean-cut for me and way too goody-goody.

What did you make of Heather being so affected by having to go out in her ugly outfit?

This is going to sound mean, but it was kind of funny watching her get so upset. You got a taste of Miss A-List Celebrity last episode, but that’s how she is all the time. That’s why we’re not friends anymore. Heather and I were friends on Rock of Love, and then we’d hang out after and she turned into this person who believed, “I am the love of Bret Michaels’ life, and I’m better than everybody, and I’m an A-list celebrity.” That’s why Heather and I didn’t get along on I Love Money. So to see them put her in this horrible outfit with horrible hair and give her a mustache was hilarious. You could watch her just spiral down over it. Destiney and Jessica didn’t look bad at all, and Heather’s the kind of person that analyzes everything so you could see her thinking, “Why did they do this to me? Why do I have to be the ugliest person here?” This was strictly them f***ing with us. They knew what triggers we had. They knew I hated short hair and they knew what Heather hated. It’s f***ing great.

Heather brought up the spitting at elimination seemingly to deflect heat she was getting from plate throwing. What did you make of that?

A) I was too hung over to do much, and B) I didn’t have time. If I had time to go around and get the details, I could have stayed. I think that elimination was all about timing. Heather and Lacey were arguing. I was going to tell Sharon about the whole Destiney thing, and explain that I took care of it responsibly and we’d already made up and all was OK. I was waiting for Heather and Lacey to get done because if you remember from the week before, I had gotten sent out of the room for talking out of turn. I learned my lesson, and was standing there patiently, and Heather threw me under the bus. If I had gotten to speak first and then Sharon found out about the plate-throwing, I think Heather would have gone. But because Sharon was already boiling over the argument about the plate, when she heard the spitting thing, she was like, “F*** this elimination, Brandi give me your pin.” Heather’s a f***ing whorebag for throwing me under the bus. If you really think about it, spitting is disgusting and nasty and whatever, but I’m pretty sure, and I’ve said this before about an apple, that if that plate had hit Lacey in the brain, she would have died. And that’s true. I think Heather did far worse than I did.

What did you think about Sharon coming down on you as hard as she did?

I was really surprised. I think Destiney could have, not stuck up for me, but explained a little more, like, “Look, she did come to me today.” I had to chase Destiney around the house for hours. She did not want to talk to me at first. I had to leave her like seven notes to find her. But at that point, there was so much stress from being there and having shot this back-to-back with I Love Money that I was kind of relieved. That’s why I didn’t cry at all. They didn’t show me outside after elimination because when they asked me how I felt, I said, “I am so glad to be out of this mental institution with all these psychotic people. I’m going to Disneyland. Get me the f*** out of here.”

What did you make of Jessica telling you about what happened with Lacey, and second of all backing up what Heather said about the plate-throwing?

Jessica’s always looking for camera time because they won’t ever show the poor girl. I feel like she meddles in things that are not really her business because she believes that everyone should be an innocent Christian like herself. It’s not really needed half the time. I was glad on this occasion that she explained to me what happened. I think Jessica’s fault is that she sees good in people and tries to fix them, but she doesn’t really know how. She doesn’t realize that the house is a war zone and there are lines that you don’t cross.

Isn’t that sad, though? Wouldn’t it be great if everybody could get along?

No. Why? Would you watch that?

I wouldn’t watch that, but then people wouldn’t be spit on.

No, I know. I know what you’re saying: world peace. I don’t like anybody, so I don’t want to get along with them. I don’t want to fight anybody. I’ve said this before: it’s not about hating someone and wanting to fight with them. It’s about indifference. I really don’t care. I don’t even notice them in my world, but if I have to be around them, I guess I have to be around them.

Megan hated Charm School. Did you?

It was horrible! Megan and I had the worst days of our lives there. We went from being in sunny Mexico and playing this game that we were controlling for the most part to not even a month level going into this situation. Megan and I weren’t even on top of our game. These girls were going to Sharon and making all these things up and it was like, who are these people? Especially Brandi M. Brandi M.’s a slut. And it isn’t fun to be a slut if you’re her. She’s disgusting. The day she reproduces will be a terrible one.

When you were eliminated, everyone said how disappointed in you that they were. The judges seemed to think you could go all the way. Did you?

Yeah. Even when I was on the losing team in a challenge, I was getting props from the judges for my individual performance. I rocked each challenge and the judges saw that. I think if all this didn’t happen, I could have won Charm School.

Does that mean you were playing the game well or actually changing?

I wasn’t even playing. There are times when I go outside of myself and I might be mean to people or get in a fight, but ultimately, I think I’m perfectly charming. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me. I can’t drink liquor and get crazy, but other than that, I don’t have any flaws.

Did you learn anything?

I learned the right forks to use for salads and main courses, and where the cups go. I learned that I don’t look good with a big, prosthetic nose and black hair.

Do you wish you hadn’t done the show?

No. I don’t regret doing it. It was a good experience to be in. I would do it all over again. I know it sounds contradictory, but I wish I could go back and make it better.

Keep up with Brandi C., via her profile and her MySpace.

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