Examining Rehab 2 With Dr. Drew – Episode 6


Our scene-specific blog commentary on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew continues. Below, the doctor talks about the main points of the episode, among them: Friends & Family weekend, Amber’s checkered past and a breakthrough with Gary that didn’t make it to air.

Before we talk about the episode, I want to ask you a question that regularly crops up in the blog comments, but that I’ve never asked you: why are the patients allowed to indulge in their smoking addictions?

In California, I’m required by law to give people a place to smoke. It’s in what’s called Patient’s Rights. I offer every single patient CHANTIX and most of them refuse it. Brigitte Nielsen from last season is the only one who successfully stopped smoking also. Although the old wisdom in addiction treatment was that you deal with the smoking later, current research shows that you’re more likely to stay off your drug of choice if you address smoking at the same time. So I address it with every single one, but I’m obliged by law to let them kill themselves with cigarettes.

Also, Mary Carey showed up on an online extra recently, and hers is not necessarily a “success story.” She says that she’s “60 percent better.” Did you bring her in to show the current patients that rehabilitation is an ongoing process?

Yes. It’s important for them to see her ongoing struggle and to look at rehab realistically. Even somebody who’s motivated has trouble getting all the way there.

So, the biggest revelation in this episode is Amber’s prostitution past.

Something that didn’t get on camera happened when I was talking to Amber’s mom while she was being treated at the hospital. That hospital eventually stopped allowing us to bring in cameras. I addressed this with the mom and she said, “Well, [the johns] were nicer to her than anybody.” My god, you know? You try to survive when you’re an addict, you’ll go to any length.

Tawny’s response is, “I’m mad at your mom.”

She was angry with Amber’s mom for empathic failure, for dealing with Amnber like an object and not a person. But what came out of that was that Tawny started talking about how angry her daughter must have been with her. I thought that was pretty interesting that it kinda cuts both ways. It’s never black and white with relationships and addiction. Everyone has their role to play.

Is Friends & Family Weekend helpful for you in giving these people treatment? Does it allow you to sort out their family situations, since up till then, you’re often just hearing it from one side?

Yes, it’s always very different from the family’s perspective. And I’m always ready to hear it. It’s an interpersonal disorder, so it effects everybody and everybody needs to participate.

Rodney’s daughters couldn’t make the Friends & Family Weekend, but you brought them in anyway. Why was it so important to have them in?

Rodney’s ashamed of his addiction and he hides it. It’s important that he lets his daughters see him all the time because they will help him in his recovery. He didn’t want to see his dad drinking, and his assumption is his daughters don’t want to see him drinking, either. In reality, they want to be around him no matter what his condition is. They get scared to death when he disappears because then they know he’s drinking.

At the start of the weekend, Amber’s mom passes out. How was her recovery coming along at that point?

She’d just come out of the ICU, She was just barely up and around. I had her on five different blood-pressure medications. She became overcome by the heat, her blood pressure dropped and she passed out. Up to that point, she was coming along slow and steady. I was looking forward to working with her during the family groups. But it was OK. She was committing to treatment, going to meetings and following directions.

Did talking to anyone at Friends & Family besides Gary leave any great impression on you?

While I was talking to Nikki and her husband, her kids were sitting inside the mansion at the window. Tawny and her daughter were very powerful. I admire the daughter’s courage: wherever we wanted to go, she as ready. Tawny wasn’t as comfortable. With Steven and his wife, I told her: “Steven’s going on tour? He’s dead. You’re standing over his grave. What do you say? How do you feel?” We eulogized him. and the whole time, Steven was saying, “Naw man, don’t do that. Don’t go there.” But we did it.

What follows is service on the beach Did you hold it on a beach because the restaurant was such a trigger for Brigitte last season?

Yeah. Although, Shawn and Steven just took off and went in the water. They’re patients. They’re on a field trip, but they’re still expected to play by the rules. Basic compliance with the program.

The show ends with dinner. When Gary toasts, he talks about his personal journey, how he finally reached his point of knowing that he needed rehab. Was this a breakthrough for him, or is it just the first time the at-home audience is seeing him say this?

That was where Gary was. I wasn’t surprised he stood up and said that, especially after this profound moment he and I shared the day before at the Friends & Family workshop. It was one of the most positive moments out the show’s entire run for me. You know, Gary had one positive moment with his dad, where he acknowledged that Gary was a competent person. I said, “Gary, I see that in you.” And he froze because no one besides his dad had been able to reach in and touch him like that. I was able to channel Gary’s father for him and he went into a fugue state. He just froze. He didn’t come out of it for a few minutes and then once he did, he said, “Oh my god, I’m seeing things more clearly. I’m more accepting of things. I’m imagining a bog of ice melting and witches flying away. It was a very powerful moment. For me, that’s why I carry a special relationship with Gary. At that moment, he and I formed a very mutual bond.

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  1. Jill says:

    I think the editing of this show needs to be re-thought. Last year, it wasn’t as quick; it was more langorous – possibly less ‘professional’? – and allowed us viewers to get involved and invested in the individuals. This season, we skip from one conversation or event to the next so quickly, only staying on the surface. I mean, the whole thing with Amber revealing having sex for money, and then her intense conversation with her mom in her patient room — it all happened so quickly and there was no time spent on it. Same with Sean Stewart’s story. And Tawny. I don’t know… I can’t explain it. I just think the editing last year made for a slower paced show…it may have been less ‘slick’ than this year. But it was more satisfying. I noticed this the most in this year’s Episode 6. The portion of family weekend where everyone talks about how they’ve been affected by their addicted loved one’s behavior — I think it lasted about 90 seconds. Last year, it was so intense and long and gratifying. This year, it seemed like the producers just put a couple quick sound bites on the screen because they had to. But they weren’t committed to it.

  2. Felicia Irby says:

    I really look forward to the show every Thursday night. I feel like I am going through some therapy with them. I get alot from the show. I am not a drug addict but a manic drepressive with a eating disorder and I have issues from childhood that I went through but never recieved treatment for. When I listen to patients I picture myself in the room with them. I pray and hope the best for all of them. I can only send my feelings and prayers through the air waves not being just a average nobody from the sticks, but I do care about all the patients I watch on a weekly basis. Your a God send Dr. Drew. God Bless You. Loves and Hugs, Flea.

  3. Bryce says:

    To all of the rehabers I would just like to say you guys are great. You are human and will stumble but you have humbled yourself and realize you have a problem. Then to top it off you are willing to air all this stuff to millions of veiwers. You are touching more lives then you will ever know. Addiction affects so many more people then just those addicted. Rodney, it is never too late to be a good father and husband. Those girls need you and want you in their lives. You have such a gentle spirit and can be a great male role model for them.
    Amber, you deserve so much better and I am so sorry that men have used you as a sexual object.
    Sean, your dad is way out of line to be so absent in your life. You have motivated me to be a better father and put my children first. Start believing in yourself. Start building your confindence now by breaking the cycle of addiction. Do not allow the short comings of someone else to bring you down.

    To all of you thank you for sharing your stories. I am not a reality tv fan, but this show is about something real. You all have so much to give and I pray the best for you.

  4. ForPaco says:

    I’ve been an extremely successful writer, editor, singer/songwriter/musician, but I continue to battle addiction to opiates. It has been going on for years. Clean time, relapse, etc. But I must say that I’m very impressed with Dr. Drew. His kindness, compassion are unique, at least in my experience with rehabs and detoxes. I salute you and only wish I had access to someone with your extraordinary ability and obvious decentness as a human being. I’m sure you’ve also been taken advantage of, unfortunately, because of such attributes. The only excellent experience I had was a number of years ago back in New Jersey. I was at Carrier Clinic. I had very good insurance at the time. I had a few sessions with a psychiatrist there. I usually think shrinks are absolute jerks. But this guy, whose name was Dr. Howard (never remember the last name, but I think it was an Italian name) blew me away. He was such an intelligent and nice man and I had no problem opening up to him. Amazingly, I learned a few years later (occasionally I recall his last name) that he actually was the psychiatrist depicted in the film “A Beautiful Mind” (I think that was the right ^+@&`$)`&&“+&& le), which starred Russell Crowe. So they’re out there, just hard to find, especially now that I don’t have any insurance whatsoever. Hey, maybe I fill the bill of a “celebrity” and could get a free (if not paying gig) on the show. However, I highly doubt it. Anyway, keep up the great work. And Gary, it’s wonderful to see your recent breakthroughs. Loved you in that movie with J. Robbie Robertson and a young Jody Foster when you played the dude they tried to knock into the water at the carnival. Again, can’t remember the name…early Al Hammer disease…And Jeff…Yo, check yourself, dude…The truth may hurt, but you’re not much more of a celebrity than I am and your behavior just won’t do, no matter what you’re going through, brother…Later…

  5. ~Sher~ says:

    I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to Dr. Drew & his staff for all the help..caring & guidance they offer & give each of these addicts & their families..

    I hope & pray the addicts realize how “blessed” they are to have had such concern & caring..not only during their rehab stay..but as they leave & go forward in their life..

    And..a special THANKS to Dr. Drew for these informative & in-depth “blogs”..you are indeed a BLESSING to this earthly World..

  6. anthony says:

    I think i can relate to some of these patients because i am going through somethings now in my life that stops me from going forward. within the last four years of my life i have gone through drepression, anger, and happines that i have never experience in my life. Within this time the depression and anger is overpowering me so much now that i do not like were i am going in life. Right now i should be out of college and starting career for myself , wife, and daughter. However, i can not do this instead i am at ,a job that disrepects me repeatedly, i can not get over my dogs and grandfather death, my dad’s cancer makes me depress, i hate that the only brother lives in another state, i hate that i push my friends and family away from me. Right now i feel somethings that can make it better is drugs,acholol, killing my self or leaving wife and daughter behind enough so that i can better. However, i will never do this because i feel if i did these things that i will never get back to the person i was in the past when all things did not exist. these things are like a anchor that is holding me down and not letting move foward. Right now i feel like a faliure towards myself, my parents, my daughter, and my wife. I feel like need help from a professional doctor because nothing my family and friends are telling me is not helping me at all. If i do not get these problems resolve i feel that i will never be successful, and that i will lose everyone in my life because these problems are killing our relationship. Anyway if you can help me great, but if you suggest any body to me it would be great thanks.

  7. Jess says:

    I agree on the editing-im confused about tawny’s addiction. last season they showed mary carey tanked before rehab, shifty smoking crack, jessica partying hard-thats how it addiction really is-this season is more talking-.and if Seth binzer comes back i am so sad for him! He is exactly like my kids father.same attitude and likable character-fun party guy.who repeats the iNSANE circle over & over!..lucky for him & his child he’s around..my kids father finally tirelessly gave up on life after failed rehabs and sober periods that didnt last.suicide at 25. Me and 2 small kids left on our own. I hope the show captures the damage drugs really do to the kids and spouses also. tragic scars. I have a lifetime of scars left from him and so will his girls.

  8. Satori Myers says:

    First of all, every single time that Sean Stewart tries to share, he is cut off. Dr. Bob. Every time he shares he is disregarded or not listed to…I love this show, but right now with the “previews” I am so scared for Shady? He is about to
    jump off your roof? I am disappointed Dr. Drew. What the hell is he okay? Somebody’s life is never worth the ratings. Those of us that are loyal to your show, Is Shady okay??

  9. Janet Reimche says:

    I have never been addicted to alcohol or drugs, and yet I am experiencing something profound as I watch the patients’ stories. Their family dynamics are not unlike my own. I am experiencing empathy for the patients as I come to terms with my own personal pain.

    A very powerful, enlightening series.

  10. taceylily says:

    I have so much to say. Ever scene the first episode of this season I have kept a journal of my thoughts,questions confessions and current life states. After reading it over and I can’t believe I have not made that first step to getting help. My life is about to hit the bottom of a very long and old DOWN WORLD SPIRAL. Watching everyone and seeing how much respect for themselves they have gained, by admitting they are an addict and need to better themselves.It shows me it is possible.I come from a long line of addicts, and grew up learning how to become a functioning addict.

    I am 32 and have been living with my parents for the past 2 years. Four years ago was when I decided to try a drug that soon after took over my life. I quit everything for this drug. I pushed away my life long friends, quit a good paying job, and anything positive in my life. Before that my only everyday vise was pot(started at 11). I had always experimented, but with in reason. I knew where I came from and never wanted to end up like them. My parents are full blown coke heads. By the time I was seven I knew all about drug paraphernalia. The year I turned seven my parents lost everything we owned to the IRS.I mean everything cars, house, our lake house. I also watched my Grandpa die. At seven I learned how to become a parent, do drugs, be depressed, started over eating and living unhealthy. By the time I was thirteen I confronted my parents and they made promises that never went through. At 25 I realized as an adult you have to forgive and forget the past to move on to live a healthy life style. Of course I moved over 500 mile away from home to make that work. As soon as I moved back and near all that I had forgot I let it back in to take over my life.

    I need help in a desperate way this is my second attempt to reach out. Please let it be the last, I want and need the change. I am scared and lost in my head heart and soul. One year ago I was sort of sober and I moved to help care for my cousins wife, she was 25 and in stage 4 of colon cancer with 2 kids under 5. Today 11-28-08 is one year scenes she passed away. I became very depressed and withdrawn. In this past year I have lost myself and never really gave my relationship with my boyfriend a healthy chance at happiness. Its like I know what to do but getting my brain to do it is a whole other problem. HELP

  11. Gleek says:

    Has it occurred to you and the producers that some participants, while self destructive in ways, aren’t addicts? China/Joanie Laur appeared to be there for season 1 because she wanted to be on tv and the career was going nowhere. I don’t believe Sean Stewart is an addict. Sure, he probably drinks and uses recreational drugs at times like many in his age group. But after seeing him on “Sons of Hollywood” or whatever his reality show was called, I think he just wanted to be on another show. Their phonyness hurts the show.

  12. Mike says:

    Let me start by saying I am a recovering addict. Oxycodone & alchohol were my drugs of choice. That also included pot but I had a much bigger issue with the oxy and beer because the 2 together would really blast, for awhile. I found myself in a vortex where I no longer felt the buzz but I had to take it to maintain. The withdrawals were terrible and I found that each time I tried to quit the pills on my own, the terrible withdrawals would send me running back to my connection. I make no excuses, I blew many thousands of dollars taking 120 milligrams per day for many months straight. Of course since I would never have taken oxy without alchohol, I was doubling the damage to myself. Finally, faced with losing my job, financial problems, and losing the love of my life, I sought help. I just want to say to Dr Drew and staff, thank God for people like you who take the time and effort to truly help people. I am a 45 year old man and will forever be a recovering addict but am happy to say that I have been sober now for 12 months and working hard to stay that way. I watch your show and it has become defacto therapy for me although I continue to attend NA & AA meetings plus group therapy once a week. Thanks again Dr Drew and staff as well as the celebrities who open their lives to the viewing audience. That takes guts.

  13. Cynt says:


  14. Don Montgomery says:

    IT seems that one of the biggest obstacles in Ambers recovery is her mom. Would you ever consider telling Amber that she would have to cut MOST ties with her mom in order to stay sober?

  15. AngelB3 says:

    I just want to give everyone on the show a big hug. No matter who you are and where you problems came from, the important thing is trying to help yourself. Thank You, Dr Drew and staff, for trying to help them and also helping those who are watching. I think we all know people, either family or friends, who struggle with addiction. It’s such a massive problem. And, we all have issues of some degree. I think watching people honestly going through the painful process of treatment and discovering who they really are and honestly trying to overcome their problems is beneficial to us who watch this show. Love & Blessings to All of You.

  16. Kerin says:

    Ooooooooohhh Amber. I am so sorry for our life and your mother. if you can love her and repair your relationship, great. that shows how great you are. but she seems toxic. I hope it is her just coming out of the fog. she seems ungrateful for all you have done thus far. I would hate her to hurt your recovery. I have been where you have been. it seems crazy how a couple days turns into years without a pill everyday. You can get through this. I did. you just need to believe in yourself. you need to let those walls down and get the demons out for good. let them go. you seem almost robotic sometimes, like you just go through the motions. because thats what you’ve had to do to survive. I mean that in the nicest way. I wish I could just hug you and give you love that you deserve. Dr Drew, you are so informational and just awesome.

  17. Susan says:

    I am SO HAPPY to see the change in Gary! I am trying to get him as a friend on MySpace, but I haven’t heard from him. I care a lot about him. Good Luck, Gary! Keep it up! Susan

  18. Shelly says:

    The show, and the celebrities’ allowing us into their personal lives, is excellent. I appreciate Dr. Drew’s interest and willingness to show us an ‘insider’s’ look into celebrity rehabilitation. However, the psychiatrist’s instructions to Nikki’s husband, to expect her to “grow up” and be expected to have sex with her husband, seems not only insensitive to the apparently honest friendship between Nikki and her husband during her grieving and recovery process, but unprofessional and misogynistic.

  19. Don S says:

    Hang in there Amber. You can’t let anyone, including your Mom bring you down. Ive been there! My Mom didnt make it. She took her life. It wasnt until then that I could even focus on myself. She made me feel so damn guilty about trying to get clean. It was a vicious cycle Amber and I came very close to not surviving it. Just remember one thing. In her present condition, she’s an addict first and a Mom second. You have to get well or you CAN NEVER have a chance to get her well. It wont happen. When youre in recovery you have to be selfish. You have to stay focused on you. Im sure you love your Mom and Im sure it hurts and brings you down to hear how she feels and what she thinks, but hey, the hardest thing youll deal with in your recovery program is not abstinance from drugs but rather being able to deny your Mom by not caving in to her. You are fighting for your life. Dont give up the fight.

    As addicts we’ve all done things we’re sorry for and ashamed of. You have to learn to forgive yourself and Dr Drew and his staff will give you the tools to do just that. Yes, you take responsibility for your actions, but you forgive yourself. And once you do, you carry those actions around with you the rest of your life. If youre working your sobriety they become healthy reminders, not negative nightmares. I never thought I could live again clean and sober. I thought I was too far gone. I’d lost everything. My wife & kids, my job, my retirement benefits, friends, confidence, trust. Everything. Learning to cope and deal with all the issues life throws at you while your sober was a very harrowing experience. But everyday I stayed sober was a good day. And one day it finally started getting easier. Coping with life’s issues became do-able. I cant thank you and the other patients and Dr Drew enough. Your stories and plight are just another part of my own rehab. A reminder to me why today is a good for me. It’s really true Amber…if you work it, it will work for you. Dont ever give up. Youve got supporters, fans and people that geniunely care. Im one of them. Ive got a major crush! Take care of yourself. You can do this. When you come out on the other side you’ll start to like yourself again. When you start liking yourself again, you open yourself up to new opportunities and positive life experiences. It feels good. Take my word for it Amber. It feels good!

    Clean & Sober 3yrs 4 mos. & 3 days.

  20. chardele says:

    Wow. What a phenomenal show and thank you all for sharing your life & experiences with us, the viewers. I am especially touched by Amber. I, too, have a very close relationship with my mother and although we are not addicts, I still can feel the pain and heartache that you must be feeling. Please know this Amber, you are a beautiful woman physically. Yet, it is your persistent shinning heart & soul that is making you a beautiful woman inside which will just enhance your physical beauty. You stay strong and take care of you and make you number one in your life. Your mother needs to go thru her rehab and then I hope that you two can work on your relationship. Dont ever forget that you are number one and you cannot love any one else, including your mother, until you love yourself first!! I think that you of all the patients have the most challening life, rehab and experiences and so I will continue to keep you in my daily thoughts & prayers. I wish you everything that life has to offer in a very positive uplifting way! Please continue on the strong, persistent, vivacious path that you are on. Should you ever want to talk or email feel free to do so as I would love to hear from you. Just know there are many people, woman & men, out here in the world that will support and care about you and your life.

    Remember you are number one and beautiful!
    A caring viewer of the show,

  21. pammo563 says:

    First I want to say that I love your show. I too am a recovering addict, I haven’t done Meth in nearly 20 years now. Amber needs to let her mother go. That woman is blaming Amber for her problems, addiction, being homeless, the sky being blue, whatever she can to make herself feel better and keep Amber just guilty enough to take care of her. Amber you need to get angry with her, don’t worry about hurting her feelings, my God, she is a grown woman who should be able to care for herself and deal with life on her own!! You need to STOP putting her and her feelings first, I know you love her, but she is using you and always has. Good luck to you, my thoughts and prayers are with you! You can do this, You have the power to change your life!!

  22. Sherry says:

    who is flying?
    break a leg
    don’t wonder where
    someone else is
    know where you are
    to be free is all
    there is to know
    dive in the ocean
    follow the leader

  23. mel says:

    I write to thank each one of the celebs for sharing their experience with the public. As you humble and reinvent yourselves, know that others care and wish you well. I went four years without the tv! (by choice) I brokedown and finally got tv again a few months ago…(hmm talk about addiction)Rehab has become my only regular show (no lie) mostly because of rockin Steve Adler . I
    took immidiate interest since the first show because #1 I am a rocker and even more importantly because my dad had a stroke several years ago also… I watch because I have developed a care and curiosity for each of the celebs! Last nights show, however, hit me differently w/ the family visits, and as I lit my 25th cigarette of the day and swallowed down coffee I thought of my daughter, who is watching me self destruct w/caffine and nicotine. I look in the mirror and see the effects of my behavior staring back at me. I’m thinking gee I believe each of you can overcome your addictions perhaps i can too! So, thankyou all again for sharing and be good to yourselves. Best Wishes on the way! oh and Dr.Drew if you could help me, that would be great…my issues are quite complex…

  24. Robbi says:

    I loved this weeks show. I think it is showing the great progress of the patients.I do think however Sean seems to be futher behind in his recovery. When he is asked about his feelings it seems. to be a foreign concept. He is asked about his parents and he barely mentions them. I know that as adults we have to move past the blame game ,but not asking him to go deeper in to his feeling of abandoment is not good. I have said before I am a huge fan of Rod Stewart. love love love him.I just have this feeling that everyone one envolved is trying to protect his reputation.I know that in real time the show is over ,but I hope that everyone keeps up the good work.They are lucky to have some one fighting so hard for them like Dr. Drew., to be given a gift that most can’t afford is tremendous. To know that Dr. Drew is emotionally involved with everyone of his patients. How many counseler can honestly say that they can even remember a patients name. Quoting WIston Churchill “NEVER NEVER QUIT”

  25. Chris says:

    first off great show Dr.Drew and you are helping to bring the information to so many people that are afraid to step out and admit they have a problem, I am also a recovering addict..I have been thru about every thing you can go thru while trying to get some sobriety under my belt, business going to hell, loosing housed, wife leaving, going to jail, having my kids taken from me while in jail. And thru all this I still wanted to get clean during all of the things that happen above I was in a Intensive outpatiant treatment program 4 days a week 15 hours, not till my wife left after I had about 5 months of sobriety..I had my last relapse and attempted to kill myself, alfter all that long story short my counsler mentioned to me about how she belived I was not only a addict but also a co-dependant..she mentioned to me to read the book “co dependant no more” that book I would say made me undertand my addiction and how I was cross addicted so well…after watching your show I think some of the celebs have the same issues…I dont belive that they can truly recover in stay in active recovery unless those issues are addressed…thanks so much god bless

  26. Carol W. says:

    Dr. Drew, do you really think it is a bad thing to have a alternate personality. I have been clean for about 10 years now and I have always had an alter personality as you can see by my email address I am also known as Trixie by most of my friends, but my family, well most of them only know me as Carol. If this is something I need to change for my recovery please let me know, ok

    Carol W.

  27. Theresa H. says:

    Dr. Drew,
    I have been sober for almost 21 years now. I am an alcoholic and divulged in other drugs as well. I feel bad for all addicts as we are always a work in progress and learning to live with ourselves while not using to cover/hide behind all of the crap that makes us not complete individuals. My heart goes out to each and every person on the show. I hope that Shawn Stewart hangs in there and continues to work on his sobrity. It is not an easy road at first, but it does evenutally get easier. I have involved myself in art, Buddhism, and yoga which helps me to keep grounded. I have not relasped and an thankful everyday for my sobrity. Thank you for bringing this issue to light.

  28. Jennifer S. says:

    I find it appalling, that Rod Stewart could not skip a few tour dates, to help his son, nor could Sean’s mom, and she doesn’t even have to skip tour dates. I was also surprised that his guy friends, (that he did the A&E series with,) that they couldn’t be bothered to show up for him. Sean, you are a beautiful young man. I hope that you never give up on yourself. And I hope that you get some people around you that will support you.
    Jeff Conway, I grew up watching you, you were the hottest guy on grease, and Taxi,,,I will always love you. Hang in there Please! Also, Steven, you have a wife who loves you,,,it’s obvious.. Please think twice before you go back on tour, before your year of sobriety is up. I’ve loved you since 1988, your are a great musician, and I would like to hear more of your new music , instead of all of your old, over and over. Because you’re dead. But All of those getting help, you have my prayers.

  29. Paul J says:

    Dr. Drew,

    I am a recovered cocaine addict approaching my 10th year of sobriety. I am also a certified addiction counselor. I work full-time serving at a local methadone clinic. I watch your show avidly and appreciate the difficulties that you encounter as you attempt to spark recovery and instill self esteem and spirituality in the lives of pampered, self centered celebrities.

    I find your latest series #2 most interesting as you struggle with Shawn Stewart. As a biological lottery winner and a card carrying member of the West Coast “lucky sperm club” I am wondering how you will ever instill self esteem in a person with no concept of self and thus well beyond the concept of ever being capable of forgiveness of his parents let alone himself. Maybe you can convince Shawn to accept and forgive himself for being Shawn?

    IMHO, Shawn needs to realize that he is a nobody until he works to become a somebody. Shawn needs to summon the courage to move on and utilize and exploit all the resources that he commands to find out who he really is. Until he begins his spiritual quest, whether under your tutelage or the tutelage of others, Shawn is a dead man walking.

    Shawn needs to get over the fact that while used and abuse as a child and now as a child-adult, he is no different from millions of emotionally abused people in this world. The only difference in his case is that Shawn is a member of the “lucky sperm club” and won’t miss any meals or sleep under a bridge or a tarp, on the cold ground because of his condition. Shawn needs to get over himself and get real.


    Paul J

  30. Melanie says:

    I am an addict, so is my sister. I managed to get sober without treatment, but with the help of NA. She has been to treatment several times and NA and AA, but without success. I remember being asked to family day, and not making it my priority to attend with her, because I have 5 kids and it is hard to find someone to juggle their schedule when her treatment is 3 hours away. I wish I would have made it happen. It seems like an integral part of the recovery process. If she ever takes the initiative to go to treatment again, or is ever legally forced to attend (which is the way that it is heading) I will make it a priority. I pray that she survives her addiction and her kids survive it, too.

  31. DiAnn says:

    Dr. Drew, I love the show and havent missed an episode of either season. I think somehow it can help me. I have one question. Do you think it is possible to get yourself of pain medications? Or does it take somekind of rehab. I watch every kind of show on this subject. Do you think I can educate myself enough to do it on my own.

  32. Melanie says:


  33. the girl says:

    I would first like to thank you for exposing the famous (and the C-listers) and the troubles that anyone can have. If a person wants to become an addict, they will. If they choose to experiment, they will. Whether that person is rich and able to spend large amounts of money on narcotics/alcohol, the working class and lower class people, too can spend lots of money and will work to have the resources.

    I think that you are doing a wonderful with these people, but I am truly hoping that Jeff will smarten up and realize that it is not only himself who is making his life the way it is, but his girlfriend. Just as Julie was infuriated by Amber’s mother (as was I), Vicki is an enabler who doesn’t think that he can live without her. He needs to see the light, and start healing himself mentally and looking at things that the tv audience can see. This is just my opinion.

    I comprehend that addiction usually has some troubling past (sexual abuse, physically and mentally). Do they understand that it is not completely their fault for getting involved with a ‘friend’ that always helped numb the pain? Maybe these celebs need to be paired with people who have suffered abuse, and talk to them about how they handled such horrible acts without the aid of drugs. Having been a victim of abuse myself, the person(s) who were involved, were sick. It is not my fault. It was their’s. I never once felt compelled to find something to numb the pain that I didn’t want to feel. My addiction was writing and throwing it all on paper. And when I was ready to actually tackle the issues, I sought treatment, and I forgave them for their actions and moved on. This doesn’t mean that I am an angel in anyway, shape or form, but I have learned how to deal with it.

    Back to the mothers. I don’t blame Steven for being so crude to his mother. As I was watching that episode, I immediately hated her. How dare her put all the blame on her son? Does she not see what she had done to him? Will she ever accept responsibility for her actions? Tell me what 11 year old would pack up all of his toys, clothes, etc..and decide to be on the streets? I can understand if he wanted to go somewhere and her saying no and then him running away. But as he sat and told his story, you could see in his eyes that he was sincere and that all he had ever wanted was a relationship with his mother. She is a woman who thinks the world owes her everything, when in fact, she owes Steven a chance to be that mother that she never was to him. She is to old for this `!$*@++^^^_@(^)& she says…..he has to live a life time of this guilt and blaming himself. Not having nearly as much trouble with my mother, but I too have removed myself from her life. She did not want to believe me when I had confronted her about things. Her daughter, she did not want to believe me. So, instead of being around negative energy, I took myself out of it. My life has been so much better without her.

    Then there is poor Amber. What right do these parents have to take the money from their children and spend on themselves? Why do the parents always want to pass the buck when their kids are finally realizing that it was noth their fault?

    I could go on forever, but I wish everyone a success in their recovery and I applaud you for working so diligently on helping people coping with their addictions. Hopefully to the people at home who are struggling, will see that there is hope for them to recover too.

  34. Shelly says:

    This program (and website) attracts those with addictions that are looking for solutions. On the home page for this program there should be a link that says “if you think you have an addiction problem click here”. Maybe I missed this link but it should be a bold banner at the top that is impossible to miss..,.. people need something they can’t miss

  35. Tara says:

    I would like to pursue a career as a chemical dependence counselor; I am told that because I have never had a chemical addiction this is not a career I should pursue. I myself have never been addicted to drugs but I have been around it my whole life I grew up with addicts most of my family is either a recovering addict or still deep in addiction. My question is am I still able to be a chemical dependence counselor without experiencing drug addiction first hand?

  36. EIGHTHSON says:

    You are so courageous in your words and actions. It seems as though you have no fear. You are very caring and compassionate person, but that leaves people like us vulnerable. So don’t let people take advantage of you. I hope you realize how strong you are, and I believe that you have the ability to overcome any obsticle. You have already overcome so much. You are a real sweet heart. Don’t get me wrong you are a very beautiful person, but even more beautiful on the inside. No one is perfect. So if you feel like you are damaged goods. Don’t! Our true beauty resides in our hearts. You are honest, , compassionate, and intelligent woman. So be aware of people just seeing you physical beauty instead of the beauty that flows from your heart. I also think that you would be a great healer Amber. To not share your great strength would be a crime. Your profound strength should not go untapped. Our ememies teach us compassion, tolarance, patience, and forgivness. To forgive some one is great but to forgive ones self is true forgiveness. I believe you have a great future ahead of you. Take Care!

  37. Lisa P. says:

    DR. DREW,

  38. bev says:

    Dr. Drew,
    Thank you !

  39. Heather Bloomfield says:

    Steven…to me he is still in denial…he has his head set on going on tour already…my own opinion is that with his head set on going.. this is going to be hard for him to accept that he needs to settle down and not be in that enviroment anymore..for his own safety.

  40. Robert Williams says:

    I am a licensed psychologist in California. I hope that I misunderstood what I heard; and please correct me if I am wrong. i believe I heard Amber state that she and her therapist had a sexual arrangement involving “breast exams.” If this is the case, then Dr. Pinsky has a couple of legal and ethical responsibilities to attend to. First, I refer Dr. Pinsky to http://www.mbc.ca.gov/publications/professional_therapy.html which is _%+*(!)*()(+&%# led, “Professional Therapy Never Involves Sex.” On the Medical Board of California website, it states, “The law requires therapists who become aware that a patient has been abused by a prior therapist to give the patient a copy of this booklet (B&P § 728).” So, get to it. Second, I hope that Dr. Pinsky has explored, off camera, the content of the booklet, especially the different options she has. Third, it is my strong wish that Dr. Pinsky announce at the beginning of the next episode the availability of the pamphlet, its contents, and that professional therapy never involves sex, as a public service announcement. Feel free to contact me if you want more information.

  41. barbara says:

    I feel for sean stewart ,he is like a lost little boy. i think one of his parents should of been there for friends and family weekend. please help him, he has a wonderful future

  42. Redrabit says:

    I feel for Amber- I really appreciate the fact that she is finding her own strength, and I hope she continues. Like the book says “We stay sober despite anyone or anything.” Some relationships go away in sobriety, that’s just the way it is. Healthy people, or people who desire to be healthy, have to walk away from damaging relationships when it interferes in their recovery. I hope she chooses sobriety over family, because without sobriety the family doesn’t matter. Crappy choice, but selfish people stay sober.

  43. cindy says:

    I enjoy your show Dr. Drew….watching the trials and tribulations of those whom we put in a higher place….I survived sexual abuse at 11…I masked the pain with drugs and alcohol for many years…then I found a awesome therapist whose background was in sexual abuse. She set me free! AMEN!! My life still has the ups and downs but I don’t use anymore. I have “coping skills”…mentors who have shown me the way! I hope you reported the therapist who was giving “breast exams”….here in Ohio…it is a requirement of any person who suspects such activity. My abuser was “going to be a doctor”…which in his mind justified his actions…while in therapy, I confronted him via letters due to his move to Tennesse, where he now lives and practices medicine. Of course there was no reply but I felt such relief..it was a healing experience. I currently sit on a state level task force which is putting together information to educate the public on child trauma…the long term effects it has on children…the patterns of behavior incorporated due to the trauma. I’ve come full circle…and so can those who’ve been abused on your show …if they allow themselves to be healed…with therapy….supports and knowing they did not deserve such treatment. All the celebrities are awesome people…it takes guts to show your true selves on TV…your staff is very supportative…and you…well, you are a blessing to us all. I wish the best for all of them…I do worry about Shawn…he’s the little lost boy…without support of family/friends…abandonment issues for sure…neither mother nor father can be at his side…their lives are so important to them…and he’s just a trinket. He will need alot of supports, therapy to heal what has been broken! Good luck….and God bless you!

  44. Dreamhigh72 says:

    I am a believer in Dr. Drew’s approach to conform the intolerable, spoiled addicts {of all extremities}. His kindness and patience, I adore. BUT…..in the episode of Family & Friends, at the beach, when Steve and Shaun ran into the ocean, for a much needed release, the tone/words he used to explain his thoughts/ideas/disappointment sounded at bit harsh. I try to put myself in his position of taking a group of grown-ups to the beach for a self-prepared dinner for their much deserved loved ones, and just the daily/hourly task of the responsibility of healing these persons, I may be put through the test of endurance, patience, and simply jeopardizing my own sanity & sobriety at risk too? Be gentle big dog, they only wanted a little scream time!

  45. TracyM says:

    My daughter and I were watching the show and it was a bittersweet moment when Rodney was reunited with his daughters. My ex-husband is an alcoholic. His relationship with our daughter is over. He has lied about his drinking and, at age 19, she has told him that she will not have anything to do with him until he stops drinking. His response to her was “get a life”. Rodney, your daughter’s seem amazing and I give them a lot of kudos for wanting to be in your life, whether good or bad. Keep strong!

  46. bruce says:


  47. Alexandera says:

    I have not missed one episode of “CR” and it really has helped me to understand alot about addicts and how they make excuses for everythying. My boyfriend is a recovering coccanine user about 5yrs clean it didnt know him around that time. I meet him right after he got out of rehab. during our first 3months together my bf tried to commit suicide because he was smoking pot that was laced with pcp. I knew he smoked pot but didnt think he was addicted to smoking pot, u could say i was very nieve. so he ended up in the hospital pumped his stomach because he to a bottle of tylenol and it was serious because tylenol can kill ur liver. he stayed 1week in the hospital and 2weeks in the psych ward. it was hard to see him like that but it didnt make me leave him i stood right by his side, i even moved to his mom’s house to help take care of him. we broke up and got back together dec 2007. jan 2008 we found out that we were expecting a baby! through the pregnancy my bf was drinking and smoking pot. during our seperation his psychologist told him that it was ok if he smoked pot once in awhile it was ok. (cant believe i believed that) we dont live together i have my own place and he lives with his mother. so i really dont know what he was doing. when i was over his place he would drink a beer or two , he would say he deserves to have one beacuse he works hard. he barley works , he might work 3 days out of the week and always broke. now that our son is here he has become no better. i finally put my son and myself before everything. I told him that he needs to go to meetings , that he cant drink and smoke pot. that he needs to man up and get a real job especially if he want to be a family. i grew up with alcholics and drug addicts, im not letting my son grow up like i did. SO I NEED ADVICE —IS HOW IM HANDLING THIS THE RIGHT WAY? IS THERE SOMETHING I SHOULD DO OR SAY TO HIM TO MAKE HIM UNDERSTAND? HELP!

  48. john6709 says:

    Dear, Amber I think you are a wonderful person and you are beautiful inside and out so please stay on track and you will get there my dear I have been there and i have been sober for 5years and life is so much better when you see it threw sober eyes so if you ever need a friend just email me and we can work it out no matter what

  49. kyley ochoa says:

    I absolutely love this show. It reminds me of all of the pain in this world!!!! I am praying for all of your patients! I am just heartbroken for all of them. We all have baggage I know, but this group on your show is filled with such heartache!!! You know it is only by God’s Grace we arent in the same boat as those guys. I am thankful my mother didnt abandon me, that i grew up with a family that cared, and that things for now are ok. I hope that if I were to ever have a problem that there is a doctor willing to help, and not take advantage, like Ambers Doctors did! That IS ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!

    Bless you and everything that you do!

  50. Robbi says:

    After watching the show for a second time, I want to say way to go Dr. Drew!! I know that there is a lot going on behind the scenes we aren’t aware of and how difficult it must be to get every aspect of recovery on one show. As the daughter of an alcoholic mother. I thank you. I have not seen my mother in 21 years, I hear from her on occasion. At this point I don’t kow if she is alive ofr dead.Having grown up without a mother ,the word mom or momma is a very foreign word to me.My Dad won father of the year by default. I have struggled with the idea of addiction & whether or not it’s a disease or a choice. I feel like at some point that I have heard evey one step line that there is. I have no doubt that this is a very helpful tool in recovery & praise people who have the courage to go.I have had times where I look at this as totally selfish,how you can live in your disease & everday it’s all about you, then in recovery it’s all about you.As a child it is hard to understand, hell as an adult it’s hard to understand. I kniow that as an adult I will never have a relationship with my estanged mother. She was only apart of my life for such a short time.We only lived under the same roof until I was 5. I do wish that she would in some way find peace.So thanks Dr. Drew for allowing me to see that.

  51. Sharon says:

    I just wanted to thank u for doing a real show about recovery, I am a recovery addict clean for 3 years! But it took me 12 years to get 3 years I would always get clean but wouldn’t stay clean, I found recovery in NA and I strongly recommend it for anyone wanting help, I enjoy your show because its real, with real people and real problems, that has caused them to use for years, I myself am struggling w/writing a letter w/my therapist and sponsor to my uncle who sexually abused me when we were using and now I am getting flash backs about and and I know if Im going to stay clean I have to do this. It sucks and its very very very uncomfortable to talk about! But Ive learned in recover that we are only as sick as our secrets, anyway I support every one of your patients for even trying to get better, like we say in the rooms of Narcotics Anonymous ” the only requirement is the desire to stop using” Rock on guys and Dr. Drew!

  52. sandy says:

    hi, my comment is for gary busey. i grew up watching him, and have always liked his movies. wanted to say am glad he is getting the help he needs, keep up your chin, am praying for you. hope to see you in the future on the big screen!

  53. Karen and Ronnie says:

    We are true fans of Celebrity Rehab. Thanks Dr. Drew.
    We just want to say that Amber is going to have the hardest time staying sober because of the guilt that her mother throws at her. It is obvious that her mother does not want to stay sober and she is playing games with Amber. I know it will be hard, but Amber just hang in there. You have done the right thing. Like Dr. Drew said last week, you have to be the child. You have been the parent way too long. I know that you love your mother and always will, but you have to think about your life and your happiness. It is up to your mother to make her decision to get sober herself. I pray for you and your mother both.

  54. Brittany says:

    I’m currently overcomming an eating disorder, social anxiety, o.c.d, and a marijuana and pain pill addiction.As I watch the show your patients actions are like a copy of my own. Right now I’m in the anger stage of recovery and I was just wondering what’s next?

  55. Sandy says:

    Watching this show has been a real eye opener on many levels.

    I was utterly shocked that Sean Stewart had NO ONE to come to family day. No wonder that young man is utterly screwed up. Can’t you contact his family and express to them their need to attend?

    Poor Amber. She has achieved so much, despite her own mother.

    God help, Steven! 23 prior rehab’s. Can he stay with you for about a year?

  56. Telpher says:

    I’m amazed at how strong Amber is, and how honest she is with herself and others. I think she’s a person with so much potential – especially since she seems to be facing her demons head on, even though that must be pretty scary. I wish all the participants well, but I’m especially rooting for Amber…she seems like a really good person who might one day make a great counsellor, herself.

  57. m aryshope33 says:

    Amber it took great courage to bare your soul,,,I pray your feeling well soon. Dont worry to much about your mom. Mother and daughter relationships are complicated,,be true to yourself,,and dont let her bring you down..Mother make huge mistakes,,,but we try to love them anyway. Keep up the good work,,and thank you for you honesty…I was inspired,,Mary from Colorado <

  58. Rose Millovich says:

    Being a recovering addict myself, I can relate on some level to each and every person on the show. My heart goes out to some, and I have no pity for the rest. As with any rehab, there are some who really do want recovery and some who don’t. Everyone has their own reasons for being there. Recovery is about change. If a person is not willing to change their ways, they are
    bound to fail. I can pick out the people on the show who will definitley fail. They will go home and be getting high again in no time because they aren’t willing to change. You cannot keep doing the same things over and over and expect different results each time. When you keep doing as you did,
    you keep getting what you got. And it’s called, MISERY!!!!!! Addiction is definitely a cunning and baffling disease, and you are never cured. However, you can recover and lead a normal life, if
    you are willing to change and listen to people who know what they are doing and want to help you.
    Nobody says it’s going to be easy at first, but in time it does get easier. You have to learn to live a whole different way. The easy part is stopping the drugs. The hard part is learning to live without them. I say all if this from experience. It took me a few relapses and alot of misery before I started to listen to what people were telling me. I finally stopped blaming everyone for my addictions and started blaming myself. I was the one who wouldn’t stop, so it was my fault. When I finally realized that much, I think I finally began to get better. My prayers are with Dr. Dru and all the people who dedicate their lives to helping addicts and also to any addict out there who is suffering and who is in recovery.

  59. Jane DeAngelo says:

    Every person on earth including me is vulnerable to addiction. I feel for all of you. Jeff, I know you said you were verbally, physically and sexually abused. The thing is, I was too. I’ve had my problems in life(61 years old) and it took me to get 50 years old to realize that what’s past is past. You have to forgive and move forward in life. Try it, it works. Also, I think you and Vickie are bad for each other. You need a lady that is strong, kind and can make you feel secure (not anyone with addiction problems).

  60. Kellye Rowland says:

    Steven, you remind me so much of someone I loved very much who ended up committing suicide. He was a great and talented guitarist and we reconnected again in the late 90s after losing touch for 8 years or so. He was the self-described black sheep of his family. His name was Jim. When I saw him again at an old friend’s house I had no idea that he had been sober (or ever had a drug problem) for a couple of years. I was drinking pretty heavily at that point and I said “Let’s have a shot of tequila like we used to when we were in the show together! (Tommy-a Rock Opera) He did and we barely spent a weekend apart after that up until we got in a fight, he hung up on me and hung himself that Sunday. I feel so much guilt about it still, after 8 years now. Every time I see your face, I think of him, (you have such similar eyes) and I can’t tell you how much I wish for you to take care of yourself, and value yourself. I miss Jim so much all the time, and I don’t want your beautiful and sweet wife to miss you in that way ever. Please take care of yourself and I am pulling for you here…

  61. cadie says:

    Dr. Drew, I can appreciate the struggles you go through and the passion that you have. I am a registered nurse in the Neuroscience department. A lot of my patients have had strokes because of alcohol addiction. It is very hard to see the strain on the family and the struggles the patient is going through after the event. I come from an alcoholic family and am a recovering anoexic bulemic. Addiction is everyone and education needs to be taught to doctors, nurses, and family so the stigma around the medication and treatment can be dissolved. My dream would be to open up a treatment center, or settle to work in one, but I enjoy following you and your steps to helping addicts. If you ever have an opening let me know!

  62. Kim says:

    To Steven I want to tell him how much I admire what he is doing—-saving his life! You are such a talented man, the way you takl with the others-the way your eyes sparkle when you connect with another-there is so much in “there”. You are so alive–and have so much to offer the world–besides music–you are unique, and funny, and have such a “light” Your wife sees it–she just shines when she’s around you-and they way your eyes see into hers, just makes me want to weep-with the love I see you have for each other–forget your mom–let go of what she has done–she will have to live with it all–she knows what she did, and because she has not taken responsibility for all of her actions, to you–just shows that she knows she is wrong. Some people just can’t admit that they have done awful things. You have riends who love you and care about you, and a wife who adores you–keep mom at a distance-because she is your mom, but honor those around you who are there for you. You matter. You are special. You are loved.

    To Sean———–Have you tried to involve your mum and dad in your life? I know you have probably tried in the past, but keep trying. You obviously “woke” up one day and decided to become a better person, and to change things–I know they are supposed to be the ones who reach out to you, but sometimes you have to demand to be heard–for them to notice you–when your quiet for so long-you tend to become invisible. You are a vital person in this world–you came into this world for a reason, use this knowlege that you have — to maybe talk to others, especially younger kids, maybe foster care, Big Brothers–you would be amazed at how much attention that they crave, and how interested they would be in you. You are still young and “cool”–the kids would really benefit from you. You may think that you have nobody who cares–well I’m not nobody and I care–I have enjoyed your dads music for years, and I am saddened by what you went through–you need to sit them down (your parents) and lay it on the line–don’t give them a choice. They had their chance at life-nows it’s your turn. They owe you as your parents to hear you out, and include you, and notice you, and allow them to hear what they did caused you such pain and uncertainty for your own self. You are very brave to be so honest, and to be on TV. I have many friends who have similiar stories about abandonment, and not getting close to anyone–this happens way to often–you are NOT alone. You benefit from the people around you, and know that there are many people out here rooting for you to become the man we all know you can be. Stay Strong.

  63. Stacey says:

    Dr Drew
    You are a good man..What I have noticed in your show is a blame game..its others faults on why they are they way they are today..Your patients need to take responsibility for there actions.Stop living in the past and move on. People would LOVE to have there help there getting and have a little of there talent. Very selfish group.
    Like I said your a good man

  64. christy says:

    Hi Dr. Drew,

    I love watching the new season of cr. I am 39 and have been dealing with anxiety and depression for most of my life. I so wish that there was a doctor like you where I live. I have only gone to one therapist and was basically told to get off of caffine and sugar and I would be fine. It is nice to see that there are doctors out there that truely do understand what we go through and believe what we feel. Just wanted to let you know you and the show are an inspiration to me. Thanks for doing the show. I hope everyone on there (both seasons) truely find happiness with their lives and their addictions. Something having that much control over you has to be one of the hardest things to deal with.
    Much love Christy.

  65. dalia lacks says:

    I am a 35-year-old drug addict since the age of 16. I have used and abused nearly everything, while maintaining a career and my status (what there is of one), and have seen many of friends and peers do/go much deeper than I. Attributing my “singledom” and not having kids to drugs and alcohol is both a crutch and an excuse. as well as a blessing, some may say.

    Watching this show is uncomfortable to say the least. But it has given me an awareness I did not have on my own, and a humility to give into the disease. If people we deem famous enough to worship/recognize can beat and conquer addiction, then why can’t a ridiculous girl like me do the same?

    I love the moment where Sean says how blessed they are to be in a place where they have each other and get the treatment they are getting. If that wasn’t Sean I apologize, because I remember the ladies being there and acknowledging his statement.

    Know that this show touches all walks of life. It is AGONY for me to watch, but I record it and force myself to see what amazing things you all accomplish. Best of luck. I am depending on you all. But even if you fail, I am so proud of you for trying as hard as you are.

  66. Joanne says:

    It broke my heart to see Amber’s mother complain about the (relative) lack of support that she would have after she was finished treatment and having to go to a sober living facility, both for Amber and for Carol. I can only guess that Carol was feeling a lot of regret over the past and a lot of fear over the changes that she would have to go through to stay sober. Watching her seem to try to manipulate Amber, or at least make her feel guilty, reminded me of my mother.

  67. Margo says:

    I can not stop watching the show, I am the mother of a ex drug user. I guess I keep watching trying to understand why my son turned to drugs… Lucky he was finally arrested and put in drug court and they helped him alot… They even sent him to a rehab in fullerton… it’s been six years now and my son hasn’t used he still drinks but that has even gotten better where he will only have one or two beers when he goes out every few weeks… I keep reminding him to be careful not to hang with others who use or he use to use with… Yes, back a few years ago he did fall off the wagon but rehab and drug court gave him the tools and know how to get up and start all over being sober…
    But I can’t get rid of the feeling why, we were always involved in his life.. school, sports etc. we always supported him… he was a wanted and loved child… no step parnets, no parnets who drank or used.. Guess it will always be a puzzle to me and his father….. what went wrong?

  68. dr drew says:

    Why do you continuosly refer to addiction as a disease? Addiction is a dependency or, at best, possibly an illness but in NO WAY is it a disease. Hepatitis is a disease. HIV is a disease. Cancer is a disease. But in NO WAY is alcaholism or drug addiction a disease. You tell addicts they have a disease and it only justifies to themselves that they are recipients of some bad luck or unwanted problem. I do, however agree that the reason why people become addicts is because of some past trauma or terrible experience.Please explain to me how that, by a person trying drugs and becomes addicted, translates into that person developing a disease.

  69. Michele says:

    I watched the show last year (loved it) and got annoyed with the preferential treatment Jeff got over the others. I agree with Amber, Jeff is allowed to do what he wants and everyone tiptoes around him. I say no more excuses. If he wants to get better great, if not, move on. I’m sick of his antics, grow up and get with the program like everyone else. His addiction to Vikki is worse than his addiction to the drugs. I grew up in an alcoholic home and watched my poor father beg for his life at the end. I can only wish that he had the chance that Jeff has at PRC. Makes me mad that he doesn’t get it or doesn’t seem to even approciate the gift he has by being there. Rehab is for people who want to change their lives. If you continue the pitty party, your life will never change. I say focus on the ones who want to get better, Go Amber and Rodney!!!!

  70. Nurse Ratchet says:

    It feels like there is an elephant in the room when I watch this show. I keep waiting for Dr. Drew to point it out and address it, but he never does. Clearly PRC is using a 12 step model and yet, all of these patients have agreed to sacrifice anonymity, a principle at the corner stone of AA. I would imagine this was a source of a great deal of controversy in planning these programs and I think a lot of people would like to hear Dr. Drew’s perspective on this.

  71. Little Sister says:

    Steven: My Mom did the same to me when I was 15 – threw my clothes on the front yard and locked me out. I always did the right thing – didn’t cut class, worked at Dairy Queen, paid my own book rental, purchased my clothing and even bought her dinner. (On $3.35 an hour that means a lot of hours working.) I walked to work and school. Nothing could break me; the resilance of youth! However, when you spoke about your things being thrown out, that struck me hard. That is wrong. It hurts and will NEVER be done over right. There is no “fixing” this or changing your Mom. Trying to make her see how wrong it was and how it hurt you isn’t good. It doesn’t allow you to move on. You doubt yourself and your worth from this one incident that in a lot of ways was life changing. Just dig deep and take care of yourself. Don’t expect your Mom to admit to any wrong doing. Most likely she won’t ever. EVER! Don’t put your life on hold waiting until this happens. The time is now – move on. I vowed to never treat anyone like my Mom did and I haven’t. It’s a possibility that your Mom has an element of mental illness as does mine. Even then, it doesn’t exuse any of her wrong doings. Get fierce – do some boxing, biking, running. I started running when I was 25 and haven’t stopped. You burn the rage on the road and it’s healthy mentally as well as physically. Don’t hurt yourself any more. I don’t drink and I am not alcoholic. I have never done drugs. I have my share of doubts and low points in my 42 years for sure. My older brother is a recovering alcoholic. He drank because he wanted to punish my Mom for evertything she did. He just hurt himself and then beat himself up when she wasn’t around because it felt “normal”! Think about that…it’s simple but could be very true. Keep going. Allow those around you that love you to help – especially your wife!!

  72. Karen says:

    Steven I see great potential in you. Don’t let your mothers lack of remorse stop you. That wife of yours loves you, and she is your family now. I’m not saying to turn your back on your mom but realize that she isn’t your future, she’s your past and one day hopefully she can say how truely sorry she is. Right now she’s caught up in being defensive. Nobody wants to be seen as a bad mother or father. When I was 10 my dad killed himself. Once when he was so depressed he was threatening suicide in front of me and my brothers unless my mom would talk to him. She agreed and I told him “Daddy if you loved me, you wouldn’t do this”. He replied “Love has nothing to do with it.” I went on to have major depression growing up and today I’m doing ok. I will never do that to my kids and I’ve helped lots of kids in our area by telling them the truth to being in that hole. Mine is the feeling of abandonment, I still have hurdles. I don’t let my husband too close because I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Taking drugs to hide out is the same as the person that wants to sleep to hide out. We just want the problem to go away but when we’re hiding the problem continues to grow. My heart goes out to you. I’m saying a little prayer for all of you.

  73. keith says:

    I’m interested to see that many times the patients (and their family members) seem to be finding an answer that you will like when you ask them a question about their feelings and stuff. Other times, they seem to really look inward. But the problem for me…as an observer, is that many of the people are accomplished at acting. How do you deal with the “answers to please you” and the “are they acting?” worries that you probably have also?

  74. DeJo says:

    Dear Jeff,

    I see great faith in you. I prayed for your healing, and God healed you! How awesome is He? Awesome. When Jesus died for us on the cross he died for the forgiveness of all sin… he said, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” He took the penalty on the cross— the worst penalty back in those days— as if he was a horrible mass murder, but he was sinless. When he came back to life and went up to heaven to be with the Father, he gave us this thing called the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is our helper… it can heal us spiritually and physically, which I believe is what happened with you.

    I am so glad that you are feeling pain-free. I pray that God will keep you that way. That is a very special thing that he spoke to you through a dream. I was going through a really down time in my life and I believe God sent an angel to me in my dreams; she told me “you need to take from your bucket of joy more often.” I wrote a song about it called “Bucket of Joy.” My myspace page is http://www.myspace.com/dejosmusic if you or anyone would like to check it out.

    I hope you get this message Jeff! I just wanted to let you know that I was praying for you and will be.

    Love, DeJo

  75. lawoman71 says:

    I honestly love this show, I’ve been in AA for the past 18 years and hopefully can continue on my path. Watching this show is like a meeting for me, I felt for Steven Adler, he’s come a long way I hope he is able to find and keep his way on that positive path. He’s got what it takes and for the first time in his life this is the longest he’s been sober since he was 11, he’s got a way to go and I can only hope and pray that he makes it……..I really hope that powerful people are with him while he is on tour, or I hope the tour does get canceled he needs this time to work on learning more about this program, and it has to stay in his head, if he wants to survive this he will.
    Today’s show I didn’t watch it all because I usually watch it in the evening and I can only say is this, I hope this show and next weeks really keeps all of those who are in there now, right where they are because someone is going to come back into the mix and they will see that this disease is not a joke.

  76. Gail Minidis says:

    Dear Sean, I have never, ever wrote to anyone before, but my heart goes out to you. I can see so much good in you. My step-son is 26 this year, and I can not imagine anyone hurting him the way you have been hurt. You are not a waste… you are a blessing… to yourself and everyone you touch. If people around you make you feel that way, you must move forward and away from them… even if their related to you. I’m a child of the 60-70′s, seen a lot of stuff, done a lot of stuff, even I’m a little surprised I made it though. But, the way I made it though was to put those who weren’t on the same page, behind me. Life will never be perfect, but that’s ok. I hope nothing but good things for you. I think your a lot stronger than you give yourself credit for. Just remember, your name is Sean Stewart NOT Sean Stewart-Son of Rod Stewart. You take care of you and the rest will fall into place.

  77. mandy & kevin says:

    We think Dr. Sophy’s comment during the family visit regarding sex to Nikkie was incredibly out of whack! “You need to be available as a wife” (meaning sexually). The girl’s mother has been dead less than a year! true – the grief process needs to move forward as Dr. Drew stated but the pressure and message sent that you need to make your partner happy as if you ‘owe’ him that by virtue of marriage irregarless of what else is happening in your life in insane. Nothing like a little pressure to get the addition back in full swing! Heal the addiction first, become better friends second and the rest will follow. The sex sounded so important to Dr. Sophy that I can only hope his comment stood out due to bad editing.

  78. Sandra Lowe says:

    To all the celebritys, my prayers are with you! Dr. Drew, you’re a God send and I believe you’ve touched more lives than even you know. Mine as well! Rodney King, I think you touch me the most. Only you know the hardship of the abuse you’ve had to endure and relive. I know that God allows things to happen for reasons we sometimes do not understand. Stay strong and don’t give in, your story is a testimony for so many people in like situations. Steven, dude you remind me of my brother in that you seem to have a very stubborn streak as far as your recovery goes. My brother went through so many rehabs, too many to even count. His heart was always in the right place, but unfortuneately he died during his final relaps. But, take heart in this. Your stubborness can go either way. Use it to push on and beat this. Please don’t end up like my heart (my brother)! Good luck to all of you and remember this, you’re all a huge inspiration to those of us still struggling with addictions. I’ve been an addict for 32 years. That’s over half of my life! Today is the first day of my sobriety for the first time! No help by the way, other than God. Please pray for me, God knows who I am. Thank all of you for your story! You have no clue just how much you are inspiring me!

  79. jennifer says:

    Dear Sean, You are a wonderful young man. Keep your head up. Your story has touched my heart. I’m sure there are so many people that love you.(how could they not) I pray God blesses you as you continue your journey.

  80. Wind Derome says:

    I am not sure of when and where to post? I really feel soooo much empathy and personal pain for all of Dr. Drew’s patients. I have never written anything like this in my lifetime, however now I find an overwhelming desire as well as need to give of my self. Jeff, Gary and Steven have touched my life and heart more profoundly than they will ever know. I would give anything to be able to interact with them by email or phone. My heart hurts for you all….you all help me every minute of every day to try, just try. So here I am……scared but just trying….please contact me, please. I’m soooo sorry for all of the horror and pain that has tried to keep so many of us stuck like terrified innocent little children looking for nothing more than love…thank you for showing your love for people like me, by sharing your very personal lives, thoughts, insecurities……. What you are all doing is huge!!! Never let any one take that from you. All of human kind is in so so many ways better off for your contributions to the human race. You all make me want to be the best me possible! Jeff C., I am in a very similar situation as you- pain is pain, and life shouldn’t only be pain…

  81. Angela W. says:

    I commend all of you, clients and staff, for not only walking this path but to have it be shown to the masses that watch the show each week. I believe this country needs to be educated about the disease of addiction and you all are very courageous to take on this task in addition to the difficulties of very early recovery. I think it was very contraversial to have Seth’s sponsor take him to score. Many families just learning about addiction and the 12-step process could get the wrong impression of what the true function of a sponsor is. A sponsor is truely a selfless, god-directed person who possesses the integrity and discipline to walk straight up to the gates of hell with someone, but not walk through. I understand that Seth’s safety was taken into consideration.

    I finally realized that I couldn’t run anywhere without finally showing up there myself, and five years ago I landed in the state of Utah and got sober. I have a licensed, sober living facility for women in a state where it is thought that this disease doesn’t exist. The dominant religion and government are so enmeshed, we have to fight to educate the public. I really appreciate all of you for putting it out there for the world to see. I love all of you and wish you the greatest blessings as you are “rocketed into the fourth dimension”. God bless.

  82. vickie k. says:

    To Amber: God, do I feel for you. It was chilling watching your own mother try to guilt trip and con you into leaving recovery (make no mistake, that’s what she was doing.) I know. I had a terribly abusive and ENMESHED relationship with my own mother. She treated me the same way I saw yours treating you while the two of you were on your bed. Excerpts: “I’m the one who got the short end of the stick. YOU got your whole life going (this is incredibly awful for a mother to say–SHE’S wrong, Amber.) Also: “Stop being SO FULL OF YOURSELF because you’re ahead of me.” That’s worrisome on so many levels, Amber. YOU should be FULL of who you are. A healthy mother, capable of genuine love and concern, would implore you to be exactly, FULL, full of life, full of wonder, full of YOURSELF. And, I love how she kept saying, “we.” Ugh, run for your life, Amber. I swear to god it was deja vu listening to your mom. I know it’s difficult, but more than likely, the best way for YOU to get the fresh start you need for your own recovery, is to severe contact with your mother (I did this for one year and it worked like magic; my mother ceased guilting me.) I know, I really do know, how hard it must feel. My mother also had schizophrenia, which only added my misguided sense of guilt. Anyway, I’m pulling for you. I think you’re way more than beautiful, you’re incredibly intuitive and smart. I’m rootin for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Leola says:

    Hello, all, My husband has had 12 back surgeries, but we found something that people with back problems can have done now to stop the pain, My husband had a SCS Spinal Cord Stimulation implant, it is a system that management chronic back pain, it electrically stimulates the spinal cord to alter the perception of pain signals, you have the stimulator inplanted in your back and these lead wires are put up throught the spinal cord, with that in you use a remote contral to manage your pain and you don’t need meds anymore you contral your pain. check it out, if you need to check on line under SCS Spinal Cord Stimulation. It is better than meds, my husband is doing well with it and it helps him alot, he is so glad that he doesn’t need pain meds anmore, I wisj Jeff the best, and this will help him out. It would be the best for the pain he is going throught. Good Luck.

  84. Kim W. says:

    I watch the show faithfully and each week has brought me closer to where I am today. I truly believe I have hit rock bottom. I plan to detox at home this week. I work in a pharmacy so I am quitting my job.(I guess) I am so confused, but am having so many symptoms of possible od or something. my marriage has fallen apart, my 8 year old is out of control, my mother is an addict as well, my father died 4 yrs ago and I am emotionless. I just dont feel anything. Except, FOG, TWITCHES, N/V, MEMORY LOSS,(EVEN 5 MINS AGO) , ETC. Also within the past month or so over half of my hair has fallen out and still is by the handfuls, Is this normal with an opioid addiction??? I’m really freaked out and dont know what to do????? could you please give me some advice???? I want my life back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m tired of not living , dr drew PLEASE I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. susan says:

    I was abused by both my parents. They beat me, humiliated me, told me i was a piece of garbage and a sack of &_@&)_^(~)+**#~! The first beating I recall was when i was 4 years old. ) You had to have your clothes off for the beating. And then after my mother would want you to take your clothes off to make sure you got it good enough. That would go on for a few days until your next beating because you were starting to heal from the one so it was time to give you another one.

    They both sexually abused me. I had another uncle sexually abuse me and another one that raped me.

    I got pregnant and had my uncles and my child when i was 17. He has disabilities.

    I ended up with a severely damaged jaw. I am almost 50 now and am in so much pain.
    I almost started doing drugs but, the day i was supposed to, i looked out the window and the sheriff was coming up the driveway. And after that close a call I never tried it again. I can’t deal with the jaw pain sometimes. i feel really really badly for Jeff Conaway, because of his pain that he endures. I am not saying mine is worse than his, i just feel for him.

    It is kind of funny because i went through labor and delivery 4 times and when i go to acupuncture i react to the pain that the needle causes on the side of my face. So i guess what i am saying is that each pain is different and a person might be able to handle one kind of pain and maybe not another kind.

  86. diana says:

    take the women to some animal shelters to do volunteer work regularly; take Jeff to the Motion Picture Hospital in Calabasas daily for 2 weeks to sit and visit; take Sean Stewart to volunteer at a childrens hospital for 2 weeks;take Rodney to a Veterans hospital to volunteer for 2 weeks;Seth needs a padded room, then make him work at a childrens hospital like St. Judes for a month; Gary B. could volunteer at a mission as a host. take a corner in your facility-a place to paint/watercolor/oil/acrylic/clay for sculpting. A small library with some ‘interesting’ books also making jewelry is good for both men and women.Its good for them to focus on themselves butt they need MORE of a distraction to use their own thought processes. Can’t just focus on I, I, ME, ME. Reward the ones that want to with a bike ride in a safe place, like the strand in Manhattan Beach or a train ride to San Diego. Let me know if you want more comments……We owned mental hospital and sanitariums throughout my growing up.

  87. Marilyn H. says:

    I am a huge fan of this show and especially of Amber this year. I think her’s is a very profound story and not enough attention is paid to her. The small tidbit she shared about the demographics of the shelters was heart wrenching to hear. She is so stunningly beautiful, it’s very hard to imagine the depths of despair she’s experienced. And I agree with Tawny … I’m mad at her mother. To me, a mother’s role is to project her child at all cost. And “protect” means a lot of things including protection from any kind of exploitation. It’s sickening to hear the role she’s played in Amber’s unfortunate journey. I feel that all these issues are so closely knotted together, Amber’s chances of full recovery seem very limited … unless she can share her story on an even wider scale than this program. Maybe then she could begin to experience the level of self worth she deserves. I too had a mother who exploited me – as I’m sure you can tell by my comments. I’m pulling hard for Amber’s success.

  88. jansydmom says:

    Sean your an amazing young man. On camera you seem so articulate and in control. Why not take back that same power that you give away to drugs and abusive relationships. You have so much life ahead of you I pray that after you’re done with rehab you’ll see what we all see…A beautiful human being. God bless You

  89. dan beckett says:

    i need help

  90. jeff kilpatrick says:

    but vickie k jennifer will et addicted to a dream of love how do i explain, she might be addicted