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This week’s Scream Queens was low on the terror side — the exercises were all based on introspection (some of it P.O.V.-cam, Blair Witch-style…minus the snot). As though picking up the slack for the knives of slashers, the girls were, instead, at each other’s throats. Michelle, in particular, did as much as she could to play psychological Jigsaw on the girls, taunting them with her perceived superiority. It had the reverse effect on Lindsay, who used Michelle’s hubris as inspiration to humble her — Lindsay ended up named Leading Lady in the Director’s Challenge, which found the girls acting opposite their evil selves in a mirror. Angela, too, indulged in some beef, tearfully calling out the judges’ decision to award Michelle the Leading Lady designation last episode. But ultimately, the meat hook was turned on her as she was yanked from the show for just not having the chops. That leaves three ladies — Michelle, Lindsay and a vulnerable Tanedra (who stumbled this episode for the first time) — who’ll battle each other in the “Scream Queen gauntlet” in next week’s season finale.

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