Rock Of Love Bus: Meet The Girls!


Are you ready to rock, reality TV style? Again? And on a bus? Well, get ready for the third installment of Bret Michaels‘ eternal quest for a rockin’ chick to love, which arrives just in time for the New Year. Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels is set to premiere Jan. 4, and from what we hear, the cast is more insane than ever. Check out the official press release:

This time around, Bret is bringing the women along as he travels America for a month-long solo album tour, Rock My World, to show them what the rock star life has to offer. As Bret rolls into each town in his pimped-out black tour bus, a pink bus filled with beautiful blondes and a blue bus filled with gorgeous brunettes competing for his heart will follow close behind.

In past seasons, Bret made it clear that life on tour with a rock star is not easy and can present unique challenges. So, each time the buses pull into a new city the girls will take on challenges specifically relating to Bret’s life on the road. They may have to greet aggressive groupies with polite smiles, dodge the advances of the warm-up band, or even fill in for mysteriously missing roadies. From ice hockey and Mud Bowl 3 to a sexy dance off and working backstage, the girls get down and dirty, as each one strives to stand out among the rest.

The winner of each challenge will be rewarded with a date showcasing the best of what middle America has to offer–perhaps a toast atop the St. Louis Arch or a romantic picnic in the shadow of the world’s largest chicken. For some, however, the challenges will prove too much and they will have to face eliminations and at least one girl will be left at each stop. Whatever the case may be, these girls will definitely be put to the test to win over Bret and handle the crazy life of a rock star girlfriend. In the end, there is only one VIP pass for Bret’s true Rock of Love.

Bret released his highly anticipated full length solo album Rock My World on JUNE 3, 2008 from VH1 Classic Records which debuted at # 39 on the Billboard charts.

Below is your first look at the 20 ladies set to vie for Bret’s heart and cowboy hat. Get ready for a new round of silicone and some new frontiers in the art of compound-names (Brittanya, anyone?). We’re already in love with Nikki, and we can tell that Samantha is totally the type to threaten us with a good time.


To see more of Ashley, click here.


To see more of Beverly, click here.


To see more of Brittaney, click here.


To see more of Brittanya, click here.


To see more of Constandina, click here.


To see more of Farrah, click here.


To see more of Gia, click here.


To see more of Heather, click here.


To see more of Kelsey, click here.


To see more of Marci, click here.


To see more of Marcia, click here.


To see more of Maria, click here.


To see more of Megan, click here.


To see more of Melissa, click here.


To see more of Mindy, click here.


To see more of Natasha, click here.


To see more of Nikki, click here.


To see more of Samantha, click here.


To see more of Stephanie, click here.


To see more of Taya, click here.

And check out some more shots of the ladies with (and without) Bret below:

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  1. BlakeD says:

    I’m so excited for ROL Bus :D

    I can’t wait for the supertrailer either!

  2. steupz says:

    that’s the worst looking bunch of women ever to appear on a VH1 show

  3. LaurenM says:

    men should NEVER pout their lips in photos. it’s “@$(+$+$&$_$)^_)~ ed enough that girls do it. urgh annoying

  4. robyn says:

    I love Brett. But why does it seem like all these girls have fake boobs? Brett I hope you find your rockstar chick.

  5. ella says:

    Nikki looks like the skankiest skank that ever did skank.

  6. a says:

    nikkis picture looks incredibly photoshopped…christ

  7. Tori says:

    What happened to the last winner he had?????

  8. kellylisa says:

    what happen to amber ? see all he really wants is a fake stripper

  9. BRandy says:

    Omg nikki could hide a third world country in them bad boys!!!

  10. BRandy says:

    Omg nikki could hide a third world country in them bad boys!!! LOOK AT HER SHOES AND THEM TOES HANGING OUT

  11. lia says:

    how about charm school ahead of time via sharon and shannon Tweed
    on rock of love four we the fans should get to pre screen and help pick are these girls for real

  12. Elle says:

    This is the UGLIEST group of girls VH1 has come up with. MOST of these girls are butterfaces. Not to mention that wtf?!?!?! If you’re going to get implants, why not make them look like they would belong on your body??? Why do you have to look like a circus freak? Boobs are great…no one’s arguing with that, but good lord almighty…big is great, but proportionate is best! But in the case of Nikki and Mindy…omg, they look misshapen, their heads look too big for their bodies!!!

  13. daddyslilpsycho says:

    this time the girls are skankier, sluttier and uglier than ever before! Seriously are these porno rejects?What crack did Samantha smoke before her pic was taken? hell Bret is the best looking “girl” from the top photo, what with his flowing blonde tresses and eyeliner. Who will get a chance to get at Bret’s STDs this season!?!

  14. Me says:

    I don’t like the idea of having a Heather and a Megan on this show because we’ve already had those names and its kinda weird. They should give nicknames to both of those girls like Megan could be called Meg, Heather could be called something else i dont know. I think the cast is not diverse enough, there’s like 20 tramps, I can’t seem to find a good, pretty girl anywhere? Like at least in the other two seasons there were originals like Destiney, Rodeo, Brandi C., Kristy Jo, Inna. Not only in their personalities but in the way they looked. Vh1 seems to have forgotten about that its important to have an original character for the show.

  15. Denise says:

    Hang it up! You had the perfect girl last season!

  16. Trinity says:

    Wow, wow, wow…. I can say that there is a circus sideshow on this season. I will have to root for the only semi-normal looking ones Stephanie and Marci. I hope he finds his “Rock of Love” this time around.

  17. tyshan says:

    Hi, i like your show but i feel the way you are going about trying to find real love you not going to never find it. I understand you might do for entertainment but having women on there knowing that their standards are low cause they will never a have a chance dating a real rock starr they get on your show only cause they want to be famous are getting paid to be on the show, then they ones who really like you get their hopes up high thinking you love them or care about them get their feeling or their 30 mins. of fame basically if you really wanted to find real love you would have found it not with women who are weak minded & lower their standards who want to be reconize as human being. Real love don’t just fall in your lap. when you find true it ‘s a beautiful thing & that nothing else in the world matter anymore cause you are blindsighted by that special someone who make you feel good inside & out, & everytime you see them you just can’t stop smillin or thinking about them. so when you findtrue love with that person hold on to it. good luck to you & the girls.

  18. sara says:

    Of course all the ladies are big busted and what a size 2. How predictable. Not really reality

  19. sara says:

    Like the show but what did happen to Amber? And I agree with some of the other comments, is he only looking for a stripper or a slut!!! Yuck wouldn’t want to see him with any of these chicks

  20. Alexandria says:

    you had the perfact girl last season she seeemed like the one. real. mature and not another groupie!! what are you doin man!!!!! open your eyes some of these girls look like skanks and hoes!! but then there are some who look promising!! looking forward to the seaason!!!1

  21. Amanda C. says:

    Ok so most of these girls look cheap and trashy, but Stephanie and Ashley arent bad and may be good for Brett. They at least look normal. The rest look like circus freaks. I dont know thow cause i have yet to see them personality wise. By the way is that Farrah girl heather in a disguise cause they look soo much alike! Overall cant wait to watch this!

  22. Bre says:

    Geez, several of these girls remind me of past ROL girls, and a couple others remind me of girls of different “love” shows on vh1.

  23. ISABEL LOVES YOU says:


  24. sara says:

    Hey some of these +!`#~`)`_&!%)~`_% es are fugly…i think he could do betta idk what the hell he’s doin a new show for…publicity…you can’t find real love on a show!!



  26. liza says:

    i think that bret dont want love…. he only want is a funn

    come on bret and fun with me jajaja

    yeah babe

  27. READ THIS says:

    I think Stephanie, Natasha, Mindy, and Heather will be the first ones to go and the girls that make it past the first night but not toooo far will be Samantha, Megan, Maria, Beverly, Constaandina, Marci, Laurie, Ashley, Kelsey, and Farrah. I think the girls that will make it decently far are Nikki, Melissa, Marciela, Brittanya, and Jasmineva.

    This is just basing it on the number of pictures they have.

  28. taylor says:

    some of these girls look like they can be my grandma

  29. barbara says:

    He should have stuck with amber from last show. The only pretty ones are Marci, Maria and Laurie.

  30. Cleavy says:

    Should have just picked Heather.

  31. Nayanna Babii says:

    Half These ^+&&`$&`%+*`)`!~^ es got boob Jobs O Well He Old N Got Mag Botox N-e Way Pretty Sure He Doesn’t Care With All His Damn Make up On

  32. Shan says:


  33. amina says:

    all white trash most of them

  34. lkhjljlkj says:


  35. Ms. Puddy says:

    Can not wait. Some of these women scare me!!!!

  36. Marie says:

    Wow, I think VH1 has stooped to a new low. Seriously these “ladies” are disgusting.

  37. BELLA says:


  38. Toni says:

    Maria, Marci, Kelsey, Beverly, Brittanya [[if she learns to leave more to the imagination]], and Stephanie might have a chance ..but the rest are just Nasty, discusting sideshows! I think the rest should have to go through Charm School before they get a chance with Bret! Nikki looks like a man dressing up to look like Daisy.. EWWWW! Bret.. i knew you should have picked Daisy! The Heather chick looks like a real @#%@!&_$%)&`~`%@+ gee just like the last one! ;) This season should be interesting, to say the least! The end of the last one was a real disappointment.. lets hope this one is better! ~GOOD LUCK BRET!~

  39. MissBlu says:

    HEY BELLLLLLLLLLLLLLA!!!! They just wanted to make it a bit easier for Bret when time for elimination . . . DAMN EASY!! 8 )

  40. kenny says:


  41. Jamd says:

    fallah and marissa look like heather! heather must just be a big ingluence on these girls. haha. but thats okay i love heather!

  42. Dwayne says:

    Most of these girls look hot. Some look like hot messes, but 90% of them are cool. What’s up with all the ink though?

  43. jay says:

    they all look the same…

  44. Chris says:

    I aint gonna watch the premiere this time…I saw ROL 1 and 2, and now it’s getting old and tiring already! Can’t VH1 get a little more creative?????

  45. J says:

    Seriously- Bret’s gotta stop. Enough is enough. And to think I used to be obsessed with the guy…..

  46. Rob says:

    Is it me, or does Nikki have a really big head for that size of body? Or is it her boobs?

  47. TOM says:


  48. Bearded Lady says:

    The opportunity to increase the budget is there, by creating a “freak show” as part of the tour.
    I don’t know… perhaps they look better on T.V.

  49. rog says:

    whats the point of the show now? finding love obviously isnt, i guess just make more young H0s


    HATE 2 BREAK IT TO U BUT NOW CHANCES TO FIND SOMONE BRET ARE 1 IN A 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

  51. Missy says:

    OMG I thought tour buses drop off garbage not pick it up. Here are my thoughts on these fine streetwalkers.
    Ashley – Cute but fake looking. Needs help putting on her make up
    Beverly – Pretty, if she lost 15 lbs. Needs better clothes.
    Brittanya – Hard core hoochie for cash. Pretty face though. Shoes are too small
    Constaandina – Seriously? Ugly
    Faarah – Heather wannabe. I love the fake tan and white face look, very classy
    Gia – Would make a great First Lady of Munchkin Land, if you like the 2 tone weave look
    Heather – Looks like she is holding in a fart
    Jasmineva – Was on the Geraldo Talkshow in the late 80′s. The show on women who have melon sized implants. Again with the shoes too small!
    Kelsey – Is pretty, I wish her hair was out of her face so we can get a good look
    Marci – OK looking, but hate the orange fake tan and shoes too small, thumbs down
    Marciela – Destiney wannabe. Like the shoes though
    Maria – Needs a hamburger
    Megan – Looks like a normal girl so she won’t last long on the show
    Melissa – Do you really have to stick your chest out when you have D implants?
    Mindy – GROSS, ugly hair and shoes
    Natasha – Unbeweavably ugly hair, makeup, clothes and shoes
    Nikki – Crack w#0re. The most horrible boobjob I have ever seen. Shoes five sizes too small
    Samantha – Clown
    Stephanie – Pretty, her hair is a little too light, but still very pretty
    Taya – Looks ok, I think she will be the B word out of the bunch. She is maybe a little too skinny. Looks like she would have a smelly va jay jay.

  52. JUDYMULLINS says:

    brett well looks like you have some hottie for season 3 i have watch ever one and cant wait till this one starts

  53. Michelle says:

    Samantha needs to be the first one OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!!! That woman is freakin’ SCAREY!!! Sorry Bret. Love ya baby.

  54. annie cummins says:

    This is my scale of 1 to 10 on these girls. Ashley-7, Beverly-6, Brittanya-7/ pole dancer, Constaandina-6, Farrah-6, Gia-5.5 “a dignified crack ho” Heather-6.5, Jasminetta 6.5 “in the face”, kelsey-9 “pretty girl”, Marci-7, Marciela-6, Maria-5, Meagan-5, Melissa-4 “looks like she used to be a guy”, Mindy-6, Natasha-5.5, Nikki-4 “yikes-well I think she tried”, Samantha-6, Stephanie-8, Taya-8. Well if you ask me, a lot of these girls look like your average hooker. Only a couple of them are really pretty. Hell Bret, if I knew you were looking for an average looking girl I would have signed up. Bret I really love you and I truly hope you are doing this to find love in a fun kind of way, but this just seems like it’s all for show, though I enjoyed the first two. I guess I really hoped it was gonna work out the second time around, I really liked Amber, she seemed perfect for you. Good luck.

  55. says:

    GIA is hot she is from adrenaline crew

    there is a movie with her on the cover…


  56. Linda says:

    Dear Bret –
    Are you really looking for love ? If so, maybe you should stop looking in all the wrong places and start looking for “normal” females instead of the A list groupies you are using for your show. I appreciate the fact the publicity is WONDERFUL but you seem to be attracting some very “interesting” girls.
    Hope you find what you are looking for – have you tried an older more stable woman ?
    Love, Linda

  57. shannae says:

    ok not to be gay or anything but on a scale from 1 to 10 i think should stay on the bus

    10.Kelsey -pretty

    now for the rest of the girls like

    1.natasha-she ugly
    2.farah-she looks like heather from rock of love charm school
    3.heather-she looks aiight
    4.Constaandina-she defently ugly
    5.melissa-she looks like a dude
    6.nikki-she looks like angelique and daisy put together
    7.Jasmineva-she just ugly period

  58. CAT says:

    Ok I think enough is enough already. I enjoyed ROL 1 & 2 , even felt sorry for Bret after 1, but I can’t help but think that this is nothing but a publicity stunt. And the reality shows are just getting out of hand. They will put anything on TV now. My opinion a third one is just a joke. I know I won’t be tuning in to watch.

  59. bigrolfan says:

    Constaandina is freakin hot!!

  60. Fluck Yew says:

    the “Rock Of Love Bus ” is a great thing as it will answer the age-old question “how many skanks can you fit on a bus with a mediocre singer?”.

    Gee VH-1, remember when you used to actually play music…?

  61. C~Nasty says:

    Beverly is the hottest one out of all of them! I hope she wins. Brett-you are crazy if you don’t pick her….she is smokin!

  62. malissa679 says:

    OMG Are you serious? I was excited about watching this show……until seeing these girls! AAGGH!! Where in the WORLD did Vh1 even find these girls? Half of them don’t even look like they speak English!! Jasmineva>????? Are they making these names up for themselves??? My top 3 picks are Gia, Stephanie, AShley

  63. BRET NEEDS TO STOP says:


  64. Valerie says:

    I don’t know where they found these girls but sure do wish he would find me…I can rock his world:)

  65. ram says:

    Farrah looks like Heather

  66. P Swiddy says:

    Beverly looks like a pregnant linebacker, and Ashley’s yellow chlorine hair looks like straw

  67. Jazzy says:

    What in the Hell is up with the Nikki Chic she looks a mess. It looks like he went to the bottomless pit for these girls not alot of them are cute. I hope he find LOve so we wont have to wait for another season.

  68. Leslie says:

    Wow haha.
    Just when I thought the Rock of Love cast couldn’t get any trashier-looking.
    Guess Amber wasn’t working out for huh, Brett?
    You’d think the washed up rocker would have figured out by now these shows aren’t working.
    His taste in women could be “adjusted”….word in quotes is probably a huge understatement.

  69. Lekili says:

    Did they just grab a bunch of tramps off the street and from the cheap ghetto strip clubs and stick them in the show..?

  70. samantha says:

    what the hell!
    nikkis %!“~^(~((`_^!@ s are bigger than her head.
    its a little much.
    if you need that kind of implant your pathetic.

  71. Whoaholygaucamoli says:

    Nikki…wow… She looks worse than poor old Frenchie hag.

  72. Jess says:

    I definitely have to agree with Bre. Several of these girls look like (or at least remind me of) other love-reality shows on Vh1.
    Ok, so:
    Brittanya reminds me a little of Daisy (ROL2) with those one-armed tattoos and the body type, though Daisy I think was a little skinnier.
    Farrah kind of reminds me of Heather (ROL1), though I think Heather is prettier.
    Jasmineva makes me think of Brandi C. (ROL1) with the body and the hair.
    Marci actually seems like a mix between Meatball, I think her name was, (RCoL) and Black (FOL3).
    Natasha reminds me of someone on RCoL, but I don’t remember her name.
    Nikki? Angelique (ROL2) all the way.
    Noooo originality with these girls. It seems that, for the most part, the girls on these “of love” shows are all trashy and disgusting. *sigh* I”d like to see some different girls on these shows. I feel like I’m watching the same show over and over again.

  73. Firechick says:

    Bret is looking more and more like an updated version of Liberace! Who is telling this man to wear so much make-up? UGH! As for the ladies on these types of shows, well who knows till you watch. I think he made a big mistake in letting Ambre go.

  74. MeliSSa says:

    THE IDEA OF THE SHOW IS REALLY ATTRACTIVE BUUUUUUUT…..I have to say I liked ROL1 but i definately enjoyed watchin ROL2 would not miss a chapter for anything,and it was specially because of the diversity of the girls’ personalities and most of them were very good looking, and at the end He chose the one i was hoping to be the winner, maybe i should not say this but i really think Ambre’s example should have been used as a benchmark for picking the participants of this ROLBus.
    I definatelly don’t think any of these “extravagant”, graceless, insipid, tacky, trashy, slutty, moneyless, fake, ugly women match in any way with Brett, they definately TAKE AWAY ALL THE GLAMOUR of his image and the SHOW’s, not to mention they are an insult to the eye, (I even doubt they shower!!!). Im saddly dissapointed. And I agree with Jess some of them look like participants of past RoLs (but ugly)..what is next Thing 1 and Thing 2 on ROL?!?!?!?! YUCK!!

  75. Melie says:

    Nah.. these girls dont look like ROCK at all, seems that focus in finding the perfect girlfriend for a RockStar has been missed. They don’t even look like groupies.

  76. stasi says:

    LOOKIT ALL THESE HOES and ^~`(@!%^)#+++@$`_ S

    the only MODEST NORMAL one seems to be KELSEY…

    FARRAH looks like another nasty-ass HEATHER
    and once again that have ONE black girl on the show that probly wont win.
    WHAT the hell is up with MINDY’s MAN SHOULDERS
    and BEVERLEY…please go purchase some damn new shoes!!

  77. Liz says:

    I wonder if VH1 tells the black chick that Bret will never choose her. He is interested in women who he can feel comfortable with and I dont think she will fit in.

    Bret is from the 80′s that is twenty years ago so Sorry chick maybe you may have a better chance on the Real Chance at Love series.

  78. precious says:

    i think Bret is playing around he is not looking for love. He’s just looking for sex!!!!

  79. LaKiya says:

    Samantha and Nikki are the most charming and classy creatures I have ever laid eyes on!

  80. you right says:

    Wow boo, I agree too, da hoes are dissapointing. Deyz ugly and fake bro, who like one chick dat drink themself to death they must STANK partyin’ all nite long til’ da break of dawn. azz farked up. No tanx’ to them SKANX.

  81. says:

    Eh, da brunettes are HOTTTTTTT ! ! I love my senoritas and my choco-lattes.
    latas’ wit the white girlz

  82. Joe says:

    Taya Parker looked better in Playboy and Penthouse she looks different in this pic.

  83. ozzlyne04 says:

    Oh man these girls look like porn stars. Good luck to bret finden a real woman in all that silicon. He could do way beter those girls look like they r gold diggers. This season should be interesting. ( I hope )

  84. jessicat says:

    are u serious? the only girl who is cute i gia!!!! why do the rest of them look like nasty skanks? just wondering…. do you really think he’ll fall in love this time???? best of luck….

  85. brianna says:


  86. Luv@ble says:

    Manda, Girl these girls are trashy Girls. They have no respect for themselves. Go for the sassy look Ask your mom to get some boots with a little heal, a nice pair of dress pants or jeans.A nice shirt earings and a necklace your good! You really don’t need make-up.lip gloss and sparkles and your shining. Be confindent with yourself.

  87. lizz says:

    wow lots og fake boobs!
    lets see how many of them are fake &+~&)%^_+!~~)~(@* es too!

  88. Jay says:

    wow. whoever did the airbrushing for these pics did a really bad job.

  89. GIA says:

    It’s easy 2 talk smack about people you’ve never met huh? Judge much ? What is this a Rock of Love Bus Bash Session? It looks that way 2 me. These comments are hilarious though. Ha ha ha
    P.S. Do you kiss your Mama with that mouth?

  90. Cyndi says:

    OMG not another rock of love….great publicity for Bret and his music. Does he really think he’ll ever find anything other that what he’s already found?

  91. rach says:

    can he ever get a girl his age?
    i love him, but i hate the shows!

  92. Never Will says:

    Bret, all of these girls looks like they came straight out of the strip clubs and $!`*(&*+*+@%!+!(_ house. You are not going to find love with any of these girls, it’s just going to be for entertainment.

  93. Cathy says:

    Almost exact replicas of the last two seasons.

  94. Valeska says:

    They all look like strippers because that’s what Brett likes. But I’m sure there will be a Rock of Love Bus 2 after he picks a winner this season and then things “don’t work out” because that’s the formula, right? The question then will be, which one of THESE contestants will get HER own spinoff? VH1 should just create a new “of Love” channel just for all these shows…

  95. Amy says:

    STUPID!!!!!!!!!! But, I’ll be watching it too.

  96. Lyndsey says:

    I thought that this was a joke when I first saw the pictures. So I went and ran some searches on myspace and found most of the Love Bus girls myspaces. All I can say is VH1 needs as new photographer. You can find most of the girls at

    They’re waaaaaayy prettier than in these pictures.

  97. Missy says:

    GIA can’t handle a few harsh words. All you have to do is fix your hair and stay in heels and you’ll be fine. You know you are prettier than most of the other girls.

  98. Vanessa says:

    They really do look like contestants from other “…of love” shows. These girls keep getting sluttier and sluttier. I’m afraid that rock of love 4 will be a porno!! my top 3 is ashley, kelsey, and stephanie

  99. Jamd says:

    I have a feeling Brittanya is going to be the %$^!_%^~)%+*!*(&% of the show. Nikki and Constaadnia or whatever are both ugly as `(`$)@!%~*~++`&) and I have a feeling Natasha might be a little %$^!_%^~)%+*!*(&% y too. I think Bret is racist because he never keeps a black girl longer than the third episde and the first two seasons he had two black girls and now only has 1!!!! I think he’s racist but oh well.

  100. Angela says:

    You know I wonder about these girls……..Do they really dress like that, or are they required to for the show etc??? Because some of them are kinda icky (fatty and flabby) and shouldn’t be dressing like that.

    I also wonder if that is what Bret really wants….some skanky nasty lookin thing…..I know it makes for good TV and stuff but _+_%(_+)#)$%&^& on already.

  101. Angela says:

    GIA…..are youlike the gia from the show……

    Jasminera…..YUCK, just ick man……like you can see the puckers of icky fat on her legs…just wtf??

    Of course though, my son and I will be watching to see all the mental illness come out.

  102. Jessica says:

    Same girl, different clothes…. EW.

    and nikki…. AHAHAAAHA what a wreck.

    Won’t be watching this )~&+#%+#+!+^)_!*

  103. jessica says:

    …and “jamd”– brett isn’t freaking RACIST!!! Are you kidding me?!! So he’s not attracted to black girls as much… SO WHAT. Idiot.

  104. Tiffany says:

    omg! no no please no more shows with bret and skanky ho’s PLEASE VH1 can’t you find another celeb!!!!!

  105. Christy says:

    what happened to him and Amber Lake????????????????

  106. Sara says:

    Gia, Brittanya, and a few others are the only ones that seem like true rock chicks…the rest are just the same of what he’s always had, strippers and plastic ^^+*(**!*~%~)&^~! s. Uh, no wonder he’s not finding “love”.

    I’m surprised that Nikki doesn’t have scoliosis, between those lips, that hair, and those fake boobs weighing her down haha.

  107. Scalper says:

    Gia seems like the only girl cool enough to be dating a rock star, which will most likely mean she’ll get sent home like last season’s Nikki for being too nice or something. She and Brittanya both have great ink, and, as a painted lady, as long as they aren’t `$%^$`!)&%_@_`($( es I’ll be rooting for them.

  108. Itzme says:

    I think Gia looks like a sweetheart, so she probably won’t win. Marcy…well, I have a feeling she’ll either be absolutely adorable or a pain in the ***.

  109. stacey says:

    I have always been a huge fan of Bret and always will be! IM not some kind of freak out here stocking him but I have followed alot of his stuff, and whatched every Rock of Love made, I think the problem is, is they need to get real whole hearted women. I dont whatch Rock of Love for the women I whatch it BECAUSE OF HIM!! If I wanted to be like All of those fake B—— I could be, but I choose not to be, BECAUSE I HAVE RESPECT FOR MYSELF AND MY BABIES!

    Most of them are just out for the money, which who gives a damn about money if your in love! Money cant buy true love! Im a mom of 2 beautiful little boys, and im 29 years old and couldnt be happier in my life with or without a man as long as I have my babies! GET REAL WOMEN THAT WANT TO FLY HIGH ON LOVE, NOT WOMEN THAT WANT A FREE RIDE TO MAKE YOU THINK THEY LOVE YOU!

    I just wish him the BEST! and hope someday he finds a Good Woman that loves him for all the right reasons and not the wrong reasons!


  110. Michelle says:

    I like watching Rock of love for the entertainment. Bret isn’t looking for love he is looking to have a good time, he had two great girls the first and second season, these girls do not even compare. I have to admit the show is very entertaining and I am excited to watch.

  111. Sean B says:

    INB4/Natasha and Taya are out before episode 3 and the Porn Stars last forever.

  112. amy says:

    I can not judge these women but what in the hell is going on with vh1?

  113. bunm says:

    what a hell is going with this show i think you have to bring heather daisy ande detiny again to the show call heather why dont you vote in internrt so people will vote if they want hether heather is best for you

  114. MY EYES! says:

    Just when you think they couldn’t find any skankier, trashier looking “women”, they top (or lower) themselves yet again! It looks like they plucked them right off the stripper pole, street corner, or porn set.

    But it’s not like Bret himself is even remotely classy anyway. He’s banged so many skanky groupies, he’s (or his )_+`(+#!*_*(@!*#& anyway) pretty much a petri dish.

  115. jenn says:

    What happened to Ambre from last season??? Besides the fact she is too good for him!!! Oh well…I am glad there is a new season…I love watching the show..its definitely a guilty pleasure!!

  116. Kate says:

    I’m reading all of these negative comments and wonder what the people who post them look like. First of all Bret Michaels is a marketing genius, the show is doing well so they are running with it. Second, he states in many interviews he is just looking to date and have fun. It is still TV people. Many of these girls I’m sure are looking for a way to jump start their careers, kudos to them if it works. If you look on some of their websites you will see that some of these pictures do not do them justice. As far as the name calling as long as they can get up in the morning and look themselves in the mirror, who is anyone to judge? Live and let live! Please remember at the end of the day we are all human being’s with feelings, doing the best we can.

  117. Jezzebel says:

    Well I saw the last few of them in B’ham at the taping and trust me….the pictures do them justice.

  118. lori says:

    as long as there is no more LACY there all good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. lori says:

    hope no girls act like LACY does!!!!!!!!!

  120. EVILANDPROUD says:


  121. ClaireLong says:

    Where the hell you get these women from? Geesh lol

  122. BretLooksLikeAnAgingQueen says:

    Bret Looks Like An Aging Queen. He’s horrible!

  123. WhatBeasts says:

    What Beasts these so called women are! Bret better look under the skirt if you get my drift.

  124. KV says:

    why why why must a black girl be on rock of love, Brett doesnt like black women……Stupid A$$ black girl get the picture or did you see the other 3 go down last time……..DUMB

  125. killjoy says:

    Whay DOES he keep putting balck girls on the show? Be real! That ‘s a damn shame… Affirmative action on reality TV? Its supposed to be REALITY! It is very rare where you’d see a rock star date a black girl. Shame on it ALL

  126. Debbie says:

    heaven help us…..these are some of the most scary chicks i have ever seen!!!!

  127. SHOCKED says:

    There are some really racist mother ^%$@~^+$(#_)*#*% ers on here. just because the Aferican American girls didnt win the last time doesnt mean he doesnt like thier color it just means he doesnt like them as a person, you guys need to go to hell for being so racist

  128. Constandina says:

    WTF?!! These pictures do not even really look like me……I tell ya, VH 1 can really mess up some pics……it’s like they chose the ones that made us look horrible on purpose…COME ON PEOPLE even the best take some bad pics SOMETIMES…and that first one…Good Lord…I hardly ever do stuff like that….unless I am being *silly*…AND also…my hair is wet!!! LOL….just goes to show ya!!! They placed some of us in some really stupid poses that’s all I can say….see my Myspace where my name is even spelled correctly for REAL photos….
    all my love,

  129. dj-aNWAr says:

    when is this geezer gonna go away already!?!
    he looks like a drag queen anyway!
    and what hole-n-the wall bars do they find some of these skeezers from? some of them need hygene advice, some of them are just plain disgusting,and what the hell is vh1 thinking?
    what, just because they put big nasty streched-marked breasts on the show people are gonna what this filth?
    bret michaels-kill yo’ self!!!!!!!!!

  130. Chela From PA says:

    Several of them look just like the last two shows that passed through Bret’s wall of time, lol… Funny how they never really change, just the weight and inseams!
    Good Luck Bret love, your going down the same path (this time “the road”) as before… no love there boyfriend! Unfortunately, your blinded by the path of roses before you.
    Best of luck, I’ll be watching the show it just makes me laugh!
    Love and Hugs,

  131. Cassandra says:


  132. Julia says:

    I can’t wait for the show to start in january. Bret you are so hot!
    These girls look pretty wild, lots of pretty faces, but can they stand
    up to the rocker lifestyle. Some of them have fake $@~~_$&@&(!_(%# ets for sure
    I don’t think it looks very good with how skinny they are. What happen
    to the girls with a few pounds on them? Curvature is good.

  133. Angie Heather says:

    Yuck, The one with the cantalope implants has to be a man, baby. Anyway, I am glad Jaime the merchandise girl for Contstantime Maroulis didnt make it, but even as skanky as she is, she is better looking than most of these ho’s.
    Love the red suitcase, Wonder where I can get one.

  134. LO says:

    Yuck! Brett stop! already!

  135. Dude looks like a lady says:

    Bret has a more feminine looking face than most of these busted broads.

  136. Francisco Aguilera says:

    HAHA Bret is a awesome dude but I like drama come on ppl u must agree but wat I dnt get is he keeps making reality shows finding love but they all dump him!!! God Bret find a real woman not a skank _((#^^^#@!+^^@% _`@%!*&~)“$~)&!* who wants to be famouse n using ur money but I cant wait till the show comes out lol

  137. chrissy says:

    wow..bret needs to man up and get a real woman..not any of these fake %~!_%#`)~*`*#_# girls..come on now…there aint one real part on these women and half of them look like he/she…wow come on bret

  138. Dee says:

    Bret, you’re still a good looking man but can you not get some quality girls anywhere besides the local strip bars? You and I and everyone watching knows you won’t be finding anything but pubes in your bed. Forget love. Seriously though, it would be nice if you dated girls somewhat close to your age range, who don’t look like washed up trannys with massive fake boobs. Gotta say, it is an amusing show though.

  139. ADRIANA BARCO says:


  140. Matt says:

    Wow, classy looking broads (puuuuuuuukeeeeee)

  141. EVILANDPROUD says:

    This girl claims to be on ROL3, but she’s not listed here!!!

  142. Diamondcrusty says:

    Ugh. Most of these women look skanky. Hopefully they will have some crazy personalities this season. Not sure anyone can top Frenchie though.

  143. brooks21 says:

    she can’t be from ROL3….she’s listed as married lol

  144. Tee_Baby says:

    I think VH1 done their casting call for this ROL in the gutter. skanks..skanks..and more skanks. nasty nasty and hella nasty. i hope you had your shots brett these #(@^$~~&)%_+~^)@+ es look like crack meth +~&)(^)%__+#*(#^@ the second time around.

  145. connie says:

    LMAO i sooo agree they did the casting on the corners of L.A. strip clubs and the porn industry wtf is up w/ the fake names? u know those are stripper names lol i only seen like 3 of the girls who looked norm to me, pretty, and not sporting a slut/stripper style gone completely bad eeewww! that Nikki chick was plastic surgery when it goes to the (*_&(_#&^()^@!~( s shes a train wreck yuck girl…the last 2 were not too bad but in Brett’s case if they dont look whorish enough hell prob ditch em :P

  146. ILM4EVA says:

    Nikki, Natasha, Jasmineva, and constandina I @^~%&%_^***)%`& ure you are/were pornstars (hell you can tell by the name)
    The others just seem stripperish, white skanky trailer trash.
    Congratulations VH1 you seriiously have outdone yourself.
    Whatever happened to the classy ROL girls? You know Heather, Lacey, Megan, Angelique?

    In few words:

  147. ILM4EVA says:

    Also as far as looks go the only decent-looking girls are:
    Taya, Megan (Another one?!) and maria

  148. Lovedovey says:

    Ashley: As far as looks go shes OK, she seems kinda slutty
    Beverly: Did Bunz from flavor of love 3 got a really really really bad plastic surgery?
    Brittanya: Trashy version of Nicole scherzinger
    Constaandina: WTF kinda name is dat?
    Farrah: Looks like heather on crack (no offense to my dear heather, you know i love ya)
    Gia: Courtney (The girl that got wasted and slept through elimination on season 2) That blonde wig aint foolin anybody
    Heather: Looks Cute but boring, hopefully shell leave on episode 2
    Jasmineva: Great! another dumber, skankier, trashier Brandi C
    Kelsey: Wow she’s hot, but i dont think shell last long
    Marci: Bo-ring
    Marcy: Looks fun, but i dont see her making it past ep.3
    Maria: Not bad looking, not bad looking at all
    Megan: Another Magdalena, though nowhere hear as hot
    Melissa: Just another stripper, nothing special
    Mindy: Holy Cow! Is that Rodeo’s Lil sister? They even have the same outfit?
    Natasha: Eww, skank!
    Nikki: This chick has “pornstar” written all over her, this is what youd get if you mix daisy and angelique,
    Samantha: Crazy and fake
    Stephanie: DUmb ugly blonde, hopefully shell be one of the 1st ones to be eliminated
    Taya: Quite possibly the best looking girl out of them all! If she manages to make it far she will definetely be this seasons Kristy Jo.

  149. CHERYL says:


  150. Liz says:


  151. Mara says:

    Alright, i’m not trying to be mean but could you possibly get some girls that have atleast a little bit of class? Damn near all these girls look like trailer trash(nothing against trailers). What the hell happened to Amber(i think that was her name)? Jasmineva is the trashiest out of all of them. I mean, why do you need boobs that big? And did you pay attention to her legs?! OMG!! that girl needs to be the first one to go. I think I have realized that these shows are for publicity only cause your probably not going to find a true classy girl that won’t F*CK your friends and all species of animals.

  152. mary says:

    They all look like rock of love 1&2 knockoffs.. Sorry Brett look like rock of love 4 is coming soon…

  153. Nancy says:

    Oh my god!!!! Half of them look like they’ll fall forward their boobs are so big. But then again, they’ll probably bounce right back up!!!!

  154. Rudolph says:

    Are you kidding me? Ladies, mirrors at Walmart are ten bucks.

  155. april says:

    all of these girls look just as trashy if not trashier then before. what the heck is he thinking? he just needs to quit doing the reality shows and try to find somebody in real life and be real about it. I agree with mary, there seems to be a rock of love 4 in the making.

  156. Kia says:

    Oh God I Think It too There Will e Another Rock Of Love They Look Like They Want Just Fame Ughhh

  157. OMAR says:


  158. Vet says:

    They all look a hot mess

  159. Vet says:

    Bret looks like he needs to stop puckering his lips, that look is over bro.

  160. jes says:

    these girls are all old and saggy like samantha she is so ugly

  161. Amanda says:

    Brittanya is so gorgeous! She looks a lot like Kim Kardashian! She’s a keeper Bret! :)

  162. Tracy says:

    I am OUTRAGED we have to go through this again!! I got sucked in to watching first two and was happy when he picked the not so trampy Amber – Bret Doesn’t want a Girlfriend – He just wants a TV show so he can get laid! I thought these season we would at least get another Rock Star!
    I’m done VH1 –

  163. Casey says:

    Wow there are some OUTRAGEOUS breast implants and stripper shoes on Rock of Love 3

  164. Shelby says:

    Oh my god I am sooooooooo mad right nw I luved Ambre and I still do but I am more mad at the fact that half of these girl even made it at least in the first 2 sesons the girls were pretty except for frenchy. But these girl want to make me barf really Bret really? A rock star is someone who is on the road all the time and by the look of these girls it looks like they would need him 24 7!

  165. nickie says:

    could these girls be any more fake they are very pretty but i guess money can buy you any thing even fakeness

  166. bret return with ambre says:

    what happen to bret and ambre they loook soo awesome together

  167. Al says:

    jasmineva sounds like an std and nikki…….GO HOME honestly most of these sluts are just terrible. I didnt watch after season one but shiz….have fun brett and lets see how many stds you can get and pass in this season. BLAH!!!! GROSSSSSSSS!!!

  168. missdee says:

    can you say SKANKS? what is it with all these love shows on vh1? with all these ugly, desperate, nasty, industry rejects trying to get next to a washed up, played out, ex-druggie, who burned out what was left of their brains during the recording of their last unsellable album that drained the life out of their careers, when some of the women on these show were just being born. i mean come on, its disgusting to watch women in the new millenium, sell themselves short on national tv. these shows set women back hundreds of years. and i refuse to watch another set of losers fight over a man or woman who doesn’t really want them, but who is doing the show because they need the money to pay all that child support(flavor flav), or to purchase drugs and weave(miss new york), make the rent(bret), and lord only knows why the so called stallionaires even have a show. this rock of love, is just another installment of mindless crap. i cant even call these shows a guilty pleasure, because they are just ridiculous. so if we see a bunch of ex porn skanks as the new contenders for brets heart, its only obvious why, its because any normal woman with a half working brain has sense enough not to demean herself on national tv for 15 minutes of fame, a small check, and the hope of her own spinoff show. and after seeing these women, all i have to say is i hope bret has a lifetime supply of abreva for his lips and valtrex for his genitals.

  169. S says:

    girls that seem cool and/or real: brittanya, beverly, constandina, gia, marcy, maria, samantha

    poor things, they most likely won’t last long. you know bret only likes strippers and plastic girls. then again, that might be good for them…run girls, run!

  170. Cheryl says:

    VH1 I want to know what you were thinking picking these kind of women for Bret, If only he knew what is about to become a show i don’t think he would go that low to embarass himself. but i still love ya Bret

  171. sharon says:

    those woman are just nasty. I’m embarassed to watch the show this season its just a joke anymore..

  172. MiSSy says:

    wow I like this melissa girrl =] lol she has my namee!

  173. Jen says:

    The girls this season are just not that hot.

  174. Typhani says:

    some chicks in the cast are banging, if bryan dont want them honeys just come on over here plus or minus a few girls……..i hope my hott 8 stay till the top 8! especially Beverl Samantha!

  175. Sandi says:

    What did happen to Amber? She was very nice (compared to the other women) and was very attractive as well. It would have been a cute show with them on the road.. Or perhaps a documentary about the hard life of touring.

    One of the pluses of the program was that I actually admired Mr. Micheal’s tenacity at dealing with the chaotic women, and some of his more tender moments of dealing with their emotional baggage.

    What bothers me is VH1 is placing these mostly trashy women on national television giving the impression that this is the only type men go for. Doesn’t nice personality and decency count anymore?

  176. ABBYK says:

    As I scrolled through these girls I seemed to be reminded of a lot of Rock of love Girls from previous shows. They look just alike! Take a look at Nikki, the new daisy? and how about Farrah, the new Heather possibly?

  177. ABBYK says:

    Oh yea, And please throw Mindy a couple of Double Cheese burgers! SHe looks extremely hungry!

  178. brandy says:

    brett Nikki has got to go looks to much like frenchy shes slutty

  179. Arkangel says:

    What the ~~&@~+`%(!(_&@^# is up with brets lips dude if you made that face in front of me it would surely decide if you were getting a piece of this @@^_“((@#&^%$@ or not….and the answer with a ~~&@~+`%(!(_&@^# ed up face pose like that is NOT….just stand there smie or keep your lips still you look like you are looking in the mirror to gloss your lips.

  180. danny wester says:

    marcy has to be the best one out of all these girls.
    wow bret really got screwedin this show this time these girl are ugly and nasty

  181. danny wester says:

    sorry i spelt the name wrong not marcy its marci is the bast all the others look nasty and dirty is a scummy way

  182. HangOverQueen says:

    So I think that a few of these girls look all to familiar, Beverly looks like she has that whole Kristy Jo thing goin on, Farrah could be Heather’s sister, Gia looks sort of like Jessica (season 1 ) Marcy looks a bit like Destiny and Nikki looks like she is the offspring of Frenchie and Daisy!! Are these really the best that were willing to be exploited!!

  183. Chris says:

    i think beverly will probably come in first and either melissa or farrah will come in second

  184. HisGirl says:

    I can totally agree with HangOverQueen these women are rediculously similar to the first 2 seasons and what am I missing what was the problem with Ambre? What’d I miss?

  185. Jaime says:

    R u kidding me? A third season? I watched seasons one and two and I will have to say that I will not be watching another season.

  186. Raevyn says:

    Beverly, Brittanya, Gia, Heather, Kelsey, Marcy, Maria, and Stephanie are the only ones that should be on here. Brittanay and Gia are F***ING HOT, and the others are pretty and decent. All those skanks I didn’t name need to go play in traffic and stop trying to give people HIV.

  187. shelly says:

    Hey guys, wow there is some serious bashing going on here…..I know some of the girls and they are human and have feelings, lol. Let me start by saying VH1 did a horrible job on all of these photos, if you have myspace then you can see the girls forreal. I run Melissa’s fansite and she is a sweetheart(NOT A STRIPPER) I’ve been seeing that comment on here alot. Constandina another sweetie!! These pics donot do them justice! As far as what is Bret thinking? Let’s be realistic here, he is in the public eye major because of the show…ROCK ON…I love Bret…and these girls get to promote…it’s a WIN WIN!!! All the while we get to be entertained…Hello!!!! Like I said, pics are bad go to your myspace and look em’ up!!! Rock on, watch the show, peace out!!!! Shelly

  188. kiki says:

    oh my god there are some girls wit the fakest biggest boobs ive ever seen omg wat ta )&*@^)%`~~%%&&_ there boobs look ugly!!!!!

  189. Kate says:

    Amen to that Shelly. All of you people with your nasty comments. I wish you could post pictures of yourselves. If you don’t like it don’t watch it. This is for entertainment folks.

  190. JW says:

    Wow, more than a few porn-stars in this bunch, lol, can’t wait!

  191. 38D Myself! says:

    Big $`%*&“_&`@(`!^ tie Commitie, lmao!

  192. 38D Myself! says:

    Big !_%_%&&^`~!^&@~ tie Commitie, lmao!

  193. 38DD Myself! says:

    Big )&_@&@^&@)~^*($ tie Commitie, lmao!

  194. Give it up..its just TV says:

    To Shelly: You’re right but everyone is entitled to their opinion so chill out. As for the myspace pics…I’m sure touch-up is involved. Besides you yourself know how many “upgrades” these girls have gotten. Lastly just because the girls are sweet doesn’t make them look any better, they still look like strippers and porn-stars. And most of the photos I have seen of them, including the ones on myspace, more than qualify for soft-core porn, which is fine but own up to it. Don’t try to sugar coat what they are. Nice girls don’t take those kind of photos, drink until drunk or make out with a guy they don’t know, its gross.

  195. ashley says:

    omg I love bret I cant wait to see this….so excited still think he should have chose DAISY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  196. shari says:

    Looks like Brett is gonna get some young girls again!! Doesnt he know hes over 40? Dont the girls know? oh, thats right they dont care, cuz they are disgusting gold diggers!!

  197. tina says:

    they look like a bunch of hookers to

  198. Amanda says:

    the worst girls yet…..

  199. Debby says:

    WOW what a cast.. if Brett is looking for his”rock of love” then he better start planning his next season….hahaha unless he wants a hooch for a partner…Without even seeing an episode, I can predict that finale will be another pooper and within minutes of Brett chosing his hooch, all the headlines will read “it didnt work out” (as if that will be a surprise…lol)…If my son brought home any of these girls, I would probably have a stroke! but alas, it is always entertaining to watch these ridiculous women do riduculous things all in the name of fame….errrr love…hahaha Geeze…

  200. Annette says:

    Definitely not a “classy” bunch. Sure these aren’t “Charm School” rejects???

  201. Christy says:

    There are only maybe 2 girls that even some-what look actually nice!!! what a shame!! The rest are tooooooooo fake!!!! why get a fake…go for the real thing!!!

  202. Christy says:


  203. Angie says:

    WOW!! It seems like the girls just keep getting trashier each season. Amber was my girl, Brett needs to chase after her instead of worrying about getting his rocks off! This trashy “love” search is getting ridiculous!

  204. Aly says:

    More power to you Shelly. There is no need for everyone to bash these girls like that. I can say that some of them aren’t the most attractive, but why are you guys os heartless? They have feeling too I’m sure.

    I must say though, these pictures are aweful…….. Not flattering for ANY of the girls. Great job VH1.

  205. Rosie says:

    OMG!! What the hell is he thinking! I would have thought just looking at this bunch would have send him running the other way! Does he not get that obviously this dating service is not working!!

  206. monica says:


  207. Christine says:

    Yeah! Looking forward to watching Bret! :) He’s my heartthrob from the 80′s…

  208. Queen B says:

    I really don’t understand why you are looking for love in the way you are going about it. You seem to be an intelligent man, but I have no idea why you are trying to find love with women whom are fake. Most of them have something fake about them.If a woman has something fake about them it means they aren’t happy with thenselves, they don’t have self confindence within themselves…so if they aren’t happy, you can’t make them happy. I don’t mean to be rude, but I’m to the point, sorry. All the women from this season are, well, not attractive, they look slutty as hell. You Bret can do alot better than what you are. Good luck, you need it.

  209. Tina says:

    What ghetto strip club did they find these chicks in? eek

    My money is on Marci to win.

    Nikki looks like Frenchie’s older sister.

  210. CHRISTINA says:


  211. Annie says:

    bret, focus on beverly, marci, stephanie !

  212. Annie says:

    oops one more thing………….who on earth picks these girls……..eewwww to most of them………they all look like hookers.

  213. KJ says:

    I just don’t understand why someone who is smart and obviously as talented as Bret Michaels, continues to surround himself with nothing but @##_+%`$(%%)^@%#+ s. It’s pretty sad and pathetic if you ask me. I think it’s time to find someone with a little bit of maturity, who cares about something besides how big her fake boobs are or pouring alcohol all over them.. I’m all for rockin out, but a little bit of decorum, please!

  214. just me says:


  215. Heather says:

    Bret better pick one soon…. Its getting to be slim pickings… These girls look ruff! Bottom of the dumpster. I love Bret and I can’t see him with some of these girls on his arm. I just hope he realizes that there are somethings that bleach and a wire brush can’t clean off. I wish he would have hooked up with Jess. Oh well, Peace! :) Can’t wait till 1/4/09

  216. angela says:

    I can’t see you with any of those girls!!!
    YOU NEED ME!!! I WAS THere!!!! IN HAMMOND@@!!!

  217. DCS says:

    Listen up people… I am good friends with Bret’s band mate Rikki, so I have spoke to Bret about this show… and it’s for publicity and money, period. He is approached by women 24/7 so he does not have to go on TV to find a girlfriend… trust me on this. They purposely pick girls that will have conflicting personalities and ones that people will WANT to watch. He said that whole days go by where they get no useable footage because everyone is being mellow, so they will follow the girls around until they are tired, cranky, and willing to do just about anything for some footage that the producers want, so they can have some “off” time… c’mon if they had 20 regular girls who sat around all day playing chess, would you watch? of course not! this is for ENTERTAINMENT!

  218. kenya says:

    ummm ok???first i just wonna say half them girls is not pretty at all
    1.niki she straight the hell up ugly she reminds me of angelique ugly `^)“%__!+_$~*& 2.natasha-ummmm thats a street corner hooker right there(lol)
    3.Jasmineva-she look like a man instead of a women she a he/she(lol)
    4.farrah-she looks like heather straight up they both ugly as hell you sure they aint twiins
    5.Constaandina-ewww that hooker defently ugly as hell(lmao)

    now for the rest of them girls they pretty

    1.stephanie reminds me of the wwe diva wrestler michelle mccool she looks just like her
    2.ashley looks like the wwe diva wrestler michelle mccool too
    3.marcy reminds me of destiny forreal

  219. Janice says:

    I wish Bret would look for women that are not in bars.He is too goodlooking to be doing this.He needs to go and look for a everyday woman that will be there to take care of him.I would like to have a chance but I don’t have 10,000 boobs and I don’t drink . Maybe one day he will see there is more to life then boobs and sex,but sex is good. What I mean is he needs someone to be there for him when he needs a homecooked meal and be someone that really cares about him not his money.I would like him even if he was not famous. Well Maybe I will run into Bret someday and I will show him a real women

  220. Malisa says:

    omg, 99% of these chics are discusting and look like they’ve had a rough life. Grose, I hope Bret picks none of them. but chances are none of them will make it in real life anyway. Gnarly chics…

  221. SILVER says:

    OK,,,,WILL….OH MY,,,,HUMMM

    1 KELSEY,,,,,,,,,,,,,shes cute…..very sweet
    2 BRITTANYA,,,,,excotic beauty
    3 GIA……..rocker type ,,,,

  222. antiROL3 says:

    I think I’m gonna boycott this one. This women all like too manish. I really thought Ambre was a cool chick and she would be the one for Bret. I seriously hope he doesn’t end up with any of these people. Bret should just try and work things out with Ambre. I think they broke up due to conflicting schedules in time to see each other or something. No ROL Bus for me, the first two were awesome but from the looks of these chicks no way am I watching!!

  223. Chris says:

    Bret ,

    you are the hottest guy around/……….I watched both rock of love and hope u find love on the tour bus show, but I honestly think you can do a lot better then those girls I am not talking about me just
    better girls but i could be wrong and soulmate could be on the bus

    Love always,
    Your biggest fan

  224. CHris says:

    it seems everyone has the same idea about these girls but i guess we have to give them a chance but I dont think anyone will be right for bret

    sorrry bret
    but will always love u

  225. 234565435$%#@$%@# says:

    wtf!?!?!? all these chix are but ugly dayumm
    bring daisy back!!!

  226. kelly says:

    I’m so sorry to have to say this but the girls don’t look that great this time…looks like way too many trashy one’s!!!

  227. Tiff says:

    OMG where did they hold the auditions for these characters? Sunset blvd where the hookers hang, or maybe they stood outside the back door of a porno studio and picked them up off the alley ground after they where kicked out on their `*@~*+!^*()%#@_ or maybe it could be some circus runaways after the master wore them out and they found the flyer or ad in homeless junkie shelter and they all will get paid with sex , crack and booze for doing the show?

    This is a bunch of BS its just a show to entertain, come on I’m sure Bret has his real love kitten sitting in his lovely little love nest, Im sure that’s why they are doing it on a bus this time because mama said no more slut shows Bret if your going to brings those hoes into my house!!

    There is one thing you can bet on and that’s for sure this season is going to be the craziest, freakiest, wildest show yet ! Im scared to watch it like its going to be a porno horror film called Dirk Diggler meets the Exorcists. So yeah good luck with that Bret!

  228. lorimccann says:

    Come on Brett, do you really want these kind of girls,I would like to see you with a real women ,someone who is real inside and out.PS,good luck this time.

  229. baby says:

    bret im a huge fan of yours..
    and I know ur a great man.
    So I hope this is just for the purpose of entertainment.

  230. shiny says:

    most of them even looks older than bret! (oooopps! sorry, that was mean! )

  231. Regina says:

    Well as usual most of the girls look like plastic surgery @***@~^&!^^)^(`+^ s. So far only about 5 girls look like they are real and haven’t had anything altered. I won’t be watching this time cause it is getting really ridiculas and all ends the same way….Bret will sleep with any girl that is a big enough slut and he will pick the right girl and end up breaking up with her to do yet another reality show with MORE @***@~^&!^^)^(`+^ s. Not worth my time to sit and watch it AGAIN. Sorry Bret, I love your music but you are turning into a reality show slut, stick with music. And as of right now I am Beverly I am rooting for you just by your pic, you don’t look like a slut or a +~*)*%)@`*`^_*!(@ as for the rest of you….get a life.

  232. who cares says:

    omg u so stupid wat happened last time ur neva gona find lubb o well ur wasting ur time

  233. April says:

    The girls look bad. I think that is all I have to say.

  234. Mindy says:

    The girls this time around look WAY too trashy and slutty!! I think season 1 and 2 were good, but I don’t know about this one…..there is only a couple that look decent, the rest look like porn star skanks who have too much plastic surgery. I reallllly enjoyed meeting Bret and Big John when they came to D~ville, but I don’t think hes going to find “the one”in this bunch….I still think Kristy Joe or Heather is the one for him!!!

  235. bethann says:

    Come on Bret. This is getting ridiculous. First off on the first season u picked the dumbest `~`&(^`(%#`#^&(~+ out of all of them. You should have just gotten it all over with then and picked Heather. I think any women that is willing to put your name on her body for the rest of her life is worth holding onto. Ok ya @*^(^$++~&#*+~%_ ed up once. We’ll let it slide. Second season you get down to the end and it is Daisy and Amber. One is the biggest slut on the show and the second is the most naive on the show. Are you kidding me. But at the Rock of Love Reunion you two kinda looked happy. What did you do, sleep with a groupie and @*^(^$++~&#*+~%_ that up too. Just to reiterate I absoulutely and positively love you and your music but you need to get your head out of ur (*))+^*&~“@_^% as far as the whole women front. And most of these new ladies all look like plastic surgery freakettes. Find a real women, you deserve it. But oh ya that won’t make you any money doing a reality show will it!? BTW YOU ARE HOOOOOOOTTTTTTTT!!!

  236. Donna says:

    All these women look like trash. I can’t believe they were picked to be honest, without work done, homegood, worthy of being near his kids life girls. What are you honestly looking for Bret? I don’t think your going to find anything in any of these girls. You should have stayed and worked it all out with Amber. Atleast she had a good head on her shoulders. GOOD FREAKIN LUCK

  237. EWWWW says:

    I hope this is for entertainment purposes only. Bret, you best make sure you get your shots before touching anyone of these skanks. I certainly hope you don’t hang around with that trash on a daily basis. What would your children think. OY They WILL be watching these when they get older. I hope you are open and honest with them.

  238. Natasha says:

    Bad career move, Bret. Lost respect for you in season 1. Stick to music, that’s your one true love.

  239. Sue says:

    Bret, you should of picked me..I love you to death.Im a die hard fan. I saw you in concert and you are hot..Happy Holidays to you and your girls

  240. Tiea Richards says:

    Can not wait to see what is going to happen this time . Looks like you have a few look a likes hope they don’t act like they too. Love you Bret wish I could be your rock of love. Good Luck

  241. courtney duncan says:

    I think that the last two seasons pick of girls were better than this time around. i am not going to judge you becasue you are going to do what ever you want i just hope you find someone worthy that will treat you right!

  242. adam says:

    Bret, NOOOO!!!!! You need to seriously take my mom out on one date. she is very pretty and fun and loves rock and roll and poison is her favorite band. She knows all of your songs and she even lets us play guitar hero as loud as we want. she doesnot have giant fake boobs that look gay. my mom does not look like a guy either.. lots of guys hit on my mom a lot. my mom is single . she is an artist also and really good. bye

  243. lynne says:

    Gia looks like a total Hep A, B and C skank.

  244. CowartPhotog says:

    As a professional photographer, I can tell what photo shopped images look like. These photos have been intentionally enhanced in ways to provoke negative responses. I think it is hilarious! They really do look like nasty street hookers. Good job VH1!

  245. karen says:

    OMG these girls are not what you should bring home to your parents I dont think you know what you are looking for because you sure as hell ant going to find it here

  246. Anne says:

    You should have picked heather in the first that girl loved you….but you was afraid of commitment.then came amber….what happened between you 2? now this all these girls want is tv time and a free ride.Like karen said no love on this bus.

  247. karen says:

    this is just for tv rateing’s i just read what amber had to say about the break up and it was because of timeeeeee lets get real here he is looking to get laid and get his face on tv and yes i will be watching and laughing i just hope he gets his shot’s and wears protection lol

  248. crystal says:

    Now what are you going to do with this group of girls. If you didn’t learn by now… I have meet you in person and you need a girl with a nice way about her that will love you for you and not the tv/music. You can have a nice talk with people and you can look a person in the eyes. From what I see here are a bunch of girls that only want you to look them up and down. Are they for real or made to look like this for the show????

    Bret you have a good heart I only hope you find one that is good for you. Not the show but for you….

  249. alexis says:

    some girls are way to old lol! go for the pretty 1′s good luck girls

  250. J-Ray says:

    It’s nice to see at least 3 decent-looking, potentially substance-filled girls amongst the usual gang of skanks…. (Go Beverly, Kelsey, and Marcy!!!)

  251. mandy says:

    Puuuck! Anyways what a stupid way to spend my time watching this show. It has gotten very trashy and gross.

  252. jen says:

    is brett single again? what happend to april?

  253. jen says:

    sorry i meant amber…

  254. kim gilbert says:

    just wanted to say, i’ve always been a bret michaels fan. i love poison, rock of love love 1 and 2. oh bret by the way i seen you on don’t forget the lyrics, you were awesome.. so now i’m really looking forward to the new show! good luck ladies, i’m very excited for you, your all very beautiful:) and bret your lips look so kissable….

  255. Kristin says:

    I saw the commercial for this show and thought, what the hell happened to Ambre??????????? She was awesome and hes an idiot for not staying with her. I kinda thought that the whole point of Charm School was because he had found the one woman he wanted to be with!?! Bret is gross and an idiot! I just watch the show for the entertainment value anyway. Now itll just turn into a circus!

  256. melissa sheaffer says:

    brett if these chicks dont work out give me a shot ill be your lover your best friend and you babe can be what ever or who ever you want take care and ladys treat him right and be there for him not only for his band but for him your the best brett keep it rocken.

  257. Brittany says:

    Another Rock of Love why dont i ever know about these things i would have loved to be on the show!! Bret Is so Gorgeous and my Boss met him at the Hampton Beach Ballroom and Casino in NH.

  258. Dizzymaiden says:

    Dang is that all yall can come up with???? *Laffin it up sooooo hard*** and taking them on the road, in a cow trailer????

  259. Nikki says:

    some of these girls are rock of love 1 and 2 wannabe’s nikki wants to be daisy and farrah looks like she wants to be heather let me tell you something farrah there is only one bad *`%&~_!%&#++#%# heather there aint no replacen her.

  260. Nikki says:

    some of these girls are rock of love 1 and 2 wannabe’s nikki wants to be daisy and farrah looks like she wants to be heather let me tell you something farrah there is only one bad ^!+)@+&#+@(#&^~ heather there aint no replacen her.

  261. amy says:

    they all look like skanks to me

  262. dawn says:

    nikki looks like she needs to gain more then alittle bit of weight . she must have weights in her feet to keep her from falling on her chest ,they will either push her back to standing or exploide

  263. Nicole says:

    Ok, so has Bret’s standards gone way down or is it just me???? Ummmm, yeah i agree with some of you who say these are “wannabe’s” from past seasons…especially Nikki, who looks like a cross between Angelique and Daisy……her head is too big for her body btw. Ashley, Kelsey, Stephanie, and Taya are the most normal looking ones…….

    I still wish Amber and Bret would have worked out :(

  264. Kim says:

    WTF? None of these girls look like winners to me…I agree with Nicole. Did Brett’s standards hit the basement or what!!!!!!

    There HAS to be better looking women than these! The producers are definitely scraping the bottom of the barrel this time around!

  265. Daniesha says:

    Omg (Lmao)Where we go again with this rock of love show again i thought from season 2 you found your rock of love you mean to tell me that all that trouble you went through on the last season
    aint none of them girls fullfill your love yet???what happen to amber or whatever her name is where
    she at???let me guess???she couldnt handle it anymore or yall just wasnt on the right page????
    cause i mean she was a pretty women not to be gay her and destiny where the only two pretty ones on the show the rest of them where some straight up corner hookers forreal and now
    you gone through this same thing again with another set of females(omg)half of these females you about to bring on the bus is not pretty at all some of them look like they belong on the street corners
    with the rest of the hookers and prostitutes now the other girls is pretty they look like they got something going on with they selfs forreal i seen all they photos and to tell you the truth

    1.nikki-she look like a $2 dollar hooker that belong on the street corner
    2.natasha-ummmm that ugly bird is a discrease to her owne race
    3.jasmineva-she a man instead of a women
    4.melissa-ummmm she a dude
    5.farrah-ugly trick
    6.megan-boney b*tch
    7.mindy-idk what the hell she is????


  266. jenn says:

    Oh my!! They all look soo fake and cheap! Sorry Bret but don’t think that you are gonna find what your looking for on this show..

  267. Lady Elite says:

    Here is some insight to remember; When a lady brings 7 inch clear heels to a shoot she is nooo lady!

  268. linda says:

    Ok…so is he looking for another Rock of Love? Where are the ladies because these look like skanks

  269. Narcissa says:

    I seriously hope that Mr. Michaels is receiving some sort of hazard pay in connection with his duties on this show because the umm, “ladies” make the ROL Charm School girls look like Princess Michael of Kent.

    And what is up with the girl with the old lady gold sandals doing a hee haw kick in the air? The “blond” with the scary balloon boobs and lucite heels is just too heinous for words. She also looks like she’s pushing 40 and just forgot to mention that fact to the producers.

    Ladies, if your colorist ever gave you a disappointing, big, fat no to your request to go blond, take a look at this woman’s hair: the results of her encounter with lady clairol is all you need to know about why some people should NEVER go blond and why you should take your colorist advice!!

  270. Melissa says:

    ummm…ewww. I can’t believe Bret would find “Love” with these women!? Who picked them anyway? I’ll watch the show for the trash factor but I’m sure there will be another “Rock of Love” to follow. Sorry Brett =( Love You!

  271. tammy says:

    drop all of the girls off at the first place you find!!! keep stephanie and kelsey all of the other girls look like lots of trouble

  272. Christie says:

    Let’s play a little game called guess which ones are strippers? – LOL! I can’t wait to see the whole train wreck of a mess when these girls are on a bus, a couple of them look a little stinky already. What’s with the Peg Bundy with the leopard pants kicking her leg in the air – hysterical!

  273. Narcissa says:

    Also, anyone who seriously believes that this show is about Mr. M finding true love is deluded. As if he’d have any difficulty securing a relationship with an attractive, educated woman who is financially independent.

    In fact, I’m guessing that he probably does have a relationship like that, but has a girlfriend, who, in addition to possessing the attributes I already mentioned, is smart enough to realize that this trainwreck of a show is part of the cost of doing business.

    That said, I am positively addicted to the ROL series. It is hilarious on so many levels!! From the mind-boggingly skanky contestants who ACTUALLY BELIEVE that true love with someone like Mr. Michaels is going to transpire, to the drunken catfighting and heinous wardrobes, it’s all there, ladies!

    I think my favorite part (and for me, by far the most interesting), is watching Brett Michaels himself as he interacts with these gals, some of whom will no doubt prove to be embarrasingly desperate; specifically, this man has turned the art of manipulation to a true art form and it is really something to behold!

    Watch as he gets to have his cake and eat it, too, and STILL get the girls to trip all over themselves, apologizing and whatnot, even though they may have just witnesses him, for example, making out with another girl!

    And notice, too, how he manages to make even the skankiest of skanks feel like she is the most special girl in the room, that she actually has a chance with him and how unfortunate that he has to deal with these other pesky little competitors; because she can tell from the “connection” Brett keeps talking about, that but for these other ladies and their refusal to leave, she and Brett would be Brett’s one and only!

    Anyway, I can’t wait for this show, the entertainment value will exceed my expectations, I’m sure, if the ghastly pictures of the contestants are any indication. Sorry for the dissertation, btw, but I am waiting for someone and bored and for some reason, I am just fascinated by Mr. Brett, his skanktacular ladies, and his genius powers of smooth talkin’!

    Frankly, he’d probably make more money writing a book about how to manipulate the ladies than cutting CDs!

    It is

  274. Flamer14 says:

    holy crap WOW. Is he blind or just that desperate??? they’re all a bunch of tacky washed out +_%~^~&#!_`%`^_(( s looking for airtime!!!!!!! The only pretty one is Kelsey!!!!!! If I actually watch this show I’ll be rooting for her!!!!!!!

  275. Cobo chick says:

    Marci is the the only one that looks right…..everyone else looks like a science experiment gone bad!

  276. Desiree says:

    Am I the only one that thinks that at the end of the show bret iso gonna end up doing “A La Flavor Flav” and is gonna say that all this time he was so blinded by love that he didnt noticed it had been rite in front of him all this time and is gonna end up marrying the mother of his daughters or some other girl?

  277. mackenzie says:

    why the $$!`#*)_!@(^~`$$ would u get a tattoo in the middle of your forehead?????????????
    constandina sounds like a cool name but it looks like a line in the middle of her head…….. i mean like seriously…..

  278. Natalie says:

    Nikki looks like Frenchie and Daisy had a baby together

  279. Cherie says:

    Brett, Brett, Brett, you are never going to find that someone special when you keep choosing the same skanky, big boobed bimbos… need to rule with your head and not your prick….you are seriously embarrassing yourself. dude. You are too good for this _+@#(~%@!+_!~$%_

  280. amy meen says:

    Did you guys ever think that nobody is a wannabe and that the producers cast who they felt were similar to past contestants?

  281. Kelly Lynn says:

    If he’s going to find true love and it’s not with his daughters Mother maybe he should think about someone who’s a little crazy but down to earth, does the 9 to 5 thing and isn’t just in it for the fame and money. It’s all fleeting. I agree with one of the other commentators, he’s too good for this.

  282. rock angle says:

    some of the girls are not that good looking. i thought you could have done better then that.
    from waco tx

  283. Debbie says:

    Hey Brett!!!!!
    Why didn’t you just pick Daisy instead of that bimbo Amber and then you would not be doing this again for a third time. I will hope that you get it right this time or maybe you could go to Daisy’s show and then she might pick you this time. Hoping for the best the third time around.

  284. pinkbrat17 says:

    u would think that the producers would go out on a limb and pick some real women instead of the trash they keep bringing on the show. do yourself a favor Brett, get some GRITS (girls raised in the south)

  285. lisa says:

    Oh Bret! Don’t get too close….Ewwww!

  286. Nicole says:

    Good luck Bret I was at the lrs fest in Louisville KY and saw the girls u really have slim pickins unless u like trashy

  287. Amanda says:

    Well, I really hope you find what you are looking for….but I think I would have done rock of love with the left over girls from the first two…….looks like you have your work cut out for you…….GOOD LUCK.

  288. pickles says:

    Some of their names must be the names they use when they make porn. Really,look at these girls.not to be mean, but I have never seen so much plastic in my life.

  289. shop2live says:

    Some of them look pretty skany, but if they didn’t, who would be on the next Charm School?

  290. Justin says:

    Good luck, looks like you got some hot ladies to choose from! Maybe third time is a charm!?

  291. Jennifer says:

    I am so excited. I can’t wait for this show to start.

  292. Natalie says:

    I can’t wait to watch the 3 part, hey if the 3rd one doesn’t work out, you might as just wait for the right one to come along.

  293. Natalie says:

    Hey Bret, best of luck to you with your 3rd try, and if it doesn’t work out, you might as well wait for the right one to come along.

  294. Rebel-Rouser says:

    Our new Charm School contestants?
    Trash-tastic I love it! Can’t wait to see it :)

  295. clancey says:

    yes I agree about the charmschool contestants remark, or jerry springer girls that say “you are just jealous” and start ripping off their wigs and letting their adams apples out. Just sad old boys in frocks.

  296. Kelly says:

    Iam so happy he’s back,Man i missed you.Bret is easy to watch,EYE CANDY! Love ya bret ROCK ON!!! cant wait to see these girls battel it out again.

  297. kelly says:

    Man that nikki is Buck Ugly!! She looks like a hundred miles of bad road!

  298. Jess says:

    Most of them look like drag queens!

  299. hotazgrl says:

    they are soooo old!

  300. WTF says:

    OMG CANT THEY FIND ANY PRETTY GIRLS THIER ALL OLD AND FUGLY!!!!!!!! LOOK AT THIER FEET GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  301. janine says:

    Bret Michaels will be 47 years old. Just how old do you think these girls look? None of these girls look over 30. DECADES YOUNGER THAN BRET

  302. Carmen Divine says:

    Bret needs to sit his old )!&+(&*@&^^(_(! down! What happen to the smart blonde. He just likes to stick and move with his nasty )!&+(&*@&^^(_(! UGH

    Besides…There are like 3 cute girls out of this whole bunch

  303. KK_23 says:

    OMFG!! How disguisting are all these girls!! only like 2 are pretty decent looking..and Wow..tramps, drag-queens is right!! NASTY

  304. tigerladydebi says:

    I enjoyed watching Rock of Love have been a fan of Brett and Poison since the early 80′s. I will not be watching the new season it is a huge disappointment to see the candidates that were picked for this season. Some of them look young enough to be his own daughter or they look so plastic it makes me wonder if they will melt in the hot sun…

    I am sure its all for publicity and money that he would do a show like this. I can’t imagine he is that desperate to have to have a show to find someone to love and be loved back by. Real love finds you when you least expect it, its not something you can search and find on a TV show.

    Best wishes Brett

  305. kathy says:

    i think they all need to go home they are all fake and bret needs real women

  306. Kerilan says:

    I really think you need to pull this show and start OVER….Brett this is more like Rock The Cradle.

  307. lil_duke says:

    how do you come up with so many skanks????

  308. maggie says:

    This season will not benefit Brett at all, when is he going to realize that you can’t find true love with a bunch of over prosessed skinny women who only want their 15 minutes of fame. Maybe if he wants true love, he needs to be more real with himself and stop looking for trophy type girlfriends and try a woman who he gets to know first because of her goals in life and not what she looks like.

  309. robin says:

    Oh, my gosh,these girls are so nasty,theres only about three i would pick out to be a mom figure for his girls.Or is he thinking about his daughters at all,he should of stayed with amber,she was decent looking and would of been a good stepmom to his daughters,these girls look like they been around and round.Give it up brett, you dont need shanks.

  310. Amanda says:

    Where did they go to find these girls? The homeless shelter? Hey, I’ll give you a set of fake _(!+!(~)@&%*@%& s to do this show!

  311. Candice says:

    Ew, who takes these pictures? Some amatuer with a canon sureshot?
    I hope it’s like last season where the girls are a lot prettier than these awful promo shots.

  312. Inna says:

    Oh My Gosh!!!! Where did he find all these girls? You have got to be kidding me!! Some of them look like men. Come on, give me a break. Rock of Love Bus?? What’s next? Rock Of Love on the Boat?

  313. Leah says:

    One word for this show “NASTY”

  314. leatherneck says:

    wow these girls look like trashier versions of the girls from 1 and 2…. i must say i’m disappointed. obviously this will not work out either and there will be another ROL for publicity reasons. =(

  315. Abby says:

    These girls look horrible! ALL of them make me want to puke. It looks like they were so desperate they had to go to a rehab AND a homeless shelter just to find their cast for Rock of Love Bus. They look like they have diseases or something. I’m not even going to watch the show. I’m sure Bret really needs a TV show to find love, if that’s what he’s even looking for!

  316. lyn says:

    All I have got to say about these girls is YIKES!!!!

  317. Renee says:

    WOW! Move over Daisy before Niki puts u in a BOOBlock!! YUK!

  318. Renee says:

    K, so I don’t think Bret has learned anything from the last 2 episodes. It’s like he wants to set a world reccord on F’ng the most strippers? Nothing against strippers, cuz I am one, but I would never go on national television locking myself in a houseful of em’ ! Thats just asking for jealousy drama cuz God knows by looking at this list of girls, I’d b the HOTTEST one in the house!!!

  319. Renee says:

    My top 3 pix r, Gia, Marci with an i, and Taya. Good Luck Ladies!

  320. TC says:

    These definitely are the prettiest bunch of girls that Bret can score with..I mean chose from. But I truly don’t think it’s for love…it’s all for more publicity and great timing with the new record. But if the old man wants to go through all the drama a third time, then that’s on him. I knew he wouldn’t stay with Ambre…she wasn’t his type at all…I think the producers had something to do with that…and Ambre was looking through rose colored glasses thinking they were gonna last…if you score Ambre..she is a 5 or 6 out of 10. Maybe 3rd time will be the charm, but Bret likes bootie too much, so I don’t think he will ever settle down with 1 woman. I do believe he had feelings for Jes from season 1 and he was at a loss for words when she told him they weren’t going to be together. One more bit of advice for Ambre; when a man is interviewed right after the reunion and he is asked what was the best time he had on the show and his response is “Having $ex with Kristy Jo, Ambre and Daisy” then you better run in the opposite direction cause that’s all he wants.

  321. Laura says:

    I still think I would have Rocked his world so much better! Bret really missed out.

  322. Leandra says:

    Ya know I agree with TC . I seen Bret In Tulsa, Oklahoma on October 23rd and they were done shooting Rock of Love 3 and Ya know I was dissapointed In what I saw,If he did find his true love he wasn’t being true the night of the concert..:) BIGJOHN rocks though I spent most of my time hanging with him. me and my friends are on his fan page pics..down to earth guy that Is true to his woman…Not saying anything negative about Bret In anyway, just when does the crazy ~^~_)#@@$+%&&%% stuff stop..It Is for t.v., I wish he would really find a great women I think he deserves that he seems like he has a big heart, but to wrapped up In getn some booty..hey go Bret see If you can make or break a record!!! more power to ya! keep rock’n!

  323. Harley Summer says:

    Bret you have got to be kidding right? these girls are skanks, you shouldn’t of put them on a bus, you should of left them at the bus stop! SO GROSS!! babe you are so much better then this and I know you have a great best friend BIGJOHN right beside you trying to help you along with this and all,, BIGJOHN you let the skunky skanks get on the bus….why? what kinda producers,casting agents, etc. would allow this ? Good Luck I dont think there will be as much people watching the show this time around, how about an age limit requirement.these girls look like there 21, and the ones that are older look wore out rode hard and put up to dry…find someone your own age arent you tired of the games and putting up with drama for these women to get there 5 minutes a fame on your time and your emotions while playing with your heart. all i can say Is I pray for you seriously man!!!

  324. mnchickluvsocc says:

    Nikki looks like “Frenchie Lite.” None of them look appealing. Gross!

  325. CAT says:

    Tacky, drag queen lookin, no class, just plain sad. Please Bret stop doing this for money or whatever reason because I KNOW your NOT doing it to seriously find love. The jig is up, MOVE ON to the next business plan.

  326. dawn says:

    Bret come on you r a great looking guy! But all u have on your show again is sluts! ! ! Come on you can do so much better!

  327. Deb says:

    I’ve seen Bret do interviews so I know he’s intelligent;
    I’ve seen Bret perform live so I know he’s talented;
    I’ve seen Bret do charity work for Juvenile Diabetes so I know he can be compassionate, benevolent and generous.
    So my question is WHAT THE HELL IS THIS GROUP?
    I don’t know these women personally so it may be unfair of me to stereotype and generalize, but good grief….perhaps Bret could actually find companionship, if not love, if he had a better group to choose from….try a few women with a little maturity and CLASS and perhaps within a decade of his age.
    Just my opinion.

  328. danielle says:

    i hope that this time bret finds what he is looking for and i hope that he does find true love, cause everyone deserves the best that life has to offer

  329. Tonya says:

    WHat the hell happened to Amber? This doesn’t seem like a soul mate search… it seems more like the need for a booty call or ratings because celebrity as worn off. What kind of example does this set for the younger generations…? that it’s okay to be a _(^())*(!$)*@&~_+ whether you’re male or female? Not cool!!

  330. Chuckie says:

    Nikki looks more like a man than a lady. Yikes! The best one there is a 5.

  331. Jen says:

    What is wrong with you plastic is not the way to go. Just because you like to play with barbies does not mean you need them in real life, Bret please get it right this time.

  332. Hater says:

    YUCK. There’s enough silicone there to float an oil tanker

  333. lilpaint says:

    Have music sales gotten so bad to resort to this? What else do you want in addition to diabetes?

  334. Patty Rae says:

    OMG how many people here to judge others! Sure the producers at VH1 went out in search of the most extreme looking and acting girls for the show!!! And that is what this show is all about. Cmon do u really think Bret needs a show to find his true love. Just let me say that I have had the pleasure of going backstage and talking with Bret many times and no I don’t look anything like these girls. I’ve gone back I think bec. Bret likes to talk and we have had some good conversations. I have always been treated with respect from Bret and call him my friend! I can say I don’t care for the way the women are portrayed on the show. I thought about not even watching ROL2 bec of this. Then I did watch and found it interesting to see the girls true personalities. some of them turned out to be truly different than I thought they would be!!! Also I think the show has put some of us true fans of Brets music on the back burner. Since the start of ROL it seems the show comes first!!! But I will hang in there and keep going to the shows. I just barely got to talk to u this last year. You did tell me in Nashville that when u got some time we would sit down and look over Pics. I am still waiting! E-Mail me when u get some time. Jeremy, Justin, and Jessica say Hi. Love ya { u know that }

  335. yomama says:

    damn gia…have you heard of a fuccccking brush

  336. Dee says:

    Are you serious??? Again and I have posted this other times, find someone who is grounded, mature, and again within (as someone else) stated a decade of your age. Whose brains are not in their boobs and who has some class. This is just a class of women who are nothing but sluts and trash and I personally will not watch this time around, I was disgusted by the last two shows!!!

  337. Barbara says:

    OMG, they are skankier than ever!! He really needs to grow up and find a woman his own age with alot of intelligence and maturity. Pathetic

  338. Barbara says:

    additionally, Farrah looks like a Heather wannabe!

  339. TiFFANY says:


  340. MATT says:


  341. MARCIA says:

    OMG!!! I mean falling of my shoes not following of my shoes. Ha LOL!!! Danm foreigners!!!

  342. MARCIA says:

    OMG!!! I mean falling of my shoes not following of my shoes… Ha LOL!!! Damn foreigners… Heheheh

  343. Cara says:

    Hi Marcia,

    So cool u can laugh at yourself.

  344. Eden says:

    With the exception of Kelsey, BARF!!!!!

  345. Eden says:

    O.K., I retract my previous statement. Without having seen any of the episodes yet, obviously, I still think Kelsey is front runner but possibly Marcia, Maria, Stephanie and Taya have a fighting chance. The rest of the them, as I said, BARF!!!!!!

  346. MACELLA says:

    BARF????WHATS THATS MEAN????????

  347. comical says:

    i would like to see what all the women that keep on commenting on how ugly this seasons girls are look like….i am sure that would be comedy,,,you girls could probably be on that show the biggest loser…i would bet money you are all fat pigs and unhappy with your life.

  348. csmi says:

    Half the girls are pretty, The big nasty boobs are out and the heather and daisy look-a-like need to hit the road

  349. lamar says:

    Stop dying your hair white pissy yellow. It looks like burnt straw. Its 2009 not 1989

  350. johncenagurl says:


  351. K.K. says:

    Well, if you all go sailing and capsize, at least you’ll have plenty of floatation devices. Sheesh! No offense, but Nikka looks deformed.

  352. Coty says:

    Some of these girls are really pretty and some are really ugly……no offense…..and to prove im not bad looking…

  353. Bonnie says:

    Brett, looks like you got your hands full this time, hope you have lots of fun I will be watching your show should be interesting Bon Bon

  354. ashley says:

    hey brett i luv u alot and luv ur show… but im not so sure if these girls can match up to the past two seasons girls these girls apper to be very fake if u know what i mean but i’ll be watching to see what happens

  355. Jenna says:

    How Craptastic more Plastic :/
    whatever… they all are fake, silicon is probably rotting in there boobs…
    :| you should have just stayed with the girl from last season..

  356. bmbgirl says:

    only hot good looking person in this picture. and its not one of the girls

  357. sarah says:

    there are a few pretty girls in the bunch that look somewhat classy.
    Marcia is personaly my favorite so far, i think she is adorable!

    some of them are like slutty as hell!

  358. moongoddess says:

    it seems that as the seasons of rock of love ,the girls get more trashy and sluty.did they find these girls in a strip club? or on a corner?
    i hope bret finds a women to be his rock of love but i am not sure he will with this group.i have watched the last 2 rock of love shows and i’ll watch this one as well,but i will be putting my input about all of this. good luck bret you’ll need it.

  359. Tanya says:

    R u kidding me. This is the third show, and he didn’t keep either one of the first two women that won the first two shows. How can you find love when you’re looking in all the wrong places. All the girls from the first two have become a joke to the reality tv land of VH1. This has gotta be a joke. What is Flavor Flav? Flavor Flav didn’t even find love and what show number is he on like 14.

  360. Zepln8989 says:

    Ha ha ha ha!!!! Bret Michaels is such a dooshbag!!!

  361. Zepln8989 says:

    After looking @ all the girls, 4/5 are “+`@#$&(_%@@+*)$ s.

  362. Beth says:

    Hmmm…..It’s clearly not a surprise that there is another Rock of Love. He’s not looking for “real love” but a pair of inflated boobs with ego’s to match. Let’s be serious, this is ultimately for publicity, money, and mediocre entertainment. I’m not saying I won’t watch. I am a fan of watching women exploit themselves. Bravo!

  363. Michelle says:

    Well…Well…Well…Bret Michaels in the day was the hottest, and I mean RGW hottest man in the 80′s now it comes to this, it’s really interesting actually, I mean what does it take to be on a reality show, just get a boob job???I mean really, this is starting to get really fake, what’s it take to get attention, Bret I loved you in the 80′s you KNOW YOU CAN GET ANY OF THESE WOMEN!!!WHY DOES IT TAKE 3 SHOWS TO DO IT???WHY NOT GET SOMEONE THAT ISN’T FAKE, WHAT’S UP WITH WOMEN THAT GOD GAVE THEM, DON’T GET ME WRONG, I AM A BEAUTIFUL WOMEN THAT’S SLIM AND FIT JUST NOT FAKE AND FULL OF DRAMA!!!! PEACE…MICHELLE

  364. CARSMYBIZ says:

    WHAT HAPPENED TO AMBER???…..SHE WAS HOT, CLOSE TO BRETS AGE….im starting to think this whole thing is just for publicity. Brets not looking for love hes looking for steady sex with a bunch of slutty girls. The more power to him just think of all the money hes saving by not having to call escort services for outcall!!. Anyway, i wish Amber would give me a call because i wouldnt discard her like a peice of trash. I truely thought Bret and her hit it off. Well Im sure i will watch the 3rd installment of BRET GETS LAID oops.. I meant ROCK OF LOVE 3 so i guess thats what its all about, keeping in the limelight cause Your songs all sound the same and lets face it Your only hits
    are 20 to 25 years old! Which is older than most of the girls on the ROCK OF LOVE 3 buses.
    Good luck Brett Heres to you. You lucky horn dog. I wish i could get paid to do a tv show where im gauranteed to get laid every night by a different girl.!!!

  365. susan says:

    I really think that Bret could do a lot better
    These women look like trash

  366. Holy crap says:

    Well, here we go again. Bret finds more fake women. My guess is it’ll all end with either Mellisa or Gia, they both look like what Bret seems to like. I think he needs to find someone with an inflated heart not inflated boobs. I hope he finds his true love, but it won’t be on one of these shows thats for sure.

  367. IMANI says:

    that girl on the bottom right with the really tall hills seems to be fake ono all the picture no body seems that attached to the camera as her NIKKI

  368. pandora says:

    Another bunch of coke ++(*$!%!(!@_#!@`( s!!

  369. jenna says:

    He is really scraping the bottom of the barrel this time….they’ve all been around the block one too many times….old stripper hags.

  370. sheila says:

    Why does Bret always have that stupid pout in all his photos? Looks like he’s blowing bubbles….

  371. jellybean says:

    none of these girls win
    halfway thru the show they bring in new girls, just like they did on flavor of love three and a girl named jamie from new york takes it all.

  372. DaNae says:

    I believe we all need to give Bret a chance here and not make any harsh judgements on anyone of the girls he selected for the ROL3 Bus. Bret is smart enough to pick up on things and he knows what he wants…let’s just kick back, take it easy and ENJOY THE SHOW…..and hey…DON’T FORGET THE POPCORN….When the drama deepens, that is the best TENSION TAMER known to Mankind for this kind of reality Drama. ;-) Trust me on that one!…Let’s just have fun!

  373. cristobal says:

    holy crap gia looks like heather and daisy combined

  374. Real Woman says:

    All i can say is that he will not be happy until he finds a real woman, and as far as I’m concerned I don’t and haven’t seen in the past a real woman. I have only seen fake UGLY hoocie mommas.

  375. Real Woman says:

    All i can say is that he will not be happy until he finds a real woman, and as far as I’m concerned I don’t and haven’t seen in the past a real woman. I have only seen fake UGLY hoocie mommas.Come on Bret find someone who is real and not after your money. All these girls are money hungry. Anyone can spend thousands of dollars and look like a plastic hoe.

  376. Real Woman says:

    All i can say is that he will not be happy until he finds a real woman, and as far as I’m concerned I don’t and haven’t seen in the past a real woman. I have only seen fake UGLY hoocie mommas.Come on Bret find someone who is real and not after your money. All these girls are money hungry. Anyone can spend thousands of dollars and look like a plastic hoe. If you want something plastic buy you a plastic doll.

  377. Shalonda says:

    OMG Brett finally stopped putting black women on his show cause we all know that he was wasting their time and if he wasn’t so shallow, with his big blonde wig on , maybe he would actually find love!!! He wants a young blonde to fall in love with his old a** but it ain’t gonna happen buddy. She will only love your money. Sorry but it’s true! Oh wait I do see a black woman but I doubt if she lasts a week!!!

  378. Becca says:

    Dude. This show is gonna be kick %+@$#(!!_`^%@!& Can’t wait!! :)

  379. shaquina says:

    Uhhhh, Isn’t natasha black?

  380. rochelle sanon says:

    i watch the show every day.
    i hope rock of love1,2,and3
    flavor of love1,2
    i love new york1,2
    charm school 1,2
    i love money1,2

  381. Katy says:

    Brett, you better marry one of those girls before your botox wears off. Act your age!!!

  382. vh1watcher says:

    nikki um wow!

  383. im suprised gurl says:

    wow these gurls are sumthin else its only 2 or 3 gurls that are pretty tha rest looks like porn stars they probably are

  384. Joe says:

    they all look like total skanks. skanks!! what a trashy show. bret michaels is a no talent loser. always has been, always will.

    of course i’ll be watching. LOL!

  385. Joe says:

    another thing…… you all REALLY THINK he is looking for Love? i think not, otherwise he wouldn’t be putting out crappy reality shows where the scum of the earth looking for 15 minutes of fame show up. actually, NOT EVEN 15 minutes. more like 7 1/2. skanks!!

  386. isabella says:

    HEY U ALL ROCK????????

  387. renee says:

    Well what I see is 10 that will casted off the first! my opinion, they either want to be noticed or strippers. Be Careful. You Rock Bret, Love always, renee’

  388. Sam says:

    More skanks.

  389. DeAnna says:

    I love Bret Michaels and think he is awesome as hell but seriously if your gonna find love then you gotta get someone your age and stop pickin these strippers and sluts up off the street. True love is not gonna be found in a slut! Please if youre going to have another rock of love then please pick girls that have more heart than blonde hair and big boobs. still love ya though:)

  390. Tara says:

    Is Nikki a man or what???!!?!?!

  391. Cindyloohoo456 says:

    Just the same old bimbos just like heather, trashy from the trailor park. Bret I have been a fan of yours since the 80′s and you have had so many girls that I think you can’t tell trash from class. Why so many trailor trash girls? SO much plastic surgery that they morphed themselves they don’t look normal. They are not pretty but very scary looking. I fell sad for you. That’s not love. How can you lower your self and sleep with some of them? You are way to good for some of them. I met Lacey at Namm last year and she s cute not as people think she is. I like her. But those other girls are soo gross. Heather is sick and ugly and just plain gross. She really looks like trash. Charm school she says she is a A list celebrity, please I’m in Hollywood alot she is looked at as a dork and trash. Who is she fooling. You guys are so lost.

  392. surprised says:

    omg bret u r fine as hell but u need a real women not fake *!!@%$%(&(+$_!) +)_!@^+%`%)&)*&#) es that probavly just want to be on tv u need to come down to florida naples cuz thats were i am and i would love to be ur rock of love but until then get rid of thoses foke fake b#%#%. love ya babe

  393. Stephanie says:

    As I watch yet another season of Bret trying to find true love, I am beginning to wonder if he’s destined to think of himself as the 20 year old on tour back in 1985. I have watched Bret from his Poison days up until now, and while his music has evolved his taste in women certainly hasn’t. I see in front of me an enabler of co-dependent women. Today’s woman is an independent, saavy, classy woman…who I’m SURE wouldn’t appreciate seeing women lacking said atributes crawling all over her man. Bret, its time to grow up and see that unless you want to be doing Rock of Love 40, you’d do better to find someone of substance who knows her own mind. A woman isn’t about big boobs and hair extensions. I’ve loved how your music has evolved, but lets face it your mental capacity with women sure hasn’t. Is this the example you set forth to your children? That is is perfectly acceptable for a man to go through more women than he does bandanas in a year? I’m sorry to say that while I have been a big fan of your music through the years, maybe its time one of us grew up and realized that you’re not living in the 1980′s anymore and move past the shallowness of what is in front of you. I wish you well in your quest to find something that has been in front of you more than once and you’ve let it go by due to being too shallow for your own good…makes for a lonely existance….

  394. sarah says:

    omg nikki has reeeeeeeeally big boobs! holy crap! i mean really! that is probably a boob job and she got them a little to big! she is and american version of that ugly french slut!

  395. M says:

    I would have to agree that Brett….. GROW UP for goodness sake. If you are looking for REAL LOVE… and not just T and A then your should have figured out how to make ur last Rock of Love work. Amber was awesome and I finally thought you might have got it…… the other choice which i thought you screwed up on was Heather. She was a great match for you and now that she has gone through charm school she is the best of both worlds. She gets what you do and now has some class too. You should go find her and make that work if you can. The girls they have casted here are very scary. Some look nice but for good sake your now some young rock star…. so gzzzzz your starting to be embarassing! I know the real goal is to sell cds but gzzzz get over it and find someone who is not a `##$@+~`(^!_+*#() and can hang with you. Also lay off the plastic surgery your starting to look like kenny rodgers…. a bit scary…. I think you could find love if you would try look inside instead of out… Good Luck MR!!!

  396. W saids says:

    Hello Brett stop looking for the wrong girl man.. It is starting to get boreing so stop looking for the skinny women. And look what is really out there they made be a woman that is big and pretty that might rock your world…If you only give it a change..The skinny and plastic women is not for you..So stop looking for that and look what is in front of you…They might be a woman there that really might be there for you..And not for what you are but for you..So please stop the mess it is getting very out going now….But good luck but they are not for you…Believe me my sister would be what you need she has a heart of soul…

  397. cherry_ghost says:

    thankfully they will only need a short bus

  398. Trisha says:

    Ok…seriously…they could have done a better job on picking the girls for this season! Not to be rude but they are all rather frightful looking. Make it work with Amber! The chemistry between you too appears to be so right!

  399. WITN says:

    what is this nonsense. like what the hell happened with amber? she was the only girl that was actually normal. seriously the girls for this season…? i mean come on!! i can guarantee you tat youre not going to find love with any of them. they all look like skanks and that nikki girl is going to be the next daisy from the second season. face it- youre not looking for love, youre looking for sex. and you dont need a show to do that.

  400. Pat says:

    Please, don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan, I go to concerts and watch every show, BUT……Seriously, does Bret have his OWN hair on the top of his head? Rarely to we see him without a hat or bandana?! Not that it matters, but many of us would love to know what he is hiding up there…….If anybody RELIABLE or knows the TRUTH, let me know, thanks!

  401. Cameron says:

    Pat, I think he is either really bald and wears a wig, or atleast a hairpiece, or he has hair like Hulk Hogan, none on top, just the sides!!! I would like to know also…

  402. Cameron says:

    Pat, I think he is bald, and wears a wig, or atleast a hairpiece. He probably has hair like Hulk Hogan, none on top, just the sides!! I would like to know the truth also, come on Bret fess up…

  403. Billy says:

    He is SOoooooooo bald!!!!

  404. meghan says:

    yall all keep talking about bret being bald it dosent matter hes a dude it happens but these girls need to stop filling those implant so full and save 5 dollars for a hot oil treatment you all look like beauty school rejects i had the biggest hair out there in the eighties but its 2009 go to the salon stop with the do it yourself die jobs

  405. lisa says:

    this guy really needs to get over himself. looking for love my ~+@!@~)!`)`!(#( he just likes all the sluts. ya lets bring home a slut for his little girls. Bret get over your love storys find a real women a tv show is not how you find it. the first show was ok the second ? now a bus wow…….

  406. CT says:

    Hell yes he’s bald, and it does matter to alot of us, because he won’t come clean on the issue, if he has nothing to hide, then why does he? Almost as important is his face, WOW, the eye makeup we can handle, but good God how much face makeup does he have on, it looks like he’s wearing a mask, or maybe he just had to much botox…

  407. DJ Ravenwolf says:

    I had the opportunity to interview Megan on my show The Best Of Hair and she is a sweetheart! You can listen to the interview on the podcast at


  408. ryan zaragoza says:

    yeah bret is not looking for love and jsut wants all these fine `#~)((^`*#&*!%_ girl to hook up with but u know what my `#~)((^`*#&*!%_ would go all the way to ROCK OF LOVE 33 haha on a aireplane so they can all join the mile high club haha love you bret and way jealuse

  409. Truthful friend says:

    Dear Bret,
    What are you looking for? Is it a slut in the bedroom and a lady everywhere else! Well if this is the case maybe you should make that clear in the beginning! For one thing who ver picks these girls out for you must hit every porn star class businessin town! The things these girls do to get your attention is so nansty! Do you actually have sex with each of these girls? I hope you are having safe sex! I an sorry but I would not let my daughter sleep with you! Your a great guy, and finding good love on the road is had but believe me, sluts are sluts andwhile you do have some grest girls I hope you make the right choice! I would be your Rock of Love If I wasn’t to old…HAHAHAHA Peggy

  410. Tammye says:

    Seriously Bret maybe you need to change your life for a decent girl. I’m so, tired of men trying to meet someone to accept them for who & what they are. Why can’t you? All the kissing & sex is disgusting already. You are looking in the wrong place! You are 45 and something is not working so, change it already!

  411. Sam says:

    DJRavenwolf, how dumb are you, of course she was “sweet” to you, she was on another “show”, not to many of us want to hear her voice ever again, let alone an interview, she’s useless, stupid, rude, etc…do you ever interview anyone of real interest?

  412. Patti says:

    I actually used to like this show-there are nothing but dirty little skanks on this season. There is not one of them that is halfway decent. They have sunk to a new low here. If they were looking for fake boobs and alot of plastic surgery, they sure have found it. They should rename this show rock of lust, not love, because it is all about sex not love!! Bret should have stuck with Ambre, at least she was a decent, real person.

  413. Valerie S. says:

    What r u thinking if its true love u r looking for, this is not the way to go. As of now it just looks like u like sluts and were they get these girls from they look awful and the way the act, OH MY. If its a real woman you are deffinately looking in the wrong direction. Hope your using a condome. Thats what they call( WHITE TRASH). I DONT THINK THATS WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR.
    Or is all this just for the publicity.

  414. evagal says:

    (Sigh)…I didn’t think it could get any sluttier than it has been in the first 2 Rock of Love’s. This has to be the worst yet. Come on Brett…you’re doing this for the money and of course for sex. I actually thought Brett was more sincere in the first rock of love, but now you can just tell what’s really going on. Oh well, it’ll be fun while it lasts.

  415. evagal says:

    Oh…about the “baldness”…. I’ve read that he clarifies this issue saying that he sweats alot and needs the bandana to help “soak it up”. Since he is a type 1 diabetic, this is a common thing. My father and brother who are diabetics have the same problem. I do question if he has extensions, but it seems this time around that his hair looks “naturally” longer. Oh girls, btw, in ROL2 he did unveil his hair several times. It looks awfully silky for man’s hair, but who am I to criticize if he uses hot oil treatments. Afterall, if you color your hair it does get to be quite brittle after a while. Hope this may clarify a few doubts out there because I’ve had my own.

  416. lindsey says:


  417. Steve says:

    I really get a kick out of the posts that believe Bret is really trying to find love here! Like the ex-porn star crying that she knows she could spend the rest of her life with Bret if only given the chance…duhhhhh This is ROCK OF LOVE! Get a clue. Bret is probably making more money off this show than his music, and having a damn good time doing it! Not to question his sincerity by any means, but afterall, this is what, the 4th season? I am just jealous/envious as all hell.
    I liked Gia the best. I think the shooter out of her cooter maybe was a bit much for Bret and company, so they sent her home, but thats great TV, better than the Brazilian lush. Anyhow, Gia is cute, and crazy. I hope she does some other tv.

  418. JOHN says:

    WOW , that has to be the uglyest bunch of . Women ?? maybe some guys in there , Bret sure knows how to pick them ………… bad taste

  419. Rachael says:

    Smart move Bret, you let that Daisy wanna-be Nikki go home. Did y’all see her drunk ~_%`(`)&@_!!+^* last night. Geez!!! Some girls can be pathetic. For the love of fame.

  420. Angelica says:

    These )%)$@~~%@@^)+_!)& es are as nasty as they come!!!!!!!!!!!! Disgusting….

  421. DWill says:

    This is a very funny show. This can’t be real to find such dumb air heads. Bret u out done yourself this time u can’t be lookin for love cause it anit on the BUS.

  422. jessica says:

    Ashley you deserved everything Marcia gave. You started it with her by making that snide comment when she came out the bathroom. If I was her I would’ve helped take out those extentions. You are a trouble maker. You look and act like TRASH. And, then you start stuff with Ashley and let your friend to take up for you. You act like Megan except, you don’t look like her. The only thing you all have in common is the backstabbing. I sure hope you get sent home next week and if you don’t it will be to keep the ratings up. Women like you are what make it hard for women like us to be nice in a tough situation.

  423. kmd says:

    Oh my God, what a bunch of hood wrecks!

  424. Diana says:

    Check out the white women dying their hair blonde and getting huge breast implants and TANS to fit the standards of beauty! Someone was even dumb enough to say that the black girl doesn’t like herself just because she wears hair extensions/ straightens her hair. Plenty of white women have wavy hair and they straighten it and also add hair extensions.

    The day white women stop tanning to be darker, dying their hair blonde, and getting breast implants/ lip implants will be a powerful message!

  425. bb1234 says:

    I just have to say that this show is the Comedy Central Hour for my husband and I. We have never laughed so hard. It is truly amazing at how these girls act.

    Only one of them seems to be somewhat normal. Why go thru all of this if your 20 girls are all trashy?

    Can’t wait for another comedy hour.

  426. eliot says:

    I want to `(!^^+++#_%)#%!~ ed you

  427. Mike says:

    These girls are butt ugly

  428. Diane says:

    Really now…Nikki….looks more like Angelique and Daisy had a love child. And Gia…I think she was just trying too hard to shock. she would have been more fun than the old desparate woman, Brittany I think, that kept begging not to be cut. This should be one fun bus ride…

  429. dlover says:

    All this show is, is a pair of crusty, old balls, that used to be good for something, and a bunch of money hungry skanks! As much as I love it, I will be watching Tool Academy instead. Sorry Bret.

  430. cherrygrl226 says:

    What the heck…..these girls are wrong in soooo many ways!!!

  431. maryanne Potratz says:

    It really is sad that when someone writes a sincere, emotional and honest comment that it has to be deleted. sorry Bret but if you want to know the truth go to Myspace then you will know my true feelings.

  432. angel_eyes says:

    I really like the show cuz some of these girls are crazy and I really gotta wonder if there heart is there for Bret or are they there for fame and money. It will be interesting to see who is true at heart for Bret.

  433. JAN QUALLS says:


  434. montanna says:

    I have watched the rock of love bus with bret michaels and again like most times I cant believe how horrible women can act on tv…most of the girls expesially he blondes are gross just looking at them makes me think plastic or silacon. Come on cant you find some real women that have respect for them-selves…the girls are rude mean backstabbing lying *_`^%#&#&&!(!&##$ s and hey the brunettes may be quiet but they are way more respectable and well I guess they know they are on the show to be the show. no respect here

  435. disgusted says:

    Nothing but a train wreck. Who can be the nastiest?????? These girls need some self-respect.

  436. montanna says:

    If I had to help bret micheals deside who he should throw of the bus NOW…it would be ASHLEY, GIA, MARCIA, AND FAKE MAJORLY GROSS NIKKI.

  437. Lisa says:

    Oh what we do in the name of love…. Really now. Lets be honest here, Bret is making a great deal of money on this gig and God bless him for putting up with this group of gals. Totally not worth any amount of money in my book. Gotta give him credit, everyone kinda forgot about Poison, but this has put them back on the map. Go Bimbo power… UGH….

  438. GrossedOut says:

    It made me sick to see bret kiss that girl after she hurled. Disgusting!!! I also wonder if he keeps getting tested for diseases. You just know hes gotta have something after all those girls he sleeps with. WOW what has become of him. Is he really this desperate or has he really became this pathetic? I must say hes pretty talented….Talented in the sense that he can provide entertaiment while ruining his reputation. I feel sorry for any of his family members. They must be so embarrassed of him.

    Hey bret now that the show is airing which means you already picked a skank…you better take this time (6 months) to get repeatedly tested so you dont contaminate anyone else on rock of (whatever it may be) 4!!!

  439. Geo Smith says:

    I hear you are a really nice guy. These shows are revealing the complete opposite of the real Bret, I hope. Why don’t you look for a nice girl instead of just boobs. I am disapointed by the sluty Ho’s and the bad behavior. It’s seem like you are looking for sex not love. Being who you are you can get that anywhere anytime. The show is becoming so nasty it’s borderline porn. Not sure I even want to watch this one. But good luck it will probably get you more money at least.

  440. says:

    this looks like a drama filled season, just what we all want!

  441. Lori says:

    I totally agree with Geo Smith. At the concert (the first show) some of those girls’ behavior was absolutely inappropriate and I would have kicked them all to the curb! What makes them think Bret would like slutty and trashy vs. classy? Save the slutty for the bedroom!

  442. AffirmativeactionROCKS!!! says:

    I am so happy to see more women of color on the show….finally a season were there are as many brunettes as blondes…GIve it up to VH1 for at last bringing BACK affirmative action…woohoo!!!…
    oh just so you know Bret wont pick any of the minorities as his ROLB, he dont SWING that way…Maria, Marcia, Brittanya are so HOT!!! The casting dept did a great job picking some beauiful women of color, thankz from a loyal viewer:)

  443. TC says:

    I like Gia, the penthouse pet…she acts like she has more class than any of these girls. And Constadina..or whatever, she is from where I live, and she is really weird and I hope no one thinks people from the Appalachian Mtns act like she does.

  444. fedup says:

    Bret is such a loser!!! He sorounds himself with these deformed looking chicks who are the lowest of the low and just wants to ((@~)^`~%~@&!**_ em as much as possible!!! The decent ones of course are the first to go, even though their were only a couple of them!!! Anyone whose got a show like this is either trying to create a career or trying to get back in the industry due to theirs dying already!!!

  445. TJ from the Strat says:

    What’s funny about all of you haters is that you are obviously watching, blogging, and looking up Bret and his show, so he’s succeeding in peaking everyone’s interest. It’s entertainment and yeah, he is making bank. Kuddos. Whatever it takes. He’s not washed up. I am among the legions of fans that appreciate him and Poison for their music and “don’t give a ^^~^`+*%#++`!))` I’m doing what I love attitude.” He is of the very few charismatic people that have had longevity. If he manages to find someone, good for him. If not, it’s a hell of a great ride. He’s funny, smart, handsome and if you ever met him in person, you’d be smitten by his charm too. Listen to his commentaries. That’s the real Bret. Do I think he’ll find REAL sustainable love on the show? Doubtful. But he’s having fun and taking it to the bank. He works hard and loves to entertain and that he definantly does!

  446. keke says:

    well this season is going to be a crazy one! i keep watching these silly shows, glued to the t.v., with my mouth open in amazement. i can not believe some of these girls! where are their mothers? omg! and that chick who yakked and then kissed bret and gave him a dorito? wtf? wat was that? i wanted to yak after that. and wats up with that nikki girl—WAT A HOT MESS!!!!!! if he keeps her around- he has lost his damn mind! the blonde-tariage has to go! if he is being serious about his quest he will clean up his tour busses!– can’t wait to see what happens next!

  447. lore says:

    las chicas de la anterior temporada eran mucho mas bonitas y decentes que estas locas.bret por dios ya sabemos que solo quieres @´-`&·3….y que esto es solo para volverte mas popular.pero bueno a ver si te resulta.

  448. Julie says:

    I think he’s a sick person,lonely and very shallow and lets not forget vane….I hope he catches something soap and water or antibiotic can’t get rid of. to be his age and a dad, what a waste!

  449. Jennifer says:

    Gia and Nikki were about the nasitest women I’ve ever seen in my life. Nikki was from some other Planet. The other 3 he let go seemed decent. There’s a couple left that seem normal the rest just seem down right trashy. I hope he’s getting paid well, no amount of money would be worth having to kiss such nasty people. I couldn’t beleive the ex Porn star on the first conversations she’d go along with a 3 some – that is just down right sick why would a women think a man would even want that it’s a turn off and gross.

  450. Stacy Clark says:

    Bret has his work cut out for him this season! I think Bret is so SEXY!!

  451. kimmy says:

    does anyone know what that chick said? it was after the girl nikki did a shot off the chicks ~^(*#(*&~`~(~`@^(* she said we dont serve shots off the pedadio something? lol

  452. kimmy says:

    does anyone know what that chick said? it was after the girl nikki did a shot off the chicks $#+@+`_`)&_%*(!!_( she said we dont serve shots off the pedadio something? lol

  453. samantha says:

    i agree with tj. why is everyone worried about what someone they are never going to meet or have anything to do with does. if you dont like the stuff on the show, it is a simple as….DONT WATCH THE SHOW!!!!!!! to each their own.

  454. Lollie says:

    It is not a shame to lose your hair. It is a shame to be ashamed about it and hide it under fakey looking things. Instead of extensions or whatever, he has enough money to buy hair implants and to get the real stuff back. That gorgeous Tim McGraw did that and he looks amazing and natural. Bret, buy some hair or go au naturael, we’ll still love your voice.

  455. Allen says:

    Does anybody have real %%_)^&#(%_`%&!# s on the show?

  456. Rachel says:

    haha we want nikki back she is soo funny AND DUMB! make s show about her!

  457. usedtobe says:

    I used to think Bret was really hot. After watching a few of these shows, I don’t. Do they test these women for STD’s before the show? It’s really a turn off that he has sex with all these ignorant women with no class or self respect. When he kissed the woman who just puked, that was it for me. I won’t be watching anymore. He’s just disgusting. What’s wrong with him that he feels reduced to choosing a long term relationship from such a pool of degenerates? I think these shows will hurt his career. He lost me as a fan.

  458. MyMelody says:

    “Rock of Love – Now With Even More Skank!” I’ll pass this time around. It’s a fine line between kind of funny and just plain gross.

  459. Diana says:

    dude they didn’t keep nikki cause she’s a TOTAL copy of daisy!!!!!!

    and i really think they should have kept gia, she’s a total trainwreck!!!!!

    i love marcia, shes so funny!

    and that ashley girl looks like a TRANNY!

  460. Christina says:

    Loose the bandana. The 80′s are over. Time to go back to your nursing home.

  461. antonio says:

    nikki looks like such a +&%~(#_(#@~`(&%(^

  462. ImaFan says:

    My favorites are Ashley, Megan, Samantha, Farrah, and Beverly. I hope one of them wins!

  463. keb says:

    Mindy is WWWWWWOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!

  464. Melanie says:

    I like Natasha but in her photo you can see the deodorant in her armpit, OMG! Why didn’t you guys cover that up!

    Who cares if they have STDs or f^&* all the time? That’s what they wanna do! To each their own! I wish they would show more of it, like really show them doin the nasty!

  465. RockOfLoveBusFan#1 says:

    my favorite girls are kelsey,beverly,and,farrah…i couldnt STAND nikki…she looked like such a fake *&*+_%`!~$(~$*$** she disguisted me!!!ew!!! i hope beverly kelsey or definetly FARRAH to win,which i prob think he will pick bev tho

  466. m2k says:

    lets be honest, bret’s not in this to find love but rather to make money and be on tv. and these girls couldn’t care less about bret. they are either in it to a) party, b) mooch off the show’s budget, c) get their own show, d) get the attention of some younger no-name dude from back home, or e) all of the above. some of them seem kind of cool and maybe some of them actually like him but it won’t last, bret likes trannies anyway. there’s nothing wrong with that but he just needs to honest with himself. vh1 realized that a long time ago, thats why 80% of this cast has no substance at all and thats coming from a person who’s fav girl in the last season was daisy!

    regardless, i’ll probably still watch when there’s nothing better to do.

  467. d says:

    Such an entertaining trainwreck of a show! Seeing him making out with the girl that had just puked – such a disgustingly fun McRockstar moment!! I enjoy watching it as it is so outrageous and far from my reality. but, I always think afterwards, doesn’t he have a daughter? What does he say to her? How does he look her in the eye and own up for all the behavior, which he is ultimately responsible for? Does he actually subscribe to and defend this world he portrays in the show? Does he grasp that he is negatively perpetuating a horrible stereotype? (I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night thinking that this is what I would be known for after I die and that it would be my lasting legacy for my family and the media.) What if his kid chooses to be like one of the girls? Do any of the girls for one second think that they will really be his long term rock of love? No way, they’re obviously way smarter than that. They’re getting exactly what they’re after – media attention, fame, noteriety. I’m sure it’s a fun ride now, but karma will undoubtedly catch up with him. What a sad realization that this show will be his lasting mark – not Bret Michaels, musician, but Bret Michaels, dirty pimp, puke-kissing McRockstar.

  468. Melissa says:

    This is rediculous. Doesn’t he know that all these women just want to be on tv and they all want his money?! I hate the fact that he keeps a lot of the trashy girls around. –______–

  469. julie says:

    i am ,i repeat the best woman for bret he needs to get rid of all these girls come back to louisvilleky. where he started with all these wierdos and come and find me with a quickness

  470. Lisa says:

    I knew Amber was totally not his type!! This show is more of who Brett is! Can’t wait till next week when he tells one girl to get the f$%^ off his show.Marcia is a BLAST!!

  471. Melissa Ooms says:

    How stupid can you be. Do you really think your going to find love with shanks or is it just about getting )^~*~_&@#%`*#!**~ I was a fan but it is bad this time no girls just I don’t know what you call them.

  472. Sara says:

    So…I’m about 95% sure that it’s Melissa that he tells off next week. I paused it at the end, and as far as I can tell (it’s blurry when I pause it because it’s such a short clip), it’s her. Good, because I think she’s too bipolar anyways! Plus, he needs to kick off that pornstar stalker chick…she’s mental!

  473. Rivers Boxlite says:

    Bro, ditch the wig. Everyone knows it’s fake. Play up the bald smooth rocker look. You have the stuff to pull it off. Even the girls on your show know it’s fake and most of those chics are as smart as my shoes.(except Maria, sheis hot as hell and as good looking)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  474. Mel says:

    I thought this show was for Brett to find a “REAL, DOWN 2 EARTH, FUN LOVING, WOMAN!!” Not just another HOE!! I mean really what up with that? Yea im sure it fun to have all these beautiful ladies parading over u all the time while throwing themselves on u, but when is enough, ENOUGH…Personally I dont think Brett will ever settle down with just one woman, and why would he…Hell all his career, He’s had every woman he’s ever wanted along with everything he’s ever wanted…Any Male in Bretts shoes would be doing the same thing, so dont hate Brett because of his life style. He just needs someone who is cool with the woman, the music, the tour an all the other BS, if he finds someone like that, then maybe just maybe they might be his woman when he’s done playin but Committed…NEVER!! But Hey Brett Dont get Discouraged….U R Still ONe Sexy $`_@$#*&%!(^$%@ Man!! And if the oppertunity arised for me…Dont Hate…Because I would do the same as the rest of the girls….

  475. nicole says:

    well i think that he will never find love! Because he likes fake women i mean if he wants a fake girl then he’ll find it in this season. he needs a women that won’t make him look bad, thats nice sweet the kind of gurl that he can take home not the corner, someone who will cook, clean, and love him for him not for his money or fame, to me you can’t meet someone on a tv show. But Bret needs to step out of the box and try to find someone who has everything to offer and not someone that looks good on tv cause if he did then he would find there are a lot of women out there that would love him like need needs to be loved.. so if you have anyhthing to say about this i guess you know how to get at me

  476. allie says:

    I love bret!!! and i love watchin his shows… i think he should pick MARIA….

  477. Kat says:

    I agree with Nicole. I have to say if Bret is looking for real love he isn’t going to find it on a reality tv show. I have to give him credit what a great way to hook up with beautiful women ,have a great time , and find someone to play house with. Bret will find the love of his life when he least expects it. Someone that will be able to deal with all ot his mood swings when his sugar is on the rise. What to do if he has a diabetic event etc. I live with a diabetic and life isn’t always what is shown on the reality shows. I hope that one day he will find the love of his life. It won’t be on a tv show.
    Good Luck Bret and Have a great time…..

  478. smurfete says:

    come on we all know that bret not doing this for love,but for money and entertainment.I think its a funny show and if you are serious in thinking he looking for love then haha,be realstic!

  479. Jo says:

    I agree with Nicole 100%. I only watch the show to see all these girls make damn fools out of them selves. I honestly dont think that Bret is looking for love i think he’s looking to get laid. Its entertaining to watch them constantly get drunk and look stupid but come on Bret your not gonna find true love this way. I know pleanty of girls that can party and have fun while keeping their dignity. how many shows are you planning on doing?

  480. MJ says:

    Ok….admittedly, watching this washed up rocker and his bus load of “ladies” is a guilty pleasure. It’s like a train wreck. Bret isn’t looking for love…he’s looking for ratings. His career isn’t what it was and now he’s grasping for any chance to be in the lime-light. (Better get in line with Scott Baio, Danny Bonaduce, Vanilla Ice, and the slew of others who have slinked their way into “reality” tv. Maybe Bret can be on Tool Academy next.) Fame is addictive. I’m sure there will be one of these desperate attempts to cling onto his fleeting glory days and for the girls to try and grab a little camera time. I have to agree with Nicole in her comment:

    “Well I think that he will never find love! Because he likes fake women I mean if he wants a fake girl then he’ll find it in this season.”

    Granted, being attracted to someone who is physically appealing is just natural….but omg…does a man who is serious about marriage really want a wife who may have more STDs than ~$#+!(!`@@!_!^$*% house? Of course, Bret isn’t the brightest crayon in the box either so I suppose being with a woman who is smarter than he is, and who could possibly carry on a conversation, would be quite intimidating for him.

  481. Ruby says:

    I think all the girls are scanks and brent deserves some one real .

  482. Briana says:

    The girls are loosers!!!! when will there be a better set of women that do not look like bimbos and so damn trashy and this is from a southern texas gal who has more class then there little pinky ps get more cuter girls then these bimbos BLOOSES

  483. Jenna says:

    Is Niiki kidding me she is so trashy I would not want to even share an elevator with her.. She is GROSS and UGLY to boot! Glad he dumped her +~~^+++`%^~)#)%

  484. Jenna says:

    Is Niiki kidding me she is so trashy I would not want to even share an elevator with her.. She is GROSS and UGLY to boot! Glad he dumped her #++!`@&&#)$^^^(

  485. Ann says:


  486. Cory Lea says:

    Yes, the girls are mostly low class, not very attractive (with a few exceptions) and are looking for five minutes of fame or a free ride, probably has something to do with the fact that if you are willing to go to such an extreme to either ‘find love’ or become famous you are probably not a very stable person, but if they weren’t such a hot mess we wouldn’t be watching would we?!?

    I have to say that Bret Michaels appears to be somewhat down to earth??? too bad he is easily manipulated with physical appearance and big knockers. you would think after YEARS of the same thing he would try to find something a little different?

    ya this show purely has to be for publicity… at least i hope so…

  487. Sharon says:

    What happened with Amber if i could i would be there ALL the time for Brett

  488. Hannah says:

    whatever surgeon did nikki’s boobs should be shot.

  489. Karina says:

    I like Bret Michaels. He seems like such a genuine, thoughtful, and caring man. And I would have hoped by now that he would have realized that he’s not going to find love doing a reality TV show. C’mon Bret- you’ve got to be smarter than this!! If you are truly looking for love, not a one night stand or a fling or whatever you’ve been finding the last 2 seasons, then I hope you know in your heart that this is not the way. Now get out there and find a REAL woman, not one who has big fake &+&_^*)%+^!_^$) ties, looks or dresses like a stripper, and preferably one who is closer to your age. I do hope you find what you are looking for someday- love.

  490. Karina says:

    I like Bret Michaels. He seems like such a genuine, thoughtful, and caring man. And I would have hoped by now that he would have realized that he’s not going to find love doing a reality TV show. C’mon Bret- you’ve got to be smarter than this!! If you are truly looking for love, not a one night stand or a fling or whatever you’ve been finding the last 2 seasons, then I hope you know in your heart that this is not the way. Now get out there and find a REAL woman, not one who has big fake (_~&(~$%~##(@#) ties, looks or dresses like a stripper, and preferably one who is closer to your age. I do hope you find what you are looking for someday- love.

  491. BamaPatty says:

    I have to say one thing about all of these women..I can’t see any one of them that are truly genuine. Bret will never find true love this way. I’ve been a fan of Bret’s from way back and if the show keeps parading these skanky women in front of him he will never find any woman who truly love him for him and not for the rock star image. I thought he found his equal when he picked Ambre last season but it wasn’t to be. It’s too bad because she was an independent woman that didn’t need his fame or money. I feel bad for him it didn’t work out. Any woman that is married to a rock star is a special woman. They have alot to put up with. Well I wish him luck on this season but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

  492. caliloko says:

    brettania is so hot.. im a female and im straight as can be but she is gorgeous

  493. Pamela says:

    All these girls are so nasty! They all seem so fake too! I guess good girls wouldn’t make good TV. But if he really is trying to find true love he is looking in all the wrong places! I really don’t think he is trying to find Ms Right he is just looking for Ms. Right Now. Bret is hot and could find a good mate if he had more than strippers and ex porn stars on his show. I loved watching the old Rock of Loves but I don’t know how long I’ll keep watching this one.

  494. Darla says:

    i really think bret is a cool rock star and i think even a better man – but how can anyone find love on tv? bret doesnt need this show for rating’s if anything vh1 needs him. he isnt going to fine true love in a month on the road with women that seem to have more in their bra’s than in their heads you dont have to look like a street walker or have fake *@(@&$(**)%(^(` s to be hot in bed! besides doesnt he know that 1/2 of having hot sex is in your top head anyway – he needs to find a day by day type of girl that isnt stuck in the 80′s has her own life and wants to add to not be his life – i love his music and yes would love to meet him but most of all i would love just to know him behind the scenes the stuff that takes place on stage and on tour is the act what is the real man???

  495. tina says:


  496. ally says:

    i’ve never seen so much silicone in one place in my life!!!! these chicks are ridiculous!

  497. AL Kran says:

    I like this show alot and don’t listen to anybody else that says this is wrong..Have rock of love every year for the rest of your life if you want.I will watch every show every year.Farrah is the correct one to pick for this year even though i still dont know anything about what she likes.If you dont find love who cares at least your having alot of fun.I wish there was more shows as good as this one.

  498. cassie says:

    I am honest to say that I really hoped he would find love on the first two show. I thought he wanted to find someone that he could have a real relationship with. Now I am convinced he wants to see how many women he can have before he dies. WHERE did you find these girls? Good grief. Bret don’t try to convince us your trying to find the ONE when these are about the skankiest bunch of women that has ever been $+(+`*(@~^((~)! embled. That’s cool if you want to sleep with every woman you come in contact with, but don’t try to disguise it has you trying to find a girlfriend. If you want a true partner you are looking in the wrong places.

  499. Jade at NYC says:

    Bret is a gross man moving on to late life crisis!! What a perv!! Why do men always age in that way??

    Each season, the girls are getting more and more plastic and slutty. Why are the producers shopping at strip bars, men’s clubs and porn stars for canidates?? Why?? Well, Bret likes them that way. Again, a perverted man in his 50′s. I have a friend whom is like that – Creepy and sad!!

    In reality, who can fall in love with a man that tons of women falling for him at every concert??? This is a unnatrual process, and Bret is kidding himself if he thinks he can find a female that can tolerate that.

    Good luck Bret. Just retire.

  500. Toni says:

    These girls are all sluts. When can Bret get someone classy????

  501. chris verso says:

    you scanks have the worst fake ~@%$!!(#~)$)*(( s

  502. Carla says:

    I do think Bret is a gorgeous man. I have to wonder why he cheapins himself by surrounding himself with skanks. I think Beverly seems like the most genuine girl on the show. Some of these girls look like dudes. I get that you need sex appeal and drama to keep the ratings up but do they have to look like porn stars??? They don’t even look like the good kind, most of them look like they’ve been road hard and passed to the next person to be road over and over. And for the Ashley, who keeps saying the other girls look like men, OMG honey I’ve seen drag queens that look more like a woman than you. Whats with that hair?? Did you lose a bet? And ladies, no man wants a girl that is so trashed she can’t walk and talk. Seriously, where did you find these girls, Bret needs someone who is hot, intelligent, supportive, not jealous at all, and has similar interest in life. Most of these girls are fake and just using the show as a strategic PR move.

  503. dayna haney says:

    I think true love here is impossible; however, I love the show. I think the only decent girls on the show or atleast the only pretty girls are Beverly (not so fake looking), Maria, or Kelsey. All the others look horrible. Nikki looks like a crack baby gone bad. Oh I know blondes are fun and brunettes are gorgeous but you should try a pretty natural red head and I mean pretty. They are hard to find but would rock your world.

  504. angela says:

    Does anyone think that nikki reminds you of daisy from the last show and farrah remind you of heather from the 1 showi think they need to go because they are just to much like those girls except nikki is 100 percent worst in the nasty stuff and i am glad he let her go

  505. dofoe says:

    I think it sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! neee hawwwwww! The girls need to eat some damn food!!!!!

  506. Katie says:

    Hey does anyone see a resemblence between Nikki and Daisy from the second season? That is kind of creepy

  507. loni says:

    YUK! except 4 maria , taya total dogs. porn star liks rode hard put away wet! .brett needs to take the make up off.

  508. LL says:

    Why does a guy like Bret have to audition girls to find a girlfriend–probably has a better chance finding love with or EHarmony than with these fake nutcases. If he really wants true love and not mindless airbags or floatation devices that talk, why not just do what everyone else does?

  509. Tosh says:

    Me myself i think tha maria would be the best 4 him..

  510. patti says:

    I dunno, call me crazy but………….2 of these “girls” look like transexuals, Farrah and Brittany, especially with as “tough” as farrah comes off oh not to mention she has an adams apple. hmmmmmmm lets see, oh brittany, well she is off the charts emotionally and she has man hands
    Brett, comeon is the money that important to continue to demean yourself?

  511. Jesse Lynn says:

    I am not good to trash any of the girls who make the cut to be on any of the Rock of Love Shows. Some are very sweet and sexy,while others have a little to much make-up and plastic surgery. With this being said now, what is Bret really looking for? My question is, god forbid-If Bret wasn’t a Rock Star and Famous-with a low income job would these women go after Bret? I mean come on. Lets be real here. It’s not about Bret being a Hot Looking Man. It’s about him being a Rich Rock Star. Money and Women go hand in hand. Take a way all of Bret’s Rock Status and you have an regular guy. What VH1 should do is have a show about women doing anything to stay together with a man doing everything to make it in this world. More than 1/2 of the women on here know nothing about Rock, let alone Bret. Bret if you lost everything tomorrow, would any of these women stay with you? I can tell you, I have started with a man who had nothing. I stayed with a man when he made it and lost it all. So ask yourself Bret? Would any of these women be with you if you had NOTHING!!! These women for the most part want you for you MONEY..Who would stay by Brets’ side if he had an accident and couldn’t work..He should be looking for a woman who would love him if he was POOR. I have been with guys in Bands. I know that guys in bands have to schooze with fans and groupies. Hell, I use to take photos of my men with groupies for the bands scrape books. Something to think about Bret.

  512. Yasmine says:

    I am shocked you are doing a 3rd season with this. I thought the 1st season was enough, but you went after a 2nd season, and now a 3rd? After all these women throw themselves at you, and you still cannot find the “one”? I think the women in this most recent all are a bunch of head cases, have the world record perhaps of most sets of breast implants in one room at any given time. They all look fake, act fake, are airheads, and dam, aren’t you tired of this yet? You are a rocker yes, hot yes, don’t you want a family? Children? Remember, having diabetes ages you 20 years. I know that for a fact, when does the bus come in for a tune up and a definate concrete way of life?

  513. Kim Bates says:

    Brent Michaels will never find love in this bunch. You let a certain part of the male body control your brain. I am sure there is a women out there somewhere for you. But at the end of the day you need a women you can talk to, some one with some brains. There is nothing wrong with a beautiful smart women. But all these chicks are bimbos. I know no one is perfect and we are all sinners and all that stuff. But really Brett. Out of the whole bunch there is like one who is got it together, who has a brain and that is Beverly. The other ones are fake, fake boobs, fake hair, too much make-up, too mouthy, trouble makers, party girls. Sad, Sad, Sad. You are looking for love in all the wrong places. Good Luck..

  514. Lisa says:

    How VH1 manages to continue to get women to debase themselves for the mediocre rock talent of Bret Michaels will never cease to amaze me. I use the show as a place to jump to during the commercial breaks of television worth watching. A train wreck every time. I will give you guys this: consistent commercial break entertainment. I think if the show keeps going though, it looks like VH1 is moving closer and closer to litigation what with the level of physical altercations amping up. Might want to consider a house mother to monitor future girls so they don’t kill each other and the families subsequently filing wrongful death actions… unless of course there’s already a lengthy waiver these poor gals are signing that rids VH1 of any such responsibility.

  515. metal head says:

    bret u sux. when was the last hit u had 25years ago lol. get a life bret. you are a poser. you are not a rock star. quit living like its the 1980s it is 2009. motley crue can still have hit songs. why cant you? lollol.

  516. Mark says:

    Terrific show. Nothing quite like a middle-aged bandanna with eye liner choosing among the least classiest group of women on the planet and as a bonus have the combined IQ of a tooth pick.

  517. Lori says:


  518. Krista says:

    There was a show on nickelodeon called Queen Bee’s.The girl named Natasha is a Big $%)!(!%~!+&%)&#%! from that show and her name is Shavone .She was a crude horrible human being and is only on the show to be on T.V. Google Queen Bee’s on Noggin and Nickelodeon.

  519. cher says:

    These types of shows are like train wrecks you just cant look away even though its really bad to watch. I watch them. I have seen them all. Rock of love Flavor of love and so on. You have to look at it this way, Its pure entertainment. There is no legitimate out come, He will never find true love. If he did there would have to be a sequel. For example “Real and Chance” Real “Found love” and Chance simply told the truth and that is respectable. We all know like 85% is staged and they are more then likely told what to say and do with no opinions needed or asked for. So therefore this is my comment. Cheri

  520. erin says:

    Go Bev. Super real. Hope she wins!

  521. brandy says:

    ITs 2009 Bret, not 1980′s. There is something wrong with you, you have already done two rock of love’s, picked two women already and have not found one of them to keep? Now you have to do this again? Come on, You are to old for this, and you are never going to find love with these women either. Try!!!!

  522. Amy says:

    Big John is THE only hottie on this show.

  523. Poison fan says:

    Please. Maria is the only woman to have any class so far. Melissa is a liar with a really poor bottle-job. Brittaney is a Psycho! Marcia is going to be arrested for something while on the “tour”. Kelsey needs to act a little more like a girl. And all of them need to realize that Bret is making a FORTUNE doing this show every season and is NOT going to “find love and settle down” anytime soon! Entertaining, though….

  524. allison says:

    omg people quit with the freakin insults! you obviously care enough about him to get on your computer, type in the vh1 address, click on rock of love bus and find this blog to leave a nasty comment on how “stupid” bret is. i think the “stupid” ones here are you. bret is really not doing much different than most people in this world, when it comes to trying to find a compatible person. men like to go out with more than one woman at a time to find the one, and women will do the same. the only difference is he is rich and gets his own show. soooooooooooo anyway, i hope he ends up with kelsey. she is funny, hot and beautiful. good luck bret! rock out!!!!!

  525. myg0t[ch0rd] says:

    Bret Michaels sucks %~&&~@#)&(`%~!@+ and so does the show.

  526. marie says:

    my comments are in regards to your most recent show 1/19/09 (today) the choices were between a Ho and a
    Dike(lool-a-like) . The lack of interest towards each person was evident and created. The trouble makers are
    kept to make the show interesting, morons and @%*#%(_#_$~(%~!`& es. I’m still compeled to watch,

    Are each of these girls payed to be humiliated? The longer they last the more money they make? What would
    motivate any person to be seen by the entire world as so completlely ignorant. MONEY! Some TV deserves
    to be boycotted>

  527. Allison says:

    omg people quit with the insults! i mean come on, you obviously care enough about bret and this show to turn on your computer, log onto the internet, go to the website, click on the link, find this blog and leave your comment. who cares how he wants to find love, its entertainment. if you don’t think so then change the channel and don’t watch!!! he is not much different from other people who look for that special someone. i think everyone has gone out with more that one person at a time, cause thats what it takes to weed out the losers. and thats what bret is doing, the only difference is he is rich and has is own show. and who are you to say these women aren’t for him, that he will never find love with any of these women? you don’t know him or know what he looks for or wants in a woman. everyone has different properties and traits they look for in finding thier someone, so lay off and shut up! its annoying! on that note i hope he ends up with kelsey. i like her she is hot, good personality and so far has not been involved with the other drama. good luck bret and rock on!!!!!!

  528. Jen says:

    Bret is a business man – he’s not looking for love, he’s securing his nest egg…ya know since he won’t be able to tour with Poison forever! I watch the show and I love it not because it’s real, but becuase it’s so ridiculous! These girls aren’t looking for love anymore than Bret is – they’re looking for their 15 minutes of fame! And for some they get it!

  529. Say What says:

    Hard for me to believe that many of you really think this is about finding someone to grow old with?
    Aaaaa,, this is bad as it is, that’s what this is about.
    The only thing I find more ridiculous than the women on the show are those leaving comments to Brett about this not being the way to find a good women.. LOL!! you think he needs told that? LOL!!

  530. jamie says:

    I am embarrassed to be a Bret Michaels fan after this season of Rock of Love. I have absolutley NO doubt that the show is honestly not to find love, its pure and simple…its television, its ratings for VH1 and its publicity for Bret and thats fine with me…it is entertaining in a disturbing kind of way, and I am compelled to watch every episode. I mean think about it…unless you were a hard core Bret Michaels fan….when was the last time you had heard anything about him before Rock of Love 1…?? I think he did what he needed to do with the first show, which was bring himself back out for the world to see….the second one for me was taking it a lil overboard but still great entertainment. BUT now the skanks on this season just make it embarrassing for those of us who actually do like Bret Michaels, to admit it. The show would have been just as fun to watch if he would have made it more serious….and less skankalicious….woman with a little more class and a little less ronch would have made for a better show. These _)$~^^+`#&!!~%~`@ es on this season are CaaRrAaZzYy…. Beverly is the only one with a little class, she atleast respects herself and her children enough not to take her clothes off in front of God and the world, and she has been called a buzzkill by Bret himself….well Bret, sorry to say but if you don’t have any more respect for yourself then to _+!&%#)_`~%(`~( ociate yourself with foul _+!&%#)_`~%(`~( _)$~^^+`#&!!~%~`@ es like this on national freakin television…how can you expect for any of your fans to remain respectful of you!?

  531. chris says:

    ahley-a mess,bimbo – groopie beverly- too young not his type britt-wierdo stalker type
    farrah- another heather not his type gia – slob a pig heather – no way
    kelsey – to nice for him marci- who? marcia- what’d she say- drunk
    maria- maybe mindy- something isn’t right dosen’t fit in natasha-reminds me of a stripper not his type just the freind type samantha-maybe if he really wants to settle down with a wife.
    taya- why is she there? megan – maybe
    after three shows you can tell brett dosen’t know what he wants how can you find someone serious on bus tours. going on dates with three girls at a time what a joke. should be one on one .seems he is only interested in big boobs.most of those girls are groopies,they act discusting in front of an audience, there are kids that go to the concerts. couldn’t imagine bringing home 1/2 them to your girls. beverly was right to not to choose to do things her kids may see . brett should do the same.

  532. Julie says:

    It’s a great show – not a quality show. Perfect for when you’ve had a long day and don’t want to get bummed out on “real” news. All the chicks are pretty stupid, and still we watch. We’re addicted VH1

  533. Adrienne Rodriguez says:

    Bret, just what exactly are you looking for in a woman? These women are trashy looking, no real goals, fake boobs. I honestly don’t believe that they care about you or what you do. You need a woman who is patient and very understanding, it’s like being married to a doctor or a cop, you really gotta know what you’re getting yourself into and be able to deal with it, and to have trust. I am that kind of woman, i hve 2 daughters one is 17 and the other is 21. I have the utmost patients and understanding, and i also know that you as a diabetic should not be drinking, diabetes runs in my family i know all too well what happens when you don’t take care of yourself when you have diabetes. To be honest if i could i would divorce my husband of 21yrs and marry you and take real good care of you. Please be careful.

  534. V says:

    I think that it was so stupid that Mellisa was on the show and said that she loved bret. yet she had a man that oviesly kept her very happy the hole tims she was there.I mean who would do that and did not say anything untill the elimanation after she just could have told him when he talked to her.

  535. Laura says:

    I used to think Brett Michaels was hot. But have certainly been turned off now. He just wants to stick his tounge down as many throats as he can and we all know what goes on behind those closed doors. Low class. yuck. I wouldn’t want to kiss him after all that spit to spit contact.

  536. angelious says:

    dear bret bret not like you are going to read this but i have to say what mess you have on your hand the only good ones in there let me replaces that the only good one is beverly but i know you aint gonna choose her you are probably the slutiest one there i mean i honestly think you are not looking for love you want a pieces of &&^%`@(`#!%_)$_ arent you its ok u r a man what else is expected just know the this sluts are not here for you they r there to b famous so get ur mind and heart on this and not ur lil bret cuz in the long run u r gonn aend up lonely if u dont choose the right one quit bein an idiot find love not lust bye

  537. sunshinefann says:

    I agree with Jen–if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. It is like driving past a bad wreck and not being able to look away–you know it’s bad, not worth your time, but you can’t help but LOOK!

    Let’s face it; Bret and VH-1 are making big bucks and laughing all the way to the bank. A person in this industry told me shows like this are real moneymakers! It’s much CHEAPER to do a show like this; they don’t have to pay $$$ to writers or REAL actors–they just let these people entertain us by being themselves. (****ed up messes!)
    I would like to give a shout-out to Big Al’s in Peoria, BTW. When they taped there–it was definitely their 15 seconds of well-deserved fame!

  538. kat says:

    i know ashley dont go with her

  539. b says:

    hey, is Natsha really a girl? She surwe dos,nt sound like one.

  540. michelle says:

    OMG! Look up DJ Tribe on You Tube! She actually use to be kinda hot! Most amazing is that she could actually get a full sentence out that you could understand! I don’t know why she f***ed it all up with too much surgery but she should really look into having some of those procedures reversed. Its kinda sad actually!

  541. monricko who is not in the house says:

    all of them look gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  542. Lee says:

    I am a 55 year old woman that has been head over heels for Brett for many many years. But to see these women …..please….I have a note for you Bret…my boobs are real….I ride my own harley heritage….I am a nurse….I am real….just ask my husband….lol…Please don’t pick any of these women…..they are bad ….ugly…dirty….find a real woman….Still love you after all these years…

  543. renne says:


  544. Tami says:

    You know I just caught the middle of the recent episode where the girls are playing hockey. After the winners were determined they got to go to a classy place with a strippers pole. One of the girls wasn’t dancing and he pulls her aside to ask why she’s not enjoying herself. She explains that she has 3 kids and doesn’t want to portray a bad image. I was livid with his response saying basically that no one is watching and you should be out here to have fun. Excuse me but all of America is watching and you think you might want a girl with a few MORALS. Your not looking for love just a heck of a lot of sex.

  545. Tracy says:

    I feel sorry for Brett. I dont think that he is really looking for love. I think that the girls on the show are all a bunch of money grubbing hookers looking for an easy ride. The couple of decent ones that are no the show are either gone because he didn’t “feel it” or they are getting crap from him for not being crazy enough. LOVE is not what he is trying to ROCK!

  546. STEPH says:

    This show is crazy and i like to watch it just to laugh and laugh and laugh. My life is great compared to these women(?) What an obnoxous low life collection of women. There is maybe 2 or 3 of these women that aren’t completely alcoholic nut bags. As we already know from season one and two,Bret loves a stripper/hooker trashy big boobed slut. And the more sex he gets with as many as possable the happier he is. its an -oh my god- type of thing – no @ucking way – just laugh and laugh and laugh.

  547. brittany says:

    i #(&&%@!$#*&%+))* ing love all the rock of loves but i really love rock of love bus im 18 and i hope by the time im 21 there will still be shows like this one going on cuz i would kill to be on one they look so fun and im all about a good time..

    anyways love you girls
    and bret merry me hahah lol
    actually i think your a lil to old for my taste

  548. Maureen says:

    Did BM really just call the only girl on the date that didn’t act like a prostitute a “buzz kill”? Beverly: you don’t belong there and trust me that’s a compliment. This show is as much about love as a boxing match, only it’s the self respect of these women that’s taking a beating in this case. This show stays on the air for one reason: it’s like a car wreck. It’s awful but you can’t look away.

  549. Liz says:



  550. jenn says:

    I have to admit, I am more than disappointed with this. Bret goes on about finding real love and when Beverly places her self respect above his need for stripper entertainment, he can’t handle it. I have absolutely nothing against strippers but Bret should respected Beverly’s decision and not given her a hard time about it. I really thought he was trying to find someone in seasons 1 and 2 but I am beginning to think his real colors are starting to show. Man up Bret.

  551. NKS says:

    Where do they find these girls? Most probably never heard of Bret Michaels or Poison before they got a chance to be on the show. It is clear that Bret is having a damn good time watching these idiots bounce around and do whatever his bidding is for entertainment and ratings. I seriously doubt he is truly looking for his soul mate among these girls. The rock and roll lifestyle isn’t all about dressing like a slut and getting smashed every night. Getting attitudes with Bret is ridiculous as well. It gets them nowhere and long after they are tossed from the show, he will still be a rock star making money with his music.

  552. Jessica says:

    I think that Brett would be smart to pick Beverly. They seem to like alot of the same activites and they both know whatit is like to be a parent. He needs to stop picking the hoochies who are willing to show off everything they got to anyone who is willing to look. Hasn’t he learned yet from the past that a stipper doesn’t make for the best relationship. He says he wants someone he can talk to, but seems to be too distracted by a the fake boobs to actually try and talk to them. He also seems drawn to the girls who cause the most trouble and are just out to make everyone else look bad. He shouldfind someone wh is more interested i9n loving him and less interested in what all the other hoochies are doing right or wrong. He needs to find someone whois being REAL and no just in it forthe fame or glory.

  553. Moi says:

    I love this show even though I take it with a grain of salt. But, I have to say BM’s comments about Beverly were stupid…”a buzz kill?” She demonstrated that has at least some brains in her head. She’s sexy AND smart. Get with it BM, she’s quality and you should have given her kudos for decision to show some restraint because of her children. (By the way, EVERYONE is watching..he must really think she’s an idiot to fall for that stupid comment.)

  554. SAKAOK says:

    What is Brett Michaels thinking? I have lost tremendous respect for him. Almost all of season three women look like they’re dirty and diseased. Also, most of these women don’t even know his music and what Poison was about. I think the entire country was relieved when he chose Amber last season. She’s intelligent and beautiful. Brett is obviously doing this show for the exposure and money…how sad. He is obviously feeling and showing his years, and would like to somehow portray a more youthful image of himself…the opposite effect is happening. I think many people are realizing just how screwed up Brett is. Wait until his children see this when they get older….shame on him….his girls are going to turn out just like these season three nasty women. Then there is his mother….I really can’t see her smiling about this. I’m finding season three to be rather sad, if not disgusting. I can only imaging there are many people who are internally saying, “Grow Up Brett Michaels”. You are making yourself look very ugly, inside and out, doing this show.

  555. SAKAOK says:

    I’m willing to bet that Bret Michaels is exploring a real relationship with Lacy (season one) outside of the limelight. I thought this during season one, two, and season three is cementing that thought for me. The shows are just for $$$. I don’t think I can ever play Poison’s music anymore without thinking of these shows…gross! I don’t think I’ll be playing much of it anymore. Bret has ruined the image of the band, and their future, with this show. The show has caused Bret to lose his sex appeal. When I watch him now I just think…GROSS!…DISEASE! Bret, you should have quit when you were ahead with Amber last season. Greed has obviously gotten to you.

  556. Jaimz says:

    Beverly is definately the hottest girl out of all of those women! But to be honest i don’t know why Beverly would be interested in a guy like Brett? I’m a British guy who is a gentleman, but i can also ‘Rock it’ too! We don’t have anything like this back in the UK because what musician would put themselves up on TV for this???Brett treats the girls with sooooo much disrepect! He needs to learn some manners and start respecting the girls! Series 3 how many Series is it going to take for Brett to get the girl??? I think he needs to see a relationship expert, don’t you think??

  557. Kate says:

    Yep, Beverly seems to be the only contestant with any self respect. I love that Taya manages to work it into every comment that she’s a Penthouse pet. “Well, as a Penthouse pet, even I think this is slutty, blah blah blah…” Bret’s hair sensitivity is endlessly amusing. You make one comment about what might be going on under that bandanna and you are OUT. I don’t think he cared nearly as much about Melissa perhaps having a boyfriend as he did about the fact that she insulted his extensions. Awesome stuff.

  558. chrys says:

    Has anyone eles noticed that Natasha looks, sounds and sometimes acts like a man… I think I would checking some stuff out Brett .

  559. Donna says:

    I agree with you ladies…I’m beginning to doubt that it’s love BM is really looking for…he had a good shot with the girls he picked on 1 & 2, but who really knows what happened with them. The girls, for the most part, seem to be getting sluttier with each season. And when he called Bev’s refusal to act trampy a buzzkill,well, there it is ! He also had the nerve to get all offended & “hurt” when the other girls told him that Beverly kissed the drummer when she was drunk…it was a quick kiss, anyway…why doesn’t he just ask the drummer??? Meanwhile, he’s boinking all those other girls,and that’s supposed to be okay..eeeww!
    Brett is a good looking guy, but he needs to get real–let’s face it, he’s an aging rock star with health problems, and young children. Brett, do you really want these tramps with their ginormous fake boobs and their coochies hanging out to be around your kids?? And , do you really think these broads are gonna want to be taking care of your tired old(albeit cute)ass when you party too much and your diabetes kicks into full drive?? Most of them don’t seem the type…and the very few who DO, are the ones you’re complaining about the most. Grow the f##k up already. If you just want to see how many dumb ^$**$(&+*&*+(_` girls you can screw before your parts give out, just be honest and call your show The Rock Of Love Booty-Call Bus. Otherwise, start thinking with your head & heart instead or your, uh, “johnson”. Even you fans, like me, are saying WTF??

  560. dina says:

    i think that Brett should update all of his shots immediately

  561. Tammi says:

    I was such a big fan of the show during Season 1. I started to have my doubts about the “real” reason behind the show and I think I’ve figured it out! 90% these girls are just on the show to promote themselves. Check it out if you don’t believe me. Almost all of them have their own website. Secondly, I think it’s just a catalyst for another Charm School season. I’m almost ready to stop watching. Who cares who Bret falls in love with. The entertainment of the show falls on which girl makes the biggest `%(#`#!_+(!^^^( of herself. And if I had to pick…Beverly’s my favorite!

  562. colie says:

    I agree 100 percent with most of what has been posted on here. I am 36 and was like 14 when they first came out and I am so sickened by the fact that so many of the women were like being born at that time so yeah how could they know the music it wasn’t their generation. I refused to watch this season when I saw the preview and the girls, etc, ewww to the maxx. He is just nasty for doing this and I would never see another one of his concerts. I would rather see Motley Crue ha ha there’s a thorny rose for ya!

  563. David Kernell says:

    Does it ever come up between Kelsey and Brett that she did porn before going to college in Utah? (Cherries #39 aka Kayden). Thanks for your answer in advance.

  564. sarah b says:

    i seriously thouqht Gia & Nikki were qonna be there for a while because theyre the two tackiest sl*ts ive ever seen in my life especially Nikki & i was so happy Bret let them qo . i HATE qirls like Nikki she thinks shes so hot & the quys probably do to .. but she is SOOOOO over done its discustinq . Kelsey is naturally pretty & even thouqh Brittanya or whatever dresses pretty slutty shes hott as ever : )

  565. JP says:

    This is all just to start his career again, do any of you really think he needs a reality show to get laid????

  566. sHaNnOn says:

    wHaT hApPeNeD?
    iM nOt As InTo ThIs RoCk Of LoVe lIkE i WaS tHe FiRsT tImE aRoUnD.
    i LoVeD cHrIsTy JoE aNd I wAs HaPpY hE fOuNd AmBrE bUt ThIs TiMe ItS mOsTlY sLuTtY tRaShY gIrLs.
    LiFe On ThE rOaD iS hArD iM sUrE bUt ThIs Is No TeSt…
    wAkE uP bReT, i LiKeD tHe HoUsE sEtTiNg BeTtEr AnD i ThInK hE sHoUlD jUsT lEt It HaPpEn InSteAd Of DoInG sHoWs LiKe ThIs, LeT iT bE sOmEtHiNg fOuNd NaTuRaL.
    iM dIsApPoInTeD tHiS sEaSoN.
    tHeRe ArE a FeW i sEe WiTh pOtEnTiAl BuT sTiLl….

  567. Jessie says:

    I’m so relieved others are feeling the same way as me. I have lost a lot of respect for BM…a little more each season. I think for the most part he is full of poo…he’s just in it for a little action, as if he doesn’t get enough already. But on a positive side…YOU KICK ^~&)`@_%*!#`~!^ BEV!

  568. Brenda says:

    I think Bret is just a pig. He is so nasty. The show should be called herpes of love with Bret Michaels. FYI – Dude the 80′s are so over.

  569. lynn says:

    WOW! Now I remembered why I did not want to watch another season of Brett getting laid! What is going on with all the huge fake ~!`$+)!_+~&+()@ s? Some of you just look absolutey STUPID! Brett get a brain, haven’t you made enough money? Picked some real TRASH this time. Only one that seem real is Marcia! Hope she is still on the show, what a cute face and perfect figure! Rest of you BIG ~!`$+)!_+~&+()@ TY BROADS GET A LIFE! ~!`$+)!_+~&+()@ S DO NOT MAKE YOUR LIFE!

  570. Logan Clancy says:

    oh mii god! brittanya is hands down the finest women i’ve ever seen! like….for real, jaw dropping gorgeous! i can’t even put it into words…

    girl…you need to hit me up!

    I LOVE YOU! hahaha….c[;

  571. J says:

    Brett Michaels continues to prove that he is the biggest joke of them all.

    After twenty years of “playing” music, you’d think his voice would be better, or he’d actually be able to play another instrument. Not just strum a few cords before they go to commercial.

    I also love his fake morals and high horse comments.

    The advertisement for the show should be: Brett Michaels, a complete laugh since the 1980′s.

  572. madonna says:

    a waana meet bretcause i think i am made for him pick me for the next rock of love cause i can show him love

  573. Tammi Vaughn says:

    Well, was gonna say something but my email got stuck,,, Kelsey is the one that is most in to you,,, she will treat you right, the others are just there to get what they can and the fame,,,, we dont want the fame, we just want the happiness and the love that comes with you,,,,

  574. Leyanna says:

    Ashley ‘s a trailer trash B%^&*
    Beverly’s ok. but what she did was totally wrong..
    Brittany – thank god you got rid of that crying piece of +&~!)!%!+~__&@*@ 1
    Brittanya ‘s she’s cool but don’t get fooled she’s just their to live the life of the rich and famous…
    as for the rest god damn they all are pices of trash.. except for taya , stephanie, & natasha.
    bret michaels if i were him i would most deffinetly stay with taya even though the whole world has seen her in penthouse … lol.. cause stephanie who no longer is their that’s who he should of kept..
    but hey guys are guys

  575. Saoirse Smith says:

    While I can’t claim to know much about Bret Michaels or Poison, I’ve always seriously loved music, including rock and progressive rock. I have to admit I do enjoy this show; it is fun to watch at times, fairly hilarious at times. Yes, I can be amused by shallow people being petty and totally outrageous for entertainment purposes, but for a reality-show I can’t say I see much “reality” there. Maybe it’s all hidden under the mountains of silicone.. or oceans of saline.. pumped into most of those girls’ chests. However, I find it ironic, if not hysterical, and certainly classless, that any girl on this show, scripted or not, could belittle and repeatedly make such a huge deal about a celebrity’s choice to wear some discreet, tastefully done hair extensions (this is the entertainment industry after all) while she herself is a cosmetic surgery freak-of-nature, propped up on a guest-bed by abnormally huge IMPLANTS. Regarding the hair extensions: I, for one, think they look just fine, quite good really, on BM. Besides, even bought-and-paid-for still qualifies as ALL his own hair, right? And personally, I’ve always thought long hair on men was very attractive, it can be downright dead-sexy! Thanks for the chance to say a bit here. :o)

  576. KAR says:

    out of all the seasons I have to say I’m not going to watch this one that much. As a teenager I knew Brett and I have to say this sickens me. He deserves much better that this group of trash.

  577. tom says:

    natasha aka ava devine is an escort working out of ohio her ad is usually on eros guess the producers really don’t care about that though

  578. felecia says:

    i for one love bret he is so sexy and i didn’t even know he had hair extensions they look so real but i do think he needs to pick the girls himself if he ends up disappointed again the producers keep picking mostly trashy girls who need a reality check. bret you need some one to party with but some one who is grown up and can be serious to. your girls need a role model and not some one who is fake i hope it all works out in the end tho and you find someone you can love and trust. best wishes for you

  579. tom says:

    mistake was made natasha aka ava demmi high priced call girl based in ohio used to have a web site but her reviews are still up on the erotic review website sorry for the error

  580. andrea says:

    Ashley is such a dumb #@&)+#_!$&@`~(%@( I hate her. She has the ugliest face out of all of them. ESPECIALLY with her make-up off. Oh god, I don’t want to see that again. She’ll get kicked off if Brett knows what’s good.

  581. Just Me says:

    I think they all look like they should be bathed. And Brett looks like a garbage magnet. Fake hair, fake women, fake health…
    Was rock n roll always so tragic?

  582. Lauren (Mississippi girl) says:

    Ashley is so freakin UGLY and FAKE and a @$~~%%+^)+*$~`#( starter!! you have got to get rid of her!!

  583. Angi Johnson says:

    I hope that Bret sees through Ashley’s drama queen act and realizes that she is as fake as her boobs. If he’s really looking for TRUE love he needs to know there is nothing TRUE about Ashley. She’s just restraining order waiting to happen.

  584. jasmine says:

    these girls are crazy

  585. Jaylee says:

    i think ashley isn’t fake! sure shes a total +)!$(_~_%*$##&#_` to most of the girls but she knows its a competition and wants to win!!! i do like kelsey though. she looks like a regular person and not plastic!

  586. COCO says:

    Farah is so stupid….it pains me to watch the show because of that stupid blonde

  587. COCO says:

    Brittanya is the only absolutely beautiful gal in the bunch. I am sad that she doesn’t really have a brain, but, haha, do any of them? HAHAHA

  588. brittany says:

    i think brittanya isss so so so preetyy !!!shes my favorite<3

  589. Donna says:

    honestly.. is he looking for mrs. right or mrs. right now?? you have got to be kidding me! obviously it’s about the show and promoting his own music and not about finding love! don’t get me wrong Bret.. that’s not a bad thing but your talent alone is enough.. it always has been. Since when did we come to the point where the woman have to try everything in the book,to a point of degrading everything beautiful about a herself just for a chance that you might be worthy enough for any man! btw.. no, im not a man hater, i’m not ugly by any stretch of the imagination, but i guess i simply just don’t get this.. Bret, is this truly about love? and if so, why do it this way?

  590. megan says:

    i really like beverly and brittanya are the two best girls on the show and ashley is such a skank she needs to go

  591. Tammi says:

    Well, I think that all of you are there for the wrong reasons. I have seen Bret from the time that is was 17 years old and I know what he is about, I think that you are only there for the publisity, all of you, I think that Bret needs to have some one that loves him for him, not for what he does (0ver the road) but what he does for you in the bedroom and outside of the bedroom, you go and suck him weenie and have sex with him but do you really know him??? NO, you don’t. Bret is a great man and deserves to be with a great woman. I do not think that any of the women that he has on tour rite now is worth the prevelidge of being call Mrs. Bret Micheals. There will be another show that we all get to watch. Bret? I love you and only wish you happiness and joy, look beyond the boobs and the twats and find someone that truely respects you as a person… Love you honey,,,,Tammi

  592. ponderthis says:

    I can’t believe these gals go off and leave their kids (some very small) behind to chase an aging rock star and obviously is making bucks from this show (the third season). And, some of the degrading things he has them do to compete – looks pretty dangerous too. Go figure

  593. Thad says:

    Ashley has to be the biggest triler trash girl i have ever seen. Bret please tell us you wore a condom when you slept with her.I knoe life on the rode is hard but do us a favor and drop that girl off at the next truck stop. She will know exactly what to do to make it back to the trailer park.

  594. Juicy says:

    Donna, what’s wrong with you? This is strictly for entertainment. Figure it out already, girl

  595. sarah says:

    beverly is a friggin man. ashley is the ^@$@%$&(@@*$~!*~ and she’s def gonna win. either her or brittanya.

  596. Charlette says:

    My favorites are Beverly, Mindy, and Taya!!

    I want Beverly or Taya to win because they are naturally pretty and sexy, BUT unlike the other girls, they are also very classy and intelligent.

    I don’t like Farrah and I don’t want her to win the show because she’s gross, not classy, and I don’t think she’s right for Brett, but I want her to stay on as long as possible because she is SO entertaining. I literally laugh my head of when I’m watching the show because of her. She’s unintentionally hilarious. All the other girls will be swearing up a storm and cussing each other out and she will just be like, “WHAT THE FRENCH?” Hahaha! She is so funny!

    AND I hate Ashley so much. She is a stupid, fake, #)^)@^@(()_(`$_(* y, gross, not classy, rude, annoying, dumbass! I CANT stand the way she talks!!!!!

  597. Jean says:

    SKANK____ Paris Hilton wanna be………….

  598. Imagine says:

    Rock Of F*@K!!!More like it.
    Brett Michaels gets his ROCKS OFF on a different one every nite!!
    Where is the LOVE!!!!!
    And Ashley is NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That was nasty of him to even go there….

  599. mike letouras says:

    farrah is hot. so are the rest of the ladies. brett is the man.

  600. C says:

    Dude Bret I grew up listen your music, Your band was my brothers fav. It’s mine too. But your going about this way wrong. Your taking pets and toys. There’s alot of good women that aren’t like all the ones you’ve had on your last 3 shows. You need a real every day woman. Not ones that are 200% fake like a doll. Party hard and keep it rollin. C.

  601. jonny gruesome says:

    yeah what the &+@+&`+%~$+%~_`+ most of the chicks are not even good looking i love to see them with no make up they look so &+@+&`+%~$+%~_`+ ing bad. that should be a test to see them all with no makeup that would really chance things

  602. jamie says:

    big john is friggen huge!!!!!!!!! (i dont mean fat, but he is kinda fat too)

  603. musichild says:

    Bret, you get mad at Bev for kissing a band member, what about the fact that Farrah and Ashley are on each other all the time? Look at the other rockers and their wives. Do you really want a stripper taking care of you and your kids?
    Come on, be real. You’re just getting your rocks off. There are only three girls worth your time, Beverly, Tanya and Mindy. Send the rest home.

  604. davidSantiago says:

    Where are the 3 new editions? You left out the hottest girl on the tour. I think her name in Kami.

  605. auburnboy30 says:


  606. Jessica Barsse says:

    Pick Beverly or mindy-they seem like they have the most to offer. The rest are mindless sluts from out of this world!!!!! Unbelievable!!! However, it seems pretty obvious that you are only in it for fun-thats okay I guess–but please–take off the makeup–you are a really nice guy with okay looks–you dont need that and it looks funny.


  607. john says:

    Natasha did Bang Bros, she goes by Scarlet, and gives a hand job

  608. john says:

    Natasha did bang bros, she goes by Scarlett.

  609. john says:

    Natasha did Bang Bros, she goes by Scarlett

  610. cecilie koski says:

    hi i love kelsi shes awsome pick her go kelsi

  611. BrettFan1 says:

    Maria looks just like the mother of Bretts kids.
    Krists Lynn Gibson! WOW!

  612. Melissa says:

    Ashley needs to win!!!!Throw Taya out

  613. chris horton says:


  614. Jamie says:

    dear god all these girls are bimbos…with bad ##(&%$(~$%`&@#+ jobs!!

  615. Jason N. LeTeff says:

    I have an idea for a show-put Brethole Michaels into a boxing ring with me. He can use his guitars, mic stands, or whatever as weapons, and can even tag in one of his +*)#+&(%(`@~`(**% s when he is tired. 3 rounds, win by KO or decision. If he wins, I do whatever degrading thing he chooses, and I will admit that he is the greatest rock star that ever lived. If I win, he stops wearing make-up, marries a girl who a)has real boobs, b)has never been a stripper, and c)has an i.q. higher than 90.
    As a bonus, if I win by KO, he has to retire his stupid head band-forever.

    What the hell is up with this damn guy? And these foolish girls? Is it not obvious to these women that this (^+@@`~%%&%+*+( got-ass, make-up wearing homo has serious issues, since he is over 40 years old and a “rock star” from the butt rockin 80′s and has not found a woman for himself yet? This (^+@@`~%%&%+*+( with all the eye shadow who is a no talent turd jockey does not deserve any of these beautiful, albeit trashy girls? They must have no self respect,no sense of self worth, and a very low self image to degrade themselves the way they do for this fool.

    Please take Bret off of the air. The general VH1 viewing audience loves drama, beautiful women, and slutty behavior. You can give this to them with the absence of Brethole Michaels. PLEASE TAKE HIM OFF THE AIR!!!!!!!!

  616. Desiree says:

    ASHLEY is totally gonna winnnn!!!! Go A-bomb!!!!! No one has a chance if shes still there!!! Love ya gurl…keep it hott!!!!!

  617. Bad ass brunette says:

    Ashley talks about every one being soooo old!! But look at “Her Girl” Farrah !!! She has to be at least 49 !!!!! Or she has had one helluva ruff life!!!!! And I mean “Ruff” Ruff to you too Ashley you are a slut dog!!!!!!

  618. geeseyboy says:

    ashley is not fake .she has such beauty.inside and out.and so does her girlfriend farrahh. i just watched episode 7. they get more beautiful every day i was not happy that bret michaels would even think of getting rid of them. that just makes me want to quit watching the show i would hate to see him try to please the world and end up with the wrong girl for real.

  619. geeseyboy says:

    bret michaels this show is honestly starting to remind me of a daniell steal novel about an aging rock star trying to find love.they could honestly make a movie out of this love story.

  620. linda says:

    I think Bret needs to let his children meet the ones he plans on keeping around, they can tell a fake better than him since most of what he sees is a bunch of drunks with fake boobs.

  621. Noe says:


  622. Jason says:

    I thought the name of the show was rock of love about a guy trying 2 find real love with a good girl but it has become very obvious that the show should be called I want a stupid )+~`^*#_&#~!@@%)% cuz all he keeps around and the dumbest bimbos with the fakest boob job I mean come on ppl.

  623. austin says:

    OMG!!!!!! Brett you had a chance to leave that lot lizard(Ashely)at a truck stop and you failed. looks like there is a lot lizard following…. thats so great that the other truck stop hoes are rooting for her….
    !!!!Go LOT LIZARDS GO!!!!!!

  624. Ashley says:

    I Love you Bret! Whos your fav. girl? mines ASHLEY!!! i love her she is soooo pretty and now i see why shes always in your bus with you. ahahah!

  625. Terrie says:

    OK this is ridiculous but no more so than me watching the dumb thing….I think the little girls from “Little Miss Perfect” with their stage mothers grow up to be the skanks for the has been of Bret Michaels. I guess he needs the dough for child support. He came to our local fair and what a joke. The guy has Barbie hair weave and is old enough to be most of those girls father. If he really were serious about “finding love” it would not be with the likes of tranny Ashley or last times Daisy…What are these women going to do when their boob jobs drop to their knees and they can no longer hang on to the stripper pole ? What a sad, sad show and Bret is a sad man. I am sure the parents of these girls are cringing and not bragging that their daughters are on TV. Hey, skanks, your 15 minutes are up.
    The couple of halfway “normal” girls are an enigma to me. Why lower yourself? Oh well, like I said I watch and it is like watching a train wreck. You know you shouldn’t but you do it anyway. Such is human nature.

  626. Elizabeth says:

    I used to like Bret, but after seeing all these shows I’ve come to realize that he is a self-absorbed, shallow, middle-aged pervert who exploits these girls to fill his bank account. Granted these girls are probably very easy to exploit but it doesn’t make it any easier to watch. If he really wanted love he wouldn’t be going about trying to find it this way. How could he ever fall in love with these girls that he has used and exploited. There is no way, you can’t have true love without respect.

  627. bahama bob says:

    I think ashley is extremely nasty. She is so wrong for the show. All she is there for is 15 minutes of fame. She cares nothing for bret. I hope bret uses his head and lets the skank go. God i hate watching the show with her in it. What a waste of space in the show. I think bret needs to stop thinking with his little head and use his big head first. Love will never be found this way and he knows this. All he wants is a quick lay and he is smart for it. If you have to go on a show for love, well you deserve what you get. DUMB DUMB DUMB… You will never find what you are looking for. This is not love.

  628. Brandy says:

    WHY? WHY? WHY? Do you need to do this? The girls on this show are horrible! Do you want someone who elegant but can be rocker too? How about someone nice and pretty who is also good with kids. I dont know why I even watch..I Remember when Poison came out. I think I was like 13.. You were a rocker then and you are a rocker now but you deserve better then these girls.. Ashley has got to go! She is like a Daisy:( Oh well this is what you like.. You get what you pay for!

  629. Danielle says:

    I meet Ashley, Brittanya, and Marcia in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. I dont know what they were doing there but they had a camera crew. I talked to Ashley the most and she was the coolest and the most friendly out of the other two. Oh, and i forgot that Risky from Real Chance of Love was there too. Risky is a realy classy girl and acted like a lady the whole time even though it was Mardi Gras. Marcia just smiled alot and let me take pics. I got to dance with them on stage at this bar and it was so cool! Brittanya was nice ane let me take pics with her and let me take pics of her tattoos, but my favorite was ashley. All of you who claim that she is a man are wrong. The show doesnt do her any justice, because she is realy pretty in person and realy sweet. I think she was playing up that ^(!~&`@)+%!@_)&** y role for tv. I dont think for a second that this show is about love but i cant help but watch! I love it! And having met Ashley i hope she winns! I love Ashley!!

  630. Mistress says:

    I’m not trying to be funny, but why are the black girls that appear on his show unattractive? It’s like they choose unattractive black women to appear so that it would be easy to cut them.He also shows them less attention and compassion. I know that their are more attractive black women trying to appear on his show. Why not choose one of them? Is he prejudice? Does he ask them to choose only one an episode, and make sure she unattractive? Am I the only person that has notice this?

  631. Da Rubba Duchess says:

    My goodness, Bret Honey what are you doing? Besides the obvious perks what are you getting out of this, and let me just say that you are so much better then what is going on the tour bus. By far Taya and Mindy appear to be the better of your last choices of all the girls left. Oh my and that Ashley, boy-O-boy she by far would be the worst for you. She is a true embarrassment and I cannot imagine you with her in public or with your friends. Yikes!!! For heavens sake don’t do that to yourself and your fans. Alrighty,old friend, [remember the Seventh Veil on Sunset Blvd. in the mid 80's?]
    Best of luck

  632. Jenna says:

    I think half the girls on here are fake and r on the show juss for plablicity and sex cuz they know thats what brett wants..(hes only male)idk y brett even trys to do a third show..i love the show and watch it every week juss because of how dumb the girls r.But if id have to say anything i think beverly is pretty much upfront and doesnt mind being her own faveorite was Kelsey and i think the grosest girl on their was Nikki..wut the hell was that! and Ashley has gotta go! If Brett really wanted a real relashionship he would do something other than a show he sees plenty of girls when hes on tour y dont he juss pick one up their? Like i said FAKE and PLABLICITY!

  633. gerey says:

    if i were brett , id make sure it was all the biggest boobs in the end and then id find my pick from there

  634. Rebecca says:

    You should go ahead and get ready for the next show. Maybe we can help with a good name. Unless Bret has been cliped. You could probably get ready for
    Rock of Love Tour bus Babie, or at the rate he gets ladies you could probably call it Rock of Love Tour bus Babies. I love the show so no offence with the sugestion. How do you prevent sexual transmited Diseases? Well Good luck finding love.

  635. Rebecca says:

    After watching the show I thought it was really cute.
    Obviously protection is a major.
    Good luck finding love.

    Maybe if it works out you can make a new show.
    Rock Of Love Tour Bus Babie.

    Good Luck, Lots of Love!!!!

  636. Alex says:

    Dat show is so funny, most of does girls r total sluts, scuse me but just look at how big their na-nas r lol!

  637. chris says:

    Ashley and Farrah are *~*@(#)~)^`_+(&( in ugly *@!*!@%%#&%!!^_#` es…. no gud nasty sluts…..

  638. Layla says:

    How funny is it that all the girls that call Mindy “Lame” are being eliminated 1 by 1 & guess what Mindy is still there.
    I hope Ashlee didn’t win this thing cause she aint worth it Brett, she’s an evil (%)`*$`!!~^_@_)(^ She is not even remotely nice, she is backstabbing & cold hearted. She is all around BAD and does not deserve good things to happen for her. I’m pulling for Mindy. She is the best one of all, and a decent person W/ a body that fits what Brett likes & she is pretty, the kind of girl you can trust. “A-Bomb” cannot be trusted, trust me I know!!!!! To put it simply she is “Skanky trash”

  639. baby says:

    the last episode with the kids totally changed my perspective and view on ashley!! she seems really sweet and it seems like the real her came out with the kids. she was one of my least favorite next to farrah, but now i think she may be my favorite. i think brittanya’s the hottest, but beverly’s the most real. i hated kelcie, and im so happy she’s gone, she’s like a high school girl who seriously was one of those followers that got into the popular group and would jump off a cliff if they told her to.

  640. kw cuzzie says:

    Where do you find these people??? Maybe its a marketing ploy r something. It can’t b real. I thik Brett would b better off finding someone on .You know it dont matter what you look like on the outside if the inside don’t match.. Remember that!! Besides could anybody deal with all the drama any 1 of these girls would bring with them. I mean Brett travels a lot, imagine the future annoying whining and constant complaining. That’s all they do. Don’t think that will change. bi#$%es b bi#$%es. Best of luck 2 u Brett, but you could do better..

  641. bekah says:

    i think beverly, mindy, and taya are the only girls that are really there for brett…. and to brett… what is with you and strippers and women with kids… strippers are cheaters… you know the saying you cant turn a ho into a housewife? kids are fine, i am a mother myself, but how can you truly know you want to be with someone if you are not around them and there family??? i love the show, and i love brett but come on… get some girls that are real and not 99% silicone

  642. zeke ramirez says:

    yo yo Brittanya is mad gorgeous on da real yuh gotta Pik her!!

  643. Kimberly says:

    Okay Let me just say Bret is so Freaking HOT! Bret Has To Pick Ashley she is so fu*king HOT! BRET YOU HAVE TO PICK HER.If No Of Those chicks work U Could always holler at me lmao.

  644. Shelby says:

    Nearly all of the girls on this show are either fake, stupid, slutty, or a combination of all three. The girl who seems to be the best one is Mindy. She doesn’t start drama and she’s real.
    (by the way, what happened to Ambre last season?)

  645. Liam says:

    Brett is damaged goods. Believe me, I know from personal experience. I know a few of the girls he went out with and believe me, the guy will never find love because he is so sick, he doesn’t know the true meaning. I ain’t perfect either, having been where Bret is. But Bret won’t grow up. He needs his mommy’s teet.

  646. nixienox says:

    I can’t believe that Bret is turning on the other girls for ashley. She is a raging psycho. And pulls stunts I have not seen since high school. I hope it is a trick and he turns around. But good lord, Ashley? Do they not see footage of what is going on when they are not around?I am rooting for Beverly.

  647. sambo jenkins says:

    i think i have seen a new porn video with natasha since
    she this season started airing with bang bros network.
    is this true?

  648. Layla says:

    How funny is this!!!! TYhe skanks that always referred to the decent girls as lame are all gone!! I am soooo glad Ashley is gone cause she would have done some serious damage yo your personal or professional life, or both cause she is an all around BAD PERSON. Someone that could not be trusted!! Brittanya is a very pretty girl but lets be serious, what good is a pretty face with an empty head? Looks can only carry you so far, cause once you sober up &/or get out of bed whats left?
    It’s sure not conversation! She is an idiot!! Why doesn’t she put some of her energy towards going to school cause thats what she really needs. “You aint gonna be young & pretty forever baby” And what happens then? I guess you don’t know cause you don’t know anything!!! And that is not being sarcastic. How in the world did you ever fill out any paper work that you may have had to to be on the show??? I guess someone did it for you. seriously Brit, go back to school, do something to make your parents and kid proud for a change. your a pretty girl but don’t waste time ,it will be gone before you know. Ashley, go back to skanksville, I heard your girl Farrah was there waiting for you “with All This!!” HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa

  649. Cathy says:

    Mindy is adorable and real. The rest of the girls are such bimbos and stupid strippers and girls with no class. Brett has seen it all I am sure with his last 20 years as an entertainer. If he wants someone real and non-pretentious he should go with Mindy. Yes she did cheat on her boyfriend but she admits she wasn’t ready for a relationship at that time. I think she would be an excellent role model for his children and she doesn’t seem to have a temper and the jealousy that the other girls have…that’s part of being on the road..just role with it, stay calm and be there for your man.

  650. mz.petty says:

    Brittanya is freaking hot and her tatos or magerly jazzy and on the previous episode when she pop of on dat hoe dat was do firecie of her she tottally need to be gay call me okay

  651. patty says:

    Okay, I am out. There is no longer any reason for me to watch, with Ashley and Brittanya the two hottest girls on the show out. All that are left are a hillbilly, a skanky groupy, a psycho, and a phony. What’s the point?

  652. mich says:

    Woo hoo. Nasty Ashley (aka Nashley) is out! Thank goodness, b/c God knows what awful diseases Bret would have caught from her disgusting, nasty self. She’s DEFINITELY a dude!

  653. Kylee says:

    Yea right ashley was the @+^%!+!*$)&&$^+$ now the show just #!+#_#~$_&^+$@`) ing sucks now that she is gone the rest are loosers hahahaah

  654. Jen says:

    They had to look high and low to find these pigs. There isn’t a non-sleazy one in the bunch.
    Doesn’t Brett worry about his +)@_(*!$%(_)`+)& falling off?

  655. Kiana says:

    U girls have to stop doing ur boob jobs i wish brett would pick beverly or brytania or meghan

  656. amanda says:

    I cant believe that Bret would even consider dating any of those girls! If i had the chance to meet him i would have to tell him that if hes really looking for a relationship, that is not the way to find a real one. Even if its just for publicity, its going to ruin his chances of ever finding a respectable woman.He is much better than that!

  657. Tami and Paulina says:

    All the girls that are left are nasty ashley should have won now that shes gone the show isnt worth watching anymore we are two roomates that are so mad that she is gone anyone who thinks otherwise is stupid Ashley rocks so she forgot some minor detail she was there for bret witch is more than i can say for the rest of those ugly b@%&#!$!!!!!!

  658. Adios Ashley says:

    Ashley was wicked, hateful, vengeful, and a liar. When she left she did not even kiss or hug Brett. What a looser.

  659. Janet Brinkworth says:

    I think the girls are trashier this time, but I have a favorite. It’s down to the final 4 and I hope Taya or Mindy are the final two- definately someone you could take home to Mommy…..
    I have experienced the road, married to one of the singers of Iron Maiden for 10 years, loved everything about it, was just not the right time in my life the experience. Good luck ladies…..

  660. lauren says:

    thank god he got rid of ashley, but honestly theres not really any good ones to begin with. mindy is the only one that doesnt seem like she has a cave for a v’gina. ashley, gia, and farrah make blondes everywhere look like wh’res. ashley tho…wow…i didnt kno it was possible to be that shallow and ugly inside and out.

  661. Sweetpea says:

    Ashley was so funny! Now the show is going to suck without her.

  662. lorena says:

    you )@*(~`%^`#%`~&`&) es are sooo trashy!!!! Go back to the stip clubs you came from, except you Mindy, you are just to simple for Bret’s life style.

  663. Becky says:

    Are you all Ashley’s fellow strippers? EWWWW she was the worst of the lot. Not only was she a scank, she wasn’t even a decent human being. The salsa in Mindy’s suitcase was the final straw.I couldn’t beleive she stuck around that long. Who takes care of her child while she boozin it up and sluttin around on this bus tour? I think Mindy is the only decent one in the lot.

  664. 907shayla says:

    bret is kick ^~!%$@$^*~**@@! but all thoes girls are so fake just like the show

  665. sweetest kiss says:

    I really like Mindy, I hope she wins but. HEH STUPID- Billy Bob’s is not in “the Dallas, Ft.Worth area”. IT IS IN FORT WORTH!!!!!

  666. Sandy says:

    Skankville, but hey, Bret’s no prize either. His perfect match is Nikki. Those boobs are just about to pop off her body!! GROSS!!!
    Ambre was WAY to classy for him, just like Taya is. Why they’d waste their time trying to get a dirtbag like Bret is beyond me!

  667. LALA says:


  668. Tim Freeman says:

    I think that Beverly is the right one for bret. She has an honesty about her, and a classic beauty, plus she knows Rock and roll. There is nothing phoney about her. She has a Elizabeth Taylor flare, and in this age it is rare. She doesn,t whine, but she will let her anger show when its needed. If Bret is really searching for a real companion, then Beverly is the one. Habits can be changed, including his. He is not in his twenties anymore, but a middle age man. Beverly is the real thing.

  669. vertootard says:

    ??????? ?? ??????. ????????? ??? ??????

  670. Argelia V. Blakeslee says:

    Bret are you stupit? Beverly is the girl for you. Get her back.

  671. Linda says:

    What, do they have a Skank Fest to recruit these females?
    The trashier the better.
    But I can’t see Bret with anything MORE, LOL.

  672. Kristin says:

    Taya has a very hard personality. Too much time in strip clubs; that’s a type you’ll find there. Her eyes are hard. She doesn’t smile much and may not age well.

  673. Shannon says:

    Third time is not the charmer here! Should have stuck with Ambre.

  674. ashlee says:

    i love rock of love bus

  675. Stephanie says:

    when will the finale air?

  676. kariursuam says:

    ??? ????? ??? ??????? ?????? ? ?????? ???? ???? ? ?????????? ????????. ????? ??????? ??? ??????? ?????????.

  677. candi says:

    Mindy needs to win this!!! Taya is sooooooooo Fake!!!!! Mindy you have to get Bret!

  678. Stephanie says:

    Unfortunately I only get four channels on my T.V. I’m stuck watching the mindless Rock Of Love Bus. All of the girls if they even all are women are total douchebags.I have to admit at the beginning I was rooting for the brunettes at first, But since the hair exstensions and badly dyed hair has left the show. The show has been as Ashley and Farrah say…Lame! I hate to say it, but he should of kept one of them around. I hope he’s wrapping it.

  679. lindsey says:


  680. Rollorneteer says:

    ??? ????? ??? ??????? ?????? ? ?????? ???? ???? ? ?????????? ????????. ????? ??????? ??? ??????? ?????????.

  681. Betty says:

    I am shocked that BRETT MICHAELS did not send taya home.(No that was not a typo, taya doesn’t even deserve capitol letters)
    Since he kept the FAKE taya and sent home Jaime…….if he really wants TRUE LOVE…He should pick MINDY! She is honest and has true feelings for Brett and if this series is real, he will be the laughing stock should he chose taya!

  682. nurofrot says:

    ? ??? RSS ? ?????? ?????????!

  683. RUBY says:


  684. dont be sad cause 2 out of 3 gets a show says:

    i have to agree with that person wrote about this loser of that show gets a show and the loser of that show gets a show , heck i think someone would want to go on a show just to lose the darn thing, its like that herbal essance commercial from the 70,s
    oo she told two friends
    o oo
    — o
    — and she told two friends and so on and so on and so on and so on and so on and so on and so on…..

  685. mr.computerman says:

    888 888 hi iam mr. computer man .
    888 888 ===================


  686. ~Goddess~ says:

    He picks Mindy

  687. saphi says:

    i really wanted ashly or britanya to win but britanya had to punch and spit on hether and ahshly had to cry and if any one of you guys ashly or britanya get this message email me at

  688. i love aligators they rock says:

    godess,thanks for the inside scoop, i kinda of figured he would pick her, why should he break a perfect record of picking the wrong girl, oh well i guess i wont be watching anymore of his shows.

  689. tashia says:

    how in the heck can everyoone be rooting for mindy,she is a cheater.she cheated on her old boyfriend and she will do it again,mindy is not the girl for him,uh, she is pretty their is no doubt about her beauty, i mean how many girls can look more beautiful with no makeup on,she is a rare beauty , but her personality ,nasty.
    i mean she was kissing on brett michaels and she was rubbing it in taya,s face by saying look at me ,this is what he looks like when he makes out with his girlfriend,o.k. then what the heck does he look like when he is kissing taya.and then she said her tour ends with ,taya, and jamie,she has to much confidence that is why if brett michaels picks her, i can not have any respect for him his shows.she is stuck up. taya crys over the guy , she has more grace and style.

  690. MS. X says:


  691. ashley says:

    I love this show but this season was by far the WORST EVER!!! Whoever does the casting should be FIRED because they SUCK!!!! Ashley was the only promising one of the whole bunch and she left long ago. He just eliminated Jamie so the show has pretty much gone to crap. I cant tell you how much Bret sucks as a judge of character and if i was on a date with someone who tried to make me wear something I was uncomfortable in I’d dump him. Its no wonder why Mr. Michaels you’ve never been married.

  692. fensisee says:

    ????? ???????????, ???? ?? ???????.

  693. donna says:

    I just want to say I grow up with “POSION” and went to their concerts!!! which were awsome… If bret really wants to find a partner, a best friend, and a lover !! you dont put your personal life on tv!!! i think if you want something that special in your life (just like everyone in the world does) you dont do it in the public eye.. espceially when you have kids… one day they might see it .. and see the womenn that you have met and ask questions.. i m not trying to be mean but to met someone so special it should be in private not on tv ….

  694. nikitta says:

    Wow!!!!!!!!! What a gold digger. “bret just finds a way in someone’s heart and just sticks there!” If i were to explain my lover it wouldn’t be like that.

  695. b says:

    I just read that Taya won. That chick is nasty!!!!!! Shocking the he would pick a stripper that pays bills by posing naked. What is up with her eyebrows anyway? This season was horrible!

  696. Wow says:

    I cant believe he picked that dumb ~@&*^$~@~)@++`$ gurl taya. she sucks and is hella fake. its not gunna last an there will be another rock of love. he shouldve picked mindy. what a dumb ~@&*^$~@~)@++`$ no wonder he cant find love.

  697. John says:

    wow, I wonder if they are still together, I wonder if there will be another rock of love if this one doesnt work..BTW I was hopeing he would pick Mindy

  698. RichChick says:

    I did watch the show on and off. However, looking at these photos, I have to ask Bret what the (****) were you thinking? These are some of the scankiest women I have ever seen. If you could call them women. Your getting on with your years, stop thinking with your package instead of your brain. Also, what do your daughters think???

    On a more positive note, kudos on your choice of the bottom two. However, I would have prefered that you picked Mindy because that 1% is going to turn around and bite you and it will bite you hard.

    P.S. Stop dating the hookers and anyone whose breast size is double that of their age.

  699. Suzette E. says:

    Brett… I love the show but Taya is not the one…. Should have gone for Mindy… Taya is a phoney person and I bet in six months, she’s gone and has a ton of jobs because of your show. Exposure she got

  700. Pepsi says:

    Since he did not choose Mindy “the girl next door” I would say he does not want love and a lasting relationship. As proven by his choice of Taya (the phony promoter who thinks she is gods gift to men – and no I am not jealous) he wants a trophy (thinking his way I dont think she is a trophy, she is too into herself) not a relationship. I am sorry for Brett and his kids to have to go thru yet another sex relationship and nothing long lasting. She wont stay she just wanted to prove that she could win.

    My second thought was that he did choose Amber who appeared to be the girl next door just not as much as Mindy, and then he had Jesse (?) the first pick who was kinda in the middle so now he guess he wants to try the high maintenace Im into myself type.

    My third thought is that Playboy is #1, Hustler is #3 so Penthouse is only a limp second. But you go girl getting penthouse pet of the year what a conquest!

    Once again he did not have the right choices to even choose from, try another batch.

  701. Leigh says:

    Oh man – you chose THAT thing over Mindy – wonder how long THAT will last. Really bad choice, dude!

  702. lllllllllllllllloolllllllllllllllllllll says:

    poochkey , how do i love thee let me count the ways,
    i love you like the sun,i want to put my arms around you ,we could run , run, run, run,awaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy,i love you like the moon,like the stars that twinkle so bright,you are my breath of life,my heart and soul, never to touch
    another,for all infinity and a day.

  703. speak the truth says:

    i just wanted to get real for a moment, i never did like poison or brett michaels,acually the young brett michaels looks like this jerk boss, of mine,yukaroo,yuk,
    i always thought brett michaels was a total nasty, good thing i can say is that ,i actually like you better now then in your hay-day.i personally would not kiss you because, for one thing my boyfriend but another thing you kiss way to many girls ,uh, how nasty, man,at least your not to egotistical or think your better than others to kiss all those girls yuk.all those germs yuk. and they should call you shinny lips magee”””” hey , i think your personality is charming , but yuk you remind me of my x-husband.

  704. Tracy says:

    OMG Bret, What the hell man. I can not believe you picked the stupid Penthouse Pet. Your a complete idiot,explain to the whole world why?????????? Everyone as viewers and your playmates knows that a DUH she is promoting her career. I love your music but hate the awfull taste. The class in you went out the doors. Sorry man turn around and chase Mindi for crying out loud before it is to late to win her heart back.

  705. beverly says:

    first heather should have won the first rock of love so there wouldn’t have had to be a second one but… amber was perfect for him. that still wasn’t enough now he picked taya! this show is going to be on for awhile. a long while

  706. Marilyn Huddleston says:

    I was really getting into this thing until you (Bret) kept changing the rules, ie., taking two girls instead of one and then AFTER you sleep with precious Mindy then you dump her and to REALLY screw things up you are going to “hold the ring” pitiful!You better drop any ideas about a 4th Bus!

  707. RocknRhonda says:

    Wow. He picked the chick who will do ANYTHING to be famous. I knew from day 1 that he would pick the “Pet”, just a rock guy status thing.He knows how to pick them. Taya is a shameless self-promoter and will be gone really quick, once she gets a record or movie deal. She thinks that she will be living the life style from the show.Ha! Wrong-o. That was the shows money not his.
    Bret needs to stop trying to nail women that are half his age with &~((&!#((_)`*#( s twice the size of their head. And what about the “problem” he has with strippers. That is exactly what he just picked. So Bret…. shave your head and get real, then maybe someone will be really into you for you

  708. Spacedrunk says:

    WTF?!?! Rock Of Love Bus: brought to by Penthouse! Worst show eva!

  709. alyssa corona says:

    I saw the show form the beginning and man this was alomst worse than the 2nd season!I saw the finally and i can say i dont like taya for him! he could have done alot better! she is too much of a drama queen and starts too many problems jus because mindy made a joke about her! Oh MY GOD GET OVER IT! i think bret could have done better either with mindy or some one else!

  710. Robin says:

    I think that Mindy was really in it for love,and I think that Bret picked Taya because she is a centerfold!I think Bret will be single the rest of his life maybe he is the one who is not real!!!!!

  711. Megs says:

    I’m glad he didn’t choose Mindy, she was annoying! Taya Taya Taya is all she ever talked about I wonder how far that relationship could go with only Taya as a conversation topic????

    Taya is a skank but at least she’s not crazy annoying.

  712. Nancy says:

    You have got to be joking. Really Taya? When does Rock of Love 4 start? No way is that ——- —– going to be his true love. She is pretty arm candy for awhile but she is way to full of herself and Bret and her will fight over mirror time.But at least when Bret runs out of eye liner he can use Taya’s.But good for you Bret for not going the slutty way. (Nikki,Brittanya,Natasha,Constandina,Farrah,Gia or Melissa)Speaking of Farrah how old is she anyway,Grow up.Thanks for the great laughs. Those dumb ~“@#@~)#&&`)^+ girls are someone’s daughters. WOW they must be proud!!!

  713. annette says:

    just wanted to say that i think that taya, the fake girl who took it away from mindy is nothing but a actress. mindy on the other hand was much more real, nicer , sweeter , and by FAR THE MOST BEAUTIFUL. bret keeps looking for love but yet… he keeps picking all the bimbos. i now will never watch another t.v. show with bret michaels involved nor will i ever listen to poison again . i think he is a bimbo lover. all my friend s and family feel the same way.

  714. Amy says:

    Where the heck did they find these people.I have never seen so many painted women on one show. And the chicks that looked half put together got booted. Picking Taya was the biggest mistake. I know he likes the crazy ones but you dont need unstable crazy. You need funny crazy.

  715. Sharon says:

    People who comment in this section should learn how to write and spell before sharing their opinions. Bret is obviously doing these shows for attention because I doubt he really needs this much help finding women. Oh well, it keeps us all watching! I hope that his daughters don’t watch the shows and that they grow up with a strong sense of what a woman really is.

  716. Katt says:

    I dont know what Bret picked Taya she such a slutty %@^#!_@(&$*`#_~@#

  717. get real says:

    Quit hating on Taya. Oh please, are most of you Blind??? Mindy is sooo needy and certainly does not fit muchless will last in his world just like Amber. Mindy is not a musician’s girlfriend, she’s waaay too needy and complains! Taya is about the closet to fitting into his world – what rockstar doesn’t date models or centerfolds or have taken them on as their wives?? Models and centerfolds are as much in the limelight as he is and both their lives compliment each others.

    Mindy would just have too much time on her hands and will whine like she has been.

  718. pooxoddego says:

    ?????????!!!? ??? ????? ?????????? ????? ?????????? ?????! ????? ?????????? ??? ??????????.

  719. Ashly says:

    I think Taya was a bad choice./
    She’s like UGLY and he eyebrows is like what the *)`#))^$(_~$*^`! Mindy was like sooooo much better than the skank, haha.

  720. Camille says:

    Taya was definantely the right choice. I cannot stand Mindy and her stupid fake accent with her frizzball of hair and little liposuction-flat-chested self. She’s freaking annoying and looks like someone killed her, threw up on her, then brought her back to life. And don’t even get me started on her horrible sense of clothes. I hated the way she was soooo fake. Personally, I don’t think she was in it for Bret at all, she just wanted the attention that she could never get. Just to prove that she’s fake: she pretended to be Taya’s friend and then made the comment about her promoting singing. At least Taya had the nerve to call her a $~%)`_!#`~~!$@!@` to her face. Mindy, might I suggest some psychological help, manners classes, and a fashion adviser. Oh and get someone to tame that frizzball on the top of your head.

  721. Anna says:

    This show was so stupid and the women were some of the most ugly women I have ever seen! I knew it would only be a matter of time (or rather episodes) when this would fizzle out. Bret, you need to be glad you took advantage of vh1′s offer of rock of love to further your career but now, I believe, it’s a goner. Just try to be yourself if you, in fact, even know who you are.

  722. Nicole says:

    mindy should have been chosen NOT taya mindy is real!

  723. To. Mindy says:

    I do not believe that Bret is looking for love, i think that he just once to be on t.v. You are the best one for him if he was tring to fine true love.

    Frances Winfree

  724. Sandi says:

    I started watching this because my adult daughter was watching, as I normally don’t watch reality shows.
    I guess it can be addictive after awhile. I agreed with Jess and Amber, not sure about this one though. While Taya is very beautiful, I kinda liked Mindy, she seemed more real.

    My rock “god”, Yngwie Malmsteen is married, and his wife April, (extremely beautiful) manages him, so this business of being able to “handle” the road should not be an issue if you are halfway mature. I did meet Yngwie and his wife, and they were both very cordial. However, I really love his music…gee concept…

    Mr. Michaels seemed to have problems with the girls that liked him as the “rock star”. Based on the emotional intelligence of many of these contestants, it would be difficult for them differentiate between him and the “celebrity”.

    I can only offer my best wishes to Mr. Michaels that he found what he was looking for.

  725. Truth says:


    Seriously, you picked Taya over Mindy. I guess you really are stupid. There isn’t any girl in her right mind that would want you now. I hope Mindy finds a nice rocker guy like Richie Sambora.

  726. thankyou intelligent ones says:

    thank you, to all of you who can see through mindy,s fake self.

  727. cindy says:

    Taya so glad you won. you are so real. Did anyone see mindy with out makeup??? UUUG UUGGG UGLY. she also had her mustach waxed on tv hahahah

  728. Taupedarffep says:

    ????????? ? ?????????????, ? ????? ??? ???-?? ?? ???? ?????

  729. isis says:

    Honestly, it is what it is…and it’s true Taya and him (Bret) seem to have more in common-age even! At least she is honest with who she is and doesn’t throw people under the bus. Good for you Bret! I hope it lasts guys!

  730. linda says:

    brent michaels, i think u should have kept amber from the 2nd show, she seems to be real for you, and more of a parent model type for your kids, and she don“t seem to be wild,i think she is more of your type, she seems to care, but sense that diden`t work out for you , i think you should try and go win mindy`s heart agin, and let taya go, u pick the wroung girl, u need someone there for u and your kids not no centerfold girl, u need a good road model for your kids, and someone that will take good care of you and your health, and that will be there for you, and that will always be home waitting on you and glad to see you,when u come off the road, i love your music, u are a good person, i think u can do better, but if it does work for u and the girl u picked this time, i wish you the best luck ever, and hope u get feeling better with your health condition,,

  731. ketamellfemn says:

    ??, ?????? ??? ? ???????????????? – ??? ??? ? ????. P.S. ????, ??????, ? ??? ????????? ????????

  732. Su says:

    As much as I hate to make negative comments I think it needs to be said. The cast of these shows generally seem to be a bunch of bimbos. The only female so far that didn’t really fit the bill were Amber and Peyton. The others all seem to have had enhancements made and that doesn’t necessarily improve the personality.

    Get him a real woman who is willing to put up with his tough rock n roll lifestyle, not one that bails at the first sign of it being too hard. These women all seem to think that it is going to be the “easy life” for them.

  733. vetrorceat says:

    ? ??? ???????? ?????? ? ??? ????? ????? ????? ???????. ??? ??????????? ??????? ???????!

  734. nrdghreuigh eigho; says:


  735. ??????????????????? says:

    i must admit you don,t say much , but i find you quite amusezing.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????p.s. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  736. Ray Bishop says:

    I would love do date Farrah!! I’ll take B.M’s left overs!! they’re all stunning women..! If Farrah can read this.. I live in Canada!!


  737. zing says:

    zing???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????i love my boyfriend

  738. juliet says:

    i love you romeo, today,tommorrw,for all infinity,romeo,romeo,romeo.

  739. megan says:

    hey i love this show!!!!!!!!!!

  740. like i said says:

    he dosn,t say much, but isn,t he charming.

  741. bark at the moon says:

    your such a musician ,boitenebic, ha,ha,i know them well.

  742. for my love poockey says:

    i dreamed of him i waited and waited i could feel his presence,but never really dreamed he would be,and then one day out of the blue,their he was,oh if life could be forever i would spend every moment with you, my dream come true.i would surround myself with you,in evry corner,every light,sparkle and shine you would be mine.with me, and you laughing , smileing, with you a love so true,but who is to know what will be . all i can do is tell the world this is yours my love and my heart forever.



  744. Gcgpxlmq says:

    mwkr1J comment6 ,

  745. patty from long island says:

    who won season 3 ? wish you could send the finale to my dvr,,,, tell brett to hit jones beach I saw him last summer & had a blast every rose…. tanks P






    jeepers ,creepers , where did you get those peepers,
    jeepers,creepers , where did you get those eyes.i love those eyes and you to , my beautiful ones.



  750. jiprincess says:

    I saw pictures of Kelsey from rock of love bus and she looked BEAUTIFUL with dark hair. She looked sexy and mature with blond hair she looked 12 and not natural.

  751. Vavefutt says:

    ???????? ??????, ?????? ?????? ???? ?????????? ?????????? ?? ??????.????? ????? ?? ???? “??? ?????”. ? ?? ???, ??? ??????? ?? ???????????.

  752. glad to see your back says:


  753. rupr snoot says:


  754. MY SATURDAY BOY says:




  756. ffuegfbbbv says:

    vavefutt, your are such, a smart alic musician,ha,ha,i know this caracter.

  757. chacha says:

    i think that all are ugly but only gia and ashly marcia and brittanya


    how do i love thee,let me count the ways. the sun. the moon. my breath of life. the stars. every pure thing in heaven and earth. the wind. the rain.
    8.infinitley. every clean smell. 99 .ive been wauiting so long for 99.” QUOTE”

  759. jane says:

    will there be any more rock of loves? or flavor of loves?

  760. johnny says:

    two things:

    1. taya- ugly as $+)+%@^+!!*^&#$) 2. where the hell is jamie?

  761. jane says:

    hears johnny.

  762. herbert says:

    flavor of love is a good funny show .
    vh1 , tell us, will there be another?

  763. just me says:

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    my love for you is very true
    i would give you the sun
    i would give you the moon
    i would give you the rain
    the clouds
    the stars
    the oceans
    evrey pure food
    evrey pure song
    every lightning
    evry thunder
    very perfume of the sweetest flower and fruit.
    oh how i love thee.
    i love thee poochkey.,



  765. hilda says:

    when will the next ray jay of love be,also will there be another rock of love ?

  766. hildagard says:

    tell us vh1,when is the new ray jay show, and also will there be more rock of loves.

  767. harriet says:

    any more rock of loves?

  768. shanoka says:

    oh vh1, could you please tell us if there will be anymore , i love the 70,s.or anymore i love the 60,s.

  769. Natalí says:

    They are all ugly!!! I want to participate!!!!! Im from Argentina, the country of beautys…im sure i can win, those sluts are nothing compared to me!!!! negras de mierda no le llegan ni a la mugre de los zapatos a las muejeres Argentinas!!!!! Son todas unas falsas!!! Bret if you are looking for a real love…here I am!!!!!

  770. vikki says:

    I would LOVE to see a ROCK of LOVE #4,would LOVE to be the next ROCK of LOVE.

  771. adella says:

    since that freaking , charmschool website is always under matinence,i,ll have to voice my comments here,bubbles needs to win charmschool, she is totally adorable,if she dosen,t i probaly won,t watch no more of your shows.she seems very innocent .how can the other girls be mean to her she is so nice.let her win.

  772. jane says:

    will there be any more charmschool,s

  773. jamie loves him my 4th is for you. says:

    roses are red violets are blue,my love for you, is very true,i hope yours is to.that is to my boyfriend ,who,s the man who will be by my side for all infinity,with gods help i pray.

  774. to my boyfriend with whom i dwell in the love and light forever with gods help. says:

    happy 4 TH OF JULY baby i love you.

  775. Debi says:

    This show is amusing, and some of the ladies are actually believable. But for the most part most of these laddies and I use the term ladies are as trashy as they come. WHERE DO U GET THESE PEOPLE FROM TRRASHY TRICKS i AM APOISON FAN AND A bRET mICHELS FAN BUT HE HAS TO MUCH CLASS FOR SMUT. I guess we all slum it at one time or another. Daisy has to be the queen of the trash trecks


    mountains sing your name , i love you.

  777. you know who you are says:

    this time you went to far ,logging off permently.

  778. sarah says:

    they are all (!+&!`&$$&$+%*&@% s

  779. angry squirting lesbians says:

    eh. love it

  780. ruth says:

    ashley and farrah need there own showwww!!!! they r amazing! and soo funny! me and all my friends love them!!

  781. kurt says:

    ??????? ??????? ???????? ? ????? ???? ???????

  782. Angelique says:

    taya is a gold digger and she looks like a lame +@(~+##^@**~~+@ F*** Bret is an idiot for not realizing it. Gia is Hot!!! So is Ashley and Brytannia!

  783. Torey says:

    I need to know if there will be any more Rock of Love shows done! I mean after this bus one.After the 3rd one. I have to be on this show!I have to meet Bret! I missed him in Biloxi at the HardRock in May 2009!

  784. bored says:

    why did beverly have to go? all skanks are left now :(

  785. maddy says:

    hey rock of love bus grils you grils rock so i love you ashley you are the best love ya grils and bret you are so hot.

  786. shannon says:

    I just saw the rock of love bus show…I think the third one. there was a scene where that in my opion very slutty girl farah made out ,,,maybe had sex with brett on the group date night with the margaritas and the guitar playing. the one girl was after a more serious relationship, couldn’t take seeing brett doing the crap with farah that he was doing and left because she didn’t want to ~_^(#$`$%~*_((^ ociate with such behaviour…all I have to say about that…and I hope that at some time brett reads this…that girl has integrity. It take one hell of a strong woman to see that a situation just isn’t right for her..despite missing out on something she really wants in order to be true to herself. Brett man ,there’s a reason you had such a strong conection with should have been her you hooked up with that night instead of that ho farah. Find yourself a woman with class, intergrity, and a good heart and quit wasting your time on trash. good luck man. hope you find yourself a very special lady because you seem like a nice man.

    god bless,

    best of luck,

    shannon ;)

  787. francis q es pablo el de arriba says:

    la verdad q varias son medio fieruchis!!!!!!!! lo q esta claro es q son todas unas putas de mierda amantes del pene(full time) y eso particularmente me encanta a q hombre no? bue en fin para ir cerrando esto TAYA,NATASHA,MINDY,MELISSA,ASHLEY estan para romperle el orto una y otra vez!!!!
    Bue como me paran el pingo las q acabo de nombra me encantaria encontrarmela algun dia para tener sexo con ellas

  788. lena says:

    I want to know how he did these shows when having two dgts and living with a woman the entire time, we the fans were deceived. I do love him and feel for what he is going through but VH1 and Bret should be ashamed.

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