Confessions Of A Teen Idol: Coming Soon To VH1


VH1′s set to give heartthrobs of the ’80s and ’90s another chance at fame via Confessions of a Teen Idol. The reality show/support group is to be spearheaded by Scott Baio, and will premiere January 4 at 8/7c. Sneak peek the show right here. Full details below:

The eight-part series features Christopher Atkins (The Blue Lagoon), David Chokachi (Baywatch), Billy Hufsey (Fame), Jeremy Jackson (Baywatch), Eric Nies (MTV’s The Real World and The Grind), Jamie Walters (Beverly Hills 90210), and Adrian Zmed (TJ Hooker, Grease 2). Each hour-long episode provides a rare, never-before-seen look at fame and its consequences as the guys live together, forming a unique and exclusive support group.

“This is the world’s most unique men’s club. Even the producers are all guys who were famous as teenagers. They speak a different language and this show allows them to not only share their stories of past fame with each other, but forces them to really explore their hopes and fears about daring to want that fame back as grown men,” said Jeff Olde, Executive Vice President, Original Programming and Production, VH1. “This is not like any reality show you’ve ever seen before. It is not a competition and there are no eliminations. But there is refreshingly honest (and at times very dramatic) look at the addiction of fame and a real opportunity for each one of these guys to get that stardom back.”

Under the guidance of television icon Scott Baio, child star-turned-producer Jason Hervey and celebrity psychology expert Cooper Lawrence, these former heartthrobs will be given all of the tools and connections necessary to make a comeback or be faced with the reality that fame is a lot tougher the second time around. The guys will learn to let go of their past fame, reclaim control of their careers and look ahead to their futures.

“I really feel that it’s important for people to know what fame is like, and who can give better insight than two guys who have lived through the experience like Jason and myself? We’ve been there and know what it’s like to be in the guys’ shoes. We have both learned how to leave the teen idol days behind and move forward with life and our careers,” said Scott Baio, former teen idol and an executive producer for the series. “When we were developing the show, Jason and I knew that VH1 would be a perfect home for it, we have done shows with them in the past and I think this series will add a new, very real element to their programming and set the stage for future adaptations of this unique franchise.”

In the end these former teen idols will be armed with the skills, knowledge and confidence to re-launch their careers in the entertainment industry and chase after one more shot at fame.

We did a preliminary survey of the seven Idols to get an idea of where their heads are as we get ready for the series. Answers and more pictures of the guys follow:

Eric Nies

What role/work are you most proud of?

The work I’m most proud of is Chi Force. My brother and I have been working on these life-changing principles for 10 years and are excited to bring them to the rest of the world. The best work so far has been the charity work and the life-coaching. I’m not just proud of it, I’m thankful that I can make a difference in someone’s life. If someone gets in their power because of what I can share with them, I feel on top of the world. Life is a circle of giving and receiving. We are constantly receiving, and we are not complete until we give selflessly. It’s the ebb and flow of life.

How does it feel to be back on TV?

It’s been a long time, but I feel like I didn’t skip a beat. It was fun and cool, and it had its share of surprises of new friends and places. I’m a veteran at this so it was like second nature for me.

Is your peak still ahead of you?

Of course it is! With each day, we learn more about ourselves, each other and the world we live in, so we are only moving forward. You can never stop growing if you are always seeking more wisdom and knowledge. It’s around us everywhere. My life today is better then it’s ever been. I’m happier and more fulfilled than ever.

What does the word “comeback” mean to you?

It means I was off the radar for a while and now I’m back on the tube again.

Do you think of reality TV as a last resort, or a source of hope for the future?

It’s never a last resort! It was a great opportunity and a lot of fun. It’s the look into the here and now of what I am doing, who I am today and where my efforts are in the projects I am involved in. And in that there is a lot of potential, and inevitably, good things will come from it. It’s how it works. Energy likes energy.

Jamie Walters

What role/work are you most proud of?

I am most proud of my music. I have been playing guitar and singing in bands since I was a little kid, so to have the chance to record my songs and get out on the road and tour around the world was a dream come true. My new record Believed, which is an independent project not on a major label, is really special to me. I really poured my heart and soul into this record. To learn more about it and hear some clips of the songs you can go to my website at, or visit

How does it feel to be back on TV?

Being on TV again turned out to be a good experience, the other cast members on the show were really good guys and we had a lot of fun living together. We were able to share common experiences with each other from our days as “teen idols.” This was really cool for me because rarely do I ever get the chance to talk to people who can relate to those times in my life. I really had no idea what to expect when I signed on to doing the show, the other guys on the show really made it a positive experience.

Is your peak still ahead of you?

I think that life is full of peaks and valleys, it’s about the journey and I’m confident that I still have great peaks ahead of me.

What does the word “comeback” mean to you?

Comeback, for me, is the chance to reconnect with my old fans and connect with new ones.

Do you think of reality TV as a last resort, or a source of hope for the future?

Reality TV gives people the unique opportunity to get some insight into real people, like myself, who previously only played characters on TV.

Jeremy Jackson

What role/work are you most proud of?

When I was about 12-years-old, I played a character Michael Bulkin in an independent film. I worked with Sally Kirkland (my co-star) to really become me and feel true deep emotion in the film. It was an amazing experience.

How does it feel to be back on TV?

Like home.

Is your peak still ahead of you?

I try to find a new peak everyday. As long as I continue to grow and strive for better, I hope I have great things to look forward to.

What does the word “comeback” mean to you?

My comeback is a very personal battle. I was my own worst enemy during my teen years and for me to know comeback means to fix all the things I tried so hard to destroy.

Do you think of reality TV as a last resort, or a source of hope for the future?

Reality TV is what people love to hate. People have negative things to say about reality, but they sure do watch the heck out of it! Our world is changing daily and so is the entertainment industry. Not every reality show is great, but neither is every movie or scripted TV show. You can’t hit a home run every time, but I really feel like we have a grand slam on our hands with this show.

Chris Atkins

What role/work are you most proud of?

The role of being a father.

How does it feel to be back on TV?


Is your peak still ahead of you?


What does the word “comeback” mean to you?

Offers again.

Do you think of reality TV as a last resort, or a source of hope for the future?

I’m pitching two reality shows right now. I think reality is here to stay and will continue to morph and mold to many generations. My dream though is features, it’s where I started and where I feel the most comfortable.

David Chokachi

What role/work are you most proud of?

The role I’m most proud of is the role of Jake McCarty on the TV series Witchblade, which aired on TNT. I played a New York City Detective, who was actually an undercover agent for the FBI. The show itself was so well-written and -produced. Ralph Hemecker, the show runner and Executive Producer, is a genius. Ralph gave my character this story arc that just kept twisting. As an actor it was a dream job, because just when you think your character has it all figured out, Ralph would throw in a major curve-ball. My character had a story line where the world of undercover started to mess with his head, and lines were blurred, and it was extremely dark and edgy – and that, for me, was so fun – to go there as an actor. I love that stuff.

How does it feel to be back on TV?

Well, without sounding arrogant, I never really left TV, or film. I just finished working on my third TV series eight months ago, as a series regular. I also just wrapped two films and a short. I mean, of course there are peaks and valleys, that’s the life of an actor. However, I’ve been fortunate enough to work quite consistently in both TV and Film.

Is your peak still ahead of you?

Yeah, I think it is. You never stop growing, and learning – as an actor, and as a human being. I feel like this growth will make way for better performances, and for a more enriched life.

What does the word “comeback” mean to you?

In the words of a talented performer, LL Cool J, “Don’t call it a comeback, I been here for years!” No – really, the word “comeback” means to me a willingness to never give up, to always keep fighting, and never take no for answer. Because it can happen, as long as you are prepared, when the moment comes.

Do you think of reality TV as a last resort, or a source of hope for the future?

I think with reality TV, it’s just like regular TV, in the sense that there’s good and bad. I like to think the show we did is going to skew towards the good side. It’s a rare look behind the curtain of the entertainment business. I think this show will allow people to see that there’s more depth to all of us than what you just see on the screen or TV, and in doing so, the audience will relate. That being said, I hope this show will open some doors, and help me find that next series or film that really stands out.

Adrian Zmed

What role/work are you most proud of?

I’ve done a lot of film, TV and Broadway roles, and it’s tough to pick just one , so I’ll pick one from each medium: Johnny in Grease 2, Romano in TJ Hooker and Marvin in the Broadway show Falsettos…all for different reasons but I’m very proud of my work in all of them.

How does it feel to be back on TV?

It’s like coming back to the home you grew up in. Some of it is the same and some of it has changed but still, it’s good to be home.

Is your peak still ahead of you?

Life is filled with many peaks and valleys, so there are still many peaks to achieve and valleys to endure.

What does the word “comeback” mean to you?

To me, “comeback” implies that I’ve left and came back, but those who follow theater know I’ve never left acting, having continued to sing and dance on Broadway and national tours. I guess it means I’m more in the public eye because TV reaches a lot more people at a time.

Do you think of reality TV as a last resort, or a source of hope for the future?

Certainly not a last resort, because I’m very happy performing on stage. I did this show so that it would be a launching pad for all of the projects I’m developing for my production company.

Billy Hufsey

What role/work are you most proud of?

I would probably have to say, I am most proud of my recent work, raising money in my hometown for, Feed a Family. My performance helped raise nearly $2 million dollars for families in need, which is so prevalent in these tough economic times. There is nothing more gratifying than helping somebody who, for whatever reason, can’t help themselves. I am not smart enough to be a doctor to cure someone of a disease, however I do always try to use the gifts and talents I have to help others that are less fortunate.

The character role or acting work I am most proud of? After being out of the business for such a long time I would have to say I am most proud of my scene in this show, Confessions of a Teen Idol, where I was asked to be emotional, in my second line, by the biggest acting coach there is, Howard Fine. You will all just have to wait to see what scene I am referring to when you tune in for the season…

How does it feel to be back on TV?

After retiring from entertainment for the past eight years, I have to say I am actually in a state of euphoria. I believe the old adage, “You don’t know what you’re missing until you don’t have it anymore”, truly applies.

I am not only excited about being back on television but also I am excited about being able to perform, which is what I truly believe God put me on this Earth to do. There is nothing more gratifying than putting smiles on peoples faces and hope in their hearts, which is what I believe entertainers do. With the crazy times we are living in today, all we have is each other, which is what I believe to be the best gift of all.

Is your peak still ahead of you?

I sure hope so!!!

There are many peaks and valleys in someone’s career and throughout their lives. It’s not the magnitude of the degree of success, monetary success or fame that evaluates someone’s life. I believe that the ultimate success for someone is inner peace, happiness, and contentment. My “peak” is today, as it is everyday – as I get out of bed with a smile on my face and hope in my heart.

What does the word “comeback” mean to you?

A “comeback”” to me means that I made a conscious decision to retire from the entertainment business, when I was still at the peak of my career, and I have now made a conscious decision to return to an industry that doesn’t often give second chances. Not only being out of the industry, but also coming back into it after an eight-year hiatus, would actually not just be a “comeback,” it would be a miracle!

I have given up everything to successfully obtain this “comeback.” I believe that if your passion is your work then you will never work a day in your life. And I am so grateful that my passion is my work.

Do you think of reality TV as a last resort, or a source of hope for the future?

Is reality a last resort? – hum – as I just returned back to the entertainment business eight months ago, I have filmed a pilot called Son of a Gun, a movie titled Crazy Girls and a recorded a new CD project scheduled to be released in February 2009. Reality TV was not a “last resort” but it has been my “best resort” because it not only provided me an opportunity to sharpen my tools, it also has given me the opportunity to work with six very talented actors which consequently has helped me grow as an entertainer and provided me with greater hope for my future. Confessions of a Teen Idol is my “best” resort.

Remember, Confessions of a Teen Idol premieres January 4 at 8/7c on VH1.

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  1. Pizzdrunk says:

    Jermey Jackson is The _`$(~)+#)(!^(+(~ He Models For Christian Audigier!! He’s Still At The Top in My Book Yo!

  2. Leslie says:

    I am so excited for this series to finally air. I have been hearing teasers about it for a while now and am thrielled to finally be able to see it – especially to see Billy Hufsey back on screen after so many years.

  3. Maria says:

    can’t wait for this to start…. I have heard about it since August, “it’s will be GREAT to see Billy Hufsey on tv again…. YOU GO BILLY…….

  4. July says:

    OMG Billy Hufsey looks fine! I’ve had a crush on him forever. He looks better today than he did on Fame. Can’t wait to see him on the show, I’m sooo excited I can’t stand the wait.

    Love you Billy, YOUR HOT!

  5. Rene says:

    BILLY HUFSEY???? OMG! Can ANYONE gyrate his hips better than Billy???? Damn…what I wouldn’t give to be his dance partner just ONE TIME! I would never need another man! Can’t wait to see him onscreen again…….WOW! This is one SEXY man….that voice….those moves! I want this man….Ohhhh…can’t wait!

  6. Janice says:

    Seeing Billy Hufsey on TV again will be a walk down memory lane for me. I met him 22 years ago in Palm Springs at a celebrity softball game. He broke his foot jumping off a fence to give me an autograph. I took him to the hospital and once they released him, I took him home-with ME! What a night! His “techniques” are forever etched in my memory. I hope I get another opportunity to relive that night. For those of you who think he just dances, let me be the first to tell you—–he has many other skills that are a million times more sexy than the dancing! WOW! Does anyone know how I can meet him again?

  7. Maria says:

    I agee with Rene, BILLY HUFSEY……WOW what a SEXY MAN….. he eally know how to move on the dance floor and WOW what a voice…. he sings with such passion and love. I know it comes from his heart and soul….

    I hope I get the chance to meet him some day…..

  8. Kimberly says:

    Billy, it’s nice to see you performing again. Your beautiful voice should be heard. Can’t wait to see & hear you sing tomorrow night in Cleveland. My grown children & I will be tuning in to watch the show. Thank You for giving back and remembering where you started.

  9. KL says:

    Being an Ohio gal…love Hufsey and wish him the best. Ahh… but Chris Atkins was my crush as a wee lass. I’d LOVE to watch any show on TV with him. :)

  10. Lori says:

    Billy your answers came from the heart and continue to prove what an amazing person you are.
    Live your passion, dream and spread some of that hope around.

  11. Christiana says:

    I read Billy’s responses to the interview questions too. As an artist, really no one does it better. But we NEVER get to see the human side of celebrities. Billy showed his heart is still humble, and that’s what makes him so special after being out of the limelight. We all remember his name because of his genuine sweet nature. I can’t wait to see him in action again. Always wondered what happened to him. I won’t miss an episode.

  12. Phyllis Sroka says:

    I think it’s fantastic Billy Hufsey is making a comeback. I’m glad VH1 recognizes what a talented man he is. I am looking forward to seeing all of the episodes.

  13. Terri says:

    It’s going to be nice to see Billy Hufsey back on the screen. Can hardly wait to see all of the episodes and find out what it was really like in his own words.

  14. Shannon & Nelson says:

    Who can resist the charms of Billy Hufsey? Many stars will come and go…this one has never lost his light. We are waiting on the comeback kid !! He is seperated from the others by his thoughtfullness, his kindness and his opptimisit outlook on life in general.

    Love this guy and after all this time…….. he is staill as hot as ever….

  15. Michelle says:

    Cannot wait to see this. Billy Hufsey you are awesome.

  16. Michelle says:

    Billy, I want to add, I think Billy has matured into a beautiful man, and seems to me, he has not lost himself in being famous over the years. He is respectful, caring and deserves the happiness and success that is coming his way. Lots of luck Billy!
    Michelle from Boston.

  17. nicole says:

    this show should be mandatory watching for anyone who want to be a star. be careful what you wish for. can you handle it……….the guys look great

  18. dave says:

    I think janice just may be a $_%~^%&&$~)$)~!^_ Would she be bragging if she banged Adrian Zmed? Probably.
    I’ve always wanted to get bizzy with Tootie from ‘Facts of Life’, but i settled for Natalie’s fat, hairy poontang.
    Hey, don’t hate. Big girls need love too.

  19. Hopper says:

    I’m so happy to see Christopher Atkins on something again! Yay!! Still think The Pirate Movie is one of the funniest movies ever!

  20. Wanda says:

    I can’t wait to see to see Billy Hufsey because he’s AWESOME

  21. Mary says:

    I feel that Billie will do well in whatever he wants to do! With his hair back and beard growing in I still think he would make a good cowboy in a western!!!

  22. Maria says:

    Chris is a talented actor and I wish him all the success!

  23. missie hunter says:

    I just wanted to say that I saw Billy Hufsey at the Great Northern Mall in Cleveland last Friday. I haven’t washed my cheek since he kissed it! I want to thank him so, so much for stopping to talk to me. He was so great and I think it’s wonderful that he helped raise money for hungry families. He is not only a handsom man but special too. I am really looking forward to seeing him again and I’m so excited about the show!!

  24. Estelle says:

    Billy, glad to see you are going to be back on tv.
    I met you back when you were on DOOL and got you to
    autograph your album!
    Good luck with the VH1 show.

  25. Kathy says:

    I did not realize who Billy Hufsey was until I googled him …I am too young to remember him but I can tell you…Of all the guys on thid show he is the only one I would qualify as a Teen Idol! He can give me friction between the sheets any day of the week!!! He was hot in the 80′s and is hot now. What a hunk!

  26. conny says:

    Billy you put on a wonderful show at the Great Northern Mall in Cleveland, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for the money you raised for all those hungry families!!! You are so much smarter then Doctors etc., because you cared enough about those people and you made it happen!!! Success is with you right now! It shows what a good person you are… PS. I can’t wait to see you on this show. Greetings Conny

  27. cindy says:

    It’s so exciting, my man is coming back. Go billy hufsey you got the look out of all those guys, still wanting you since my younger years. You just have the sexiest body I have ever seen, keep up the good work. I will still have my eyes on you, been having lusting dreams of you, been calling my husband billy in the middle of sex! just wanted to say can’t what for your show, are you coming to kentucky anytime soon, hurry up wanting to hug and kiss, wanting to feel the heat between our bodies. cindy

  28. Crystal says:

    Janice from Palm Springs? Your story is sweet, but sounds like he was injured during your tryst? Billy Hufsey gave me a night to remember in Maui more years ago than I am willing to admit. On the beach around sunset, I saw him standing by himself. Of course, I didn’t realize it was Billy Hufsey from a distance, but who cares with that body, right? I introduced myself and after a few drinks, well, you can imagine the rest. If you have ever googled any of his dance videos, you know that man is a master with his moves from the waist down; not to mention he has the softest lips I have ever felt. From sunset, to sunrise, Billy took me to heaven again and again. He was not only the most creative and EROTIC lover I have ever had, he is also so incredibly romantic! He whispers the naughtiest but most sensual words during those intimate moments. If I could only have one more night with him. Just one more.

  29. liebot says:

    Gross. This comment section smells like Polo and herpes.

  30. Oofah says:

    Hmmmm………ewwwwwwwww nothing like a bunch of hasbeens displaying desperation all for the all mighty dollar. Sorry hasbeens your 15 minutes were up in the last millenium.

  31. Tami says:

    I remember Billy Hufsey from Fame & Days Of Our Lives. It will be fun to see him on tv again.

  32. Angel says:

    I’ve been reading peoples comments on Billy Hufsey. I can tell you about about a wonderful time Billy gave me also. Billy pick me up in a horse drawn carriage in Central Park. He gave me a tour of the city I will never forget. We ended up in the Plaza Hotel. And for the first time in my life, he made me feel like my name, Angel. Thank you Billy, I hope we can do it again, soon.


  33. lynn rossier-for billy hufsey says:

    you are still just as great as ever. I cant wait until the show airs. you have a great voice and you are still very tallented. you are a great person and you are doing a wonderful thing to help others who need it and just with putting on shows for all of us who still love to see you. keep up the good work. I hope the new year brings you alot of good luck and health. keep up the good work. keep in touch. Ill be watching for you to come to the Newport RI area and hopefully Ill be able to get to see you in person also.

  34. Margo says:

    I look forward to seeing Billy Hufsey on Confessions of a Teen Idol. I believe in him & hope it was a great experience for him.

  35. Denise says:

    OMG I love VH1. I can live my teenage years even more now. First they gave me Scott Baio, then they gave me Tommy Howell and NOW I have Billy Hufsey, Christopher Atkins, Eric Nies and Adrian Zmed all in the same show with Scott Baio too?? WOW!!! I’m most excited about Billy because I was so in love with him on Fame and Days Of Our Lives. This is going to be a great show and I can’t wait.

  36. Carolyn says:

    Is Billy Hufsey stuffing the blog box just a bit over here? He’s pimping out this show 24-7 on MySpace (uh, every two hours, in fact) He looks like a used car salesman or a smarmy weather man. You people are nuts! Jeremy Jackson and Christopher Atkins are the two hottest guys on this show!!!

  37. Ginger says:

    I love Christopher Atkins!!!!! He’s always been a star, super genuine and sweet and always takes time for the fans. I can’t wait to see him in this show and more to come!

    Team Chris!

  38. Penny says:

    Listen Ladies,

    I’m the one who popped Billy’s little cherry decades ago. I tasted it first….And I agree, he looks as delicious today as he did back then. Women across America will unite on every Sunday night!!!! Yipppeeee for VH1 bringing all these well-aged, mature, ripe, hot men back to the television screen for our viewing pleasure. Get your rabbits ready!!!

  39. sexy sally says:

    Oh man!!!! Jeremy is so gorgeous!!!! He’s just perfect!!!! Wanna lick him up & down!!! YUMMMMMM! ;-)

  40. curse says:

    jeremy…”you really got it…you really got it goin…you really got it goin oooooonnnn!!!”

  41. Darla says:

    I can’t WAIT!!!!!! YOU GO BILLY!

  42. Martha says:

    How is it that so many people are talking about Billy? He is icky… But Jaime and Eric- Please people get some taste…

  43. superaygun says:

    dayyyyum, Billy Hufsey got around! i used to love Fame…i thought Billy was cute too, but i was a Bruno girl…sigh…
    anyway, it will be interesting to see him on TV again, especially in this capacity. i’m mad curious about this great scene he touted from the show…

  44. Alfred says:

    Im all for good trash t.v., but at a certain point…..I mean we are in an economic crisis and we are paying for people, who if maybe tried a lil harder, could find there own work. And if not an economic crisis, there are people dying, children hurting, species disappearing. And I am no tree hugging hippie…i would possibly own a fur!!!! I’d possibly hire a whole south american pigmy tribe to knit me cute sweaters if i wouldn’t feel so guilty, or at least it became trendy amongst young professionals.
    Anyway, point is, most of these guys are hot, the rest are decent actors. They have options:
    rated PG gay movies that only show kissing and hugging, and if your feeling froggy, something like “Testosterone”, a lil pee pee a lot of kissing- not to mention Life Time movies… Elizabeth Berkley even did one. I love her, but “Showgirls”!!!
    And older guys, be someone’s dad, think series, think NBC, ABC, UPN dammit! There is nothing wrong with that. The parents on 90210 are hot. The grandmother is f***ing hot!
    I really don’t want to be that guy who complains about bad T.V., or that Williamsburg hippie who was breed in the midwest and pretends to know struggle and pain (much respect, we are just from two different worlds), but, like, C’mon! There is so much more we could have done with the financing that went into making “Confessions of a Teen Idol”! Not saying that I might not check in on it, and that I am not hoping to see a few shirtless ex-Baywatch and real world hunks…David Chokachi!
    … and possible brawls over nothing.

  45. Kilovolt says:

    My wife is an entertainment junkie and at least vaguely familiar with most TV and movie personalities. I asked her if she ever heard of any of these clowns and the only one she knew was the blue lagoon guy. What’s next – “Confessions of former Youtube contributors”?

  46. john says:

    who really cares??? None of these guys really “made it” anyway. Adrian Zmed/ U gotta be kidding me. Wasn’t he on like solid gold? Plus he must be like 50 now. No one under the age of 45 is even goin to know who he is. Christopher Atkins? Blue Lagoon 1970 something..that’s all i ever saw him in. Eric Nies? Looked good 20 years ago..that”s all he is famous for. Teen idols???? I’m not getting it?? It’s pathedic. Thsi show will last half a season, that’s it …gaurenteed.

  47. ya-ya says:

    Um…. I’ve barely heard of any of these guys! How are they teen idols? I was very tuned in to all the teen idols in the 80′s and 90′s, and none of these guys would even make my top 20 list. Or top 50 for that matter.

  48. Abby says:

    Christopher Atkins gets my vote. He gave me an autograph, a kiss and let me get a picture with him six months ago. He is every bit as unbelievably sexy as he ever was and he should not be able to walk out of his house without throngs of paparazzi chasing him. He should get several blockbuster movies every year. He was lucky to get back to a normal life and have a family, but we all want him back in the limelight. Welcome back Christopher, you are great! You can give him my e-mail address. My friend has a show she could put him on.

  49. Jayme says:

    I LOVE all the ads I am seeing about this show!!!! I was a huge DOOL fan back when Billy Hufsey played Emilio. I have not watched it for years so I still don’t know what became of him. He was damn hot back in the day! I liked him better on that than his other shows, but that stripper episode from Married with Children is etched in my brain. That boy oozes sex. I doubt he has lost that even though I haven’t seen him around for awhile. Gonna tune in to at least see the first episode just to see if he can still make me drool. Ought to be interesting.

  50. Tammy says:

    I am not into stars like most fans, i really don’t see myself as a fan, i would not follow anyone just because, I think they are people just like us, real-life situations, but made public, its cool if one can handle that sort of thing, I’ve been on here (vh1) maybe 2 twice the whole time i have been a member, it was just because i missed an episode of a show i just watch to past time on the weekend, other than that? I pass any star by, I might say hello but that’s about it, this is going to be an interesting show, I’d like to see how their doing and see if they go back to the life that ultimately kicked them to the curb….This is for Christopher Atkins, I think you look better now than you did in the Blue Lagoon, just have to say hello to you for some reason.. and to the other gentlemen, good luck i hope this is what you all really want, it will either make or break you….

  51. Jenna says:

    My 18 year old daughter and I watched the first episode of this show this morning …it was fun getting to reflect on some of the shows I watched with her we found ourselves putting each one of the guys in different roles we see these days on television ….both of us felt like each guy had something they ought to be acting in . Billys got that whole Mafia guy thing going for him …. Chris reminded my daughter of Robert Redford … it was really awesome seeing all these guys back where they should have been for a long time ….Great show cant wait to watch some more ! Thank you

  52. Aimee says:

    Al right guys!! let me tell u im not a fan of no one except God. I think we are all a like, we all look for a reason to keep going. i actually admire u guys today when i saw the first episode. i mean this is something great that u guys are doing it is challenging but its worth it. i mean u will find out what is that u really want and were u are standing. its hard to accept when u’ve been defeated but the important thing about this is getting ur self back together. i know it has been hard in some way i mean i am not famous but i have been going through situactions like u with the diference that i am not a movie star or nothing a like. i hate when people dont respect others life and sadly i mean u are celebrity so i guess u have to go through that. You know maybe with this program u will see the consecuences of what ur life stile might of cause in the past but like i said before the important is facing the situation, accepting and changing. YOU CANT CHANGE THE PAST BUT U CAN CHANGE THE FUTURE AND MAKE IT GREAT AND WORTH IT. One more thing the only person that would never give his back on u is GOD we are the ones that abandon him. So Good luck and i really hope u guys valuate this second oportunity ur getting. like we say here in Puerto Rico EXITO Y QUE DIOS LOS BENDIGA. take care guys and keep it up be open to anything.

  53. Rachel Westerfield says:

    The show started today, i had to watch it twice. thank you vh1 for producing a reality show that makes you have compassion for the cast. I hope they all succeed and make the comeback they are all hoping for.

  54. Hilogirl says:

    I just watched the first episode and I have to correct Eric’s Hawaiian. the word “pupule” does not mean plenty of poop, it means crazy and that seems to be what your co-stars on the show seem to think you are too

  55. Elaine says:

    I saw the new show this morning and love seeing Billy Hufsey again. Sure do miss Billy from Days of OUr lives and I remember watching Billy on FAME all the time. I have had the biggest crush on Billy Hufsey and I am personally grateful that he is on television again! Thank You BH! for brtinging Billy Hufsey back so we can all enjoy his talent tna charms!

    You go Billy!!!!

  56. Maria says:

    I saw the show this morning and I have to say that Billy Hufsey is HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!!! Can a man look any better then he does??? I have had a crush on him since I first saw him on Days of our Lives, the role that he played of a tough street guy comined with his looks, OMG!!!!!! I am so happy and excited to see Billy back on TV and can’t wait to see more of him, I really hope I get to meet in person someday and tell him just how I truley feel about him….. GLAD TO HAVE YOU BACK ON TV BILLY…..

    You are still #1 in my heart….

  57. tena says:

    WHAT A SHOW!!!!! So much emotion wrapped into one short hour! It was cool to watch the life coaching and see what the guys said. Billy Hufsey sure doesn’t take himself seriously, and THAT was FUNNY!!! Refreshing to see someone in this business actually laugh about it and not toot their own horn. I am gonna be watching to see what that guy does next.

  58. Cessa says:

    Billy Hufsey and the vibrator. Still laughing!

  59. Mary says:

    Billy Hufsey is the best of the best in my book. From his dancing, acting, and singing there is no better. Can’t wait for tonights VH1 show. I know it will be great.

  60. craig says:

    Watched the show. I am 55 years old and enjoyed it. stay on the show and give it a chance guys!

    You are all winners and will regain the fame!

  61. Susan says:

    p.s. I just have to say that I really love Eric’s attitude. He is really a sweetheart! I think he will be a blessing to all the other guys there!

  62. Michelle says:

    I have to give the guys credit for being able to go through the shock they had the first night. That was tough. But I think Jason defended it well. It had a good purpose. I wish the best for all of them.

  63. Christie says:

    Jeremy Jackson is sooo HOT!

  64. Pookie says:

    wow! these guys are all great!

    honestly? i thought they’d be douches…but I’M the douche for pre-judging them.

    i’m in love w/ them all…what a neat bunch.

  65. artee says:

    I loved Billy for years. he is sweet and I would love to see him on t.v again

  66. Kelly says:

    I’m glad to see all of you guys back on tv! Good luck!!!

  67. Charlotte says:

    I one I remember most of all of the guys is Billy Huffey. The thing I loved about his presence in Fame was his gorgeous hair. Grow it long!

  68. Linda says:

    It was a shocker to see what they did to these guys, but, I think they’re great for hanging in there and that they SHOULD do what they are good at. If they are TRUE stars, they will succeed. I am planning on watching this from beginning until their FAME!

  69. Nani says:

    Chris Atkins….I will always be a fan, whether he is swimming in a lagoon or building lagoons for SanFernando Valley rich people. I adore that his children are first in his life, and would love a chance to meet him to tell him so, and that in my eyes he’s always been one of my idols no matter on or off screen.

  70. Melini says:

    Teen Idols? The only guy I’ve heard of on this show is Christopher Atkins but perhaps that’s because he really was an A list celebrity. He seems like a very decent and hard working guy and I hope he’ll walk away from this show with his dignity still in tact.

    As for Eric Nies – It’s strange how people are responding to him as I think he’s the healthiest guy of the lot and seems very down to earth. Here is a plea for you Eric – please don’t let them cut your hair and put you in a metrosexual monkey suit – you are beautiful just as you are!

  71. kuualoha says:

    omg i just was watching this show on tv and started cracking up!!! eric nies however u spell his name said his “hawaiian” name is pupule.. and he said it means a abundance of poop.. lol.. NO actually it means crazy or insane.. both fit though! funny that he’s going around saying his name is pupule and not knowing someone totally punked his dumb a$$ lol.

  72. Krystyna says:

    OH SO HAPPY about this show…it’s great to see all those idols come back I knew who every single one of those guys are and i’m 28….my huge crushes from high school are on this show (jeremy jackson, david chokachi, eric nies, & jamie walters (i still have your music on my music player!!!) and i totally support them full on i hope the find that fame they crave….

    can’t wait til next sunday….

  73. Melissa says:

    Much love and support!!! Great show thus far. Looking forward to seeing all of you succeed and grow from this experience.
    age 29
    San Francisco

  74. mcmargie says:

    That was totally mean of the Executive Producers Scott and Jason. I don’t blame the “cast” for being upset. David Chokachi had the guts to say so. I don’t like the foul langage even though it’s beeped out.

  75. Colleen in the OC, CA says:

    CHRIS ATKINS RULES!! I watched the premiere episode and am impressed with Chris’ humility and…. he’s still a head-turner. Good for you Chris. Good luck!!

    Orange County, CA

  76. Linda says:

    OMG I was soooo excited when I saw Jamie on the show. I wish you all the best Jamie!!

  77. barbara says:

    oh i disagree wholeheartedly Melini, Eric–cut the hair…shave…throw on the monkey suit…or better yet, just the bottoms. yeah baby. you are HAWWWT and take a hot yoga class

  78. dora says:

    I love every single one of the guys EXCEPT for Eric, I think he’s full of it. He claims to be out of the business for 15 years and that’s a bunch of bull because he just did one of the MTV competitions about four years ago. He was NEVER a real actor like the other guys. He does not deserve to be on the show. To me he’s just playing the part to attract attention. But BEST OF LUCK to all the other guys!!!!

  79. Chrystal says:

    OK just watched this show. I can’t believe they played that trick on these guys – making it like all their fans were in the audience. The Wonder Years dude that is co-hosting this would’ve been the first to freak out if he was a victim of the prank. When I first moved to Los Angeles, I went to the Saddle Ranch on Sunset. He was sitting behind me – talking like he was so amazing. I’m happy he’s still working and trying to help these guys out…but that prank was messed up. If they pull that crap again, I hope they all walk out.

  80. ed c says:

    hey Jeremy.. you used my red fj40 toyota landcruiser in one of the last episodes of baywatch at will rodgers as your first car.. i still have that fj.. nice to see your driving a new fj cruiser..
    Ed – Torrance,Ca

  81. Tamsin says:

    It’s great to see some of the guys who inspired this former wallflower to dance are still striving. Break a leg and I hope this show brings the best outcomes for you

  82. Drew says:

    I would let all of them F#@$ME

  83. Jane says:

    Ahmed – I always thought you were HOT., HOT,. HOT. Time has only enhanced you..

  84. rhondamk says:

    Christopher Atkins!!!!!! You so have it Mr. The sight and sound of you is such a welcome comeback. I loved you then, and I love you now. I am just saddened it has taken this long to get you back.

  85. Miss spider( charlotte) says:

    Billy you are brave, very brave. I did not know the show was a reality show. It was very good! You were good! You are the one that holds those guys up. That one that walked out I can’t remember his name he could use your positive spirit. And the rest of the guys listen to you. You made me proud today. So I am hooked. I will watch it weekly and I am planning to watch the one I saw today again. I am watching from Austin, Texas.

    You are so funny. You want fame, I want to be unnoticed, yet do great things. How is that going to work? I am camera shy. That trick they played on you guys.. ouch but you weathered it well. You may get a movie deal out of this you think? So I am cheering for you. I am excited to see what happens. You did well! One word for you: confident!– and that is good!

    I love you Billy!

    -you have inspired me!


  86. Krystal Rodda says:

    This is to all of the guys,
    Don’t get mad and give up. You all have a talent and you just need to find what truly makes you happy. The money, people knowing your name. the parties, or is it you just don’t want to be forgoten.
    Whne I found out what made me happy. I had people close to me tell me that it was not possible. I proved them all wront to a point. I spent 6 years at a community college and then I discovered teaching and I feel in love with it. I spent 2 more years at the community college to get wat I needed to transfer to a univeristy. When I told my brother that I was going to WSU or teachers at the comunity college what my plains were, they said, “You should be more realistic.” I went anyway and I graduated with honners.
    The down side Is I am still subbing, I can seem to land the full time job. So I have been douting myself a lot and I just want that feeling back that I was doing something worth talking about. when you tell people your a teacher and they ask where do you teach and you say that your a sub, the conversation is over. I so want that more to say.

  87. Goldm00n says:

    Chris Atkins my God you are still as adorable as ever – and you always has such a sweet quality about you – it still shows threw! GOOD LUCK and from one parent to another we tell our kids never to give up so walk the walk – from a fan that can’t wait see you again regularly on TV – I BELIEVE you can do it!

    ALL YOU GUYS!!!! Heads up! you can do this!

  88. pmakk says:

    no No NO! This show had so much potential until David had his “fake” tantrum. That scene was so set up and the acting was so horrible, I’m not sure now if it’s all an act. Maybe this show is actually their ultimate acting debut and we’ll all be let in on the secret in the end????

  89. Amanda says:

    I think all these guys have a great shot. The older men Being I am 38 were childhood crushes Billy Hufsey, Adrian Zmed, Chris Atkins you guys still make my heart beat loudly and I think they you are still beautiful. For the guys younger than me. Keep going your hotties. You will get back out there. Don’t let anyone break your spirit


  90. Monica says:

    I was a big fan of Billy Hufsey when he was on Days of Our Lives and I followed him when he went on to do Fame. Like Amanda said I grew up with Christopher, Adrian and Billy in the 80′s. They were hot then and still are. It’s nice to catch up on all my teen idols. Can’t wait until the next episode. P.S. That was a dirty trick that Scott and Jason played on the guys. I just wanted to hug each of them and let them know that they do still have fans out there. I would love to meet them any day.

  91. Kerry says:

    Finally a real productive show with a real purpose other than women cat fights and drunken brawls. I hope they all get what they are looking for. I have fond memories of Chris Atkins, Billy Hufsey, and Adrian Zmed and am excited to see what’s ahead for them. Years ago I saw Jamie responding to a car accident as a paramedic – it surprised me but it is one of the most honorable professions. He’s a fantastic musician so I hope to hear him again someday with something new. It’s wonderful Scott Baio and Jason Hervey are doing this and I can’t wait to see what happens.

  92. Lori says:

    I can’t relate to fame in the same way that you do, & I think it would be like the love in your life. You don’t know how good something is, until you don’t have it anymore. (I could be wrong, but something along that line of taking forgranted) The desire I see in your eyes, tells me that you want this. It will be the ones who go in with no expectation that will come out ahead. Your fame of then, don’t think it will be the same as it was. It will only be as great as you allow it to be. As you have grown, the fame you might be looking for did not grow with you. Cause the fans grew, & with it the expression of “fame” changed. Throwing panties is now throwing thongs…. Please stay with the show, it can be a great “growing experience” for all. Don’t expect or demand….prefer (the payoff will be more positive then if you make demands or expectations) You all have grown into men who deserve more, than you have been giving to yourselves. Love you all Stay true to who?? YOU (you all have loving hearts)

  93. Billie says:

    I smiled being 32 thinking about Blue Lagoon and Grease and the fond memories of them. I’m glad to finally see reality TV focus on something with a greater concern for the experiences you all have had. I commend you for taking that step. I enjoyed the first episode thinking, “Oh my, have I recentely been transfomed to a reality junkie.” I convinced myself that we finnaly have something worth watching.

    Good Luck!
    We must become the change we want to see in the world. -Ghandi


  94. Todd says:

    This television show is certainly a good idea. Rehabilitating “washed-out” actors is a noble cause, and I’m happy to see a lot of faces I recognize being involved in the process.
    That being said, I’m afraid that the fact that Cooper Lawrence is involved has proved to be detrimental to my enjoyment of the show. After seeing Ms. Lawrence’s comments about Mass Effect on Fox News last year, I have almost completely lost respect for her as a credible source of any information. Though I believe in certain things just being “in the past” or whatnot, after watching her spout off her completely unfounded opinions regarding the game, as well as watching her be incredibly rude to Geoff Keighly, I honestly cannot stand the woman.
    I do wish everyone in the show good luck, and I hope that everyone regains the fame that was seized from them.

  95. chantel says:

    just watching the first show and david is about to walk off…….WOW….was it really that harsh or is he just weak! i’m thinkin….not a big deal just part of really wanting something and goin thru the crap to get it.

  96. teresa says:

    i have to say that i am not into reality tv in fact i am a hardcore defender of bringing back the sitcom. Although i have to watch this show for 3 main reason: first and foremost Adrian Zmed was my first tv crush, i watched every single episode of T.J. Hooker and own Grease 2 it was great and part made me the person i am today. 2nd Christopher Atkins i to say blue lagoon not a favorite, but The Pirate Movie was the bomb i can every song in that movie and the happy ending at the end makes me cry. Finally the last reason is Billy Hufsey which is quite possibly my most reason for watching the show because not only did you play on my all time favorite Fame you also hung in a poster on my in a towel just coming out of the shower. You must know this poster hung on my wall through most of my formative teenage years and college years i slept and woke up to you. All i have to say to you is you are all my favorite and i hope this brings you back into the life you want so badly for yourself.

  97. Sandradee says:

    My heart goes out to this cast. They are genuine and deserve a second chance. I definitely see these guys making a comeback. Tare three members I particularly love — Jamie, Billy and Chris! I have “How do you talk to an Angel?” on my iPod! Jamie has the sweetest face, yet he looks like he could play a thug role without any problem. I never missed an episode of Fame! I could see Billy playing a mafia type role for sure! His look is so intense, he would be so awesome! Last, but not least, I loved the Blue Lagoon! I could definitely see Chris playing a role as a doctor or any other leading role. I would love to see these guys in a movie or TV show. I wish you great success!!!

  98. TIM IN KANSAS says:


  99. DL says:

    Finally something worth watching in the reality arena! Love to see all the guys and how they have grown into MEN! Who knows maybe a lead role is waiting out there for them? They can star in my movie!

  100. Jan says:

    I have to say, to my surprize, I did enjoy the show. I feel that Scott and Jason have put a lot of thought into this, and who better to get the point across than two ex-child stars! I think this is going to be a great series to watch. I wish all of you the best of luck. It would be great to see you get one more shot at fame. We as fans (and you do have them gentlemen) need to know what you are capable of, and as fans we believe you still have what it takes to be big stars. I can’t wait until the next show, I will sit here holding my breath until the next show waiting to find out what happens next. Gentlemen, now get out there and take back what is rightfully yours! Scott and Jason, thanks for keeping the real in reality! What a great concept! You both still rock!

  101. haley says:

    I have always Loved Chris Atkins, wow, from growing up with him to now seeing him as an adult – is crazy fun.
    I would love to meet him, he has always been the “who would you love to have dinner with?” on my list.
    I am in WA state, so it is hard to not be there cheering him on in CA in person, but if he ever comes up north, i would love to have dinner with him. And i am proud of him for saying being a dad is #1 with him. Hey, you are single, i am single, …… after all this time maybe i should have his posters up on my bedroom walls again. lol.

  102. Roz says:

    I think it a good idea to help get this guys to act again, These actors can be leads in movies,
    Please give some of them make overs thanks Roz

  103. Curious Observer says:

    You know it takes a lot of courage to broadcast your life to the world, especially when one has experienced public success and perceived ‘disfavor’. It takes strength of character and a drive to keep going. Of course, the goal of the program (spoken and unspoken) is to ^@&@@)@`~@&+#*_ ist the actors in resurrecting their careers. I am sure most of the participants have more or less dealt with identity and self-worth issues by now. still no one is perfect/ solid as a rock all the time. I am sure the process has and will scratch at some long buried hurts and resentments.

    But, you know things happen for a reason. It may not be the long-awaited fame; it might be something different. Or, it could be both, or something much much more. Who really knows?

    For the brave, beautiful , talented men of “Confessions”: Be true to yourselves, have faith, and enjoy the ride!


  104. trishell smith says:

    i think this show is great…chris and jermey are totally hot..
    i hope that they make a big comeback real soon….

  105. Angelica Logan says:

    Welcome Back Guys!!!

    I am looking forward to watching each and every one of you as you make you’re come back.
    David I was a little disappointed in you when you stormed off like a Drama Queen. But even more proud that you took a step back, confronting the issues . I am 34 years old this Saturday. I grew up watching each and every one of you and I look forward to allowing my nine year old to grow up with watching all of you. Chris My daughter has seen Blue Lagoon and it’s one of her favorites along with some of the other 80′s Classics. Congrats on you come back guys.

  106. Alison says:

    Welcome Back Guys! You all look great! I hope this show brings all of you some well deserved opportunities to make a comeback. As for Chris, you are still as hot as ever…a little older, more mature but still just as hot! I have always been a Chris Atkins fan. As embarassing as it is, I’ll admit that I still have my Pirate Movie album…and occasionally I listen to it with my kids. (They don’t feel the magic but they like dancing to the songs :) Anyway, best of luck with the show and I look forward to watching every episode!

  107. TIM GUIDO says:

    You all have achieved what I have always dreamed of doing and never accomplished because of laziness or partying. I wish all of you the best of luck. The opportunity is in front of you. On a more personal note to Jamie, I still have your cd. When I play “Hold On” people are like, “oh my God I love that song!” So, get back on it man! Also, need more of the ORIGINALS back on the new 90210 because all of us old enough to know the old cast hates the new cast! Thanks, Tim Guido

  108. Denise says:

    I think this show is great. Scott and Jason what a wonderful idea. You guys are giving these talented artist a second opportunity to once again bring them into our lives to make us laugh, cry, ect. through their incredible talent. We all grew up watching them at some point in our lives. I can’t imagine what their lives were like going through all the craziness of stardom and are now sharing with us, “The Fans” who applaud them for being brave to show us their inner feelings and experiences. I know that Christopher Atkins, David Chokachi , Billy Hufsey , Jeremy Jackson .Eric Nies ,Jamie Walters, and Adrian Zmed will once again triumph. But please don’t forget that you all have made an imprint in our hearts. Your work is still admired to this day and will never be forgotten. I will be watching and i am behind you all. By the way you guys all look great.

  109. Zena says:

    WOW jeremy johnson is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOTT! C:

  110. Lillian says:

    I like what Billy Hufsey said here that he likes to “put smiles on people’s faces and hope in their hearts.” And you all have done just that for so many people and continue to do that in your own ways whether you had realized it or not. The entertainment industry is so important to our mental well-being and you all have impacted us through, not only, your good looks but performances as well. You may not know our names but you’ve touched our hearts. And, thanks for exposing your personal lives to us in Confessions of a Teen Idol. Lot of guts guys!

  111. juancho mejia says:

    jeremy jackson i never did this `!`^(~#~$~^`*~$% but for u anything im 25 born in colombia rice in bound brook nj u are a super manster mind we miss you so much im glad to see u again u are my idol and beliveve me this is a crasy !#+`^+^~##(_(_( colombian telling u i wich i was u )#)`^!#`~!%#!((_ vh1 )#)`^!#`~!%#!((_ all the other gutys u are the `!`^(~#~$~^`*~$% i hope u get this wich i know vh1 never will man but i feel all ready betterr good luck due u are the `!`^(~#~$~^`*~$% u nare the best of the best
    juan g mejia Bound brook ? central Jersey east cost baby

  112. Tania says:

    All of you men are really nice and genuine. I wish all of you the best with your show and whatever dreams you may have. Oh yes, you are all soo handsome!!

  113. san francisco says:

    Flipping through the channels last night I saw Christopher Atkins and stopped dead in my tracks. I do not like reality TV, but watched every minute of the show. It really made my night to see his charming smile again (and think he is more handsome than ever). Chris – I wish you the best of luck and hope to continue to see you on TV long after this show. I have to admit my guilty pleasure has been the Pirate Movie for more than 20 years… thanks for all the smiles.

  114. Jay says:

    I love this show. It’s great. It gives us on this side of the screen to see what it’s truly like for the guys – making a comeback – as they say. I don’t feel they’ve ever been gone – just on a break. Adrian – I would love to see you again in movies. My favorite was Grease 2. It would be great if there was a Rydell High Class Reunion for both 1 and 2. Get to see everyone again. Danny and Sandy – their kids. Roz and the other Pink Ladies. That would be an awesome movie. You should write the script. And all of you men – HOT!!! Better then some of the men on air now. I’d pay the $8.00 to $10.00 to see you on the big screen. I will be tuning in as the program proceeds. I didn’t like the “punked” on air tonight. Scott needs to look in the mirror and realize – he too hasn’t been on screen for a while. Love ya all. Keep up the great work. And Happy New Year to all – it’s time to have a New beginning.

  115. shantelchris says:

    HEY!!!! Scott Baio, why wasn’t Willie Aames, your “buddy” not included with these guys??? He obviously needed the work/money!! My heart is broken for him, what he’s been through lately and he’s such a good guy! God bless him!

  116. Leigh says:

    Christopher Atkins… you are one of those classic leading men who just get more and more handsome with time. And aren’t we the lucky ones to get to see and appreciate it. for all you guys, the best of luck. We have missed all of you on the big and little screens. And finally, to Mr. Jackson, I am feeling my “cougar-ness” when I see you on screen. Ouch! Just do us a favor and please do not ruin the momment again by screaming ” Daddy’s back” or “home” or whatever is was. It was not a flattering moment for you. Otherwise, yum. To everyone, thanks for the memories and here’s to the new ones.

  117. Susie from the 80's says:

    WOW! What can I say but go VH1….This show is awsome and I can’t believe that the former love of my life CHRIS ATKINS is back on TV. CHRIS, you were plastered all over my bedroom wall in the 80′s (next to Matt Dillon and Scott Baio) and I am not surprised that you ended up being a loving father. That sweet smile of yours could melt any heart. I think that you are as real as I always imagined and I wish you and all of the guys the best of luck in your future!!!! I wish there were reality shows back in our day because I know you would be THE BACHELOR and I would have signed up and made sure that I was your bachelorette :) I look forward to all of the episodes and by the way JEREMY, you grew up to be some HOTTIE. I’m glad you chose the right path. ADRIAN- don’t give up, you seem so incredible in real life and you are soooo intelligent. All of you—- keep striving for what you want and know that you’ve never been forgotten.


    Susie from Jersey the former Brooke Shields wantabee- Hee Hee


    i think this show is a great idea, but it also makes me freaking mad at how we should feel for these men. Why are to feel sorry for them? `^*@%#!%%_%#%_$@ they had it all the looks the money and the fame and who’s fault is it but there own demons who caused them their own downward sprial of fame. I again do think it shows that Scott himself has grown up because in his last show you freaking made me yell at you so often “freaking grow up already, and get yourself a life”!!!! and it seems that you did!!! So my hat is off to you. Now i do have a favorite and i do remember the freaking hearthrob billy hufsy, man did i ever want to bang you in the 80′s lol and i was just a teen then!!!! i had you posted everywhere!!!! Out of all the losers on this show i do honestly think that you have the most to offer. but i think you do need to work on your look. the hot sexy man i feel in love with to an old dried up prune think if you let your hair grow back a bit and lost some weight you would be hot hot hot again, and you could get movie roles like the fine older men actors have. today in the movies no one really stands out but i think maybe you can if you just put your whole self into it. You seem to be so kind hearted, and over all a really nice guy. all the others got by on their bodies and looks………but you well you had the whole package and i believe you can get their once again someday.

  119. Elaine says:

    I saw the 1st episode and was really impressed with you all. Just stick with it;it is going to be tough I can just tell. Think of it as boot camp. The press and fans are really tough in these times; it’s not like it use to be. Please us this time to really get prepared to find out if this is really what you want.
    Learn from this and if it is meant to be, it’ll happen. I remember all of you and enjoyed your talents.
    Best of luck to you all.

  120. Kerry says:

    Can I just say FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A reality show I would actually watch!!!!! And finally they are bringing back REAL MEN!!!!!! Billy, well I’ve read the last 100 or so blogs from your loving fans!!! All of these guys deserve another chance!!! Adrian, big fan…..Grease 2, TJ Hooker, and Chris, you are more handsome now than ever!!!!!!!!! All these guys deserve it!!! I’m an 80′s girl for sure so I have my favs but I really hope they all get another chance!!! I’m a Boston girl too so I am definately all about the COMEBACK!!! Everyone loves a good comeback story!!! Let’s hope this is it!!!!!!!
    God Bless!!! :)

  121. branbonecaponejerseygirl says:


  122. kathy says:

    I have been a fan of Billy’s of many many years! Billy HUfsey is so talented in so many ways. Billy’s dancing is so expertly excituted as well as Billy’s singing…so beautifully performed. Billy Hufsey is by far the most talented of the Teen Idilss. In addition Billy’s acting abilities are easily seen in his many roles. He has grace and sex apeal to the older women and younger ones too. Billy Hufsey stolethe hearts of women and some men around the world and they all still love him. Billy is right when he said he is a triple threat. The oterh Idold may have been actors but can they sing and dance too!!! Billy is th top performer and I hope that this network or others go forward with him so we can all enjoy his talents. You Go Billy!!!! We are all out her cheering you on. We love you Billy and want to see more of you

  123. Cate says:

    MAN these guys got OLD…….Its always sad to see one time teen idols get old and then show up on some lame show like this.I know we all get old,but these guys did not age well at all,and they are just pathetic to watch,Just sad to see what time dose to some has been ex teen idols.

  124. SarahNicole says:

    Um. Only Jackson and Atkins were even teenagers upon becoming famous. Unless the _)`@*$^&`+$`$@@ le refers to them being idols *of* teens? The rest of these guys were in their 20s and 30s (Nies = 21; Walters = 23; Chokachi = 27; Hufsey = late 20s, and Zmed = 28 when Grease 2 came out)…

  125. Nikki says:

    This message is for each of the men on this program. Let me start off by saying it is great to see you again. Thank you for taking the risk of coming on the show and stirring up feelings regarding your past, present and future. The episode where you talked to a gal during this group therapy thing and the whole lets walk on the red carpet stint is my starting point with your journey on the show.
    Eric- I got why you had questions for the group discussion leader. They were valid and I got the impression that you were just trying to establish the tone.
    Jamie- You were right when you said that maybe I should not have given up so easy when you hit a speed bump. There were many of us who asked where did this guy go. Your acting on 90210 was convincing and I loved your voice.
    Jeremy- How awesome that you can see clearly what you had and how it disappered. You’re still in control and have alot to offer. I’m excited to see that fire sparking your drive.
    Chris-I’m happy to see that you acknowledge that you brought joy to people and that your ready to do it again. I especially appreciate that you were respectful to your family and dedicated yourself tp them. I can not wait to see you back into your passion.
    David- My heart went out to you during the red carpet experience. While I could understand what you were feeling. As a viewer it did not interpret that way. I saw what Jason wanted you to feel. The excitement, the pride and the desire to have your fame back. I loved that it woke up your feelings. I can’t stand it when people pursue their dreams have heartedly.
    Adrian- I watched you on tv and saw you on broadway. I love your maturity and willingness to work through this process and help the others. I can only imagine that this natural talent is a piece that has made you successful. Embrace it because “us” people become your biggest supporters. I’m looking forward to your future.
    Billy- I cant say enough about your honesty. I just smiled from ear to ear when I heard you talk about singing in the coffin. That passion and commitment is what is goin to work for you. I’m looking forward to seeing more of that in the future episodes.

    Guys I hope your listening to the fans like me. Not the negative, it will get you no where. My comments are sincere and honest. Some may share my views and some may not- again listen to the ones that do- we’re what counts, your fans.

  126. Kathy says:

    Billy, Billy, Billy, Billy, Billy, Billy. Billy, Billy, Billy, Billy, Billy, that is all I hear from from my friends They are talking about the Confessions of a Teen Idol show and all about Billy, Billy, Billy Billy, Billy Billy , BIlly!!!!! I am going to tune in this week and see what all the talk about Billy is about and I suppose I will be out there saying the same thing..Billy! Billy! Billy! Billy!. I will let you know after the show on Sunday…

  127. Binal says:

    I think it’s great that these guys are getting back on the horse. Makes me feel like it’s not too late for me either. But I have to say, Christopher Atkins does not need to be on this show. He is so handsome and looks so down to earth and sincere. I dont see why he would have any trouble getiing roles whether its in television or movies. If Christopher Atkins is reading this, please know you have fans out in the world that are still loyal.

  128. Julie says:

    LOVE the show…although I winced when the guys were punked! Ouch!!
    Anyway, I hope all of the men can rise to the top and have the lives they’ve been dreaming about. Can’t wait to watch and see what happens!

  129. michellemm says:

    Of course I will love the show, I am a Big Billy Hufsey fan, I also admire Adrian zmed from being on Dance Fever. Billy your were so talented and gorgeous back then, and still talented and gorgeous NOW! Muah!

  130. Casey says:

    you guys are already stars and believe it or not you all still have fans out there. Jesus, Jamie Walters… how do you talk to an angel made me want to be a guitar player, because of that Song I picked up a cheap guitar and learned how to play, your song was the first song played on that guitar. Baywatch guys! every guy in the world wanted to be you, your already ahead in this world. and the rest of you, i appologise I was a little young yet when the shows were on, but I can see your passion and I can see that look in your eyes like theres nothing in this world that you want more than to have it all under your feet again.,. so go get it. You have one chance at life, don’t leave with regrets guys. you have support… more support than you know.

  131. Cindy says:

    I finally got to tune into the show…..For me, I have to say that my fond memories were from Chris and David. Love you both and think it’s great that you are wanting to get back into the Hollywood fame. I am afraid for you along with excited for you though…..The business has changed and see the seriousness of the emotional sprial that can suck the life out of a person. I do have some experience with this because I was a model in the 80′s, and lived in NYC and Chicago…..It was great and I did do some modeling however, life was very short in this business and it is very much about looks and age. Thank God I had great family and good grounded friends to keep me stable and support me when my career started to slow down and at this time is now over. My age, and the ability to compete with the young models of 16 to 18 yrs of age made it impossible to stay in it. This business is also driven by the greed and constant change and looking for change. I guess what I am expressing is, I want to wish Chris and David the very best of luck, support and sucess of the business. BE STRONG, HAVE INTEGRATY TO YOURSELF…..I know you can be wonderful again and have wonderful careers if you be true to you and stick with the good and the bad…..Love you guys…….Hope you will write back if you can…..C PS…….Are you single ? lol

  132. Elandra says:

    After the shock of seeing this show air & seeing who is on it, etc. I have to say, it’s pretty brave to come out of the lives they were leading to attempt this again. No unfamous person could ever really know what they went through, and then not have it anymore. And how insensitive people can be running in to you in the real world. I wish them all the luck in the world to have or do whatever makes them happy. If being a celebrity again would do that, then great. And if it turns out they decide they want to pursue other things in life too, great. Break-a-leg to all, and I’ll be watching!

  133. MAJA says:


  134. crystal1968 says:

    I met David in 1995 on the set of Baywatch. I won a contest and flew from the midwest and took part in all aspects of the show. I will say that i was star struck by him. He was nice and even invited my husband and i to a party, gave us a number to call to meet up, etc. The number was legitimate but we declined to go.Yes I kept the telephone number and the call sheet from Baywatch. I hope he will get back into acting and get a breakout role again. I loved him in the Witchblade series on TNT. David has an amazing smile and I only wish happiness for him.

  135. Jane says:

    Honestly, it is way out of the norm for me to be writing this but I am compelled to do so. I stumbled onto your new show and cannot resist sharing my opinion. I saw you guys slammed by the focus group and I couldn’t disagree with them more!! Every one of you is so very hot and age has only made you MORE appealing. Add to your great looks the life experience you all posess and you are unstoppable! I want to encourage you to work it and do NOT let shallow, negative people define you! Confidence is still one of the sexiest attributes going! Give the stylists a chance and forget about the focus groups! You guys totally rock!!! I know I will be seeing more of you in the places YOU most want to be!

  136. Becky says:

    FORGET WHAT THAT FOCUS GROUP said about you!! I LOVED, LOVE, STILL LOVING “How do you talk to an angel”! I think over all, if that focus group was individual there would have been many more different views on all of you guys. I know many of the woman had better things to say and didnt speak up!

  137. Patty says:

    You guys are all so great. I am 60 years old (still somewhat attractive) and have only now realized what I had when I was young. It doesn’t mean things are bad now, just different. You all are rolling with the flow!! Very well I would say.

  138. Cory says:

    I love this show. Never watched Baywatch so I’m not familiar with those guys, but I am VERY familiar with the rest. Yes everyone has gotten older, but so have all their fans. So we can’t really be too judgemental can we? Anyway, I think everyone of them is truly handsome and I could totally see any of them making it again. My thing is they all seem like such great guys now…I hope a newfound fame doesn’t change who they’ve become.

  139. KellyQ says:

    Jeremy, what makes you gorgeous IS your larger nose and your deep set eyes. If you think about every superstar, there are things that are different about them that if they are smart, they PLAY UP and don’t hide. Omar Sharif was one of the sexiest men of his time and has very strong features. Trust me, lots of women find that very hot! Think of women you find beautiful- it’s not typically because they’re perfect. Perfect doesn’t exist and if it did, BOOO-RING!! The smart women show off what’s different proudly. It makes them confident and hot!! Some of them you love especially because of what makes them different. Share this with ALL the guys! and…being different will make you memorable as an actor also! Especially if you look a little dark and mysterious…GO FOR IT! It’s great to see you guys. :)

  140. Stella says:

    David, you so much potential, so please stick with it. You can be a leading man. Jamie and Jeremy are both adorable and distinctive. Chris is a shining star. This show is great. I hope you all work, work, work.

  141. Lynell says:

    I just want to say all the guys are great. I hope them all the best of luck. Chris Atkins and Adrian Zmed are still as hot as ever…. Love the show

  142. Lisa says:

    They are a really nice group of guys. I was outraged at how mean and harsh the focus group was. I can imaging it’s hard to have fame and lose it and all of these guys have made productive positive lives. How would those women have felt being jusdged so harshly. Hmmmmthey say men are shallow????

    Atkins seems like a hard working devoted father who is ruggedly handsome. Hufsey don’t worry dude your not fat and your hair doesn’t look like a chia pet. Jeremy you’re adorable you don’t look like a rapist! Adrian seems like a very real person! Eric I love your positive energy. Jaimie you are also a loving Dad a fireman who helps people. David you are hot!

  143. Shawn Keating says:

    To all of you guys on this show…I’m a professional straight male and I didn’t even know some of your work on TV or Film but you all can make it in Hollywood still. I did not agree with the women in the focus group. I live in Beverly Hills and I’ve even run into some of you in person and I would have said something to acknowledge that I know who you are but I didn’t want to embarrass myself or you.

    Jeremy…do not listen to the comments those women made. You are great looking. Your face and your haiir are really great. Don’t let it get to you. I was a former Ralph Lauren model and I’d give my left testicle to look like you.

    David…you too…you have everything you need to be a huge success still. If I saw you on the street I’d think you were a big success and not a loser. You look fantastic and nothing should stop you from rising to the top.

    Adrian…you look like an older version of your younger self. You look fantastic for 54. You do not look even close to 60 much less the age that you are.

    Jamie…what’s to hold you back. You’re young and look young and you still have it. I never watched BH 90210 but you are not a loser. Keep up your faith.

    Billy…there is a place for you on Broadway or who knows what. You’re a really talented dancer. Your weight is not a big deal. You can lose the extra weight. That’s not such a big deal and you are not “fat”. You have a normal amount of weight for someone of your age. Your hair is not something that you can’t change. Be glad that it’s things you can change. That’s all.

    Eric…you look amazing. The beard and the hair is such a stupid thing for those women to focus on. You are an amazing looking guy and you still have it. You have everything you need and more to make it. I saw you recently in person and I was so envious. You could be picked up for a soap opera tomorrow and you’d be on the HOT list all over again.

    Chris…you’re going to be fine. You know that.

    Do not take what those things too much to heart. I wasn’t seeing anything of what they were saying.

  144. Leslie says:

    Billy Hufsey was and is hot! I loved him on Days of our Lives. He seems smart and very talented. I am 32 and he still rocks!!

  145. realterra says:

    First off I really enjoy watching the show! Great concept and Great group of Teen Idols. I think they all look great. Yea it didnt hurt they all got a makeover to go to the next level. But most of all they all……….have BIG HEARTS and that’s what makes them HOTTER than EVER! I’ll be watching.

  146. Melissa says:

    I remember Eric and Jamie the most, I had such a huge crush and till this day still do! You guys still look freaken hot!! I would love to see Jamie come out w/ another hit album, and make me melt! Eric I would love to see you more in modeling you had great abs! The best of luck to all the guys!!!!!! You all look great!! I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! :D

  147. Samantha says:

    Those women on the focus group were clueless (and they could use quite a bit of updating themselves before throwing stones). Eric Nies and David Chokachi are hot!

  148. Heather says:

    I wish all of you the best of luck. I am watching the show in between commercials now! I was taken back by the negativity from most of the women. They have nothing to talk about to begin with!! None of them were good looking at al so don’t know what they are complaining about??l!! They obviously don’t know what real men are or look like. I would have never set judgement before I got to know you to begin with. All of you have striking features. So right off the bat don’t let those few woman get you down they do not speak for any of the people that are watching your show!
    Keep your heads held high.
    good luck

  149. Lisa says:

    christopher you were hot then and you’re still hottttttt now. I would love to see you in roles now! I think you can do it! Hang in there good things are coming. You Too Eric :) I enjoyed both if you in the past I cant wait to see you both in the future. lu Lisa
    p.s. if u need a penpal to remind you I’m here

  150. Cheryl says:

    First off, this show is awesome!!!! Secondly, each and every one of you has so much talent that I can’t see why you couldn’t make a comeback!!! As one of the post below, keep the faith alive!!!

  151. Heather says:

    oh Eric you need to come back to New York for the summer hang out in the shawangunk, mohonk mountains relax. Everyone will love you no matter what your still absolutley drop dead beautiful!!

  152. Kim says:

    What a great concept for a show. I love it already! I didn’t know who Jeremy Jackson was, thought he was cute when the show started. Now that he cut his hair, DAMN he is HOT! I would love to see a movie with him in it.
    Christopher Atkins, LOVED him in Blue Lagoon. He is definately a Robert Redford like guy. VERY HOT, would watch ANY movie with him in it!!!

  153. Marie says:

    That was a completely shallow group of women. I guess they never grew up. Luckily the guys did…and are only getting better with age!

    Billy, you are definitely not fat. You are still extremely handsome and look amazing! There is nothing wrong with your hair. Do those women expect you to wear your hair the same way you did in the 80′s? No, wait…they probably would have criticized that too, since they are obviously negative people.

    You are such a positive person…focus on that and don’t let negative people bring you down. You’re always #1 in my book!

  154. jennie says:

    i`m a 40 female. i paint house interiors and refenish furniture for a living.
    Adrian the first time I remember seeing you was in a movie called the Idolmaker, Ive been in awe of yopur acting ability ever since. don`t worry you still got it. Chris you would still look good in a leather loin cloth you still have the ability to go out there and make people smile don`t give up. Billy ————-
    ———- ————— those m
    “mean girls” those woman that looked AT you all now and then. you might be older and not as slim
    hey we all are but you are still very handsome and hot. You can still dance and act blow off any fan that says otherwise,u still got it like J. Travolta still does. Jamie I`ve watched you since you 1st walked onto 90210. you have a lot more music in you and plenty of fans they are waiting to hear it,that chic that said it was a terrible song weel she needs to get laid or something cause in america it was a # 1. just remember anything worth having takes work. The baywatch boys i was never a baywatch fan but u both still look incredible and you do have talent don`t give up any of you guys.You`ve all been great and can and will be great again .see it reach for it and take it !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don`t ever quit. scincerly Jennie D.

  155. dawn says:

    I love the song How do you talk to an Angel!!!! I think that woman was crazy!! I remember Jamie from 90210… but I liked his music more I had always wondered what had happened to him… I am so relevied he still plays his music. I hope Jamie finds a new audience and that the old follow along… as for Christopher Atkins… i really hope he gets roles… it really would be awesome to see him in movies again….Jeremy Jackson…well i think he looked good with the long hair… but the short gives him a new look…. he is a sexy young man… i hope he finds some roles… being in the spot light is not easy but i hope he succeds… i definately think if he gives it a true shot he may be able to make it….

  156. tasha says:

    I was never a fan of reality television but after watching the first two episodes, I am like totally hooked. I am glad that they signed up for this, because it will give the opportuntiy to come back better than ever and used the skills that they have acqured to make a kiss-ass comeback. From what I had seen, they all look like they could make it, because times have changed and now, people know what they what instead of mindless dribble. The person that I see, really making it and I mean, really is Chris and David. Next, would be probably Jeremy. Everyone else, that is up in the air.

  157. Sandy says:

    You guys are all talented in your own ways. I really respect you all for being on this show. In every day life it is hard to go after your dream, I can only imagine having to do it on national T.V. I just wanted to write a comment to let you all know that we are rooting for you guys! I wish you lots of luck and happiness in your endeavors.

  158. Jared D says:

    HEy I wish that the guys that are on this show really listen to what they have a to say because they have a long way to go before they get to being close to A class celeb.s

  159. Mary says:

    I also hope that all the guys on the show are sucessful. Yes i agree with Jared that they are a loooooooonggggg way from A List celebrities. The ladies on the other side of the mirror were right. I feel Eric Nies needs the show more than anyone else & I am looking forward to seeing how he improves throughout the show. A word of advice: go for your dreams and know why you came on the show in the first place. Try not to be stubborn. Change is good. Looking at the footage change is also needed.

  160. Donna Mabee says:

    I just love the show! I think the review~ group were way wrong tonight! I think the guys have a lot going for them!(All of them)!!! I also think they are hot! Young girls have no taste…let us middle age ladys judge! We know what is hot and what counts! They are all so sweet, cute and seem very down to earth! Kudo’s to you all…I’m also a big Real World fan…Eric you’ve still “GOT IT”! Scruffy is hot! I’m really enjoying the show! Thanks! Best Regard to your all come back,,,you all can make it again…..keep your spirits up !!!!! Hugs!

  161. Leslie Coit says:

    I started watching confessions on opening night. I was so intrigued, I dedicated my Sunday nights to watch it. What a terrific idea. All of you guys are fabulous. It must take very special people to attend such a demanding and difficult reality show. I am not familiar with all of you, however will be soon. I have now seen the second episode, and love it. The more I watch, the more I like. Keep it up. Thank you Scott Baio.

  162. Savannah says:

    Eric Nies is beautiful! There are women out here (like his girlfriend) who love that kind of rugged, scruffy look. His body is incredible. I’m glad that he didn’t let the stylist change him too much. Chris Atkins did a great job of helping him pick out his new wardrobe! Jeremy Jackson has only grown more attractive. I think all the guys look great. I love this show but will admit it was painful to hear some of the remarks made by the “focus group.” Some of the things said were just cruel and hurtful. I will keep watching this show especially now that Bret Michaels has officially jumped the shark.

  163. Lynn says:

    Such a great show! I watched most of you when you were teens! I have most often wondered what happened to Hobie – I’m old enough to be his mother – but sure thought he was adorable on Baywatch. (I named my two cats Mitchell and Hobie(cat).)

    I did not agree with the focus group comments and thought the punk was a bit cruel. (I’m sure these men have already learned that life lesson, and drivng that point home in that method was misleading and dishonest.) Jason’s response to their complaint was weak.

    Hey, celebrity or not, it’s hard growing old and dealing with the changes we all see in the mirror. You are all very good looking men and have a chance at anything you put your mind to! Good Luck!

  164. jan says:

    Chris ~ You are a leading man! You still got it, babe. Still sexy after all these years! You have the “it factor” yet, and as fans we will be sitting in those seats screaming. (Even if we are in our 50′s now) I agree with Stella, your a “shinning star”.
    Adrian ~ I have loved you for years! Your spirit about life still comes through. Age has done well by you, you have a certain muture nature that allows you to accept change. To understand and know what needs to be done to get that shot at fame again. Your not afraid to take the risk. In my book, thats the sign of a good man. Life’s lessons, well learned. Of course, we never stop learning through out life, do we?
    Billy ~ If those gals think your fat, they better think again. I see sexy! Did they look at those eyes, did they look at that smile? Makes a heart melt. They must be living under a rock. John Travolta hasn’t suffered from gaining a little weight, has he? I would imagine that with your dance back ground, that it’s not so much fat as it is more like solid muscle.
    Jamie, I bet those ladies will feel dumb when they find out you went on to become a firefighter! Risking your life every day you go to work to fight fires, what a noble profession. Nothing to sneeze at if you ask me. It’s got “Hero” written all over it. Don’t give up on your dream to record again though. I for one would love to hear more songs from you.
    Eric, David, and Jeremy ~ I will admit I’m not as familar with your careers, but I do look forward to getting to know more about you as time goes on. My late father always told us that “It’s not what is on the outside that makes you shine”. You can inhance the outside all you want, but the soul inside needs to shine as well to make it all come together. So don’t loose yourself in the climb back up that ladder to get to the top.
    Gentlemen ~ I look forward to next week!

  165. Stacy says:

    David, You are so much more than eye candy. I see leading role! Eric I love what you have become…. REAL!!! The natural look is who you are and you look fantastic. I hope you do not compromise to much! Stay True.

  166. fiffie says:

    i think the women in the group were not being honest but very harsh I think they all have what it takes to be in the limelight again. I loved the song from the hights that broad has no taste in music and jamie walters is HOT his tats are mmm mmm good.

  167. Stephanie says:

    I can totally relate to what these guys are going through. I am now 45 years old and starting my life over. My husband of 20+ years died in a car accident last year, my older daughter will graduate from college and get married this year, and my younger daughter will graduate high school and go off to college. I am being left behind by everything i loved in my life.

    I chose to go graduate school and become the Language
    Arts teacher i should have become 25 years ago. This isn’t a COMEBACK – It’s just the next step in living my life.

    Fellas – Take a deep breath, believe in yourself and your dreams and go for what will make you happy. If I can do it anybody can!

    By the way,my husband & I were HUGE Witchblade fans – very disappointed when it ended It was some of the best written television – David – thought you were terrific in it.

    Chris, you have the whole package, and you are humble – it’s an unusual attribute in Hollywood, but it certainly can be appreciated.

  168. Cat says:

    From a beautiful, extremely smart lady, none of you guys should take anything these people enlisted for this show seriously.. I seriously hope it was all an act.:/
    I was so angered by those (who do they think they are?) woman watching u in the little room with their rude criticism, nothing much of what was shown was constructive, they were crude and spewing insults for the sake of a low standard of humor.
    None of those woman can even touch my level in more way then one… I ensure you that they were being overly rude and nothing much they said made any point.
    For example, I thought Eric looked fine on a skate board, like why the not? Stay young by being active!
    Needless to say I was irritated by those woman and hope they were put on show to perhaps make everyone take the side of these guys right away.

    And that fashion consultant, ok I would have liked some of what she had to say, if she let the ridicule fall to the side. There is more then one way to accomplish things missy!
    **Ego is the wall of the inferior looking to tear down others.. while true confidence lifts and gentle re-guides.. take that to the bank. **

  169. kathy says:

    Billy, I just watched the second episode…I think the focus group was very negativly spun. Some of those ladies should take a look in the mirror. Especially the stylist!! I was getting sick too, Billy!!!! The Billy Hufsey we all know and love will shine through this negative energy…I missed what we (your fans) love, that.. Billy Hufsey smile and tha Billy Hufsey glow. You are a handsome and talented man with more charm and stlye than the whole bunch of them put together. I look forward to watching you next week. By the way Billy…Love those zebra spandex pants!!! What a kick

  170. mistye says:

    Bravo gentlemen, it takes alot to put yourself out in the spotlight. Be true to yourselves always. Know that there are many of us out here who applaud your talent and the guts it took to put yourself out here for all of us to see. I have to say you all look wonderful and i for one look forward to seeing more of you again.

  171. goodluck says:

    I don’t post to this stuff normally but wanted to say Chris has a real chance at older leading man roles and David you ARE eye candy (and I never watched baywatch) but I also see an intensity in you that would be perfect for one of these new lawyer or doctor shows. Adrain and Jeremy, so what if you look scary to the focus group, use that, go for the bad guy roles. We have many famous actors that we love as the bad guy and they are good at it. If that is the focus of the comments then use them to your advantage. Same with fat or old or whatever, character roles are winning roles for actors and we see those that do them well in all types of movies even if they are not the leading man or woman. They have impact and are rememberd. You don’t have to be the leading man to be respected in your field of acting or to make a good living at it. Be smart and just work you know your craft or you don’t. Pick the people in your life that are going to actaully help you don’t get caught up in ego. Don’t be too good for the role before you even are given one. Good luck.

  172. Brewer says:

    BAIO AND HERVEY!!!! You guys kick !^~!`(+&$`#~`+~ keep it up! The dynamic is amazing. Truly real tv. Keep putting it on, we will keep watching and spreading the word. Oklahoma supports you!

  173. Marisol McGee says:

    To All the men, I just viewed the men watching the women tear them apart on the focus group.
    You men have done more things alot us of have only dreamed of, at such an early time in your life. don’t forget that!
    DId you look at some of those women??? fat slob old no bodies, one of them barley fit in the chair.
    We all were hotter 20 yrs ago. I think you guys look great and should sell yourself for who you are now and not who you were. Be open to the pros. Your brave for putting your self out there.
    Eric you hot!

  174. Cheena says:

    Gentlemen, you are all handsome and that comes from someone in her mid thirties! Remember this, those in the focus group will one day age! To allow yourselves to be critiqued by younger women was bold, I GUARANTEE they wouldn’t be able to do that now or in ten years

  175. Cheena says:

    Bill, the older you got, the sexier you look!

  176. Jason says:

    I think the show is pretty interesting. I wish all the actors the very best in their careers or whatever they want to do. You know, I mean the whole “A” list BS is so over rated. What the hell does that even mean anyway? There are so many amazing writers, directors, actors, whomever working in films today. Film and television has taken an interesting turn. Indie Film is huge, Film Festivals are really bringing new scripts to life as well as bringing actors too many other levels and into the forefront of millions of people. I’m sure in Hollywood you have to do a (+!!^+*`~$(*!)_$ ton of schmoozing…I wish all you guys a fabulous year…Many of you all seen very genuine and honest, so right on and peace always…

  177. malaika says:

    God bless you all! you all are putting your self out there. that takes a lot of guts. most people can sit there and judge, but yet cant handel being judge them selfs.i have so much respect for you guys allowing us all to view and try to unerstand what all of you are going all inspier me to keep going in lifeand never stop. God bless all of you and your familys.

  178. Miklo says:

    I must say that one of those girls from the focus group should be an actor herself. She’s that young woman with long brown hair, and looks really nice.

  179. Pat says:

    I recently saw Adrian’s show on the Coral Princes. It was so good my sister and I went back and watched the second show too. His voice is still great, still has the dance moves and was very entertaining. He looked great, better in person than on the show. He is still making a living in the entertainment business. Just because your not on a TV show doesn’t mean you are not successful. Adrian is very talented, a real song and dance man, and I’m sure he’ll be working as long as he wants.

  180. Suz says:

    Hey Guys…What a harsh career you all have chosen. I love, love, love the the makeovers. I’m a 27 year beautiful intelligent girl in SD (for perspective) and never really watched any of your shows from the past but think you all have a ton of potential. This is especially true if your confidence returns (with humility). Here’s my silly opinion….Eric Neis would be great for a motivational speaker and continued reality show personality. Jamie Walters reminds me of Seattle jam band. I would love to listen to Jamie in a small venue if he can play a guitar. What about a song writer…stay out of the public eye yet create music? Jeremy Jackson had my favorite makeover. The hair and clothes look fabulous. Jeremy is absolutely gorgeous and his humble attempt to reinvent himself is appealing. He would be great on an episode of Entourage or playing a role as a quarterback….everyone loves football movies. Chris Atkins has such an innocent sweetness about him. I don’t know about a lead role but I think supporting actor for a big picture drama. David Chokachi is beautiful! He is absolutely delicious. However, there’s a lack humbleness that’s poking out. I can be vain too. It’s one of my awful traits so I make HUGE effort to check myself and dissolve the arrogance. That said, I think David’s personality would pop more if he worked on being self-deprecating and maybe more grateful. Adrian Zmed…those girls on the focus group were way off. He does not look old for his age. He would play a great role on TV as a father for a family sitcom. Lastly, Billy Hufsey seems like he would be good in a comedic role. I think Billy should play lighthearted silly characters. I have the flu on the couch and never really watch TV but was captivated by the show. Hollywood seems hars….I think I’ll stick to Entrepreneurism.

  181. Melanie says:

    You always wonder what happened and where are they now. This is a great show and I wish the best to all participating. You guys rock! Special mention to Chris Atkins. Your fans are still there! I wish you the best in your efforts to be in the movies once again. I’ll definitely go see your movies. I hope that special role comes your way soon!!! And truthfully, I wish this for all on the show. Hollywood, wake up and take note! I’m tired of seeing the same few leading men cast in movie after movie. After seeing the same guys over and over, they become unbelievable. It becomes a bore and I lose interest! Give these guys a break! There is a lot of great tallent here!!!!

  182. LeAnne says:

    This is such an enjoyable show. Choosing to take a risk in life is really the only thing that makes life worth living, right? It’s very inspirational and reminds all of us that you don’t get points for playing it safe. Good luck to all of you. You really deserve the success you want.

  183. Laura says:

    Jeremy, we love the new hair cut. Your features really pop, but not only that, it took a little hard edge off your personality. Chris looks like he did 20 years ago, just more mature. He seems to be in this expirament all the way. Willing to go the extra mile for his career. Billy Hufsey looks good for 50 but my friend says he needs to lay off the Botox. He can barley move his forehead. This eyebrows are too arched. His forhead is smoother then mine and I’m 8 years younger then him. She should know what she’s talking about, she’s a Dermatologist. James seems bitter and needs to let go of the anger, decide if his music is what he wants to work on and get out there. Grace us with another hit. Eric go further with the hair, cut it. But the clothes really complimented you.

  184. Laura says:

    This message is for Jeremy, you know everyone on the show is very unique and great in there on way but there is definitely something very special about you. So far on the show I love how you are so humble and so open to everything there they have to offer. And there is nothing more sexy than that ! You are beautiful so never give up on your dreams. I want to see you in the future in a hit role. Good luck to you all !

  185. Elissa Figueroa says:

    It is really great to see all you on tv. again.
    I’m only 30 year old, but rember watching all of you. on tv.
    I want to tell you that those women at focus group were wrong.
    They don’t have the write to say anything about people
    or ugly or anything else .They weren’t looker eighther.
    They were kind of ugly.
    I don’t know if your aloud to ask these question or not.
    This a personal qeustion for Jeremy Jackson.
    You seem like you were good tv actor ,when you young.
    Why did you turn to drugs.
    Why does every young actor lately end up
    dead. I know that people do drugs for there own reason ,but
    They have this gifted talent ,it could be actting or singing.
    Then spoiled with drugs.
    Please don’t take what i’m ask you the wrong way.
    Just going through ,the things that have,
    and your still here is a great thing .
    Don’t worry about what that women said.
    You don’t look like a rapest or addicted.
    You just look like you grew up to me.
    There nothing wrong with that.
    I think you turn out kind of hot.
    You will always have fan and friend in me.
    Love Elissa

  186. Drool says:

    Hey Jeremy (Jackson) what was that shirt you had on in the first episode with the b/w Doberman on it. honestly some of you guys don’t need a makeover, just to now make yourselves relevant. There are some actors recently i am happily surprised to see again you need to find your spot and run with it.

    If you could help me out with the t-shirt question i would appreciate it. thanx

  187. Bonnie says:

    In the acting profession, it’s as much (if not more) about looks as it is talent. It’s not about who you are “on the inside” because you are paid to present to an audience someone else besides yourself! You all seem like really great guys, but let’s be realistic.

  188. Donna Ivy says:

    I have to say I love this show. These guys were huge stars,back when their kind of shows were the hottest thing.The fact that the focus group could sit there and have so many negative comments about these men,just shows how fickle and shallow we as entertaiment junkies can be.
    I for one am happy to see all of the men putting thier selves out there and showing the darker side of celebrity that we never see.I think they all are hot .I may not have ever watched baywatch,but OMG! if it was still on with them two on it I would be sitting in front of the t.v. with my mouth hangindg open.
    BRAVO! to all of the men! you were missed and you are back!

  189. Joan says:

    Chris, you still look hot!!!! I hope that we can start seeing you on the tube or screen soon. I still haven’t found out why you faded in the first place, but it’s great to know that you want to come back.
    Love the show. Each guy has to know that sometimes the public is harsh. I surely don’t look the same as I did 20 years ago, but you can only do the best you can. You all have talent and that’s more than most of us. It’s your talent that’s working for you the outside is just a shell. Keep the faith.

  190. 2centsworth says:

    Having myself majored in acting/journalism and the media arts and having worked various areas of the industry and field from news reporter to entertainment stylist and now writer, I found the show, particularly the men and their stories VERY entertaining and endearing, but found the preminse of it somewhat humiliating to these adult professionals and found the stylist EXTREMELY annoying, and needlessly and wrongfully opinionated. As far the the panel, I don’t know where they found these women, but they, in my “professional” opinion were sorely out of touch with “reality” and with what’s hot and what’s not. In fact, most needed “help” themselves, so found it quite ironic that thye would dare dish on someone else, and give uniformed and unjustified opinions. Other than a few pounds that certatinly need to be shed by one former teen idol, a few facial treatments for some others, and perhaps a select few wardrobe adjustments, and possibly somej polishing up or who’s who in the biz and acting skills, the comments made by the stylist were totally off. In fact, SHE didn’t look so hot herself. In fact, I would NEVER go to her for fasion advice. Her hair and makeup were unflattering and her ensembles screamed mediocrity. The only thing she had going for her professionally was a few of the heavy hitting names that appear on her resume….but is she still working with these people?

    How could she make that VERY handsome Jeremy Jackson cut his very ‘boyish” and fun surf and sun hair and make Eric Nies shave his sexy and fabulous facial hair. It gave him character and charisma…and fit perfectly with those considered Hollywood “elite” such as Mr. Pitt , Mr. Depp, Mr. Gabriel Aubrey and Mr. Jeff Holloway, who all also sport facial hair VERY WELL. So, I’m not quite sure what she was thinking or why, but I vehemently diagarre. I also diagree with the look she went for, for Mr. Jamie Walters. The hot was “hot”, but why fashion him after Justin Timberlake and not give him his own edge and identity? Did they look “bad”. Overall, “NO”, but that’s because, overall they are all attractive men in their own right but I do not think the stylist did anything that would merrit us or anyone taking more of a notice than they would have before and for some I feel she was completely off her mark.

    I wish thes men ALL THE VERY BEST and hope they can realize their dream, they were all very charming.

  191. Brett Michaels says:


    Two suggestions, drop the necklace, and start smiling more.


  192. Ralphy says:

    I also question the validity of Cooper Lawrence as the psychologist for the show. I mean she got in trouble for making stuff up on mass effect being a sex simulator last year on fox news. To top it off she never saw or played the game before and yet made such bold claims of something she has no experience with. You can go type it in “Cooper Lawrence on fox news,” if you want. She’s a fake just looking for some more publicity.

  193. Nicole says:

    I was reading some of the comments posted on the blog, regarding age, getting older, your fans getting older, etc. To heck with that! I didn’t watch your shows I was a little to young, I didn’t see Blue Lagoon in theaters again I was a little too young. So while the blogs a right you all have aged and so have your first fans keep in mind you are creating a new fan base because you’ve all still got it! You all are actually breaking the celebrity mold and allowing people to see that celebrities can be humble,sensitive, and introspective. That combined with everyones good looks should bring you all great success in anything you all choose to pursue. Thank you all for sharing your experiences with the world. I can’t wait to see what you all do next!
    Your newest fan,

  194. mandie patterson says:

    jeremy jacksons hair looks awesome!!!! he is very cute!

  195. melissa says:

    I am so excited to see Jermey Jackson! I think he has the pasion and the talent needed for a successful career. He is also gorgeous!

  196. Debby says:

    I’m baffled by the focus group episode! I truly believe they picked the most negative, rude women out there! The lady that commented on the chia pet hair should look in the mirror! HELLO….CHIA HEAD! RUDE, she was just rude! You can have an opinion about someone but geez…you don’t have to be so mean! These women should be embarrassed by their behavior. I hope they never have to hear someone be that rude about them!
    About the “stylist” on the show…once again, did they go out and find the rudest person out there? I’m not sure why she was so rude. Looking at her, she had no reason to be!!!!!
    To the men on this show…I applaud you all for being on this show and taking all of this crap to get your careers back on track. To the man from “Fame”, you are hardly fat! I think you look great. I think people expect us to stay the same size we were in our teens and 20s and it’s just not realistic. I think you all look great and should be proud of who you are and where you are. Good luck with your careers! It’s great to see you back!

  197. John Solari says:

    just happy for chris A.your friend Solari

  198. CB says:

    I just saw the show last night. I saw the people ripping on all them. I disagree with most of their statements. Im 22 and Love the song How do you talk to an Angel. He really needs to get into singing and making more records. Also saying the other guy looked like a rapist is completely wrong. Someone with problems on how they look shouldnt take it out on him. I think he is far from any of the statements that were givin to him. Anyways I wish all of them the best of luck and letting ya know that what the people in that room is not what everyone feels.

  199. Jenn says:

    Send everyone else home and just put Christopher Atkins back on film.

  200. Smitty's Girl says:

    Please! Where did they find these women? First of all, Jamie Walter’s music is timeless. I still listen to it. Tell me, what is more appealing than seeing a man interact so sweetly with his children? Let it roll…My guy is an Air Force, guitar playin’, Harley ridin’, ink’d baldy(shaves it to the skin, baby) that stil takes alot of time to be a great dad! It’s making sure you stick with YOUR priorities! You won’t be happy trying to fulfill someone else’s expectations…

  201. Kelly H says:

    I think that it is great that these guys are back. Good luck to each and every one of them. My personal favorites are Chrs Atkins and Adrian Z. Although I was a fan of Baywatch as well I admire the fact that although they may not like what they hear they are still willing to make the attempt to change with the times. Everything changes with time. We all do. Just need to adapt. I am a mother of 3 and 38 years old. I know all of these actors and admire them all. Kudos to them! What they are doing on reality tv takes guts. That’s more that alot of us would be willing to do. I wish them much luck in achieving their goals. Go Chris!!

  202. Reginafl says:

    I love the show, I came to tears and some points and I am hoping this will do great things for all of you..

  203. Lisa Jones says:

    You all seem to be fantastic men. You don’t need the public to validate that! All of you are very handsome and talented in your own rights. Takes courage to sit through such tough criticism. Look forward to seeing you all in your future projects. If in fact you find any that are worthy of you and your talent. Good luck.

  204. KIM says:

    After seeing all the guys witness their own focus group all I can say is that people can be brutal!!
    I think the thing you need to keep in mind is that I didn’t notice anyone in the focus group that probably wouldn’t get torn to shreds if the tables were turned!! I was with a group of women a few months ago and they were ripping on Nicolette Sherdian, she looks old etc…. I said to them she is older than anyone in this room and is much prettier than any of you. Needless to say that comment didn’t go over very well. My point is our society is always so quick to judge on appearences. What each of you always need to remember is your talent. No matter how you look and by the way I think you are all very Handsome, It is you talent at the end of the day that matters. If you have to play the game and step up your image to get the parts then you should definetly do it. What ever you do just don’t take the critacism to heart, it truly means nothing. Serioulsy look at Benicio Del Torro, he looks like he just stepped off the boat, but when he is acting he takes you on the journey and becomes the sexist man alive. Steven Tyler another example, if he were a normal person walking down the street you would think he was a strung out druggie that has had to much plastic surgery!! When I see him in concert “MAGICAL”. My point is, give people a good performance and your perceived image flaws become plusses. I am rooting for each and everyone of you!!!!

  205. Bryson Igarta says:

    I wish you all the best, keep your head up and focus on your goals. thx

  206. Ashley says:

    I’m not sure what all those women were talking about but you are all still as great as you have ever been. I’m excited to see all you guys back!!!! Jamie can’t wait for a new track and Jeremy you look amazing!!!! mean it :-)

  207. Glory says:

    I’m not a big reality show fan but I will watch ANYTHING with Christopher Atkins in it. Love him.

  208. Terri says:

    I have to say congrats to all of these guys for putting themselves out there and listening to the hurtful things that were said. Just remember that it was just a select few saying things. I think all of you look great and beauty is on the inside, but unfortunately the entertainment industry dictates to us what is “IN”
    I really wish all of you well and can’t wait to see what happens. I would also like to say Thanks to Scott and Harvey for making people wake up to what a rat race in the entertainment industry is about. I respect each and every one of you.
    God Bless!

  209. Amy says:

    I just wanted to say that I am already totaly hooked on ths show! I think that those guys are so brave and honest to put themselves in this position, it couldnt have been easy. That focus group was full of crap and do not represent how the rest of the general public feels. I wish them all the best of luck and look forward to watching the show to see if their dreams become reality. Thank you for finally putting a reality show on tv thats worth watching.

  210. SANDRA says:

    I am 39. I love the show! I love the cast! This is a hit! I the the drive I hear and see in everyone. Jeremy is so positive and strong, not to mention Hot. The makeovers were absolutely perfect. Good luck to everyone. You all seem to want it, so I wish you the best of luck. As for the all woman group that had thier say about you. They do not speak for all of us!

  211. juliegentry says:

    Way to go! I am so honored to have grown up watching all of you and the guts it takes to put yourselves out there on this show is sooooo exciting to watch. I want you all to know that the regular people out here are cheering you all on….!

  212. SANDRA says:

    How can that woman in the focus group not like Jamie Walters song! She doesn’t have any taste! I don’t like you lady!

  213. SANDRA says:

    Thank you all for all the wonderful works you have done! Each and everyone one of you have touched us in some way! Good luck in all your future endevours.

  214. cassie says:

    Watched the first two episodes and LOVE it. There is something endearing and likable about every one of these guys. (It has that great Scott Baio flavor infused throughout — great editing, interesting storylines and situations…) Have to say, though, I think Billy Hufsey is totally unusual — in a really good way. I didn’t really know who he was before but there’s something about him. He kind of has a Danny Aiello, New York Italian vibe (though he’s a lot younger). I definitely want to see more of that guy. He’s got that proud but humble thing I really like. Funny, good looking (he’s not in any way fat — the focus group women were ridiculous.) I know there’s some perfect character role in an independent film just waiting for him…

    Anyway, good luck to all the guys. It takes a lot of guts to do this and I wish them all the best.

  215. Rachelle says:

    I think all the guys are really cute, and I wouldn’t mind watching or listening to any of these them! Congratz and many blessings on the come back!!

  216. jane says:

    I’ve been on vacation and just now watched the first episode and I have to adamantly state that I tend to abhor ‘Reality TV’. However, I purchased Teen Beat and had posters of at least a couple of these guys when I was a teen in the 80′s so I recorded the program just to see what it was about. I really enjoyed their positive attitudes, wiry self-deprecating humor, and I’m actually interested to see where this leads. Good luck (or should it be break a leg) Guys!!

  217. Dawn says:

    I am 39 and remember all of you. The main reason I started to watch this show is because Chris Atkins was going to be on it. He looks as good as he every did. I did not agree with the focus group. Of course everyone is going to look older. So do the women that gave their opinions about you. I personally like men that look like real men. Men who know what hard work is. Too many people in Hollywood are altering their faces to the point that they don’t even look like they did when they started out in the business. I would race the the theater to see Chris Atkins in a leading man role again! He is every bit as charming as Brad Pitt and George Clooney and not near as annoying. Billy Huffsey does not look like he has a Chiapet on his head. He has a clean cut look and he is not fat. He’s just not 20 anymore. I’m excited to see where the road takes all of you. Best of Luck!

  218. Dawn says:

    I am 39 and remember all of you. The main reason I started to watch this show is because Chris Atkins was going to be on it. He looks as good as he every did. I did not agree with the focus group. Of course everyone is going to look older. So do the women that gave their opinions about you. I personally like men that look like real men. Men who know what hard work is. Too many people in Hollywood are altering their faces to the point that they don’t even look like they did when they started out in the business. I would race to the theater to see Chris Atkins in a leading man role again! He is every bit as charming as Brad Pitt and George Clooney and not near as annoying. Billy Huffsey does not look like he has a Chiapet on his head. He has a clean cut look and he is not fat. He’s just not 20 anymore. I’m excited to see where the road takes all of you. Best of Luck!

  219. Rachel says:

    This is my first reality show that drew interest to me…I give kudos to all the men…My favorite is Chris Atkins…Thought I wish the very best for all of them…I believe the women that judged them on the recent episode were extremely harsh…..not sure where they got that panel but I think they could have done better… I am rooting for all to find whatever it is you truly want, whether it be fame or just knowing if you still have what it takes….

  220. lolo says:

    Welcome back! U guys soo hot! ;)))

  221. Dawn says:

    Christopher Atkins is the only reason I am watching this show. He is every bit as good looking now as he used to be. More mature and rugged looking. HOT!!!! He seems so humble. Robert Redford has nothing on you! Billy Hufsey is not fat either. Adrian Zmed is not old looking. I’m glad to see men on TV that look like real men. Most of the men on TV have had so much work done they vaguely resemble the men they were when they first got in the business. Its not realistic. I’m so glad to see all of you back on TV. I would be the first person in line to see Chris in a leading man role! Can’t wait!

  222. Julie Nelson says:

    I am 40 years old and remember each of you. I have to say that you’re all absolutely gorgeous and have aged better than most women I know. If this craziness is what would truly make you happy and fulfilled, then what the hell….it’s just clothes and hair this crazy stylist is telling you to change. What’s left over is what makes you endearing and sexy in the first place.

    Chris was the only thing that panel of women got right. The rest of it…. well, I think Eric was right. Just let it roll.

    Good luck with reinventing yourselves. I look forward to the upcoming episodes!

  223. Darzie of Aurora, Co says:

    Hell-o to the whole Cast! Wow! I think that you all are great! I can’t believe how fast time goes. I just want to say how good it is to see you all! I myself, have woundered. What it would be like, to be a Auctor? Thank You! Your Confessions are what we need. I would like to make an appearence in something someday! Here is to all of you! May your big Comeback’s be everthing that you have hope and prayed for! God Bless You All!

  224. Samantha says:

    Jeremy, thank you for cutting your hair…you just jumped up 100 points on the hot-o-meter! My girlfriends and I need a reason to go to the movies, so please make one soon!

  225. Belinda says:

    I guess these guys from my teenage years grow old just like I have. I just can’t believe how old they look and makes me wonder does people who see me after so many years think I look just as old ? I am glad to see them and how they have worked through there issues and are healing…great job guys looking forword to seeing more of you !

  226. TK says:

    This show is awesome! I grew up wtih these guys! I really feel for them having to hear the panel of women trash them, those women were pretty harsh and I think they overdid the comments. And Jason Hervey needs to back off some, he wasn’t that popular and I was never fond of him, most of these guys were bigger stars than he ever was. Now Scott Baio is another story, always loved Scott and I watched his reality show and I feel he has his head on straight. So I hope all these guys make it again in show business and I’m proud of them for being so open-minded to trying new things. Way to go guys!!! Show them all you can all do it and do it well!!!! I hate that this is only an 8-part reality show, I’m gonna miss it!!!!!

  227. Larri says:

    I look forward to watching this show, every week, and ruiting for everyone of these gorgeous men! Beauty is in the eye, of the beholder. Each one of these beautiful souls appeal to different women everywhere! Why try to mold them to look like everyone else in Hollywood, if you went by there individuality now, they each should be picked up or signed to do what they love. I personally, would watch anyone of them, in anything you put them in!! I personally think, Eric is incredibly sexy and has a body, that i can’t get out of my mind!!!! Your body is purrfection!! and I am happily married, for 17 years now! I Hope and Pray you ALL find what IT is, you are on this Journey to find! God Bless you!! and by the way, the women in the group, were ALL so scary, there opinions don’t count!!

  228. San Jose, California says:

    This show has me hooked.!

    It’s hard not to root for all of them. It’s very cool to see Bill Hufsey. I wasn’t a huge fan of the show, but I did see plenty of episodes, and Billy and Leon were big time standouts!

    I’ve never seen a full episode of Baywatch so I don’t really know anything about Jeremy and David. I thought it was pretty funny that The Hoff had a son on the show! David (like Michael Bergin—who I only know because he wrote a book) has leading man looks, but it really depends on acting chops for these two.

    I don’t have anything to share about Adrian Zmed other than I do remember him from Grease 2 and T.J. Hooker.

    Eric Nies was The Man on MTV back in the day! He’d be perfect for an Original Reality Stars versus New Reality Stars type of show. And I still think he’d be good reality show host (the guy on I Love Money is just not doing it for me at all; he’s just too boring). On the flipside, Eric needs to quit being so philosophical. Jeez Louise!

    The Blue Lagoon was a looong time ago, but I’m rooting for Atkins to do well. And the girls on the show are really rooting for him too. That says a lot!

    Jamie has a great job! I see no reason why he can’t be both a fireman and pursue his singing career. Jamie shouldn’t worry about what the girl said about his song on the show. The proof is in the pudding. Plenty of people enjoyed the song, and he’ll always have those who just want to hate.

    Billy Hufsey, shouldn’t get too hurt because someone said that he needs to lose some weight. I think that he should either gain a lot more weight and reinvent himself, or lose about 30 pounds and reinvent himself. He just needs a different look. He’s a little too tan. If it’s natural, cool, but if it’s fake-bake or laying out in the sun, it’s not working. I’m really rooting for Billy the most on the show! Just remember what’s imperative in Hollywood: thick skin! Criticism is going to come your way constantly (but you already know that). Broadway would be good for him as well.

    Good luck guys!

  229. TERRI says:


    GOOD LUCK!!!!

  230. Ariel says:

    I loved Adrian in Grease 2 and I STILL LOVE adrian!! You’re still sexy!!! And Billy, YOU ARE NOT FAT!!!

  231. FZ says:

    Let me just say I think all the guys still look great! We all age, gain a little weight get wrinkles whatever. Under it all they are good guys. I would love to see all of them succeed. Each of them are still cuties. I give them all credit for putting it on the line and I think it is very courageous of them. They took all the criticism very well. I think Chrisopher Atkins is the closest to my age and I must say……he is still adorable. Good luck guys. I’m rooting for ALL you!

  232. Amy says:

    Hello, I just watched the show over the weekend and I completely disagree with the coments made about Jamie Walters. I am 34 and I personally think he is hotter now then ever. The one woman from the focus group made a comment about thinking he was someone from the show Prison Break, well I say take it as a compliment Dominic Pursell and Wentworth Miller are HOT!!!!!!! You put a bunch of woman in a room and say go crazy, they are going to bash men. Especially those woman who have been scorned. I am a woman and I know how we can be.

  233. Kimmie61 says:

    I’m watching the show right now. Eric Nies…I think your HOT. I like your look. However, the outfit you have on is great for everything except a meeting. I think you can keep the same style just make it neater. I don’t think any of you guys should change your look. I think you need to be and stay YOU. I think those women were brutal. You can take any actor, singer that you do not find attractive, put him in a role that appeals to you and all of a sudden WOW, HE IS HOT! The successful people in your line of work pick and choose what roles to play, songs to sing, keeping true to themselves ( I think)

    Best of luck to you all.!!!!!!
    Looking foreard to seeing you in the future, in whatever roles you decide to take on!

  234. Mary says:

    Hi Guys,

    I think it’s great that you are all trying to get back into the “Biz”. I just watched the show with the focus group and they women were really harsh. You all look great and it seems still have a lot of potential!!! Keep up the good work and remember not everyone thinks that you are middle aged over the hill loosers!!!

  235. Michelle says:

    I grew up watching up watching all of their shows plus I really don’t know what all of those women were talking about they still look great to me ! ! ! Expecially Jeremy , he grew up to be a Hottie ! ! !
    ” YEP ” ….

  236. bunny says:

    HEY Atkins has got it going on… even at his age..

  237. Lisa says:

    I went to High School in Ocean Township with Eric Nies. I think he looks great and I enjoy watching him on TV again! We are getting older so I hope he can find success once again.

  238. Kristy says:

    I am enjoying this show so far. I think the group comments from those horrible woman was just WRONG. Where did they get those woman to watch the “personalities” guys from then and now. The things they said about Jeremy hurt my feelings. He indeed has come along way. He survived the drug scene and really really bad drug scene. I think that is great that he got the help and is now moving forward. As for all the guys those woman should of said positive things as well. Everyone likes to hear nice things including those horrible woman that they picked. That one chick had her stupid phone ear piece on. Anyway bottom line I wish they would of said nicer things. Everyone deserves a chance no matter what their gig is. Adrian looks wonderful, Chris Adkins, Jamie all the guys have something great to bring to the table. They are all unique in their own way. They are people too. Not just figures. Good luck to all the guys and continue to be true. And screw the bad comments and move on forward. Best wishes guys! ~Kristy

  239. Melinda says:

    I think this show is a great idea. I like seeing blasts from the past, I hope that these guys can find the help and inspiration they need. And hopefully they let their guard down and aren’t so stubborn. I think that the focus group was MEAN, really the things they said were not very nice at all!

  240. Elva says:

    Just wanted to say what you guys are doing on this show takes Courage inner strength and faith. All of these qualities are needed to be amazing performers and in my option you all still {got it!}
    Break a leg in your future endeavors your fans will be watching.

  241. PEP says:

    I just stumbled across this show last week when I thought I saw Jamie Walters and was stuck watching it when I realized it was him. I just saw episode 2 and just want to let Jamie Walters know that you go for it guy! I bought your CD back when you were on 90210 years ago, love the whole CD and have actually searched on several occassions for more info. on the internet to see what happened to you and if you had released any more CD’s. You’ve got great music and a great voice and I agree with the woman on the show……you can do it again. I also learned where you’ve been. You said you’ve got a family with 4 children now, so I know you’ve been busy! But don’t give it up. I would love to see some more CD’s with your music. Really go for it on this show!! Good to see you back in the public’s eye and wish you the best!

  242. GA says:

    You know what’s interesting about this show? The guys aren’t the ones I laugh at or feel sorry for or even make mockery of – no – it’s all the idiots who interact with them. The losers on this show aren’t the idols – the losers are all those women in the focus group whom have nothing to show for their lives, the stylists, the interviewers – those are the losers on this show. And ironically, their 5 minutes of fame MIGHT give them something to show for themselves, but all it does is make me laugh at them.

    The show is great.The idols still have it. But the idiots are priceless – thanks VH1 for showing that average Americans are just that – average.

  243. Sharon Shettel says:

    I probably just watched a re-run but I was still outraged. This episode was a focus group who were shown these guys in the past and as they are now. I want to know where they found these women and did they script them to say such nasty things about the actors. Each and every talented man on this show deserves a second chance. I would enjoy seeing them ALL in another dream role. I don’t feel like any of them need to alter their appearance at all. They all have great individual character, looks and charm. I wish them all a prosperous future.

  244. Sherri says:

    All these guys are great!! I’ve really enjoyed watching the show so far and I believe they all have great opportunities in the entertainment industry. Also Jeremy looks soooo much hotter with his shorter haircut, makes me hot just lookin at him!!

  245. Phylissa says:

    This is a great reality show. I did grow up with these guys, and am proud of them. I really think they can make it. All of them have great potiential, especially Chris. He does look like the All American, that we all want to see a comeback. They have a great attitudes, in what they have to deal with during this reality show. Jamie Walters is very talented, and he will make it with his music. I can see Eric Nies in a movie, i think he just needs to be at the right place, at the right time.
    What good sports they were, when those women were ranking on them.

  246. Jenn says:

    I think the show is cool.But I don’t feel that the panel of women that gave their opinions made much sense. Especially the one who made the comment about Jeremy Jackson, she said he looked like a rapest and like he was on drugs, can someone please tell me what a rapist looks like, please priest’s rape people so do teachers and Doctors and lawyers are drug addicts ….So can someone please tell me what they are suppose to look like……You needed to get a group of women who had brains….. I think they were very superficial and had no clue what they were talking about you can’t judge a book by its cover…..

  247. Phylissa says:

    I want Chris Atkins to make a movie. i will so go watch it. And these guys are great sports for putting themselves out there. I am really pulling for them, and I think they have still got it.
    They all have something appealing, and I think they will be back. I am going to watch this show every week. Those women, were not positive. I think they were told to be as negative as possible, and when they saw Chris, they just lost it. He is really cute, and is the All American dream.

  248. WENDY says:

    sorry guys this is just sad .you just keep in mind your not teen idols just teen has beens . but i still wish you luck but this really isnt the way. it just shows how some of you have aged well others it a really big mistake . some were sucessful early on some i had to look you up. good luck believe me your gonna need it

  249. Tracy says:

    Hey Guys!
    Good for all of you for doing this show. It takes a lot of courage and strength to put yourselves back out there again. I am a 40 year old single mom who remembers each and every one of you. Frankly, I can’t believe it’s been this long since “we’ve” parted ways. All of you remind me of such wonderful time in my youth. Ah, the good ol’ days of the 80′s and 90′s. I’m sure others feel the same way and for that, you should be proud. Chris Atkins (and Scott Baio) were technically my first…..well….for a young girl who was quickly maturing, I feel you two preceded my first real boyfriend, let’s say. Ah, what the Blue Lagoon did to a young girl! Chris, you’ll always be that guy to me….

    I also think David has gotten the short end of the stick. Why not more talk about this guy. Yes, he’s amazingly hot still, but I see a lot of depth and intelligence in the guy. Forget about him simply being eye candy and give him a chance. I imagine, he too, could be another Robert Redford. Hey, how about the new Butch and Sundance with Chris and David? There’s an idea.

    That focus group of women had no idea what they were saying…or VH1 cut parts out. You guys are ALL still GORGEOUS and I’d kill to hang out in a room with all of you. You are right that it’s not just about your good looks, but your personality and it’s clear to the public that you guys are more than just a few former faces of Hollywood. Shoot, you all were the king’s cheese for awhile there!

    And why are they picking on our sweet “Hobie”? Are they blind? The guy has the chiseled good looks of any leading man and the haircut only makes him better.

    Jamie, Billy, Adrian, Eric…you guys go get ‘em too. Strap on your thick skin and unbreakable backbone and get back in the ring! They ain’t seen nothing yet! Damn, I wish this show wouldn’t end….I love it. It was a great idea hearing from people who were celebrities and then lost it. If that isn’t character builiding, I don’t know what is.

    Hey, if you guys are ever in Columbus, Ohio, make sure that I know about it!
    Tracy from Columbus, Ohio, 40 and still
    in lust with her teen idols
    (but just without the posters in my locker anymore. :)

  250. kelly says:

    hey guys dont worrry about what the focus group said you all rock and jamie your song was the bomb i have such great memories from that song in fact i downloaded it today u guys rock rock on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  251. Debbie says:

    I just want to say to all the guys that I thought it was really mean to punk them they way they did on the first episode. And I’d also tell all the guys not to let anyone make them feel that they are unimportant, talentless, or over. Each of them are great guys with so much to give, not only to the world of entertainment, but to the world. They are all GOOD people. Humble and real and have learned from their lives and from being on top, being down, and trying to work their way back on top. I wish you all only the best of luck! You’re all terrific!

  252. Debbie says:

    I once saw Billy Hufsey at club Vertigo in L.A. back in the days when he was on fame and I could not believe how absolutely gorgeous he was in person. He was unbelieveably handsome! Best of luck to you Billy!

  253. sande j diller says:

    boyz I soooooooooooooo would not have acted like these women…and that I am NOT acting on…and to be an actress…well first a model then a flight attendant and then the actor as I did it since I was in the 4th grade…if I had had agent I am sure I would have gotten a role in animal house as I graduated in newport oregon 75 cute and popular and not because I was cute as I ONLY say that BECAuuuuuuuuuuuuuse it is HoLlIwood!! for what the eva it is worth…do you really know how they thought of AcTors long back??? watch the choc movie…jonny depp julia yada yada…ya ya ; / NOTHING we are really NOTHING!!! just peoples!!! tiring to be…ok you got it…maybe? and yet FAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but we change which I could put on a pic as some change for better ; } and some don’t…but it is change and life and God is stil God and think I am really talking to me…look it up…sydney diller. your career
    does soooooooooooo billy lie in what you do then HOW you look…and YET you ALL look hot. so those women and those comments good and
    BAD!!! it as I said is not ALL as the USA sees you. but hollywood is

  254. Watcher says:

    That Cooper witch needs to take her own advice and listen up when I say she is extemely unappealing and has a heinous attitude. Focus group you.

  255. Stacey says:

    I have only watched a few minutes of the show but I know already I will keep watching. I don’t usually Blog…but I think the guys need to hear from a woman who is their peer. You are all gentlemen and life is your lesson. What ever road you take, stay in the NOW, stay focused and be patient. One of my favorite sayings is “Leave life alone, let it be.”

    Good luck to you all !

    PS Jeremy you are not scary at all!!!! Bill, you are HOT!!!


  256. Jo says:

    Wow, this show is great!!! I grew up with these guys and loved them then, and still do. I think that the women on the panel were straight up nasty, and were pretty harsh. Yeah, they are the hot young things they were back in the day, but you know, after their appointments with the stylists… they ain’t lookin’ to shabby!!!! Hope the guys get what they want from this. I’d check out their new show, movie or song. Change is the hardest thing in the world to do. Its hard to put yourself out there, and put on the face that everyone wants to see, which sometimes, is just not your own. And boy, to me, Jamie is just as hot as ever! Always loved ya! Good luck guys!!!

  257. Beth M. says:

    Billy, Billy, Billy….don’t listen to those women. YOU are soooo sexy! I love a real man, not some chisled hard body type. Billy you have a beautiful spirit and it shows on your face and in your eyes. You are just plain YUMMY!
    Christopher….yep the ladies nailed it…Robert Redford. And I think you resemble him in more ways than just your good looks. Definitely a great role model. I admire the way you carry yourself and the way you talk to other people with respect.
    Adrian…I could just hug you till you begged me to stop. How precious are you? When I watch you no matter what you are doing I just see a joyous person. I love the way you smile, it travels to your eyes.
    You are all the guys I am most familiar with, and I would love to see all of you on TV. Yep movies are great, but TV I have more access to. I’m not a big fan of paying to see a movie only to have someone talk through it, or some baby crying, I want to lose myself in a film. Besides, my husband usually falls asleep when he sits still for to long.
    Ya’ll are the best. All of you in that house are just adorable. You are funny and honest, so Thank You for letting us get to know you better. I’ll keep watching.

  258. Sunnee says:

    All these guys are still hot. Hell we all will get old and how you take care of yourself determines how well you will look. I am so glad to see all of them trying to make it back. They have my support!

  259. An approving fan says:

    David Chokachi still looks hot and looks like he can do leading roles in anything whether it is in a movie of TV show. I think the older a person gets the better they look. Look at Mel Gibson and John Travolta and Tom Cruise.

  260. Shaye says:

    I kinda backed away from shows like this because the realness wasn’t there but now Sunday can’t get here fast enough. For years i didn’t like Billy Hufsey cause when i was 13, i saw him at Great Northen Mall and he blew me off. It hurt my feelings but why hold a grudge. I see know he has feelings that get hurt too. Adrian Zmed , has always had my heart. I saw him in a grease production here in clevland. I wrote him a letter and gave it to the ushers to give to him the next night and wouldn’t you know he wrote me back, not just a autograph but a nice note. I might be 32 but he’s still on my wall. I could on about each of you just know that all of you have and can continue to make people remember what was and Now what is still to come.

  261. April says:

    I’m lovin this show. All of us fans are in the same place in our life too–trying to get back some of what we once had. My two cents: Chris Atkins is just popping out of the TV screen for me. He is leading man material without a doubt. I like watching all the men on this show, but Chris seems the most likely to make something out of this comeback.

  262. Carol says:

    I just watched the first show on Jan 14th, 09. I felt that MOST OF THE COMMENTS FROM THOSE WOMEN WERE ****WERE VERY HARSH, AND NEGATIVE ****( specially the same three women, who came accross as very negative and unhappy because they had negative comments about EVERY body.

    ERIC NEIS AND GETLEMEN: PLEASE INGNORE THOSE TIRED BIACHES, especially the black womanl with the blue tooth on her ear ,and the white woman with the 80′s hair-do (blue top).


  263. Anna says:

    I think you’re ALL absolutely gorgeous just the way you are – not because you used to be “hot” but because you ARE hot NOW. I could see any one of you being on television right now – or on the big screen… I think Jeremy Jackson would make a PERFECT brooding sexy vampire… Mmmmmm… oh yeah. And Billy Hufsey – gorgeous!! All of you are!! Anyways, good luck guys! Keep your chin up and stick with it, you CAN do this!! I’m routing for you! xoxoxo

  264. Thomas Blaschke says:

    Keep playing the progam. These guys deserve the time to show talent. If they can feel they can show themselves as an actor? Give it to them!!!!!

  265. Faith Shirley says:

    This is so pathetic and wrong! There are real people out there struggling with normal life. These guys had fame, good for them. But now they have regular jobs. They are lucky they even have jobs right now. Where regular people like myself, a single parent of two are struggling to just get a job. This show should have been down when the economy was good, I don’t feel sorry for these men. They need to grow up.

  266. maria says:

    Unbelievable!! Christopher Atkins needs to Pull his head out of his super hot Butt and get with the program. Everyone wants him to come back, Women love him his reputation is great. He went off the radar just fine but now it is For Sure a time for a comeback!! i mean lets get real! He is sooo Great looking and humble. Advice to Chris …..Wake up ur hot! Its time to return to hollywood be careful and have fun in your new future get a really good movie and breath life back into that career! Everyone has been waiting for you.

  267. Wealthgirl says:

    I love this show! Especially some of them :) They deserve a chance. I think the ladies that were on the episode looked dreadful themselves and they have no taste. Got some hotties which makes me keep watchin!

  268. Melissa says:

    Face it guys…………Women want more than a pretty face……..Personality! Seriously. YOU need to be Confident, but not arrogant. Attractive, but not a pretty boy who is vain. And please have an interest in something beyond yourself. Christopher Atkins was a pick in this survey group because he is not self absorbed…….did you not hear the ahhs from the Ladies when he was shown in the clip with his daughter. Women see a guy who loves his daughter, down to earth, someone who seems like he would be interested in them, otherwords a guys that they think would make them a priority not someone who should be the priority.. The type of guy they can imagine themselves with. Not somone flaky, self absorbed or hot headed. So many of these guys need to get in control of their emotions.I see a lot of arrogance in some of these guys. You need to present yourself as someone the audience can have a relationship with. And please all you guys complaining about the focus group, please!! As if you had never trash talked women you have met before.

  269. Marlena says:

    Chris I think you are hotter now than ever. Robert Redford has nothing on you. Best of luck on your comeback. You all deserve the best!

  270. 5150girl says:

    All I have to say is all you guys are STILL hot, don’t listen to a word those frumpy $^!%_#))+&@`_^`#~ es said! They are just bitter just me. You guys all had it once and in my opinion you all are still hot rocken guys!!!!!

  271. peanut says:

    Billy Hufsey.

    ya Got it goin Bro! Send me some of da babes…..

  272. Mary Ann says:

    You are still hot and very much in the running to be stars again. Don’t give up.

  273. Erin says:

    Erin Niles is hotter now than ever. Those women don’t know what they are talking about. He doesn’t need to change a thing.

  274. Rachel says:

    Jamie Walters – funny thing….

    My friend used to have a huge thing for you back in the 90s. I remember telling her that you were great looking, but too preppy. I specifically said “let him go get some ink done on his arms and he would be mad hot”. So..I found it funny that you did exactly that. You are definitely very aesthetically appealing these days..don’t let anyone tell you that you are not. And don’t let that style expert chick re-dress you into some puppet…I mean…did you SEE what she herself was wearing? I wouldn’t be caught dead in that crap…LOL!

    I realize you don’t care what people think, and that is a great thing – but please keep going with the music. The world needs something not so commericialized and cookie-cutter, everything sounds the same these days. Give us something real….


    post scriptum:
    as for the rest of you, don’t let these morons screw with your confidence – you all have talents, so use them….ignore it….just let it go and be yourselves…you will all be fine

  275. Lonisa says:

    Billy, I still remember you from Days of Our Lives as Emilio–You are not just remembered for Fame –there was life after Fame and you still have a lot to accomplish. If one person can remember your post Fame contributions to entertainment, there are surely others out there who just may not remember the talents that you have to offer. FYI you don’t have Chia hair

  276. Kelsea Dilbert says:

    Hey guys,
    I just want to tell you after all these years, you all still look good! You look like real men to me. Keep it real, reguardless of what some fat, dont know style from a donkey butt critic says. Your style is you and what it relfects as you as a whole. I loved you guys in the 80′s and 90′s and today that love has not changed. Stay cool!!

  277. Katie says:

    I am excited to see Adrian Zmed. He looks wonderful as do the others. Men, welcome back. Us women who were your fans need the excitement at this point in our lives. It’s nice to see them in their real faces and not tightened face lifts. Everyone should age as gracefully as these men of our time. I wish them all the best and am proud of all the charities they’ve helped along the way. They should be more proud of this than any other accomplishment thus far or in the future. Best of luck to each of you in your endeavor.

    KMS Watch Hill, RI

    Hey, now that you are back call me to purchase a great new mansion in Watch Hill RI to match your new looks.

  278. Lynn W says:

    Im a huge Christopher Atkins fan. Ive loved him since the first time I saw him. And seeing him on this show, has really brought up some serious wants and desires, I feel now that I could never have had as a young girl. OMG! Chris you are hotter than ever. I could get lost in your eyes. You’re gorgeous Chris, but you also have the best personallity of ANY actor out there. You will be a big star again. I’ve truely missed you. Welcome back. I really hope you get a chance to read this. I would love a response back. Just a hi would do. Please take care and be happy! All my love!

  279. Misty says:

    I tuned into the show for the first time last night and I have to say that I was completely blown away by how hurtful people can be judging others merely on the surface. I think that it takes a great deal of courage for all of you to come back out and try again especially on camera for the world to see. I wish each of you the best of success for the future. I would personally consider it an honor to witness you reach your goals. Keep your heads up and remember someone must have believed in you or you would not have been given this opportunity. Do not waste it.

    On a personal note, Jeremy you are by far my favorite. I see great potential in you. If you ever need an ego boost you know who to call.

  280. Julie Peeples-Vitalone says:

    Well, I saw the first show and thought, who are most of these guys(sorry I was never a teenaged drooler) :) But I must say I am thrilled and My husband snickered watching my reaction to Chistopher Atkins. , Chistopher’s Characterin Blue Lagoon was based on pure innocence of young love..I don’t doubt that you’ll be coming back Christopher, But the other men that I truly had the pleasure of seeing as a teen should keep in mind the personality of the character that built thier careers as a teenage idol. Most have a little “tude” so that could have been the basis on the response of the focus group. I say.. Go for it… I know that I would rather see any of you more than another real life “charles in charge” is not ready to grow up and marry his long time girlfriend show again. Good Luck.. Lord knows I can’t wait to see what the future brings for you all.
    Mom to five kids that think she’s crazy for watching…

  281. lynda kometz says:

    Kudos to Scott and Jason……Terrific show! Very intriging to bring such a diverse group of men. Each with a different look and talents. As a woman that has not had fame (no talents) I have been a fan of all these men. I knew Chris would be a front man for success but David and Adrien should be as well. None of these men should feel insecure because they have what it takes. I just hope that they can stay grounded and not get into the party seen because I think thats what most people think “fame” is…….where was I seen and with who….what was I wearing! All that material stuff isn’t fame. Your talent is fame! How you treat people and how hard you work are fame.

    Have fun with this guys and just know that even if you fade into the sunset making great pools or are behind the camera, you are all winners and I personally thank you for your contributions to the entertainment business!!!!

  282. tammy says:

    does anyone know the name and artist of the song playing as the ladies in the focus group are talking about the guy from The REal World?

  283. Timmi says:

    I’m sitting here (right now), watching the show. The guys just watched the group of women and listened to their comments (some pretty harsh, I feel). I understand that “image” is a big deal when it comes to fame and such-it’s just all part of it. However, the judgemental attitudes that these women had were really uncool. Regardless of how much these guys have changed (it’s called age, people-we all go through it), I think the women should have been a bit more positve. It just seemed to be really negative and that’s not fair at all. Being a success isn’t just about looking good. It’s about being real and just who you are. Look at many of the celebrities out there. They are who they are and they continue to be that way, no matter what anyone thinks. I don’t really know what I’m trying to say. I just think the guys are all great talents and hope they ALL continue to keep trying. Each and every single one of them has a special something about them and I wish them the best. I wish you all the best!!!

  284. Misty says:

    I tuned in to the show for the first time the other night and I have to say that I was completely blown away by how judgmental people can be merely on the surface. I think that it takes a great deal of courage for all of you to come back after all these years and try again especially in front of the world. I would personally consider it an honor to witness each of you reach your goals. I wish you all the best of success. Keep your heads up and remember someone must have believed in you or you would not have been given this opportunity. Do not waste it.

    On a personal note, Jeremy you are by far my favorite. I see great potential in you. If you ever need an ego boost I am definite up for the challenge.

  285. Shelia says:

    I would like to say Christopher Adkins OMG!! you look so hot! I dont usually write things like this. I am a married woman. I love seeing you back on tv. You look better now than you did when you were younger. You have aged well and you are hot and sexy. Please come back to tv or film.

  286. ellen says:

    Listen, all you guys deserve a second chance, and don’t deny yourself that second chance.
    There is nothing nasty in your past that you can’t overcome and be on top again, and dont let anyone say there is. Since you all have been through basically the same things at one point or another help each other listen to each other and the people that are trying to help you. Scott is correct also, put ya egos to the side guys. What you had you can have again, you are all so worthy of it, just don’t take it for granted this time when you do get it again, there are alot of people in this world that would like the money that goes with that fame, especially now adays and I’m one of them being a 46yr old female dock worker,, lol you could be doing what I do. Believe me it sucks #`&^&`&%_%`*(`* but its a job and I thank god in this economy that I have it. SO SUCK IT UP AND BE WHAT YOU KNOW YOU CAN BE, NOT WHAT YOU USE TO BE,, BETTER. GOOD LUCK.

  287. Glenn says:

    Hi Guys,

    I have had the opportunity to see each and everyone of you in the peaks of your careers and I think that what you are all doing is a wonderful thing. Keep pushing for your dreams, never think you are to good for the little things. Don’t be to proud to start from the bottom again. As a viewer and a fan, I am so proud to have been a fan back then and certainly follow and hope that you will once again be where you want to go.

    You all rock!

  288. Carrie says:

    I think you guys are very brave and I wish the very best for all of you. I am really voting for Chris and Jamie. I can really see me falling for you guys on the tube. You both seem genuine and down to earth. Oh yah and very HOT!

  289. Lisa45 says:

    I think all the guys look great. I am still attracted to all the guys that I was attracted to years ago. Time has not changed their sexuality and I hated watching the episode that indicated otherwise. That focus group did not know what they were talking about. I hope this show helps them get back into the public’s eye again. A few have some bad attitudes but I am really pulling for those with the desire to do what it takes. Chris, Jeremy, Adrian and Billy–I will watch this show for you.

  290. Keli says:

    When I saw Billy Hufsey, I recognized him right away. I watched Fame when I was younger ( I am 40 now) but that wasn’t it. I knew it was something else. Then I realized it was Days of our Lives! I loved his character Emilio. I was a days junky for years and years. You look great Billy.

  291. Tammy says:

    I love this show!! However, i did not agree with those women in the focus group. I personally grew up knowing who all of you are, half those women did not. So i dont think they had a right to say anything. I wish all of you the best of luck and hope to see you in a film. There are fans out there waiting to see what you all can do, we all have your backs!!

  292. Jaylynn says:

    I think the idea of this show was great! I am so sorry you had to hear mean things from the woman in the poll. As a TV audience we are excited to see all of you come back and have a great career. I wish you well and I will be looking for you in future shows, movies, etc.. Keep strong. Many believe in you. I can’t wait to see what happens!

  293. wendy s lovett says:

    Love the show and it’s great to see all of you guys looking like real men. I find it incredibly sexy that you are not afraid to look at your careers up to this point, realize what you could have done differently (or not) and move on. It shows maturity. Brains and sincerity, what a combo. Best wishes to all of you in whatever you decide to do.

  294. Ana Banana says:

    I have to say that all of you look great! Had I’d been in that focus group episode then, you would of heard my comments as still looks good for all of you. I like the show and don’t miss it. Hope to keep seeing you all in the spotlight.

  295. Deana says:

    *************CHRISTOPHER**************ATKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) <3
    I am so happy to see you on this show. YOU WERE MY FIRST CRUSH!!! I LOVED YOU IN BLUE LAGOON!! ….guess that’s why I still have a thing for blondes ;)
    ( I stayed home from school a few times to catch Blue Lagoon on HBO back in the day… but shhh don’t tell anyone LOL)
    I am so happy to see you back out there at a second chance and can’t wait to see you in major roles again…i just know you will be!!! You are a great guy and I was cheering you on while watching….I just knew the focus group would see what I see in you, which is a true classic all American GUY!!! I just wish I could of been one of those forever fans there for you to see still cared!
    Hope to meet you someday! (((HUGS)))

  296. Ronda says:

    I accidentally landed on your show. It was instantly interesting because I remembered many of you and had at least heard of all of you. You are all very talented and deserve a chance to get back into the business in a more visible way. I was hurt at the comments of the focus group and how they judged you strictly on your appearance. I am 50 and I think you are all nice to look at and I will watch any performance I can of each of you. Keep your confidence up and remember you all have fans who are waiting for your next show, film or cd. Best wishes to this talented group!

  297. Tracey says:

    I met you in the 80′s with Ralph Mowery. Are you still in touch with him? At the time, you dated my friend Theresa and we met at the Red Onion in Woodland Hills, CA.

  298. Lisa says:

    I really love the show & I’m a fan of reality tv too.
    I really want to commend all of you for just doing this – it’s fasinating and very courageous on your part. Me personally, I like to be known but I have no desire for the fame that you seek. I guess that’s why the show is fasinating to me.
    I truly get from Chris & Jeremy that they want and are ready to be in films or tv again regularly. I’d love to see Chris in a role where he gets to show his winning smile – yet he needs something that’s clever or intellectual based – mature. I guess I feel like he deserves that – a role that earns him respect in the public eye.
    For Jeremy, I think he could be casted as a heart throb or a villan – I don’t mean that your personality reflects this – just maybe your look appeals to the ‘bad-boy’ image. I hope that you don’t take that as a negative comment – that’s just the way I see you. And ‘bad-boys they stay in the industry a long time too & gain respect through their talent – look at DiNero – he’s not usually playing the good guy.
    I can see both of you doing it – it’s clearly in your reach. Now Jeremy – I do fear that you are vulnerable to getting too caught up in the ‘downside’ of fame – I hope that you keep your head on straight – I think you deserve the fame – but I do see this vulnerability that you perhaps haven’t yet acknowledged. I mean – have a hell of a good time – but make sure not to self destruct.
    Eric, Adrian, David & Jamie – there is something about each of you that doesn’t convince me that you’re heart is truly into this. Eric – I don’t get the impression that you are seeking fame – or even opportunities in the film or tv industry. It’s like you are on the show to inform everyone that you don’t need fame… I’m not judging you or telling you that this stance is disappointing or wrong – it’s just the vibe I get from you. If that’s the case – then just be you. But if it is fame you are seeking – you’re walls are boarded up way high – and your indifference could be misconscrude as fear.
    Jamie – you’re on a different plain than the rest. You are hoping to persue a music career. Your appearance on the show displays a certain level on indifference, the walls are up – on the one hand you display very manly characteristics – and yet I can’t help but question whether your distance is just a lack of confidence. I think you’re capable of a successful music career – and yet when I watch you on the show you’re lack of confidence only makes me question whether you have it in you… it’s not your talent making me question it – it’s your attitude.
    David – again – I don’t feel like your heart is in it – not at the level Chris and Jeremy are at. Reading your comments above I concluded that you are someone with more depth than is displayed on the show. On the show you seem to be a it of a drama boy – like you are entitled to more that what is being offered to you. Realistically you’re not – not in the industry you are choosing to be in – it is what it is. I’d like to see you take a step down from your pedistal – and just really show what you are made of – without the drama & the entitlement attitude – I think you’d be great in the acting industry… but my attitude matches yours right now – if you make it great – if you don’t – who cares.

    Adrian & Billy. You two are up there in age. I’m sure there are still a lot of opportunities open to you in the industry – you’re been away for so long though – it’s a really big jump to go from heart throb in the 80′s to current roles today. I’m trying to think of someone to compare a comeback of that magnitude – the first person who comes to mind who was huge in the 70′s and then made his way back in the 90′s is John Travolta. I sincerely wish you the best of luck – but I do think you’re journey will be a more difficult one. Hopefully there is a role out there that is looking for someone just like you!! I do get more from Billy the desire to be famous. Adrian – you seem to be held back – something is holding you back – either desire to go there or fear of not succeeding – either way – it shows that you’re not in this 100% – that’s not going to work in your favor if you truly seek fame.
    All in all – I’m glad you all did this show – in my opinion there isn’t a whole lot to watch on tv at this time and I just really enjoy watching the show. I wish you all the best – good luck!!

  299. chris says:

    jeremy you had 10min of fame on baywatch when u were 10yrs old you never really were an actor.This show is like your 100mil movie so make the best of it.You should stick to what you do best which is clubing and doing your drugs and dancing with glowsticks.Thats your new name jeremy glowsticks.From the outside looking in your no actor you treat the a joke.If you decide to smarten up take acting classes,find a good team to help you get acting gigs,even go door to door if you have to clubs and drugs isnt the answer and dude your still acting like your 21.its over.So i hope im wrong but your career is over before it even started if you keep on doing what your doing.Smarten up!!!!

  300. Corinna says:

    This is great what all you guys are doing. I am glad you are all taking steps to help tell your story to everyone. Fo

  301. Corinna says:

    This is great what all you guys are doing. I am glad you are all taking steps to help tell your story to everyone. For most of you after your series ended or you left, you kind of fell off the scene, and I am glad you guys are back! Good luck with your careers, or whatever you choose to do after this show!

  302. joni rae says:

    I am surprised I actually enjoyed this show. With so many reality shows out there it is refreshing to watch one where I recognize every person and have always wondered what happened to them all. It takes courage to air your dirty laundry and mistakes and bad decisions. Thank you for being REAL MEN and admitting you’re only human. Many actors have killed themselves trying to dodge the truth of the effects of tasting fame. You can now hold your heads up with pride and know you are presenting the once in a lifetime performance that is important to your broken spirit and regaining respect and admiration from your fans who look to you as role models…again.

  303. Erika says:

    I think all of these guys are totally amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m from Brazil, and I’ve been talking to people there about this show and everybody remembers them! And, what’s even more amazing: nobody is cheating on each other like girls do! I’d say: just go on beliving in yourself and DON’T try to compete with younger guys, ’cause you’re older, but you’re waaaaaaaaaaaaay hotter!

    Believe in yourselves!

    I love you all ;D

  304. Tina says:

    I must say I checked out this show more out of curiousity of who was going to be on the show and what they looked like now but am now hooked. The honesty and depth we are seeing of each and every character has me rooting for everyone of them to succeed again. My favorite has become Chris Atkins. I was not a fan when he was popular as he was too boyishly good looking and I was more attracted to the “bad boy” image back then but WOW he has aged tremendously well. Great idea for a reality show. Loving it!!

  305. Carol says:

    I really think all of the guys are really appealing and I hope they find what they are looking for. I would love to see several of the guys ( Billy, Adrian & Christopher) come back because I swooned over them when I was younger. The only thing I found Kind of hypocritical was when they didn’t like the women judging them on their looks alone. OH MY GOD !!! THAT:S WHAT MEN DO TO WOMEN DAILY!!!!! Now they can experience what we have experienced all our lives!!! Good Luck though!

  306. Nina says:

    I love the show! i think you guys are great. i can’t wait to see what happens. I hope you all succeed..Keep strong!!

  307. Mari D says:

    I’m 26 years old and I started watching the show because of Adrian Zmed. I love Grease 2 (watched it a billion times) and love what he did with his role. I still think he’s hot.
    I’m cheering all of these guys on because they are all talented and even better; they are sweet, sincere, and grounded. . . .and they all have the charisma and good looks needed for the business.
    I hope to see them all in TV, Film and/or listen to their music.

  308. greeneyes says:

    This is for Jamie Walters..(Dont know If you guys even read these blogs). Jamie,you are an amazing musician,I still listen to your albums from way back when! I will definitely check out your indie release. Its not my business what happened with your former record deal,whether it was a marketing issue,or if the American public (per usual)would prefer no-talent musicians….I think you got a raw deal… I only watch this show because I saw you would be on it. I dont think your being apapthetic at all,I can see why youd be a bit annoyed with the direction your co-stars want to go, and the direction youd like to head…. I only wish you the best and maybe this time, there will be less focus on whether you can act or not, and as it should be, it will become apparent for others just how talented you really are ! You are an amazing lyricist,you have the most wonderful voice…and you play your own music(what a concept)…..again I wish nothing but the best for you, your family and your career……. and really,how EFFIN much better can it get that your a paramedic???? None of the guys on that show can hold a candle to you bro!!
    keep the faith…..

  309. Billy Hufsey says:

    It’s Jan. 20th, I am in Ft. Lauderdale now…. leaving in the a.m. to go back to our hometown Billy! I know it is cold there…I watched your show and the episode that brought tears to my eyes, when you were in front of the church and wow, it just reminded me about my own life… so yes, you have come a long way and I am proud of you! hope to see ya soon, and congrats on getting married! your mother told me over the holidays…

  310. Diana says:

    Billy I especially notice you as I know you have been through some very rough times, healthwise. I found out from the Whitney’s of Cape Coral, Florida(Ingrid, not Russ) that you had a heart attack awhile back and wondered how you were feeling? You look awesome and very much physically fit. I do remember you very well from your Fame days, as you were an amazing singer, dancer and actor. I hope nothing but the best for you as you seem to me the most sincere of all your VH1 roommates. I hope this brings you back for a different type of career where you can show people that they need to look past your good looks and see what a wonderful person you are on the inside. I think you will do great in your endevers, whatever you choose to do. Stay calm, cool and keep yourself collected as you will do great with your positive attitude!! Thanks for the wonderful talent!

  311. christina says:

    Today is January 21

    I have been watching the show, I never watched fame,but I love you Billy; you are so talented you really have charisma and you are still very handsome. I thought Eric was so hott in Realworld and everything else you are still sizzling I am so glad you shaved. Oh Mr. Jackson I would love to be your Ms. Jackson but we would prouble would not be good for each other, cause I can get a little to wild! You are still Hottttt! Keep up the good work guys. Oh Tj hooker my mom use to make me watch that show. You really made the boring cop show for a young girl a lote easier on the eyes. Oh and grease loved it! Jamie walters still love your lips. Keep blowing me those kisses I know it’s not hard for you to be so sexy. David I remember watching you on Babe watch and I THINK YOU WERE THE REASON I WATCHED MMMMMMMMMM SO SEXY LOVE YOU BOYS !!!!!XXXXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO keep working hard

  312. Adrian says:

    Adrian, you are still so handsome, and articulite. beacause of you, I went into Law Enforcement and
    worked with children for 10 years. Then, worked for a DrugTask force for 15 years. If you think you did not affect anyone, your very wrong!!!!!!!I wished we lived close, so we could be friends. I like the beach, and long walks and great talks. Feel free to e-mail, if you feel down. I promise i.m not a nut.
    I just turned 57, Have two grown children, and four grandchildren. I just hate too see all so down on ” what i didn;t do” life is still so much to do. God Bless you all!!!! Rock on…..J.R.

  313. Sherry says:

    I have watch most of you in my younger days especially Chris, Billy and Adrian. I just wanted to tell all of you that I wish you all the best of luck. What you are doing is reminding those of us who are no longer in our 20′s or 30′s that we can still strive to achieve our dreams.

    Fame comes in different ways for different people. Fame for you is being on TV. Fame for me is to become an interior designer, a author and a most important a role model for my 2 children.

  314. AMJ says:

    I am hooked! Love the show! My favorites are Chris, Adrian and Billy. I guess because of their age compared to mine, 48. They are so genuine and down to earth…none of that ego stuff the younger guys seem to still have. They know what is important in life and are hopefully influencing the younger guys with their experiences. I wish them all sucess! Great show!

  315. Lindsey says:

    Adrien Zmed should tell all those people to f off. They don’t know he’s done Broadway. What’s Scott Baio done? Hello???? Not much other than reality. Broadway counts for a lot. Adrien … please don’t get a face lift. You look fine just the way you are. The more you screw with your face the more silly you look. Just be your age and be happy!

  316. Rhonda K says:

    I just have to say I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!! I was especially happy to see Jamie Walters! OMG! I’ve been IN LOVE with him since the TV show “The Heights”! I still have the soundtrack cd which he autographed for me in 1994. I will always treasure it! I also have every single episode of “The Heights” on video tape. I was sooo very upset that the show got cancelled before the end of the first season. :(( Jamie, I wish you ALL the luck and success you ever wanted. I can not wait to hear to NEW music from you. I have your 1st 2 CDs including your self @#^#_(&%^*^)^*_ led one with “Hold On” Love that song and “Ride”. LOVE IT! And I’m hoping to get your 3rd cd which I just found out about. How can I get a copy?

    Forever your fan,
    Rhonda K from KC KS

  317. Cindy Holton says:

    Love the show!!!!!

    My $$$ is on Christopher Atkins.

    If your heart is truly in it, may work be plentiful!

    This could be your 2nd chance, treat what comes your way with respect.

    Have fun and embrace Lady Luck when she smiles on you!

    Remember your fans!!!

    Best of Luck!!!!!!!


  318. Chas says:

    I think this show is the only real thing about Hollywood.

  319. Chas says:

    I wish you all much success with your careers.

    Im tired of seeing talentless people, (Paris, The Hills Cast, etc), get famous. We need some real performers.

  320. lizzie says:

    adrien Zmed is my favorite teen idol… I am a little young for him… 26!!!! but I just think he is the hottest one of all of them!!!! plus I want to tell my teen idols… Keep your head up and you guys rock!!!!! I love this show…. and I think all of you guys are going to do great!!! Scott you can kiss their butt buddy… and the other host of the show!! I hated you on wonder years… But back to the teen idols… I love you guys and believe me… there are a lot of people that are rooting for all of you!!!! u are all talented!!!! go out there and believe in yourselves!!!

  321. kathy says:

    HI Billy,
    Can’t wiait to see you again tonight. Talk to you soon!

  322. Marion says:

    I’ve been atching since the first episode and love it!!!!!!!! Jaime Walters is sooooooooooooo cute. HE seems so real and down to earth. Blue Lagoon and Dallas were hits for me because of Chris. Grease 2 was one of my favs as well.

  323. Lauren says:

    Just wanted to say I love the show. I think it (was)is a great idea. We really do not KNOW actors/actresses we’ve enjoyed all these years just the characters they are playing. Thanks for giving us a little window into who you really are guys. Love you all and hope you all acheive your “comeback” in a big way.

  324. Jessica says:

    I am such a fan of Chris, such a genuine nice person. The show is interesting, all the guys are awesome and I wish them all the best.

  325. Misty says:

    I love Adrien so much. I only watch this program because of him. He’s still got IT! He was smokin hot back then and still has major sex appeal. Sexy is not something that you can become, it’s got to be a part of your being. Stop trying so hard I say. Stay true to self and keep your chin up.

  326. Lisa says:

    I love the show!!! I have gotten my sister and friends hooked on the show also. I think the world of all the guys and think they are ALL great! I wish all of them much success. Jeremy is my favorite! I think he is HOTTER than ever!!! (I like the haircut). What a great thing you are doing. All the best to the guys. XXXOOO

  327. Priscilla says:

    I love all the guys. I love the show. This is the best idea ever. Adrian: get it together, you have the chops brother. Don’t limit your opportunities. Make the most of everything they send your way. Jeremy: go for it. You seem to want it the most. Billy: You have the most heart, you see the true privilage in being famous. Eric: I like you alot but somehow you come off as phoney. The guru you isn’t you either. David and Jaime: don’t be so afraid to take your shot. Chris: It’s working for you, although you haven’t been mainstream you haven’t been far from people’s minds. Best to all of you, may you all see your dreams come to fruition!

  328. D.J. says:

    Adrien, You should know that you were the only one I recognized when the show came on. You have always been very handsome and honey you still got it. That sweet little boy look still makes my knees buckle and always will. You are talented and have your head on straight. Wish there were more men like you. Just know you keep your head up and know that you are appreciated. I would love to hear back from ya.

  329. Tracy says:

    This is for Chris… I was 14 years old and fell in love. Iwanted to be Brook Shields. I watched you in the (Pirate Movie, and Dallas.) On top of that I beged my step dad to get me the play girl mag. Because you were in it. Ip put the the best picture of you on my closet door. ( inside) I always wondered what happened to you.I can understand leaveing Hollywood. I’m 42 years old. I reather see old movies than most of the JUNK Hollywood puts out now. It shoud be about your acting. And good looks don’t hurt. I’m glad your back.I hope to see you in the movies, if thats what you want. Tracy

  330. Krys says:

    This show is the best. It shows what we are really missing in the industry. I would love to see every single one of those men to make a great come back in Hollywood. Good Luck to all of you!!!

  331. BWA says:

    I just wanted to say all of you ROCK!! for coming out here and giving it your all when everyone in the world is cruel and forget what you have all established as history

    have a GREAT TIME


  332. vickie says:


  333. Stephanie says:

    I think Adrian is extremely nice looking. He has personality in his face. His smile and the way his eyes twinkle when he smiles are very attractive. He wouldn’t be him if he got a facelift. It would be a shame! Be happy with yourself and realize that you are HOT!!!


  334. Miss Tyger says:

    I already posted this elsewhere, but wanted to make sure everyone would get to read it …..

    I just wanted to post a little note about this series. I could write in this blog forever, but I will try to keep it short.

    Please let me start by saying I am really enjoying watching every episode of this show.

    I’m 34 years old and I remember all of you. I saw Blue Lagoon and Bachelor Party when I was young (probably about 10 … I didn’t really have any parental guidance.) LOL I also watched Fame (and was inspired to take dance and gymnastics classes), TJ Hooker (I even applied for the LAPD), Baywatch (I was a lifeguard for 3 summers), 90210, etc. I’m happy you are all doing this show and I pray you all get everything you seek out of this experience.

    I am a mother of 4 and I have made sure that all of my kids know that there is so much more to television beyond South Park, the Simpsons, Family Guy and this REALITY SHOW HELL the world seems to be caught in the middle of. I miss “the old days” when TV shows actually had meaning and taught valuable life lessons.

    I believe that’s one of the biggest problems with today’s society … people sit their kids in front of this box and let them watch whatever they want. Unfortunately, it’s primarity garbage that gets aired. At least when I was growing up and the TV was my “babysitter” there were good shows which had purpose and I could learn things from it that weren’t being taught in my own home.

    I have come to accept that it’s the end of the Wonder Years, the Cosbys are gone, and there are no more Happy Days. The Little Houses on the Prairie have been replaced with the posh mansions full of half naked, drunk, booty shakin’ women (and men) that have no limits to what they’ll do to get the attention of the camera. I miss the days when VH1 was just a music channel. I wish VH1 would do more shows like this one and leave the “love” shows and the “rehab” shows on the cutting room floor. Some thing should really be left PRIVATE.

    I applaud ALL of you for doing this show and allowing us all to share in your experiences, feelings, thoughts, hopes and dreams.

    Finally, for those who choose to come on here and leave rude messages, please remember this … one day, the Angelinas and Brads, the Lindsays and Brittanys and yes, even Paris herself will be 60+ years old and your kids and grandkids will ask you “who is that” and “what did they do”. Getting older is something that can’t be controlled (no matter how much surgery you have). :o)

  335. Melinda Gentry says:

    I just wanted to say that you are all still very hot and you all have a great chance of coming back if you just give it a chance, but please don’t give up. You are all very talented! And Billy Hufsey, omg I was so in love with you on “Fame”. I still think you are a hottie. Wish there was a way to show my picture on here, but oh well. You are still smoking! But truly, you all still have the “it” factor to make a return!
    Melinda Gentry

  336. Melinda Gentry says:

    Billy, I wrote on another page about all of you still having it and not giving up, ever! But, wow, you are still a hottie. I remember being so in love with you on “Fame” Like I wrote in the other comment, you are still smoking hot!! I know that sounds crazy coming from a 41 yr old woman but. Just had to write it. Wish I could send you a picture of me lol… Anyway, good luck and I loved the Aussie commercial I saw you in. Congrats on that one dear!
    Melinda Gentry

  337. Melinda Gentry says:

    And Adrian, or any of the rest of you, PLEASE do NOT give up. You are all still talented and great looking men. Keep it up and do whatever it takes to make your comeback!
    Melinda Gentry

  338. jporter says:

    I think Adrian Zmed would be great in a show like Cold case or without a trace or even CSI!I remember him not just for tj hooker or grease but I remember him for his role on the movie the Teressa Saldana story!Not alot of people remember that one!But I do and he was compelling in that and showed his real acting ability!Stick with making a comeback we would like to see more of your talent!Good luck and hang in there!

  339. jporter says:

    In my oppinion Jamie Walters was too talented for 90210 and that show gave him a bad rap!I think that show was irrelevent an beneath him!And as for The Heights was an insult to my itelligence and jamie was also over talented for that!Stick with it we are waiting to see and here more of your talent!Good luck!

  340. jporter says:

    Ok who ever compared Chris Atkins to a young Robert Redford was right on the money!He is still gorgeous and would love to see him make a comeback!Hollywood would be stupid not to throw him some work!Helloooooo!

  341. DEBBIE GRAY says:


  342. Shelly says:

    Billy I think you a very good looking with lots of talent and I wish you all the best in your your goal

  343. Dianna says:

    I love this show! Where was Christopher Atkins on episode 4?

  344. Christy says:

    Hi!! I’m so curious about what the mystery green drink that Eric drinks. Please tell me what it is!!!
    Thanks so much!

  345. Brigett says:

    I’m so proud of Adrian, on coming on this show. I would to see him in more shows. I loved watching him on T.J. hooker. But if he decides not too. I would understand.

  346. Dee Sosa says:

    I love this show. I really like the fact that two previous teen idols are the producers as well. This show needs to be prime time not Sunday afternoons. I also like the fact that these guys are not young, these are guys with maturity (okay some) on there side. I like that they want to work!! Some of these young hollywood types want things handed to them, these guys want to work. Reality stars – okay reality works for us who live and work in reality. I am 45 years old and I think this show ROCKS! Eric – don’t quit! Show America that different works-not quits! Keep playing the game, life is just time consuming right? Scott – thanks for the great show. Where’s your follow up show? I watched your show as well again what’s up with the crappy time slots of Sunday afternoons?

    Guys – life is a game – keep on playin! There’s reality.

  347. Seth says:

    Where was Chris Atkins, on Sunday the the 25th’s show? I tuned in about 10 min late. Did I miss something?

  348. Kerry D. says:

    I just watched episode 4 and felt so bad that you didn’t get noticed on the street of paparazzi. I DEFINATELY would have notice you and approached you. I watched you every Saturday night as a teen as Romano on “TJ Hooker” and I had such a huge crush on you. HUGE! I remember you in Grease 2 and Bachelor Party. I’m 38 now, a mother of 2, and you still make my knees buckle. My brother in theatre got your autograph for me in Boston a few years ago and gave it to me as a birthday gift. It is in my hope chest with all the other valuable things of my life. So, yes, many – many people remember you……especially me. You’ll always be a hottie. :)

  349. Ann Butowski says:

    It is strange to me to observe that folks in general see “celebrities” as different from themselves. Perhaps this show will demonstrate people are people, no matter how they earn a living!
    I salute the participants of the show. Good luck gentlemen!

  350. Marylouise says:

    Alright guys, I could cry this show is soooo great. VH! made a hit with this one, it is talked about everywhere. Watching you guys, to me , you look like “stars” already …. by far better looking than most of actors ( performers ) out there today! Equally as qualified. My whole family watches. My dad had a few parts in movies and he understands the excitement of what your trying to do! I hope you all really do well. As far as I am concerned I could of done a better job with the approach & less negativity on the makeovers!! Either way do not be sooo hard on yourselves ( Jeremy! ) I think you all still got it! REALLY!! XO ~ ML ( Charlotte, NC )

  351. maryann says:

    i dont think i have ever commented a show, but i want you to know i think you are great! you have done so so much that i think you should do what makes you happy if its making one person happy at a time then thats what you should do, if its 15000 people at a time then do that,you have already changed alot of peoples lifes,thanks for letting us get to know you personaly. with love maryann

  352. mary says:

    Chris, what if you and brooke did something together? do you know how HAPPY you would make us 40 yr olds???
    much love and happieness, :) mary

  353. Sandy says:

    What is in Eric’s green shake drink? Please post recipe! The way it lit up the light bulb – I’m willing to try it!

  354. Maureen says:

    Jason & Scott, Christopher, David, Billy, Jeremy, Eric, Jamie and Adrian,

    I just want to say how wonderful it is to see all of you on this show.

    You gentlemen have class and real showmanship. Although you have been set-up on this show and not always fairly, you confess your feelings without whining and carrying on in a rage. I can’t imagine that participating in this reality show has been easy.

    It is so refreshing to see how well you all support and respect each other. All too often we see men & women-(NOT ladies) on reality TV who constantly fight and berate each other and have no morals or respect for themselves. I personally think it’s disgusting.

    You put the REAL in Reality TV. Thanks for showing your feelings and honesty in sharing your lives with us. All of you deserve the fame you are seeking and I wish you all the best you deserve.


  355. Donna M K says:

    I love this show! I just wanted to comment to the guys – Jamie I remember every song on that CD,(someone stole that cd from me and I was crushed!) you are still HOT! I am impressed with what you have accomplished in your life and I look forward to hearing some new songs. Christopher – how can anyone forget you, the famous lagoon! You are incredibly sexy and I admire your family priorities , as well as Jamie’s. David, STILL A HOTTIE, OMG, not one usually attracted to blondes, but whew, can’t wait to see you on a show again. Billy, you have a baby face and a great heart. A very well rounded, good looking man. I can see you in a show again. Adrain, don’t get discouraged, you’ll find what you are looking for. Eric, you crack me up on the show, I totally feel you with your meditations, but your killing me on the tinkle! Jeremy, don’t ever give up staying sober, you can tell you want this lifestyle, but remember it’s that style that got you into trouble. You seem to be a good person that got over a few issues – stay that way! Good luck to all of you and thank you for giving me and my sisters a chance to get together and remember our days growing up!

  356. Brandy Taylor says:

    I really enjoy watching this show,

  357. Doreen says:

    I just wanted to say to all of the gentlemen on Confessions of a Teen Idol that I wish them luck.
    The one catch phrase that’s listed on the commercials for the show says that “Fame is a ^))$%$(+_^)&@@“_ and they all want her back.” That is true of a lot of “what ifs” in anyone’s life. I have learned this past year that you have to go on no matter what happens and life is too short to wait to do what you really want. I found myself at 46 years old, a mother of an 11 year old and a 5 year old a widow last year. My husband committed suicide and our lives have been forever changed. What do you do when that happens? You go on.. So, my advise to all of you is to take the opportunity that you have been given to get “your true love back” no matter how discouraged you may become. I’d give anything to have mine back. Take Care of yourselves.

  358. maryann benavidez says:

    i absolutly love your show, i watch it faihfully ,these guys are awesome they are Genuine there all gorgeous,the only thing they are lacking is confidents,i hope that they dont give up and i would love to see them make lots of movies hollywood needs some good actors just like them they not only have beauty on the outside they also have it from within i would love to see more of them in the future they should make a movie or series with all of them together they are great together hold your head up high guys dont let know 1 bring you down you guys rock

  359. debbie johnson says:

    Adrian, I watched the episode where you had to walk
    down the streets to have your photos takin.
    and when you were’nt noticed it broke my heart for you.
    all i want to say to you is, just keep beleaving in your self and otheres will fallow.
    your beautiful and talented and you’ll be back sooner than you think.

  360. gwen says:

    I love the show and everyone connected to it. I hope all of them get success back as they are all talented.
    I hope this show helps them move forward in their lives and can clearly see why they were all stars or teen idols in the first place. So few of us get a 2nd chance to see how our life could change if we could of made different choices..


  361. claude eshaya says:

    adrian zmed! you look sooooo much like this huge famous persian singer! he is like the elvis of IRAN!. look him up! his name is ( aref!) in youtube! or his history! his been singing and acting gor over fourty years! my name is claudio! i’m big fan of the show! cause you are in in it! you are realy and you seem to be sooo nice some times you bring tear to my eyes from what you say and do on the show!

  362. Sara says:

    Who are these guys?

  363. gwen says:

    I just saw the first episode last week. I was so impressed with how these former stars take responsibility for screwing up their careers and with that being said, there is not one of them on the show that doesn’t deserve another chance. They are all talented, definately humbled and I would pay to go see anyone of them in a movie. I wish this reality show was on a channel that had a little more class and that would attract more viewers because these men and their struggle to face their mistakes, accept responsibility and show us the courage to go public to try and regain what they once had should be shown to as many people as possible. I am a reality tv fanatic and this show is by far the most interesting, honest and touching that I have seen. I wish them all success and feel that no matter what happens they are already stars again because they are truly courageous to show us their lives…I clearly love the show, I remember these people from years ago and again, I hope they all get a second chance..they deserve it.

  364. gwen says:

    Me again! I was thinking how handsome Adrian is and I think that a few of the teen idols could use some botoxing or a little eye work and they would look very much like they did when they were younger. Nothing wrong with cosmetic surgery and it has become the norm. All these men are incredibly handsome but some are looking a little tired. Adrian would be as recognizable as he was as a teen idol with just a little work. I love this show, best reality show to date and the most heartwarming and touching. Hope it wins an award. It’s just not a stupid reality show about stupidity, it is about men who should have still be famous and who admit that because of their own egos and bad choices they let it slip away, they all deserve a 2nd chance and I am wondering as a viewer if I could send a letter to producers or people who would be willing to bring these people back onto our screens so we can enjoy them once again…

  365. Michelle M. says:

    Billy Hufsey is a cool guy, I myself think his attitude is very sexy as well as his overall self. Billy where have you been? You look better now then you did on “Fame” and your personality is so damn terrific. I hope to start seeing more of you.
    Jeremy Jackson seems to be a great guy as well and i think you deserve your credit for all you have overcome in this )#^##&%_*!#)+_`^ ty life. I can only imagine the heartache and pressures you have seen. Good luck to you babe, i think you will do great!!
    David Chokachi seems to be a good guy to and i can tell you i would love to see more of this face!! OH YEAH!!
    Chris Atkins you are definetly a good looking man with a wonderful wonderful attitude. I would think you have been and always will be loved by many. Especially if people could see who you really are as the man today, as i am seeing on “Confessions of a teen Idol” You are really cool.
    Jamie Walters you are also a very cool guy i love your style and i love your terrific voice. I love to hear sing above all else. I hope you write something new someday. You do have one of the best voices of all time as well as i beautiful heart to creat such words. Go for it all. You will win this fight.

  366. gwen says:

    I haven’t seen the show where they see if the paparrazi’s recognize anyone of them but I can say if Adrian wasn’t recognzed..well a couple of shots of botox and a glycolic to freshen his skin will take 10 years of off him. He’s a handsome man and like most of hollywood most of them need a little updating so with that they will all be as fresh and hot as the were in their 20′s and 30′s..i look forward to that show.

    Adrian, update yourself then walk down the street and I guarantee you’ll be recognized. Everyone loves you, your a genuine guy and I think you have a shot at a 2nd chance……

  367. Raynee LaBrada says:

    I thought all of you were awesome and I think that focues group got wrong on a lot of their opinions. They were suppose to be honest not mean. I don’t think mean people have good opinions. All of you have a lot left in you. I have enjoyed watching this series and I have laughed and cried with all of you. I have bought Jamie’s CD and I will buy and watch anything you guys are in. You guys are awesome!! You speak from your heart and you have been willing to let us in on your amazing journey. Good for you! I wish you all the best in life. And by the way, all of you look amazing!!! You still have it!! Gorgeous! Sincerely Raynee

  368. danielle says:

    i love your all show i hope all of all come back.

    love you all

  369. AW says:


    You are stunning!


  370. Jill says:

    Hi Adrian,

    I met you at Ed Debevics – the Windy City West event – you were with !^_((@&^^*`^~*%& Butkus. This was about 20 years ago or more. You wanted me to go to a party in the Hollywood hills with you but I declined.

    I was with the Richard Marx family.

    I’m still really hot but I know you older men want a 20 year younger chickie on your arm. So, I’m probably too old for you now! LOL

    You’d be surprised!

  371. gwen says:

    I guess I am the most active poster, but I have just started watching the show here in Canada.

    There is just something unique about this show that has really caught my interest and attention. I did watch some of Scott Baio’s series and hope his marriage works out and found him really sincere in what he was trying to discover about himself. Now he has found a group of men who seem to have the same realness about them and even better is; this group is really talented and should still be stars. So I hope they take this chance and enjoy it, good, bad or ugly, this is a moment in time millions and millions will never get and they all have a 2nd chance. If they all go home and back to their lives they have shown us they are truly “men” who took the chance, made the best of it and reminded us who are older that in the recent past there was some great talent that faded away and while they were gone we got stuck with Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and a bunch of others that will pray a show like this will give them a 2nd chance when they lose their fifteen minutes of fame. I am a fan..clearly.

  372. amy says:

    I started watching because of wanting to see Christopher Atkins. Such boyish good looks. I can’t believe we haven’t seen you in so many years. I truly hope to see you more often in other shows.

  373. Elaine says:

    Hi guys WOW you all look good I hope you all make huge comebacks without giving into everything that Hollywood can do too you. I hope you keep your faith and character intact! I am hoping good things for you!!!

  374. Ann says:

    I just wanted to say I also really like the show. When we think of celebs we think of only glamour, award shows, and the pay. What is not seen generally is the rejection, the hard times. I respect these men for doing what they’re doing. In this day and age, it’s hard to get a second chance.

    I would’ve loved to have even had the chance to talk to any of them when I was a younger person; I’ve also learned though what’s ‘real’ and hopefully those that are married are keeping it real, and living a wholesome life. (Have to admit Jeremy, and even Eric, are young still)

    Some have allowed egos or demons to get in the way, but if they can get past those things, I think all of them have the capacity for a second chance.

    I found some of the criticisms (from the panel that commented on the guys on the show) overly harsh. Esp the “middle-aged losers” comment. Wow -

    I also knew of guys like Eric of the reality days, and treated women as less than human. I’d been guilty of hanging out w/ people like that in the past. It’s good to see he’s changed that whole image. They’are all great looking men. I do wish them renewed success

  375. Lori Landron says:

    You guys rock!!! How hard would it be to be in the limelight for awhile and than just be kinda forgotten? I think you guys give the new actors out there now, a run for their money! I love the way you get along like brothers, even though Eric left, which I think he comes back, he’s still hot! All you guys are still hot, keep up the good work and effin show them all! Congrats! Lori

  376. gwen says:

    I hope this works because it is hard to get my posts online here but for the next series they should get some of the people from The Breakfast Club…

    I also think that they should have a contest and give us fans a chance to have dinner with our favorite stars on the show. I couldn’t decide right now who I would love to have two hours with to talk with and just hang out with so maybe it should be dinner with all of them..just a thought

  377. Kara says:

    Besides Scott Baio I was not familiar with these actors during their prime however I wish them great things and above all happiness.
    Other than Survivor, this is the only reality show that I watch.
    Good Luck to them all.

  378. gwen says:

    Wow, no matter what happens to these guys whether they go back to their careers or get a 2nd chance..they are all stars and they are stars with class. The honesty and the sincerety is the most real I have ever seen on a reality show. It is so touching and so deep that should my youngest son ever become a will be each of these people I will take my child too, to help prepare him for sucess and prepare him for times when things may go wrong. Aweson show Scott and even you seem like you really care and you have a storie to. These guys had they stuck it out could be doing the movies that Tom Cruise is doing and believe me, I would enjoy it much more to see any one of them then I do seeing Tom Cruise. Keep it real guys, your winning people over and I questions any manager or producer who doesn’t see we want these men back on t.v…

  379. Laney says:

    Every time I watch this show I laugh, cry, and get chills just watching what these guys have gone through as well as what lies ahead for them. I beleive they are all awsome and have great things to offer us…

  380. Susan says:


  381. MjC says:

    Just a older lady living the simple life here in Ann Arbor, Michigan – so not that anything I have to say means much; but I wish each one of these guys future success in the business and the very best. I’ve really enjoyed the show and found myself caring about each and everyone of you.

  382. Kathy says:

    Hi Billy,
    I just wanted to thank VH1 fo letting the world hear your beautiful voice!!! and you really brought somehing different and great to the table on the momologue! I heard that you are having a record release party in Cleveland and I am hoping to fly in and come to hear you sing. I think you are fabulous and it would be a real treat to see you! I have heard some of your music on you myspace, but watching you sing was the best. Take care Billy…and I hope to see you on April 3rd in Cleveland.

  383. cindy says:

    WOW Billy!!!!!!!!
    I loved your voice. Where can I get a CD? You were so handsome on the show today and I can’t belileve the show is almost over. I watched every Sunday! I hope you have another show! I just don’t know what I will be watching on Sunday’s. I will be watching you myspace to see when your CD comes out because I want one. You are my dream man!!!

    Your Kentucky Belle

  384. Valerie says:

    I love this show because it makes the vulnerability of celebrities, in general, accessible. When celebrities say, “I’m just a normal person;” it seems like lip service. YA RIGHT! “Real” people also have to battle demons and become vulnerable to be successful in life as professionals and as an individual. I LOVE *these* guys because they have been through the ringer. I hope they can see pride as a pitfall and the (horrible) embarrassment of real life an ^)`%~*$^%$)~#`& et. It really is “only life after all.”
    I watched 90210 and I never really liked Jamie’s character nor did I particularly like his hit song (but I know the words :). BUT, he’s my favorite on the show. He’s such a guy I would know. He should have been in that movie Beautiful Girls. I hope he keeps strumming and keeps humming. I hope he knows that he earned at least one fan (me!), not from performing, but by being himself on the show. Rock on Mr Walters!!

  385. Pam Klaus says:

    Eric Niles……… You are so handsome inside and out. You are a true real person from what I can see.

    Not many peopel like you in this world. I can’t see any reason that you are not a major movie star, They should be waiting in line to sign you up.

    Keep up the good work and being true to your self. Your craft and skills will bring you around again.

  386. Victoria says:

    Hi Guys,
    Just want to stop by and say hello. I am glad you are all getting another chance. You are all very brave for going through this. It is not easy to have to take a good look at yourself and work at things that need improving. Good luck to all of you.

  387. Peggy says:

    Just want to pop in and say, that I am totally enjoying the show. I think that you all were great back than and will be again. Keep up the good work. You all shine. And you all have become so close, I just hope that after the show it continues. Thank you again. Peggy

  388. Diana Williams says:

    Jason and Scott,
    Your doing a great job with this show and I hope you have more in the works. What I love about this show is these guys are not reality stars.They are actors.They have worked hard in the business and deserve a second shot. I love to see more of Chris Atkins , he seems very quite and thoughtful. A handsome man who thinks before he speaks. I hope Jeremy takes his advice. May all their dreams come true. Life gets better every day. Go out and be heard. Good Luck and God Bless, Diana :)

  389. Brett Ernish says:

    Eric has been a close friend of mine for a long, long time and it’s great to see how far he has come and how inspiring he is to so many people…..It’s a wonderful thing!!!

  390. cynthia garcia says:

    Billy Hufsey you are so awesome. Billy you really look great for your age. I think you are a sweet and romantic person. Billy your cd is coming soon can’t wait for it. Loved your voice, hope your career starts off great and ends up great! love you cindy

  391. Angela Smith says:

    I just want to say, alot of people talk alot of crap but in my eyes you all are sooo awesome and brave for all you have shared and done for us the (public). I wish you all the best of luck in all you do and just know you all will be great at what ever you choose.
    Take care, I love you all.
    Angela Smith
    from Corbin Kentucky :)

  392. Patti says:

    I just wanted to let all of you know that I have watched this show from the 1st episode and I seen all of you on shows that I just couldn’t wait for them to be on again. I have to tell you that this way BY FAR one of the the most ENRICHING shows that I have watched on television in a very very low time. Thank you to all of you, especially Scott Baio and Jason Harvey this is a GOB WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  393. rel says:

    Love David!!! Can’t wait to see more of him-sooo hot. And the rest of the guys aren’t so bad either!! Good luck guys-you can do it!!

    ps i have never posted anything on a show website

  394. Chris says:

    They just started airing this show in Canada and I am hooked. The show is genius! I find myself routing for each of these guys in hopes of continued success in their acting/music careers as they all seemed to still have “IT”…but for one reason or another….things havent worked out for them which is a shame. But everybody loves the underdog which is why the show is doing so well.

    I hope this show puts a few of these guys back on the map…..and I hope they continue to do this show in future seasons.

    well done jason & scott….homerun with this show.

    Chris in Toronto

  395. tina grant says:

    I love this show ! I am so sorry that it had to end ! i wish all the guys good luck. Season 2 would be great !

  396. Mary Lou says:

    To all of you fine looking gentlemen,
    I have watched every episodes of your show and wanted to tell you that I believe in all of you and you will make it again in the Hollywood business. With age comes knowledge and beauty, and that each one of you have. Good luck to all of you and always keep the faith close to your hearts. To Eric, i could use some advice from you on getting and staying healthy and to what kinds of vitamins I need to use to look as good as all of you do. Take care and God bless each one of you and your beloved ones. Wishful thinking, but hopefully you will respond back.

  397. NIKKI says:


  398. Lisa says:

    I justed wanted to applaud David and to encourage him to reach for the stars. You are gorgeous and the sky is the limit. Get yourself an aggressive manager that you trust and who takes the time to know you and where your heart and head truly are. Audition for everything get yourself out there all over. I can see you fitting in all the shows I currently watch Brothers & Sisters, Private Practice, Gray’s Anatomy, CSI any one of them, Damages,Prison Break, The Starter Wife, Desperate Housewives Obviously you are a heart throb and could be People Magazines next Sexiest man alive but so much more than that you could easily be at the Grammy’s next year just pick up the next movie Brad Pitt passes up. You could so step right in and steal the show. I look forward to following your career and watching you SHINE!! My best to you! FX,TNT,HBO,Big Screen LOOK OUT Here Comes DAVID!! Network, Network Charm the hell out of em. They won’t know what hit them. Muuah XOXO

  399. Michael says:

    What a total joy to see these guy’s get the sprit again, even when time’s were difficult… Humbling for all. Inspiring for all. Thank you. Mike

  400. Michele says:

    Dear C.O.A.T.I,

    I am so hooked on this show. I truly hope that each of the idols succeed in returning to the viewing public in a big way.
    I think it would be a great idea to team Chris Atkins and Brooke Sheilds together again. Perhaps in a romantic comedy. So many ideas on that score..
    Keep up the good work. It’s so entertaining to watch this great group of guys.



  401. Theresa says:

    I thought the show was great. Really well done, with a good cast – I loved how they seemed like brothers and supported each other. A great mix. That made the show for me, how they bonded and were such a “group.”
    Eric, I wish I could talk to you about healing and health stuff- I loved your spirit. Chokachi – I truly hope you get a great gritty t.v. role, I would watch!
    All of you were totaly engaging. My best to you!

  402. Shauna says:

    Just wanted to say how proud I of all of u guys, u have come along way…Good luck in the future, N Billy I will always love u lol, ur keep getting hotter LMFAO…Shauna

  403. Yo Mamma says:

    I loved the show. Any plans for Confession II? If so who will be on it? What about women idols? Please let us know. I’m in Canada so we are always six months behind in programming.

  404. Michelle says:

    What a GREAT show! Thank you for makeing this show! It was GREAT to see Jamie Walters again after all of these years! I remember him from 90210! It’s so neat to see that he is a great family guy but is still willing to share his gifts of acting and singing with the world! I hope you are back for good! God bless you and your family! And all the other guys too! It was an awesome show! The best in reality TV if you ask me!

    It would be GREAT to have a follow up to the show that shows us what happened after the show! I would love to see all of the projects the guys take on! That would be GREAT!

  405. meg says:

    loved this show- look fwd to seeing all of the guys in new projects!

  406. Nora says:

    I love to watch all you guy’s alot of you guy’s I grew up watching and I would love to see you all again on TV or even in a movie or whatever you guy’s are great.LOve all of you I a big fan.Keep up the goodwork.

  407. TeenDad says:

    I’m now 19 and experiencing being a dad. I must say although it feels good it’s still hard. I knew it wouldn’t be easy but to be honest, the hard part is having to balance time. My daughter is great and makes managing her never dreadful. -Teen dad

  408. says:

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  409. Rae says:

    Will there be a season 2 with new celeb’s???

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