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The second season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew is over, but the Rehabbers’ lives are just beginning. VH1 will document their continued effort to stay sober in a new spin-off, Celebrity Rehab Presents Sober House, premiering Thursday, Jan. 15 at 10/9c. Full press release below:

At the end of the first season of VH1’s Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew, each cast member was given the opportunity to spend three months living in a sober house as they transitioned from a rehab facility to the real world and many of them quietly took advantage of the opportunity. The cast from season two are also being given that same opportunity…and this time it will be filmed.

Celebrity Rehab Presents Sober House is an eight-episode, one hour series that is set to premiere on Thursday, January 15 at 10pm. Moving into the Sober House will be Rodney King, Nikki McKibbin, Steven Adler and Amber Smith from Season 2 of Celebrity Rehab, Seth “Shifty” Binzer and Mary Carey from Season 1 and comedian Andy Dick who will join the show a few episodes in.

Returning from Celebrity Rehab to help Dr. Drew in the Sober House is counselor Bob Forrest and program assistant, William Smith. Joining them will be resident “house mother,” Jennifer Gimenez who has battled her own drug and alcohol demons. Jennifer, an actress in her own right who has starred in such films as Blow and Vanilla Sky, will live at Sober House to keep everyone on the clean and sober path to a healthy and successful life.

For two seasons, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew chronicled celebrity patients as they underwent an intensive 21-day detoxification and rehab program through group and one-on-one therapies as well as non-traditional therapies like art and music.

Dr. Drew is a board certified addictionologist, the Service Director of the Chemical Dependency Program/Residential Treatment Center at Las Encinas Hospital, a staff member at Huntington Memorial Hospital, continues to run a private practice and is Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the Keck USC School of Medicine. He once again gives viewers an unflinching look at exactly how the rehab process works and what it feels like for participants. Dr. Drew hopes to use his celebrity patients to humanize the process and show viewers that treatment is a viable way to break the cycle of addiction.

Celebrity Rehab Presents Sober House will chronicle the dramatic, unscripted experiences of a group of celebrity addicts as they make the transition back into the real world full of the people and things that once led them into a life of addiction. The sober living house is an interim step on the path to sobriety where addicts can live in a supervised sober environment with structure and rules, i.e. mandatory curfews, chores and meetings. It’s a place where addicts, most of which have spent the better part of their life in the throes of an addiction will learn how to essentially start their lives over from the ground up. In some cases, the addicts change everything from their jobs to their friends and for some they make the very difficult decision to eliminate the people they love who are toxic to their sobriety.

Throughout the course of their stay, the Sober House cast members will have the opportunity to meet with Dr. Drew in both one on one and group sessions in an effort to understand and advance their experience to its fullest potential. Although not living at the house, Dr. Drew and his staff will keep a watchful eye over all that goes on.

In the end viewers will witness the struggles of these celebrity patients as they experience the pressures of daily life with their sobriety hanging by a thread, forcing many of them to act out in various ways as they strive to find recovery and the road to a much happier fulfilling life.

Featured throughout the series will be several songs from the group, The Script, (Epic/Phonogenic) who are currently the biggest breaking new band of 2008 in both the UK and their native Ireland. Songs featured, will be off of their self titled U.S. debut album which is currently available digitally and will be released in stores on March 17. Viewers first heard their music when their song, “Before The Worst” was featured in the super trailer for Celebrity Rehab Presents Sober House during the season finale of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.

Additionally, will launch a sneak peek of the first episode on Friday, January 9 before the on-air premiere. Subsequent episodes will be available on following their on-air premiere. For more information on “Sober House,” please log onto

During our finale interview with Dr. Drew, we took the opportunity to ask him what to expect from Sober House. His answers are below:

What can we expect from Sober House?

Now the group is leaving a medically managed environment and going to live on their own. They have to find jobs, they have to make an after-care plan, they have to figure out where their lives are going, they have to establish a program of recovering, they have to navigate through Hollywood, which is a treacherous environment. In the meantime, Bob and I keep seeing them in treatment as outpatients. We see them everyday or two. You’ll meet the house manager, Jennifer Gimenez, who’s a sober person herself. She has a big job on her hands. The experience is very evocative for her.

Out of all the cast, you haven’t treated Andy Dick before.

He comes in midway. He has a crisis and he wants me to treat him. I tell him, “I’m filming a TV show, I can’t,” and he says, “Well, I’ll come there, then.” He came in and that was that. He did a great job. He was great.

Mary Carey’s back on VH1. That’s a good thing.

Her thing is struggling with the complete and tremendous changes she has to make in her life. My relationship with her is marked by vivid moments, and we had one in treatment during this show. She leaned forward and said, “Drew, you want me to change everything.” I said, “Yeah, I don’t see you staying sober if you don’t change your life.” And she said, “Oh, I don’t know if I can do that.” I get it, all right. We’ll work on it.

What about the rest of the cast?

Steven Adler and Seth have major problems. Some stuff happens. Some really intense stuff. Rodney is great, as always. Amber has her moments of struggling. Nikki does great, she gets with the program on this one. This show is really different from Rehab. It’s a whole new journey. It’s a lower level of care. More independence means more opportunity for antics.

Remember, Celebrity Rehab Presents Sober House, premieres Thursday, Jan. 15 at 10/9c.

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  1. Rochelle says:

    I was really disappointed by Jeff in the end. I really felt bad for him in season 1 and 2. But what happen in the season final shows he really doesn’t want help. I’m scared of what will happen to him. It is so sad to see what is happening with these people. At one time they were at the height of everything and now they have nothing! My heart goes out to each and everyone of them. Thank you Dr. Drew for all that you do with trying to help!!!

    God Bless!

  2. Debbie says:

    I so hope that the “Jeff” Cycle of this is over! He is given far to much attention and creates to much uneeded drama that always seems to revolve around his wants and desires and not his recovery! He wants in again keep him untelevised!
    I also have to say that I am pretty disappointed in Julie (by what I took of the show that is what she wanted back). About a week prior to the final episode that aired she was on Chelsea Lately talking about how she really didn’t need rehab, it was more like a job. After feeling for her about her situation and her identity crisis I felt totally betrayed watching that interview! (Maybe you should let that stuff slip up after the finale!)
    Now Rodney King! WOW! You know when all you know about a person is the scandal that involves them, it surely makes you draw certain thoughts about who they are! I could shame myself for hours! He was incredibly real, and kind and seems like one of the most genuine people anyone would be able to meet! I hope he finds serinity and heck even becomes a permament part of your show as a recovery councelor himself! Next reality show… from infamous to famous! He is a one of a kind!
    Steven Adler, another miraculas and loving person! Despite his occasional “flipout”. He seemed real as they come! Darn good drummer too! I hope he and all the other musical members find their way back to the musicality they are so gifted with!
    Nikki-sing on songbird, your kids deserve it!
    And Amber I think our mothers are related! Time to live for yourself and not others!
    Good Luck and God Bless!
    Dr Drew your simply the best!

  3. patrick mulligan says:

    who is Lee P. Bloom , at the end of ceelebrity rehab 2 it sais at the end of the show — in memoriam of Lee P. Bloom ???

  4. stacy says:

    I think that jeff is the worlds biggest joke and so is his vikkie I have had back surgerys 4 to be exact and I know what back pain is and believe me if he could kick her in the chest he has no back pain! He is just a publicity *%)%~)`(__)^*$~~# and needs to be forgotten!!!!!!

  5. Shane says:

    Next year Corey Hamm needs to be on.

  6. RaRa1234 says:

    I actually felt very bad for Vicki in this last episode. I couldn’t believe that moments after they had both gotten home, Jeff was on a frantic search for the painkillers that are in fact killing him. Vicki had her one chance to get sober and away from this guy. And, its just so sad that they are so incredibly co-dependent….and like most co-dependencies, this one is very unhealthy.

    I don’t believe that Jeff really wants help. I think that he did this all for show. I don’t think he’s a nice person, and he treats women just terribly. We will be reading the obituaries about him dying of a drug overdose, and he’ll have no one to blame but himself. The truth is, no amount of surgey is going to make him the same man he was before his accident. And, he is completely incapable of accepting that. It’s too bad his girlfriend won’t wake up and leave him so she can move on with her life.

    Also, Jeff is still married to his legal wife….Vicki is his girlfriend on the side. What’s up with that?

    Finally, my prayers go out to everyone else on the show. Amber Smith really touched me this season with her vulnerability. And, I couldn’t have been more wrong about Rodney King. He is not the monster that the media made him out to be in the 90′s – he’s a real person who has been through so much. I really want to see him succeed. Also, Nikki is such a sweetheart. I’d love to see her recover and regain her successful music career.

    I don’t think there’s much hope for Steven Adler, Seth Binzer, Tawny Kitaen, or Rod Stewart’s son (sorry, I forgot his name). I really would love to see them recover, but it doesn’t seem like they really took treatment very seriously. This is life or death….not about luxury accomodations at the sober living facility. And, considering Steven and Seth’s past recoveries that have failed miserably, I just don’t see them succeeding unless they make some serious personal changes.

  7. ceecee says:

    How tremendous so many patients decided for Sober Living, am looking forward to the new season and the progress of the housemates. I’m pulling for Mary, she’s a sweet soul who deserves a fabulously safe and sober life!

  8. Tammy says:

    I worked for years in a sober living house, and addiction is such a horrible thing. My son lost his father to a heroine overdose when he was just 12 years old. The worst of it was he had been with him the day it happened, and he was possibly there when he took the heroine. He himself had just gotten out of rehab for the umpteenth time. However, there are several people who go several times and do make it. The fact that Seth Binzer keeps coming back is a positive one, and he should be proud of his continued efforts to get clean, but know that the reality is that each and every time he relapses he’s getting closer to death’s door. Of all the people on the show I feel that he has more passion, but is missing something essential within himself to get clean. I really wish all the cast luck getting clean, addiction can eat you alive, and as for Seth I just wanted to say “search your soul long and hard you are the only one who knows what’s missing, don’t give up on yourself you are a worthwhile person.” and to anyone who think’s addiction is a joke try to give up your morning coffee for a month, now imagine that 100 times worse and you might get close to the experience a PERSON with addiction goes through every day for the rest of their lives.

  9. carol says:

    Everyone in season two had a heartbreaking story, but Jeff is the person who is the most disturbing because of the truth his life demonstrates. To see him struggle so mightily with the reality of his situation is to see life as it truly is, one way or another,for all of us who are addicts. The confusing maze of the addict’s life is best exemplified by the utter failure his life seems to be from his point of view. I have experienced the greatest empathy for his very sad path. Even so, I know from my own years of sobriety that even his extroridnary challenges can be overcome. Sadly, like so many of my brothers and sisters who suffer from addiction, he may never be able to give himself the chance to be the success he so richly deserves to be.

  10. cakez says:

    OMG, I can’t wait for this show to begin I myself have struggled with addiction all my life and I identify with Amber the most on this season and sincerly hope all accomplish every thing they could ever dream and acheive things they never thought they would.

  11. mike says:

    Please don’t let Jeff Conway have any more air time. Yes he’s a true addict, but the only way he will truly recover is not playing into his addiction.

    Seth this is not a Joke, you will die. So grow up….your child needs his father!!!!!!

    Message to everyone……chase soberity liked you chased your addiction.

  12. JennyZ says:

    I pray that Steven can find his way to staying clean. Each week, i have watched because i have been a fan of steven’s for as long as i can remember. instead of bedtime stories gnr was played in my house growing up. My father died of alcoholism (4 years ago) and watching steven in rehab has been intense for me but also a healing process. to see his struggles makes it obvious of what my father went thru when he too was in rehab. i wish steven nothing but the absolute best and hope for a full recovery.

  13. Pat says:

    Steve Adler has been ordered by a LA judge to go to a State Sanctioned rehab, as the judge thinks that PRC did not do anything. Oh, that Adler was in yet another rehab at the time he was supposed to appear in court MAY have something to do with it. I wish the guy well, but he has serious need of mental health carre.

  14. Linda B says:

    what did Ambers mommdod after her rehab? And how does Amber always looks so dang good? If i did opiates for 16 yrs I woulb like like i was 90. !

  15. melissa says:


    I wish to be in the darkest night
    No longer prisoner of the light
    Don’t want to be with things I see
    No longer conscience of reminders of me.

    Surrounded by those, for me, it seems
    Verbalize they love and care for me
    Unable to feel the same, I find,
    Within, only self-hatred hides.

    From innocent child to this grave place
    Now a liar, a thief, with a criminals face
    Not able to birth a child like me
    A glimpse of Devine plan that should not be.

    Cannot find answers, not sure what to ask
    Not knowing that living would be such a task
    Many empty bottles, no help found
    And inner demons that never drown.

    By Melissa G. Johnson 12/16/2008

  16. April says:

    I agree Jeff Conway shouldn’t have any more air time. He’s a joke. He’s not serious about his addiction. And his so called girlfriend If she cares about him she’ll walk away so he can get better. She is an enabler. She needs to work on herself. Dr. Drew your the best!!!!!! You handle every one so nicely. Your awesome at what you do !!!! Amber, Nikki and Rodney have the greatest chance of kicking there habits.Steven and Seth O my god!!!! My heart feels so bad for you.Please do well !!!!! It’s time to grow up people!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one can do it but you!!!!!!!!!

  17. Joe says:

    This whole series is a joke. It’s not helping anyone. Dr. Drew gets off on being on TV. These people need ACTUAL help. Not more airtime.

  18. Lynn says:

    Steve Adler and Rodney King you both touch my heart so much. I dont know what it was about you two. I’m reading this book right now and there is one paragraph that touch me. I hope it touches you. The book is called “The Shack”
    Evil is a word we use to describe the absence of Good, just as we use the word darkness to describe the absence of Light or death to drscribe the absence of Life. Both evil and darkness can only be understood in relation to Light and Good; they do not have any actual existence. I am Light and I am Good. I am Love and there is no darkness in Me. Light and Good, actually exist. So, removing yourself from Me will plunge you into darkness. Declaring independence will result in evil because apart from Me, you can only draw upon yourself. That is death because you have separated yourself from Me: Life. (GOD is life)
    So if you want to make it you cannot live life by yourself! You cannot do this on your own! I wish you both the best of luck!!!

  19. Mike says:

    I hear you Ed. I’ve been in and out of rehabs for 4 years now. It wasn’t until I had been beaten down so low and so hard by my addiction that I was able to get it. Hard to explain, but I was humbled. I finally just surrendered to AA. And I had a great counselor who showed me that the answer isn’t with someone or something else. It is with me and my thinking. Its a profoundly tough road that we have to walk…everyday….all day long. But what I found was that the more I practiced the easier it was. The people I know who have found some form of peace are the ones who go to meetings, honestly work the 12 steps and don’t drink or use NO MATTER WHAT! The ones I know that have relapsed or died are the ones who said AA doesn’t work. Try different meetings until you find one you like. Get a sponsore. Do what they tell you to do.

  20. Jill says:

    I am SO SO sick of Jeff, he is the biggest baby, hell if he does not want to be there send his _%**$~*__)`*~+` home and if he wants to ignore what he is told about him not needing the medicine for pain and take them anyway. Well so be it he is a big boy and if he OD’s well then he knew better. Vickie is just like him, mopping around holding her stomach and then leaving with him. IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let them self-destruct together and Good Riddance.

  21. Marcel says:

    Go Rodney!

  22. BobinPgh says:

    I just hope it is not THAT Sober Living House that was shown in episode 8. I don’t use any drugs and I would probably be tempted to use at a place that looks like Little People Big World living in Frank Lloyd Wright’s worst nightmare. I hope that as part of their treatment, these celebrities did some cleaning at the Recovery Center, they sure will need to know how if they go to that house!

  23. teresa says:

    updated 1:28 p.m. CT, Fri., Dec. 19, 2008
    Former Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler is going to spend more time in rehab.

    A court commissioner in Los Angeles agreed Friday to place Adler in a state-sanctioned drug rehabilitation program and keep Adler out of prison.

    I hope God intervenes this time and shows Steven the light. Sad it happened the day of the showing of the finale show

  24. Debby says:

    To Amber – I see a beauty inside that I hope you see also. You have so much to offer others that comes from within. Please know that the person inside you is who you need to identify with – not the outside beauty but learn to appreciate the inside beauty you have – it’s so much more powerful than you know.
    To Sean – I see someone who has a fear of being hurt again as you were growing up but I also see the potential for you to learn to be the man that you can be. You have so much potential if you would learn to trust others and know that there are people who value who you are not who your parents are. I really can see you in a true relationship with someone who will truly love “Sean” so please hang in there and work through those issues of hurt that you are dealing with. I see a wonderful human being in you Sean – hang in there and learn who Sean is without all the pain (please, you so deserve it).

  25. Jennifer Beasley says:

    I really look forward to the new “Sober House” series airing on Jan. 9, 2009! I have been in and out of rehab too, struggling with Heroin addiction since 1995. I have been through so much as a result of drug use, but it has only made me stronger every time I come through those relapses. Sober Living is great for people who want to stay sober. I did it from 2001 – 2004, on and off. It was great being around people who shared the same struggles I did and having the support of other recovering people. For me today, I have no desire to do drugs, thank GOD!!! I still have life struggles, but heroin is not one of them anymore. I am rooting all those addicts who get clean, stay clean, relapse and make it back…but for the grace of God, there go I…to those who have passed as a result of drug abuse.

  26. purplekitty says:

    I was disappointed in Gary. He finally admitted he was a full blown addict at the end. But when it came to making a decision about sober living, he said he’d “visit it” and be a “speaker of encouragement”, which makes me feel like he’d learned absolutely nothing from his 3 weeks in recovery. Is that from his head injury or from his addiction??

    Does Vicki stay with Jeff because she has no where else to go or is she really that co-dependent on him for the drugs? She had a good start there at the end of the show, only to be drug back down by Jeff’s selfishness. I pray that he finds his bottom line and seriously commits to treatment before he dies. Why does his doctor keep giving him those heavy pain killers? Is it his celebrity status or does he have enough money to make it worth a doctors’ while? I don’t hear Jeff ever admit to buying the drugs illegally….

    How is anyone from season 1, besides Mary Carey and Seth doing???

  27. mercury1 says:

    What a refreshing end to a somewhat enjoyable show – no Jeff Conaway or girlfriend Vicki. Please do not include the “Self- Destructvie Dynamic Duo” on any other show – especially on CelebRehab 3 should one be taped. Vh1, I will not watch it if these 2 “Mental-Garbage Haulers” are present and I believe that I am not the only one with this opinion. My hopes and opinions for the group:

    Gary – loco – too hardheaded to be taught about sobriety.
    Sean – too immature to realize “Sober Living” would be good for him.
    Rodney – I really admire him and hope he has the best of luck with sobriety.
    Amber – what a fragile person, she pulls at my heart-strings. When she speaks it is “honesty” without all of the crap. I hope she succeeds.
    Tawny – her ego gets in the way – too proud to admit failure. Hope she can regain the trust of her children.
    Nikki – another fragile bird. Get rid of the tongue piercing – it makes you look like you have MS. She needs more than sobriety education.
    Steven – poster child for substance abuse. He is very likable and I hope he succeeds but it will very hard on the people around him. If only he could repair the relationship with his mother.
    Seth – hardcore addict. His actions leading up to his re-admission to the rehab make it difficult to believe that he will succeed – his “Sponsor” really helped out a lot. LOL

    Looking forward to “Sober Living (House)”.

  28. Marva Green says:

    What’s wrong with Vicki, she really needs to stand up to Jeff. She is co-dependant of him and he knows it. I hope she gets herself together and leave him, because if you ask me he doesn’t want to leave the opiates alone. He is always making excuses on why he needs his paing meds. Whatever happened to physical thearpy! Regardless of Jeff’s outcome I hope Vicki see’s the light, and realizes that he has been using her! He suppose to be in so much pain, but yet he was able to kick the living daylights out of Vicki!

  29. Crissy says:

    Hi Dr. Drew,

    I want to stand up for Jeff with regards to his back pain. I’ve had 5 back surgeries and am having another (minor) on the 5th. My heart broke for him as so many question his chronic pain. I understand that he’s an addict and that addiction will find ANY excuse to obtain substances. On the other hand, his pain is no joke, no laughing matter and people need to have some respect for that. Back pain is something that is indescribable! I’ve been in and out of bed since I was 31 and I’m currently typing sideways from my bed in my parents home at 38.

    Having back pain doesn’t mean you’re paralyzed people…GET REAL! It means that regular and/or extreme movement HURTS MORE! If you twist, kick, hop, whatever then it’s going to hurt BADLY! Don’t confuse one with the other!

    From what little I saw, he is not a compliant patient and I have no doubt that he’s not doing what he needs to physically to +#)%^+^$!)!_+^$ ist in the healing process. His behavior when he got home scared me the way he dug for pills and just camped in that chair. Not good at all! Vicki needs to get the hell out of there, and Jeff needs professional home health care and pain management.

    I am proud of my pain management, and out of fear of possible addiction myself I’ve always kept a journal showing my Rx intake.

    I just want to stand up for him with regards to the pain. It’s HORRIBLE, it isolates you, causes incredible depression and I get it.

    I hope he’s shown more sympathy on that subject in the future, and I also pray that he gets the courage to seek strict +#)%^+^$!)!_+^$ istance with pain management, physical therapy (water therapy is the best!), prayer and counseling. I know I wouldn’t have hope without supportive people around me coupled with those things.

    When I heal from this setback I hope to help others who suffer from chronic pain as I do. It’s a tough fight.

    Keep up the great work, Dr. Drew. I used to listen to your show in the early 80′s on KROQ and you were great then too.

    Tell Shelley & Bob they rock! What heroes they are.

  30. Sandy says:

    I am a cancer survivor and was on vicodin for 19 months due to chronic pain. I finally decided that life had to be better without the drug dependency. I weaned myself off of the medication over a one month period. I honestly didn’t think that I could do it without rehab, but it has now been 5 months since my last vicodin and I don’t even miss them in the slightest. Once I got over the opiate pain, I realized that I could learn to live with the chronic pain. I just want these people to know that there is hope and that they can do it. They just need to believe in themselves and remember that life itself is a high like no other. Good luck, and God bless!

  31. Curtis says:

    I watched both seasons and it seems for the most part that the season two participants really understand how the treatment applies to them as individuals. Rodney, Steven, Amber, and Nikki seem to be very honest and are the kind of people with whom I would want to be friends. You’re all very special and have people everywhere praying for you and wishing you and your loved ones the best. Good luck !

  32. J says:

    Is Seth OK??? They said in the preview for Sober house that he suffered a cardio infarction (AKA heart attack).

  33. Sarah says:

    I was very much inspired by this Dr. Drew and others in this 2nd Season since I am currently addicted to opiods since the birth of my twins. Throughout this whole season, while still using, I have looked to the show for support since I have been turned away from my doctors. However, after seeing this last episode, the graduation and seeing the previews of “Sober Living” I feel that these people are being set up for failure. The people who are returning home probably will do better. Now I can see how TV ratings play into Dr. Drew’s “Treatment”. Since he pressured them all to do this and then placed them with them with many other attics right around the corner from “Sin City # 2″. I can not see how it would be better to continue on there rather than what I would hope would be sober living at home with your children.

  34. Teal says:

    I wanted to send out a letter of support for Rodney King. His story is just one example of the terrible effects of violence in our lives. No matter if you are a child, teenager or adult, if you experience that kind of abuse it will effect the rest of your life. In the case of Rodney it effected him, as well as the entire nation. He has carried a very heavy burden that has manifested itself as addiction. But, I’m confident that he will overcome his past and live sober. I can see that he is a very gentle, kind and sensitive man, with a beautiful family. Thank you, Rodney for showing your vulnerability in rehab. It is the most courageous thing you can do. You are an inspiration! I wish you all the best in your life. Thank you for sharing your story.

  35. Heather in Florida says:

    I really hope Rodney makes it, I am pulling for him.

  36. rita lehr says:

    i think it is wonderful what Dr Drew is doing for the sober living i wish i had a place to go like that i really admire Dr Drew i think he is great i really like steven alder he seems to be a sweet person i hope he gets straight he ,has a good heart god bless you Rita Lehr

  37. didi says:

    I am glad to see Dr. Drew providing follow up care for these individuals. Recovering from an addiction is a life long battle.

  38. Susan Smith says:

    This is going to be a great show. Many people think that after the 28 day program that you are cured and ready to go out into the world again. There is no such thing as cured when it comes to an addiction. Addictions follow us everyday of our lives. Seth has shown just how difficult it is. You have to change your playground and that is tough to do when you are a celebrity. You have to change the people you hang around. I think ….the big question to ask is How important is your sobriety? Is it more important than your family, your career, your being a star or celebrity? You have to realize that your sobriety has to be the most important thing in your life because without that you can’t take care of your family, your career, your celebrity status. I commend Dr. Drew on taking on a task that is quite difficult. I watch Jeff and realize that there are many issues with him and it will take time for him to get better. When he begins to get sick and tired of being sick and tired then maybe he can start to live life. But the choice is totally his.

  39. Jt says:

    “I was very much inspired by this Dr. Drew and others in this 2nd Season since I am currently addicted to opiods since the birth of my twins. Throughout this whole season, while still using, I have looked to the show for support since I have been turned away from my doctors. However, after seeing this last episode, the graduation and seeing the previews of “Sober Living” I feel that these people are being set up for failure. The people who are returning home probably will do better. Now I can see how TV ratings play into Dr. Drew’s “Treatment”. Since he pressured them all to do this and then placed them with them with many other attics right around the corner from “Sin City # 2?. I can not see how it would be better to continue on there rather than what I would hope would be sober living at home with your children.”

    He applied just as much pressure in the first season, before they were going to do a show on sober living. Also these people did drugs at home with their kids/husbands/wives/mothers around, to say “probably will do better” is hopeful, but doesn’t strike me as the reality of the situation. This takes them away from a home where they were able to do drugs, and places them in a situation where it’s harder to do so, it’s baby steps, getting sober is easy, staying sober is hard.

  40. JoAnna says:

    i saw the last show of rehab and it had the thing on the sober house,it said that seth went in to a cardiac,is he ok ? i need to know whats going on! i hope that everyone gos all the way,they can do i have faith in all of them!!!!

  41. gloria j says:


  42. andrea says:

    i wish everyone the best. i know it is a struggle but as long as you look to the sky and ask god for help and strength you can do anything. i truly feel for all of you!!! keep up the good work its hard but rewarding to get your life back.

  43. karmen stamps says:

    When will Celebrity Rehab reunion air? I am looking forward to it.

  44. jansurico says:

    i love dr. drew

  45. jansurico says:

    i can’t wait for your new show to start.i know these people are having a struggle, i have a son who had a rough few years. i wish them all the luck they can use.

  46. rstoyks says:

    Wow. . . can’t wait. It is so great to have a light put on the subject of addiciton. I hope everyone watching will identify rather than compare themselves to these people. What i know to be true is that my pain and struggle with addiction as a “regular” person is the very same pain the the “celebrity” goes through. The pain we addicts feel at the inability to stop using is across the board same.. the same shame, the same self loathling and the same lies we tell oueselves that we can stop by ourselves…, as they say from the park bench to park avenue only we addicts know that pain. This disease does not discriminate. It is my prayer the this show may be the door for somebody suffering to walk through!!! I know the show has helped and entertained me. Rock on Dr. Drew.

  47. JAMI says:

    I am an alcoholic. I am an alcoholic who is having a very time getting into a rehab program because, though I work, I don’t have any insurance. I utterly have the utmost respect for those patients who are serious about help. …On the other hand, those who don’t very much upsets me. ……I’d give anything to be able to have the opportunity to be helped as much as they have been….nonetheless thank you Dr Drew. You are an amazing and loving person.

  48. Nancy Wooldridge says:

    Dear Dr. Drew,
    I think your show is great and I am glad to know that there is someone that cares about people who entertain us.
    I watch intervention also along with your show and realixe I need serious help. I can’t afford to go anywhere there is no extra money in our house at all we are really bad off but I always make sure I have my pain killers and then some. Alll of my pain is real in my back and I am bipolar and manic depressive so I am fighting a loosing battle at times I feel. If I could get some input on what to do and not hurt my two girls one in college and one in jr.high thanks would be given. Nancy

  49. Faith says:

    Dr. Drew~

    I am so grateful that you and VH1 collaborated to make this show! My mother is an addict and it has given me a wonderful perspective on her life through the group on Celebrity Rehab. She has gone through rehab and sober living numerous times, but seeing it on your show helps me understand the day to day struggles that I often did not see when visiting her. I thank you for helping me understand the many sides of addiction.

  50. Lehn says:

    I like Celeb Rehab and will watch Sober House. I recently enjoyed hearing Dr. Drew on The Howard Stern Show – (got some insight about the shows, cast and crew).

  51. Heather says:

    I went to school with Seth in Jr. High. It makes me sad to see him not doing well… I really hope that he gets well…. I have been Sober for 12 years and know how hard it is to stay sober..
    I wish them all Luck!!!
    Dr. Drew you are a Wonderful Person with such a Caring Heart!!!
    My Mother was at Las Encinas 3 years ago and I had the pleasure of meeting you one time while she was there on family day!!

  52. rhonda says:

    I can see that Stephen Adler was high on herion on the way to the sober house. There’s gonna be problems with him…Very Sad….hopefully, all of them make it….I am recovering from opiate pain killers and wish everyone the best

  53. scott thurber says:

    I hope that everone will pray for all of these people….I especially wish all the best for Amber .Luv u .Be Strong…..

  54. Patrick says:

    Hey everyone, I just watched the first episode of Celebrity Rehab 2 and i believe you all are being very too leniant. I am also a heroin addict who has been clean for eight months and to see someone like one of your patients enter a halfway house with needles and heroin absolutely makes me sick and it really bothers me. I know how hard it is to not put that needle in your arm but if you really want to get clean and live a happy life, you will. I believe your patient does not want to get clean and sober and i believe he should not be part of celebrity rehab 2. He should of been kicked out that first night. Period. Stop treating them like celeberities and start treating them like normal people who have a serious life threating disease that they will eventually die from!!!

  55. Connie says:

    Not sure about Jennifer!!:

    I just watched the first episode of Sober House. My impression is that the house manager, Jennifer, is prone to being on power trips and may not be far enough along in her sobriety to be able to handle her job. Yeah, Steve was f****d up, but he is an addict, a newly recovering addict, and all the rest of the staff were able to handle it without making the situation worse, which is what Jennifer did. She was too bossy with the housemates whom she did not know and got too buddy-buddy with the ones she did already know.
    Jennifer just got through telling Seth that THREE strikes you were out, yet she did not want to give Steven a chance. Also, the house manager SHOULD NOT be talking to the other patients (her friends) about other patients in the way she was doing. She should have done some damage control instead of hungrily stirring up the pot.
    I can only hope that Steve gets the support he needs—hell it is scary just getting out of rehab and then committing to another strange environment. I am not saying what Steven did was OK—I believe he should be kicked out if he brings drugs in again, because it does put other addicts in danger. Hell, seeing those needles made me feel antsy (I am a recovering junkie and alcoholic). That brings up, again, the question of whether Jennifer is qualified, i.e. mature enough in her recovery, to do her job.
    I just want ALL the patients to make it. I have been watching them all the way through treatment and now this show. I know what it is like to struggle. I have been sober now for almost 8 years, but it took 3 inpatient treatment centers and quite a few white chips to make it. I believe an addict has not failed if he/she relapses, as long as he/she keeps on trying and does not give up.
    Obviously Steve has not given up on himself, because he keeps coming back and keeps trying. I pray for him and all the rest. It is a horrible, horrible disease that takes all of one’s effort to fight as well as the ability to ask again and again for help.

    Southern Pines, NC

  56. Alison says:

    I watched the first episode. WOW!!! I SO SO SO hope Steven gets his act together (which doesn’t look likely). I feel disappointed even before the rest of the episodes air. I have my fingers crossed for everyone else (including Binzer!).

    On my WISH LIST: I wish I could be as cool under pressure as Dr. Drew. He just EXUDES ~CALM~!!!

  57. Esteban DeLaO says:

    WOW ! ! for being treatment “specialists” , you guys werent very smart putting Alder and Binder together… they are enablers of each other, and the fact that Alder showed up stoned, in my opinion, all bets are off… he isn`t ready to be responsible… and what an “awesome” location for a sober house Hollywood… steps away from the cesspool of humanity. they would have done better in Malibu first… then maybe Hollywood.. and if Jennifer is the one running the sober house, i think her opinion of where your graduates are at, needs to be respected. i think they all are headed for a down-hill slide being in Hollywood. the fact that seth showed up, SMOKING CRACK…On YOUR ROOF.. should have possibly raiseda red flag or two on his being able to go into ‘sober living” so soon…. looks like a rating ploy… not a good thing, considering that lives potentially hang in the balance

  58. former junk bomb says:

    come on – no body gets right the first time it can take several and i do mean several attempts
    i’m just glad mines behind me and not ahead of me its tough- real tough just one thing
    the fear of the sick is worse than the sick itself .. who said your not suppsed to feel !@%&#~!~%((“^+) ty
    like everything else you have to pay your dues and being sick is your dues

    i hope they all do well… its their call

  59. Thumbalina says:

    Steven & Seth should be entered into a Drug Rehab for a year! I guess thats not going to happen until they go to Jail a few times and are Court Ordered. It only takes two family members to go to the Court House and file a Petition to take their rights away and have them commited. Something drastic needs to happen quickly before they die. My son has been clean and sober for four years now and became a Minister. He knew I wasn’t kidding around when I had him commited. I stripped him of his rights to get the drugs and his opportunity to use. He was almost dead when I was at the Court House waiting for a Judge to sign the Petition. He was picked up and placed safely in a Police Car and escorted to the HospitaL behind locked doors until he was well enough to enter a year long Rehab. He’s my only child and I did what I had to do to keep him alive. He had to bargain with me to get out of the Hospital by giving me Power Of Attorney, once that was done, I looked for a year long Rehab Center where he could live for a year, then he was transported. When you get these serious Drug Addicts, that like to get down to business when they use, they have no more common sense and become a danger to others. I was more afraid of burrying my son then having him locked up for awhile till I could find “Sober” accomodations. To Family members: Go to the Court House and get the Petition, it’s free! Enough is Enough! When thats all done, gather up all family you can gather and order a dumpster to be placed at their house and throw all drug paraphanalia away and garbage, sell their home with the Power of Attorney, purchase them another home and have it set up for their new life when they get out. You have a whole year and this is a wonderful thing to be a part of. You can’t take a Drug Addict back to their old life where they danced with the Devil. Most Drug Addicts don’t have homes, but with POA, you can take their finances over and get them a place. Also, Legal Aide does the POA for free as well. My Son came home to a wonderfull new start and he gave back way beyond what I ever dreamed of for him. Sometimes you have to fight hard and dirty, but seeing them alive and sober and full of Love is worth everything.

  60. Janiece says:

    WELLLLLLLLLLL I just watced the first sober house. Since I run 3 mens sober houses with a total of 35 men and a female house with 9 I can SOOOOOOOOOOOO relate I to am ex addict I have 7 1/2 years clean off meth and look at me now. I to did the rehab and sober house thing and now I am office manager for Got Recovery Inc. I hope everyone makes it but Steven just isnt ready yet and I hope he doest take out the rest of the house good luck on the rest of the season.

  61. Kelly says:

    Just watched sober house. Touches my heart at the struggle of addiction. I struggle everyday. I have been there time and time again. It is so worth it. Life can be so full and complete but it takes time. I hope everyone makes it! This show is great to show people who have no idea how hard daily life can be. Can’t wait to see more!

  62. Randyman says:

    I think this is an awesome show and I (recovering addict) really can relate to. I just am confused about the real motive/meaning behind the show. Sometimes I feel like these guys who all feel like family to me now, and are awesome people are just being set up for failure to promote good ratings for a top VH1 reality show whose bottom line ofcourse is money. Sorry, I just can’t help it. Put the newly recovering addicts right in the mix of things dangling temptation like a carrott and if someone happens to slip, what a good episode it will make, if they don’t die in the process and oh, what a good episode that would make! God forbid! Sadly I would be right there waiting with anticipation on that episode to air. What a vicious circle…. I still slip from time to time, it’s just gonna happen unless you are totally actively involved in a solid recovery program and no where near the lurking deamons like these guys are. Anyway, good luck to all, peace out!

  63. Raymond E. Pottebaum says:

    After watching the first episode of Sober House I had to cry. The tears came after seeing Steven Adler on the program. It’s breaks my heart to see such a talented man from one of history’s best rock and roll bands of all time in such a state. I was an addict back when Guns N Roses were at the top and have an ex-girlfriend who lost her 21 year old son to heroin, so when I saw Steven Adler I immediately felt his pain. I don’t know if he will ever read this or not but I hope and pray that he does. I want to encourage him and tell him that HE CAN DO IT, and that I believe in him, and also that I will pray for his recovery and victory over his addiction. I see so much pain in his life and I would be willing to do anything that I could to help Steven because I know that he can’t do it alone. I truly hope to see Steven clean and sober in the very near future and to see his life transformed into one of happiness and true joy filled with family, friends, and fans who love and respect him unconditionaly, and right now I think that is one thing that he needs most, the love and support of others!!! My heart and sincere prayers go out to you Steven – YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  64. kim miller says:

    Im really going to enjoy this show. Celebrety rehab is grea too but this will show that it really take alot of work to stay clean & sober. There are so many triggers. Steven keep on working at it & i pray youll get it right.

  65. debbie daniels says:

    Ienjoy the prgram but wonder how much is not really shown to the public due to the fact that drugs do

  66. Cheryl says:

    This is sent to everyone living in Sober House. Dr. Drew and I go back a long way “ask him who his sickest patient ever was” My Mom Pauline and I watch all the time and all I want to say is that if there is 1 person on this earth that knows what he is doing it is Dr. Drew. At this point in my life I actually can identify with a lot of you, not that any of you or Dr. Drew would be aware of this, but trust me I pull for you all every week because I don’t want to see any of you in the news for dying. Please listen to him, and understand that he has your best interest at heart. He wants to save your life, and he did at one time mine, so I know what I am talking about. Please listen to him and learn from him.

  67. roxanna b says:

    I just want to say I enjoy the program. I am a recovering addict of 5 years. Alcohol was my weapon of choice. It can be done if you want it bad enough. I most generally drank until I blacked out. I didn’t know how to go about getting help. But I was sent to treatment (out patient) after my 4th DUI. I was like everyone else, I was hard headed. At first thought I wasn’t like all those others setting around me in the room, I was better! I finally came off my high horse and made it through post withdrawal and many other things within the year of my treatment. Life is so much better when you are not using to medicate yourself. I also found out who my friends really were, many that were in my life when I was using are not around now. But I have also made some new friends that will be friends for life!

    RODNEY——I wish the best of luck to you, I see what a gentle and wonderful man you seem to be.
    Please don’t rob your self and your daughters of what you have. It was obvious they love you. Sometimes we don’t think we deserve anyone’s love because we don’t love our-self when we are using. My father is also a alcoholic and doesn’t care that he has robbed himself of a relationship with his children and grandchildren. Don’t do the same, I can tell you have it in you. I may have to be on antidepressants the rest of my life but it is soo much better than self medicating with the alcohol.
    U CAN DO IT!!!!!!

  68. Morgaine says:

    Hello Brothers and sisters!

    I love the show, it’s keeping me pluggged in. I have 3 1/2 years no booze and am struggling with opiate addiction, like so many others tonight, bad back problems, 5 surgeries lots of oxy. To the brother who said he couldn’t afford treatment, go to lots of meetings, have a sober buddy you can chat with on the phone throughout the day, make a commitment in a meeting cleaning out the ashtrays or making coffee, secretary a meeting. Commitment WILL keep you sober, sometimes when nothing else will. Also subscribe to the Grapevine, participate in online meetings, if no meeting is in town that suites you start a NEW one! THAT will definatley motviate you to stay sober.

    Steven: should have definately been kicked to the curb when he showed up high. Sorry, some of you are right, allowing Steven to stay and Seth getting excited about having three chances to get loaded before serious consequences, basically gave the entire house permission to get high. In real life there is no 3 strikes your out! Your next high may very well be your last! We always have aother high in us, we may NOT have another recovery. Jennifer’s instincts were right! Dr. Drew’s were not. Is this perhaps some tranference? I taught sprituality and mediation in my local rehab/sober living and when soemone got high, we made sure they were safe, gathered their stuff, kicked them out and then processed the group. It has a MAJOR impact on the others in the house. They are triggering left and right. 21 days rehab and 30 sober living is NOT enough time. They still haven’t learned to crawl yet and Steven getting high forced them all to run. The longer a person can stay in a safe envirinment the better their chances are.

  69. Laura says:

    Love the show and have watched it since it began. Something with Seth has just pulled at my heart. He loves his boy so much and his son loves him. I think he can be manipulative but isn’t that in an addicts personality. Seth hang in there for you son, for you fans and mainly for yourself. Your a good guy inside, let youself know that.

  70. Michael says:

    I have never seen a Sober Living Home with such enabling rules. Use three times and you are kicked out? Show up loaded? No mention of 12 Steps of Recovery? Maybe the rules are different for celebrity’s when it comes to recovery. But in my 31 years of experience in/out of recovery as an alcohol/addict I have never seen such a program that enables someone with such latitude to die with this disease. This is not a true program on recovery; this is a show for entertainment and sad to say that alcohol/addicts that watch this program or attempt to work a program in this manner may die of this deadly disease of addiction. This program treats this disease like a common cold instead of the deadly disease that it is. These people are suffering from a disease and illness that only 12 Steps toward a spirtual experience will conquer. The only one that seems to have admitted to his intermost self that he is an alcohol/addict and is serious about recovery is Rodney King.

  71. Judi says:

    I have been following this program. I am just really upset that Dr Drew would allow Steve Adler to stay at the sober house instead of getting him more treatment!!! I know he has been in and out of treatment however if he is bringing herion into the home the very first day then he must go again and start from scratch. I surely hope Steve knows that he will always be a talented drummer and he should also count his blessings on everything that he did in his life. Not everyone has the opportunity to be in a successful band. I think he needs to move on and stay clean so he can live a happy life. I surely hope all of the people living in the sober house stay clean. I really wish they had just ordinary people that are not celebrities be able to have the same treatment as the stars.

  72. KatLouise says:

    I just don’t understand why people are called addicts when they have chronic pain that can not be treated with anything other than pain medications! I broke my foot off and after 14 operations and weeks of torture in physical therapy I am and unless I want to just sit on the couch and watch life will always have to take pain medication. I do not take more than is prescribed and I have never taken it more often than prescribed, but I am the “drug addict” in the family.
    I don’t care what is wrong with me, if I dare even complain of a headache I am asked by someone around me, “Oh, do you think you may be taking too much of your pain medicine?” It makes me sick!
    Anybody know what I’m saying?

  73. wendy says:

    Dr. Drew,

    I wrote my heart out tonight, over 2 hours. Do I get any cred or not? How long does it take?

    Just wish I could hear a repanse. Peacefully.


  74. Jane says:

    come on Seth get your actr together, I`m a huge fan of yours and your music.. I would really like to see you make it and come out with some more cd`s..

  75. bt says:

    well i just finished watching 2nd episode. After the first episode I was on the fence about wether Steven be kept in the house especially since their is a 3 stikes rule. OK… then we watch Steven sit down with dr drew and he swears up and down that he is serious about his sobriety and that it was that one slip, which I didnt believe. But when he slipped again, and again and again in one nite it occued to me that Steven must have still had a stash in the house that he never fessed up to. That makes him a lying selfish con that onlt cares about himslef. Smoking heroin, you probably know has a very strong smell and if someone else is in that house battling that demon gets one wiff of that, that coiuld jepordize more housemates. Steve you selfish shortsighted +%!@*&_(%@@!`(() you dont derve the friends and family there to support you . I was so angry that I was moved to write and vent the fact that Steven Adler is a selfish +%!@*&_(%@@!`(() ing Loser that I hope dies broke. No wonder Axle cut from GNR, he is a complete +%!@*&_(%@@!`(() up. The dude is so out of control that he did this right under the noses of the cameraman. it’s one thing to +%!@*&_(%@@!`(() up your own life, but now he is jepordizing the lives of the housemates around him that he supposedly loves. Cool….. thanks steven, we’ll be reading about your obituary soon, and it wont b e a moment too soon for the people who put their faith in you. and as an addict in recovery myself, I am Sorry if was so negative but i have never had as much support in my recovery that steven has had in his.

  76. bt says:

    After watching the secnd episode, all I can say is , Stevn Adler you obviously new that yuo were conning Dr drew after the first relapse. You also knew that you were going to use again since you never fessed up to your stash still in the house. smoking heroin is not an easy smell to hide, and to put all of your housemates at risk like that, you are a selfish !~#)&#**`$#%#!!( ing loser that is going to die broke and alone. you dont deserve your loving wife, you dont deserve your friends. no wonder gnr kicked you out. looking forward to reading your obituary. there are alot of us addicts who have never had the support that you have gotten, and to watch you piss on it is shameful. you deserve verything that this disease brings. I just wish they would have kept you out.

  77. Gail says:

    I would like to open my house & my heart to Amber Or Nikki. I think they have a good chance but not around all that temptation. I’m not a nut or stalker, I just want to help! I would be a great sponsor. Addiction is rampant in my family. I am not or ever been an addict. I do understand it though. I have been to many A.A. & N.A. meetings. My family is 700 miles from me. I have done a lot of good for several people. I live in a small southern town out in the country. No wild life here. No I’m not a crazy holy roller either. Believe me I have done some partying myself I am a 49 yr. old female who is just putting a hand & heart out to help someone. I am very serious this is not a joke! I would love to help! Please keep me in mind.

  78. Bill carruthers says:

    What a bunch of spoiled little ^^_$(+`#~(^##@%_* addicts—You people should have to sober up at a local alcohol recovery center> Hope you enjoy the mansion and the hotdogs and the pool! God Adler should OD and die! I’m turning your show off right now and I’m going to go to a real meeting and help a real person—this is all for the cameras right! Jeez give me a break—-this is not the world of recovery—-Its show biz Recovery right?

  79. Nancy says:

    I am an addict/alcoholic and have been to many sober living facilities, all I can say is no way!!!!! I have never been to a facility that allows you to get wasted 3 times before you get kicked out. I know all the staff is trying to help but come on lets get real. When some of the cast was taken to a real sober living facility they commented on how it looked like a place to do drugs instead of recovery. The show needs to have more real life recovery i.e. going to meetings, pee tests, house meetings and service. Steven Adler needs to go to detox for more than 21 days, he needs a real residential program were every move is monitored. If Steven Adler truely wants recovery he has to do the work!!!!

  80. Kerry says:

    Watching the second episode at this moment. I think it’s time to consider having Steven placed in a safer environment. He is evidently not ready to surrender to his disease and if you don’t have him put somewhere else like maybe the hospital or detox the others that are willing to surrender to their disease are going to be infected by this. You can’t make an addit stop using he must do it himself, you gave him more than most sober living places would. The other addicts in the house are being triggered and at an early stage in their recovery they are at a great risk to relapse. Remember addicts need to feel safe and if they don’t feel safe in a sober living at such an early stage in their recovery what good are you doing for them. Tough love is what some addits need in order to realize what they are doing to themselves and at this point Steve is in nheed of a much greater help than you are equipped to give him. Don’t take this personal because you may harm yourself. You did what you could now let someone else give it a whirl. I will pray for Steve tonight that is what I can do for him.

  81. Ms. D says:

    I just finished watching the second episode of “Sober House” where Steven was higher than a kite off of heroin.He was so high,it didn’t take a expert to figure that one out.

    Jennifer did the right thing by removing Steven from the house because not only was he putting the other housemates’ soberity at risk, but he was putting her soberity at risk, also. She gave him one chance to straighten up, but he blew that chance. He has to want to be clean and sober.

  82. dave says:

    I read a real satirical blog about VH1’s Celebrity Rehab and Sober House on

    What better way to treat a damaged, drug-addled fallen celebrity than by sticking a TV camera in their face? Thus the premise of VH1’s, Celebrity Rehab. We get to tune in and see those once in the spotlight now publicly treated for drug and alcohol addiction.

    Read the blog here:’s-celebrity-rehab-and-sober-house

  83. Thumbalina says:

    I run a Sober House and unfortunately the House Mom (Jenn) will have to learn to be firm and stand her ground. Don’t ever 2nd guess yourself, you set the rules, you enforce them or kick them out with as little drama as possible. Steven Adler should of been sent back to a long term rehab. None of these long term addicts are ready for any type of sober house yet. They should of been rehabbed for a year and then earned their right first. They will use this place for their personal playground. Never throw any type of parties, don’t allow strangers into the facility. The home is only for the Addicts coming from rehab. Each addict needs their own personal sponsor so the House Mom can call them with the problems. Let the sponsor pick them up, take them job hunting be their personal guide, someone other then the House Mom needs to take that role. One person can’t do it all!

  84. Michael A. Vallejo says:

    I just watched the second episode of Sober House and have mixed feelings.i am a grateful member with a few twenty four hours,and could feel the pain of suffering addicts on this reality show.You tell someone with twenty one days of treatment that they have three strikes to use and I can predict the outcome.The house manager clearly doesnt have the experience to handle these powerful personalities.The crew of The S.S. Minnow had a better chance of staying sober than this cast.Sober House makes a mockery of sobriety and recovery.This is not a show for a newcomer.There is no mention of the twelve steps,90 in 90,higher power,acceptance,willingness,hope,honesty and above all,GOD.Intervention,on the other hand shows the pain and reality of being in the belly of the beast.It also shows success of recovering addicts when they work a program.A.A. and and programs like it are the very lifeline that keep us recovering addicts alive and I wish hollywood would use its vast cast of active and suffering candidates to truly and honestly portray this disease for what it really is…A destroyer of self,spirit,love,hope,family,friends,possessions,jobs,homes,and ultimately life.

  85. John says:

    After seing the second showing of Sober House I couldn’t help myself to post a comment. On January 26th 09′ I’ll have 10 years clean and sober(Praise the higher power!) Watching the show trigers nothing for me, however when Dr. Drew asked Steven if he was ready for sober living and his reply was: “I want to” was that a red flag or what? Addicts always want to; when there thinking changes to “WILL” instead of WANT there is a huge difference! It took me 2 years before I could go into a bar and be ok- with my recovery. People need time celebrities or not. My treatment time was 6 months then another 6 months sober house before most of my cravings or stupid thinking where put behind my recovery instead of in front. Thanks for allowing me to share. John
    “The easiest lessons in life to learn are the ones you learn the hard way!”

  86. csaved says:

    I am very confused as to why Dr? Drew allows Steven Adler to continue to abuse women? His mother disappointed him, everyone who’s mother disappointed them, please raise your hand. Now, of you, who is on drugs. OK, now, of you, who abuses women. Of you, who does NOT abuse drugs? Who does not abuse women? If this self-sated person does not quit being fed the condoning of blaming anyone other than themselves; AT THAT AGE, and have his excuses ALL druG addicts are allowed to us–to use and abuse; he is going to hurt someone seriously then he will die. I am sorry for everyone in that house, I can’t imgagine having men threatening me all day and night, and not going to be scared to death and needing something to help me sleep. ALL the women, not just the poor thing that is getting most of it. You can see the fear and urge to escape. I am wondering who is in charge, Jeff Conaway got his ticket, rightly so, this guy is going to cause so much damage in just two days, I feel sorry for whoever is paying for the stay of those who are serious and grown-up about their sobriety. How ridiculous to argue, just pass the consequences, does he? know what those are yet, how old is he? God Bless the hearts, minds, and spirits of those poor women.

  87. Marilyn says:

    From a recovering alcoholic with 19 years of sobriety (by the grace of God and AA) I am frightened for Steve and also for the others in the Sober House. I believe for everyone’s sake, Steve should have been removed back to ‘in house’ treatment at the first sign of using. Drew “trusted” him when he said he was “sorry and wanted to do well”. Someone should remind Drew that we are liars and manipulators when our addictions kick in and we cannot be trusted. He risked everyone’s sobriety by putting them through that episode of Steve on heroin in the house. Jennifer should have absolute support of staff and should be in control of that house. They are transitioning but are not well. Where are their sponsors and the program meetings, etc. or are they encouraged to go it alone right out of rehab? Whose idea was it to start off with a party for 75 people whose backgrounds no one knew about? They don’t stand much of a chance without more guidance and someone in charge who either is in long term recovery or knows the score more than Drew seems to. I think that this drama business for the sake of good TV sucks big time for these people. This is real life and death stuff and should be treated as such. I want them to get well. Shifty is next in line for a relapse and he’s another one who might not live through one again.

  88. kelly says:

    To Steven- find the thing that is most important to you and live for that- get more help.
    To Niki- you are going through alot of pain but know you will make it- you can do it!! sober house not for you.
    To: Amber- sober house not for you- you can do this on your own- surround yourself with positive people
    To:Seth- what a sweet guy- with an evil demon- let the powerful sweetness win this one- your life will be better if you focus on your strengths, family, talent–when you think about using- think about how you feel after- the guilt the withdrawel, it’s no fun- try to think of that before you do the drug.
    Rodney- You have this one- take the new lease and run with it- you have overcome so many things and we are all proud of you.
    Jen- get a new gig- you are not helping these people

    Mary- surround youself with positive people- wrong guys to be hanging with

    Good luck to you all

  89. Diane says:

    I pray for Steven Adler to get through his addiction. After watching Sober Living last night I thought, has life been that cruel to him? I saw some of the back ground about how he feels about his mother,and I’m sure he has other problems to. Steven Adler has a beautiful caring,wife.That’s something to celebrate in itself. Maybe instead of going to art therapy, he might want to visit an onocology unit where people are fighting for their lives to live.And then maybe after that, take a quiet vacation to see the “natural world around him.” Maybe then,he’ll see how precious his life is before it might be to late. God be with you Steven.

  90. Sylvia says:

    What a waste of one hour with Steve Adler in a heroin haze and the enablers finally making the 911 call to the police. What about the other addicts? And is it Seth’s turn to be in the spotlight next week? When Andy ()%@&_@@!+`_)!$% shows up, expect him to get the attention. “Sober” living? What a travesty.

  91. Kimberly says:

    I have to say that Steven Adler is a waste of time. For someone to bring heroin into a house that is supposed to be a place where people can feel secure in their sobriety is BS. I say get rid of him and don’t look back. Obviously i haven’t seen this episode yet; watching the rerun now. I lvoe this show but Steven’s behavior is totally unacceptable!

  92. Shelby says:

    I would really like to commend this little group of shows. I’m a recovering addict myself with over a year under my belt of sobriety. I participated in a rehab program and when I first heard about the first season of this show coming to vH1 I was a little skeptical.

    Rehab is a very emotional and fragile time from my experience and I was worried about the people taking part in this show. I was also concerned that though the message that was to be conveyed wouldn’t get across to other young americans who have never experience such things and are more interested in gossip factor of something like this (no offense is meant by that, I mean humans, especially teens, are inherently gossipy).

    Upon seeing the very first episode my fears were subsided. This show is a sensitive, wonderful portrayal of what rehab can be like. It doesn’t focus on the wreckage but rather on the hopeful futures that these people have ahead of them. I found it inspiring and motivating! It helped me with my sobriety and I have a feeling it has helped many other if only to make them think. I truly want to thank vH1 and everyone involved in bringing this show to the air, especially all the celebrities who share so much with us! You have no idea how inspiring you really are.

    On a more recent note, I want to say two things. Seeing the relapses of Seth and Mary from the first season was very disappointing. However, they obviously are trying to get back on track. Good for you guys! Good luck! Steven relapsing is possible the most heartbreak, though. The transformation he made during rehab was so amazing to see and seeing how quickly and completely he changed was unnerving. I truly hope that he returns to treatment, and knows that so many people who don’t even know him support him. That goes for all the people on the show! What you’re doing is so amazing and awe-inspiring and you have the support of so many people.

    Good luck to everyone on the show, especially Steven, and Seth!

  93. Octavio Martinez says:

    I just saw your last episode on TV. In the defense of Steve Adler, I would have shot the cameras down when he requested to do so and deal with the problem in private, not in front of millions of viewers. As an addict in recovery for meth use (1.5 years clean and sober) I relate to him, and at that stage you have to provide the patient a comfortable environment not to provoke him into falling deeper and deeper. Also, and I hope my suspicious are wrong, what was that about the black out just in time for the show??? I love your program because I think is real, staging the program for just the sake of TV is very low. C’mon people!!!
    P.S. Thanks LAPD for closing the windows.

  94. Cuckoo says:

    Wow! How very sad. None of the time on Celebrity Rehab is a waste. The only enablers are the demons inside us. I am an addict and have battled with it since I was 13. My heart breaks and I actually cry for Steven and Seth. I know what’s it’s like to relapse. You get more depressed due to anger towards yourself for doing it and you use more because of it. This last November I relapsed and almost died. Two days before my daughters birthday. To you who don’t suffer from the “disease” and have no understanding, you’ll never know how we feel and how hard it is. Pray for Steven and Seth B4 they end up overdosing. It’s about making a call or grabbing help when you feel you need to get high. We CAN NOT do it alone. I just had to admit that crap – I hate that. I don’t like people trying to live my life, but, I can’t do it on my own. Please Seth and Steven- stay strong man, for all your fans and family. Your true fans that care , want you to stay clean. It tares us up to see you go down. Peace!

  95. Michelle says:

    If herion turns you into “Rubber Person” who is constantly on the verge of throwing up, then who would seek that out as a source of pleasure? There was nothing pleasureable about Steven’s desparate high. He seemed to be in a hideious state of despair…was he waiting for it to change into something better? He was just spinning for hours without having any sense of direction of where he was or what he was doing. What is attractive about that?

  96. KAREN says:




  97. Janice says:

    Help, Dr. Drew !!
    They need you right now! What a stressful place to recover. Way too long before the house mom called the police. I would have thought the no tolerance rule would have made for a clear cut set of directions.

  98. gwen says:

    This was so sad to see Steven so high. Anyone who thinks they want to try heroin needs to watch this. It’s SAD!

  99. Paulie says:

    In a sober house, there should be the “one strike and you’re out” rule as it is a SOBER house, a safe haven to venture back into the world of reality and responsibility.

    No going out, at least not in the first month, meetings and group and chores to teach responsibility.

    Also, it is my opinion, as an addict/alcoholic with 10+ years of recovery in me, that a former addict in the recovery process should have more than 2 years clean and sober before they run a sober living facility. 2 years is a great accomplishment but definitely not ready to deal with a group of newly recovering addicts/alcoholics.

  100. Diana says:

    I just finished watching the show sober house and i have seen all the rehab episodes 1 and 2. I have 8 years clean from herion and cocaine after almost 30 years of use and am now a substance abuse counselor. I chose this feild because of the struggles that not only I had but others have as well. the one major problem that I see here is that 21 days is just not enough time for the majority of these celebritys. most of them are serious addicts. they are not equipped to go back in to their lives after only 21 days, they dont even have a foundation to stand on to go into sober living with. I live in L.A. I know what the temptation level here is. even if they lived in the middle of now where 21 days would still not be enough time. most of the m should be in treatment for at least 6 months than a sober living after, sober living is a very important componant in the recovery process. meetings aa na ca what ever one clicks is also important. get a commitment and get phone #s and a sponser.
    I truly commend any of the celebritys on the show that are able to stay cleen and not relaps. the ones that I feel deepest for are steven and shifty becaust their addiction, their disease is eating them alive and they are so illequiped to deal with it. I also really hope that amber makes it because her addiction to the pills is something not easy to over come more so to I hope that her mother makes it, they can be of support to each other later. To this “variegated voice” person YOU are the PUKE and the LOSER.

  101. Lisa says:

    Oh my, Steven you have got to watch yourself on heroin. It is so pathetic so inhuman, you are so far detached from life and reality, it was just amazing to see. You have the nerve to walk in sober house and jeopardize all of your castmates, I find that so self-centered and unkind of you. Yeah you may be a “nice guy”, but you really have no idea. Addiction or no addiction. Yes, they are responsible for their own actions as well, but you brought it to the house and had no conscious about it. You knew when you walked through the door with heroin that you were going to use there. You have no repect for yourself or anyone else.

  102. margie says:


    I am a middle aged woman livin in the south, never having had an addiction, I have people close to me with addictions. I really hope that you can find a thread to hang onto. Please know that there are all types of people on your side, wishing a permanent sobriety for your future. What I see in you is a sweet, caring 11 year old boy in an adult body that doesn’t feel as if it fits you. An 11 year old doesn’t have impulse control or problem solving and decision making abilities. They do what feels good at the time. Your best bet would be to demand intensive psychotherapy as an in-patient. Yes, the addiction has it’s grip on you, but your emotions clearly drive your addiction. You should try to focus on those, though I know you don’t “want” to. This is the only way to let that 11 year old boy grow up in you. If you concentrate on that, the wonderful man you can become will be strong enough to fight the demons.

    Thanks for reading this and know I am routing for you and think of you daily, hoping all will be well for you.

    Much Love and Support,

  103. Melinda Gentry says:

    The staff I have to give huge kudos to on this one! Steven Adler, PLEASE straighten up! Rodney and Amber, Bravo to you two, keep up the good work please! Just please all of you keep up the good work. and Nikki, You can do this. Let it go. Your mother would want you to do better than she did! Please just let it go. You did not cause her death, SHE did!
    Melinda Gentry

  104. Kisha says:

    Dr. Drew I think that you are a wonderful person for doing what you do for all these people. Kudos to you and all your staff, including the entire crew that made this show possible.

  105. Brianna says:

    I do think a non-addict professional person can be of help to recovering addicts. Dr. Drew is certainly a compassionate caretaker who knows about addiction. There are plenty of recovering nutbags “helping” other addicts all over this country. And the three strikes rule may seem extremely lenient but we finally have to make the decision for ourselves that we don’t want to die or live in hell.

    After the show was over, I was mostly concerned for the other recovering folks, especially Jen, the housemom, and Rob, the tech, and the other celebrities who seem to want to try to live sober: Rodney, Amber, Nikki. Someone tell Nikki to stop playing with her tongue piercing although it is heart-breaking to see her grieving her mom. I think her mom is very proud of her as are her kids.

    peace and blessings to all.

  106. Mel says:

    I think Dr. Drew is an idiot. I used to think his heart was in the right place, but after watching the premier of Sober House I am convinced his only goal is to be a celebrity himself. The fact that he believed Steven and and wanted him to stay at the Sober House is appalling. These people should be in intense rehab for a minimum of three months and probably more. These addicts are like all addicts and three weeks of treatment is a joke. His only concern is a hit a TV Show. None of these people will be better off because of him.

  107. nas says:

    Get rid of that chic in rehab house she can not handle anything. having steve in there was totally stupid and pinsky should have known he was not ready. i guess ratings rule all even the harm of people.

  108. nas says:

    She just said I do not know why I am crying he is not part of my family. really she is not equiped and needs to go.

  109. Bambi Smith says:

    I have been sober and clean by the grace of god since jan 11 2004… I have been in the 12 step fellowship since sept 2001.. I strongly feel that if you want sober living house to be successful, the house person should have a more conciderable amount of clean and sober time.. and also a working knowledge of the 12 step program’s and their application. I am not trying to be critical just making an observation based on what i saw on the last show. I am having trouble regisering with the community it insists that my zip code is incorrect.. if you could e mail me into the community i would appriciate it greatly . thank you recovery rocks i hope everyone keeps comin back!!! bambi

  110. jenn says:

    hey i just watched one of the guys from gn&r freak out. pleaseb do not give up on him. he is sweet and i know you are putting up with a lot of sucks but mr. steve has been through a lot of +~%^__~&+*~_(*** you can tell

  111. Mike A says:

    Okay all you guys and girls that are sober and written into the blog about this series. To start off with this is ” NOT ” about staying ‘ SOBER ” really, at the level of press, radio, and film for those who know what I mean. This is about ratings okay. I too am sober and have been that way since June 6,1993 and my journey of soberity was never that decent. You have to remember it is about Celeberity Status! My hat goes off to celeberites like Robert Downey Jr. rather than this group. This series is about Rating’s. I actually enjoy the series. Also remember that in reality if any of you have went through the different Rehab’s, the speech given to us when we first got there by the person in charge, that ” only one out of 37 will probably stay sober out of all of you “. I knew beyond a shadow of any doubt I was not going to be the one. But in our literature it states we have a 50% recovery rate out of those who really tried, and 25% sobered up after some relapses, and out of the rest of them they got better with time. So I thought after reading these rate’s I might stay sober. So those who really want to get sober they abide by the rules (and yes they are rules)and the recovery rate is still this high. They have sponsor’s, get involved in a home group, and more importantly work intensively with others. They do not go on TV to have others watch their road to recovery. I am sure compensation is given for their participation. My compensation I get is MY SOBERITY and that is enough. Life is not fair and recovery is not easy. But it does get better with time. So all of you writing in understand one thing, this is not a pattern for recovery from the Doctor’s down to the House Supervisor to the people acting as Role Models(aka Sponsors). This is TV, this is about money pure and simple. This is the complete oppossite of us, lest property and prestige divert us from our primary purpose so you can see why and how we work.
    So in summing this up, watch and enjoy the show but do not use it as a roadmap to soberity.

  112. Michael says:

    One thing of a technical point really annoys the hell out of me about this show. They need to tone the music down when it overlaps dialog. They too often play the music so loud you have to turn on closed captioning in order to know what’s being said.

  113. AMY-NYC says:

    Rodney King . . . you may not be serving up a lot of drama on this show, but it is a testimony to your commitment to get sober. KEEP UP THE HARD WORK! YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY!

    I am no expert, but is Jennifer Gimenez really qualified for this job?! I find her very irritating!

  114. A Friend of Bill W. says:

    Having run a Sober Living House for over a year I am saddened that you have chosen not to allow these people to face the consequences of their addictions, and have not chosen to show those consequences. Instead you have shown on this show how to avoid the consequences by giving these sick and struggling people 3 chances (?) to relapse, and for aiming your cameras at the fantasy of Hollywood and Fame, instead of the reality of these peoples broken lives, family and friends, and allowing them to live in a fantasy. How unfortunate that you seemed to not be willing to be more courageous with this show by exposing these people and their addictions to the harsh light of reality. Alcoholism and Drug Addiction exist within a matrix of people that enable and allow their behavior and continuation, and I fear that you have chosen to participate and not prevent in these people addictions. I got sober at the same time Shifty and Mary Carey did the first time, and have seen them in and out of the rooms of the program here in LA for the last year, from the Key Club to Rodeo. What a shame that the glare of the camera seems to have doomed them to a life of addiction, while I just took a 1 year cake on December 12th. Best wishes though, I think you are trying to do some good and will help some people. I hope you dont damage or sacrifice a few for the good of the many who suffer from drug addiction and alcoholism. Be Well.

  115. john says:

    as someone who knows, dr. drew has no concept of what the nature of the disease is really about.while i realise that this is t.v. and therefore has ABSOLUTELY no basis in reality,i think that all of these people are being done a huge disservice. who the hell in their right mind lets a bunch of clueless newcomers go to a nightclub or have a couple of drinks???? not one of these people except maybe rodney will be clean in a years time.

  116. rob says:

    this show is so damn stupid. you pick the same old losers. and your missing the fact that there thousands of other people needing help. its like watching sweet 16…drama and more drama. give these people one shot and if they cant do it the first time drop them. and start your new show funeral house…now thats a show to watch. these outa work losers dont need all this tv time they had thair chance and blew it…..up their noses. so for me the best thing to do is get the cast high and a loaded gun and let the show finish itself.

  117. kathy says says:

    Do they really believe that Steven Adler, or any of these people, was ready for a sober house with only 21 days of inpatient care? Get real. Drugs and alcohol are so ingrained in their lives that maybe a multi-year inpatient program of some kind is the only thing to save their lives. I was married to an alcoholic for years and saw him go through multiple 21-day programs, failing each time. In order to get an attitude and life-style adjustment, you need more than 21 days. 21 days is like a vacation, when it’s over, you go back to your old way of life.

  118. Nicki says:

    I have always respected Dr. Drew immensely however his coddling of Steven Adler is disgusting. To put him in a house with people who are trying to stay sober changes this from something I thought was a help to just TV ratings.. Steven needs help but not in a sober living house…he is hurting the other people and needs to go somewhere else.
    You can’t help someone who doesn’t want it and obviously Steven through his strokes and overdoses does not accept help or want it at this time…he needs intensive in patient treatment for longer than three weeks…… and I am teetering on feeling this way about Shifty…….Rodney King is the success here… far……

  119. CarrieQC says:

    Rodney King has impressed me with his sincerity in remaining sober. This world has dealt him some rotten blows and we see him rise above and go forward….STAY STRONG, THERE ARE A LOT OF PEOPLE PULLING FOR YOU!

    Jennifer did exactly what needed to be done with the Steven Adler situation. I saw the pain in her face in making the decision to have to call the police…..I also saw the horrible bruises that she indicated as happening during the confrontation with Steven, NO HITTING, EVER! Seeing those bruises made me very angry at Steven, he is not accepting responsibility for his actions or behavior. Kick him in to shape Doctor Drew. Steven… cannot be a drummer in a rock band any more because of your drug usage, find a new way to achieve joy (NOT DRUGS), and go after it.

    Seth….you touch my heart every week. Whenever a group member needs an _^(@&~**`@+$~)* uring touch or glance you are the first person to offer yourself. The temptations are overwhelming for you and sincerely, I hope for you to be the winner in your battle. Move away from California, it works for other major people in the music business….you are in the toxic wasteland and deserve to live a happy and healthy life.

    Amber…..stay away from the edge, it is a hard fall if you choose to drop over. Your inner beauty shines and your honesty regarding your drug usage was very brave of you. Our mothers are similar, that issue I deeply understand but again, you have been making better choices for your sobriety…..STAY STRONG, PILLS ONLY NUMB AND WHEN THE PAIN FINALLY DOES IMPACT YOU IT CAN COMPLETELY CONSUME YOU…..I pray that you will be safe and strong.

    Nikki…..You remind me of my little sister and I believe that you are in line for being completely drug and alcohol free in your life. You have the look of a winner and I pray that this happens.

    Mary…..You have a sweet heart but people have been using your sweetness against you. Remind yourself that you are going to be able to find a career away from the Porn Industry, strive for that as it is not a safe environment for you. Being a former party girl I undersdtand the fun of living in the moment but you won’t live nearly as long and will look 60 when you hit 40 if you keep drinking and using.

  120. Laurie says:

    As a psychologist, I am very diappointed. I am extremely disappointed in your non-reinforcement/back-up of the house manager, Jen? (GEN) – you let her take the fall for something that you — DR. DREW BIG NAME CELEB SHOULD AND COULD HAVE CONTROLLED (BUT FOR YOUR PANDERING TO THESE CELEBS.

    In addition, you have manged to stretch 10 -15 minutes of filming to 60 to 120 minutes! Congratulations Houdini AND you have failed your clinical staff as well as your clinical responibilities! Are you proud/confident of what you have done here?

  121. sonja says:

    I just want to say KUDOS to Dr. Drew for the work he does. When I first heard about the series, I thought “great, another reality show that will exploit people who for whatever reason don’t have sense enough to know that they’re just dollar signs for another network”; but in my curiousity got the better of me and of course I watched…and have been watching. From what I see, Dr. Drew, regarding of anyone else’s intentions seems to truly care about these people and their well being. I pray God blesses him for his caring heart. Nice going Dr. Drew

  122. Carrie Caruso says:

    My only son died of a drug overdose on 3/26/08. He was 23 years old. I hope you all make it. I see how hard you are all working to get well. Jenn, you are amazing. Keep up the good work. I guess, I want to say that it’s hard living with an addict, but it’s really )$#!#+$+__!&&@#( ing painful living without them. I miss my boy. Thanks for listening.

  123. Victor says:

    well all i have to say is, Amber Smith is what every woman should look like, id be soo happy! :) shes beautiful on her worst days, and gorgeous everyday!! drugs are too dirty to even be in her presence! if its love you need, baby i have plenty! i can be your crutch, you can be my star! please tell Amber to stay strong! i pray for her and every person in rehab. tho, i cant say im a saint… alcohol and marijuana have played a part in my life, and its very hard to leave something that makes pain, and the thoughts of our mistakes, temporarily disappear. but we all make mistakes, life is a mistake waiting to happen, then we learn from our mistakes, and how best not to repeat them.

  124. Sherri says:

    I wish , and hope everyone is doing great,I am hooked on the show.I also am fighting my own demons so I can relate to alot of the show.wish I had the resources all of these people have to get to go to such a great place for support in getting well.

  125. Andrew P. says:

    I have watched the show a few times. I have to say that – and I’m trying to make this sound right – I am very impressed with who Rodney is. He seems to be genuinely eager to be clean. While most of the house is full of people who have chosen their celebrity, Rodney had been thrust into a world he didn’t ask for and, I have to say, given what he has gone through in the punblic eye, he seems to be on track to be clean and sober. Good for you, Rodney!!

  126. davidnga says:

    just watched 2/5/09 view for the 2nd time and wanted to wish all you the best of luck and to let you know i am not an addict my hear is there for all of you and remember that person that you went thru detox is worth staying clean for

  127. Libby says:

    Will Sober House be shown in the UK?

  128. juanita says:

    Im alittle shocked that you don’t see any of them going to 12 step meeting or talking about real recovery. I have 4 years clean and have never been a club or bar in the past four years. Because you just don’t do that if you really want to stay clean. Do they even have sponsors or work steps? The only one that I see even wants recovery is Rodney. I do wish them all the best. Juanita

  129. mira says:

    I’ve recently started watching your show. As a recovering addict sober now more than 6 years, I know how hard it is to live in and with yourself and your past actions without numbing out. I’m so proud of all of you for working to get your life on track. It is so worth it. It’s hard, it’s gonna be the hardest thing you’ve ever done at least it was for me, but when your head finally gets clear, and dont for a second believe that that happens right away just because your not currently using. It took about 2 years for me to defog and stop thinking and reacting to everything with addict behavior. I learned you don’t have to be actively using to still be drowning in your addiction. I don’t say this to discourage anyone I say it because it was my reality. We’re so used to addict behavior (i.e. selfishness, reacting with anger, blame, judgement and most especially avoidance) that even when we stop using we continue those behaviors. At least I did. To forgive myself and map out a future filled with the qualities in my life that I wanted to have. I watch you all in your struggles and see so much of myself, sometimes i find myself talking to the tv, crying for you all, praying for you all, and loving you all and your honesty and efforts.

    I’m still left with some heineous repercutions of my addiction, I have two beautiful grown children 27 & 25 who want and don’t have anything to do with me and may never forgive me. This is my greatest hurtle. I don’t know how I can live without my kids. So see, come so far, but reality is always a &_$%)(+^(%#$@!__# at times. Know you can make it, white knuckle it when you have to. You inspire me, especially you Rodney, you are an amazing gentle man and my heart and hopes are so with you. As they are for all of you. Steven, your life, you are worth the joys that will come in sobriety. I wish I could say something uplifting and encourageing to each of you individually, but I fear this will become a book. Just know you all are worth and desirve a life clean and sober. You can face your deamons, especially with the help and support you have. For what ever its worth you have one more person out here who is rooting for all of you. Believe you can do it, stick to your committment to yourself and take one day at a time. When it gets tough as it will, seek out your support, I dont’t know if you can communicate back with me, but I’m here, I’m a fan and wish all of you life, love and sobriety. Love, Mira in Phoenix

  130. kmj110 says:

    I am a registered nurse working on a detox unit. I have been in the drug and alcohol field for 12 years. I love both Celebrity Rehab and Sober House. From my experience these shows are the real deal. There may be a bit more drama from the celebrities, but there is plenty of drama and a sense of entitlement from the clients I care for as well. If you are ever looking for a nurse, send me an e-mail!!

  131. sharon skalitzky says:

    it amazing that here is a show about people struggling with their drug and drinking and then you have 4-6 relatity shows with especially alcohol overflowing!!! with people who can not control their drinking with very little conaquence to their actions. i know no one wants to preach but if and when the celebrities make it it would be nice for them to step forward and stand up against drugs and alchol abuse. it could be another relality show better than the ones with brett and the others and what they are showing.

  132. Debbie says:

    I just wanted to comment from someone who has never had an addiction. I am so totally impressed with all these people and what they are going through. I have lived a very good middle class life – I had very hard working parents who raised 5 kids through the 60′s and 70′s – they always treated us with respect and dignity (so so important) – all five of us are the best of freinds – I know what hurt feels like – my husband of 25 years decided to leave for another woman and my heart was broken and I hurt for along time – I see all of the struggles you all have been through and the terrible things you have seen and the demons you struggle with every day truly amaze me – I watch this show every week and want to hug you all and tell you how unfair it is that you could not have been given the life every child deserves – to be loved and treated with respect and to be given the roots that we all need to survive in this world. You are all so unbelieveably strong and I know what I went through made me stronger and with out my family it would have been so much harder – but because I have such wonderful parents who gave me the tools to survive I will be fine. I wish I could have shared them with you – I was so angry at Steven’s mother it made me crazy I wanted to ask her why on earth did you have children – why would you ever expect your children to take care of you!! I have one child and I would give my life for him – a mother of all people to take from a child. She should be ashamed and embarrassed. I just think so much of all of you and wish you only the best in everything you do. I think it is great that you all have Dr. Drew in your life – what a great guy and you can just tell how much he wants to see you succeed!! Kinda like a proud father! A parent should only want the best for their child and nothing in return!

  133. Chris says:

    I have suffered with members in my immediate family with addition problems – it is so hard breaking to experince. I can only hope my family will come out the other end of this ride all the better. ~ Can anyone tell me why Nikki is always moving her jaw around ?

  134. Victoria says:

    I have to say I know what it is like when a person has an addiction. Not me but someone I am very close too. He is clean and sober now for 12 years. Addiction is not a easy thing to get over. For some reason some peoples bottom is harder then others. My belief is that the people with addiction really hate themselves.
    Don’t kid yourselves if you all were anyone else you wouldn’t be in such a nice sober house.
    Mary needs to kick her boyfriend to the curb. He is not doing her any favors. If anything he is bringing her down. He has problems too. Like insecurities in himself.
    He enjoys putting everyone else down to make himself seem better then them.
    Seth and Steven Adler really have problems. Seth is really a tough one to figure out. He seems to really hate himself. Steven too. What a shame. But again I have to say if they had to recover in the real world the sober house would not be what they have there. They need some gratitude towards the people that are helping them. I think they might have a little to much self pity too. You have to really want to recover.
    Then there is Amber. She does not have a clue about how beautiful she is. She has so much going for her and yet she hates herself. I why she can’t see how pretty she is. And she has a brain along with a heart.
    If this show is real it is going to take a while for these people to get back on their feet. It can be done though I have seen it happen.
    You need prayer and help from a higher power for sure.
    God Bless you all. I wish you all good luck. I hope you all make through to the other side. If you have to take meds take them. That helps also.
    Keep moving towards recovery even if it is a second at a time or a step at a time. You all can do it.

  135. mark says:

    watching the series including sober house, is a reminder to me just how bad my addiction was and can be if i pray does happen, relapse. when i cant make it to a meeting for one reason or another, i can always tune in and watch the show. and to jennifer, the house manager of the sober house, she did the absolute rite thing by calling rhe police on steven. she possible saved his life. and i hope the other members of the house stay sober long enough to realize what a angel they have in jen.many of us living with addiction can only hope to have someone in our lives that love us enough to do what she did for steven. god bless you jennifer.i believe this is the best reaility t.v. show on today, for this might possible save some lives.thaks VH1, Dr. Drew and Jennifer.

  136. Bob Atkins says:

    Dear Dr. Drew and the Producers of Sober House

    My name is Bob Atkins and I am a recovering addict with almost 12 years clean. I am also a certified drug and alcohol counselor and a board certified interventionist in Illinois. I thought your program Celebrity Rehab was pushing the edge, but I weighed the good against the bad and felt there was more good coming from it because at least the public would get educated about treatment and realize there is help available.

    I have to admit, the program Sober House crosses all boundaries and I believe is causing you to participate in an unethical manner. I realize you are only part of the program and not the producer, but you took an oath to “Do no harm.” This program is harmful in the following manner:

    1. Anyone thinking about entering a halfway house would think twice about going to such an unsafe environment.

    2. You know that there is not a single halfway house in the world that would allow five or six clients right out of treatment into a house with no peers who have had several months to a year of sobriety. Your clients only have the house mother who they have an adversarial relationship with. She wants them to stay home and they go partying on the Hollywood strip. Can you look yourself in the mirror and believe that the way this house is run can be considered “Best Practices.”

    3. You are doing a disservice to all the owners of halfway houses that try and make rules their clients can live by, attain the tools they will need to continue and grow in recovery, and possibly make a living doing that. If I were to judge halfway houses by your program, I couldn’t possibly recommend it to anyone trying to remain clean. We have enough strikes against us, even if we get clean, society still thinks we are nothing but of group of junkies. We may be clean, have jobs and families, and our families appreciate the effort we put into remaining clean, but to our families, friends, and society we will we are still junkies.

    I understand how you got conned in to this program, but I believe you are in a position to do more good for the millions of suffering addicts and alcoholics. When Rush Limbaugh got caught with Oxycontin he had a platform to bring addiction out of the dark and shine a light on it so people would not be afraid to ask for help. But Rush failed miserably as an addict and a human being. As an interventionist I have seen the exact nature of this disease and how it affects thousands of families worse that the drugs and alcohol affect the addicts themselves. Please stand up for the morale principals I know you have and persuade the producers to change the format of the show. And if all the episodes have been shot, then get on CNN and other programs and tell the public this is not the way halfway houses should function.

    In Illinois, they cut the substance abuse budget by $50 million dollars last June, Of course that same Governor will probably end up in prison soon, but I got laid off from my job as a drug counselor. I have been trying to raise money to open my own halfway house and treatment center, but with programs like Sober House, I may never get the money I need to help others.

    Dr. Drew, I beg of you from the bottom of my heart, from the grace God gave me 12 years ago, please stop or change this show. Use your platform for good instead of misinformation.


    Bob Atkins
    CADC, BCI-1

  137. espenn says:

    OK, so i want to say i TRULY feel so bad for what Rodney King indured at the hands of Cali police. That said, WHAT PART OF THIS DID HE BRING UPON HIMSELF. most everyone has had basic math. If he wouldn’t have tried to OUT RUN the police, he wouldn’t have been beaten. He is a precious man, i love watching him, but does any of the fault belong to him? he truly is a sweatheart on the show – someone i would love to know, but they make this out to be about the police beating him (WRONG) but he ’caused’ this by not pulling over when being ‘flagged’ down by the cops. he wants to pray for world peace – peace would have been if he’d just pulled over. it seems like a selfish person who tries to out ride the cops.

  138. Devorah Malek says:

    God bless Rodney King! A true inspiration and all my hopes go with him for a happy recovery. He brought me, a recoveing crack addict who’s lost her kids and has a very vindictive ex husband but – yay!- a year, 3 months and 19 days clean, to touching tears.

  139. becky says:

    Thank you for showing us some “edited” truth to addictions. Dr. Drew I trust & believe that what you want to show us is real. I hope that your point is really being driven home.

    I suffer from alcoholism. No Pills. Nothing else, ever. I thank also the “guests” that are probably paid to follow their recoveries. Seth, my heart bleeds for you…

    Thank you… all

    -Becky (from Jersey)

  140. Michelle says:

    I just wanted to say to all of the Rehab 2 and Sober House celebrities and anyone else who reads this, that long term sobriety is possible. My father celebrated his 30th year of sobriety in November 2008! He stopped drinking a few weeks before my 12th birthday. He still attends (and also runs) AA meetings. Alcoholism in our family goes back generations. But my father ended that. None of his 4 children suffer from alcoholism. I am so proud of my father for his strength in fighting his addiction. As they say “take it one day at a time” and believe in yourself. Michelle (from Ft. Knox, KY)

  141. greg hannley says:

    Dr. Drew and VH1 Your show is nothing like reality of what goes on in a sober living. You have broken every rule and hopefully you will get through the season without somone dying

  142. Becky says:

    I am currently watching the episode where everyone is trying to find Seth. I must say, I am furious! They have an opportunity of a life time and could care less. I recently lost my father due to addiction. I had to find my father dead in a pool of blood. It was the worst day of my life. I don’t think these people realize what they are doing to the people they love. I will never be the same, he changed my life forever. If I can offer any advice, think of others, you are KILLING the people that love you. I was too young to find my father dead. My dad was an amazing man and he let the liquor get ahold of him. I miss him every single day, I would do anything to get him back for one more second. I just hope that the cast realizes how lucky they are and I hope they take advantage of this wonderful opportunity that has been given to them. My dad was only an addict for three years…it can happen to anyone. Please don’t do what my father did to me, don’t leave those who love you behind.

  143. Mimi says:

    This past episode was so wild with Seth, but it great that he is back with Dr Drew and the others. Seth needs alot of help and healing right now. Does David realize or accept ownership that he set Seth off on his last relapse? I blame David for some of Seth’s relapse, he’s a prick! And of course, Rodney rocks!

  144. KENNY says:

    Hi Dr Drew Your a great guy but this show sober house is not to cool,Recovery is a serious thing.That guy seth is making a fool of people in recovery playing games,Making videos being high come on dr drew lets try to help people not glorify people like seth.Thank you and by the way I am in recovery 14yrs sober Kenny

  145. lynette says:

    Some people may veiw this program as being unreal its not addication is real.I have been in recover now for 5 years and needless to say it has not all been pretty.I have suffered many trail and tribulations to the point i was hanging by a thread in my recovery.But then i had to remember all the pain the physical,mental,emotional and most of all the spiritaual pain that almost caused my death because of my using.I watch the show and what i like about it it helps keep me grounded,i wish i could share my life story and to let the cast know that he that throughly follows the path will not fail.And in closing i would like to say sometimes quickly sometimes slowly.

  146. kanorhar says:

    I love all the people on Sober House. I feel your pain because I have been clean for 15 years. The one thing I have not heard as advice for any of you that are trying to stay sober. That you should not see have a romantic or sexual relationship for 12 months. It is not that you shouldn’t find love and happiness, but this allows you to discover yourself and become stronger for when you do have a realationship. In a year you become stronger not only psychically but emtionally. Your self esteem is so much stronger. I speak to you first Mary, if you were not in a realtionship with David and you were sober for over a year, you would have no problem telling David off and not feel such a need to drink. If Amber was not looking for a realtionship so soon she wouldn’t have relapsed. Ladies you are strong and beautiful, stick with staying sober. Rodney King, on the show you really seem to be making great strides and stick with it. Shifty, get rid of your contacts and find only friends that support you being sober. Nikki, only time will help you with your Mom, but you will get through it. Andy #%`)!@)#^`@~$^_( be yourself but you seem to be ready to really make the change. It seems as if you and Rodney are making the strides needed. Steven you can beat this addiction but you have to surrender and stop thinking you can control your addiction. Once you surrender to sobrity you should be able to make it. I know you don’t know me, but I wish you all the very best. Thank you for sharing your life with us on TV. I know it is not easy and it is easy for us to cheer you all on from our living rooms. For those of us that have been where you are, know you can live a sober life. Last, but not least Jen you are doing a great job as house manager, be proud of yourself and all that you have accomplished in your 2 years of being sober. I’m not sure if any of you will see this because I’m sure the taping of the show is over and you have moved on with your live, but again thank you for working on staying sober.

  147. Sharron Shea says:

    TO: Mary Cary
    Please get rid of David. He is using you and your body for his own purposes to make him money. You have to know that he was on the show about whats her name and Slade. He is such a bad influence Honey please he is soooo awful, for you you deserve better. You keep saying you need to do things like Swingfest to maintain your lifestyle. You DO NOT. You need to forget that lifestyle . That is why you are where you are and David is a barracuda eating your soul. Let him Go.

  148. Dawn says:

    I feel for these people. They have all gone through so much and many don’t have to tools to deal. I’ve never had a positive image of Andy &`)+)$&`+)*&)^)% or Mary-Cary however I’ve grown to love them like family. (I’ve actually told my husband that I’m considering leaving him for Andy &`)+)$&`+)*&)^)% LOL) I so want these people to succeed and overcome their additions. I think, in part, their addition stems fromt heir incredible compassion and insecurities…I just hate that they are sympathetic to everyone but themselves.

  149. Sandy says:

    My love and prayers go out to all of you in the house. I wish you all success and future happiness. Rodney is such a wonderful, kind, compassionate gentleman – my whole family fell in love with him from day one! We are all wishing him the best! Mary is so pretty and sweet and sensitive – I am praying that she finds a happy, healthy lifestyle with someone who appreciates and treasures her! Mary – please know how special you are -you deserve only the best! God Bless you all.

  150. Michelle 04-11-1990 says:

    Dr. Drew, My husband is a recovering addict/ alcoholic, I am a recovering alcoholic, addict, compulsive overeater. We watch sober house every week. As a couple in recovery living under the same roof, we feel a connection with the residents of Sober house and have a deep desire to see the succeed in their recovery, and move on with their lives. I have to tell you, coming from someone whose early recovery survive all the psycho babble of the 90′s I think you are way too soft on the addicts. God bless Jen, but with only two years under her belt, she doesn’t appear to have the experience needed to deal with cunning personalities mixed in that house. She needs more back up than just Will.Amber I really want to see you live, face your mother, Mary dump that )$^`((^`!+!$#~+ hole David before he enables you to death, Nikki you need to watch out about substituting one for another, as a compulsive overeater, I really know first hand about this. Rodney, needs to own his part in his beating, Seth needs to change his playmates, Steven… come on man you really think God let you live through all you’ve been to keep getting loaded. No gratitude! Andy you’re a sweet heart, but you need to stop feeding off the emotions of others, and just be you. I wish them all the best. God Bless everyone of you as you trudge the road of Happy Destiny, and go to meetings for God’s sake!!!!!!!!!

  151. Nicki says:

    Its a joke…. where is their support…? Each other….you don’t let the patients run the asylum…. I stoped watching after Steven and Seth did what they did…..seems like Jennifer is not the right choice… she is constantly stressed and racing around looking for these people who are given chance after chance…A strong, clean for a long time role model is needed for this group. Just another ratings ploy. Dr. Drew stand up and take responsibility….

  152. Andi says:

    Mary Carey, you have made some really good choices. I hope you are finding more peace! Keep hanging in there.
    Rodney, I am glad to see you finding some sense of yourself. I am ashamed as a person for what happened to you. I watched footage of your brutal beating as a child and thank you for allowing me on your journey in growth and peace in sober living. ALL OF YOU, keep on being strong. You should be very proud!!!

  153. JILL says:

    I am proud of the fact that I work a strong 12 step program. I find your show quite informative and entertaining, however, my question is, why isn’t there ever any mention of a Higher Power? I know from my personal recovery that without a Higher Power I would have failed. How can you honestly have this program on the air without that huge tool in recovery shared?

    Thank you


  154. Brian Schouten says:

    Dear cast members,

    How’s it going? My name is Brian. I’m 27 and I’m from Tulsa, Ok. Did any of you guys have to take anti-depressants to help with problems you’re dealing in your life. I have a lot of family problems. I’ve been through physical abuse, multiple dads, and so on. I had a pretty good mom though which I’m thankful for. I just wondering what’s the most influential thing in your treatment that helped you guys to move on and get better. I keep trying everything and seems like nothing works. I relate to a lot of problems you guys are going through. I admire what everybody is doing to get past their demons. I really value life though and want to help people in anyway I can but it seems like there’s always something that gets in my way. I just really want some advice on what you guys think the right path is

  155. Lesli says:

    Hi. I really like this show and have much compassion for the people as I’m also a recovering alcoholic and drug user. I just watched the show where Nicki sang “Inconsolable” and was moved to tears. My mom, dad, and brother all died in some way because of alcohol or drugs and I was going down the same path. Thankfully, someone directed me to church where I gave my life to Jesus and was delivered immediately from my addictions (except food which I still struggle with)so I agree with the woman who asked why you don’t say anything about a higher power. I could have never overcome my addictions without the love of God. It’s like everyone is trying to overcome their addictions in their own power and that just won’t work.
    Nicki, I sympathize with you because my mom was my best friend too and I still miss her even after 19 years, but with God’s help I’ve learned to live and love again. Mary, you’ve got to get rid of David…he’s only using you and you will relapse if you don’t get him out of your life-personal and business. I’m so proud of everyone and am praying for each and every one of your recoveries. Much love to you all!!

  156. shelly says:

    I am really impressed with the progress of all the stars on sober house. being a addict is tough no matter what it is you are addicted to drugs,love,sex,money etc. all is an addiction if you use it to the extent that you are harming yourself with it. of all the stars on the show mary and seth stand out to me the most. my heart bleeds for them. the have bolth made great strides in there life to be sober and it is so hard when your lifestyle or i should say livelyhood depends on being around the party atmoshere. u cant change what you do because it is what you do you guys are entertainers very good ones never forget that. i guess what i am tring to say is dont let your past define who you are the past is the past and there is nothing we can do to change that we can just try and make better choices and have a future. you are talented human beings with talent ant beauty that surpasses most artists out there. mary you are not a pornstar that is somthing you did not who you are who you are is a beautiful young women with so much to offer this world please dont give up on your dreams u have so much to offer it would b a shame for you not to shine mary. seth the real tragedy would b for you not to pull through this you have so much to offer the world.always remember no matter how tough it gets tommorrow is another day and nothing could b worse than not waking up at all. what doesnt defeat us only makes us stronger i know you are stronger than the drugs. you only have one life to live so live it dont let it just fade away.

  157. D B Copper says:

    Hi Everyone at sober living house! You people really have to give your heads a shake. All of you have to stand up for yourselves and grow a set of grapes, yes even the women. We all have tuff times we go through. not all of us have a cam crew fallowing us around, but all of you love the attention, and that’s ware all the drama comes in. STOP making other peoples problems all about you, it’s not. You have to stop wining like a bunch of !_~)((@)`!!)_@%^ ing baby’s, and get on with your life. I’ll tell you what worked for me. Try helping other people, instead of using them for your own selfish drama. You can start by showing them how to get better using this show as a vehicle. Thanks and good luck….D

  158. lucy says:

    I am a firm believer that in order to stay sober you have to change your surroundings. This is mainly in the company you chose to keep. When you are trying to get your life together you can not hang with the same crowd. The quote that runs through my mind is misery loves company they love to pull you back down in order to make themselves feel better. I applaud Mary on breaking up with David and also standing her ground at swingfest. That took some strength.

  159. cindy yells says:

    I got hooked quick on the program. I guess becouse I can relate..I normaly dont like reality shows, but this one realy got my attention…It makes me want to partisipate more in recovering programs.. I expecialy feel for each person on the show as if I realy know them.And want to let them all know I am rooting for each and every one of them… And if they want I am more then happy to share my experiances in recovery… I am clean & sober now for 1year & 4 Months..but I still get temped on a daily bases.. If anyone would like to corespond with me on this I would be happy to share my experiances…. and boy do I have some. or if they just need a nutral person to talk to… Thanks for sharing …LOL. Cindy

  160. lilygirl says:

    I really enjoy both shows, Celebrity Rehab, and Sober House. Being a recovering addict myself, for the past 15 years, I can relate to everyone on the shows.
    I continue to pray for Steven, he seems to really have a heart of gold, but struggles to learn a new way of life, and I know how hard that is. He is so talented, I have always been a fan. I truely hope he can get sober, and see just how much people care for him, so that he can regain his piece of mind, and rock n roll once again, AND, join paths again with Slash.

  161. ApacheGirl says:

    Well, I suppose some know how “real” sober houses are run, and maybe Dr. Drew does it “wrong” according to the rules of others, but I say Kudos to him for making the attempt.
    To Steven A.: You have such a good heart, and are such a cool human — I pray that you will succeed.
    To Seth: Good luck in everything you do. Your talent is all you need in the end, and you have plenty of that!
    To Rodney: I don’t know if you know how much you inspire others. Your forgiveness of the cops that drug you into infamy was AMAZING — you deserve all the happiness and health you can hold!
    To Andy: Your heart and generosity of spirit is your most valuable *$`)_^(@@_$!%$( et — don’t let it be destroyed by alcohol or any other substance.
    To Amber: You WILL survive away from your mother. Trust me, you can do it!
    To Nikki: You too have immeasurable talent — that’s all you need. Protect it, cherish it, and it will take care of you in return!
    To Jen: Keep doing what you do, for all those who have been hurt by drugs or alcohol.

    I became a fan of all of you, and I hope you will all find the health and happiness your heart can hold. May The Creator bless all of you!

  162. Linda Morse says:

    Now that SoberHouse is over, what next? I have become so attached to all the members, especially Nikki and David. Is there another show coming up? How do we stay in touch with them and know they are alive and safe. They are like family to me and I actually cried when it was over, especially Nikki’s song. I play it everyday. I hope I hear back from someone because my heart goes out to all who stayed and Jen too. I love yu Dr. Drew. I wish there was a program for people who have PTSD. Anyway, hope to hear from you. Linda Morse

  163. Linda Morse says:

    What was I thinking. I said David I meant Steven Adler. I’m sorry about that. All of you in that house have entered a place in my heart. I wish Nikki I could meet you someday, but I know that is not possible. I feel a special connection to you especially in your Inconsolable song. Oh you guys, I pray for all of you and love you so much. Life is hard for some of us, me included. I can’t say good by so I will say I’ll pray for you everyday. Linda Morse

  164. missy says:

    recovering addict saw seth 4 the first time ever love his style love music when can he come stay with me? i will keep him nice and clean. naw really i want a cd what are the album names are they just seth SHIFTY b?? please reply lots of love to all recovering addicts and the ones who have the desire. all my friends whom i have watched go i love you all.

  165. Jazzy says:

    dr.drew he is certainly not running a real sober house and i am sorry to say steven is not going to make it the only place he will be moving on to is jail and then the grave.And only because he has a bunch of enablers around him even dr.drew.What happen to no one not doing drugs in the sober living house because it puts the rest of the guys in danger of their on recovery.But I guess what makes for good tv steven just as well have but his drugs right out in the open and did them hell noone is or were doing anything about it.But good luck to all the rest of you guys.Especially Seth with your cute self I wish we could hook up I was looking at you on the final show and i really got a good look at you and you aint bad looking at all.I can make sure you stay sober

  166. Craig Range says:

    I am a singer/songwriter who has a song named RODNEY off my new album VISUALIZE. The refrain goes “Can’t we all just get along..” I think it would be perfect for the show SOBER HOUSE, being that Rodney King is on the show. The song promotes peace and denotes racism. Anyone can hear it on take a listen.–CR

  167. Kevin says:

    I quit smoking on November 1, 2008. It wasn’t planned, but I quit about the same time that Celeb. Rehab 2 started. I felt like I was right with the whole group in my own rehab. It has only been 3 weeks now that I have felt really strong and no longer have the real intense feelings of wanting a smoke.

    When Seth said “it’s like I have this voice in the back of my head telling me to do drugs”. I knew just what he was talking about. At that same time I had the same voice telling me, “just buy one pack and smoke a couple. It’s early yet and it won’t hurt”. I had some tough days, but I’ve made it. One day at a time. Watching the show every week and going through some of the same things as the celeb’s helped.

    This was my third time quiting. I used the gum, and recommend it to anyone else who is thinking about quiting. I used it once before and the patch once, but the gum really worked the best for me. You still have tough days but it helps smooth out the really rough spots and make it easier to resist. I consider myself a drug addict. Nicotine is my drug of choice. The main reasons for starting again have been peer preasure. I know how to deal with those situations better, plus those friends are no longer around and I no longer hang out at bars.

    I just watched the episode where Rodney shows up at his “new” house. That was really great! It couldn’t have happened to a better guy! Rodney, it has been great learning who you really are and watching you progress. You are a really solid individual with a great head on his shoulders. It is up to you now to share what you have learned to help others. I have a feeling you and Dr. Drew are going to have close contact for many years. Get used to it! Get over it! Get on with it! :-)

    Stay strong.


  168. Kim says:

    I love this show.Great job Doctor Drew.

  169. jackie says:

    what is the deal with the chick that is “running” the house?? She has some serious issues and gotta say she isn’t mature or adult enouph to run a sober house!!It’s like she wants someone to f—- up so she can gossip with the others in the house about it… Sorry not very proffessional!!! good luck to all of them ( except scary cary you are the bottom of the barrel and your back stabbing two faced attitude will never bring you far in life what you see is all you got… SAD..) peace out..

  170. Michelle 04-11-1990 says:

    Hey Jackie obviously you’ve lived a sheltered life. If you knew anything at all about addicts, you’d see Mary is not two faced. she told David the things she did at dinner out of self preservation. Clearly you have no idea what a beating standing up to your control freak will get you, whether it be physically, emotional or verbal. Shame on you for throwing the baby out with the bathwater !!!!!!!!

  171. Sandie says:

    Dr. Drew,
    I am a alcaholic, adict, and single mother. I have been in treatment for 18 months. My daughter is in foster care. My last meeting I found out that I supposably missed one UA. This county wants to terminate my parental rights. I am looking for a housing program for sober living. I owned my own business and drugs took over my life, and welcomed social services into my life. Today I am 59 day’s clean and looking forward to staying sober. I am having trouble finding funding for programs for mom’s or families. Any sudguestions? I am working everyday to stay sober and I feel I need some kind of program and surround myself around more sober people, so I can have my daughter returned with me. I use your show as a tool, and watch every episode. I have found it very helpful, thank you for making recovery known to the public. It is very hard to find help and understanding.

  172. Noble says:

    Good day! The babes are here! This is my sexiest site to visit. I make sure I am alone in case I get too hot. Post your favorite link here.

  173. Roy from Texas says:

    After 10 years as a Heroin addict, in the 60′s & 70′s. Back then you spoke spanish, carried a gun & got an @$%!*!~@^##(`^* beating by the Narcs or you didn’t use heroin. The first grass I saw was in 50 gal.trash bags. I went in a house for 2 YEARS in Cenikor. Shaved heads, wearing signs and therapy 3 days a week. I got out in ’73. Disappeared from everyone I knew, including my 1 year younger brother. I started life over from scratch. Long story short. I struggled to stay clean my whole life since. Over 30 years. On the show I felt sorry for some & some got what they wanted. After the show went off I found out a lot of things were bull *_%+~#!^)(@@%`~% I didn’t know how much priviledge these people had. Because it was kept a secret when the show was on. Make it or break it,mother.

  174. cre36 says:

    how are they doing now ?

  175. Brenda says:

    I am really looking forward to see how everyone has made out. I wonder how Andy is doing? He was very afraid to leave Sober House. Hang in their Andy!! just wished these places were around back in the early 60′s and 70′s Maybe my parents would still be alive.
    Both of my parents had a serious drinking problem. I don’t drink because of what all I saw and lived through. My dad found my mom on the floor dead and he didn’t know how long she was laying their. That is a Reality Check, but he continue to drink any way and he died on Thanksgiving day

  176. Fabian Olesen says:

    Woah I didn’t now about this show seriously because I was in the office by that time, but my younger brother watch it every time.

    sober living for women

  177. Wendy Jarvis says:

    Where can I find information on how the celebrities are doing now? Congrats to Andy _@_!^%~_$“!~))^ on his new show!

  178. MALKA says:

    Useful story=) Will visit soon.

  179. Freddy says:

    This show is a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Dr. Drew do you really think you are helping?????????? Dr. Drew what you are teaching them or show them is how to do control using!!!

  180. Jamie Hayden says:

    My daughter is in a rehap center in Ranch Mirage Ca. I have been watching Mackenzie Phillips on TV. I really need to connect Mackenzie. My dauther is a heroin and cocaine addict. I have watched you on TV and know that I need to speak with you. I am not a freak. I need some guidance.

  181. charm says:

    Wonderful interaction that you’ve shared and the opportunity to know and be warned on things on what addiction could give to us. Dr. Drew will always gives us the right words and answers that we want to know.

    Like me as a parent would love to hear some of those tips and advices that he will share to us. As an additional information as what residential treatment could do hope you could read this:

  182. Mike G. says:

    Im with B D COOPER 100%. I was upset and ranted, but that is the same in a nut shell.

    But I just wish that after you get your money and are done with season 4 of ur show, or one of ur shows…. sell out, and way.. if you have a heart and are a good doctor, then Mike Starr will do well. I know the look he as, I had the same one..where your soaking it all in , but at the same time the drugs are not there so he’s getting sick..and you have a cam man in his face…it seems like you want people to hit the cam men so they get screwed or something…i have no idea why ANYONE, who cares about someone’s well being, and knows how they are to put a cam in their face and have them kicked out.
    Im talking about Mike Starr…He can and wants to get better… I swear, i will take back everyword i said if you help Mike… bc he needs it!!

    also unless you’ve been a heroin addict drew, please dont say you “understand the ADDICTION” well.. use the proper words as well please… Heroin Addiction, which i went threw is not like cancer… see i cant go to rehab and get rid of cancer genius…

    i just thought you knew better. I STILL hope im wrong. i wouldnt write this much if i didnt think you were a great doctor at one point

  183. Antonio says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me. Celebrity sober house is so absolutely sickening. To watch these grown adults act like spoiled, rude punks is so wild. It’s like watching a train wreck. Has snybody told Mike that he’s no longer a rock star and nobody cares about him? Heidi Fleiss???? Are you kidding me??? Tell her to CLOSE HER MOUTH!!! These people should all be so ashamed that they are so ego maniacle that they act like pshycho’s for the whole world to see!! These people need to be put in to institutions and not paid money to go thru rehab. There are a lot of people out there that have made the struggle and have succeeded. These “celebritys” think they are so much better than everybody else and will NEVER get it. I do give kudos to the camera people and counselors. If I were one of those folks I would not be able to hold back from slapping one of them silly if they treated me like dirt. Give up on these people and give help to people that really deserve the help…and not people that are doing it for money and stardom.

  184. Robin Beckwith says:

    Dr. Drew!!

  185. Robin Beckwith says:

    I was a patient at Passages, Malibu back in 2007 after the birth of my 2nd son in 2006! He was 7 months old. It was the worst Easter of my life!! My mother never saw either one of my son’s and before that I mis-carried,prior ,to her death and lost my other baby!
    I still watch your show and it keeps me real!
    When I was at Passages! I was there with Marc Jacobs and CNN was there? It made my family think twice , but it did work for me!!! Thank God! I watch every week . Passages worked for me ! But Dr. Drew what could you do for me???

  186. Marcie says:

    I think Jen need to go. I dont think she can handle the needs of what goes on with addictes and she is sooo a child herself with her actions. These people need help in the right way. I do commend her for making an effort, but in all honesty.. I can hardly watch her anymore acting like a kid herself. I know this hard on her, but what training did she have to supervise addicts like herself. I am a recovering alcoholic and what she is doing is what NOT to do.. There is a better way.. I would love to come help on the show and see if I can make a difference and walk in her shoes.. who knows.. maybe she is doing all she can, but what they show on TV.. she needs to go.

  187. Elizabeth Chambers says:

    Why don’t you do what Maury does and just hook Heidi and Tom up to a lie detector and find out who is telling the truth? I’m so tired of them both denying what they did to each other and not being accountable for their actions. They will never stay sober that way! I speak from personal experience.

  188. GOPHERGUY says:

    Yes why doesnt dr. drew seem to go to the soberhouse often even though his name is on the show? Yes i believe that jennifer should be a little more understanding and not so much a &*#@_@+*)~@$^**%% either. There should be 2 people there to decide what needs done not just her cause it isnt fair to the people ther for help. By the way is she a doctor or just another client of dr. drew? These people need a doctors help not some big mouth &*#@_@+*)~@$^**%% that doesnt seem to respect the people and get professionals on there cause sizemore was goingto leave but didnt and some others need help but professional not hers.

  189. bobbi lou says:

    Dr drew i love your show and i watched every episoded. Your a handsome man.

  190. page cody patnode says:

    Mike Starr rocks. He is and always will be a ROCK STAR! I saw Alice in Chains in Orlando many moons ago. they opened for Van Halen and put them to shame! AIC was so much better, fresher, tighter…they rocked Orlando. One of the best bands I have ever seen live and I have seen them all. Mike is a star. Peace!

  191. 1934951 says:

    What a lovely day for a 1934951! SCK was here

  192. Was wondering what happened to the celebrities after sober living, especially Seth ”shifty” Binzer. Thanks.