The Celebreality Interview – Brandi M.


Brandi M., takes it all! The former “drunken pirate” and Charm School grad has gone from arrrgh to awesome. Below, the proud owner of a new $100,000 check talks about her struggles (both internal and with the other girls), her quiet strategy, what she plans on doing with the cash, and why there might be more reality TV on the horizon for her.


Thank you. The show was a very cathartic experience. I’m amazed I won.

Did you not think you would?

No. I got brought down to the carpet so many times. I had a lot of scares.

Was there any point where you thought, “OK, I have this in the bag”?

Sharon took me into her office and she hinted, “You’re so close, you should be smelling the money right now.” Just the look on her face gave me more confidence. I was starting to doubt myself. Also, after being with some of the girls on Rock of Love, you know what their strategies are. It’s a game. I’ve learned to manipulate them.

What was your strategy, then?

My strategy was not to hurt anybody, because that’s not my style. I’m a nice person. I definitely was there to give it my all, and knock ‘em all out one-by-one. When it came down to Destiney, though, I didn’t want to knock her out. I couldn’t have gone out with a better runner. If she would have won, I would have been so happy for her. By the end, when I started winning the challenges, I could really feel victory. It’s like The Secret: if you really want it, you have to really imagine it and see it.

Sharon said that when you tore up the note cards with your speech on it, it was over. You won at that point.

I was so nervous, I couldn’t write anything that day. When I got up there, I realized that I should not need those cards to express myself. Honestly, I don’t even remember what I said, because I was crying and shaking and so nervous.

You said the show taught you self-respect.

It did. I’ve been a depressed person, but I’m good at hiding it. Other girls, show it or let it out, but I’m not about to air that on national television. I kinda hid that. Sharon Osbourne has given me so much confidence. She’s such a strong woman and she taught me so much. I’m still using what I learned to this day.

So was it just the fact of having someone supporting and rooting for you that did it?

My mother’s a great mentor. She’s been my backbone for a lot, but my mother doesn’t know this industry. That’s where Sharon came in. She knows the industry, and she saw something in me she didn’t see in the other girls. Or maybe she did, but not this strong. She’s like a second mother.

Do you still talk to her?

I have. She got me an invite to the Playboy Mansion for Labor Day weekend. She hooked it up VIP for me. It was so nice of her. She’s busy, but I talk to her here and there on the phone. I try not to abuse it, though.

Do you find yourself applying what you learned in Charm School in everyday life?

Definitely, especially at work. There are times when I slip up, but for the most part, yes. My love life has improved. I’m dating more. Where as before, guys would never really date me, I was just one of the boys. Even business-wise and the way I speak to people.

The negative part of you died, you said in your speech.

I’m over it. I’ve been so positive. I’ve been laying low. I’m not like the rest of the girls, who have to do all those appearances. I work for a living.

What do you do?

I’m a cocktail waitress at the Wasted Space at the Hard Rock. I love it. Carey Hart’s an awesome boss. They’re a great management team.

Are you not interested in appearances?

I am. I just hired a publicist and manager. I didn’t have them before, that’s why I didn’t do it. But now I do and we’re working on a European tour in February and we’ll be at the Grammys. Daisy’s publicist is mine.

I really enjoyed when you, Destiney and Lacey were discussing Heather’s “A-list comment” in one of the extras and you said, “We’re not even D-list. We’re reality whores.” I thought that was really down-to-earth of you.

A lot of my fans on my MySpace tell me I’m the only one who’s real that’s there. When people meet me at Wasted Space, they’ll say, “I feel like I should be serving you.” No way. I’m a real person. I’m humble. I have to work for a living. I have bills to pay. I take care of my mother. The other girls have gotten management, but it’s obviously not going anywhere for them. They’re just hot messes making asses of themselves.

Do you resent anyone? You clashed really hard with Brandi C., and Megan.

Brandi’s just a follower. When she’s not with Megan, she’s a great person. As for Heather, I can’t believe she turned on me after I took care of her the way I did. I know a lot of dirty secrets about them since the show’s aired and they have not changed. As for Megan, yeah. But I gotta learn how to forgive and get over things. She’s the epitome of a woman should not be.

Why was it that you clashed with her from the start? Did you just not like her?

Honestly, Catherine Brown from Rock of Love 2 asked me to give her a hard time. I was like, “OK.” And then it turned out that I didn’t like her, because she’s a very shallow, classless lady. She doesn’t have any character to her. Yeah, she can make fun of my voice and how deep it is, but it gives me character. With her, she’s just another blonde with boobs. There’s nothing intriguing or interesting about her. She’s a smart woman who doesn’t use her brain. Her looks aren’t going to last forever, little f***in’ trophy wife.

Was it hurtful that they were calling you “trailer trash,” since, as we found out, you were on welfare as a kid?

I never lived in a trailer, but yeah, we were on welfare. We were in the ghetto of Niagra Falls, but we were never in a trailer park. My mom lives in a $100,000 home, and I live in a $200,000 home in Vegas, so I don’t know where they got that. But you can’t really let it get to you. They’re going to s***-talk because they are insecure with themselves. They are what I used to be: very negative and down.

What are you doing with the money?

Getting rid of a lot of student loans. When I was filming, I was taking online classes, but because of all the craziness in the house, I failed them. But also, I wanted to devote my full attention to Charm School. Who doesn’t want to win $100,000? You can always take those classes next semester.

Are you going to do anything extravagant, though?

I probably will get a boob job. I have lost dramatic weight. I’m like 100 lbs., now so I lost my boobs.

Why the weight loss?

Working out a lot. Drinking water, I cut pop out of my diet. I don’t burp and fart no more because of the soda.

You didn’t even need Charm School for that!

No. Being back in the bar industry, when I’m cocktailing, I’m in go-go boots and constantly going, grabbing bottles. You get insane arm strength. Plus, I just turned 28. I gotta keep myself looking good.

How hard was the show in all?

Hard! I don’t think I ever cried so much. A lot of my friends were like, “I’ve never seen you cry that much in your life.” It was touching and moving and a mind-f***, of course. Spitting, plate-throwing, ear-muffing people so they could calm down. Just crazy drama. I love it though.

Now that you’re a reality winner, are you hanging up your reality hat?

I have this money and class, but I have no man. So I don’t know. Maybe. Daisy and I have become really good friends now.

Will you turn up on Daisy of Love?

I’m hoping.

So you have no plans to leave the public eye?

I definitely want to get in some acting classes and do more modeling. I’ve been doing a little bit of modeling. I missed the Guitar World cover because I fell down the stairs. I was supposed to be on it with the other girls. But it’s OK. Others will come along. But yeah, I would not mind doing another show. Give me another challenge. Bring it on.

Keep up with Brandi M., via her profile and her MySpace.

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  1. taylorbaylor says:

    congrats girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you really deserved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am sooooooooo proud of you!

  2. Cal says:

    Congratulations, Brandi M.! I’m so freakin’ happy that you won Charm School, you’ve changed so much and I’ve rooted for you since the I watched the first episode. I’m glad you won that challenge even though that witch, Megan, sabotaged you. Hope we get to see you again on television! :]

  3. Brandy says:

    Im glad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just like eveyrone else. gotta get boobs

  4. Dwayne says:

    Brandi M deserves to win

  5. BlakeD says:

    I’m so happy that Brandi M won :D..she’s awesome.

    I can’t believe she’s friends with lame-as$ Daisy though…:| nasty.

  6. Dwayne says:

    Congrats to Brandi M. She deserved to win

  7. Aurelius says:

    I love Brandi M!!!!!

    I hope she goes on Daisy of Love

  8. tiffany says:


  9. JR says:

    I thought Destiney would’ve won but I’m gonna accepted the decision that Brandi M. wins it all. If Lacey wins, I would’ve like to smack Sharon in the )*`@*_+$`~*_%(( That’s just my opinion. Brandi M. congradulations on that win, you deserve it. I hope things go well with you, your life, and your career.

  10. cristobal says:

    who knows maybe she’ll be on i love money 3. even though theres more flavor of love girls on i love money 2 i have a feeling they’re saving the rock of love girls for i love money 3

  11. BlackIce says:

    God you are so boring and unamusing. I can’t believe you won. You have horrible tattoos and a pig’s snout for a nose. I hope I never see you on another reality show cause all you do is make me wanna take a nap. Bad for t.v. Keep __#`@+~)_~#_@(&* tailing baby cause that is all your good for. Make sure you don’t “blow” all your money on your ‘line by line” diet.

  12. ashley says:

    You should have a destiney interview too

  13. ashley says:

    I wish destiney won

  14. lola says:

    Destiney was better. Brandi M. is just trashier. The only reason people even care about her is because of Megan.

  15. Kina says:

    Congrats on the win Brandi M!

    However, I just thought that Destiney made the most impressive transformation, performed the best, and was way more likable.

  16. JoAnna says:

    HA! Boob job! I CALLED IT! Selfish !&&(_“)#@(^_*!%! Destiney should have had this all the way, but because of Sharon’s favoritism, this harlot “took it all.” !&&(_“)#@(^_*!%! please.

  17. Ali says:

    Go Brandi M!! I just saw the final two episodes and am sick and disgusted by the most horrible excuse for a living being – megan – No, she doesn’t even deserve to have her name capitalized. I have never thought so little of any human or other living thing. She really should crawl back to the pile of #$+_)!$&&$(_&$$* from which she was created. She has NO value on this earth. She is slutty, and has not one redeeming value. That she would sabotage rather that help a charity speaks volumes about the kind of trash she is. Maybe she’ll get what’s really coming to her. Karma is a funny thing.

  18. ImSoGladBrandiMWonSheDeservedIt says:

    I’m So Glad Brandi M. Won Because She Deserved It!

  19. flexy633 says:

    Yayyyyyy! I’m glad Brandi M. won. Actually, I would have been saying the same had Destiney won as well. Brandi, I hope you are successful in whatever you decide to do.

  20. CC101 says:


  21. Danielle M. says:

    YOU GO, BRANDI M.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are who I’ve been rooting for since day one! You’ve come a long way, baby…kudos to you for all that you’ve learned, and your new-found self-love and acceptance. P.S. — Forget about the boob job…self-love doesn’t come from allowing some doctor to shove silicone bags into your chest…it’s about accepting yourself EXACTLY AS YOU ARE…you are beautiful, honey…there is no need! ; )

  22. benjamin says:

    I was OK with her winning but she won by making a big speech about self-acceptance and yet she is using her money to get a boobjob ?
    Wtf ?

  23. A Teacher Says - says:

    Forget the boob job, I hope Brandi M. uses the money to get an education. She won’t be beautiful forever but she can be smart for the rest of her life. I was rooting for Destiny but knew Sharon would pick the blonde, good for ratings.

  24. jerry says:

    Do people really even care about this girl? I swear I barely knew she was on the show until the final episode.

  25. shawty says:

    The finale sucked, no one interesting….who cares about Brandi M. i just want to see the reunion when Sharon rip a track out of Megan’s head LOL

  26. Ayanna says:

    Congrats to Brandi M! She keeps it real, and doesn’t let the whole reality crap go to her head. Let’s face it; there’s a whole lot of us that can identify with Brandi M versus a spoiled rich daddy’s girl like Lacey. I hope to see more of her in the future. She seems like a really cool chic. Congrats to Destiney for runner up. Great show!

  27. Murphy says:


  28. KELLY.! says:




    ahahha she still won betch. :DDDDDDDDD

  29. Denise says:

    Congradulations!!!!!!!! I knew you would win…Boob job? You don’t need…Your a very pritty girl inside and out…..Good luck…….

  30. Wanda K says:

    I`am sooo proud of you thank you for keepin it real never let your opponents know what`s your next step,always stay a step ahead Congrads again i watched it last night,Kudos

  31. babyGiRl says:

    this want a supprise, it was out of the bag that brandi m. won, weeks before so its like ok whatever, but what i really want to see is the reunion, with sharon attacking meagan, Ooo this going to be good!

  32. Virginia says:

    Brandi M., you SO deserve the money! I am really proud of you for making the change for good. I hope you do well in all you do.

  33. Kaya says:

    How disappointing. I picked Brandi M. from the beginningn to win, and was looking forward to hearing what she would be doing with her money. Aren’t fake boobs out of syle yet? Kind of makes me wish Destiney would have won, she would have put it to good use. I still don’t know what Brandi M.’s plans are after she’s no longer in demand for reality TV. How sad. Didn’t Saphhyri start a line of chap stick and donate some of the procceds to charity?

  34. Kaya says:

    How disappointing. I picked Brandi M. from the beginningn to win, and was looking forward to hearing what she would be doing with her money. Aren’t fake boobs out of syle yet? Kind of makes me wish Destiney would have won, she would have put it to good use. I still don’t know what Brandi M.’s plans are after she’s no longer in demand for reality TV. How sad. Compare boobs to Sapphyri, who started a line of chapsitck and donated some of the proceeds to charity.

  35. Kaitlynn says:

    I am soo glad u won
    I wish I could meet u in person
    If I can let me know

  36. tree says:

    ok Brandi M, way to go! Thanks for showing those losers how to act. I hate megan and she just made me hate her more for the dumb pointless prank she pulled last episode. Brandy c made me dislike her as well. But anyways… don’t let yourself stoop to their level! YOu totally don’t need fake boobs. you might end up looking like New york! +^&`+@$_`+$*)~@% Megan, don’t join that group of whor-a-lity! Be real, not plastic!!!!! Help a country or something. And if you do go on tv again, please don’t fall back into some old pattern or some new stupid ones. :)

  37. Topaz10 says:

    I am glad Brandi won because I felt she had more to overcome than Destiny. She actually showed some real improvement and I loved her attitude with the charity challenge.

    I agree and hope she spends/saves her money wisely and doesn’t waste it on boobs. The “fame” of these gals isn’t going to last long, and she would be much better off with an education or vocational skills. I sound like my mother.

    Happy Holidays!

  38. justme145 says:

    I’m so upset. Brandi M was obviously picked from the beginning to win – no surprise there. I wanted Destiney to win.

  39. Diana says:


    Congruatualtions. You know I am suprized at some of the negative
    comments some people choose to write. Although it is
    ‘free press’, they give me the impressions that they are ‘sick’.

    ….Keep on trying…you will succeed.

  40. Whatever says:

    It was quite obvious that she was a favorite by Sharon since day one, i feel like Destiney deserved it way more than Brandi M. $)#+_#^#`+*#!%^# that _)$`~+&+(~*`+@$*$ Brandi M, did you guys see Megan in that smoking hot dress she was looking oh so fine.

  41. Bre says:

    To be honest, I was rotting for Destiney, but I liked Brandi M. too. I had a feeling she was going to win anyway, because the show seemed to build her up a lot, but it was when she gave her speech that feeling was cemented, because it reminded me of Saaphyri in FOL Charm School. I remember that she had nothing written down and spoke on the spot, and Brandi kind of went along that path. Even though I was hoping Destiney would win, congrats to Brandi. I hope the show helps and that both you and Destiney will follow your dreams.

  42. Bre says:

    Sorry, I meant “rooting” for Destiney, now “rotting.”

  43. markedra says:

    i never knew that your deep manily voice won you don’t deserve to win do you understand huh destiny shoud’ve won instead of you

  44. Brooke says:

    Good for Brandi.I was rooting for her from the very first day. She was well deserving. You could tell that she really wanted to change and she really did. I swear if Lacey would of won i would of died she is so FAKE.

  45. Cristian says:

    I did not think Brandi M. should have won shes trash!!! and she doesn’t deserve to win.

  46. James says:

    UHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! i did not want that ugly nasty Brandi M. to win and she did not change at all !!!…….MEGAN ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Letta says:

    Brandi M so deserved to win. Its awesome that she did. It wouldnt of bothered me if Destiny had one but i think Brandi deserved it more then and plus Destiny got a good deal out of it anyway =)

  48. Letta says:

    Brandi is a very beautiful girl and so is Destiny

  49. tia says:

    all these hataz below tlkin `(+~_$@&@(*^(%(& u stupid !^^^%*(@*%~%@&_&& es thts why yall _#`(^(@@_^(#$_) s is broke +^(&^+_@#&@#&%^( u JAMES, MARKEDRA, N CHRISTIAN!!!! SHE WON FAIR N SQUARE BUT IT TAKES A !^^^%*(@*%~%@&_&& LIKE U 2 2 HATE ON SUNONE THT AINT DID `(+~_$@&@(*^(%(& 2 U BUT REMEMBER SHE IS 100,000 DOLLARS RICHER THN U !^^^%*(@*%~%@&_&& HHHHHHHHH.!!!!!! OH N MARKEDRA B4 U TLK `(+~_$@&@(*^(%(& LEARN HOW 2 SPELL !^^^%*(@*%~%@&_&&

  50. Tiffany Ellinger says:

    i have always been brandi M’s fan from day 1. she has been so real and will always say wht is on her mind. tht is wht i love mostly bout her, and she and destiney deserves to win. i am happy they both were the final 2. but brandi m really earned it.

  51. Fred says:

    Glad you won. You were my choice from the beginning. More brains and personality than the others. Hope to see more of you in the future.

  52. melissa says:

    i love u brandie u are an insperation

  53. jewels says:

    i hadn’t read all the interviews yet, but so far, brandi m’s the most real. she reminds me of saaphyri, the winner of that other charm school. i hope she keeps up the good work! :D

  54. mollination says:

    All the things she rips on the other girls for are things she is doing or planning on doing. Yeah, she’s super “real”. go away.

  55. mamadukes says:

    Hey James from page 5, If Megan rocks your world so much why don’t you go get her and make her your trophy wife….She might even clean your teeth someday:)

  56. Rauel says:

    I wanted Brandi to win from the start. She has my support. :)

  57. New York says:

    What Up Hell At Sharon Osbourne And Brand M,.

  58. Lekili says:

    Glad she’s doing school still, disappointed she is getting a boob job. I like what she said about Megan-The epitome of what a woman should not be. I guess Megan is the same on camera as off!

  59. justme145 says:

    So the girl who won Charm School -
    * Says she isn’t like most of the girls who make appearances, then immediately states she wants to start making appearances.
    * Thinks she’s better than all of the other girls, because they’re “hot messes”
    * Says she isn’t negative anymore, yet puts down the other girls over and over
    * Cusses like a sailor
    * Brags about how much her house is worth
    * Getting a boob job with the money
    * Doesn’t burp or fart “no more” (classy grammar)


  60. shay says:

    Brandi, if you get a boob job, you are just like the rest! Another blonde with fake `))%%~&^%&*)@+$ s. Charming.

  61. Overit says:

    You know I am just really getting tired of reality tv, at first it was interesting to watch but now it just seems like it is same type – different time. I am sick of all the love shows because you know they are fake – it never works out. Come on, why doesn’t VH1 or MTV come up with some good reality shows that is optimistic and makes you feel good or makes you happy with the outcome. Diddy was good, the new show Secret Millionaire is great!! It would be great if we never had to see the “same faces” all the time – like Megan, Heather, New York, Brent Michaels.
    Come on – come up with something new and exciting….. you are putting us to sleep already. How about creating shows that reward good behavior or paying it foward.

  62. vh1ALLTHEWAY says:


  63. Sara says:

    I just knew Brandi was going to gift Destiney with a nice chunk of cash; God bless her. I am very proud of her. ;)

  64. concon says:

    I love brandi M. and destiney also they were the most real and down to earth ones on the show..thru the show they showed progress and growth, which was amazing to watch their journey, none of the other girls deserved the attention they got, Brandi Im glad you won and i hope you cont. ur journey to being more lady like, getting a great job, and influencing other women to become stronger and more reliable on themselves by their brains and not their looks/sex appeal. U go girl and best of wishes always! U rock!

  65. silk0226 says:

    Brandi: I’m so happy you won. And you don’t need a boob job you are fine just the way you are!!! Best of luck to you and keep going to school. I’m proud of you.

  66. mamadukes says:

    You can all rest @__)`&!+%~*$*() ured that Brandi M. is NOT going to spend a penny on a boob job, Her Mom is really big on being real and making the best of what you were given. And Brandi is her mamma’s girl, She respects her mom and her beliefs. So there will be no boob job, There is nothing great about a silicone balloon in your boob. I would love to see what these girls like Megan looked like before the boob job. Obviously they had no confidence in themselves what so ever. If you you need silicone boobs to be beautiful then I feel really sorry for you. And you should realize that men are not looking at you for you. They are looking at something fake. If you need to do this because of breast cancer then go for it, get a nice set. But to think that these fake A@@ things are making you a better person is just sad.

  67. mamadukes says:

    You can all rest !!#_@_%`^_(&+%_ ured that Brandi M. is NOT going to spend a penny on a boob job, Her Mom is really big on being real and making the best of what you were given. And Brandi is her mamma’s girl, She respects her mom and her beliefs. So there will be no boob job, There is nothing great about a silicone balloon in your boob. I would love to see what these girls like Megan looked like before the boob job. Obviously they had no confidence in themselves what so ever. If you you need silicone boobs to be beautiful then I feel really sorry for you. And you should realize that men are not looking at you for you. They are looking at something fake. If you need to do this because of breast cancer then go for it, get a nice set. But to think that these fake A@@ things are making you a better person is just sad.

  68. lisa says:

    I really dont know how this women won charm school. With all her tatoos, it was disguisting. Her fowl mouth was like anyone else on the show. I thought destiny should have won. She had more class than anyone in there even more than sharon. Sharon has a filthy mouth, and for her to judge wome on charm school, maybe she should take a class for herself. Her and her family are like any other white trash family, the only difference is that she has money. Maybe she should take a good look in the mirror before she judges anyone. Vh1 should really think who they should have as a host of any show.

  69. SweetCupcakes1 says:

    Great…Brandi M won…woot….not…

  70. sharon silva says:

    Hey Brandi,
    I think you should press charges against Megan for her kicking you on the show. I don’t
    usually get the cops involved myself but due to the fact that Megan is filing civil and
    criminal charges against Sharon O, and Megan I am sure is just wanting the money$$
    well you could totally help Sharon O out by you filing charges against Megan. ( SHE CANT SAY SHE DIDNT KICK YOU WE ALL SEEN IT ON THE SHOW)
    Good Luck, Sharon S.

  71. CANDY says:


  72. dee says:

    I really liked that she won…she’s a real girl, sometimes sexy, sometimes funny, sometimes vulgur…that’s real!

  73. joe says:

    congrats on winning it all! You rock!

  74. 4214337 says:

    What a lovely day for a 4214337! SCK was here

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  80. jaybird369 says:

    Brandi M,…CONGRATULATIONS on winning Rock Of Love Charm School!!! HOLLA!!! I somehow knew and felt you were gonna (WINNINGLY) go all the way to the end. It has been an absolute pleasure and joy watching you evolve into an EVEN BETTER person during your time on Charm School. TOTALLY!!! Again, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Respectful Peace-Out, darlin!!!