Tool Academy’s Trina Cures Your Romance Woes


By now you’ve seen the preview of our latest show, Tool Academy. The show premieres Sunday, January 11, and It’s about the dynamic that goes on between a flamboyant, cocky man (“I don’t miss a workout, unless it’s for a threesome”) and a long-suffering woman who expects a bit of tenderness now and then (“If I don’t want to do what he wants to do, he think I should just go away”). Some couples are just out of whack, right?

Fortunately Tool Academy provides an expert to iron out those kind of really rough spots. Trina Dolenz is the couples therapist who tries to bring some balance to these wobbly relationships. Along the way there’s some outrageous behavior and some true emotional clarity that arises. Basically we’re all hoping that these guys aren’t going to be tools their whole lives.

We’re also hoping Trina can help users with some of their own relationship problems. She’s inviting those Tool Academy fans with troubles of their own to write to her for advice. Every week throughout the show’s run, she will answer three audience submissions right here in the blog.

Ladies talk to your guys. Men, speak with your honeys. Pick a part of your romance that just isn’t working, and describe it to Ms. Dolenz. Could be commitment issues, could be respect issues, could be sexual issues. Whichever, a bit of free advice can go a long way.

Send submissions to, and come back on Mondays to see if Trina has addressed your note.

Check Trina Dolenz’s Web site for more info.

Check the Tool Academy supertrailer after the jump.

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