Live Blog From The Critics Choice Show!


As the celebs stroll the red carpet and head up to the podium for tonight’s Critics Choice Awards, our guest blogger, Andrea Linett, provides pithy punditry on their fashion choices and their pop culture impact. Linett’s the Creative Director of Lucky, the award-winning magazine of shopping and style. She and her team have already scrutinized some of the CCA nominees; check their spins on everyone from Angelina Jolie to Cate Blanchett. Feel free to weigh in on Andrea’s comments. Let’s watch the show together.

8:25 Welcome, everyone! Get ready. The Red Carpet is about to begin.

8:33 Virginia Madsen’s wearing blue velvet. How hot is that???

8:35 Enough with the Visitor… what about props to Step Brothers?!

8:37 I love love loved Marisa Tomei in The Wrestler. Love the flutter at the top of that dress too. A far stretch from her character!

8:39 I’ve been obsessed with Amy Adams since Junebug. I love how effortless she looks!

8:42 Viola Davis!!! Who knew she was so glamorous in real life?

8:46 Freida Pinto, the girl from Slumdog Millionaire, is beyond gorgeous. Love the Grecian dress. That hair!

8:47 Clint Eastwood is like an older version of my husband. Crazy tie…

8:50 Yowza. Hello, Mister Josh Brolin. Sooo Clark Cable for the 2000’s!

8:54 They keep mentioning Brad and Angelina. Where oh where are they?

8:57 Angela Bassett is proving that the trend is upswept hair and HUUUUGE dangling earrings.

8:59 Sarah Silverman is FINALLY showing off her good looks the way she should. She looks like a bombshell. Mazel tov!

9:00 The red carpet was cool. Now it’s time for the show.

9:07 MICKEY ROURKE DESERVES BEST ACTOR!!! Those hair extensions!

9:13 I’m disappointed that Angelina’s not the bombshell I want her to be… maybe she’s turned Euro Chic?

9:15 There weren’t even any cute girls to covet in Tropic Thunder. My niece Libby is bonkers for Corben Bleu and now I finally get it.

9:24 Okay… Eva Longoria has NEVER looked better. She might as well have jumped out of a fashion magazine.

9:30 I want to hate Freida Pinto, mostly because I want to look like her. Ah!!! Poor Angelina looked kind of jealous. But she’s too beautiful too. Sigh.

9:39 Rooney rocks. Nice Beatles-just-came-to-America suits!

9:45 Mclovin’s doing a nice monochromatic look. Is Katy Perry his prom date?

9:54 I wish foxy Marisa’s dress showed off her legs more. oh well…

10:00 Check out our red carpet photo gallery.

10:06 I wish Virginia left her purse on her chair, but she looks phenomenal anyway. Mr. Big’s pants are a tad too small…

10:15 I was on the edge of my seat for this. I love Kate but Marisa and Viola were my picks. Wah Waah.

10:21 Aaaamy, whatchoo wanna do? I think ah could vote for you (for best dressed/styled!) and my husband agrees 100%. Just like Amy Adams, Diane Lane is the perfect mix of glam and natural.

10:33 Oh Sarah! Why the sneakers??? Oy vey.

10:43 A tie?! So perfect. We called it over here!

10:45 Anne Hathaway looks like the most beautiful black and white cookie!

10: 52 Re: ELizabeth Banks, I can’t forget Michelle Williams getting ragged on for her gorgeous yellow dress at the oscars. Hooray for Elizabeth for taking the risk and wearing a perfect and sexy yellow stunner.

10:53 I feel robbed again! Mickey Rourke, not Sean Penn, is the one for me!

10:59 Slumdog Millionaire!

11:01 Well it’s over and I must say, all the ladies seemed unusually beautiful in their understated looks. Is it a nod to the economy? Is it just that black is the new black? Hmmm… I hope to join you next time! Log onto Lucky mag tomorrow morning for my top style picks of the night. xxoo

11:04 Head to the Critics Choice site to see photos and videos of the red carpet and the show. Check all the winners.

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